sebsebseb!screenshot | Sm3gal00:00
gafiracerimmer: oh right, thanks00:00
ubottuSm3gal: Screenshots can be made with the [PrtScr] button. Want to show us a screenshot of your problem? Upload an image to http://tinyurl.com/imagebin and post a link to it.00:00
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mindriotyou could try stopping gdm and just typing startx from the console, to see if a regular X session comes up00:00
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its-me-again1hi anyone know how to run openoffice form a terminal00:00
ZenMastaquitin time!00:00
Hdale85mindriot, but if I have XBMC set to my xsession then it would just try and start that00:00
Hdale85mindriot, how do I change my xsession manually00:00
FlameTai1Um guys, does anyone know a fix for the bug where when you enable Compiz it makes your system alerts not work?00:00
ZachK_its-me-again1: one seck00:00
erUSULits-me-again1: oowriter &00:00
alirezaow , its my first time using x chat00:01
mindriotHdale85, maybe XMBC would work that way, just worth an experiment00:01
ZachK_alireza: cool00:01
Hdale85mindriot, I tried earlier and it didn't lol00:01
mindriototherwise, backup your .xsession and create a new one that contains just an xterm...00:01
ZachK_alireza: and how are you?00:01
Sm3galis what it looks like00:01
alirezaand u ?00:01
doormat81I'm a former VisualBasic programmer (amateur) but I'd like to begin developing apps for Linux.  What language and GUI interface creation software would be best (and relatively easiest) to learn?  I've found a website that recommends Ruby and Glade, but I'd like more ideas.00:02
Hdale85mindriot, I just get a black screen no mouse even when I do startx00:02
emhsdoormat81: I'd lean you towards python.00:02
acerimmerdoormat81: python00:02
sebsebsebdoormat81: Ruby is ok, but Python is useaully recommend as a first00:02
mindriotoh, i guess I got that wrong before, I thought you got a mouse cursor.00:02
mindriotwhat kind of display?00:02
h00k!quickly | doormat8100:03
YankDownUnderdoormat81, Python is a good point to start with.00:03
Jordan_Udoormat81: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Quickly00:03
h00k!info quickly | doormat8100:03
ubottudoormat81: quickly (source: quickly): build new apps quickly. In component universe, is extra. Version 0.4.2-0ubuntu1 (lucid), package size 38 kB, installed size 516 kB00:03
mindriotcheck the X log for the mode it picked and whether your display is capable of handling it00:03
sebsebsebSm3gal: heh in a way at the pm about the image :D00:03
emhsdoormat81: There are a lot of graphical kits available for python, ranging from QT to GTK to TK and even wxWidgets00:03
Sm3galits how it looks00:03
sebsebsebSm3gal: ok right yeah, if when you try to boot up Ubuntu and your getting something like that showing on the screen,  then yes Plymouth crashed00:03
Hdale85if they display couldn't handle it the mouse cursor wouldn't show up when I first boot I don't think00:03
Jordan_Uh00k: Great minds think alike (and so do we:)00:03
h00kJordan_U: horray!00:04
Hdale85but the display is the same as the old one regardless, but I'll check it ou00:04
Sm3gali thought plymouth was a car?00:04
Sm3galwell how i fix it00:04
sebsebsebSm3gal: Plymouth is the name of the boot up that 10.04 uses00:04
sebsebsebSm3gal: you used to see the uhmm  purple dots moving and such yes?00:04
Sm3galhow i fix it00:04
doormat81emhs, see, I'm totally new to linux programming and not too familiar with qt, gtk, tk, etc.00:05
doormat81emhs, I'm assuming I need to pick one to learn along with python in order to do anything useful?00:05
sebsebsebSm3gal: to fix this your going to need the recovery mode, or Live CD00:05
bokoAre nekoi00:06
Sm3galall i got is a karmac cd00:06
cheekeeJordan_U: sorry I was trying to run the bootinfo script in Fedora but I don't know how to00:06
sebsebsebSm3gal: how long does the Grub boot loader show up on  the computer for?  if it even shows00:06
luka1i am using ubuntu netbook edition. how can i move the taskbar from top of the screen to bottom?00:06
IdleOneboko: help with?00:06
Sm3galand it just went to a black screen00:06
alirezaI am HAPPY with UBUNTU00:06
acerimmerluka1: penels>properties00:06
Sm3galabout 5 seconds00:06
xangualuka1: grab it while pressing the Alt key00:06
abstraktcan anyone help me get my Broadcom STA (restricted) driver working under linux-rt00:06
sebsebsebSm3gal: ok you got the list though?  with the kernels and such showing?00:06
Hdale85mindriot, looks like it has auto mode select00:06
abstraktit works in the regular kernel, but not under -rt00:06
cheekeeJordan_U: and I didn't get any prev. msgs00:07
Sm3galno i gta get cd from brothers room00:07
luka1xangua: it doesn't work00:07
abstraktand does anyone know where i can find the list of what software to remove from ubuntu to make it "ubuntu studio"00:07
voip_trollIs it possible to fdisk an internal SATA drive in a USB cradle?00:07
luka1acerimmer: where do i find panels?00:07
abstrakti know what to add, but apparently there's stuff i should remove as well00:07
acerimmerluka1: right click on the panel you want to move00:07
Jordan_Ucheekee: Right now Fedora is controlling the boot menu, and not giving an option to boot Ubuntu. I am pretty sure that if you let Ubuntu controll the boot menu, it will give an option to boot fedora00:07
sebsebsebSm3gal: when the computer loads up I think its if you hold down esc00:07
IdleOneabstrakt: #ubuntustudio might know the exact packages00:08
sebsebsebSm3gal: Grub 2's boot menu will show up, if not already showing00:08
cheekeeI am happy with Ubuntu too. I only want to have the extra capability to triple or quadruble boot a PC with grub 200:08
ubottuDual boot instructions: x86/AMD64: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WindowsDualBootHowTo - MACs: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MacBookPro https://help.ubuntu.com/community/YabootConfigurationForMacintoshPowerPCsDualBoot00:08
h00k cheekee ^00:08
Sm3galin recovery mode00:08
|corpse|whats the best way to get windows media 9 decoder to work in unbuntu?00:09
sebsebsebSm3gal: yes  you want recovery mode,  thats the easiest way to try and fix00:09
Jordan_Ucheekee: Then follow this guide to install Ubuntu's grub2 to your mbr: http://grub.enbug.org/Grub2LiveCdInstallGuide00:09
Hdale85there is a file to change the default xsession but I can't remember where it is.... I think maybe I just have an issue with XBMC00:09
luka1acerimmer: right-click options "remove from panel" "move" "lock to panel" are grayed out and can't click em00:09
ahuangWhen I boot my computer, after grub, there is a considerably long blank screen before a quick purple ubuntu splash screen and then my desktop. Is this normal?00:09
Jordan_Ucheekee: It will work just the same from your fedora installation as it would if you were running in a liveCD00:09
Sm3gali got resume clean dpkg failsafe grub and netroot00:09
acerimmercheekee: be aware that grub2 will fail if u have more than 4 primary partitions00:09
Sm3galwhat one00:09
IdleOneahuang: I have the same thing, last from 5 to 15 seconds. I assume it is normal00:10
acerimmerLuka1: you're trying to move the panel itself, right?00:10
Jordan_Uacerimmer: It's impossible to have more than 4 primary partitions with an msdos partition table, and grub2 supports GPT just fine.00:10
cheekeeJordan_U:  sorry that is an old bootinfo...since then I used superdisk to update Ubuntu10  and it wrestled back control of the boot up from Fedora 13, while installing ne kernel00:10
mindriotHdale85, there might be a line in Xorg's log telling you which mode it's selected... not sure though since my systems typically have a manual setup00:11
sebsebsebSm3gal: I think if you remove the  default  plymouth theme, in the root prompt, and only keep the  text boot theme,  that it might work to boot up without crashing on the boot up screen00:11
cheekee a new*00:11
luka1acerimmer: yes. the top bar00:11
Hdale85mindriot, I didn't see anything. I'm looking on the forums trying to find the default xsession file00:11
Sm3gali'm in term now00:11
Jordan_Ucheekee: Ok, can you run the boot info script again to give the current situation?00:11
acerimmerluka1: so you right click on the top bar and...what?00:11
Sm3galno graphical stuff00:11
Sm3galjust termanal00:12
sebsebsebSm3gal: there are two themes by default00:12
Hdale85mindriot, I think you set it in the xorg.conf file00:13
mindriotHdale85, well if replacing ~/.xsession by typing something like "echo 'xterm' > ~/.xsession' doesn't come up anything, and you don't even get a mouse cursor, it makes me think that whatever resolution has been picked can't be handled by the screen00:13
gryllidahow do I remove envelope from indicator applet leaving only the volume regulator?00:13
luka1acerimmer: i right-click the top bar and the options i said above are grayed out and i can't use them00:13
sebsebsebgryllida: as far as I know you can't, because they are linked together :(00:13
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acerimmerluka1: just install a new panel and populate it with the apps you wish.  Then delete the old panel.00:13
acerimmergryllida: what seb said00:14
luka1acerimmer: ok. how do i install a new panel?00:14
InnerFIRE_is there a local channel for ubuntu seattle,wa00:14
acerimmerluka1: right click on the panel>New panel00:14
Hdale85mindriot, actually I'd imagine it should be in GDM00:14
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ttlHi, I keep having a problem with my connection. I have a HSDPA dongle and now and then it drops out and I have to log out of ubuntu and log back in to get it to reconnect. Is there an easier way of doing this without having to log out? Thanks00:14
acerimmerInnerFIRE_: not specifically.  sometimes #gslug members are on line.  why (burien)00:15
gryllidaacerimmer: seb? where?00:15
luka1acerimmer: there is no option new panel00:15
h00kInnerFIRE_: You may want to check out your LoCo00:15
h00k!loco | InnerFIRE_00:15
ubottuInnerFIRE_: Information on Ubuntu Local Community Teams is at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LoCoTeams00:15
gryllidaacerimmer: ah ok00:15
mindriotHdale85, maybe you can put your xorg.conf and Xorg.0.log on pastebin?00:15
acerimmerluka1: sounds like your're panels are locked down.  Do you maybe have Ubuntu Tweak in your Applications>System Tools00:15
sebsebsebSm3gal:  well ou should have logo and text installed at the moment00:16
Hdale85mindriot, I can do that00:16
InnerFIRE_someone just send me to the channel.. so its there00:16
InnerFIRE_i just forgot what it was00:16
Hdale85mindriot, where is the xorg.conf located again?00:16
cheekeeJordan_U I'm really sorry, but I don't know the instructions to run the bootinfo script in Fedora either as root or as user....I have tried for about 5 mins but nothing seems to work00:16
PiciInnerFIRE_: #ubuntu-us-wa00:16
h00kluka1: are you on the Netbook Edition?00:16
InnerFIRE_only 1 person there.. was more earlier00:16
InnerFIRE_ill ty00:16
Jordan_Ucheekee: I thought you were booted into Ubuntu right now?00:17
Hdale85I have to SSH into the HTPC, I have no net on it currently lol00:17
h00kacerimmer, luka1: The panel is locked to the top on the Netbook Edition00:17
FlameTai1Um guys, does anyone know a fix for the bug where when you enable Compiz it makes your system alerts not work?00:17
mindriotHdale85, /etc/X1100:17
acerimmerInnerFIRE_: more people will be at #ubuntu00:17
luka1h00k i see00:17
Black_Phantomhey guys what do u think abt xmonad is it really tht awesome00:17
acerimmerh00k: for the win!  I just learned something new.  Thanx00:17
luka1h00k so theres no way to move it down bottom screen?00:17
h00kacerimmer: No problem00:17
cheekeeJordan_U No I use the supergrubdisk to boot into Fedora00:17
h00kluka1: hang on, lemme look00:18
h00kluka1: it's what I'm using at the moment00:18
InnerFIRE_acerimmer.. nobody helps in #ubuntu. just ignore request. i have a computer sound issue. no sound00:18
Hdale85mindriot, ah crap...that's not going to work. I have my wireless on here connected to my iphone for net lol00:18
Hdale85mindriot, give me like 10 min, I'll get off the iphone and connect to my router00:18
sebsebsebSm3gal: I guess if you do apt-get install plymouth-theme-ubuntu-logo   plymouth-theme-ubuntu-text  it will say both are installed00:18
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luka1is there a way to show joins/parts/quits in another window not in the channel window - i'm using pidgin00:19
Jordan_Ucheekee: Ok, to run the boot info script from fedora run: su -c "bash /path/to/bootinfoscript.sh"00:20
VCoolioluka1: there is a plugin to hide them, about other window I don't know00:20
h00kluka1: I've found: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UNR#Look%20&%20Feel00:20
h00kluka1: just be careful in gconf!00:21
luka1h00k :) thanks00:21
