ccheneyhttp://pastebin.ubuntu.com/446338/  <- somehow the echo status line gets eaten00:00
hggdhccheney: which of the echo lines?00:02
ccheneythe echo "status = $?" doesn't appear00:03
ccheneyi think maybe exec causes it to not be printed00:03
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panfisti am configuring a new ubuntu server hiwch is working as a dhcp server (i think) but i can't ping it, ssh it, or get samba shares off it. is there anything obvious i'm missing? is it firewalled by default or something like that?00:03
hggdhanother option is to write the logs to individual files00:03
sCOTTohey guys, has anyone here installed Open-Xchange on teh new Ubuntu 10 ?00:03
ccheneynm this idea isn't well thought out00:07
ccheneyi think it won't work period00:07
ccheneyi think the only easy way to make it work properly will be to log into a directory with full timestamp in the filename00:08
hggdhccheney: yes, I agree00:11
panfistmy sshd config file says i'm listening on port 22, the service says it's running OK, but netstat doesn't report i'm listening on 2200:13
ccheneyhggdh, ok i think i have a script that will log everything properly now :)00:15
ccheneyi got one status 5 so far00:15
ccheney/sbin/vgcreate vg-1n2UFQ.. /dev/loop6000:15
ccheney  /var/lock/lvm/P_orphans: flock failed: Resource temporarily unavailable00:15
ccheney  Can't get lock for orphan PVs00:15
ccheneystatus = 500:15
panfistanother thing....service smbd status says it'00:17
ccheneycool i think this might actually be useful00:17
panfistsays it's running, but sevice --statusall shows a ?00:17
hggdhccheney: maybe we are using all lock memory00:17
ccheneyhggdh, hmm maybe so how does that work?00:18
hggdhccheney: good Q, I do not remember anymore...00:18
* hggdh goes back to RTFM00:18
panfisti've upgrading this server from karmic to lucid and the only thing that's running is dhcpd...my old config files are intact...i'm lost00:21
ccheneyhggdh, this is weird i'm seeing what appears to be euca trying to force remove active pv's00:25
hggdhccheney: you mean some other pv (and not the one that would be removed?00:26
ccheneyoh i see why now00:26
ccheneyhggdh, my grep was a bit faulty and matched too widely00:29
hggdhoh, OK00:29
ccheneyhggdh, so now i see how it is working00:29
hggdhccheney: is there contention for the lock?00:30
ccheneyit calls eg, lvremove that works, then calls vgremove and it fails, then calls pvremove without caring it failed00:30
ccheneywithout caring vgremove failed00:30
ccheneyvgremove failed due to00:30
ccheney/sbin/vgremove vg-g7thcw..00:31
ccheney  /var/lock/lvm/P_orphans: flock failed: Resource temporarily unavailable00:31
ccheney  Can't get lock for orphan PVs00:31
ccheneystatus = 500:31
ccheneyso maybe contention for lvm lock00:31
hggdhI had a feeling euca was not worried about failures when I was cleaning up the mess I was left with00:31
ccheneybut since euca doesn't check its return codes and continues on like nothing is wrong it dies horribly00:31
ccheneyok, well got to run and pick up food for my wife, bbia 30-45m00:32
ccheneyi wouldn't be surprised at all if the losing ip issue is the same type of problem, not checking error codes00:32
ccheneyi'll follow up to the bug report when i get back00:33
hggdhthis is sooo wrong...00:34
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zulmathiaz: acked on the format change00:48
hggdhmathiaz (or zul): the samba apport hook should be initially packaged for Maverick or Lucid?01:05
zulthere is already one for lucid01:13
zulhggdh: so patches accepted01:13
hggdhzul: yes, I am adding the test for /etc/samba/smb.conf01:13
zulhggdh: cool01:13
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hggdhzul: I submitted a merge request for maverick (and added you as reviewer to my branch). I *think* this is what I should have done, but I am not sure01:25
zulhggdh: actually no...the right thing to do in this case is to  open up a bunch in launchpad with the patch and then nag me to death ;)01:28
hggdhzul: a bug, you mean?01:29
zulhggdh: yep01:29
hggdhzul: doing it right now. And please consider yourself being nagged to death ;-)01:30
zulhggdh: ok thanks01:30
zulhggdh: <meek>yay!</meek>01:30
SpamapSelinks has pretty colored build scripts01:33
hggdhzul: bug 591043 opened, can you please review?01:43
uvirtbotLaunchpad bug 591043 in samba "merge request: changing source_samba.py" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/59104301:43
zulhggdh: yep first thing tomorrow01:44
hggdhzul: thank you. Please correct me as needed01:44
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hekevintranI am running Ubuntu Server on VirtualBox. I am not using X Windows, only the command line. It looks like it is redrawing the screen for every line that causes the screen to shift down. In other words if there is empty space on the screen below the current line, it works normally, but if the current line is at the bottom of the screen, when the system moves to the next line it refreshes the whole screen line by line. This causes 01:45
hekevintranWhy does Ubuntu Server redraw the screen for each line? Is there a way to make this behaviour go away?01:45
hekevintranis it related to the framebuffer?01:46
* ccheney back01:50
uvirtbotNew bug: #591043 in samba (main) "merge request: changing source_samba.py" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/59104301:51
ccheney                                returnValue = removeVolumeGroup(vgName);01:53
ccheney                                returnValue = removePhysicalVolume(loDevName);01:53
ccheneyyea... store the returnValue and then just ignore it01:53
ccheneyand lvm does not appear to document the return codes it uses01:58
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hggdhccheney: good chances of getting it better there. I really cannot understand you errors are not orked on02:04
ccheneyi posted an unspecified rant about this mess, heh02:05
hggdhccheney: care to give the link?02:05
hekevintranWhy does Ubuntu Server redraw the screen for each line? Is there a way to make this behaviour go away?02:05
ccheneyheh :)02:06
hggdhdammit, how can I have so many errors in one single line?02:06
ccheneyhggdh, can't parse your comment as it had too many errors :)02:06
hggdhccheney: there you go... bloody dixlexia, plus a glass of wine :-(02:07
hggdhdammit! again02:07
ccheneyhggdh, once i dig around in lvm and determine what kind of error code 5 is i will try to fix up the euca code02:07
hggdhccheney: roj. Glad to have you working with us :-)02:07
ccheneyhggdh, :)02:08
ccheneyhggdh, i worked for several years at a place that was pedantic about checking every error code even if it was near impossible to actually ever see the error02:08
ccheneyiirc some of the errors we checked for would have likely never gotten to the code path due to major system failure if it actually happened02:09
hggdhccheney: that helps, indeed. I worked on a *lot* of places where errors were only important if management saw them02:09
hggdhthat's it. I am out for the night02:10
unewbiemy first guess os is create, how can i access it?02:12
ccheneyhggdh, oh yea and better, we had to document our functions02:20
ccheneyhggdh, so people actually knew what they were supposed to do and return, etc :-\02:20
* ccheney looking at lvm and has no clue what it is doing with its return values, weird crap02:20
ccheneyah i think i found where the error codes are, but they aren't actually useful02:22
unewbieanyone using libvirt?02:32
unewbiehow to access my new guest os?02:32
mathiazunewbie: look at virt-viewer02:35
unewbiemathiaz: do i need a desktop for that?02:41
unewbiecan i just ssh?02:42
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hggdhccheney: I will look at this tomorrow, done for today/night03:08
ccheneyhave a good night03:08
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hggdhccheney: you too. Please call it a day also, otherwise I will feel guity ;-)03:09
ccheneyhggdh, ok :)03:09
* ccheney just noticed its 9pm here already, heh03:09
unewbieit's 9 am here :D03:20
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Yosiwhat is the command to update the system...  everytime i turn in on it says there are 27 updates availabale..  how do i run them/04:07
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unewbiehow can i connect my guest os with kvm04:21
unewbieapt-get update04:30
unewbieapt-get upgrade04:30
unewbieYosi: may be that's what you need04:30
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twbDo SATA optical drives work in 8.04?05:22
twbI remember that 8.04 d-i doesn't handle them, but I don't remember if the installed system will.05:23
Mgamerzanyone here?06:24
unewbiemany people here06:24
unewbiejust ask :D06:24
Mgamerzalright i tried to ask this in the ubuntu channel but it got washed away06:25
Mgamerzi'm trying to follow this guide here:06:25
Mgamerzerr... accidentally copied another link just a moment06:25
MgamerzERR... no not that one either06:25
Mgamerzthat one. i need to be able to connect to my headless server box at any time06:26
Mgamerzand the only connection it has is wireless06:26
Mgamerzand sometimes it fails to start06:26
Mgamerzso since it's headless and if wifi goes down... well i can't do anything really. i can try to do it blind but sometimes that doesn't work :/. So I want to be able to dial into it. both pc's have modems06:26
Mgamerzand its running 32bit server lucid06:27
Mgamerzbut /etc/inittab doesn't exist in these versions, nor does /etc/event.d apparently06:27
Mgamerzso im not even sure how to do this...06:27
Mgamerzso if i could have some help with that guide that would be excellent06:28
twbMgamerz: /etc/event.d because /etc/init for no good reason06:29
twbSorry, predictive text06:30
twbMgamerz: /etc/event.d became /etc/init for no good reason06:30
Mgamerzinittab is gone and its supposed to bind to an interface06:30
Mgamerzim not sure what the dial up/telnet terminal would be labeled06:30
Mgamerzalthough since it is a 'LAN' connection (of sorts), I assume telnet would work fine.06:30
Mgamerzjust having to bind a listener to the ubuntu side06:30
twbI have a router running 10.04 that has a serial interface.  I can dig out the /etc/init/ttyS0.conf entry if you want.06:31
Mgamerzthat'd be great :)06:31
twbBut I'm a bit confused because you're talking about serial and wifi, which is unrelated.06:31
Mgamerzalthough is a modem (with phone line) the same as serial?06:31
Mgamerzthe thing here is:06:31
twbNo, a modem is different.06:31
Mgamerz... -_-06:31
MgamerzI have a server06:31
Mgamerzand i don't have access to the router from where i can put it06:31
Mgamerzso i have to use wifi06:32
Mgamerzbut occasionally the wifi... eh just dies06:32
Mgamerzand since the server is headless, i can't just do ifdown ifup06:32
Mgamerzwell i can but if i mistype something then well... i dont wanna have to move this monitor again and again06:32
fluvvellMgamerz, you probably wont have telnet, but if it is server install you should have ssh06:32
Mgamerzso if i could just dial into the server06:32
Mgamerzand use a terminal that'd be excellent06:32
fluvvellMgamerz, so are you on the network or not?06:33
MgamerzI am06:33
twbtelnet is also unrelated to serial lines, modems, and wifi.06:33
fluvvellMgamerz, does the machine have an ip address and do you know it ?06:33
Mgamerzi can access the server right now06:33
Mgamerzim vnc'ed to it (have tightvncserver)06:33
azteechmgamerz .. take a look at this link ... the issue will be in finding all the pieces to get wvdial to work properly ...06:33
twbMgamerz: to clarify: are you talking about a dialup (56k) modem?  i.e. not ADSL, ATM, etc. modems?06:34
Mgamerza pci modem card06:34
Mgamerzone of the ones from the 90's hehe06:34
Mgamerztoo cheap to buy a null cable06:34
twbA null cable is likely to work06:35
twbHow much is your time worth?06:35
Mgamerzwell i have a ton of time06:35
fluvvellMgamerz, just to verify, the server has access to the internet - but you have no access to its router? Are you trying to access it from a remote spot with no internet ?06:35
Mgamerzso not much06:35
Mgamerzthe server can access the internet06:35
Mgamerzit can access everything i want it to06:35
Mgamerzsometimes the wifi that connects it to the network dies06:36
Mgamerzand since it is headless, i have NO way to make it come back up without forcing a power off (not shutdown)06:36
twbfluvvell: I think he has a headless box with a wifi NIC, a serial port on the motherboard, and a PCI 56k modem card.06:36
azteechwhat is the distance between where your remoted computer is and where the server is?06:36
fluvvellMgamerz, and there is no way to wire it to the router; I think I understand06:36
Mgamerzabout 5 feet06:36
Mgamerzmy telephone wire is barely long enough to reach that far06:36
Mgamerzand I'm using my ethernet port on my remoted machine06:37
twbHe wants to connect to it over a RJ11 cable or something06:37
