h00kand another one from00:45
h00kin #ubuntu00:46
h00kit's continuing00:46
h00ktsimpson: you beat me to it.00:47
tsimpsonremove *!*@*.red.bezeqint.net sometime later, no one else in #u with that ISP anyway00:47
h00kI'm going to set that in #u-o also00:48
tsimpsonwe'll soon see if he's found any proxies too00:48
h00kI'm going to run and clean some stuff from the garage, I'll be back/00:50
h00kI'll make sure to check awaylog, too.00:50
h00kI say that as if I don't normally check it, which isn't true00:50
tsimpsonhopefully I'll be asleep soon00:51
h00kand bak.01:13
h00kck, rather01:13
tsimpsonyou mean .bak01:14
h00kyes, that too01:14
mneptokSportChick Plazma. The energy drink for vampires.02:03
ubottuedbian_ called the ops in #ubuntu (luis_lopez)02:09
h00kStayCiE: can we help you?02:20
Seeker`I think that means "no"02:24
h00kSeeker`: good call02:25
Seeker`I'm getting good at this :D:D02:25
ubottuFloodBot3 called the ops in #ubuntu-ops-monitor (mass join)02:52
ubottuFloodBot2 called the ops in #ubuntu-ops-monitor (mass join)02:52
ubottuFloodBot1 called the ops in #ubuntu-ops-monitor (mass join)02:53
=== nhandler_ is now known as nhandler
* genii sips02:59
h00kgenii: oh hello thar02:59
* genii slides h00k a coffee03:00
h00kgenii: I don't know if I've never told you this, but this is some of the best coffee I've ever had http://www.intelligentsiacoffee.com/03:01
geniiInteresting :)03:01
h00kit's kinda expensive03:01
gnomefreakis the a place i can find a list of ops channels? there seem to be more daily03:01
geniiThe good stuff always is expensive...03:01
h00kIf you're around Chicago, they have a place there, also LA, NY, etc03:02
h00kgenii: or you can have it shipped to you03:02
h00kbut it is delicious.03:02
geniiToronto here03:02
h00knothing there03:02
gnomefreakLA == city or the state/03:03
geniiGuess I'll stick to ordering a 5Kg bag of Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee once a year and hand-grinding it...03:03
h00kThat works, too03:04
h00kgnomefreak: LA the03:04
h00kgnomefreak: city03:04
h00kgnomefreak: Los Angeles03:04
gnomefreakh00k: figured as much03:04
h00kgnomefreak: I think, anyway :D03:04
gnomefreakwhen anyone says LA its always the city. everyone calls the state by its full name (cant spell)03:05
h00kOH, I got it right!03:06
gnomefreakthats it :)03:09
h00kit's actually not very hard at all :/03:09
gnomefreakif i wasnt living in MC i would never have learned how to spell carolina. US from NJ cant spell or at least i cant03:12
=== ossurayynot is now known as tonyyarusso
* funkyHat taHyknuf03:33
h00k!en | funkyHat03:34
ubottufunkyHat: The #ubuntu, #kubuntu and #xubuntu channels are English only. For a complete list of channels in other languages, please visit http://help.ubuntu.com/community/InternetRelayChat03:34
h00k!linuxatemyram is Does it look like you don't have a lot of memory? Read here to see how your RAM is managed: http://www.linuxatemyram.com/03:37
ubottuIn #ubuntu-ops, h00k said: !linuxatemyram is Does it look like you don't have a lot of memory? Read here to see how your RAM is managed: http://www.linuxatemyram.com/03:37
h00kmaybe something like that03:37
h00kI'm getting flooded04:23
h00khalp, should I call freenode ops? :/04:24
h00kI forget how to see which ops are online.04:24
h00kI've never had this before04:34
h00kGNAA is flooding/spamming again, just so everyone knows.04:39
h00kokay. I'm out for the night. Peace, all.05:08
ubottutheadmin called the ops in #ubuntu (ohayo)05:16
ubottuIn #ubuntu, T1750 said: ubottu: heck is bad language?05:32
bazhanghufx ban removed in #ubuntu ?05:42
bazhangnope, ban-evading05:46
bazhanghufx, hi05:56
hufxwell hello05:56
bazhanghufx, you were ban evading a previous ban05:56
hufxwhy do I fell Ive  been single out?05:56
bazhangyou were asked to come here for the previous ban to discuss as well, but refused, then ban-evaded.05:57
bazhangchanging your IP address to re-enter the channel without having the previous ban resolved05:58
hufxmy IP address is not really up to me      but I told you that last time05:59
