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gnomefreakits hard to tell someone something when they are not here03:00
* gnomefreak Mr. Obvious tonight03:00
ddecatorwe all have our moments03:00
ddecatorwaiting for micah?03:01
gnomefreakddecator: yeah03:01
gnomefreakwell not so much waiting but while im here i wanted to let him know 1.9.3 built but the apps have not03:02
ddecatorheh, i've been waiting for him to. did xr1.9.3 just get a new build? the one this morning kind of broke things03:03
gnomefreakddecator: that was the one that was built last i know of. he stayed up fixing it last night but nothing else built behind it03:04
ddecatorgnomefreak: ah, gotcha. he noticed it this morning i think03:04
ddecatorFF3.7 isn't working atm because of it :p03:04
gnomefreakits not?03:04
ddecatornope, doesn't launch at all, i'm using 3.6 for now03:05
ddecatormicah said the trunk is broken03:05
gnomefreakddecator: let me see what i get after latest updates03:05
gnomefreak1000      5953 11.6 13.2 141024 32924 ?        Sl   22:06   0:03 /usr/lib/firefox-3.7a5pre/firefox-3.7  its running just not displaying it sees03:07
gnomefreaklatest update i noticed was just lucid -> maverick (same versions) without the ~Lucid at the end03:08
ddecatorright, you have to kill it, there is no gui03:08
gnomefreakhim and chriss where working(talking about) it but i wasnt paying attention too closely03:08
ddecatorwhen was that? i had irssi logged off all afternoon so i might have missed it03:09
gnomefreakddecator: ~12hours ago maybe03:10
ddecatorhm, that might be in my logs then, but i dont have time to check atm03:10
* gnomefreak needs to work on xchat tomorrow if i get time. for some reason it wouldnt connect to irc.mozilla.org but did to deabian servers03:11
gnomefreakdebian even03:11
ddecatori have trouble with mozilla's servers sometimes03:11
gnomefreakthat is good to know now i dont feel like its all my fault but im fairly sure it was a setting i had03:13
ddecatormozilla's servers disconnect me for now reason probably once a week, haha03:15
gnomefreaki never really had much of an issue with them but Xchat is just being a pain in the ass since i lost my backups so i have to start working on it again03:18
gnomefreakok im going to bed. too much work on too litle sleep03:20
ddecatorhaha, alright, cya03:20
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LantiziaHey is the Yahoo! default thing on a per geographical location basis?  Installed Ubuntu 10.04 several times now and I till get Google as the default.11:16
Lantiziaah hang on... topic :)11:17
Lantiziacrazy crazy11:18
BUGabundo_remotetopic is outdated!!!11:25
BUGabundo_remoteasac: time to update it11:25
LantiziaIs drag and drop of e-mails in thunderbird broken?11:40
Lantiziahmm just restarted it and now it's fine again11:41
gnomefreakit was changed back to google12:03
gnomefreakas for thunderbird using 3.0 drag and drop works here with the daily builds12:05
gnomefreakBUGabundo_remote: im using chmod to change permissions of a file i have is it 700 or 777? it seems that a+x doesnt work12:14
BUGabundo_remotegnomefreak: sorry, lost track13:32
BUGabundo_remotewhat do you want to do?13:32
gnomefreakBUGabundo_remote: i think i got it thanks13:32
* asac checks topic13:49
=== asac changed the topic of #ubuntu-mozillateam to: Welcome to the Ubuntu Mozilla Team: | ML: http://is.gd/83fnr | to get firefox 3.6 run: "sudo add-apt-repository ppa:mozillateam/firefox-stable" - then use update-manager to update your system | Next Meeting: TBD
asacBUGabundo_remote: better?13:50
=== asac changed the topic of #ubuntu-mozillateam to: Welcome to the Ubuntu Mozilla Team: | ML: http://is.gd/83fnr | to get firefox 3.6 on hardy - karmic run: "sudo add-apt-repository ppa:mozillateam/firefox-stable" - then use update-manager to update your system | Next Meeting: TBD
asacLantizia: we moved back to google before lucid relesae13:53
BUGabundo_remoteasac: yes14:03