MgamerzI have a mini wifi router here that also acts as a passive wifi adapter06:37
fluvvellMgamerz, What about using a reverse network patch lead?06:37
azteechall you need then is a 10' (foot) cable to connect to the router then .. you don't need to worry about hooking up to wireless ..06:37
Mgamerzmy box is wireless too06:37
Mgamerzthe router is like 40 feet away06:37
fluvvellazteech, my thoughts too.06:37
twbYeah, BY FAR the easiest solution is to put in a $10 100baseT ethernet card and run a cat5 cable.06:38
azteechthen all you really need is a hub ... to connect the server and the remote unit ... and you can run cat5 cable up to 150 feet ... with no problem ...06:38
Mgamerzi don't have access to the router itself06:38
twbIf you can't do that, the next easiest is to buy a nullmodem cable and talk serial between two serial ports.06:38
YosiHi All, I hav two drives in my system.. a single sata drive on the internal controller and a RAID on a controller card.... when i installed ubuntu on the raid, i think it put the bootloader/grub on my single sata drive, is that a problem?  everything seems to work fine..06:38
Mgamerzand if i want to not spend money i could get this to work06:38
twbYosi: yes, it's a problem.06:38
twbYosi: if either drive dies, you won't be able to boot06:38
Yosibetter having the bootloader on the raid...06:39
Mgamerzi do not feel the need to spend $10 on something that i could do for free with a bit of work :l06:39
Yositwb: any easy way to move it over, or can i have the bootloader on both?06:39
twbYosi: first, confirm your diagnosis by trying to boot without sda06:39
twbi.e. with it unplugged06:39
twbYosi: then, you will want to install grub on all drives.  Google for the phrase "setup (hd1)".  There should be adequate documentation online somewhere.06:40
Yosii disabled the internal controller that its on, any nothing worked..  but maybe it better if i just unplug the drive06:40
azteechwhy don't you have access to the router? distance, or is it someone's elses hardware?06:40
twb(You could also try "grub-install /dev/sdb", but I don't trust that.)06:40
Mgamerzit is ours06:40
Mgamerzbut the router is a long ways away06:40
Mgamerzand we have no power outlets that are open next to it06:40
Mgamerzit's in our living room, and this server is... well... 'ugly'06:40
Mgamerzas my parents say06:40
Mgamerzso it lives in my room06:41
Yositwb:  is there an easy way to check where the bootloader is located, i can't unplug the drive easily, i forgot the case is now locked...06:41
Mgamerzi have looked on the internet and everywhere i go people always just say do this do that instead of just helping with the person's questions06:41
Mgamerzso i guess06:41
Mgamerzwhere can i find ubuntu's version of /etc/inittab?06:41
twbYosi: it's difficult to check, but it should be easy to blow it away with something you think is correct06:41
twbMgamerz: you can't.06:41
Mgamerzwould be the answer i am looking for06:41
azteechokay ... then what you need to do work on, is how to get wv to work on lucid ... like I said above, and what has been said in the link I pointed you to, is to get all the pieces together ... and set up wvdial to make it work for you ....06:42
twbMgamerz: in all current versions of Ubuntu, inittab support is negligible.06:42
Mgamerzi know it is06:42
Yosithanks, brb06:42
Mgamerzi just need to know the thing it turned into06:42
twbMgamerz: it turned into /etc/init.06:42
Mgamerzlike how can i initialize this on boot06:42
twbThere is no direct analogue of the old inittab06:43
azteechthe problem is you are using a how-to that was done in 2006 .. there has been a lot of changes made since then ... recommend looking at the man page for wvdial . and google for wvdial to see what the latest is for lucid ...06:43
azteechbelieve twb is correct .. all that is now /etc/init ..06:44
Mgamerzi'll see about that06:44
Mgamerzyea that is the only guide i could find06:44
Mgamerzi figured it had probably changed but it's the only one i could find about a dialin server06:44
twbI *know* I'm correct, because it has pissed me off several times before06:45
azteechgoogle for wvdial lucid .. or ubuntu 9.xx and see what you get, and look at the man pages for it ... you might get a lot closer to the answer your looking for, than a 4 year old how-to ...06:46
azteechlol twb ...06:46
fluvvellMgamerz, sorry to bludgeon on with an idea you've discarded, but if money is an issue what about scavenging an old patch lead and wiring in an extension to it? You say you have access to network ports on both the server and the router could it not be wired somehow ?06:47
fluvvellor maybe you should figure out why the wireless is dropping out?06:47
fluvvellif you have so much time on your hands.  You will find dial up networking speeds unbearable.06:48
twbOr just call up your local luv and ask them if they have a spare 100baseT card06:48
Mgamerzi am not using dial up to access the internet06:48
twbEr s/LUV/LUG/06:49
Mgamerzi am using it to access the terminal06:49
Mgamerzterminal does not require copious amounts of bandwidth06:49
azteechwhich 802.x wireless dongle are you using .. a b, g or n type?06:49
Mgamerzit has always done it to ubuntu06:49
Mgamerzwhen it was on this box before the HD died it killed it as well06:49
fluvvellwhereas you may find many people with the knowledge to help solve your wireless troubles.  [no not heaps of bandwidth, but you also said you were using vnc]06:49
twbfluvvell: he wants to run a serial line between a server and a serial console, except he wants to somehow do it using two modems instead of a nullmodem serial cable.06:49
Mgamerzi am using vnc right now over the wireless.06:49
Mgamerzi use vnc over the wireless, when it is up06:50
fluvvelltwb, yes - not a wise choice in my book as I've worked with pci modems and frankly nowadays they are a huge pain.06:50
Mgamerzand when it goes down (which is occasional), i cannot access the box at all06:50
fluvvellMgamerz, what phone system is between these computers?06:51
Mgamerza single cable06:51
Mgamerzi'll take a picture it'll just be easier to show06:51
fluvvelltwo wires?06:51
fluvvellor four ?06:51
Mgamerz4 wire phone line06:51
Mgamerzgotta find my phone...06:52
azteechwith 'g' you should have a issue maintaining a connection .. unless there is a lot of walls/electronics/ or something else running in the house that is in the same freq range as that dongle ... have you tried to switch channels on it .. and see if you get a clearer signal?06:52
Mgamerzthis is the best setup i can get on chan606:52
Mgamerzmy phone is somewhere near this pc as my monitor has fuzzed up once cause of the interference.06:53
Mgamerzbut where06:53
fluvvelland you have no cat5 patch leads that you could wire onto them? A reverse network patch lead only uses four wires. 40' would probably still work ok.06:53
fluvvellmonitor ? Interference ? from what ? the wifi ???06:54
Mgamerzmy phone06:55
Mgamerzi have a CRT06:55
Mgamerzand when it gets a call (and sometimes not) the monitor will F up06:55
fluvvellMgamerz, my understanding of phone frequencies is that they overlap at the lower end of the wifi spectrum, therefore using channel 11 or higher if possible is desirable.  Sounds like the phone is the cause of most of your problems.06:56
azteechfluvvell: hei is getting freq interference ... from electronics around him ... that limit him to getting best connection on channel 6 .. but he said that somewhere close to where he has his unit, something else is also causing interference with his monitor from time to time as well ... almost sounds like a grounding issue ...06:56
Mgamerzmy phone has nothing to do with this06:56
fluvvellie wifi greater than channel 1006:56
Mgamerzso to imageshack i go06:57
fluvvellMgamerz, sry we're just trying to help. Sometimes people can be fixated on a solution which has many repercussions06:58
azteechbut troubleshooting that is not gonna solve his request .. he needs/wants to set up wvdial on lucid ....we shouldn't be guessing him, or trying to talk him out of it ...06:58
fluvvellazteech, you're quite right of course.06:58
Mgamerzyea i know06:59
fluvvellMgamerz, what type of pci modem?06:59
Mgamerzlemme pull it up06:59
Mgamerzi have scanmodem on the vnc window right now06:59
fluvvell<groans> scanmodem !06:59
MgamerzConexant Systems HSF06:59
fluvvelldo you physically know the chipset ?07:00
azteechjust tell us it isn't a wintel modem ... cause if it is .. will be more issues to try to correct ..07:00
fluvvellie have you eyeballed the card - believe me it helps07:00
fluvvellof course it is.07:00
twbI'm just gonna go ahead and plonk this modem thread, mmmmkay?  You're not gonna get anywhere.07:00
Mgamerzdidn't see anything about wintel in the info07:00
Mgamerzyea its Conexant07:00
fluvvellazteech, that was the angle I was trying to come from.07:01
Mgamerzso... http://yfrog.com/3dimage1813j07:01
Mgamerzon the right is my computer that i am talking to you from, this is my main pc07:02
Mgamerzthe monitor is hooked up to it07:02
Mgamerzon the left bottom is the server07:02
Mgamerzand you probably can't see it, but there is a telephone line going between them directly07:02
Mgamerzvia pc modems07:02
azteechsort of figured it was ... :)07:03
Mgamerzi want to have my server act as a dial up server '(like an ISP), NOT DO CONNECTION SHARING, and just use the terminal to do stuff07:03
Mgamerzthat way i have an 'always on terminal' if stuff goes south07:03
fluvvellany chance of a high res photo of the actual pci cards ?07:03
Mgamerzeh... they are already installed07:03
Mgamerzthe one in the server (ubuntu) is a conextant07:03
Mgamerzwhen i looked at them earlier today that is about all i could gather from the sticker07:04
Mgamerzthe one in the windows is... well the one that was in the server originally07:04
Mgamerzdidn't think i'd ever use a modem again07:04
Mgamerzalso didn't realize how serial and modems are painfully intertwined07:04
MgamerzI have 2 spare ethernet pci cards07:06
Mgamerzi don't have any pci room in my home PC.07:07
MgamerzI have my Graphics card which is ginormous (and sucks), a fan for it (cause my pc overheats... its like spilling its guts out)07:07
Mgamerzand well... that takes up 4 slots O_o07:07
fluvvellMgamerz, the motherboards don't have built in network ports?07:07
Mgamerzthey do.07:07
MgamerzI have this07:07
Mgamerzi'll give yo uthe page it'll explain better than me07:07
Mgamerzi pulled out the cable by accident reading the name07:09
Mgamerzits that thingamagic07:10
Mgamerzi can never spell ma-gij07:10
Mgamerzit also acts as a passive client for wifi.07:10
MgamerzIt's way better than dealing with the setup of windows, plus i can plug it into anything without any driver hassle.07:10
MgamerzI would use it on my server... but im greedy and use it for my pc instead.07:11
azteechConnexant HSF 56 K Fax/modem .. is that the modem you have?07:11
fluvvellgotta go, bfn.07:11
Mgamerzi jsut had an idea07:11
MgamerzI have TWO extra ethernet pci cards07:11
azteechfyi .. it is a windows soft modem ... meaning to make it work you will need to find a windows driver that will be compatible for linux ...07:11
Mgamerzi just realized07:11
Mgamerzhaha i am stupid07:12
Mgamerzif i can install the pci modem then i can swap it out and instead use the pci ethernet adapters and just do...07:12
Mgamerzah damnit! I don't have a crossover cable07:12
azteechthe only one that I know of that is available .. is from linuxant .. and they charge for it ..07:12
Mgamerzman linux was not made for dial up eh?07:12
azteechyep ... that would be the way to go ...07:12
Mgamerzi need a crossover cable...07:13
azteechnot really ...07:13
Mgamerzi wish there was software based MDIX07:13
azteechwas back in the day when all there was, was dial-up .. but even then it was a pain to set up ..07:13
Mgamerzi remember when the internet used to be free07:13
Mgamerzhad yahoo internet07:14
Mgamerzback in 9607:14
Mgamerzwas the slowest pos ever07:14
twbazteech: I still use dial-back modems for remote access to a secure facility.07:14
MgamerzI use dial up occasionally to telnet/console into a cisco router.07:14
twbMgamerz: and yet you still live with your parents07:14
azteechtwb .. didn't say they aren't being used ... just said for him .. his situation is almost impossible unless he can find a windows driver that can be installed ...07:14
Mgamerzim 1707:14
Mgamerzwill be 18 in a month.07:15
twbazteech: oh, I thought we were getting into a retro tech pissing match :-P07:15
azteechproviding one has the right hardware, dial-up can be, and is still used today ...07:15
MgamerzI could make a crossover cable07:16
Mgamerzbut i don't have crimpers07:16
azteechnope, being a old mil comm tech .. I know better ... lol07:16
Mgamerzor a cable... whateveryoucallit ends07:16
azteechwould recommend cutting and splicing the cable .. but that is a pain .. and unless you have a solder gun, probably not the right solution ...07:17
