ZachK_hey akgraner00:04
akgranerZachK_, hey!00:04
ZachK_akgraner: i'm going for Ubuntu Membership tomorrow...think you could pass me a testimonial? Buddy?00:05
akgranerZachK_, let me take a look - I have it set as a reminder to be at the meeting :-)  let me see what I can do00:08
ZachK_akgraner: it's at five am my time...what time will it be for you?00:08
akgranerZachK_, I have the American's board set - but I have it listed as the 17th00:10
ZachK_it's that one00:11
akgranerwell darn00:11
akgranerI am glad you said something today00:11
akgranerZachK_, 6am :-)00:11
akgranerI'll be up and online then too00:12
ZachK_oh cool00:12
ZachK_so it's 6 pm for me...7pm for you i take it then?00:12
akgranerI'm 4 hours behind UTC right now00:12
* ZachK_ will be back shortly00:13
ZachK_chores to do00:13
akgranerk :-)00:13
scott_evman, I wonder if it's too late to get on the list for tomorrow's meeting.  I'm ready for membership as well00:17
akgranerscott_ev, the americas board is June 17th00:23
scott_evnice then I have time00:28
akgraneryeppers :-)00:38
akgraneryou need to nudge johnc as well to give you a testimonial00:38
scott_evI have one00:58
scott_evfrom him00:58
scott_evand tyche and kennymc0 and a bud in OKC00:59
scott_evI need one from you and from matthew helmke but he really doesn't know me very well00:59
scott_evthen again neither do you00:59
akgranerscott_ev, no worries :-)  what is the link to your wiki and I'll look at it tonight as well01:04
scott_evhttps://wiki.ubuntu.com/j.scott.gwin - I have a couple of entries to make but it's mostly complete and up to date01:05
akgranerlinks have been added to the googledoc and the wiki - whichever you are more comfortable with add it there :-) and thanks again - I am going to update with wiki for the howto and who is doing what :-)01:30
nigelbakgraner: Nice doc :) So you want summaries of the links you've given there right?01:37
akgranernigelb, let's find you a section :-)01:39
nigelbI just woke, not at my best, but since you're around, I'll take on something for practice :)01:39
akgranernigelb, how about the LoCo team stuff?01:42
akgranertake a look at a few past issues for some inspiration if ya need to :-)01:42
nigelbok :)01:44
nigelbakgraner: I'd better do the news stuff when I get back from work in the evening.  I'm just in the wrong mood to write.02:04
akgranernigelb, I know the feeling :-)02:05
akgranerno worries at all02:05
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scott_evakgraner: where should I put AZ LoCo stuff that I want added to the UWN?03:39
akgranerI'll see if I can get the LoCo Calendar added this week to the Fridge and see if they will update the pages to Say "Calendars" with links on that page to the various other calendars04:07
akgranerIf it is an article - we just need a link to the original source and title and if you are willing to write the summary the summary as well04:08
akgranerok now I am off to bed...04:09
akgranerso for the record - while I understand their are some loco teams who have their information on the Fridge Calendar - we are not making this a habit and as soon as the LoCo Calendar is in place we will be moving those off of there.  I am not going to argue this point - I am however making aggressive and steady efforts to fix this.  Thanks for understanding and this will be non-issue in less than a month04:19
ZachK_akgraner: ping?10:23
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akgranerZachK_, pong11:27
ZachK_akgraner: ping11:28
ZachK_akgraner: the meeting my dear11:28
ZachK_akgraner: i'm not up yet but will be.....soon11:28
ZachK_AND i wanted to discuss wiki...11:28
akgranerI know - I added stuff to your page ...but don't know that I will be right in front of my screen - I am in the middle of 2 other things11:28
ZachK_i caught the testimonial...thanks very much11:29
akgranerPing me after the meeting and we can discuss wikis11:29
akgranerZachK_, thanks!11:42
ZachK_akgraner: ok i'm in....11:59
akgranerHey everyone - ZachK_ is one of the newest Ubuntu Members :-)  \0/12:00
ZachK_akgraner: ok wiki work my dear12:05
akgranerZachK_, I am in the middle of something - :-)12:06
ZachK_take your time...12:07
akgranerZachK_, the my dear was cute once12:07
* ZachK_ is hyped up on MountainDew....12:07
ZachK_which means i'm gonna be up all day..been up since three yesterday12:07
ZachK_need to stay up all day though so i go to bed tonight at a decen hour....12:07
ZachK_not like four am like i have been12:08
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akgranerZachK_, ping ok finished with one item - and I have an hour or so before my next call12:58
ZachK_akgraner: :D12:58