FlameTai1Um guys, does anyone know a fix for the bug where when you enable Compiz it makes your system alerts not work?00:21
|corpse|has anyone gotten windows media codec 9 to work?00:21
sebsebsebSm3gal: ok fine in reply to the pm, just re install the OS then,  if apparantly can't apt-get like that, since a wireless password00:21
acerimmerInnerFIRE_: doesn't mean they're ignoring.  All volunteers here and maybe no one had the answer.  But with 1500 online, at some point, someone probably will know.  Hang around.  RE-ask every 10 minutes or so00:22
luka1acerimmer: thanks00:22
acerimmerluka1: fixed?00:22
luka1acerimmer: not yet but i've got reading to do :)00:22
dsnydersHi all!  Is it possible to convert a partition into a virtual machine disk file?00:22
sebsebsebdsnyders: some how yeah00:22
sebsebsebdsnyders:  well for Virtualbox some how not sure how maybe can find that one out in #vbox  for  VMware well theres VMware convert which can convert a pshyical Windows install into a virtual machine, but last time I tried it00:23
sebsebsebdsnyders: it was the size of the partition :(00:23
sebsebsebdsnyders: VMware converter above00:24
dsnyderssebsebseb, Thanks for the pointers.  I suppose I could do a partition resize before attempting a conversion.00:24
Hdale85ok that didn't work lol00:24
Hdale85forgot.....network-manager hates WPA00:25
robin0800Hdale85: works ok here00:26
ubottuThere are several solutions for running other operating systems (or their programs) inside Ubuntu, while using the native CPU as much as possible: !QEmu (with !KQemu), !VirtualBox, !VMWare, as well as !WINE and !Cedega for Windows applications00:26
cheekee                Boot Info Script 0.55    dated February 15th, 201000:26
cheekee============================= Boot Info Summary: ==============================00:26
cheekee => Grub 2 is installed in the MBR of /dev/sda and looks on the same drive in00:26
cheekee    partition #5 for /boot/grub.00:26
h00k!pastebin | cheekee00:26
ubottucheekee: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://tinyurl.com/imagebin | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.00:26
FloodBot2cheekee: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.00:26
cheekee => Windows is installed in the MBR of /dev/sdb00:26
cheekee => Windows is installed in the MBR of /dev/sdc00:26
sebsebsebdsnyders: and then if its XP, you can like set up a hardware profile first, and I guess other versons of Windows.  and then you got  a hardware profile for the pshyical install with its drivers and such,  and  then another for  the virtual machine once your running it as a vm.  I read some webpages and tried  VMware converter about a year or two ago or something.   Why not just do a clean install though of Windows, which is what I assume your00:26
sebsebsebwanting to vm.00:26
nikolamone quick question. If youHm, does updating from ext3 to ext4 can give full set of new ext4 features after turning them on?00:27
dsnyderssebsebseb, I have some software on the windows partition that I would like to keep, but for which I no longer have the installation media.00:27
h00k!cn | wangjinfeng00:27
ubottuwangjinfeng: For Ubuntu help in Chinese 您可以访问中文频道: #ubuntu-cn 或者 #ubuntu-tw  或者 #ubuntu-hk00:27
nikolamAnd if not turned on, is ext4 slower without them?00:27
sebsebsebdsnyders: oh right ok00:27
sebsebsebdsnyders: there is even a way to boot up a pshyicall install of Windows in virtual machine software, but I do not know the details00:28
dsnyderssebsebseb, If it were not for that, I'd wipe and reinstall in a heartbeat.00:28
Loshkinikolam: I don't know the answer, but take a look at https://ext4.wiki.kernel.org/index.php/Ext4_Howto#Converting_an_ext3_filesystem_to_ext4 and maybe you can come back and tell me...00:30
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sebsebsebnikolam: I woudn't bother converting Ext3 to Ext4 if I was you,  1.  you  won't get the proper thing.  2.  maybe 10.10, but if not 11.04 I expect,  and there will be stable btfs support :)00:32
linu-how do I create a regular port 21 ftp account to a directory on my ubuntu web server?00:32
ubottuFTP clients: Nautilus (Places -> Connect to server), gFTP, FileZilla (for !GNOME); Konqueror, Kasablanca, KFTPGrabber (for !KDE); FireFTP (for Firefox); ftp, lftp (for !cli) - See also !FTPd00:33
sebsebsebnikolam: disk checking will be faster the auotmatic  boot up disk checking with Ext4 after so many boots, but other then that,  you probably woudn't notice much difference, when it comes to  Ubuntu 9.10 or 10.0400:33
ubottuFTP servers: ftpd, proftpd, pure-ftpd, twoftpd, vsftpd, MuddleFTPd, wzdftpd - Graphical front-ends: PureAdmin, GProftpd (for GNOME), KcmPureftpd (for !KDE) - See also !FTP00:33
Loshkinikolam: actually. I agree with sebsebseb. Not worth the bother of converting, the difference will probably be unnoticeable...00:34
sebsebsebnikolam: yeah exactly not really worth the hassle00:34
kasansweatHey folks--trying to make a bootable writeable USB flash drive, but the tool has the "reserved space" bit greyed out. It's a 4gb drive, any ideas on how to fix this?00:34
FlameTai1Um guys, does anyone know a fix for the bug where when you enable Compiz it makes your system alerts not work?00:35
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linu-dsnyders: did u understand my problem00:36
profxavieranyone have Ubuntu running in VMware, with a Windows host OS, and -is- able to copy and paste between Ubuntu and Windows [as VMware Tools is installed] ?00:37
ToeKutteri havent been able to copy/paste00:37
dsnyderslinu-, I thought I did, but then a question came to mind.  Do you want an ftp server, or do you want your web server to show the contents of the directory as a web page?00:37
profxavierToeKutter have you attempted to repair it, at any point ?00:38
profxavierits a bit frustrating, as it seems like something that should simply work, out of the box00:38
ToeKuttercould try vmtools again00:38
linu-all I want is to be able to connect to my web server on port 21, right now it only works on port 2200:38
profxavierits related to vmware tools, thats for sure00:38
FyreFoXwhat is a good text to speech application?00:38
dsnyderslinu-, what are you connecting with?00:39
profxavieri even changed versions of VMware, to see if thats an issue, with the same results00:39
sebsebsebprofxavier: if you do Windows inside a Linux distro, you get a bit of a security advantage even :)  since you know vms are just treated like normal data files yeah?  So if you get a virus or whatever in Windows vm,  just   easily delete it, or  easily use a clean copy.  Most people that come here that do vm's use Virtualbox it seems.  and #vmware is probably a good channel for your issue00:39
profxavieri wonder if it has to do with 64bit Ubuntu?00:39
linu-I want to connect with wordpress and wp only allows port 2100:39
profxaviersebsebseb I don't get viruses :D00:39
Callum__Oh my god, did I just get the nvidia proprietary driver working on my GeForce4 420 Go laptop00:39
ToeKutteri run 32bit, still a no go00:40
Jordan_Ucheekee: Can you use pastebin to give a link to the boot info script output? (do *not* paste it into the channel)00:40
* Callum__ ^_^00:40
fr0stbytegrats Callum__00:40
profxavierlast time I tried vibox, it crashed, when running on Windows00:40
DaekdroomIs there any subversion gui from which I can directly compile and update source code from the svn?00:40
Callum__about time00:40
sebsebsebprofxavier: very easy to get malware in an Internet connected Windows install,  however this is starting to go a bit offtopic00:40
Hdale85anyone know how to manually change the xsession that GDM loads via the console?00:40
Callum__resolution sure is broken though lol00:40
profxaviersebsebseb I have been installing Windows as long as you have been born :D00:40
Callum__there goes my last reason for keeping Windows on this machine00:41
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Jordan_Uprofxavier: They really need to optimize that install time, don't they ;)00:41
webBuilderhello guys what is my mistake on this bash file that I am creating00:41
webBuilderMYVAR= "./cvs2svn/cvs2svn --trunk="$line"/trunk --branches="$line"/branches --tags="$line"/tags"00:41
webBuilderecho $MYVAR00:41
Eneergeinstall time?00:41
trismwebBuilder: remove the space after MYVAR=00:41
tripelbFYI chrome flasblock incapacitates hulu00:42
webBuildertrism, Thank you00:42
sebsebsebprofxavier: no since as far as I know Windows hadn't even been made yet, when I was born.  and this is called off topic00:42
RivierawebBuilder: the quoting, the space after the =, the all-uppercase shell variable, the mistake of putting options into a string00:42
trismwebBuilder: and you might want to replace the outer quotes with '00:42
dsnyderslinu-, wordpress is a CMS00:42
RivierawebBuilder: use an array instead00:42
profxaviersebsebseb then why comment, if you say, its off topic ?00:42
linu-yes so?00:42
kr3wis mssql possible to install under ubuntu00:42
ubottukr3w: LAMP is an acronym for Linux-Apache-MySQL-PHP. However, the term is often used for setups using alternative but different software, such as Perl or Python instead of PHP, and Postgres instead of MySQL. For help with setting up LAMP on Ubuntu, see  https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ApacheMySQLPHP - See also the Server CD installation process (different in Edgy+)00:43
sebsebsebkr3w: hrm00:43
sebsebsebkr3w: maybe in Wine00:43
dsnyderslinu-, what are you using for a server, and what are you using for a client?00:43
sebsebsebkr3w: however in a Windows virtual machine sure00:43
sebsebsebkr3w: why do you want the Microsoft version though?00:43
kr3wacerimmer: i said mssql not mysql, i know about mysql already00:43
webBuildertrism, Riviera , my goal is that variable called MYVAR will be executed later do you guys think I can do it00:44
kr3wsebsebseb: because i have applications that only work under mssql00:44
sebsebsebkr3w: oh :(00:44
webBuildertrism, Riviera , right now as a string is printing the command that I would like to execute00:44
trismwebBuilder: oh wait, nm, didn't notice the variable expansion, nm00:44
kr3wunfortunately, there isn't a linux solution for EVERYTHING, regardless of how much i'd like that00:44
ojiioojifuck ubuntu!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!00:44
ojiioojifuck ubuntu!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!00:44
FloodBot2ojiiooji: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.00:44
stevecoh1One thing I can say good about the 10.04 upgrade: it seems so far to have fixed the absolutely miserable performance of firefox 3.5+ on 9.10.  Usually I found I had to kill processes in order to get the damned thing to shut down.  Looks like they may have gotten this right this time.00:45
dsnydersThanks, h00k00:45
sebsebsebkr3w: I don't know much about SQL, but if you made them yourself, I guess woudnt' take that much to convert them to MySQL00:45
cheekeeJordan_U: http://ubuntu.pastebin.com/MXpczFdZ00:45
webBuilderhow can I can execute a variable that holds command in bash? thank you in advance00:45
RivierawebBuilder: yes, you will not see the problems as long as you don't have whitespace or characters special to pathname expansion in $line00:46
codebrainzwebBuilder, just execute it00:46
webBuilderRiviera, now I'll like to execute my variable called MYVAR what shell I do00:46
ljkljlfuck ubuntu!00:46
ljkljlfuck ubuntu!00:46
FloodBot2ljkljl: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.00:46
acerimmerJordan_U: obviously over my head, but wouldn't running grub A00:46
RivierawebBuilder: you should not tdo this at all00:46
mindriotwebBuilder, e.g. like this:00:46
acerimmerand grub2 cause conflicts00:46
webBuilderhow it is in shall script00:47
RivierawebBuilder: using an array would work in many cases, still being a hack00:47
RivierawebBuilder: use a function instead00:47
nikolamsebner, Loshki http://www.phoronix.com/scan.php?page=article&item=ubuntu_netbook_fs&num=200:47
RivierawebBuilder: yes, in bash.00:47
Loshkinikolam: excellent...00:47
jon_can someone tell me how to recover my password in ubuntu 10,04?00:48
sebsebsebjon_: sure00:48
Zelozelosoccasionally when i shut down my sys and later restart my panel layout gets all moved around (the seperaters, workspace switcher, and some various icons which are locked btw) any ideas why/how to prevent?00:48
Jordan_Ucheekee: Remove the echo, cat << EOF, etc from /etc/grub.d/40_custom. That's already dealt with with the tail command at the top of the file00:48
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sebsebsebjon_: so at the moment you can't log in, since not sure the password?00:48
jon_sebsebseb: right00:48
sebsebsebjon_: ok  got Grub showing the kernels and such?00:48
jon_sebsebseb: yes00:48
Jordan_Ucheekee: Whatever you put in /etc/grub.d/40_custom will be added verbatum into your grub.cfg00:48