Mgamerzi have a coupler so i do in fact have a cable long enough to reach the router itself07:18
Mgamerzbut having a cable run through the house is not really an option07:18
Mgamerz iwas thinking of using bluetooth serial07:18
Mgamerzthen i was like nahh07:19
Mgamerzbluetooth on ubuntu is a pain in the rear anyways07:19
azteechyour better off ...going down to the local second hand shop, getting a older 10baseT hub for $5 buck .. and run cable .. at this point ...07:20
Mgamerzwhere i live it probably won't have it07:20
Mgamerzi don't live in that big of a city07:20
twbMgamerz: you don't need a crossover if at least one NIC supports autonegotiation of same, which is a requirement of the 1000baseT spec.07:20
Mgamerzyea... i don't have a gigabit.07:20
Mgamerzonly 10/10007:20
twbMany 100baseT card provide it, too.07:20
Mgamerzi'll look up if it has MDIX07:20
azteechtwb .. true ...07:21
twbAdmiteddly, not any of the shitty ones that *I* get... :-/07:21
Mgamerzehhh wtf... where'd the card go07:21
Mgamerzman my orom is a disaster since i dismantled some old machines07:21
Mgamerz2001 D:07:21
azteechsounds like it is time for a yard sale ... lol ...07:21
Mgamerzi just took out a AMD K6 processor07:22
twbOr just give it to your local hardware recycling group.07:22
Mgamerzmainly so i could remember my first computer07:22
Mgamerzwhich was a pentium that ran on the same socket...07:22
azteechdon't worry .. have the same issue here .. trying to marry two households together .. that are both geek based ....07:22
twbThey spruce it up, install xubuntu, then sell the machines for like $10 to poor people.07:22
Mgamerzuntil i accidentally ran over the processor with this chair here <_<07:22
Mgamerzwas busy screwing with it and i bent some pins07:22
Mgamerzwow this card i can't find a serial fro07:23
Mgamerzperhaps the cisco one07:23
Mgamerzv 4.107:25
Mgamerzdoesn't seem to have MDIX07:25
Mgamerzbut perhaps if i can find a firmware for it07:26
azteechgood luck in your endeavors ...07:27
azteechmgamerz .. your out of boise and they don't have second hand computer shops?07:31
Mgamerzkind of07:32
Mgamerzi don't know what you mean by second hand relaly07:32
MgamerzI know of some computer shops, but I doubt they'd sell a cheap hub (eww hubs) or a switch for less than $3007:32
Mgamerzi cannot find out who the maker of this card is07:33
azteechbasically one that takes in computers, fixes them, upgrades them, etc ... and the parts they don't use, or older stock they sell at heavily, used parts pricing ..07:33
Mgamerzyea they have some here07:33
Mgamerzlike... 207:33
Mgamerzi can't find the maker of this card.. the whole thing seems unbranded07:33
MgamerzPulse H1012 google search shows someone with the same query but it's not the card maker07:34
azteechthose would be the ones that would most likely have the older hubs dirt-cheap .. if they still have any left ...07:34
Mgamerzwell i'll try this one first07:34
azteechalso, sometime thrift shops have them as well .. just have to look around ...07:34
azteechsee if the cared has a pn on it .. and google for the part number ...07:34
azteechcard ..07:34
Mgamerztheres a07:35
Mgamerzcircuit? or chip idk soder(ed?) (??) onto it07:35
azteechand, sometimes you can find info about the card by doing a fcc id search ...07:35
Mgamerzbut it comes up with nothing useful07:35
Mgamerzand theres on other one07:35
Mgamerzit looks like07:35
azteechno, the pn would be printed on the circuit board ...07:35
Mgamerztheres a lot printed on this card07:36
azteechsometimes though, manufs use stickers/labels .. and if that is not present .. you may have issue id'ing the card ..07:36
Mgamerzthe cisco one is much better07:36
azteechamtel is the chip maker ...07:36
Mgamerzthere is a sticker but it's just a serial number... not like a id07:36
azteechnothing that may look like a p/n: or pn: or pn# ..07:37
Mgamerzi'll punch some into google07:37
Mgamerztheres a huge amount of numbers on this one07:37
Mgamerzeh wtf07:38
Mgamerzit comes up as a intel motherboard07:38
azteechprobably a old intel nic then .... that was coupled with a intel mobo ...07:38
Mgamerzits relatively... unbranded07:39
Mgamerzall that is there is the text that you find on the circuitboard07:39
Mgamerzall the tiny R1's and stuff07:39
azteechnas, what you need to find is a pn or mdl # ...07:39
Mgamerzit is indeed an intel card07:40
azteechcan't type this evening07:40
azteechsee anything that says fccid on it?07:41
Mgamerzim tracing it07:41
Mgamerzcomes up as a intel server card07:41
azteechtype that in as fccid and the number07:41
azteechwell, that is getting you closer ...07:41
Mgamerzis the id... i think07:41
MgamerzIntel PRO/100plus Management (PILA8460B) Network Adapter07:42
azteechprobably a 8460b based nic card then ...07:42
Mgamerzeh... good/bad?07:42
azteechthere you go ... now you have info .. and can search ferther ...07:42
azteechprobably better than the cisco one you have, but also probably older ...07:43
Mgamerzit is older07:43
Mgamerzthe cisco one is from like07:44
azteechmay or may not have the mdix ... have to research it and see ...07:44
Mgamerzor i could just plug it in07:44
Mgamerzseeing as i'm not finiding much info about this07:44
azteechyou could ... would suggest that intel site might have the best info on the card ..07:44
MgamerzIntel 82559 Fast Ethernet controller07:45
Mgamerzits not on their site07:45
Mgamerzall it shows is a discontinuation07:45
azteechdis a search in google for what you listed the card as  ... and came up with lots of reviews .. sales locations .. the the above two links ...07:47
azteechand am sure there is more ..07:47
Mgamerztrying to see if nayone has hacked the firmware07:48
Mgamerzdoubtful they could add mdix07:48
MgamerzPILA8460B (PBA# 721383-xxx).07:49
Mgamerzthat is my card07:49
Mgamerzmy card is 007 :P07:49
Mgamerzi've noticed on the end of the ethernet card there is 3 pins07:49
Mgamerzthe same as the cisco one07:49
azteechthere you go ... see, if you look, sometimes ye shall find ...07:49
azteechlook at the intel link ^ ... and am sure there is additional info you can find out about the card, besides the one ^ ...07:50
azteechnow, will leave you to your research ... and escapades/endeavors ... have fun ....07:50
Mgamerzimma just install it07:51
azteechhopefully tonight was a learning experience for you ...07:51
YosiHi all, question:  everythime, I "shutdown -h now" the next bootup i get the following error "fsck from util-linux-ng 2.12.2"07:51
Mgamerzi'll put the linksys in this machine and the intel in the unix07:51
Yosiand the screen locks up07:51
Mgamerzi (L) webmin07:51
Yosianyone know why i;m getting this fsck error07:53
azteechyosi .. sounds like you might have a hd that may be starting to flake out ... or, is not getting enough time to complete write cycle before it is powered off ... and it is corrupting the data somehow ...07:53
Mgamerzsmart test :)07:53
Yosithey are brand new SSD's in a RAID 5 setup..07:53
azteechMgamerz: good luck bud ...07:53
Yosii just installed them all today07:53
azteechdoesn't mean thay can't be bad out of the box ....07:54
Yosiis there a way of slowing down the shutdown process..07:54
Yosicause when i trype shutdown -h now, its like instant07:54
Mgamerzwhy do you always have ...'s after your lines if i may ask07:54
azteechjust the way I type is all ...07:55
azteechand a way to seperate parts sometimes ...07:55
Yosiis there any other ways to shutdown07:55
Mgamerzpress the power button...?07:56
Mgamerzon mine it shut down07:56
Mgamerzafter i set it to do that07:56
Mgamerzwhew man my hard drives are arm07:58
azteechYosi:  you can always try doing a halt instead of a power down ... option and then power it down manually ...07:58
Yosihow would i do that?07:59
YosiI just googled my issue, and lots of ppl with SSD's and ext4 have this issue07:59
azteechsudo shutdown --help and man shutdown should point you in the right direction ...07:59
Yosisome ppl recomend movinback to ext32 filesystem07:59
azteechlot of folks are having isses with ext4 as a whole .. not just with the new ssd's ...08:00
Yosifair enough08:00
azteechext4 IMHO .. is still too new to trust my data to it ... so I stick with ext3 ..08:00
azteechMgamerz: try running systems with temps up in the 105+ range .. and see how well they do heat wise .. when they aren't in a heavy a/c'd data center ...08:02
Mgamerzoo fun08:03
Mgamerzwhat i don't get08:03
Mgamerzis how do pc manufactuers ever think you can clean the heat sink in a pc without taking the heatsink out08:03
azteechI have 120 fans in my cases ... plus a/c going, and a fan blowing on the case .. and they still run 40-50C ...08:03
Mgamerzlol i have a fan on my case too!!08:04
Mgamerzi did08:04
Mgamerzlike 3 days ago08:04
Mgamerzuntil i bought a fan cable splitter08:04
Mgamerznow i have like08:04
Mgamerz5 fans in my pc case08:04
Mgamerzim going to log into here with my tablet08:04
qman__Mgamerz, canned air08:04
azteechthey expect you to take it out, clean it once in a while ... and re-apply temp cream between the plate of the HS and the cpu ...08:04
Mgamerzbad for the environment08:04
qman__I even do it powered on sometimes08:05
bastrianhi to all :-)08:05
qman__but I guess I just live dangerously ;)08:05
Mgamerzyea... i didn't use any thermal compound08:05
Mgamerzso it probably overheats cause of that lol..08:05
Mgamerzwait a minute08:05
MgamerzOH DANGIT08:05
Mgamerzi installed the wrong card08:05
Mgamerzno i didn08:05
Mgamerzthis boot rom chip area of the linksys card has this huge spaced contacts that makes it appear super old08:06
azteechunless you buy coolers with the silver compound on it already in place, you should ALWAYS use thermal compound ...08:06
Mgamerzquote 'i live dangerously'08:06
Mgamerzno not really i awnt a new pc and if it died i'd have reason to get a better one than this hunk of junk08:06
qman__that was fairly sarcastic08:06
qman__I've worked on computers for years, never once used ESD straps08:07
qman__and I work on systems live somewhat frequently08:07
azteechlol gman, we were talking aobut static issues ...08:07
DivineLightdie mgamerz08:07
twbAs long as you're holding the case and aren't a frail old woman, it's TOTALLY SAFE08:07
azteechs/were/weren't ...08:07
qman__never fried anything08:07
qman__just get some canned air, aim the straw at the heatsink, and blow08:08
qman__cleans it right up, never even have to shut down if you don't want to08:08
azteechthe issue was to use thermal paste or not ... between the cooler and the cpu ...08:08
qman__it's compressed CO2, doesn't conduct electricity08:08
qman__you should always use a thermal compound08:08
azteechand how to properly clean it ... and your right canned air can be used ... but some folks don't like using it ...08:08
DivineLighti have 2 power supplies...08:08
qman__not using one voids warranties08:08
qman__and fries chips08:09
DivineLightdoes that prove my pc's terribleness08:09
DivineLightmy graphics card is sooooooo power hungry08:09
DivineLighta 2004 server graphics card at a gis workstation08:09
qman__I would never remove a heatsink from a chip to clean it08:09
qman__that's just silly08:09
qman__if anything, I'd shut down and use an air compressor08:10
DivineLightwell to blow out the heatsink i had to pull out the thing.08:10
qman__or be careful with a vacuum08:10
DivineLightif you could access the level and keep both toether that'd be great08:10
azteechactually, removing the heatsink from a cpu isn't silly ... did it several times ... and today was the worst ... dust caked so thick under the base and around the cpu ... that had to be scraped loose ...08:10
qman__yes, it is08:11
twbOr just replace your server every five years08:11
qman__the only time you should ever remove it is if you want to use a new heatsink or compound, or replace the chip08:11
qman__it's somewhat risky and each time you do it you have to clean the chip with alcohol and use more compound08:12
azteechremoved the sink to do through cleaning .. and re-apply new compound ... hadn't been done in 5 years ...08:12
qman__unless you used really, really cheap compound, you don't have to redo it at all08:13
azteechqman ... it was factory ...08:13
qman__factory is designed to last for decades08:13
azteechI would agree, but in this case, the dust was so bad of a build up .. that getting to it .. meant also getting the old off ... and put on new ..08:14
azteechchip was getting to the point of total burn-up .. and unless something was done it was gonna be gone ...08:15
qman__nothing a blast of air won't clear08:15
azteechthe place where the dust was really bad was at the base up under it .. and around the chip itself ... had to remove the sink to get it out ... therefore breaking the seal on the paste ...08:16
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azteechand it was onle of the older style P4 fan systems that are both hooked and pressure ...08:17
azteechso couldn't just blow it out ..08:17