bazhangwe never discussed the previous ban06:00
hufxbut u banned me anyhow06:00
hufxok I will try not to speak L33T06:01
bazhangthat was not the issue; it was repeatedly being offtopic in #ubuntu , and ignoring warnings to stop, then referring to users in #ubuntu as Noobs06:02
hufxOK Noobs wasnt really fair   (kind of obivous I know!)06:03
hufxbut I have helped a few before this incident06:04
bazhanghufx, that is not a free pass to continually be offtopic; there is no Karma system in place06:05
bazhangkeep the silliness/chat in #ubuntu-offtopic and support only in #ubuntu06:06
hufxI helped because I could     not because of any Karma   (Im a RC so Idont belive in karma)06:07
bazhangplease read the code of conduct and the guidelines06:08
bazhang!coc | hufx06:08
ubottuhufx: The Ubuntu Code of Conduct is a community etiquette document to which we ask all Ubuntu users to adhere, and can be found at http://www.ubuntu.com/community/conduct/ .  For information on how to electronically sign the CoC, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SigningCodeofConduct .06:08
bazhang!guidelines | hufx06:08
ubottuhufx: The guidelines for using the Ubuntu channels can be found here: http://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Guidelines06:08
mneptokhufx: http://bible.logos.com/passage/niv/Job%204.8#ref=Job%204%3A8%2Chi%3DJob%204%3A8-Job%204%3A8&ver=NIV06:09
hufxrules rules rules rules06:09
mneptokhufx: there are many passages in the Bible that refer to reaping what you sow. that's karma.06:09
hufxI was told by my father   there made to be broken06:10
bazhangwell then you won't be rejoining #ubuntu06:11
mneptokthen accept the consequences.06:11
hufxbut I understand your point of view06:11
bazhanggood. then please read the linked documents above06:11
hufxoh come on guys   are u going to ban every  irish isp?06:13
mneptokhufx: are you syaing you'll change ISPs in order to circumvent the ban?06:13
hufxI could even come through american IP06:14
hufxok I takeyour point06:14
hufxbut u still havent explained why u banned me06:16
hufxkarma is not a christtan concept    in fact     70 times 7 applys!06:18
bazhanghufx, yes I did. repeatedly being offtopic and ignoring warnings to stop, as well as calling users Noobs.06:19
hufxNoobs     is that it?06:22
bazhangdid you read the whole long part before that?06:22
ubottuFloodBot3 called the ops in #ubuntu-ops-monitor (banlist filling up (this is a test, and might not detect a full banlist correctly, please report problems to LjL): 451)06:23
hufxok  wont refer to them again06:23
bazhanghufx, keep offtopic chat in #ubuntu-offtopic and support only in #ubuntu , please read the documents linked above as well.06:24
hufxso am I still banned?06:24
hufxI mean Ive been here for over two houe06:25
Flannelhufx: I believe so, yes.06:25
hufxI mean Ive been here for over two hours now and no L33T or Noob  refercences06:26
bazhanghufx, well, I have asked you to read the documents linked above, and asked you to agree to keep offtopic chat in #ubuntu-offtopic and support only in #ubuntu , and you have yet to signal your doing so, or your assent to said conditions.06:28
hufxbazhang: assent to said conditions hehe ok I partially  agree to said conditions06:31
bazhanghufx, partially?06:31
bazhanghufx, which part do you have a problem agreeing to?06:32
hufxok so no more L33tT ot Noob expressions06:33
bazhanghufx, and keeping offtopic in #ubuntu-offtopic , and support only in #ubuntu ?06:34
hufxas best I can06:34
bazhangany ircc members around? there's a channel request in -irc06:36
bazhanghufx, in light of your ban evasion, I'm not confident enough to remove your ban at this time. come back when you are ready to discuss this and agreeing fully to the channel guidelines and code of conduct for #ubuntu06:37
hufxoh come on bazhang its not like I really pissed people off06:37
bazhanghufx, come back in 24 hours and we can discuss again.06:38
hufxwell If I give u that power then fair enough       BUT I DONT06:40