doormat81Can anyone recommend a good book for beginning programming in Linux (with the goal of creating GUI apps)?00:49
codebrainzdoormat81, what language?00:49
cheekeeok remove the echo00:49
acerimmerdoormat81: check appress.com00:49
jon_sebsebseb: how can i recover my passqword?00:49
linu-server is apache, client should not matter right? I just want to be able to connect on port 21 regular ftp00:49
progesteroneQuestion: I had guest addition previously installed on previous XP installation on Virtual Box. I reinstall XP and when I reinstall Guest Addition, it says 'Unable to mount the CD/DVD image /usr/share/virtualbox/VBoxGuestAdditions.iso onthe machine Window XP'. How can I do that?00:50
jon_sebsebseb: password i mean00:50
sebsebsebjon_: ok go to the recovery mode, get the root prompt,  do passwd username,and put in a new password, and I would do letters and numbers and at least and 8 characters long, so that it is reasoanbly secure00:50
doormat81codebrainz, I'm guessing that Python would be easiest and most useful to learn.00:50
kr3whow do i mark the setup.exe in a mounted CD to be executable00:50
jon_sebsebseb: Ok i'll do that00:50
sebsebsebjon_: longer the better I guess, and with stuff like $ %   £   ^  ,but then harder to remember and such00:50
dsnyderslinu-, I don't know if apache can act as an ftp server.00:50
codebrainzdoormat81, i would like to learn C first if i could do it again, but most people would agree with python00:50
linu-ok, nevermind then00:51
codebrainzdoormat81, the O'Reilly Learning Python and Programming Python books by MArk Lutz are good00:51
sebsebsebjon__: username being your account username, maybe that wasn't clear enough00:51
dsnyderslinu-, you might try asking at #apache00:51
Zelozelosdoes anyone else have the same issue with the panel items moving themselves around?00:51
|corpse|When trying to watch some newer movies off of my fileserver i get an error saying it can not play windows media 9 audio. i have tryed running the videos in VLC player and movie player all with the same error. Is there any way to get win media 9 audio working? or should i convert the wmv to a diferent format>00:51
doormat81codebrainz, and they focus on GUI apps as well?  I don't have much desire to create CL programs.00:51
kr3wmarking setup file in a mounted CD as executable?00:52
SpazStaticOK, so, I can't set my monitor to anything higher than 640x480, which is lower than the minimum resolution it can be set to on another computer. Can someone help me out? And if you're going to link to https://wiki.ubuntu.com/X/Config/Resolution walk me though it cause it hasn't helped me any so far.00:52
codebrainzdoormat81, not soo much, a little Tkinter, but there's tons and tons of gold info on the web about gtk and qt and wx and all the other ui stuff00:52
Zelozelos|corpse|, it should be only a matter of the correct codec00:52
FlameTai1Um guys, does anyone know a fix for the bug where when you enable Compiz it makes your system alerts not work?00:52
nikolamso, ext4 is good for transactions and generally faster then ext3 everywhere, but SqLite test. btrfs is great for many users and random writes scenario. Loshki , sebsebseb00:52
dsnyderslinu-, google shows there is an apache module for providing ftp protocol support.00:52
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holoceneisn't there a vb like program out there for linux that would do gui apps? (Don't kill me for bring up vb)00:52
linu-oh nice, ill ask in httpd00:53
codebrainzholocene, yep, don't remember the name off the top of my head though00:53
coz_hey guys... I have a fellow in #compiz complaining that alert sounds are turned off when enabling compiz... had anyone heard of this bug ??00:53
Loshkinikolam: I also took a quick look. Ext4 specs are superior, no surprise there. But the question remains whether you would actually *notice* the change. If you _do_ decide to upgrade, I think many people would be interested in your before and after numbers. NOTE: to continue this discussion, let's move it to #ubuntu-offtopic...00:53
doormat81codebrainz, I guess what I'm trying to understand is this: python is the language, but in order to do anything useful from a GUI standpoint, I'd need to learn another system, either gtk, qt, etc?00:53
sebsebsebnikolam: btfs is not stable yet00:53
Jordan_Ukr3w: Not currently possible AFAIK. "wine /path/to/foo.exe" should work though.00:53
webBuilderRiviera, I have posted my small call on pestbin site if there any one who wants to look at it and make changes in order to execute my command that convert from cvs to svn will be really cool00:53
codebrainzholocene, gambas or mono (vb6 or vb.NET)00:53
webBuilderthank you00:53
sebsebsebnikolam: it will become the default file system in Ubuntu maybe in 10.10, but probably 11.04 if not00:53
Zelozelosholocene there is a program that will tie into pyton, i cant remember the name, but you write the program, then layout the gui portion in that prog (which is gui itself)00:53
webBuilderhere is the file00:53
FloodBot2webBuilder: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.00:53
|corpse|Zelozelos:  i have googled for quite a wile and i can not find a working fix. i have downloaded all of the codecs that i can from the repository and installed the codec via winetricks but still no luck00:53
ArsinHow do I install a .run file?00:53
webBuilderFloodBot1, forgive me00:53
nikolamsebsebseb, yup, btrfs is not production ready00:53
sebsebsebnikolam: and its meant to be pretty good when ready as well, much better than Ext4 and so on00:54
ubottuTo reset the gnome panel to defaults, type this in a !terminal: « gconftool --recursive-unset /apps/panel && killall gnome-panel »00:54
holocenezelozelos: so event driven, huh?00:54
Arsinor Catalyst 10.5 for that matter.00:54
codebrainzdoormat81, python is the language, the UI toolkit is a library/API you program against to get the GUI00:54
Zelozelos|corpse|, r u playing the wmv using a wine app? if so thats prob the source of the issue00:54
sebsebsebnikolam: Ext4 is good for transactions?00:54
Zelozelosholocene, yup00:54
codebrainzholocene, , Zelozelos, Glade?00:54
|corpse|Zelozelos: no, not using any wine00:55
doormat81codebrainz, got it.  And python works with qt4 designer and Glade?00:55
Zelozeloscodebrainz, umm, yup i think thats it, glade ;)00:55
sebsebsebnikolam: SqLite?  you meant Sqlite?  thats a database00:55
codebrainzdoormat81, yep, you load the glade file in your python script and use the widgets00:55
tsimpsonkr3w: you'll need to mount the CD manually with "mount /dev/cdrom /media/cdrom -t iso9660 -o mode=0555", if you are using wine you can just do something like: wine 'D:\setup.exe'00:55
kr3waww okay00:55
nikolamsebsebseb, i compared current state of it to zfs and.. not there yet.. for some years. Someone told soem days ago, there is Zfs kernel module project for Linux kernel (there is also zfs-fuse that works)00:55
doormat81codebrainz, okay, thank you.  I'm afraid I've been pampered by VisualBasic and have a lot to learn about REAL programming :)00:55
sebsebsebnikolam: yes BTFS is meant to be instead of ZFS00:56
nikolamsebner, yes, look at those charts. http://www.phoronix.com/scan.php?page=article&item=ubuntu_netbook_fs&num=100:56
codebrainzdoormat81, not sure python is "real" programming, but it's super slick and easy, and a hell of a lot cleaner than VB :)00:56
Marsh4llHello, what is the latest version of Ubuntu that uses the ieee80211 wireless drivers?00:56
Zelozelos|corpse|, the only thing i can think of is uninstall all the codecs, and try n play the wmv w the movie player, it should say "heay you need this codec" n get it for u00:56
Jordan_Usebsebseb: As awesome as it would be, I see almost no chance of btrfs by default in 10.10, and I don't have high hopes for even 11.04 :(00:56
n8wdo u guys know what kind of problem this errror might b pointin at?: suspending console(s) (use no_console_suspend to debug)00:56
SpazStaticI'd really rather not waste everyone's time by posting my question repeatedly to thepoint that nobody reads what I say.00:56
n8wim gettin it while tryin to hibernate with s2disk00:56
holocenecodebrainz and doormat81: noob here but to me cli and shell essential skills.00:56
|corpse|Zelozelos: it does that now, but it can not find a package for it in the rep00:57
cyborgsmurfHow do I create a installfile in ubuntu like bin.tar.bz2?00:57
doormat81codebrainz, are there certain things that Python just can't do?  I have a very specific, rather extensive application I'm planning on developing eventually.00:57
sebsebsebJordan_U: well the file system guy, put the message out about maybe in 10.10.  Not in 11.04 either?   Ok to be honest I don't know that much about that file system yet.   I guess its got quite a while to go yet though, before most distros are using it as the default instead of Ext4.  A year or so?00:57
Zelozelos|corpse|, then that would prob mean that there is no win 9 support in ubuntu, somehow that wouldnt supprise me, since it is from u know who00:57
|corpse|Zelozelos: yeah, i just figured somone would have it working by now00:58
Daekdroom|corpse|, try w32codecs package00:58
codebrainzdoormat81, except for tight-timing, or extreme execution speed, python is pretty cabable.  describe your idea and i'll tell you if python can do it best.00:58
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FrozenInfernomaybe a stupid question, but is there a program for *nix that can handle an iPhone/iPod Touch like iTunes?00:58
DasEicyborgsmurf: these are diffrent packaging-formats, a installfile would be a deb-file (for ubuntu)00:58
holocenepython is not typed, right?00:58
LoshkiSpazStatic: it's considered good form (in this channel) to repeat a question about once every 15 minutes until you get a solution (or give up)....00:58
DasEicyborgsmurf: man tar (enter this in terminal)00:59
codebrainzholocene, it's dynamically typed i guess is the term, it has typing00:59
|corpse|Daekdroom: i have but i cannot seem to find the file. I read that it is sudo apt-get w32codecs but i get Unable to find package00:59
cyborgsmurfDasEi : so unless there isn't a deb-file no use in trying?00:59
SpazStaticLoshki: Yeah, I know. You don't happen to remember me from a month or so ago with the major sound issues?00:59
holocenecodebrainz: then C is not dynamically typed?00:59
doormat81codebrainz, can't get too detailed with the idea, but I need to integrate a large database, output parts of the program to an external display (tv), and include a audio/video player (also able to output to a tv).00:59
Jordan_Usebsebseb: It's mostly https://btrfs.wiki.kernel.org/index.php/Gotchas  that has me doubting it will be ready for 10.10. I just remembered that meego is already using it by default though, so maybe 11.04 is more likely than I first thought.00:59
SpazStaticLoshki: name was probably Spaztic_One if not this01:00
Daekdroom!medibuntu > |corpse|01:00
ubottu|corpse|, please see my private message01:00
codebrainzholocene, C is most definitively not.01:00
RivierawebBuilder: http://pastebin.com/x8X3vDi701:00
LoshkiSpazStatic: my memory isn't best :-). Did we solve it?01:00
DasEicyborgsmurf: you can install software in diffrent ways, deb is most commmon, or you compile it from source (advanced), from a tarball, see:01:00
codebrainzdoormat81, python + gtk + gstreamer (For video output, a/v player)... you're all set01:00
ubottuCompiling software from source? Read the tips at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/CompilingSoftware (But remember to search for pre-built !packages first)01:00
|corpse|Daekdroom: ty01:00
doormat81codebrainz, excellent.  Thank you01:00
holocenecodebrainz: is python a better overall choice than Ruby?01:01
SpazStaticLoshki: no, not really. But we unbroke it from when we did try and fix it and it all went to crap... and I think it was a little better as well. =)01:01
cyborgsmurfDasEi : so I need to make like setup-file myself?01:01
codebrainzholocene, i like to think so, but i don't/haven't used ruby01:01
Marsh4llwhat is the latest version of Ubuntu that uses the ieee stack drivers?01:01
dark1hello, im try to make a shell script to backup db, and $DBPATH is a variable, so how can i run it,  pg_dump -U waterfind $DBNAME | gzip -c > $DBPATH gives me an error.01:01
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codebrainzholocene, i'd say python's syntax is cleaner, but beyond that i can't comment01:01
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FrozenInfernomaybe a stupid question, but is there a program for *nix that can handle an iPhone/iPod Touch like iTunes?01:02
holocenecodebrainz: clean syntax means a lot!01:02
sebsebsebJordan_U: I guess we gone a bit off topic, but heres the message about  maybe having it in 10.10 by default, from Ubuntu file system guy. http://www.netsplit.com/2010/05/14/btrfs-by-default-in-maverick/01:02