qman__don't have to get that out, as long as the fins are clear and getting airflow, it'll work08:17
azteechbeen done several times .. and temps kept rising ... so, today ... took it totally apart and cleaned it good ... now temps are back to decent range ...08:18
azteechokay ... let me get off here ... will see you all later ..night ...08:21
DivineLightthis is pissing me off08:24
DivineLightwhere'd the screw go08:24
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uvirtbotNew bug: #591128 in lm-sensors (universe) "sensord cannot RRD log with multiple chips" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/59112809:01
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sorenWhuh? No ttx?09:10
kaushaltwb: hi09:31
kaushalThanks and appreciate it09:31
kaushalI could resolve the ipp2p match module on iptables09:31
twbkaushal: unless you want something specific, please don't greet me by name.09:32
kaushaltwb: ok09:39
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* RoyK greets twb by his name09:51
twbRoyK: plonk09:52
* RoyK has just decided to finally give up the attempt to use opensolaris for a host for virtual machines09:53
* RoyK gets out a CD to burn ubuntu lucid server09:53
kaushalAre there good books to learn about ubuntu-server ?10:02
twbThe Ubuntu Server Guide10:04
kaushalis it https://help.ubuntu.com/10.04/serverguide/C/index.html ?10:05
ccheneyat hospital, wife having baby10:06
RoyKwith a laptop, chatting_10:06
Davieyccheney: Awesome!10:07
Davieyccheney: If it's suitable, are you avaliable to upload your euca lucid sru.. or would you rather someone else sponsors it?10:08
Davieyhmm.. it must be silly o'clock in the morning for ccheney?10:08
ccheneyyea no sleep for me  irc from iphone10:12
ccheneythis is one app the extra resoluyion would be helpful10:12
Davieyccheney: debuild from the iphone.. there MUST be an app for that :P10:13
Davieyccheney: Okay, is it ok to get your current branch sponsored?10:13
Davieyccheney: I'm guessing you are going to be afky for a while from today.10:14
ccheneyyea that is fine  the prob i was having yesterday appears to  e bad error hNdling in euca10:15
ccheneyi filed a bug with most the findings10:16
DavieyI read!  Good work10:16
ccheneythanks i found a spot where to fix it i think but i dont know java well, so i10:18
ccheneymight have misread the code10:19
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e-DIO-thi there: does anybody knows why eth0.10 cointinues going UP at networking reboot [http://paste.ubuntu.com/446554/ < /etc/network/interfaces]?10:37
twbe-DIO-t: you probably have NetworkManager installed.10:41
twbIt's designed to royally screw up any network you might have.10:42
e-DIO-tguess nope: its a server install10:42
e-DIO-tbtw, on server reboot no more "cached" vlan interface...10:42
twbe-DIO-t: is this a VM?10:42
e-DIO-tso guess, it's a known-one is it?10:43
twbDoes vbox a persistent MAC across reboots?10:43
twbudev will assign a different interface name if the MAC changes.10:43
e-DIO-t^_^ tnx10:44
uvirtbote-DIO-t: Error: "_^" is not a valid command.10:44
twbOh, ew.11:50
twbSo for the first time, I happened to boot 10.04 on a machine that actually had a GPU supported by this new fedora splash crap11:50
twbIt's all... magenta11:50
twbCome on, man, I only just got used to 8.04 and you change the splash and GTK theme and colour pallette again?11:51
jpds8.04 was years ago.11:54
twbMy users are prisoners, so I don't bother to give them shiny/broken non-LTS releases.11:55
jpdsI meant years to get used to.11:56
twbYou know, Knuth only upgrades *his* system once a decade11:57
twbSo compared to that a two-year window is pretty small.11:57
twbThat and most of my gear doesn't run X, so it's not like it's in my face every day11:59
X-Sleepy-XI have this laptop with wireless connection and I've installed LAMP on it. Now I would like for web server to be able to get online through the wireless without me having to login. Is this possible if I select "Available for all users" in the settings for the wireless network in the network manager?12:04
X-Sleepy-XOr is there another way?12:04
twbX-Sleepy-X: sorry, I don't support hosts running Network Manager12:05
twbIf it wasn't there, the normal way would be to configure /etc/network/interfaces with a plain roaming wpa-supplicant configuration, but that'll break your normal NM usage12:06
mase_homeisn't this ubuntu-server ?12:06
X-Sleepy-Xtwb: ok12:06
twbErm, I'm assuming your laptop is a wifi client, not an AP12:07
X-Sleepy-Xit's just annoying having to login in order for apache to go online12:07
twbThe good news is you can probably get support for NM in another channel.12:11
twbThe bad news is that channel is probably #ubuntu12:11
X-Sleepy-Xtwb: ok thx12:13
X-Sleepy-Xtwb: I've tested around a bit and the solution were to select "Available to all users".12:29
X-Sleepy-Xtwb: So I though I would share that information... ;)12:29
twbX-Sleepy-X: and did that work?12:29
X-Sleepy-Xtwb: Yes.12:30
twbOh, I assumed it didn't, since you mentioned that early on12:30
X-Sleepy-Xtwb: I just didn't know a way of testing.12:30
X-Sleepy-Xtwb: But I then realized that I could try to connect with SSH by my cell phone.12:31
X-Sleepy-XAnyhow, I'm off for yet another restart....12:31
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panfistubuntu-desktop's synaptic gui has a function to 'generate package download script'; is there something similar available in a terminal?13:00
remix_tjwhile trying to install  lucid server on a xSeries 225 i get kernel panic... any suggest?13:02
panfistdid you verify the iso after you downloaded and burned it?13:03
twbpanfist: jigdo?13:04
twbpanfist: apt-walkabout?13:04
panfistapt-walkabout sounds about right13:05
twbPersonally I found it a massive pain in the arse13:08
twbIt was easier to just post weekly rsyncdiff files of the mirror.13:08
panfistwhat's your use case like...i'm trying to configure a server that's on the private side of an airgap13:09
twbI have secure facilities that aren't allowed to be networked13:09
panfisti think that means the same thing13:10
twbI need to apply security updates to the servers and hundreds of workstations behind them13:10
twbIf there's only one host, it might simply be easier to do13:11
twbapt-get install foo13:11
twb...then collect the failures into a list of URLs, wget them, put them in /var/cache/apt/archives, then re-issue the command.13:11
panfistbut isn't that only going to show you one level of dependencies? for example in my case, sudo apt-get install mediawiki depends on php5 and php5-cli...but what do those depend on?13:12
panfistoh i guess it does show all dependencies...13:13
twbAssuming you've got an accurate package listing on the offline side, it'll attempt to fetch all deps13:13
twbIt boils down to: is this a one-off, or a regular thing?13:13
panfisti don't think it will happen too often, and if it does i'll probably just do a private repository (i think you suggested that before)13:16
panfistmaybe i'm being picky and i should just do it, but i'm trying to find a command that outputs the full url of a package, instead of the something like this "foo (1.1.1-ubuntu4.2 Ubuntu:10.04/lucid-updates)"13:21
panfistsomething like http://us.archive.ubuntu.com/.../foo_1.1.1-ubuntu4.2.deb would be nicer13:22
panfistgot it13:22
panfistnope nevermind13:23
JanCpanfist/twb: apt-get has an option --print-uris that will give you a list of download-uris instead of downloading & installing packages13:34
twbI was just trying to find that one :-)13:34
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JanCit includes file sizes & hashes too, so should be easy to write a nice script around it (or one probably exists already)13:35
panfisti was trying that and it wasn't working...it didn't work like this: '--print-uris install foo'; but it worked like this: '--print-uris --yes install foo'13:36
panfisti guess it needed a little extra encouragement?13:36
JanCyou can run it as a normal user13:36
JanCpanfist, try: apt-get --print-uris -qq install foo13:40
JanCthen you only get the lines with the URLs13:40
ccheneyhggdh, headed off to bed, was up all night due to delivery, it appears that eucalyptus does not catch errors on creating volumes, at least if i understand the code correctly13:51
ccheneyhggdh, or rather it might catch it but does not do so correctly and does not appear to clean up afterwards13:52
ccheneyhggdh, getting to actually retry on transient locking issue seems rather hard due to the fact that lvm sucks13:52
ccheneyhggdh, it appears lvm always returns error code 5 for any kind of error, so you can't actually check the return code to do something sane13:53
ccheneyhggdh, i'm on paternity leave until june 18, but will probably be around and will also be available via email if needed for anything13:54
ccheneyDaviey, see above comments to hggdh also13:54
hallynif anyone has a bored moment and experience with half-failed (?) builds on launchpad, I'm trying to figure out the deal with http://launchpadlibrarian.net/49925137/buildlog_ubuntu-lucid-amd64.atlas_3.6.0-24ubuntu1%2Bregressiontest20100608_FAILEDTOBUILD.txt.gz13:55
hallynit claims debian/control failed, but I see nofailure in the log, and it did get uploaded to the ppa13:55
hallyn(and a local build succeeded)13:55
panfist...after all the trouble, us.archive.ubuntu.com is down.13:59
diagoI'm trying to setup shared storage for KVM and am having issues finding good documentation on how to do so. Is the correct approach LVM used for guest hard drives over NFS or iSCSI?14:08
mase_homediago, i guess you would probably want a SAN14:14
mase_homerather than NFS14:14
mase_homeiSCSI would do that14:14
mase_homeso LVM should work14:14
mase_homeor ATAOE14:14
mase_homewith rather than or14:14
diagoYeah, I can't see how NFS would work in this situation14:14
mase_homeor was in relation to iscsiu14:14
diagohmmm not familiar with ATAOE I will look into it. Thanks14:15
diagoI think I'll stick to iSCSI though it appears ATAOE is faster. It seems more standardized.14:17
amstanhello, does anyone have any guide that was tested on how to setup suphp or suexec in ubuntu?14:23
X-Sleepy-XSo I get the error message that apache could not determine the fqdn when it starts and I've used to solve this by entering something in my /etc/hosts file but I think I read something somewhere that suggested another solution so now I'm confused. What is the correct way to solve this error message?14:24
amstanX-Sleepy-X: http://www.howtoforge.com/perfect-server-ubuntu-10.04-lucid-lynx-ispconfig-2-p314:24
amstando the 4 lines starting with echo server1.example.com > /etc/hostname14:25
amstanactually.. follow pretty much everything on that page that's related to network config and hostnames14:25
X-Sleepy-Xamstan: thanks :)14:26
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kpettitanybody noticing slow ubuntu package repository servers today?14:54
PiciYes. You're not the first to report such an issue.14:55
kpettitany recommended mirrors?14:55
T3CHKOMMIEhey guys...14:57
T3CHKOMMIEgot a quick question about virtual box and ubuntu server14:57
pmatuliskpettit: closest to you14:58
kpettit:)  thanks.  Seeing what I can find online.  I'm in USA, Houston14:58
DBeetsT3CHKOMMIE: what's the question?14:59
Picikpettit: Check https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+archivemirrors14:59
T3CHKOMMIEi have nightmares of my server crashing....14:59
kpettitthanks Pici15:00
T3CHKOMMIEmy hardware doesnt support hypervysors.. but... could i run server from VB and back up the vdi?15:00
T3CHKOMMIEwould that be a decent practice?15:00
DBeetsT3CHKOMMIE: i'm not sure what you're trying to accomplish. are you teying to run vb on ubuntu server?15:04
diagoT3CHKOMMIE: you can't back up the vdi while running15:04
diagoif you use LVM you could take snapshots15:04
kpettitwhat is "VB"15:04
diagovirtual box15:04
T3CHKOMMIEso im trying to get accurate fast recoverys... we have an OLD server15:04
kpettitoh, with virtualbox I do snapshots nightly15:04
kpettitsnapshots are nice, they are very quick15:05
T3CHKOMMIElet say i run ubuntu on my servers hard ware...15:05
kpettitthen I do full-backup one weekend15:05
T3CHKOMMIEthen i run ubuntu server from virtualbox, and back up the HOLE vdi15:05
diagokpettit: are VB snapshots the entire system?15:05
diagoI thought that was only for recoverable errors15:05
kpettitsnapshots are whatever is changed.  kind of like a diff15:05
T3CHKOMMIEthen... system crashes... reinstall ubuntu.. install VB... upload server .vdi15:06
T3CHKOMMIEany ideas?15:06
kpettitdiago, I use snapshots alot for windows dev stuff.  I set a snapshot, load lots of crap software and go back to snapshot to get prestine system15:07
T3CHKOMMIEas far as i understand ubuntu VB and all that, i think it would work.. but im still new at this :S15:07
kpettitI do snapshots before I load anything basically.  Works nice to go back quickly15:07