ubottuIn ubottu, Kamilion said: rbeq is the Rhythmbox 10-band Equalizer found at http://rbeq.googlecode.com/ -- easy to install, just extract to ~/.gnome2/ and enable the plugin in Rhythmbox!06:49
ubottuIn #ubuntu, Kamilion said: ubottu: rbeq is the Rhythmbox 10-band Equalizer found at http://rbeq.googlecode.com/ -- easy to install, just extract to ~/.gnome2/ and enable the plugin in Rhythmbox!06:49
bazhangUbuntuboy is hitting that itunes petition on all the major channels07:26
ubottuFloodBot2 called the ops in #ubuntu-ops-monitor (mass join)09:04
ubottuFloodBot3 called the ops in #ubuntu-ops-monitor (mass join)09:04
ubottuFloodBot4 called the ops in #ubuntu-ops-monitor (mass join)09:04
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ikoniadid my connection drop before the netsplit ?09:10
elkyikonia, the one immediately above now?09:12
jussi[11:06:37] <-- ikonia (~mattd@unaffiliated/ikonia) has quit (Ping timeout: 272 seconds)09:12
jussi[11:10:03] --> ikonia (~mattd@unaffiliated/ikonia) has joined #ubuntu-ops09:12
ikoniahow odd09:13
ikoniathanks for that09:13
=== _Dave2_ is now known as Dave2
bazhangmendocionx is longtime troll/ban dodger10:48
knomei could guess that :)10:48
ikoniaI removed him from kubuntu earlier, didn't see him anywhere else10:48
bazhangin #x now10:48
bazhanghasankezavagir or some such10:49
ikoniashould be gone now10:51
knomebazhang, so what's the correct way to handle removing people from the channel? is kick ok? i remember somebody saying that one should use "force leaving" which i think was some kind of freenode feature10:51
tsimpson/remove :)10:52
bazhangknome, you are using quassel? something else?10:52
Tm_Tyou mean remove? ye, that's better as it doesn't trigger "autojoin on kick"10:52
jussiikonia: banfail10:52
knomebazhang, irssi10:52
ikoniajussi: really?10:52
ikoniajussi: why is that a fail ?10:52
bazhangknome, there's scripts for that10:52
tsimpsonwe like /remove because it blocks most auto-rejoin stuff and is less disruptive to the channel10:52
bazhangknome, but the remove as tsimpson says is the better way10:53
knomebazhang, i can find out to work the scripts/aliases if somebody tells me which is the best way10:53
jussiikonia: yeah, because all he needs to do is restart his webchat...10:53
bazhangknome, I think h00k funkyHat and others use them, autobleh.pl and such10:53
tsimpsonwe should have an !opscripts factoid10:53
bazhangtsimpson, true!10:53
jussialthough their gateway may work slightly different then most, now I look closer10:53
jussithe ops guide is almost done...10:54
bazhangof course some handcraft them10:54
jussimost gateways use a hashed ip as ident, this one seems different10:54
ikoniajussi: I thought the webchat unique id was based on his ip, so he'd have to cycle his ip10:54
knomein #xubuntu we haven't needed those stuff much, so i've just used kick10:54
ikoniaplus it's a bzshell account (which to be honest I feel should be banned too)10:55
tsimpsonikonia: the ident part, not in /x-......10:55
bazhangany word on the channel approval in -irc ? someone created a channel without approval and is asking for it10:55
ikoniatsimpson: oooh, I thought it was the /xskjdfsd10:55
jussiikonia: ie. on the freenode webchat, its hashed ip as the ident and a session tag as part of the cloack10:55
tsimpsonikonia: no, that's just random10:55
ikoniajussi: tsimpson ok, that makes more sense10:56
ikoniawhy do we allowed that shell system in #ubuntu ?10:56
ikoniait's the same as the chat clients we use exception for10:56
ikoniano-one uses that for good use10:56
jussiwhy do we allow kapsi?  or anything else which is shared?  because there isnt significant abuse.10:56
ikoniathere has been from bshellz.net10:57
* jussi hasnt noticed it10:57
ikoniaso how can you effectivly deal with mmendocinox@gateway/shell/bshellz.net/x-jsjupwoxvpxkuds ass a ban ?10:57
knomejussi, yeah i think kapsi should be banned ;>10:58
tsimpsonyou should ban *!<ident>@gateway/shell/bshellz.net/*10:58
tsimpsonas it looks like they do have identd running there10:58
jussithat one ^^10:58
ikoniatsimpson: he changes ident every time10:58
ikoniatsimpson: along with nick10:59