DasEicyborgsmurf: I'm no geek ath this, you can either do a install-script, create a tarball or a deb-file, like in help of debbuilde01:02
dsnyderscodebrainz, I've been considering getting back into doing a little programming myself, and python has been recommended to me as well.   How easy is it to create a window and do some graphics (eg line (x1,y1, x2,y2,color) or plot (x,y,color))?01:02
cyborgsmurfcodebrainz : thanks01:02
Rivieradsnyders: very01:02
LoshkiSpazStatic: sound really is still a problem in most linuxes unfortunately...01:03
Zelozelosdark1 just a guess but try  pg_dump -U waterfind $DBNAME && gzip -c > $DBPATH01:03
codebrainzdsnyders, it's relative, but easy I'd say.  what lang(s) do you know01:03
stairmast0ri accidentally deleted the "internet" menu on my gnome launcher...wat do?01:03
SpazStaticLoshki: Yeah, I know. It's not bugging me that much currently.01:03
cyborgsmurfDasEi : I was a windowz-user for like 16 years... but linux is more fun :)01:03
DasEicyborgsmurf: what do you want to set up ?01:04
Marsh4llhow long u been using linux for cyborg?01:04
Rivieradsnyders: for animation-like things look into pygame, for basic image manipulation into PIL, for GUI things into bindings for your favourite toolkit01:04
quaaanyone got any quick links to recover a 2 disk raid 0 set?  they were part of an external disk set - WDG2T10000N01:04
sebsebsebstairmast0r: whilst editing the menus yourself or?01:04
quaathe enclosure died and the hdds are still fine via smartctl01:04
dsnyderscodebrainz, I took c, fortran, pascal, cobol, etch back in my university days.  I learned basic on my own.  However, this was back in the days when basic had line numbers.01:04
dsnydersRiviera, Could you point me to a tutorial?01:05
dark1Zelozelos. not good, it prnting the db to screen01:05
Loshkidark1: have you tried typing that stuff into the shell first before running it from a script?01:05
cyborgsmurfDasEi : its a mod from Glest (a 3D strategic-game for linux)01:05
dark1thats what i did01:05
codebrainzdsnyders,  shouldn't be much trouble then.  Check out PyGTK + Cairo + PyGame(SDL) on google.  all well documented01:06
Zelozelosdark1, heh, maybe its a piece of the puzzle idk, it was just a guess i only knew that you could join commands w && the | dont work01:06
Rivieradsnyders: I guess everything I know is very dated, google would seriously reveal better results01:06
dsnyderscodebrainz, I'd be more or less starting from scratch.01:06
dark1any other ideas :P01:06
Benkinoobyhi there, does some1 know a lightweight musicplayer with good music libary management? i really like amarok, but it's too heavy...01:06
codebrainzdsnyders, well if you remember the basic constructs of program, you've skipped a good month of learning :)01:06
Loshkidark1: according to my man page, if you want gzip to act as a filter, you have to use the '-' filename...01:06
DasEicyborgsmurf: so steps will be to compile it from source succesful first and then make a deb from it, which automates the dependency-check and the install-routine01:06
abadrWhat's the right way to get postgresql running from a different cluster location?01:07
dark1so i cant define it as variable :(01:07
buppa_Anyone knows a goood way to reduce the CPU usage? Firefox is always consuming 25% in Ubuntu, in Windows XP its only consuming 1%.01:07
codebrainzbuppa_, stop using flash :)01:07
ZelozelosBenkinooby, well, rythmbox is good  dats what i use01:07
cyborgsmurfDasEi: it seems Im the non-geek ;)01:07
buppa_codebrainz, i dont ..01:07
buppa_codebrainz, flash is uninstalled01:08
FrozenInfernomaybe a stupid question, but is there a program for *nix that can handle an iPhone/iPod Touch like iTunes?01:08
kr3wbuppa_: check the cache size01:08
buppa_kr3w, how?01:08
codebrainzbuppa_, does it really matter?  is anything else using the CPU?01:08
Loshkidark1: um, try this: pg_dump -U waterfind $DBNAME | gzip -c - > $DBPATH01:08
stairmast0rsebsebseb: yea..i was going too fast and accidentally hit delete on it01:08
kr3wbuppa_: its somewhere in the options, i don't have ff on ubuntu but i know there is something somewhere01:08
dark1Loshki : okie01:08
Loshkidark1: note the added '-' argument....01:08
sebsebsebstairmast0r: ok I think this will add it back,  or I guess you can yourself in the menu editor01:08
sebsebseb!panels | stairmast0r01:08
ubottustairmast0r: To reset the gnome panel to defaults, type this in a !terminal: « gconftool --recursive-unset /apps/panel && killall gnome-panel »01:08
buppa_kr3w, i have browser.cache.disk.enable set to false01:09
abadrFrozenInferno: tried googling?01:09
kr3wbuppa_: try edit > preferences then look for something related.01:09
DasEicyborgsmurf: as said, I'm pressed by some other stuff in recent times, but for a startup do a compile froma known good app, then try to do the same for that game , then look into tools for building debs01:09
LoshkiSpazStatic: welcome back anyway. Got a ubuntu question for us?01:09
kr3wbuppa_: try going to a really simple website then see what happens to CPU usage compared to another site01:09
Rivieradsnyders: no worries, playing around with python shouldn't be wasted time (even considering the large amount of other decent programming languages), a good starting point might be http://wiki.python.org/moin/BeginnersGuide but #python surely knows best :)01:09
stairmast0rubottu: are you a bot or a human..?01:09
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)01:09
stairmast0rubottu: YOURE A DUMB ASS MOTHERFUCKER01:09
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)01:09
stairmast0rpardon my language01:09
FloodBot2stairmast0r: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.01:10
cyborgsmurfDasEi: Im going to check this website out... (I wont be reading for a while, so pls dont type anything important)01:10
DasEi!brain | stairmast0r01:10
ubottustairmast0r: Hi! I'm #ubuntu's favorite infobot, you can search my brain yourself at http://ubottu.com/factoids.cgi - Usage info: http://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Bots01:10
Callum__WHOO, fixed the resolution, I never thought I would get this to work properly01:10
DasEicyborgsmurf: fine01:10
Callum__only problem is, where the hell are the GNOME panels01:10
FrozenInfernoabadr: yeah, i found some stuff, it was just a few pages past where i stopped.01:10
IdleOne!language | stairmast0r01:10
stairmast0rsebsebseb: i don't want to reset them to the default, because then i'll lose my later added launchers, wouldn't i?01:10
ubottustairmast0r: Please watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family friendly.01:10
cyborgsmurfDasEi: you are too far away in knowledge... I dont udnerstand it all01:10
BenkinoobyZelozelos: thx01:10
abadrFrozenInferno: it looks like Banshee is what you want01:10
Loshkistairmast0r: such language isn't used on this channel, even if you say 'pardon my language' afterwards...01:10
sebsebsebstairmast0r: yeah01:10
dsnydersRiviera, codebrainz, true enough.  function calls, basic loop structures, conditional statements are all going to be familiar.  It's the syntax and the command vocabulary that will be the main struggles.  That and windowing.  Back when I last did programming, it was on an Atari 600XL.01:11
dark1Loshki : $DBPATH: ambiguous redirect :(01:11
Callum__okay, my GNOME panels are gone and I have no idea how to get them back.01:11
kr3whow do i restore the wine application after deleting it from menu01:11
stairmast0rsebsebseb: that's the problem..i need my other launchers back as well01:11
dsnydersRiviera, Thanks for the link and the channel reference.01:11
Loshkidark1: what does echo $DBPATH say?01:11
sebsebsebstairmast0r: system > preferences > main menu01:11
kr3wre-installing the application doesn't bring it back for sure01:11
sebsebsebstairmast0r: or maybe a little different on Ubuntu,  using another distro at the moment :)01:12
FrozenInfernoabadr: ok, i'll give it a shot. i also saw gtkpod, rhythmbox, and amarok as viable options. i'll play around and see what i can do. thanks01:12
stairmast0rsebsebseb: i know, i was in there when i deleted it01:12
codebrainzCallum__, Alt+F2 then type 'gnome-panel'01:12
sebsebsebstairmast0r: and thats how you can add it back01:12
Rivieradsnyders: have fun & good luck :)01:12
stairmast0rsebsebseb: except i don't remember what all was on there before :/01:12
dark1Loshki : /home/WF/yalo/dbbackup/backup.wf-dev2.10.06.08- 9.42.gz01:13
stairmast0rsebsebseb: is there a way to back it up before i reset it?01:13
aurillianceI'm on UNE and need to flash my bios - how can I do this with a USB???01:13
Callum__<codebrainz> Callum__, Alt+F2 then type 'gnome-panel' - yeah, that worked, but will it stay? let's see...01:13
stairmast0rsebsebseb: then i could copy what was on the reset one to the good one01:13
Loshkidark1: is that even a legal filename? there's a unescaped space in it....01:13
sebsebsebstairmast0r: also I didn't know bots could cry untill you offended ubottu a little while ago.   anyway uhmm  easy to add stuff back with menu editor,  and  you don't need most of the stuff on the menus really01:13
Callum__after log-out it disappears...01:14
dark1uh oh let me try again01:14
stairmast0rsebsebseb: could i get them back by reinstalling the software that was on it?01:14
stairmast0rsebsebseb: and will reinstalling firefox get rid of my addons?01:14
Callum__I have to killall gnome-panel to get it to show...01:14
sebsebsebstairmast0r: no it won't, since thats stored in the hidden .mozilla folder in Home01:14
Callum__every time it logs in01:14
sebsebsebstairmast0r: so yeah re installing the apps is one way01:14
codebrainzCallum__, i don't use gnome, but i think it has a gui to set startup programs, you could put it in there.01:15
sebsebsebstairmast0r: or I guess re install Firefox and it will put Internet menu back01:15
stairmast0rsebsebseb: i think i'll go with that.  do you have a mostly stock menu that you could list the apps from?01:15
sebsebsebstairmast0r: you can see what you have installed in the software centre even01:15
quaayeah, anyone know how to mount a raid0 set from just the two hdds of a dead external enclosure?01:17
jon_can someone tell me how to change my username in ubuntu?01:17
codebrainzCallum__, https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/gnome-panel/+bug/54234301:17
dark1Loshki : thanks , its a path issue :(01:17
stairmast0rsebsebseb: reinstalling didn't help...01:18
Loshkidark1: yeah, figures :-)01:18
sebsebsebstairmast0r: Running another distro at the moment :)  which is also running Gnome, so the menus are quite similar, but not quite.   I don't feel like loading up Ubuntu in a virtual machine to tell you what kind of stuff you should have in the menus, but there are plenty of other people  here, who could tell you what should be in the menus.01:18
dark1im using TODAY=$(date +"%y.%m.%d-%k.%M") to get the time stamp on path, thats where the space come from, anyway to take it out01:18
sebsebsebstairmast0r: altough your installed,   well I guess what software says is isntalled, you should also be able to access from menus01:18
Loshkijon_: I see lots of hits on google. Try this one for starters: http://www.ehow.com/how_5924282_change-user-name-ubuntu.html01:18
dark1may be 24h time ?01:19
aurillianceI have just plugged a flash drive in, and am trying to unmount it using "sudo unmount /dev/sdXXX" How can I tell what letter I need to replace XXX with?01:19
DasEiqaa:you got to mount them, then use mdadm, though if hd' s are fine, just connecting them should do it (fstab)01:19
aurilliancethe author of a post I'm following says to use fdisk -l, but it doesn't show anything01:19
sebsebsebstairmast0r: what software centre says you have installed,  should be in the menus as well I guess01:19
codebrainzaurilliance, type 'mount'01:20
DasEiaurilliance: sudo fdisk -l01:20
belal1i have a microsoft lifecam.  the video works great but for some reason, the mic on it does not work at all.  what could be the problem? it works under windows perfectly...01:20
codebrainzaurilliance, as root it will list the drives, but not where they are mounted01:20
aurilliancecodebrainz, DasEi thanks both01:20
jon_Loshki: thank you01:21
codebrainzbelal1, what software are you using with it?01:21
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mfpcoketsHi, anyone know how to play 720p .mkv on an acer aspire one net book?  I used this method on XP http://www.infobarrel.com/How_to_watch_720p_mkv_x264_movies_on_an_Acer_Aspire_One_Windows_XP_Netbook and it worked like  a charm but cant find a linux equivilant01:21
belal1i'm using empathy.  but i also tried using sound recorder.01:21
DasEiqaa:how do you connect them now ?01:21
IdleOne!sound | belal1 Check your input device is not muted01:22