diagokpettit: right to go back, but I think he wants full backups of the system15:07
T3CHKOMMIEdiago, thats correct.. like copies of the Virtual Disk Image.15:08
kpettitI'm not sure the best way to do full backup's.  The best way I've found is to pause then copy VB setup15:08
T3CHKOMMIEkinda like making a swappable hdd backup? i guess?15:08
diagoT3CHKOMMIE: the only way to do it live is LVM snapshots15:08
diagofor what I understand15:08
kpettitI know trying to copy a running system doesn't work to well.  But you can do snapshots to get a live system or pause it to do the full backup's15:09
DBeetsis that possible whi15:09
T3CHKOMMIEgm. LVM im trying to learn that stuff...15:09
kpettitHave a SAN or filesystem take care of backing up the files is the only other option I can think of to get a good copy of a running system15:09
T3CHKOMMIEis LVM kinda like volume shadow copy?15:10
kpettitI haven't done much with LVM stuff myself though, always drove me nuts15:12
T3CHKOMMIEim trying to do a whole system backup... so in the event of a catastrophic failure, i can simply upload a file.. boom, everything back where its supposed to be, and everything still configured.15:15
T3CHKOMMIEany ideas?15:15
T3CHKOMMIEi dont mind taking the system down for an hour or two on the weekend and doing a back up.15:15
kpettitif the system you are wanting to backup is a VirtualBox server that's pretty easy then15:16
kpettitJust pause it, copy the files to where you want them to go.  That's it.15:16
T3CHKOMMIEand thats going to be the entire system?15:16
kpettitThe entire VirtualBox image.  Just make sure you get all it's files.  Each server can have multiple disks.15:17
kpettitUsually the config files are in $HOME/.VirtualBox and those files will show the disk images it's using and their locations15:17
kpettitFor me, I do snapshots nightly, then do a full-backup using rsync on the weekend's15:18
T3CHKOMMIEand its pretty reliable? our server here gives me nightmares.15:19
kpettitit has been for me.  I moved to VirtualBox becuase I couldn't get VMWare to work consistentaly.  VirtualBox has been very good for me.  Snapshots have been awsome.15:20
T3CHKOMMIEand what host are you running it from?15:20
kpettitMy big problem child one is a Win2003 server that I used vmware tools to convert from a real server to a vmware image.  But vmware itself couldn't run it for more than a couple hours at a time without crashing.15:21
kpettitBut virtualbox worked great with it.15:21
kpettitit's been running in production now for 3-4 months now.  no problems.15:21
T3CHKOMMIEah... that sucks. im thinking of running vb on my 2003 server.. then slowly making everything a vdi and running it virtually from the same hardware...15:22
T3CHKOMMIEso good to hear kpettit. thanks!15:22
kpettitI haven't used VB server on windows so much, but on linux it's great15:22
diagowe run KVM and VB here. VB for winblows KVM everything else15:22
diagoVB on windows is weird but it seems to work fine15:23
kpettitWindows's guest OS"s work great.  I use Win7, WinXP, and WIn2003 quit a bit.  Like I mentioned I converted a real running win2003 server to a guest os that now runs inside of Virtualbox15:23
T3CHKOMMIEhow easy is kvl to implement and deploy?15:23
T3CHKOMMIEkpettit, how did you convert a real imaged to a vdi?15:24
diagoKVM? You need virt technology on your CPU to use KVM15:24
kpettitthere was a vmware free tool to do it.15:25
T3CHKOMMIEah gotchya.15:26
kpettithttp://www.vmware.com/products/converter/  is what I used.15:26
kpettitfunny thing was is the image it created didn't work reliably on vmware server, but did in virtualbox.15:26
T3CHKOMMIEkpettit, thanks! ive messed things up accidentaly too any times, and i really need to learn snapshot stuff and recovering... doing a full reimage after i chmod the wrong folder is really starting to get old :S15:27
=== alex_jon1 is now known as alex_joni
kpettitfor learning it's I'd recommend doing a image, copying it around.  Doing snapshots and such just to understand it all.15:28
T3CHKOMMIEkpettit, thanks, im setting up my virtual server right now.15:28
kpettitTakes a bit to learn the way they do things.  Ohhhh I realy love there cli remote desktop though.  Lets you RDP into any system you run15:28
aurigusI've been running VirtualBox Win2008 server guest (CentOS host) for about a year, its been really stable15:28
T3CHKOMMIEaurigus, thats awsome! how do you back it up?15:29
aurigusbackups! what backups!15:30
aurigusthis is just an experimental server so I dont have backups15:30
T3CHKOMMIEah ok15:30
aurigusbut I imagine I would do a snapshot daily15:30
alketI have set up a local server but i want to create ssh users like alket@myip.com how to do that ?15:30
aurigusalthough it would use a lot of space and generate a lot of transfer15:30
aurigusVBoxHeadless is great though15:30
kpettitalket, https://help.ubuntu.com/community/AddUsersHowto15:30
aurigusIts a centos box w/o gui, so you use that to control the VM15:31
alketthank you kpettit15:31
kpettitT3CHKOMMIE, vboxheadless is it.  You can start a image from the cli, the RDP into it.15:31
kpettitvery nice, lets you see if there are any bootup problems.15:31
* T3CHKOMMIE is confused now.15:31
aurigusyes its nice to have rdp for emergencies15:31
kpettitNormally on a remote windowsw machine you can only RDP into it if it's up and running correctly.  Network is setup right, etc.15:32
T3CHKOMMIEi love CLI, and thats why ive been sticking with ubuntu so much. but how do you opperate vb in cli?15:32
kpettitwith virtualboxheadless it basically wraps RDP arround it.  So you can RDP into the booting up image and see it bootup.  So even if there were network issues with your image, or some boot issue (checkdisk) or whateve ryou can see what's going on15:33
aurigusyes, you are basically RDPing into the 'server' and not the 'OS'15:33
T3CHKOMMIEAH... like when its taking 50+min to checkdsk and you think you killed your server15:33
aurigusthat is the method you can use to do the install too, since you don't have an OS yet15:34
T3CHKOMMIEaurigus, ah, i see rdping into the "server" not the os.. so will it show the slash screen as well?15:34
T3CHKOMMIEand im assuming that this is benificial cus you dont have to run the vb gui to see it all happen?15:34
aurigusright, so you save on overhead of running xwindows15:35
aurigusalso in theory you could script everything out and make automated deployment15:35
aurigusbut if you are just getting into it, just experiment with it to see how you like it15:35
kpettitT3CHKOMMIE, yes.  And if you are doing this remotly it still allows you to see the guest OS gui, even if network is hosed or other bootup problems exist on the guest15:35
T3CHKOMMIEman, i gota learn more of this. you know of any good wikis or tutorials on that stuff?15:36
kpettittrying to find the cli referance for ya15:36
aurigusthe VirtualBox website has a nice reference on it15:36
T3CHKOMMIEis it possible to ssh -x11 with vbox headless?15:36
T3CHKOMMIEor are those two different beasts?15:36
kpettitThey are different, but you can ssh -X then start VirtualBox to see the normal GUI15:37
T3CHKOMMIEthanks kpettit15:37
aurigusHere is the 'manual' http://www.virtualbox.org/manual/ch07.html15:37
T3CHKOMMIEawesome thanks so much for the help!15:38
T3CHKOMMIEgotta love the opensource community!15:38
T3CHKOMMIEwell, looks like ive got some reading to do. thank again, ill probably be back on here soon!15:38
corporatecookieim looking for Ubuntu's equivalent of the failure function found in Redhat's /etc/init.d/functions anyone know where it could be hiding ? : )15:38
sterzhow can i check if my ethernet is gigabit?15:39
sterzwith lspci15:40
uvirtbotNew bug: #591286 in php5 (main) "PHP Deprecated:  Comments starting with '#' are deprecated in[...] on line 1 in Unknown on line 0" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/59128615:41
hggdhspineau: ping15:44
ubottuwebmin is no longer supported in Debian and Ubuntu. It is not compatible with the way that Ubuntu packages handle configuration files, and is likely to cause unexpected issues with your system. See !ebox instead.15:48
* kpettit likes webmin :(15:48
nxvlmathiaz: ping15:50
spineauhggdh: pong15:50
=== ouniwann is now known as oubiwann
corporatecookielooks like I found my answer! log_failure_msg : )15:51
hggdhspineau: how are things going now?15:51
spineauhggdh: good since I'm now able to launch instances15:52
mathiaznxvl: hi - o/15:52
hggdhspineau: :-) how did end the issue you were discussing with ttx?15:52
nxvlmathiaz: does puppet has a web interface? it doesn't right?15:52
mathiaznxvl: look up puppet dashboard15:53
mathiaznxvl: or the foreman15:53
mathiaznxvl: http://theforeman.org/15:53
spineauhggdh: the nc log were plenty of errors, one mentioned kvm but vt extensions were enabled15:53
spineauhggdh: and finally it was not this error msg that breaks the starting process of my instances15:54
nxvlmathiaz: great, thanks!15:54
spineauhggdh: my eucalyptus.conf (on the NC) was corruptus each time I restarted eucalyptus15:54
hggdhspineau: ?? how? Did you find out?15:55
spineauhggdh: I found a sed command in this file acting on the value VNET_BRIDGE15:55
spineauhggdh: I cleaned the file and now its working (again)15:56
hggdhspineau: weird. Let me check mine15:56
hggdhspineau: in /etc/eucalyptus/eucalyptus.conf?15:57
spineauhggdh: yes on the NC15:57
spineauhggdh: I still wonder if it's a process or a user that was doing this15:57
hggdhspineau: weird. I do not have it, I do not think this is created by install15:58
hggdhspineau: euca logs a *lot* of error messages, most do not impact us15:58
hggdhspineau: *why* log an useless error, I do not know15:59
zulttx: ping have you uploaded something for the krb5 sru?15:59
ttxzul: yes16:00
zulttx: has it been accepted yet?16:00
ttxI don't think so, lemme check16:03
ttxFix uploaded to lucid-proposed, ACKed from ubuntu-sru16:03
ttxnot AA-processed yet16:03
* hggdh gntly nag zul re. the samba apport hook16:03
zulhggdh: yep its on my radar for today16:04
spineauhggdh: I'm trying to get camucamu up but it seems (according to IS) that eucalyptus is blocking eth0 at startup and finally it is not pingable16:08
spineauhggdh: I have no idea what because I'm not familiar with eucalyptus. There's a bridge configured in interfaces and something is firing ifconfig to bring up a firewall, but I can't find what's firing ifconfig.16:09
hggdhspineau: do you have access via a serial console?16:11
spineauhggdh: via kvm16:11
hggdhspineau: is camucamu another box in the test rig (I did not know about it)?16:12
spineauhggdh: yes, normally it's another nc, according to tasksel menu16:14
hggdhspineau: what is the IP address? I am adding it in my .ssh/config16:15
incorrecthi i know i keep asking, but would people suggest their favourite local ubuntu VPS provider16:21
hggdhspineau: give me 5, have to reboot16:23
spineauhggdh: oups16:24
diagoI configured an iSCSI target and have a client that sees the drive as /dev/sde . I want my KVM machine to use those as the drives. Is it safe to use them as /dev/sde or should I be using UUIDs?16:39
pmatulisdiago: you should use iSCSI the way you use any block device IMO16:44
diagoI just read "Paths like /dev/sda, /dev/sdb, etc are not a good choice because they are not stable across reboots, or across machines in a cluste"16:44
pmatulisdiago: if it makes you feel better, i use UUIDs for iSCSI devices.  never had a problem16:46
diagopmatulis: ok, I think I may be going about this wrong anyway. Ultimately it's for KVM but it looks like KVM can manage iSCSI itself16:47
pmatulisdiago: iSCSI targets are exposed locally as block devices, just like your internal drives16:48
diagoRight, but how would I configure a KVM .xml file to use a UUID?16:48
pmatulisdiago: do you use UUIDs in other xml files?16:49
diagopmatulis: currently I am using qcow2 images and that is all I have ever used16:50
diagoit looks like (from reading anyway) I just use /dev/disk/by-path16:52
pmatulisdiago: http://www.libvirt.org/formatstorage.html16:55
kpettitcan anybody recommend a good FTP server that will let me specify virtual users in a text file?16:55
diagooh cool, thanks pmatulis16:56
kaushaljust curious to know about searching on ubuntu server mailings lists archives17:05
kaushalhow do i search any topic ?17:05
corpseis it possible to download from a web browser to a folder on a fileserver?17:12
webPragmatistwe have landed a man on the moon17:13
webPragmatistso I could see that being possible17:13
webPragmatistunless you think that's a conspiracy...17:14
kaushalcan someone comment on https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/ubuntu-server/2010-June/004297.html ?17:14
pmatulisthe flag wasn't waving!17:14
pmatulissorry, it *was*17:14
=== linxeh_ is now known as linxeh
corpsei think the conspiracy of it being a conspiracy is a conspiracy...17:18
corpsebrb black hellicopter flying by17:18
pmatulisblack helicopter???  another conspiracy thing?17:19
