macomint uses medibuntu's repos. there's someone who complained to mint devs about the presence of "hotbabe" in its repos. hotbabe was removed from debian & ubuntu years ago for being inappropriate / stupid. mint devs ignored00:00
rwwwould be nice if Mint users used00:00
rwwMint's own support, instead of #ubuntu00:00
czajkowskimaco: saw the thread on linuxchic about that00:01
rwwditto Backtrack users00:01
czajkowskimaco: but as was pointed out, free software is free choice, people don't have to install it if they don't want to00:01
macoczajkowski: huh? i dont recall seeing that on the linuxchix list. which list and when?00:01
JanC'hotbabe' actually allows you to use other (less offensive) themes, but I don't know if any got made/packaged ever...00:02
czajkowskimaco: might have been techtalk mailing list00:03
macoso we could make like... hot salsa theme? and make it get boilier?00:03
macohot chili :P00:03
JanCyou could just use about any set of images00:04
czajkowskiPendulum: froodie and I both knew paddy well, having both being involved in the SU, he got staomach cancer a few weeks ago but it'd spread too far :(00:05
akgranerAlanBell, rww ping00:13
akgranerwill you all be available tomorrow morning?00:14
akgranerI'll be setting up the Condorcet stuff00:14
rwwakgraner: I'm available all day tomorrow00:19
rwwand the rest of today, at that00:19
akgranerrww, how early will you be online tomorrow?00:22
akgranerI won't be on much longer tonight00:22
rwwakgraner: whenever you want, my sleep cycle is flexible00:23
akgranerrww, how does 10am your time sound?00:23
rwwakgraner: works for me00:23
akgranerAlanBell, is that too late for you?  10am Pacific/1pm Eastern00:24
akgranerrww, let me get you a link to read over :-)00:24
rwwAlanBell: that's 6pm your time, to save you the math00:25
akgranerrww, here is the link to the site - http://www.cs.cornell.edu/w8/~andru/civs/faq.html00:26
rwwoh good. I couldn't find it when I searched; I can't spell "Condorcet" >.>00:33
pleia2akgraner gave us all lessons on how to say it at UDS (silent "t"? who knew! :))00:36
akgranerscott richie taught me how to say it - I guess it's French :-)00:37
macopleia2: wait really?00:37
macoi say it like con-door-sit00:37
akgranerhe giggled when I said CON DOOR SIT00:37
pleia2it's more like con-door-say, right?00:38
rwwI spell it Concordet in my head, hence aforementioned problems00:38
akgranerI still say it more like CON DER SAY - but oh well - I warned people early on - I can redneck anything in 5 mins or less :-)00:39
* rww finishes reading FAQ00:40
akgranerso I am trying out Liferea for RSS Feeds00:40
akgranerit's seems to be meeting all my needs00:41
* elly loves snownews00:41
macopleia2: wanna help me write a Redneck interpreter for Amber that turns redneck sentences into python?  we can use lex & yacc00:41
rwwI like Liferea. LucidFox made an indicator applet thing for it, too :)00:42
pleia2maco: hahaha00:42
pleia2that would be the best00:42
macoinstead of self.foo use kin.foo00:43
macoor hehehe remembering I Love Lucy00:43
maco"cousin foo"00:44
macoshe has a cousin whose name i forget, and when he visits, he tells ricky that back home they call everybody cousin00:44
nigelbPendulum: official dates?01:24
Pendulumnigelb: yes from robbiew01:34
nigelbPendulum: oh. I have to pace up my passport renewal thing.  I'm currently stuck on something, looks like I have to apply pressure there01:35
akgranerwoo hoo UDS on my b-day!01:45
JanCakgraner: next UDS got announced already?01:47
nigelbakgraner: wow! Yay!01:48
akgranerlet's hope everything goes according to the 10.10.10 plan :-)01:50
elkyoh, where?01:50
akgranerhmm that I don't know01:50
elkyakgraner, wait... your birthday is when?01:50
nigelbI think some time in oct01:50
akgranerOct 29 :-)01:50
elkyakgraner, 31st here01:50
elkyThis explains plenty.01:51
akgraneroh that explains so much ;-P01:51
rwwOctober 14th here, so I'm a Libra. This apparently makes me balanced or something.01:52
rww(go go October)01:52
akgranerw00t w00t!01:52
akgraneranyone using evolution?01:52
akgranerI am thinking about trying it out - normally I just delete it01:52
* rww snuggles mutt01:53
elkyso long as you don't need to swap smtp servers regularly, it's pretty ok01:53
akgranerbut I am thinking I need the calendar reminders popping up for me and stuff01:53
nigelbakgraner: its better with firefox then01:53
nigelbevolution calender is clunky01:53
akgranerwell I get the reminders on my phone01:54
akgranerbut when I am at home - I usually have my cell phone turned off :-/01:54
nigelbakgraner: oh, wait, I meant thunderbird01:55
akgranerno worries :-)01:55
akgranerbrb gotta work on some wikis :-)01:56
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rwwAlanBell: do you have scrollback from earlier when akgraner and I were talking about voting stuff?06:51