ubottubelal1 Check your input device is not muted: If you're having problems with sound, click the Volume applet, then Sound Preferences, and check your Volume, Hardware, Input, and Output settings.  If that fails, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Sound - https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SoundTroubleshooting - http://alsa.opensrc.org/DmixPlugin - For playing audio files,  see !players and !mp3.01:22
DasEimfpcokets: I think vlc plays them01:22
quaaDasEi: i am guessing it was a hw raid set, not really sure how WD set them up01:22
sjokkisfor some reason the numpad on my laptop activates randomly. after some varying time interval, my keyboard layout will change so that the keys on my right hand (890uiojklm) produce numbers rather than letters. setting the keyboard layout with setxkbmap fixes the problem until it happens again. can anyone offer an opinion on what might cause this?01:22
DasEimfpcokets: sudo apt-get install ubuntu-restricted-extras vlc01:22
belal1thanks guys, i'm going to check out those links.  it's not muted though, i've checked.01:22
mfpcoketsDasEi, it does but im loosing lots of frames01:22
codebrainzbelal1, happen to have a lifecam sitting here, let me try01:22
belal1:) thanks01:23
DasEiqaa: if enclosure is broken, how do you connect the hd's now ?01:23
IdleOnebelal1: was that the issue?01:23
quaaDasEi: i ripped them out of the enclosure and they are now connected to my working sata card.01:23
sebsebsebbelal1: well thats good the web cam works :)  in the future its a good idea to buy hardware that you know is supported by the manufacture when it comes to Linux :)01:23
SpazStaticLoshki: Yeah, monitor problems. Comp thinks that the max resolution is 640x480, which is below the minimum reported res on other computers (800x600).01:23
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mfpcoketsDasEi, thanks, ill try that01:24
belal1IdleOne:  i don't know the issue.  i suspected it was first muted, but that wasn't the case.  I tried switching settings under sound preferences but they all failed.01:24
DasEiqaa: so you have one hd running ubu now and the two hd's connected to same sys ?01:25
belal1sebsebseb:  Yeah, your right.  Though to my defence I was just converting a windows xp system to Lucid....01:25
quaaDasEi: they are two 500 gb disks, disk one shows one partition that is 1TB in space, where disk 2 shows no partitions.  both have a perfect log in smartctl.01:25
codebrainzbelal1, yea my lifecam "cinema" works perfect, A and V01:25
LoshkiSpazStatic: it's a new hardware setup?01:25
quaaDasEi: i have them both connected to the system running a live CD.01:25
IRConanhi there... does the ubuntu livecd have support for experimental BTRFS?01:25
codebrainzsebsebseb, lifecam's ARE supposed to be supported, at least by v4l201:25
sebsebsebbelal1: yeah and Microsoft don't like Linux much01:25
DasEiqaa: so you are fine then in raid 0 (striped)01:25
Benkinoobyhi, i removed all the kde from my kubuntu and installed fluxbox and lubuntu (lxde)... now i experience some issues with graphic performance... when there are many windows open, moving windows is very slow... the laptop itself is still fast... i chekced /etc/X11 and found out, that i only have a xorg.conf.failsafe but no xorg.conf... how can i mkae up/generate a new xorg file... or is there an other way recommended?01:25
Loshkicodebrainz: I'm in the market for a cam. What model would you recommend?01:26
SpazStaticLoshki: everything is the same except that I am now on Linx, and the monitor is different than the previous one.01:26
DoyleQ: Using MPD (local) with an Ario client. Arios folder view only displays folders with names starting with an escalamation mark. Any ideas what might cause this?01:26
belal1codebrainz:  hmm.... thanks for checking it out.  I'm going to look over the links.  I probably have something conflicting.  Just trying to figure out what.01:26
ubottuTo reset the gnome panel to defaults, type this in a !terminal: « gconftool --recursive-unset /apps/panel && killall gnome-panel »01:26
quaaDasEi: yeah well if i just mount the one disk and try to list its contents it doesnt work as expected, dont really know how to mount them and tell the system it was a raid set01:26
h00kBenkinooby: Xorg is not needed anymore, but if you have an xorg with options, it will read and use the settings from that01:26
Loshki!resolution | SpazStatic01:27
ubottuSpazStatic: The X Window System is the part of your system that's responsible for graphical output. To restart your X, type « sudo /etc/init.d/?dm restart » in a console - To fix screen resolution or other X problems: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/X/Config/Resolution01:27
codebrainzLoshki, the LifeCam cinema is nice, although it tends to hunt for focus a bit when it's dark01:27
LoshkiSpazStatic: see if there's something in the above that helps...01:27
drs305tomas_90: Good day. Having grub2 problems?01:27
Jordan_Uquaa: This is the problem with what is sold as "hardware" raid in desktop systems, you don't get any performance improvement since it's all still done with the CPU and you get the downside of proprietary metadata formats making arrays hard to recover01:27
Benkinoobyh00k, no xorg anymore? what relpaces it?01:27
SpazStaticLoshki: Been given that 3 times before, not counting this one, or the time that I found the wiki page before I got on IRC.01:27
h00kBenkinooby: settings are autodetected01:28
phong_hi i have question01:28
phong_how to install nvidia01:28
h00k!vidia | phong_01:28
phong_i remember presss ctrl01:28
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h00k!nvidia | phong_01:28
ubottuphong_: For Ati/NVidia/Matrox video cards, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BinaryDriverHowto01:28
sebsebsebphong_: antyhing in01:28
Loshkicodebrainz: googling it now...01:28
DasEiqaa: sudo fdisk -l gives ?01:28
sebsebsebphong_: system > administration > hardware drivers for it?01:28
SpazStaticLoshki: However, i'm not a very well versed Linux user. Perhaps if you were to lead me along while going through it?01:28
Leodwarfhelp I need webcam, some soft?01:28
phong_sebsebseb, i want to install myself....not thru system01:28
codebrainzLoshki, 720/hd and good audio01:28
jon1I have a fresh install of ubuntu, it doesnt load grum (just blinking cursor). I have a software raid.01:28
phong_i remembger i did it before01:29
stairmast0rsebsebseb: resetting it just reset the panels, not the "gnome custom menu"01:29
sjokkisfor some reason the numpad on my laptop activates randomly. after some varying time interval, my keyboard layout will change so that the keys on my right hand (890uiojklm) produce numbers rather than letters. setting the keyboard layout with setxkbmap fixes the problem until it happens again. can anyone offer an opinion on what might cause this?01:29
sebsebsebphong_: you should install from the repo only really, unless  you really have to get from them,  since  when you install from them,  you are likely to get problems01:29
phong_it's like log off and terminate the graphic thing then install with .run01:29
LoshkiSpazStatic: sounds like you need expert help. You need to put all stuff we've mentioned above into a single query and post it here every 15 minutes until Someone Who Knows shows up...01:29
quaaJordan_U: i agree.  this is an external my cuz bought and asked me to look at it to see if it was recoverable.  buying a external multidisk set is dumb imo01:30
sebsebsebstarcoder|Q: menu editor  just  uhmm go through that, and add stuff you want I guess01:30
jon1I have a fresh install of ubuntu, it doesnt load grub (just blinking cursor). I have a software raid.01:30
SpazStaticLoshki: I think its that I'm not entirely sure what all of the xrand and various things within the command are, or how to use them properly. I kind of get lost.01:30
Loshkisjokkis: I can't even offer an *explanation* of why it happens. An obscure X server bug?01:30
sebsebsebjon1: not sure if this is helpful, but01:30
sebsebseb!raid | jon101:30
ubottujon1: Tips and tricks for RAID and LVM can be found on https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/SoftwareRAID and http://www.tldp.org/HOWTO/LVM-HOWTO - For software RAID, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FakeRaidHowto01:30
quaaDasEi: http://pastebin.com/bnxG5QZn01:31
Benkinoobyh00k, i allrdy had a look at this01:32
Benkinoobyi use a intel integrateed graca01:32
jon1the raid was created through the installer01:32
LoshkiSpazStatic: Hmm. I just looked at the man page, xrandr *is* a complex beastie...01:33
SpazStaticLoshki: Yeah, have you any experience with it?01:33
LoshkiSpazStatic: none at all :-)01:33
aurillianceWhen executing "sudo mount /dev/sdb ~/temp" I get the message "mount: /dev/sdb already mounted or /home/aaron/temp busy"01:33
luis_Hello, how solve ubuntu's boot proble: dev/x/y no yet installed press to skip o m to manual mounting?01:33
Jordan_Uquaa: Have you installed the "dmraid" package?01:34
aurillianceI've umount ed /dev/sdb - how can I check if "temp" is busy?01:34
SpazStaticLoshki: So you wouldn't be likely to help me understand what its talking about, would you?01:34
Loshkicodebrainz: and it was plug and play for you?01:34
quaaJordan_U: yes, tried dmraid -r and it  "no raid disks"01:34
DasEiqaa: you will have to go with mdadm to reassemble the raid, and possibly lvscan01:34
codebrainzLoshki, yep, i literally just plugged and played it to test for that guy :)  I bought it for programming with Gstreamer to record video01:34
rafaelsoaresbrdoes anyone known how to move /var to another location like a symbolic link?01:35
cyborgsmurfDasEi: Im back01:35
sjokkisLoshki: i have no idea. i'm almost ready to go ahead and reinstall01:35
aurilliancerafaelsoaresbr, what do you mean?01:35
codebrainzrafaelsoaresbr, for what purpose?01:36
phong_this is what i should do: sudo /etc/init.d/gdm stop01:36
phong_in order to install nvidia01:36
jon1i love how ubuntu always fails me01:36
Exxonhow to fix hard disk problem (bad sectors)..!01:36
phong_can anyone tell me how to switch to linux command mode?01:36
cyborgsmurfDasEi: *yawn* anyway Im to tired to try anything today Good Night everyone and thank you all so very much01:36
quaaDasEi: there any way you can explain? i dont have much experience with mdadm01:36
codebrainzjon1, are you using LVM or actual software raid?01:36
phong_is it ctrl+alt+f1 ?01:36
rafaelsoaresbraurilliance, codebrainz, I need to free up some space in /, so I want to move /var to /backup/var using symbolic link. is it possilbe?01:37
aurilliancerafaelsoaresbr, "cd / && mkdir backup && mv /var /backup/var"01:38
aurilliancethen you'd need to create the link (i can't remember the specifics, but it's the ln command)01:38
codebrainzrafaelsoaresbr, best would be to mount /var to /backup/var in /etc/fstab i would think, after moving the files01:38
luis__> Hello, how solve ubuntu's boot proble: dev/x/y no yet installed press to skip o m to manual mounting?01:38
InnerFIRE_is there a ubuntu channel for audio help01:39
Loshkisjokkis: I don't see any X server bugs in google that also involve forgetting keyboard settings...01:39
FloodBot2InnerFIRE_: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.01:39
joshdreamlandAny graphics experts? Compiz can't detect my graphics card for some reason. It's an NVidia GeForce, FX 5200. I'm running the proprietary driver, version 173.01:39
Exxonhow to check hard disk for bad sector and to fix them!!01:39
DasEiqaa: I'm not much in techs these days, but lets try :01:39
codebrainzluis_, that's so not an actual error message, or proper english01:39
LoshkiInnerFIRE_: this channel is a good place to ask for audio help...01:39
joshdreamlandIts description reads, "If you wish to enable desktop effects, this driver is required." Well, the driver's active, and desktop effects don't work.01:39
codebrainzExxon, badblocks or fsck i guess01:39
luis_my problem is01:39
DasEiqaa: sudo mdadm -A /dev/md001:40
InnerFIRE_yeah.. i have audio in my headphones but no speakers01:40
InnerFIRE_can someone help with hat01:40
FloodBot2InnerFIRE_: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.01:40
InnerFIRE_what? flood.. i sent like two lines01:40
quaaDasEi: "mdadm: /dev/md0 not identified in config file."01:40
IdleOne!ohmy | luis_01:40
ubottuluis_: Please remember that all Ubuntu IRC channels share the same attitude of providing friendly and polite interaction with all users of all ages and cultures. Basically, this means no foul language and no abuse towards others.01:40
luis_when ubuntu is booting, an error message mount looks in my screen  S to skip M : manual mounting01:40
LoshkiInnerFIRE_: stop hitting return. Put it all on one line and the floodbot will leave you alone...01:40
h00kInnerFIRE_: please stop flooding, keep all of your things to one line01:40