corpselol yeah17:19
linxehis there any CA management software in the repos? eg webbased that can issue certs from a CA etc ?17:20
corpseso how could i go about mounting my fileserver so i can see it when browsing for a download location? It shows it as mounted in my window sidebar but i can not find the folder when i try to browse to it17:21
corpsei am also trying to mark it as a shared folder for a vm OS17:21
mathiazlinxeh: xca is an option I use sometime - it's not webased though17:22
linxehI need something that is relatively easy to use for a non-unix person to be able to issue new server and user certs, and probably remotely too17:23
linxeheBox has a CA module, but I dont want to install that if I can help it17:23
kaushalchecking in again for my query ?17:29
ZenMastaI have a clean install of 10.04 and when I use aptitude I get a segmentation faulty tree. I've searched the forums but the suggestion to clean the cache does not work17:43
X-Sleepy-XZenMasta: do you get it with apt-get aswell?17:50
pmatulisthere was a lot of aptitude segfaults during beta17:51
ZenMastaSleepy it does not give the segmentation fault but gives a similar message about dpkg was interrupted17:52
kaushalchecking in again for my query ?18:15
alex88hi guys, i want to install a http proxy... what software can i use?18:20
jpdsalex88: Squid?18:23
alex88jpds: isn't it a socks server? :/18:24
alex88or can i set as http server?18:24
alex88i'm talking about the firefox proxy settings18:25
=== AdamDV is now known as Guest6490
zulhggdh: ping i did the review and it looks ok. I just had to fix up the changelog just a bit18:44
jcastrozul: do you have a list somewhere of everything you're making nightlies of?18:48
zuljcastro: the daily-vcs-builds for spec for lucid18:49
zuljcastro: but right now they are disabled because im switching them over to launchpad eventually18:49
jcastroI am just putting them all on a list18:50
hggdhzul: thank you. What should I do now?18:53
jcastrozul: and you name all the ppa's "edgers" right?18:53
hggdhccheney: ping18:53
zuljcastro: correct18:53
zulhggdh: nothing...im uploading as we speak18:53
hggdhzul: thank you18:53
hggdhccheney: by default the maximum space one can allocate on euca is 50G. You can change it on the web interface18:54
hggdhzul: btw, should I prepare also a Lucid branch?18:55
zulhggdh: do you think its worth while to do an sru for it?18:55
hggdhzul: I am not sure. I think it is possible a lot of people have not upgraded yet, and this would mostly target new upgraders18:56
zulhggdh: bring it up at the SRU part of the meeting today18:57
hggdhzul: ack18:59
ccheneyhggdh: yep i found that out, the problem i saw (i think) was that createLogicalVolume can throw but it is not try'd19:01
ccheneyhggdh: and if it does fail euca does not unwind the changes (i believe that is proper term) in any case it does not clean up after itself19:01
hggdhccheney: so the plot thickens :-(19:01
smoserhggdh, regarding "butterfly", i thought your ~o~ looked like : http://www.zimbio.com/pictures/fDpxr74q8-g/Olympic+Team+Trials+Swimming+Day+319:01
smoserDaviey, what is "doesn't work"19:02
ccheneyhggdh: i think createLogicalVolume probably needs to have try catch blocks inside its own function and then another try catch in the function calling it as well19:02
hggdhsmoser: it is actually freestyle, you can see my left arm in front19:02
smoseris this just the kvm kernel regression from lucid of last week ?19:02
ccheneyhggdh: because each call inside createLogicalVolume can also throw19:02
hggdhccheney: ack. I wonder why the developers did not do it -- it should be quite obvious errors could happen19:03
Davieysmoser: kernel bug with a Java library19:04
DavieyImage doesn't get transfered to the NC19:04
ccheneyhggdh: yea, also on top of all of this mess is the fact that lvm executables return very poor error codes, it seems pretty much "5" or nothing19:04
ccheneyhggdh: and it returns a 5 for transient issues as well19:04
ccheneyhggdh: redhat is working on liblvm to resolve some of that mess i believe19:05
ccheneyhggdh: which is in lvm2 source and packaged by debian in the current version in sid19:05
hggdhccheney: yes, sa your posts earlier today19:05
ccheneyhggdh: http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/446758/19:05
smoserDaviey, so this is a kernel bug ?19:05
Davieysmoser: yah19:05
ccheneyhggdh: each of those functions can throw executionException but it is not in try blocks19:05
smoserwhat bug number ? i'm just curious now19:06
smoserjava and kernel bug19:06
Davieysmoser: changing pc, one mo19:06
ccheneyhggdh: and if i understand the caller function correctly it only cleans up after itself if the next function after createLogicalVolume fails, but i believe if this one does it bombs out and doesn't clean up19:06
hggdhccheney: this is really bad, each step depends on the previous, and any can fail19:06
Davieysmoser: bug #58886119:07
uvirtbotLaunchpad bug 588861 in linux "Instances block in pending state, and don't start" [High,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/58886119:07
DavieyImpossible to start ANY instance19:07
ccheneyhggdh: i'm a bit rusty on java and exception handling in general but i think i remember how it works :)19:07
Davieyso UEC is quite, er, wet in maverick atm19:07
hggdhccheney: if you are rusty you are better than I am... hated the whole java thingie ;-)19:07
ccheneyhggdh: iirc a function which throws immediately interrupts the execution of the rest of the code after it and it goes to the nearest catch block it is inside (more or less)19:08
ccheneyhggdh: if that is correct then yea they don't handle this issue at all19:08
Davieysmoser: Following up on the kernel teams triaging status later today19:08
ccheneyhggdh: it does catch executionException but in a useless way for the bug we are seeing19:09
hggdhccheney: this is how I remember it. But, still, we are left with pieces19:09
zulhggdh: uploaded thanks19:09
ccheneyhggdh: this is one of the catch blocks it is in: http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/446761/19:10
ccheneyhggdh: if it failed at exportVolume it would be cleaned up, but they forget to do anything about it if createLogicalVolume fails19:10
ccheneyhggdh: what is somewhat odd is the error message I get doesn't match up with that string at the bottom, it might get overwrite before it goes to the log file though, i'm not sure19:11
hggdhccheney: two different exceptions19:12
ccheneyhggdh: what i actually see in the log is:19:13
ccheney22:29:24 ERROR [BlockStorage:pool-10-thread-1] com.eucalyptus.util.EucalyptusCloudException: Unable to create volume group vg-ZR5Pvg.. for /dev/loop1019:13
hggdhccheney: probably because of the throw at the end of the block?19:13
ccheneyhggdh: that is the proper exception message from createLogicalVolume but not sure why the "Unable to run command:" is not in the log19:14
ccheneyhggdh: yea19:14
ZenMastaI get a Segmentation faulty tree 50% when I use aptitude/apt-get (new install of 10.04)19:14
hggdhccheney: I think ExecutionException would only be thrown if the command failed to execv19:15
ccheneyhggdh: maybe so i haven't looked closely enough to determine how its getting caught19:16
ccheneyhggdh: actually you are probably right that it isn't going to that catch block, BlockStorage has a generic catch block after running the code that would log it19:17
ccheneyhggdh: http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/446764/19:17
hggdhccheney: yeah, and this is a generic catch19:18
ccheneyhggdh: if no one tries to fix it before me i may work on it when bored on my leave :)19:18
hggdhccheney: you *are* on leave, right?19:19
ccheneyhggdh: yea i think the generic catch would probably cause it to show up right in the log19:19
ccheneyhggdh: yea19:19
ccheneyat the moment i'm just sitting at home after being woke up by a severe storm in the area19:19
* ccheney will be back up to the hospital in a few hours19:19
* ccheney thinks he may try right now, nothing else to do, heh19:22
hggdhccheney: OK. Take care of the family :-)19:22
ccheneywhat is the proper way to update a branch that has been integrated, eg lucid-proposed vs my lucid-sru branch for euca19:24
ccheneyshould i bzr pull --overwrite or bzr merge?19:24
ccheneyit looks like overwrite might be the proper way since its not listed as a merge on lucid-proposed19:25
* ccheney just did an overwrite, probably not a big issue19:27
ccheneyhmm no that is not the right answer, heh19:29
mathiazSpamapS: what's a bug number you're asking for sponsorship (one of your sync/merge)?19:31
* ccheney found the right way :)19:32
SpamapSbug #58956619:32
uvirtbotLaunchpad bug 589566 in mongodb "Please merge mongodb 1.4.3-1 (universe) from Debian unstable (main)" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/58956619:32
SpamapSalso bug#58661319:33
RoyKsorry if this is an faq, but is there a gui to view KVM-based VMs?19:38
sorenRoyK: Sure.19:39
sorenRoyK: virt-manager or virt-viewer.19:39
RoyKah, virt-manager19:39
RoyKforgot about that19:40
sorenOr virt-viewer.19:40
RoyKjust reinstalled my box from opensolaris to something useful (lucid)19:40
RoyKbloody vbox was crashing osol so often the people hosting my server got tired of restarting it19:40
RoyKso moving to something real open now19:41
RoyKreplaced a pair of 320gig drives with two 1,5TB drives, connected the 3ware card, installed Lucid and testing now - this better be a wee better than osol and vbox (and xen, which is horrible to configure for anything but hvm, which sucks I/O-wise)19:43
* ccheney thinks he is missing part of the puzzle on this euca bug19:44
smosermathiaz, ScottK, I was following the -backports (I think).  I opened bug 589214 and bug 589211 .  Do either of you see anthing that i've done wrong, or know what to expect next ? I think i've done as much of https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UbuntuBackports#Backport Process as I really could.19:46
uvirtbotLaunchpad bug 589214 in lucid-backports "backport maverick ec2-ami-tools to lucid" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/58921419:46
uvirtbotLaunchpad bug 589211 in karmic-backports "backport maverick ec2-ami-tools to karmic" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/58921119:46
EtienneGI have the nagging feeling i already asked, but here it is again: in UEC, to register an SC, you need to run "euca_conf --register-nc ..." on the CLC.  This mean the CLC has to be able to reach the SC, right?  Collateral: the SC, unlike the NC cannot be on a private network (along with the NC and the private interface of the CC) that is not reachable from the outside; ie, not reachable from the CLC?19:52
EtienneGmathiaz, ^^^ perhaps you know about that19:53
mathiazEtienneG: isn't the SC only dealing with the CC?19:53
EtienneGmathiaz, that is my understanding, but you need to register it from the CLC19:54
EtienneGhence it needs to be reachable from the CLC, at least for the registration19:54
mathiazEtienneG: if the CLC needs to know about the SC then yes the CLC and the SC need to be able to talk to each other :)19:54
EtienneGmathiaz, ok ...19:54
EtienneGI am perplexed19:54
EtienneGmathiaz, thanks for the info19:55
hggdhEtienneG: why19:55
webPragmatistis it possible to just delete all the crm resources and start over :(19:55
EtienneGhggdh, because I have to implement a topology where the SC is on a private network with the NC and a the private CC interface19:55
EtienneGhggdh, and it just do not make any sense to me19:55
* hggdh goes digging19:55
EtienneGthat the CLC would need to talk to the SC19:56
hggdhno, it does not make much sense19:56
ZenMastaI get a Segmentation faulty tree 50% when I use aptitude/apt-get (new install of 10.04)19:56
EtienneGperhaps we can manually exchnage keys, but then, how do make the CC notice that it need to make use of the SC?19:57
hggdhEtienneG: yes, the SC needs to be reachable by the CLC19:58
EtienneGhggdh, well then, so be it.  what make you so confident in the answer?19:59
EtienneGis it documented somewhere, ro somesuch19:59
hggdhEtienneG: man euca_conf ;-)19:59
EtienneGhggdh, I see you have jedi power!19:59
EtienneGI am actually shocked euca_conf has a man page at all :)19:59
hggdhEtienneG: http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/446793/19:59
EtienneGhggdh, that is about the CC20:00
hggdhheh. I *remember* having to manually register an SC when I missed setting up the keys20:00
hggdhEtienneG: no, you *need* a CC also (because the CC/SC are the ones to actually talk with the NCs)20:01
hggdhthis is about CLC and SCs20:01
hggdhEtienneG: bloody hell20:01
hggdhEtienneG: yes, you are right20:01
hggdhthe SC registration is done at the CLC, but it is the CC that talks with the SC20:02
EtienneGhggdh, yep, there we are20:02
EtienneGok then20:02
hggdhso it should work20:02
* hggdh makes a note to read the whole thing before announcing it20:03
