nigelbajmitch: Greeting alien from australia :p01:28
nigelbbobbo: pong01:29
ajmitchnigelb: oh that's just nasty, evil & wrong01:43
nigelbajmitch: haha01:44
nigelbseriously though, good morning :)01:44
ajmitchgood afternoon, for it is afternoon here in *new zealand* :)01:44
nigelbI just woke, my internal time clock is not yet synchronized01:45
ajmitchnor your world map :)01:45
ajmitchso have you cut down the 2000 patches down to a manageable number?01:46
nigelbnot yet.  It was 1952 at launch, now its closer to 193001:47
nigelbI'll work on a few today01:47
ajmitchI'm surprised that there are still the main/universe sponsors on the graphs on the qa.u.c/reports/patches page01:49
nigelbpoke brian01:50
nigelbhe'll fix it :)01:50
ajmitchnot really important01:51
nigelblazy :P01:51
ajmitchit's called prioritising workloads :)01:52
nigelbNow I just struck me it might be there for historical purposes01:52
ajmitchmaybe, but the lines are just noise at the bottom at the moment :)01:54
nigelbI'll talk to brian tomorrow01:54
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dholbachgood morning07:59
bobbogood morning everyone :)08:38
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bobbonigelb, ping09:02
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bobboI've written up some docs on deciding whether to send a patch to Debian or original upstream if anyone has the time to look at them (https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DavidFutcher/UpstreamOrDebian)10:16
dholbachbobbo: I'll have a look in a bit10:17
bobbodholbach, thanks, I'm just working through some patch reviews right now, if that's okay?10:18
dholbachbobbo: sure, go ahead - that's awesome10:18
dholbachit'll give us more experience and a head-start :)10:19
BlackZops, sorry10:31
BlackZdamn keyboard!10:31
BlackZdholbach: is the review script running?10:33
dholbachBlackZ: which one?10:33
BlackZthe bug subscriber10:33
dholbachBlackZ: bdmurray would know10:33
dholbachor nigelb10:33
BlackZoh, ok10:34
dholbachbobbo: looks great to me - do you think it could be merged into https://wiki.ubuntu.com/PackagingGuide/Intro/PatchesForwarding somehow?10:44
dholbachbobbo: because that's what used in the reviewguide and other places10:44
bobbodholbach, yeah, it could merge in there fine, I'm currently sending a bug up to Debian but I'll do it when I've finished that10:46
dholbachbobbo: awesome, take it easy10:46
bobbodholbach, :D  that's the unreviewed bug count under 1900, too :P10:47
dholbachbobbo: man - that's awesome10:47
bobbonigelbabu, ping12:08
nigelbabubobbo: pong12:24
nigelbabujussi: poke12:24
bobbonigelbabu, you mentioned a programming task you may have for me?12:25
nigelbabujussi: can you introduce bobbo to m4v.  He's going to write the plugin for us.12:25
nigelbabujussi: I'm at work, not much time on hands12:25
jussibobbo: please join #unbuntu-bots-devel12:25
jussibobbo: please join #ubuntu-bots-devel12:25
jussitypos ftw12:25
nigelbabubobbo: so the task is to write a plugin for ubottu that will give the output as total of bugs in review queue12:25
bobboawesome :)12:26
nigelbabumost of the code that you might want are in launchpad.net/ubuntu-review-overview12:26
nigelbabuyou can just reuse that code for the launchpad related stuff :)12:26
nigelbabuvish: err, where you able to get in touch with the person you'd talk to about pretty progress bars?13:00
vishnigelb: i havent seen him around yet , i'm keeping an eye out for him , no worries13:10
vishnigelbabu: ^13:10
nigelbabuvish: awesome thanks :)13:11
dholbachbobbo: blog test successful14:21
dholbachbobbo: if you don't get the bot sorted out, don't worry too much14:22
dholbachnigelb: you could talk to tsimpson for the bot stuff too14:22
dholbachnigelb: he has quite some experience14:22
bobbodholbach, I've got the bot going, it's just been a hack so far :D14:24
dholbachbobbo: as I said: don't throw yourself into neverending misery :)14:24
bobbodholbach, I'll try :D  have a good lunch?14:25
dholbachbobbo: yeah, met a good friend, had some good Vietnamese food, went for a walk with the dog in the park afterwards14:25
dholbachnow I should probably go and make some tea14:25
bobboawesome :D14:25
dholbachnigelb: can you review all the work items for the patch-review blueprints again - I think we can consider some of them done with the work that bobbo has done14:26
dholbach(and we all did in the last few days)14:26
dakerhi @all14:27
vishdholbach: daker is the one i was telling you about for he progressbar14:27
dholbachhey daker14:27
dholbachdaker: what kind of progressbar did you work on?14:27
vishdholbach: he did the progressbar for the -manual , not sure if he has a screenshot lying around14:28
dholbachnigelb: also I think it'd make sense to try to transform some of the work items into something that can actually be done as part of "doing something"14:29
dholbachfor example "Lead activity to clear backlog and generate identity for team" is a bit like a neverending task14:29
dholbachI'd prefer if we could get some of this stuff sorted out and worked on, then go and move on to the next thing that needs doing14:29