mdeslaurchrisccoulson: apple just announced 54 new vulnerabilities in webkit. Add them to the ~22 that are already present in karmic's webkit, and I think we will need to backport 1.2.1 to earlier release instead of 1.1.15.x...15:26
mdeslaurchrisccoulson: don't shoot the messenger :)15:26
chrisccoulsonmdeslaur, the webkit backport of epiphany needs some work anyway - it sucks compared to the gecko version atm15:26
chrisccoulsonbut that's also the case for epiphany i karmic and lucid too15:27
mdeslaurwell, fortunately epiphany in karmic and lucid is in universe15:28
micahgchrisccoulson: trying to get a test openjdk uploaded now16:36
chrisccoulsonmicahg - thanks16:36
chrisccoulsonjdstrand - totem is uploaded to the PPA now16:37
micahgchrisccoulson: the caveat is maintainer is set for me, if it builds, do you know how to upload w/openjdk team as maintainer?16:37
chrisccoulsonmicahg - yeah, i can do that16:41
micahgchrisccoulson: k16:41
chrisccoulsonwhat was the issue with setting the openjdk team as the maintainer anyway?16:41
* chrisccoulson thinks it's a shame that PPA uploads don't count towards karma16:42
chrisccoulsoni did nearly 400 uploads yesterday ;)16:42
micahgchrisccoulson: they do :)16:42
chrisccoulsonoh, maybe i'll get a nice surprise tomorrow then ;)16:43
jdstrandchrisccoulson: re totem> ack17:02
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jdstrandchrisccoulson: did you notice all the totem builds are ftbfs?18:33
chrisccoulsonjdstrand - yeah, i'm just fixing that now18:33
chrisccoulsonits because i changed the xulrunner build-depend to pull in 1.9.2 at the last minute18:34
chrisccoulsonand it's looking in the wrong location for headers (there are no stable and unstable folders anymore)18:34
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ftajdstrand, why no security updates for those?? http://www.adobe.com/support/security/advisories/apsa10-01.html20:05
jdstrandfta: I am following up with our partner packager. thanks20:17
jdstrandfta: ok, the eta in the advisory is the 10th and our partner guy said Ubuntu should have packages then too20:18
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jdstrandwe will get flashplugin-nonfree out on that day as well20:20
ftaif you can also ask get the workaround for bug 589409 in acroread/maverick, it would be nice20:22
ubot4Launchpad bug 589409 in acroread (Ubuntu) "acroread corrupted display when using RGBA in gtk (affects: 1) (heat: 6)" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/58940920:22
ftajdstrand, ^^20:22
jdstrandmdeslaur: ^ you interested in that too?20:34
mdeslaurjdstrand: no, that's only for acrobat...so iamfuzz only20:36
jdstrandoh, duh20:36
jdstrandsorry, I misread that20:37
micahgchrisccoulson: good news...no 3.5.10 release w/out/3.6.420:40
chrisccoulsonmicahg - yeah :)20:41
micahgchrisccoulson: I have some dependency issues w/openjdk, I'll look into it more tonight21:18
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DimmuxxHow do I change which application is used to open downloaded files when I select to open them in the downloads window?22:01
micahgDimmuxx: Edit -> Preferences -> Applications22:01
ddecatorwow, i didn't have a chance to look for that..22:02
micahgDimmuxx: should be system defaults by default22:02
Dimmuxxthat's just what it should do with them when I click on a link22:02
ddecatormaybe System > Preferences > Preferred Applications22:03
micahgDimmuxx: what's the issue?22:03
Dimmuxxtried all the obvious things22:03
DimmuxxI download a mp3 file22:03
Dimmuxxit shows up in the Downloads window22:03
DimmuxxI select open it22:03
Dimmuxxit opens in totem22:03
DimmuxxI have audacious as the player for mp3 files in nautilus22:04
micahgDimmuxx: if you open the folder by right clicking the download, and open from the folder, where does it open?22:04
Dimmuxxaudacious of course22:04
Dimmuxxsame thing with movies files22:04
micahgDimmuxx: then check the preferences22:05
Dimmuxxthe preferences for mp3 files are Always ask22:05
Dimmuxxand system > preferences > preferred application are rhythmbox for multimedia files btw so it can't get the info from there22:08