tsimpsonthen he's creating new accounts probably10:59
ikoniahis ip is the only constant hence why he's now using a shell10:59
jussiits a strange service10:59
tsimpsonunless bshellz.net is not secure enough or sending false identd info10:59
tsimpsonhas anyone reported them to bshellz?11:01
ikoniacan do though11:02
tsimpsonit's against their rules to have multiple accounts, so is grounds for termination of service11:02
ikoniagood spot11:03
ubottubazhang called the ops in #kubuntu (mendocinox)11:03
bazhangsorry you had it covered11:03
ikoniano, it's fine11:03
ubottuIn #ubuntu, CSiD said: ubottu, the actual issue is that the ipod touch is visible o nthe desktop as an ipod, but rhythmbox doesnt see it11:05
ikoniathe #bshellz channel isn't very active11:08
ikoniaand their website is poor11:08
tsimpsonI think that channel is mostly for their registration/renewal stuff11:17
ikoniathere does appear to be an admin guy lurking11:17
ubottuIn ubottu, rumpsy said: rss is rich site sumary12:39
tsimpson!scope > rumpsy12:40
PiciI thought it was Really Simple Syndication13:18
h00kknome: yes, I use autobleh.pl13:27
h00kIt is Really Simple Syndicatin13:27
elkyPici, it's one of those things like USB, or as one of my IT teachers was told by a kid clerk in a computer store "ultra speed bus"13:27
elkyIn other words, some people have no clue.13:28
h00kSomeone came in one day looking for an AGP modem because he had 3 AGP slots and one PCI.13:29
elky3 AGP?13:30
h00khe had AGP slots mixed up with PCI13:32
h00kwhich isn't a /terrible/ mistake...I guess.13:32
PiciPCIe? or regular PCI?13:33
h00kregular PCI, it was a few years ago13:33
=== Martinp24 is now known as Martinp23
PiciSome people...14:00
gnomefreaknot sure where i remeber him from but i do remember him (livingdaylight)14:02
knomethe last time we visited my parents-in-law, my f-i-l and put the usb cable into an rj45 port14:03
gnomefreaksorry wrong person14:03
knomebrains fail after 3 hour night's sleep14:03
Picignomefreak: Me too, but I think its a different person.14:05
bazhangthought you meant pythonic14:05
Picier, I originally did.14:06
gnomefreakPici: maybe bazhang both  the whole piricy topic should move to -ot or something14:06
bazhanggnomefreak, or to another network maybe14:06
gnomefreakagreed or at least out of ubuntu channels14:07
Picignomefreak: regarding livingdaylight, I remember a ban long ago on someone with a similar name, but by this person's behavior I think it must have been a different person.14:07
gnomefreakPici: ok, i havent been paying attention in the channel for most part so i know know about his behavior14:08
jribanyone know of some official statement on the repositories?  (maybe add to topic)14:21
Tm_Tjrib: ?14:21
jribTm_T: lots of users in #ubuntu reporting the repositories are slow14:21
Tm_Thmmmm, indeed14:21
Tm_Tunresponsive even14:22
Tm_T10.04.1 ?14:22
Tm_Tno it's not yet that14:23
gord"repositories"? there are a lot of them14:23
jribgord: us.archive.ubuntu.com (I only knew after asking that question :))14:24
gnomefreakthere are slow and they seem to be failing on some. im testing gb atm14:24
gordif your repo is slow, system -> administration -> software sources. press the download from checkbox and goto other. then select best server14:24
gordspread the word!14:24
Tm_TI'm using main repositories14:24
gnomefreakgb is slow here14:25
gnomefreakfor me gb and removing that is still slow14:25
Tm_Tgnomefreak: main repositories are same as gb?14:25
jribI'm assuming us.archive.ubuntu.com is some kind of pool.  Is that true?  Or is it really just one server doing all the work?14:25
gnomefreakTm_T: yep just a different mirror14:25
gnomefreakjrib: pool IIRC but its been a while14:26
h00klike this !mirror15:13
ubottuUbuntu installation CDs can be downloaded from http://releases.ubuntu.com - Mirrors can be found at http://wiki.ubuntu.com/Mirrors - PLEASE use the !torrents to download !Lucid, and help keeping the servers' load low!15:13
ubottuA list of official repository mirrors and their statuses can be found at https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+archivemirrors15:16