AlanBellyes I have07:12
AlanBell6pm ish07:12
AlanBellgo for it, I may or may not be about by then but don't wait for me07:13
dholbachgood morning07:59
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akgranersvaksha, ping14:24
akgranerI have a mailing list question :-)14:24
czajkowskiakgraner: morning14:24
akgranerczajkowski, hey you!14:24
akgranerbanging my head on the keyboard this morning - I need to tighten the spam filter on a mailing list   - wanted to find out what we have ubuntu women set at14:25
czajkowskiakgraner: spam on which list?14:25
czajkowskiis it on launchpad or mail man?14:26
akgraner-news is fully moderated14:26
czajkowskiah not so bad so14:27
akgranerno but enough to where I am getting 3-5 emails a day about fixing it14:29
akgranerwhich is more than the amount of spam14:30
czajkowskithat's not soo bad :)14:30
akgranerwell no - but add it to all the other and well you get the idea - :-/  was just wanting to tighten it a bit14:31
JanCakgraner: is that spam from subscribed people?15:38
akgranerJanC, doesn't look like I checked that 1st16:09
akgranerwhich is what makes it weird16:09
JanCare non-listmembers allowed to mail to that list?16:10
akgranernot supposed to be so I am going back through it all again16:11
JanCcheck if there are any exceptions defined16:11
JanCe.g. it's possible to accept all mails coming from a certain domain16:12
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svakshaakgraner: hi. a spammer is spoofing the list email to spam the list, https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/ubuntu-news-team/2010-June/001087.html17:01
JanCso, somehow the list address is whitelisted / subscribed?17:11
svakshaJanC: i told her that if they use a yahoo/gmail id you cannot tell they are a spammer, but usually they run their own domains. so checking each domain for the spammy subscriber may be the only way.17:15
JanCbut why should anybody be allowed to use the list address for sending mail?17:16
svakshaJanC: they shouldnt. a spammer does not respect such niceties unfortunately.17:18
JanCwell, doesn't blacklisting the list address work then?  or are they also using other addresses?17:19
JanCoh, and it might be useful to restrict access to the subscriber list in mailman17:19
svakshaJanC: she would need to know _who_ it is first17:21
svakshaJanC: the list is already restricted to the admin only17:21
JanCwhy would you need to know that?17:21
svakshaif it werent, they would gt individual spam and would not complain that its coming from the list17:22
svakshaJanC: need to knowwhat?17:22
JanC<svaksha> JanC: she would need to know _who_ it is first17:22
svakshathat was in reply to 8:16 < JanC> but why should anybody be allowed to use the list address for sending mail?17:25
svakshaif a list subscriber is spamming the list she would have to search who it is17:26
JanCI thought they were not subscribed to the list?17:30
svakshaakgraner said the subscribers are only allowed to post, so if they are not sub'd to the list why is it hitting the archives?17:37
akgranerJanC they are supposed to be subscribed to post to the list  - without moderation17:40
akgranerso i need to find my lovely spammer :-)17:41
JanCbut you said you checked and they weren't subscribed?17:43
JanCso they probably subscribe and unsubscribe again?17:43
akgranerI don't know I just have to look through everything which I can't do right this sec  - so as soon as I figure it out - I'll let you know :-)17:44
akgranerI appreciate all the suggestions though17:44
akgranerI thought it would be a quick fix - I'm thinking I may need to block some key words17:44
svakshaJanC: they are subscribed. in the archives _some_ of the spam is a reply to the mails hitting the list. i'd guess they are using bots which automate the process of changing the smtp headers to spoof the list emailid to avoid discovery, hence removal from the list.17:51
svakshaif its a non-subscriber MM will not store replies in a threaded fashion17:52
macosvaksha: you can reply to lists using gmane's web interface...19:21
macoif your from address is one thats not blocked, it'll go through19:22
macoso they dont actually have to be subscribed19:22
JanCit should be easy to see if that's the case from the mail headers19:24
svakshamaco: yes, but i dont know the settings for -news list.19:31
akgraner-news is fully moderated20:48
akgraner-news-team is not20:48
macowrong chan21:04
rwwakgraner: ack! my phone apparently tells me about highlights and not PMs for some reason >.>\21:57
akgranerno worries - give me just a few :-)  and we'll work on stuff22:01
* rww pokes at forwarder configuration in the meantime22:03
rwwoh, it's only set to match against public channels. duh, rww >.>22:10
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