dholbachvish, daker: this is what I currently have for drawing those primitive progressbars: http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~ubuntu-reviewers/ubuntu-review-overview/trunk/annotate/head:/countdown.py14:30
dholbachbasically a lot of im.putpixel((x,y), (255,0,0)) :)14:30
dakerdholbach, i was reading the wiki14:31
dakercan you explain more what this progressbar should do ?14:32
dholbachnigelb: how is 12:00 UTC on Thursday for you? I was thinking of giving a session for the Packaging Training session14:32
dholbachdaker: we have two numbers: one is number of total patches that need handling, the other one how much we dealt with already14:33
dholbachdaker: what you can see right now is: "the red part" is what we dealt with14:33
dholbachbobbo: or we'd give a quick irc session on Thursday about it - what do you think?14:33
dholbachbobbo: just go through the process, explain it and answer questions14:33
dholbachbobbo: maybe look at a nice example together14:34
bobbodholbach, I'd be up for that :)14:34
dholbachbobbo: awesome - I'll pencil it in and write an announce in a bit14:34
* dholbach hugs bobbo14:34
dakerdholbach, this PB should be displayed on the blogs ? right14:36
dakerso we will use html & css14:36
dholbachdaker: the way it works right now is simply a .png file that is created and that people can integrate by just using it in an <img> tag14:38
dholbachdaker: if there's a more beautiful and cleverer way to do it, I'm totally up for it14:38
vishdaker: its basically a meter similar to how we used for manual to keep track of completion..14:39
dakeris there any mailing list for this team ?14:39
vishdaker: you can just ping us here . , we dont have an ML for discussion do we? dholbach ?14:41
dholbachI don't think we do14:41
vishdaker: thanks for looking into this :)14:42
dakerno problem :)14:43
dholbachbobbo: http://ubuntuclassroom.wordpress.com/2010/06/08/packaging-training-patch-reviewers-team-and-operation-cleansweep/ ← ok?14:44
bobbodholbach, epic :D14:45
dholbachmight be worth microblogging / mailing about it :-)14:45
bobboI'll put it on my twitter&identica :)14:46
dholbachdaker: awesome, thanks14:48
dakerdholbach, you are welcome14:51
bobboargh, Launchpad API operations keep timing out :(14:56
dholbachbobbo: what's your problem with LP?15:56
dholbachbobbo: what are you trying to get?15:56
bobbodholbach, I'm trying to get the number of patches reviewed & unreviewed15:57
bobbousing the code from the progress bar15:57
bobbobut everytime it runs I get a timeout and nothing I can think of can fix it15:57
dholbachbobbo: I can write it out to a .txt file for you15:58
dholbachbobbo: I already have http://daniel.holba.ch/review/in-the-queue.txt15:58
bobbobut I thought the point of the bought was to have a command that will get the current numbers?15:59
dholbachbobbo: you'd just need to "import urllib; total=int(urllib.urlopen('http://daniel.holba.ch/review/in-the-queue.txt').read().strip())"15:59
dholbachI could update it to run every few mins16:00
bobboawesome :D16:00
dholbachin any case it's not worth killing yourself with it :)16:00
dholbachnot for a bot16:00
bobbohaha, it's cool :D16:00
dholbachI'll write out another file called total.txt and update the frequency16:00
dholbachI feel that docs and actually working on patches is more important ;-)16:01
bobbofair enough :)16:01
dholbachjust a sec :)16:04
dholbachbobbo just told me he did at least ~50 patches today16:10
dholbachnigelb: proposed a new branch16:11
vishbobbo: what is the "input" tag for?16:53
bobbovish, bugs to do with user input, like button presses not doing the right stuff, afaik16:54
vishhmm , i think we have too many tags ;p16:55
bobbovish, yeah there're far too many :(16:55
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dakervish, check out https://code.launchpad.net/~adnane002/+junk/ubuntu-reviews19:52
vishdaker: cool! we can reverse the bg and it looks perfect19:59
vishdaker: one doubt. the red > green will always be shown or will the green be shown only when reaching completion?20:00
dakeronly when reaching completion20:01
vishnigelb: ^ daker was the one i was telling about ;)20:02
dakervish, open the html and search : "style="width:75%""20:02
nigelbdaker: thanks for help :) I'm just so backup in stuff I have to finish I have no time to do stuff :/20:02
dakerchange the percentage then you can see the effect20:03
dakernigelb, no problem :)20:03
vishdaker: neat , and pretty :)20:04
vishnow we have to make sure it works with dholbach's script and we are set20:05
vishrather just make it work ;p20:05
dakervish don't worry20:06
vishdaker: not really worrying , the whole time in UDS, at every mention of the manual site , Benjamin will start talking about you for 5 mins  ;)20:08
vishat one point we were considering cloning you ;p20:09
dakerthe idea is that i write some line of javascript that parse http://daniel.holba.ch/review/in-the-queue.txt and total.txt, calculate the percent then print it to the screen20:14
dakerand people will just have to put a javascript file like this : <script type="text/javascript" src="http//site.com/somejsfile.js"></script>20:17
vishcool. i think dholbach will host that20:21

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