PiciHello thar15:23
jpdsTm_T: Is there something wrong with http://fi.archive.ubuntu.com/ ?15:23
jpdsjrib: us.archive is a pool, however it is pointed at machines in London.15:24
ubottuFloodBot1 called the ops in #ubuntu-ops-monitor (banlist filling up (this is a test, and might not detect a full banlist correctly, please report problems to LjL): 454)15:24
jpdsgnomefreak: gb.a is not slow, it's just doing a lot of work.15:25
jpdsI blame OOo.15:25
PiciI was wondering, as I only had a tzdata update here.15:26
Tm_Tjpds: why asking?15:27
jpdsBecause I care about mirrors.15:28
Tm_Tjpds: aah, I just don't like waiting mirrors syncing especially if I'm testing packages15:28
jpdsfi is set to update every 6 hours.15:29
h00kOh, I forgot about the OOo updates15:30
Tm_Tand that's too long if you're supposed to confirm if some package fixes something, for example15:30
Tm_Tor perhaps I'm just impatient (:15:31
h00kReallyCool needs to have a memo about his quit message :(15:34
h00kand done.15:38
funkyHath00k: I don't think that's a general one, I think he did it because he's annoyed about his partitioning. Still needs to not do it of course ⢁)15:50
ubottuFloodBot3 called the ops in #ubuntu-ops-monitor (banlist filling up (this is a test, and might not detect a full banlist correctly, please report problems to LjL): 452)15:53
h00kfunkyHat: Yeah, i've seen him with others before, but this one definitely isn't appropriate :(15:55
jribjpds: interesting16:22
Pici!ops | Please clean up your old bans!16:23
ubottuPlease clean up your old bans!: Help! Channel emergency! (ONLY use this trigger in emergencies) -  Tm_T, tritium, elky, Nalioth, tonyyarusso, imbrandon, PriceChild, Madpilot, Myrtti, mneptok, Pici, tsimpson, gnomefreak, jussi, topyli, or nhandler!16:23
ubottuPici called the ops in #ubuntu-ops (Please clean up your old bans!)16:23
PiciWe have 430 bans in #ubuntu16:50
ikoniaPici: give me 10, I'll do some house keeping16:52
Piciikonia: okay :)16:53
PiciHm.. terry was klined, interesting.16:53
PiciI wonder if idoru is issuing klines now for people who flood multiple times.16:54
ikoniaI wonder how I can make idoru kline on my request......16:56
ikoniathat's more interesting to me ;)16:56
jpdsjrib: You might want to try using something like http://mirror.anl.gov/16:59
jpds11Gbps, yeah!16:59
Slart#ubuntu could use some attention.. ddl especially20:40
Slartoh.. nevermind20:41
gordre: people complaining about slow servers. i have a sneeking feeling that it was actually some internet backbone or something. these stats caught my eye http://store.steampowered.com/stats/ - looks like something went crazy earlier20:52
jpdsYeah; OOo update.20:54
gordwell no i was thinking more that the steam service thing records how many users are able to use it, and it bottomed out for some reason for sometime today20:55
ubottuFloodBot2 called the ops in #ubuntu-ops-monitor (banlist filling up (this is a test, and might not detect a full banlist correctly, please report problems to LjL): 452)20:57
Jordan_Upocketcoffe in #ubuntu21:22
ubottuHelp! Channel emergency! (ONLY use this trigger in emergencies) -  Tm_T, tritium, elky, Nalioth, tonyyarusso, imbrandon, PriceChild, Madpilot, Myrtti, mneptok, Pici, tsimpson, gnomefreak, jussi, topyli, or nhandler!21:25
ubottuJordan_U called the ops in #ubuntu-ops ()21:25
ubottudrizzt_ called the ops in #ubuntu (pocketcoffe harassment)21:25
Jordan_USeems like there are more hit and run trolls recently21:26
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=== uber_mort is now known as marienz
IdleOne_lol I got about 200 messages from spam bots23:08
knomenot more?23:09
IdleOne_I am taking a wild guess23:09
IdleOne_probably more23:09
IdleOne_I would count them but I am to lazy23:09
knomewrite a script23:09
tsimpsonhow many of you are +w?23:09
knometsimpson, i'm +rum23:10
* knome sips23:10
tsimpsonwallops are important ;)23:10