codebrainzInnerFIRE_, unmute your audio in sound preferences01:41
InnerFIRE_tried that01:41
sjokkisLoshki: i think it's just a setting somewhere that changes my keyboard layout01:41
T1750getdeb is down right01:41
sjokkisLoshki: i simply have no idea where that might be01:41
InnerFIRE_every options u are about to suggest to me i've tried01:41
aurillianceI'm following http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=694513 and at step 6 it says to put your BIOS flasher on the USB, what does that mean?01:41
rafaelsoaresbraurilliance, codebrainz, /backup is on another partition, / partition is almost full (1Gb left). codebrainz: it sounds good, how to do that?01:41
InnerFIRE_been working on this for a year01:41
quaaDasEi: then i try this http://pastebin.com/E7kBvgYj01:41
h00kInnerFIRE_: did you report a bug with your audio card?01:42
aurillianceI have downloaded a gigabyte bios update .zip, but what is the BIOS flasher?01:42
h00kInnerFIRE_: if you've tried everything else?01:42
T1750i need a package called aria2 so i installed the lenny version (thought i was supposed to be able to install debian packages like that) from debian01:42
T1750it malfunctions, is there an ubuntu version anywhere?01:42
phong_i manage to get the nvidia install manually now01:42
holmserI just did a fresh install of a 10.04 lamp server, and installed phpmyadmin01:42
doormat81Could someone recommend a good text editor with Python syntax highlighting?01:42
codebrainzrafaelsoaresbr, totally guess here, but 'sudo cp -ar /var/* /backup/var' and then edit /etc/fstab file to make /backup/var be the mount point for /var01:42
Loshkisjokkis: sorry, I don't even know where to point you on that one. I don't think I've ever even *used* setxkbmap. Keep asking. Maybe an X guru will show up later...01:42
h00kdoormat81: vim is quite nice, although it has a higher learning curve to it01:43
holmserI'm trying to create a database, but it says I have "no privilages"01:43
arandT1750: It's present in Lucid..01:43
* T1750 asks question where is list of very unsupported community may be very insecure don't care repositories or packages web urls01:43
holmserany ideas?01:43
InnerFIRE_look man.. this has been an ongoing problem with ubuntu since ibex. im not the only one with the problem. plenty of sound problems since integrating with pulseaudio01:43
T1750arand: really? im on luciod01:43
* T1750 tries again01:43
doormat81h00k, was more looking for one that runs within Gnome :)01:43
Ubuntu_with_CoffHello yes is there any 1 here that can help me with an usb head set the sound is not working on it01:43
codebrainzdoormat81, Geany is my fav01:43
jon1I have a fresh install of ubuntu, it doesnt load grub (just blinking cursor). I have a software raid.01:44
h00kdoormat81: gedit can do syntax hilighting01:44
dsnyderscodebrainz, Riviera,  there is a turtle graphics library for python.  That should help to get the sand out of the coding gearbox.01:44
sefhi can I use ext4 for /boot ?01:44
sefwith 10.0401:44
codebrainzUbuntu_with_Coff, unmute the device in sound preferences01:44
h00kInnerFIRE_: does the bug exist for the version you are currently are using?01:44
mneptoksef: yes01:44
InnerFIRE_this needs to be fix. sound of of the box. ive never even experienced anything like this windows. audio from headphones but not speakers?  i mean.. even windows hasnt had a weirder problem01:44
doormat81codebrainz, yeah, that looks about like what I had in mind.  Thanks again01:44
InnerFIRE_what verions..01:44
doormat81Thanks, h00k.01:44
codebrainzdsnyders, isn't that for 6 year olds :)01:44
InnerFIRE_im on 10.04?01:44
LoshkiT1750: I didn't think any repos other than the 'official' Ubuntu ones were supported. If for no other reason than it would be impossible to test all the combinations...01:44
masterslakkthink wc3 will be nice in wine?01:44
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InnerFIRE_its been like this since ibex01:44
codebrainzdoormat81, works good in windows too, if you use it01:44
Ubuntu_with_Coffbrainz all is unmuted01:44
sefmneptok: sweet, thanks!01:45
h00kInnerFIRE_: What sound card do you have?01:45
Ubuntu_with_Coffstill no audio01:45
jon1wow, im amazed that such a blatant issue is present with ubuntu...01:45
SpazStaticLoshki: Oh, ok, so I just figured something out. I "borrowed" a monitor from one of the other computers and hooked it up as well. It has a default res pf 1280x1024, and is identified as dell blah blah blah. The other monitor is identified as CRT-0, which signifies an error.01:45
rafaelsoaresbrcodebrainz, I thought that a symbolic link would solve my problem. I will try that. thanks01:45
aurillianceCan someone please help me out for a few seconds and look at http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=694513 step 6? -I'm trying to flash my bios.01:45
Serephhow can i get more info to debug why my network printer doesnt show up when i type its ip in01:45
T1750well the problem is with aria2 cause the same problem happens as with the lenny package01:45
codebrainzUbuntu_with_Coff, pastebin the output of 'ls -l /dev/dsp*'01:45
InnerFIRE_aplay -l shows this01:45
dsnyderscodebrainz, it tickles the child within me :-)01:45
aurillianceIt says to put the "BIOS flasher" onto the usb - what does that mean?01:45
mneptokjon1: software RAID created in what OS?01:45
InnerFIRE_**** List of PLAYBACK Hardware Devices ****01:45
InnerFIRE_card 0: ICH6 [Intel ICH6], device 0: Intel ICH [Intel ICH6]01:45
InnerFIRE_  Subdevices: 0/101:45
InnerFIRE_  Subdevice #0: subdevice #001:45
InnerFIRE_card 0: ICH6 [Intel ICH6], device 4: Intel ICH - IEC958 [Intel ICH6 - IEC958]01:45
InnerFIRE_  Subdevices: 1/101:45
FloodBot2InnerFIRE_: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.01:45
jon1ubuntu installation01:45
codebrainzdsnyders, pygame is definitively worth looking at too, it's a stupid way of of naming PySDL01:46
h00kInnerFIRE_: please use Pastebin for multiline pastes.01:46
T1750i tapped a couple of neighbours wi-fi then was gunna ip route add some of the urls via their networks for ultraspeed lol01:46
aurilliancefar out ^ it's called a pastebin01:46
mneptokjon1: using LVM?01:46
jon1100% recognized at install, then doesnt install grub properly01:46
aurillianceUbuntu_and_Coffe, morning01:46
mneptokjon1: is /boot located outside of the RAID set?01:46
Ubuntu_and_Coffeany way01:46
aurillianceI'm copying BIOS update files to a usb - if they are all .exe01:47
LoshkiT1750: all I could find was this: http://sourceforge.net/projects/aria2/support01:47
* T1750 would have loved to see a several MiB/sec download to his own box01:47
aurilliancedoes it matter?01:47
jon1my raid isnt broken, and i can chainload into windows from floppy01:47
T1750Loshki: I posted there my problem will wait01:47
T1750thanks for looking for me01:47
mneptokjon1: is /boot located outside of the RAID set?01:47
h00kInnerFIRE_: perhaps this will help: https://answers.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/pulseaudio/+question/10618501:47
Ubuntu_and_Coffei need help with a usb headset it does'nt have any audio01:47
aurillianceis there a ubuntu netbook chanel?01:47
jon1hard to say seeing as i cant boot...01:47
jon1i installed grub to vol001:48
DasEiqaa:I will quit for today, as I'm too tired and recommending building a the array new is over my head, as there is danger in destroying data, sorry for that, got to ask on01:48
jon1so i imagine it should be there01:48
mneptokjon1: if /boot is *inside* the RAID array, of course it won't work. the RAID kernel modules are n the RAID array.01:48
jon1im gonna try livecd01:48
jon1i tried on sd0 lat time, still didnt work01:49
Ubuntu_and_CoffeCan any 1 help me with a usb head set it doesnt have any audio01:49
acerimmer_aurilliance: not on the list https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/ChannelList01:49
aurillianceacerimmer_, thanks01:49
h00kjon1: please try to keep all of your comments to one line, it makes things a lot easier to follow01:49
* aurilliance is going now to try and flash BIOS from a USB :S wish me luck!01:49
Sereph!ask | Ubuntu_and_Coffe01:49
ubottuUbuntu_and_Coffe: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)01:49
codebrainzUbuntu_and_Coffe, pastebin the output of 'ls -l /dev/dsp*'01:49
Serephoops my bad01:50
Serephsaw the any one and jumped the gun :S01:50
LoshkiSereph: don't worry about it...01:50
T1750why is apt-get still so noisy when i do -qq -y on an apt-get install01:51
luis_please help me01:51
T1750-qq means shut up and return me to the command prompt when i can use the program01:51
Sereph!ask | luis_01:51
ubottuluis_: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)01:51
T1750but i still get spammed to death about a bunch of stuff i don't care about or i'd run linux from scratch01:51
codebrainzSereph, there you go!01:51
Ubuntu_and_Coffecodebrainz i dont under stand what your saying is it in terminal where i should type that01:51
edbian_Where can I get help for developing java on linux?01:52
luis_Sereph: ¬¬01:52
LoshkiT1750: just redirect the output into a file....01:52
Serephluis_: what?01:52
codebrainzT1750, -qq No output except errors01:52
Serephedbian_: ##Java?01:52
T1750codebrainz: it outputs lots of not errors on install01:52
codebrainzT1750, lies!01:52
T1750Loshki: good idea, and i like the way you think that *I* should change not the program, it solves the problem a zillion times quicker01:53
edbian_Sereph, #java is invite only01:53
Serephedbian_: i said ##java01:53
Loshki!es | luis_01:53
ubottuluis_: En la mayoría de canales de Ubuntu se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español o charlar entra en el canal #ubuntu-es. Escribe "/join #ubuntu-es" (sin comillas) y dale a enter.01:53
* T1750 doesn't care enough to add the extra &>/dev/null though01:53
edbian_Sereph, Cannot join channel (+r) - you need to be identified with services  What does that mean?01:53
h00k!register | edbian_01:53
ubottuedbian_: Information about registering your nickname: http://freenode.net/faq.shtml#userregistration - Type « /nick <nickname> » to select your nickname. Registration help available by typing /join #freenode01:53
Serephedbian_: that you need to learn irc01:53
jon1i think im going to try an reinstall grub form livecd, it seems like it doesnt know how to install fom the installation01:53
codebrainzT1750, yeah, just tried, i think that's dpkg outputting that.  bummer01:53
edbian_I already am registered on freenode01:54
mneptokSereph: please be helpful. that was not.01:54
Serephwhat client are you using that doesnt forward the channels...01:54
Serephedbian_: identify for your nick01:54
T1750codebrainz: that should be considered a bug apt-get is superior and should be allowed to tell dpkg to shut up01:54
edbian_Sereph, I did!  My client automatically does for me.  That's how I got in here01:54
* T1750 isn't going to report it though01:54
Ubuntu_and_CoffeHello i need help with a usb headset it does'nt have any audio   -Thank you01:54
codebrainzT1750, apt just runs atop dpkg iirc01:54
Serephedbian_: maybe the fact that your nick is edbian not edbian_01:55
T1750of course, by superior i mean it's the controller, dpkg is just a model01:55
LoshkiT1750: please *do* report it....01:55
T1750if you think of the system01:55
Serephmneptok: I'm sorry I wasn't aware this was IRC help...01:55
codebrainzUbuntu_and_Coffe, pastebin the output of 'ls -l /dev/dsp*'01:55
codebrainzUbuntu_and_Coffe, we could've gotten you tested and working 10x by now :)01:55
abadrHow do I install postgresql without automatically creating a cluster?01:55
mneptokSereph: your "learn to use IRC" comment is not in the spirit of the Code Of Conduct01:56
edbian_Sereph, I identified again for good measure and I was able to get into ##java.  Thanks for the help01:56
T1750Loshki: I might do :) it means making yet another account my computer is badly damaged i did stupid stuff like reordered my partition table and formatted in the middle of nowhere01:56
* T1750 fix those things first01:56
* T1750 bbr01:56
LoshkiT1750: agreed, fix those things first. You know about 'screen' ?01:57
codebrainzabadr, what do you mean by cluster?  the default install is just a regular server install01:57
Ubuntu_and_Coffecodebrainz i dont under stand how to get to the directory01:57
abadrcodebrainz: I mean cluster as in a data directory that stores multiple databases that postgresql reads...01:57
codebrainzUbuntu_and_Coffe, go to Terminal, and type that01:57
codebrainzabadr, isn't that just how database servers work?  what specifically are you trying to do?01:58
Ubuntu_and_Coffeok i have typed it in the terminal01:58
sebastienhi everybody, is there some french people ??? Coucou tout le monde, y a t il des français ?01:58
abadrcodebrainz: I'm initializing my cluster in a different location, after postgresql in installed01:58