* micahg doesn't know22:09
micahgDimmuxx: which version?22:10
Dimmuxxit seems that google doesn't either :/22:10
Dimmuxxbut I don't think that's related22:10
* micahg wonders if it's our build or not22:10
DimmuxxI found a thread on the ubuntu forum from 2008 but no solution there either22:11
micahgDimmuxx: maybe ask in #firefox on irc.mozilla.org?22:11
* micahg can follow you over there22:12
ddecatorha, i can finally connect to their servers without being disconnected right away..22:13
micahgDimmuxx: actually #qa might be better over there22:13
Dimmuxxtoo much spam in #firefox?22:14
Dimmuxxare you sure it's a regression though?22:14
* micahg isn't sure :)22:14
Dimmuxxsince people had the same problem back in 200822:14
Dimmuxxor 2009 http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=123022722:15
micahgDimmuxx: I was wondering if it's a mime type issue, that bug is well known22:16
DimmuxxI pasted the wrong thread but it might be the same issue too22:16
micahgDimmuxx: so, per #qa discussion, tru disabling ubufox, then try from the cli, xdg-open mymp3.mp322:32
Dimmuxxxdg-open opens it in audacious22:33
Dimmuxxdisabling the extension didn't work22:34
micahgDimmuxx: that's good, I think there's an upstream bug to implement xdg-open...22:34
DimmuxxI also tried to have open in audacious2 in the window before saving the file22:34
Dimmuxxbut that didn't work22:34
micahgDimmuxx: if you want, you can file a bug on LP and I'll try to find teh upstream22:34
DimmuxxI wonder where it gets the information to use totem22:35
DimmuxxIt must be from somewhere22:36
jdstrandchrisccoulson: ok, I finally finished https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Testing/Firefox3.6.4Upgrade/SecurityPublication22:36
micahgDimmuxx: is it opening in totem outside the browser or inside the browser?22:36
chrisccoulsonjdstrand, thanks, i will take a look at that in the morning22:36
jdstrandchrisccoulson: if you could look that over to make sure we are on the same page, that would be great22:36
jdstrandchrisccoulson: cool, thanks22:36
Dimmuxxmicahg: It should be easy for you to reproduce22:37
micahgDimmuxx: right, just no time right now, can try later22:37
Dimmuxxheh okay good :)22:38
DimmuxxIt works in correctly in chromium btw22:40
Dimmuxxheh, I get more reasons to switch to it everyday.22:41
jdstrandfta: am I remembering correctly that you were/are preparing a 5.0.375.70 update for chromium-browser? (fyi, I just filed bug #591474)22:54
ubot4Launchpad bug 591474 in chromium-browser (Ubuntu) "5.0.375.70 security update available (affects: 1) (heat: 260)" [High,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/59147422:54
jdstrandthat might have been .55 I was thinking of22:54
ftajdstrand, .55 as we're tracking the stable channel now. http://people.ubuntu.com/~fta/ppa-dashboard/chromium-daily.html23:07
ftaoh, i missed that .7023:08
jdstrandI think .70 is the new stable...23:08
ftasee that. /me looking at why i missed it23:09
jdstrandfta: if you are planning a .70, would you mind making a .70 package for lucid and reference bug 591474?23:09
ubot4Launchpad bug 591474 in chromium-browser (Ubuntu) "5.0.375.70 security update available (affects: 1) (heat: 260)" [High,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/59147423:10
jdstrandfta: thanks, feel free to put it in the same place and ping me and I'll get it uploaded, etc, etc23:10
micahgchrisccoulson: looks like we might get PGO in FF4 for free :)23:13
ftajdstrand, i already know it builds & run fine, it's been in the beta channel for ~4days. i just have to document and close the release23:14
chrisccoulsonmicahg - cool23:14
micahgchrisccoulson: will require gcc 4.5 though23:14
micahgso > maverick23:14
micahg>= maverick23:14
jdstrandfta: ack23:16
* asac says hello23:56
asac1am ... good time to start working ;)23:56
* ddecator says hello to asac 23:57
asache ddecator23:57
* BUGabundo waves back23:59

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