tsimpson-tomaw/Wallops- Hi, we just experimentally changed how we're cloaking users of freenodes own webchat. You should now see their hostname as gateway/web/freenode/ip.<clientIP> which will make client /ban type commands work better as well as ChanServ's QUIET command.  If you have any feedback please let us know in #freenode! Thanks!23:10
knomeyay :)23:10
knomesounds great23:10
knomebtw tsimpson, i tried to install encyclopedia into my supy but that threw an error23:11
tsimpsonwhat error?23:11
ubottuIn ubottu, alexbobp said: !crickets is <reply>23:12
=== IdleOne_ is now known as IdleOne
tomawwhat's more, that change shouldn't have broken anything!23:12
knometsimpson, Error: invalid syntax (config.py, line 146)23:12
IdleOneohh neat my nick got used for a spam bot23:12
tsimpsontomaw: it looks like it's working fine so far :)23:12
IdleOneknome: looks like it was closer to 50023:12
knometsimpson, line 146 says: "finally:"23:13
tomawtsimpson: yea, let us know if anything seems to break23:13
knometsimpson, could i have a python too old or something?23:13
tsimpsonknome: what python version are you using?23:13
knometsimpson, i have 2.3, 2.4 and 2.5 (apparently) installed in debian etch23:14
knomeIdleOne, nice:)23:14
IdleOnebtw ctrl+w is a beatiful key combo23:15
IdleOnecloses loads and loads of windows23:15
tsimpsonit should work with 2.523:15
tsimpsonknome: yeah, 2.4 does not have a finally clause (we aim for 2.5+ in code)23:16
knometsimpson, okay... is there something i can replace "finally:" eith?23:17
tsimpsonyou could wrap the try block in another try block with both except: and else: having the contents of the finally: clause23:19
knometsimpson, any idea if there is an another finally: clause?23:20
tsimpsononly in Bantracker23:21
knomei only need Encyclopedia :)23:21
* knome goes hacking for a bit23:21
tsimpsonthis general format: http://paste.ubuntu.com/446869/23:22
knomeokay, thanks a lot23:22
knomei'm not that familiar with python, but with programming, somewhat :)23:22
knome(but i have to admit i'm a bit drunk)23:23
tsimpsonthe finally: part is guaranteed to execute, regardless of if there was an exception or not23:23
knomecould guess that :)23:23
tsimpsoneven if you 'return' in the try block, so it can be useful23:24
knometsimpson, now i'm getting an error with this: http://paste.ubuntu.com/446871/23:31
knomeError: invalid syntax (config.py, line 141)23:32
knome(line 1 in paste)23:32
ubottuFloodBot2 called the ops in #ubuntu-ops-monitor (banlist filling up (this is a test, and might not detect a full banlist correctly, please report problems to LjL): 453)23:32
tsimpsonknome: it's python, indentation matters23:33
knometsimpson, the first try: should start at t indent?23:33
knomes/t/one/ ?23:33
tsimpsonevery line should start at the same indentation unless you've just started a new block23:34
tsimpsonand use spaces, not tabs btw23:34
knomethere should be no empty line before the try?23:34
knomeyes, i used spaces23:34
ikoniaJordan_U: are you ok now ?23:36
tsimpsonknome: the first try should be on the same column as "cur = con.cursor()"23:36
Jordan_Uikonia: Yes23:36
tsimpsonindentation we use is 4 spaces23:36
knometsimpson, it is23:36
knometsimpson, just say if you want me to paste more than just those lines23:37
tsimpsonknome: the except and else need to be on the same column as the try:, same for the inner block23:37
knometsimpson, no, still the same error23:38
knometsimpson, should or should there not be an empty line before the first try: ?23:38
knometsimpson, http://paste.ubuntu.com/446875/23:39
tsimpsonyou have an empty try block on line 2323:41
tsimpsonlike http://paste.ubuntu.com/446876/ (I think)23:41
knomewow, that worked23:44
knomenow i only need more modules ;)23:44
knometsimpson, thanks a lot23:44
knomeso, uh23:44
knomewhere do i get module "pytz" ?23:45
tsimpsonyou also need python-sqlite23:48
knomei have sqlite already23:49
knomeno module named hashlib :/23:52
knomelooks like that's in python 2.5+23:53
tsimpsonimport md5, and replace "hashlib" with "md5"23:54
tsimpson(md5.md5 will work)23:54
knomewow, it actually loaded itself23:56
knomei owe you a beer. no, two23:56

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