codebrainzUbuntu_and_Coffe, how many /dev/dsp devices were listed?01:58
InnerFIRE_ubuntu audio help channel please01:58
InnerFIRE_what channel is it01:58
Ubuntu_and_Coffecrw-rw----+ 1 root audio 14, 3 2010-06-07 15:24 /dev/dsp01:59
Loshkiabadr: be sure to also ask on #postgresql where the experts hang out...01:59
pijuguys, ubuntu-hams is organizing a HF net. to all amateur radio feels free to check in. more info on https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuHamsNets01:59
codebrainzUbuntu_and_Coffe, just the one line?01:59
sebastienhi everybody, is there some french people ??? Coucou tout le monde, y a t il des français ?01:59
abadrLoshki: already did, they don't know :)01:59
h00k!fr | sebastien01:59
ubottusebastien: Ce canal est en anglais uniquement. Si vous avez besoin d'aide ou voulez discuter en francais, merci de rejoindre #ubuntu-fr, ou #ubuntu-qc. Merci.01:59
codebrainzUbuntu_and_Coffe, do you have a built-in sound card also?01:59
mneptoksebastien: oui, en #ubuntu-fr ou #ubuntu-qc01:59
sebastienh00k, on se sent vite seul01:59
sebastienje suis sur irssi01:59
sebastienc'est vraiment très basique !02:00
h00kInnerFIRE_: there is no channel dedicated to audio. Did you see the previous link I offerd?02:00
Loshkiabadr: that's scary...02:00
sebastienj'ai l'impression de chater sur MS dos !!!02:00
mneptoksebastien: ecrivez "/join #ubuntu-fr"02:00
codebrainzUbuntu_and_Coffe, it looks like your device is not being properly detected.  is it supposed to be supported?02:00
mneptoksebastien: sans ""02:00
h00ksebastien: this channel is English, for French, please /join #ubuntu-fr02:00
sebastienhook, thanks ;)02:00
abadrLoshki: well postgresql doesn't create a cluster on install by default, that's a packaging-specific thing i think. maybe i'll ask in debian02:00
amokpaulehello, i try to add my comp to ubuntu one but i get this error: Unable to connect02:00
amokpaule      02:00
amokpaule      02:00
amokpaule      02:00
amokpaule      02:00
amokpaule      02:00
FloodBot2amokpaule: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.02:00
Loshkiabadr: best of luck...02:00
InnerFIRE_h00k ive tried every link. post it again and ill see if its any different. more than likely, ive been to it already02:01
h00kInnerFIRE_: perhaps this will help: https://answers.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/pulseaudio/+question/10618502:01
h00kInnerFIRE_: as I said before, if you're unable to find anything about ICH6 Audio on 10.04, please report a bug.02:01
codebrainzInnerFIRE_, what was the prob again?02:01
urthmoveris anyone else having strange CPU scaling problems on 10.04?02:02
amokpauleHello, i try to add my comp to ubuntu one but i get this error: http://pastebin.com/BQMnNj3H02:02
codebrainzUbuntu_and_Coffe, if you re-plugin the headset and then run the command 'dmesg | tail -n 10' you should see some meaningful information02:02
Jordan_Ujon1: Do you have more than one hard drive?02:02
urthmover9.04 does not have these problems for me....what packages are different that I can sort this out?02:03
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codebrainzurthmover, what problems?02:03
Loshkiamokpaule: what's running on localhost:56639 ?02:03
jon1well i have 2 hdd as a software raid02:03
amokpauleim not sure02:04
codebrainzjon1, no luck installing grub from the livecd?02:04
urthmovercodebrainz: well sometimes I am unable to put my cpu (using the gnome panel applet) on 2.67GHz...its stuck on 800MHz02:04
dark1hello , in shellscript, what does if [ -d "$1" ]  , -d consider as ?02:04
InnerFIRE_the problem is that i can hear music through headphones bt not through the internal speakers02:04
urthmovercodebrainz: I have installed sensors  and am watching the temp of the cpu and it never goes over 70C02:04
InnerFIRE_and i reported the bug almost a year and some change ago02:05
amokpauleLoshki, how can i found out?02:05
urthmovercodebrainz: your thoughts?02:05
InnerFIRE_i need to talk to someone who knows the audio system02:05
=== mindriot is now known as mndrt
Loshkidark1: -d is true if the argument exists and is a directory (man test)02:05
luis_My ubuntu boot problem: Partition dev/ sdx/y not ready o no yet present press to skip m to manual mount, how solve this isuue?02:06
codebrainzurthmover, http://www.mjmwired.net/kernel/Documentation/cpu-freq/governors.txt02:06
h00kInnerFIRE_: Did you preform all of the steps at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SoundTroubleshootingProcedure ?02:06
codebrainzurthmover, might be worth a read02:06
urthmovercodebrainz: looking thx02:06
codebrainzluis_, i've never seen such a message.  when does it say this?02:07
urthmovercodebrainz: yep  cpufreq-info  and cpufreq-selector is what I have also been using to hard set this...thinking that it might be a gnome panel applet problem....but alas  the problem persists on 10.04 for me02:08
luis_codebrainz, are you an idiot??? in spanish we cant read and undrestand a lot grammatical forms ¬¬02:08
Arthur___i want to install the mini.iso then install packages as i need them. i want to use vesa driver for video do i have to install xorg to get that or can i install it separately02:08
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Loshkiluis_: please try and keep a civil tone, ok?02:08
Loshki 02:08
luis_Go and eat shit¡¡¡02:09
GuthurIs there any permanent work around for the mountall bug in Lucid02:09
edbian_!ops | luis_lopez02:09
ubottuluis_lopez: Help! Channel emergency! (ONLY use this trigger in emergencies) -  elky, Madpilot, tritium, Nalioth, tonyyarusso, PriceChild, Amaranth, jrib, Myrtti, mneptok, Pici, jpds, gnomefreak, bazhang, jussi, Flannel, ikonia, maco, h00k, IdleOne, or nhandler!02:09
codebrainzh00k, thanks02:09
GuthurIt can't log into my system with out a nasty workaround from the emergency console02:09
Loshkiamokpaule: I would check your browser config first. Do you have a proxy configured?02:09
Arthur___i want to install the mini.iso then install packages as i need them. i want to use vesa driver for video do i have to install xorg to get that or can i install it separately02:10
GuthurThis issue -> http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?p=876175802:10
amokpauleLoshki, not that im aware off this is a freash ubuntu install02:10
dark1Loshki, if i dropping a db, and is being accessed by other users, how do i pick that up with the test, i have send the output as 2>&1 > /dev/null02:10
dark1now how do i check for that condition? :)02:10
AgolightlyI just bought an belkin play router and i can not seem to get the setup cd to work. it gives me an error message. anyone familiar with this02:10
InnerFIRE_h00k, ill perform them. but ive performed the before02:10
codebrainzArthur___, you can just use the Alternate cd and select Command line install.  and kernel has a vesa and x also supports it02:11
T1750Loshki: I used screen in the 90's before they invented GUI terminals with multiple tabs02:11
LoshkiT1750: ok, it's just that it sounded like you could use it now...02:11
T1750now i can't think why I'd want to use it unless to detach some program on a server, and i can't think of any program i'd want to detach02:11
codebrainzArthur___, if you want X, you need X + the vesa driver, if you just want the kernel framebuffer without X, then you just enable the vesafb driver (or uvesafb)02:12
T1750Loshki: naah i a mix of GUI and CLI02:12
h00kInnerFIRE_: that's probably going to be your best bet, then if you report it on Launchpad, the Audio people will be able to see it and assist02:12
* T1750 doesn't understand the purists02:12
Arthur___i have an older computer i dont need xorg i think vesa will do i want to know how to sudo apt-get vesa?02:13
InnerFIRE_after 3 distros?02:13
=== Dreamglider is now known as OY1R
InnerFIRE_h00k this has been going on for over a year02:13
Arthur___i am going to use the minimal cd and install packages as i need them02:13
T1750Loshki: why did you think i could make use of it btw, i could always be wrong there may be an excellent reason for still using screen02:13
LoshkiT1750: sorry, I thought you were the one complaining about spurious output from apt-get in the background, I just thought that if you ran it under screen it would keep all the output from getting mixed up...02:13
codebrainzArthur___, what do you expect from the framebuffer/vesa?  it won't give you windows like X or window managers like metacity02:13
T1750Loshki: Oh I was, but it was more comment than complaint02:14
Arthur___i know sudo apt-get install xorg will install xorg but i want to use vesa driver instead..?02:14
h00kInnerFIRE_: It needs to be reported so the devs know about the problem. Please report it and that you're having a problem with Lucid.02:14
T1750on a scale of 1-10 of care i'm about a 0.502:14
SaEeDIRHAhello, how can i fix my apt-get package manager ? i have removed some files manually and now when i run "apt-get autoremove" it shows me an error message that it cannot find the directories which is because i removed them manually , how can i fix this problem ?02:15
codebrainzArthur___, apt-get install --no-install-recommends xinit xserver-xorg-video-vesa xserver-xorg-input-synaptics xserver-xorg-input-kbd xserver-xorg-input-mouse xfonts-base xterm02:15
Ubuntu_and_Coffethank u cod brainz this should be enough information 2 fix it and i am seeing multiple C-Media USB Headphone Set02:15
codebrainzArthur___, that's a basic X install, but you'd prolly be better off using your real drivers02:16
T1750SaEeDIRHA: tell apt to reinstall itself? :) make the dirs?02:16
Loshkiamokpaule: well, it seems logical from the error message: "Firefox can't establish a connection to the server at localhost:56639.". I can't think why it would choose such an address unless it was configured somewhere...02:16
SaEeDIRHAT1750: how can i tell apt-get to reinstall itself ? is there anyway to clean its catch ?02:16
T1750apt-get clean02:16
Arthur___i have older computers want ubuntu on them and dont want to put any xtra load on the slow cpu's 1000mhz 700 and a 600...02:17
SaEeDIRHAi have upgraded the system and since then i am encountering problem02:17
ppireshi there. does anyone here has experience building packages using boost.build?02:17
amokpauleLoshki, ok can you tell me for what i have to look now?02:17
T1750SaEeDIRHA: tell me what you did, write it in a big paste bin, i will do it too, then repair it and pastebin it back02:17
Ubuntu_and_CoffeTHANK U VERY MUCH CODEBRAINZ i got full sound and in line mic02:17
codebrainzArthur___, install a Command line from the alternate CD and then run that apt-get command i gave, i can assure you it will run fine.02:17
T1750but you only have 15 minutes or so :)02:17
codebrainzUbuntu_and_Coffe, np.  glad you got it working02:17
aaaoooaaahi guys, anybody know how to extract a .rar file?02:17
T1750SaEeDIRHA: like, try and pastebin the commands, if you cant just describe02:18
codebrainzArthur___, i'd also recommend a nice lightweight window manager and panel02:18
aaaoooaaaim on ubuntu karmic02:18
h00k!unrar | aaaoooaaa02:18
ubottuaaaoooaaa: rar is a non-free archive format created by Rarsoft. For instructions on accessing .rar files through the Archive Manager view https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FileCompression. There is a free (as in speech) unrar utility as well, see !info unrar-free02:18
Arthur___yea i installed the base system and used xorg i think vesa will be less resource hog? is that right???02:18
codebrainzArthur___, doubt it.  probably get better performance with the proper driver02:18
SaEeDIRHAT1750: http://pastebin.com/DJHY4xap02:19
Arthur___think xorg will work better?02:19
T1750someone should e-mail that rar guy that nobody except pirates uses rar anyway so he might as well make it OS02:19
T1750nobody's gunna buy it they're pirates02:19
codebrainzArthur___, xorg is sorta your only choice if you want anything resembling a regular desktop environment02:19
Hdale85I'm trying to chroot into my main root directory from the live CD so I can use apt-get to fix some issues that made my network not work anymore, but my sources was set to just cd so it's not using the net02:19
h00kT1750: please keep it ontopic:)02:19
T1750h00k: sorry02:19
judgetsomething silly and trivial but annoying in 10.04 is where the icons go for minimized apps does anyone else experience this or have a solution?02:20
judgetim running 10.04 studio02:20
codebrainzjudget, you mean how they're on the left?02:20
Loshkiamokpaule: sorry, dunno. Also ask in #firefox, ok?02:20
judgetis there a property for the notification area that I may have misset?02:20
Arthur___so as in proper driver u mean xorg?02:20
T1750SaEeDIRHA: what is your uname -a output ?02:20
T1750paste in here02:20
amokpauleLoshki,  ok ty for your time :)02:21
Ubuntu_and_Coffecodebrainz we got 1 problem tho i dont get any audio online (youtube,aolmusic)02:21