akgranercan you talk wiki's now?12:58
* ZachK_ can always talk wiki12:58
ZachK_wiki is in my blood12:58
akgranerso I have started just editing some of the pages12:58
akgraner /UbuntuWeeklyNewsletter/EditingPolicies12:59
akgranernothing on the Front Pages yet13:00
akgranerthis is the public one I think we need to start with13:00
akgranerso let's just look at that one :-)13:01
ZachK_news team page is nice13:02
akgranernods but under organization - instead of projects  - we need Fridge and Newsletter13:04
ZachK_ah i think i know what you mean13:05
ZachK_that entails changing the headers13:06
ZachK_which i know how to do13:06
akgranerwith links to those13:07
akgranerand we can still have the projects page it just needs to be updated13:07
akgraneras well as the Idea Pool Page needs to be created13:07
akgranerwell just adding to them13:07
akgranerI like the way they look now and I think most people go as well13:07
ZachK_ok so the Organization header will have,13:08
ZachK_or Fridge Launchpad13:08
ZachK_Projects Newsletter13:08
akgranerI added the Idea Pool page13:08
akgranerso organization can be13:08
akgranerThe Fridge - link to the Fridge page13:09
akgranerNewsletter - link to current issue page13:09
ZachK_projects -link to current projects13:09
akgranerProjects project page13:09
akgranerbut the page will need to be updated13:09
akgranerto reflect the current team ect13:10
akgranerI think 2008 is the last time it was updated13:10
ZachK_ok so you want me to do what exactly13:10
akgraneradd those links13:10
ZachK_and the meeting last time did have new stuff for us13:10
ZachK_gimme a few13:10
akgranerand see if you can work on updating projects page13:10
akgranerif you have questions - you can ask them here or13:11
ZachK_ok..that header is WAY Way way wAy bad13:11
ZachK_i mean i'm all for having one header but breaking it up is easier to edit13:12
ZachK_but thats me13:12
akgraneras long as the info on the front of it is good - I don't care how it's done as long as people can figure out how to edit it :-) if need be - Keep it Simple13:12
ZachK_ooh..question...can i be aded to the fridge editors?13:13
akgranerso if you have to rework it that's fine too - but can we keep the look the same :-)13:13
ZachK_I'll figure something out13:13
akgranerZachK_, not yet on the Fridge editor thing - people nominate people for that13:14
akgranerit's not a self nomination things13:14
akgranergive it a little more time :-)13:14
akgranermarathon - not a sprint :-)13:14
ZachK_yeah...forgot that13:15
ZachK_I endorse ZachK_'s work on the UBT ( Ubuntu Beginners Team ) totally. He has shown real drive and motivation with regards to leading our Wiki team. I thought for sure that ZachK_ would have quit the team in the first month. I tend to see a lot of people who are "over-motivated", and they don't last long. ZachK_ proved me wrong. I was 100% off base, and I had no idea that drive was just they way ZachK_ works.13:15
akgranerZachK_, not trying to be mean, rude, or exclusive  - hope you understand...13:15
ZachK_that was paultag's recommendation13:15
ZachK_akgraner: and i don't take it that way...completely understand13:15
akgraneryeah - you got some great testimonials there - they speak very highly of you!13:16
ZachK_i honestly didn't expect to get one from p-tag13:16
ZachK_thanks for yours too13:16
akgraneryou're welcome - so use - http://ietherpad.com/news-team-wikis13:17
akgranerif you have content ideas etc and myself or someone else can comment as well -13:17
akgranerso anyone who wants to help work on the wikis and collaborate will time  - can use the etherpad :-)13:17
akgranerpopey, see etherpads rule! :-)13:18
popey(I dont use ietherpad, but others)13:18
popeybut yes, etherpads rule13:18
popey(yes, i have etherpad on highlight)13:18
ZachK_akgraner: do you still want the lp link under organization?13:19
ZachK_it's seems repetitive to me13:19
akgranermove it communication for now13:20
ZachK_what's the newsletter current page link...so it's correct13:20
akgranerlet me try this again13:22
akgranerit's a redirect to the current issue13:22
akgranerI have to work on a few things - so if you get stuck or have questions ping me  - I'll pop in and out13:23
ZachK_should it be "Current Newsletter" Or just "Newsletter"13:24
ZachK_akgraner: ^^13:25
ZachK_hello Pendulum13:27
akgranerZachK_, look at the UbuntuWeeklyNewsletter page :-)  there is a link for the current issue there  as well...13:27
akgranerit's UbuntuWeeklyNewsletter/Current13:28
akgranerjust Newsletter13:28
akgranerahhh to many things at once13:28
ZachK_L O L13:28
ZachK_i'm starring at markup code...don't distract me!13:28
ZachK_lol kidding13:28