* ccheney is about to test if euca is as screwed up as he thinks :)20:04
DecryptedChaosi got a big issue, this is a unusual request. but for some reason i can't get to SSH on my ubuntu server anymore the router is blocking the port for some reason, so my question can i easily exploit a service to gain root and change the ssh port20:04
pmatulisDecryptedChaos: no20:05
DecryptedChaosso theirs nothing i can do?20:05
uvirtbotNew bug: #591413 in ipmitool (universe) ".diff file leaves doesn't change timegm to gmtime on line 6782" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/59141320:06
pmatulisDecryptedChaos: i would investigate why suddenly the connection is no longer possible20:06
DecryptedChaoswell the portscan show that 22 is no longer open but that dosen't make sence because that machine is phyically open to the interent all ports20:07
DecryptedChaos80, 53, 21, 3306 all remain open20:07
pmatulisDecryptedChaos: and who manages this router/firewall?20:08
DecryptedChaosits my equipment but its located far away and im trying to avoid going to phyically fix it20:08
pmatulisDecryptedChaos: someone either changed the f/w rules or turned off the ssh daemon on the server.  seems weird if it's your equipment20:09
hggdhttx: ping20:09
ttxhggdh: pong -- but on a call20:10
DecryptedChaosthe werid part is that i lost access to the router at the same time as ssh it still works i just can't get into either of them for management20:10
hggdhttx: when you can -- why did you put the samba apport hook back in progress?20:10
ttxhggdh: we changed the blueprint at the same time20:11
RoyKdamn - installing a vm on kvm now - looking good - looks FAST20:11
diagoKVM rules20:11
hggdhttx: ah, OK.20:11
ttxhggdh: I just switched assignee to zulcss so that the spec shows up on our tracker20:11
DecryptedChaosi guess my only option is get either go to the site or get someone thats on-site to open a vpm for me to get access to the network?20:14
RoyKI installed kvm and all - it seems to have created a virbr0 interface - is this usable for bridging?20:18
sorenRoyK: sort of.20:19
RoyKsort of?20:19
sorenRoyK: It's a bridge libvirt uses to connect NAT'ed VM's to the network.20:19
RoyKok, so for bridged networking, I need to do it manually?20:19
sorenRoyK: fsvo manually, yes.20:20
sorenFor some values of.20:20
RoyKas in edit /etc/network/interfaces etc?20:20
DecryptedChaosi have another question.. why did ubuntu rip xen dom0 support my server dosen't have VT support and i tried to get xen dom0 running without luck because ubuntu removed dom0 i have been forced to use VMware Server and its terioble20:20
sorenRoyK: Yes.20:21
sorenDecryptedChaos: Because Xen is an absolute nightmare to maintain.20:21
DecryptedChaosworks loads better than VMware server and in that account i belive it was worth keeping20:22
DecryptedChaosif not then kvm guys need to implementy PV20:22
sorenNot going to happen.20:22
DecryptedChaoswell thats redicilus20:23
sorenIt's really not.20:24
sorenXen is not a nightmare to maintain because their developers are idiots. Because they're not. It's a nightmare to maintain because it does what it does. Making someone else do the same, but starting from scratch is also going to be a nightmare.20:25
DecryptedChaosim my prospective it is, because it forces guys like me with slightly older hardware to either use some crappy platform or pay thousands upgrading my hardware20:25
wng-Guys, i followed the instructions in the Ubuntu server guide in 10.04 to enable IP Masquerading, now I can't ssh into my machine? how can i enable this?20:26
sorenYes. That was the case before as well. The crappy platform was just Xen instead of vmware.20:26
DecryptedChaoslet me ask you this about xen though the only problem i ever had with it. ( i installed it on top of CentOs jut to test) the vms ran great however would spike up to 20,000ms ping why did that happen?20:27
wng-okay, well i figured out using ufw allow 22 worked20:27
wng-but now i can't ssh within my local network20:27
sorenDecryptedChaos: Because it's a nightmare to maintain.20:29
sorenOr a corrollary of that.20:29
RoyKok, got the bridge up (serial console is nice when not on-site)20:30
sorenor ssh.20:30
RoyKssh when configuring a bridge can be troublesome if you do something bad20:30
DecryptedChaosi wish i could FTP as root by default because i could edit the ssh config problem solved20:30
sorenRoyK: Ah, point.20:31
webPragmatistwho's in charge of this v20:31
sorenwebPragmatist: You are now, because you asked.20:31
RoyKworks like a dream :)20:31
sorenwebPragmatist: Does it not work?20:32
RoyKdamn - kvm rocks - ubuntu rocks20:32
sorenwebPragmatist: And does it work if you correct the spelling?20:32
wng-Can someone give me some pointers, I have a headnode running dnsmasq acting as a dns/dhcp server to 8 nodes, i had them all up, but they werent going out so I enabled IP Masquerading, following the server guide, now I can't ssh within my nodes...20:32
RoyKI've been trying to run this shit on opensolaris for some time just to have zfs snapshotting etc, and this is a wee bit easier20:32
sorenwebPragmatist: If you can answer affirmatively to both questions, then yes, it's likely a typo.20:32
webPragmatistyou are smart20:32
* soren does try20:33
sorenwebPragmatist: I assume you're asking because it doesn't work?20:33
webPragmatistno actually i'm asking because i noticed it20:33
DecryptedChaoswhy does this room have no ops at all lol i just noticed that20:33
webPragmatistDecryptedChaos: it probably does just not "opped"20:33
RoyKno reason to have visible ops around - they op when they need to20:34
sorenDecryptedChaos: ChanServ managed channels rarely have people who are OP'ed all the time.20:34
sorenDecryptedChaos: We get OP'ed when we need it and drop them again. It's like sudo for irc :)20:34
wng-Can someone give me some pointers, I have a headnode running dnsmasq acting as a dns/dhcp server to 8 nodes, i had them all up, but they werent going out so I enabled IP Masquerading, following the server guide, now I can't ssh within my nodes...20:34
DecryptedChaoslol yeah. im a old school irc admin irc has changed a lot since i was big in it20:35
STFhow can i create a startup for any programm?20:35
RoyKcreate a startup?20:35
RoyKse /etc/init.d/skel20:36
DecryptedChaosyour gonna probably need to write some bash script to execute it20:36
RoyKsee, even20:36
RoyKcopy the skeleton script to /etc/init.d/yourprogram, link to it from /etc/rc2.d20:37
webPragmatistit's also mispelled here http://clusterlabs.org/wiki/Dual_Primary_DRBD_%2B_OCFS220:37
RoyKand of course, change the yourprogram file20:38
ccheneyhggdh: i see why i was confused, they call the exit value of a process in SystemUtil.run() 'pid'20:38
STFi try it20:38
hggdhccheney: er, what? a pid is not a pid but the RC?20:38
ccheneyhggdh: yea brain damage20:39
wng-Can someone tell me how to enable ip masquerading on a local network without disabling ssh within the network?20:39
ccheneyhggdh: i had to lookup the java lang ref to see what it should be returning20:39
ccheneyhggdh: http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/446805/20:39
ccheneyhggdh: pid there is rc20:39
RoyKwng-: it should be trivial - just google for iptables masquarding20:40
wng-RoyK: each time i follow the server guide it disables ssh within my nodes20:40
DecryptedChaosanyone here use ClearOs Enterprise?20:40
sorenwebPragmatist: I don't know if it's misspelled. Try it. :)20:40
ccheneyhggdh: which made sense considering they threw execution exception, but i was wondering why how a pid could be non zero and bad :)20:40
RoyKwng-: just don't turn on ip filtering20:40
RoyKat least for a start20:40
hggdhccheney: yeah. OTOH, it *does* throw an ExecutionException20:41
hggdhwhich -- IIRC -- we did not see20:41
mushroomblueso I have SSH setup with key-based authentication. copied the ssh key to the remote server, and was able to ssh into it. once I reboot the remote server, I get "permission denied (publickey)" until I restart sshd. any ideas?20:42
hggdhccheney: so, I wonder what, exactly, are the returns from Process.waitFor()20:42
ccheneyhggdh: on top of that it appears to call the stdout returnValue if i understand what it is doing20:43
wng-RoyK: hmm, i think it actually screwed with my NFS mounted home, so the sshd's on the nodes don't see authorized_keys20:43
ccheneyhggdh: http://java.sun.com/javase/6/docs/api/java/lang/Process.html20:43
Hypnozhas anyone ever tried to tar -x a file with http path like http://ip/file.tar?20:43
ccheneyhggdh: return of waitFor() is exit value20:43
ccheneyhggdh: so basically $?20:44
Hypnozseems i have to wget first, then tar -x...20:44
hggdhccheney: yeah, OK, but what is output.getReturnValue()? A local method?20:44
hggdhccheney: and error does not seem used at all20:45
ccheneyhggdh: yea its not afaict, i'm not sure what that returns yet, I am going to add debug logging to see20:46
ZenMastaI get a Segmentation faulty tree 50% when I use aptitude/apt-get (new install of 10.04)20:47
=== amstan_ is now known as amstan
ccheneyhggdh: i think i can remove the returnValue.length crap in createLogicalVolume entirely20:47
hggdhccheney: I do not remember the code you pastebin-ed, but a zero-leght would mark success20:48
ccheneyhggdh: hmm not sure what is going on then, it checks if 0 length and considers that an error20:53
ccheneyhggdh: once i determine what it is i might have to add it back, maybe its there is no error but no output from the command either20:54
mathiazSpamapS: https://launchpad.net/~mathiaz/+archive/bzr-git/20:54
ccheneyperhaps just a sanity check20:54
mathiazSpamapS: ^^ this is an example20:54
hggdhccheney: this is indeed confusing. The run() method has only two returns, one with getReturnValue(), and one with an empty string20:54
hggdhccheney: and -- if I am reading it correctly -- the empty string is succecss20:55
hggdhccheney: but on createLogicalVolume(), the empty return is an error20:56
SpamapSmathiaz: Thanks. I've got a couple of PPA's that I've been using thus far.. its really quite an awesome technology. :)21:00
ccheneyhggdh: yep, odd stuff21:02
ccheneyhggdh: will know in a few minutes, i rewrote the createLogicalVolume function to do proper error checking (i hope) and then will add logging of the value from run()21:02
hggdhccheney: so the other create*() methods must do something21:02
ccheneyhggdh: 35 line change for one function, heh21:02
ccheneystill with no docs, lol21:03
ccheneymight not be the most pretty way to do the change, i'm not really a java coder21:04
ccheneyand its still not perfect by any means due to the lvm2 return code problems itself21:04
wng-Ok so I have a mailserver that is also a dhcp/dns server. ip is, but also for the local network. I have 3ware 3dm2 on each node attached to the 192.168.1.* network, but email notification is not working21:10
hggdhccheney: if you look at losetup() -- it does errorCode = proc.waitFor()21:11
hggdhso it was just a Real Bad Naming issue21:11
ccheneyhggdh: yea21:12
Nghow would I force ubuntu-vm-builder to use a particular filesystem type for the root partition it makes?21:13
=== jetole_ is now known as jetole
sorenNg: You can't right now, I'm afraid.21:22
Ngsoren: fair enough, I'll just hack it :)21:23
Nglooks easy enough to make a new suite with the overrides I want21:24
NgI'm getting some odd filesystem errors with ext4, so I want to try a guest with ext3 to see if the same thing happens21:24
sorenNg: It's surprisingly difficult.21:24
sorenNg: Actually.21:24
sorenNg: Grab a bzr checkout and run from that.21:24
smosermathiaz, did you see well above i asked about -backports ?21:31
smosersoren, find . -type f | xargs 'sed -i s,ext3,ext4,'21:32
smoserthat should do it21:32
bpgoldsbDo most peopel have the universe repository enabled on their server?  I'm concerned about the bit about no security review or updates.21:33
sorensmoser: Certainly. Adding another suite is just less fun that it should be.21:36
Ngit'd be ace to be able to construct a suite somewhere in a local part of pythonpath and have it be available21:36
keesbpgoldsb: there are updates to universe for security.21:36
sorenNg: Hmm.. Yes.21:37
sorenNg: Yes, it would.21:37
* soren ponders21:37
keesbpgoldsb: it's just community-driven, so only more popular stuff gets attention.21:37
bpgoldsbkees: So most stuff in it gets updated, just not by the Ubuntu Sec Team?21:37
yosii spent the last 4 hours tring to get stupid Modo Rescue to work under 10.04 smoothly with little luck..any other simple single file image backup program out there that supports ext4?21:39
yosior and can run on a live system21:39
smoserjdstrand, around ?21:45
smoserhave you seen http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=146888221:45
smoseri'm seeing similar output of 'udevadm' command.  under some circumstances i get "custom logging function 0xb9237008 registered" as stdoutput21:46
smoseror "in stdout" rather.21:46