akgranernhandler, are you a mailing list guru?13:29
akgranerme needs to pick someone's brain for a few minutes13:30
* akgraner needs to pick someone's brain for a few minutes13:30
akgranerthat's better13:30
* ZachK_ is done with the header... akgraner take a look13:30
akgranercool thanks13:31
akgranerCommunication - should be contact us13:32
akgranerand there should be a Mailing List and IRC option on there13:32
akgranerthe IRC link needs to be available as a weblink as well  let me know if you need my help with those13:33
akgranerthe mailing list link needs to take people to the page where they can sign up etc...13:33
akgranerbrb gotta reboot13:37
ZachK_akgraner: the mailing list link is tthere13:37
ZachK_and so is the contact us..which should stay on the main tab imo13:37
akgranergood grief  - I have a ton of updates - wow13:40
akgranerZachK_, it can be in both places13:41
akgranermost people look for Contact Us13:41
akgranernot Communication13:41
ZachK_oh you want me to rename communication to Contact US13:41
akgranerwe also need to Forum Link there as well13:41
akgraneryeppers thanks!13:42
ZachK_ok whats the forum link13:42
akgranerhmm - need to add UWN-Forum Link - http://ubuntuforums.org/forumdisplay.php?f=24313:45
akgranerand The Fridge-Forum Link - http://ubuntuforums.org/forumdisplay.php?f=12213:46
ZachK_those two links...where to put them?13:46
akgranerthe news team proper doesn't have a forum link - but I want people to see those right off the bat...13:46
akgranerZachK_, hmm - good questions since it's more for discussion on what has been posted13:48
ZachK_definitely not a "Contact Us" section13:48
akgranerAdd Forums to Contact us - but we'll link back to the Front page with an explanation13:49
akgranerso don't actually link Forum to anything just yet - just add the option there13:49
ZachK_what about the fridge forum13:52
ZachK_could put that under the News Team header13:52
akgranerthat's fine13:57
akgranerdo the same for UWN on the Forums13:58
akgraneryou can move it off of the contact us13:58
akgranerjust play with it - we can tweak it later - sometimes it's easier to see something then tweak it :-)13:58
ZachK_very true13:58
akgranerwow - all my updates just finished14:00
ZachK_akgraner: hows that14:07
* akgraner goes to look :-)14:08
* ZachK_ doesn't like hmms14:09
akgranernah -it's good14:10
akgranerI am just thinking  - there maybe a better way to do this  - can you play around with it - and see what you can come up with14:10
ZachK_yeah i can do that14:10
ZachK_Also, the project page...you said that it needs an update...what info needs to go up there?14:11
akgranerKeep it simple  - and clean and light :-)  like the new theme - I think I may be trying to get to much stuff in those headers14:11
akgranerso you can just play around with it - and we'll just tweak it :-)  make sense?14:12
ZachK_I think you're right about that....thinking i can add alot of that as info on the wiki..make it more robust14:12
akgranernods - I think I am just not thinking with a wiki hat on at the moment14:13
ZachK_that's why you got me remember?14:13
akgraner- so for members Fridge14:13
ZachK_i'll be right back14:13
akgranernhandler, pleia2 myself for now - as I think we are the ones who post most actively14:14
ZachK_what about 'em14:14
akgraneradd them in place of the names on the project page14:14
ZachK_ah ok14:15
ZachK_would you be willing to nominate me?14:15
akgranerZachK_, that's not cool to just ask like that14:15
akgranerit makes everyone uncomfortable - I haven't been an editor long enough to nominate anyone14:16
ZachK_sorry...i'm not thinking straight myself14:16
ZachK_If i'd gone to sleep like i should i wouldn't have such a high level of improprietary right now14:17
ZachK_be back in a sec14:17
akgranerno worries :-) it's all the mountain dew energy you have there14:17
ZachK_gotta make a phone call14:17
akgranerk no worries14:17
* ZachK_ back14:27
akgranercool - one sec :-) fixing an issue14:29
cjohnstonakgraner: what do you think about adding "Calendars" before Popular Content and under Navigation.. And then providing links to each. I don't think all the calendars should be on the same page since they will have different instructions for adding things to them..15:12
akgranercjohnston, yep working on all that :-)15:13
akgranerbut joey could change the front page and I can't so tracking down someone else who has super admin privilege is what's the hold up15:14
akgranerit's a lovely thing :-)  - I emailed newz and cc'd joey this morning15:14
akgranercjohnston, ping19:04
nhandlerakgraner: Need help with the ML still?19:57
cjohnstonakgraner: pong21:27
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