Italian_PlumberI run my own internal DNS at home with bind on hardy.  Can I use DNS to redirect queries from certain domain names to a bogus IP?  For instance, if I wanted to block cnn.com for everyone on my internal network, I could just change its DNS IP to or something.  Is there a better way to do this or am I on the right track?21:46
jdstrandsmoser: hey. I have not. I *think* kees may have seen something similar, but his issue may have been different21:47
keesbpgoldsb: well, universe is very large, but it gets attention.  it's best to be aware of what you've got installed from universe and keep an eye on it.21:47
jdstrandkees: ^ ?21:47
smoserhttps://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux/+bug/570692 is also a hit for that string.21:48
uvirtbotLaunchpad bug 570692 in linux "Ubuntu 10.04 Can't open RFCOMM device: Permission denied" [Medium,Confirmed]21:48
smoseri had thought it might be coming from apparmour or something21:48
smoserbut one way or antoher, that output gets sent, and the tool that parses it is not expecting it.21:48
keesjdstrand, smoser: sorry, never seen that before.21:48
bpgoldsbkees: Do USN's get generated for Universe?21:48
smosernever mind.21:49
smoserits from udev21:49
keesbpgoldsb: no, there there is a very early effort to publish "community usns"21:49
keesbpgoldsb: bit it hasn't really gotten off the ground beyond a pilot announcement for clamav.  :)21:49
mathiazsmoser: hi - I think both bugs are good21:49
mathiazsmoser: bug 58921421:49
uvirtbotLaunchpad bug 589214 in lucid-backports "backport maverick ec2-ami-tools to lucid" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/58921421:49
smosermathiaz, so as in what do i need to do21:49
mathiazsmoser: 58921121:50
mathiazsmoser: hm - I'm not so sure about the versioning though21:51
mathiazsmoser: as it's a no-source-change backport21:51
mathiazsmoser: given that it builds in your PPA, I'd test it21:52
mathiazsmoser: if it works set the state to Confirmed21:52
smoseri've tested, it works fine.21:52
smoserbut it wasn't clear to me that i was allowed to move it to confirmed.21:52
mathiazsmoser: ok - so I'd move it to In Progress and subscribe ubuntu-archive21:53
mathiazsmoser: as outlined in https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UbuntuBackports#Backport%20Process21:53
mathiazsmoser: hm - I'm not sure though - I haven't done -backports for a long time21:54
mathiazsmoser: so you may wanna ask ScottK about it21:54
smoserthanks mathiaz21:54
mathiazSpamapS: around?21:55
SpamapSmathiaz: yes still here. :)21:57
SpamapSjust enjoying the irony that the Velocity conference website is slow21:57
sorenSpamapS: :)21:59
hggdhjiboumans: ping re. the internal UEC22:03
jiboumanshggdh: otp, will get back to you shortly22:04
uvirtbotLaunchpad bug 589566 in mongodb "Please merge mongodb 1.4.3-1 (universe) from Debian unstable (main)" [Undecided,Confirmed]22:05
mathiazSpamapS: http://qa.ubuntu.com/reports/sponsoring/22:07
smoserjdstrand, kees if you care... i just opened https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/udev/+bug/59146022:08
uvirtbotLaunchpad bug 591460 in udev "udevd daemon run with --debug affects output of 'udevadm info'" [Undecided,New]22:08
smoserit hopefully describes the issue i was seeing above.22:09
sveinseHi guys, I have an urgent thing here: I dist-upgraded lucid where linux-image(-2.6.32-22) was upgraded. update-grub however threw this at me: "error: unknown LVM metadata header.". I'm requested to reboot the server, however I'm unsure if its safe. Is it?22:15
SpamapSsveinse: have you seen this yet: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/grub2/+bug/452350 ?22:17
uvirtbotLaunchpad bug 452350 in grub2 "Unknown LVM metadata header" [Undecided,New]22:17
SpamapSsveinse: and this https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/grub2/+bug/385428 , specifically comments #3 and #622:19
uvirtbotLaunchpad bug 385428 in grub2 "grub2 boot from lvm Auto-detection of a filesystem module failed" [Undecided,Incomplete]22:19
sveinsehmmm. #3 of bug 385428 didnt do it for me...22:21
uvirtbotLaunchpad bug 385428 in grub2 "grub2 boot from lvm Auto-detection of a filesystem module failed" [Undecided,Incomplete] https://launchpad.net/bugs/38542822:21
ccheneyhggdh: i think i may have fixed the issue, but i'm starting to hit the other communicating one now22:23
ccheneyhggdh: actually nm i seem to have lost the setting for 200GB cluster22:23
ccheneynot sure how that happened22:23
hggdhccheney: you mean the CLC reconfigured itself back to 50G?22:24
sveinseSpamapS: Well at least I see the same as the two bugreports you sent me. Thanks.22:24
sveinseSpamapS: I just hope rebooting doesnt offline the server....22:24
ccheneyhggdh: i think so, unless i did it and forgot i had22:24
sveinsevgck and pvscan all reports lvm header checksum error22:26
* sveinse dont like to be in this fix: To reboot or not to reboot...22:27
ccheneyhggdh: grr22:27
ccheneyhggdh: it seems to lose its setting when you restart euca22:27
ccheneyhggdh: is that supposed to just be a runtime config option?22:27
sveinseAAAhhh! Got it. pvremove /dev/sda1 (the boot/ part) did it22:31
sveinseThanks SpamapS22:31
SpamapSsveinse: you may want to add a comment that the workaround worked for you. :)22:33
sveinseWill do22:33
SpamapSsveinse: good luck on your reboot. :)22:34
ccheneyhggdh: hmm my patch isn't completely working for some reason22:39
ZenMastaI get a Segmentation faulty tree 50% when I use aptitude/apt-get (new install of 10.04) any ideas how to fix this?22:40
* ccheney notices his own typo/braindamage is the cause, lol22:41
ccheneyi'm somewhat surprised this didn't just completely explode22:42
ccheneycopy/paste gone awry22:42
hggdhccheney: I would expect that changes in the web would be maintained22:51
hggdhccheney: I will restart the rig -- completely cycle it -- and test (since I also changed it)22:51
hggdhmathiaz, smoser: any of you using the UEC test rig?22:52
mathiazhggdh: nope - you can knock it out!22:52
hggdhUEC rig is leaving the building...22:52
hggdhUEC rig has left the building22:53
ccheneyhggdh: oh i think i know what might be causing it22:56
hggdhZenMasta: you mean you get a SIGSEGV in APT/aptitude?22:56
ccheneyhggdh: i'm having to nuke the storage db file, which probably has it in there22:56
hggdhccheney: why nuke it?22:56
ccheneyhggdh: since euca gets wedged reloading volumes that it doesn't know about22:56
ccheneyhggdh: euca has a nice 'feature' of reloading volumes that don't show up in euca-describe-volumes22:57
ccheneyhggdh: so if they get partially removed they still get reloaded22:57
hggdhccheney: is this good?22:57
ccheneyhggdh: but still never show up in the euca-describe-volumes since they are in partial removed state22:57
ccheneyno a bad thing22:57
hggdhdefinitely bad, then22:57
ccheneyyea :\22:58
ZenMastahggdh no i mean I get a segmentation fault22:59
Ngsoren: oddly I ran it from a bzr checkout, made my own suite which set preferred_filesystem to ext3 and it still made an ext4 root, so I just fudged the meaning of ext4 to TYPE_EXT3 ;)22:59
ccheneyrerunning test now with the proper reversion calls (no more typos i think)22:59
Ngand no filesystem errors yet23:00
hggdhZenMasta: which Ubuntu version?23:00
Ngis there some known badness with kvm/virtio and ext4? I wondered if it wasn't getting to do a final flush before being "powered" off23:00
ZenMastahggdh 10.04 http://pastie.org/99702723:00
hggdhZenMasta: it sounds more like apt was happily loading the tables, and got hit by a seg fault -- so it is not "segmentation faulty tree", but "segmentation fault"23:02
ccheneyhggdh: i think my new code fixes the create side at least23:02
hggdhZenMasta: which overwrote the line23:02
hggdhZenMasta: your best bet is to open a bug for that23:02
sorenNg: Which bzr branch23:03
Ngsoren: oh hrm, I just blithely branched lp:vmbuilder23:03
ccheneyhggdh: i now don't have any partials left after creation23:03
ZenMastahggdh this is a clean install two, happened on desktop and server iso23:03
sorenNg: That's fine.23:03
ZenMasta*too, even23:03
hggdhZenMasta: even more reason to open a bug ;-)23:04
ZenMastawhere do I do that?23:04
sorenNg: I can't guess why that would be. I'd be happy to look at your patch and commandline and find out. Tomorrow :)23:04
hggdhccheney: are you going to publish it?23:04
hggdhZenMasta: sudo ubuntu-bug apt-get23:04
ccheneyhggdh: will once i get it working well, i still need to do something about deletes23:05
ccheneyhggdh: i'm pretty sure deletes are still broken23:05
ZenMastahggdh what does that do... because I got a segmentation fault on that too23:05
Ngsoren: k :)23:05
hggdhccheney: I am 100% sure, I got to clean up the pieces when I ran the delete23:05
hggdhZenMasta: this is rather strange. You installed clean, or upgraded?23:06
ZenMastahggdh installed clean, no dual boot etc23:07
hggdhZenMasta: another option -- if you have GDB installed -- is to run apt-get under GDB23:07
hggdhof course it would help a lot to have the debugging symbols23:07
ZenMastahggdh unless that came with the default server iso then its not installed23:08
hggdhZenMasta: dpkg -l gdb\*23:08
ZenMastai'll run that but pretty sure that's a neg23:08
ZenMastanope, no package matching23:08
ccheneyhggdh: yep delete is still broken with my code too23:08
hggdhccheney: heh23:09
ccheneyhggdh: its going to take some more thinking about what to do to fix the clean part23:09
ccheneyhggdh: i may have to regex the output from the command if its available in the right place23:09
hggdhccheney: no prob... we are already much better because of your patch23:09
yosihrey all23:09
ccheneyhggdh: so if it shows as waiting on lock to retry until it removes it23:09
yosiany other people with suggestions of software such as Acronis for backup in linux, about to give up23:10
hggdhccheney: OK.23:10
ccheneyhggdh: i'll push what i have to my lucid-sru branch for now, but my patch probably will need a full rewrite to be inside the functions to do each thing itself instead of the ones calling them, eg i think createLogicalVolume probably should clean up itself and then throw instead of making createVolume do it23:10
hggdhccheney: this will be more invasive, but sounds much more correct23:11
ccheneyhggdh: right now my patch has the calling function doing all the cleanup with is bit messy23:11
hggdhccheney: well, they will still have to cater for failures23:12
hggdhZenMasta: I am stumped23:12
ccheneyyea but a bit more clean than currently23:12
ccheneywell i need to look at the code more and think about it, will do that later tonight23:13
* ccheney has to run to dinner and over to the hospital to relieve his mother in law23:13
mrlemaoWhy cpu.out is empty when running this command "top bd1 -p 15436 | grep 15436 > cpu.out"  but I see results when running this:  "top bd1 -p 15436 | grep 1543623:15
mrlemaoI just dont get it23:15
=== dendrobates is now known as destro
=== destro is now known as dendrobates
uvirtbotNew bug: #591481 in tftp-hpa (main) "package tftpd-hpa 0.49-1 failed to install/upgrade: subprocess installed post-installation script returned error exit status 127" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/59148123:21
EtienneGhggdh, another funny one (which I will not report; out of time): after manually installing the eucalyptus-nc package, you can register the service no problem and it will will report resource no problem.  However, it will fail running an instance with the infamous "libvirt: hvm not supported" error.  You reboot the NC, and then it works just fine.23:29
EtienneGthis thing is driving me insane23:29
hggdhEtienneG: this is weird23:29
hggdhEtienneG: and ccheney has been working hard on getting volumes to behave nicely23:30
smoserhggdh, i'm not using rig23:30
EtienneGhggdh, thanks $deity for his work on that!23:30
hggdhsmoser: too late, already rebooted them ;-)23:30
EtienneGhggdh, anyway, not a show-stopper so I will move on, but we can keep that in the back of our brain23:30
hggdhEtienneG: this is the Dell rig?23:31
hggdhand my brain is frying...23:31
InsyteOn Hardy, when I create a new logical volume, why is it not automatically added to /dev/disk/by-uuid by udev?23:41
InsyteDo I need to poke something?23:41
InsyteIt appears the 60-persistent-storage.rules specifically skips all "dm-" devices.23:44
SpamapSInsyte: you still get the /dev/vgname/lvname link though right?23:48
SpamapSInsyte: shouldn't present any issues then.23:49
InsyteYou're right, of course.  I can certainly use those.  I'm just curious why the LVs I created when I installed the box are getting the UUID symlinks, but not new ones.23:50
InsyteI can't find any udev rules that would create them, nor anything in init.d.  Yet they exist...23:51
SpamapSInsyte: maybe the LVM metadata is pulled from the wrong location, which hasn't been updated since installation.23:59
InsyteIt seems to be consistent across all of my Hardy boxes...23:59

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