Agolightlyanyone have experience with belkin wireless routers that can help me figure out why i can not connect wirelessly02:21
judgetcodebrainz Im running a dual port so they seem to go off to the right bottom of the screen  but i cant find them02:21
SaEeDIRHAT1750: "Linux base 2.6.32-22-generic #36-Ubuntu SMP Thu Jun 3 19:31:57 UTC 2010 x86_64 GNU/Linux"02:21
codebrainzArthur___, no, i mean instead of xserver-xorg-video-vesa, use xserver-xorg-video-your_real_driver02:21
judgetI can alt+tab to get minimized stuff back02:21
codebrainzjudget, do you have an applet in your panel for this (i forget the name in gnome)02:22
SaEeDIRHAT1750: i remember removed those files long ago manually02:22
zifnabi can't find sun-java6-jdk in lucid02:22
T1750thats ok then those files are all cruff so you can go crazy02:22
codebrainzjudget, it's called "task list" in xfce02:22
T1750use dpkg to force remove the package02:22
zifnabwhat happened to it? i've got main-multiverse-universe enabled02:22
T1750i forget how02:22
* T1750 looks in manpage02:22
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h00kjudget: indicator-applet ?02:23
codebrainzh00k, the one that shows opened windows02:23
h00koh, the...uh.02:23
Jordan_Ujon1: Is the array composed of drives, with the content of the array partitioned, or is the array composed of partitions?02:23
Arthur___one more stupid question how would i determine my correct driver?02:23
h00kyou know, task-switcher thingy :)02:23
tripelbhi, I used to have javascript and adobe. but what's up now? 9.10 chrome.java allowed. should I do the adobe version again? I sort of remember that some version of flash is Good and some version is Bad. lol-good-bad.02:23
tripelbTo view this movie you need the Adobe Flash Player plugin. You also need JavaScript enabled in your browser.02:24
T1750SaEeDIRHA: i;m not leet enuf to work it out cuz i don't use deb as my main package system mostly i suggest you read man pages but uust use dpkg tools not apt and --force things02:24
T1750if you give me an sssh login i will do it02:24
Loshkizifnab: looks like they talk about it here: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=140696902:24
ubottuDO NOT RUN THAT COMMAND That particular command is DANGEROUS and shouldn't be uttered here. REST OF YOU: DANGER, WILL ROBINSON, DANGER! Do not use the command or utter it here thank you!02:24
T1750but that would be a biut silly to givr a stranger root ssh to your box02:24
zifnabLoshki, thanks i couldn't find that for some reason02:24
h00kT1750: Please do not suggest that.02:24
judgetso i should add a task list item to the panmel?02:25
T1750h00k: what the let me ssh thing?02:25
codebrainzjudget, yeah, i think the default in gnome is in the bottom panel02:25
tommyobloodhey, I am having a problem after I updated my Ubuntu to 10.04. I can't load Ubuntu without my 9.04 cd in. I get this error: Non-system disk or disk error. replace and strike any key. I put the 9.04 disk in and goto boot from disk and everything works well. Am I missing some boot files or what? I am at a loss02:25
LoshkiSaEeDIRHA: do I need to warn you not to let strange men into your system via ssh?02:25
judgetah it is called window list in gnome02:25
T1750h00k: there's no reason he can't force remove all those old kernels they're not needed02:25
T1750so i guess you must mean that02:25
judgetcodebrain in ubuntu studio you only have one task panel02:26
h00kT1750: just the 'allow me into your box' type behavior, please don't do that02:26
T1750ok :)02:26
h00kT1750: Thank you :)02:26
Cinnamonwere to i get more screensavers02:26
codebrainzjudget, ah, ok then :)02:26
T1750ill give it a crack at re-creating the error then02:26
PeloCinnamon, check in synaptic there are several packages that aren'T installed by default02:26
h00kCinnamon: you can check in the Software Center for some02:26
amokpauleLoshki, i got it now i had to stop ubuntu one on my comp then restart now it works.02:27
Cinnamonok thanks02:27
codebrainztommyoblood, any other os on the system?02:27
tripelbI cant do hulu on chrome. I disabled flashblock. still it fails.02:27
h00kCinnamon: you can also check gnome-look.org but beware and don't install anything you're not positive what it is.02:27
Loshkiamokpaule: very good...02:27
tommyobloodcodebrainz, nope only 10.0402:27
codebrainztommyoblood, you can try reinstalling grub, might fix it02:27
h00kCinnamon: there was an instance of a malicious behavior on gnome-look.org so be certain of what you're installing if you get anything from there.02:27
judgetcodebrain, i had thought it was the notification item but apparently iin gnome it is called a window list02:27
codebrainzjudget, yea that's the ticket02:28
tommyobloodcodebrainz, what is the commands for that in the terminal?02:28
h00kjudget: window-list, that's it02:28
T1750SaEeDIRHA: which ver of ubuntu did you say you were on again?02:28
Loshkih00k: was there? Got a link handy?02:28
codebrainztommyoblood, man grub-install02:28
h00kLoshki: of what?02:28
SaEeDIRHAi just upgraded02:28
Cinnamoni wish i could have someone set this up for me02:28
Ubuntu_and_CoffeHello codbrainz sry for asking again but i dont get no audio on firefox02:29
h00kCinnamon: you might also get some use from the !manual02:29
Loshki",,,an instance of a malicious behavior on gnome-look.org...". Maybe it wasn't as salacious as it sounded?02:29
h00k!manual | Cinnamon02:29
ubottuCinnamon: The Ubuntu Manual will help you become familiar with everyday tasks such as surfing the web, listening to music and scanning documents. With an emphasis on easy to follow instructions, it is suitable for all levels of experience. http://ubuntu-manual.org/02:29
h00kLoshki: someone uploaded some bad stuff and packaged it as a screensaver, iirc02:29
liquidweaverCinnamon: There might be a SLUUG where you live02:29
liquidweavererm, I mean LUUG02:29
Loshkih00k: oh, that's nasty. About how long ago?02:30
xxthinkI want to use scp to copy files between the server and my ubuntu using the username root. But others have already using the authorized_keys file in the server02:30
h00kCinnamon: You might want to also check out Local Communities (LoCos) in your area.02:30
h00kLoshki: oh, a year or more, maybe.02:30
Cinnamonim just new to linux02:30
tripelbI cant get hulu in firefox or chrome. Yes I cleared the cache02:30
h00k!loco | Cinnamon (sorry to send you a ton of spam)02:30
ubottuCinnamon (sorry to send you a ton of spam): Information on Ubuntu Local Community Teams is at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LoCoTeams02:30
xxthinkWhen I use ssh-keygen to create a pub key file, what should I do next?02:30
Loshkih00k: thanks, I'll poke around...02:30
h00kCinnamon: lastly, you can check out #ubuntu-beginners by typing /join #ubuntu-beginners02:30
xxthinkIf I copy my pub key file to the server, the original authorized_keys files in the server will be overwrite02:31
xxthinkIs there some methods?02:31
liquidweaverauthorized_keys holds multiple keys02:32
belal1alright, so i've tried to use gnome-alsamixer but to no avail!02:32
Loshkixxthink: you can add many entries to authorized_keys. *Append* your pub key to the file....02:32
T1750SaEeDIRHA: do you happen to remember which version of ubuntu installed linux-restricted-modules-2.6.28-11-generic was it karmic?02:32
liquidweaveryou don't overwrite it, you append to it02:32
xxthinkLoshki: thank you!02:32
belal1something has got to be conflicting....02:32
xxthinkliquidweaver: ok02:32
xxthinkThank you!02:32
SaEeDIRHAT1750: i am fixing it manually :)02:32
codebrainzbelal1, what was the issue again?02:32
T1750SaEeDIRHA: good job02:32
T1750just dpkg force remove it all02:32
belal1codebrainz: microsoft vx-3000 mic not working02:32
judgetCinamain there is a free ubuntu handbook that you can download which is GREAT for beginners02:33
codebrainzbelal1, what /dev/dsp devices do you have?02:33
* T1750 was gunna install it then break it just like you did02:33
Loshkijudget: check out using your tab key for nick autocompletion...02:33
belal1codebrainz:  how do I check?02:34
hiexpoevening all02:34
SaEeDIRHAT1750: dpkg didnt work, i fixed it by creating missing folders and files :D02:34
Loshkihiexpo: always nice to see regulars...02:34
codebrainzbelal1, in the terminal window, type ls -l /dev/dsp*02:34
T1750SaEeDIRHA: another good hack02:35
T1750welll done02:35
hiexpoLoshki, thanx02:35
belal1crw-rw----+ 1 root audio 14,  3 2010-06-06 14:23 /dev/dsp02:35
belal1crw-rw----+ 1 root audio 14, 19 2010-06-06 14:23 /dev/dsp102:35
SaEeDIRHAT1750: thankx for your help m8 :)02:35
codebrainzbelal1, type this,  cat /dev/dsp1 > /dev/dsp02:35
codebrainzbelal1, you should hear your mic (with some delay)02:35
* T1750 woulda tried to make the files first too if it was his own machine but since didn't have package...02:35
tommyobloodcodebrainz, where is there a tutorial or a walk through for reinstalling grub?02:36
Loshkicodebrainz: is dsp1 always the microphone, then?02:36
codebrainztommyoblood, prolly on the GNU website02:36
Loshki!grub2 | tommyoblood02:36
ubottutommyoblood: GRUB2 is the default Ubuntu boot manager since Karmic. For more information and troubleshooting on GRUB2 please refer to https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Grub202:36
jon1ok, fixed my raid issues. forget trying to figure out what ubuntu did wrong. downloaded newest www.supergrubdisk.org, fixed it llike a charm. funny how a 2 mg cd can fix what ubiuntu cant get right in the first place02:36
codebrainzLoshki, not necessarily, i think it's the order they're detected/plugged, and since it's USB device ...02:36
Loshkicodebrainz: yeah, makes sense, thanks...02:37
* T1750 installed the ubuntu grub2 loader onto his suse lol02:37
T1750it's much better02:37
T1750i can boot directly into lvm02:37
LoshkiT1750: I think that's the first thing I've heard grub2 is better at!02:38
T1750Loshki: i didn't need a stupid boot partition anymore02:38
T1750it was pointless but fun02:38
belal1codebrainz:  I don't hear anything02:38
codebrainzbelal1, even after a few second delay?02:39
jon1t1750, can you boot?02:39
codebrainzbelal1, re-plugin the device and then do dmesg | tail -n 1002:39
T1750jon1: sure02:39
codebrainzbelal1, then pastebin what it shows02:39
jon1what was wrong with your raid?02:39
T1750it even lets me reference my lvms like (lg0-lv0) instead of (hd0)02:40
codebrainzbelal1, make it tail -n 20 (for more lines)02:40
T1750my raid (lvm) setup, mine personally?02:40
T1750oh i had a lot of trouble with it, so much trouble in the end it just got rid of it :)02:40
T1750started with a dying disk, it was raid 002:41
belal1[112168.364076] ===>rt_ioctl_giwscan. 2(2) BSS returned, data->length = 30302:41
belal1[112288.364081] ===>rt_ioctl_giwscan. 3(3) BSS returned, data->length = 44302:41
urthmoverhow come I cannot set renice to -15 within top?02:41
belal1[112331.852052] usb 3-2: USB disconnect, address 202:41
belal1[112331.853386] gspca: disconnect complete02:41
belal1[112335.864073] usb 3-2: new full speed USB device using uhci_hcd and address 302:41
FloodBot2belal1: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.02:41
belal1[112336.025303] usb 3-2: configuration #1 chosen from 1 choice02:41
codebrainzbelal1, i said *pastebin*02:41
Beyondinfernosomeone want to help me with a broken package issue?02:42
* T1750 did however boot back into his machine before deciding it was too much of a mess to fix. the opensuse autofix decided to reinstall *everything* for some unknown reason (the system worked fine) and then said it couldn't install a boot loader, so i installed ubuntus which worked like a charm :D02:42
codebrainzbelal1, do    dmesg | tail -n 20      then go to pastebin.com or somewhere and post the output for me02:42
belal1codebrainz: sorry, i didn't know.  http://paste.ubuntu.com/446386/02:42
PeloBeyondinferno, do you get an error msg ?02:42
codebrainzbelal1, can you unplug, re-plug the device and then wait some seconds and try again (with the tail -n 20) part so i can see more lines02:43
* T1750 didn't let autofix from opensuse keep reinstalling a whole working system so just killed it and archived his home dir02:43
BeyondinfernoI wasn't home when it happend but i'm getting lockups and it show a broken package in synaptic02:43
T1750and aborting the autofix broke the machine02:44
PeloBeyondinferno, did you try reinstalling it from synaptic ?02:44
=== hunter is now known as Guest76727
Beyondinfernoit's saying libdirectfb-dev is broken02:44
Beyondinfernoand yes I did. it fails.02:44
PeloBeyondinferno, remove completelty, then reinstall02:44
h00kT1750: please keep the conversation centered on ubuntu support :)02:45
Beyondinfernoeven though it has a bunch of dependacies?02:45
codebrainzbelal1, also what type of LifeCam is it (full model name)02:46
PeloBeyondinferno, only 4, make a note of them and reisntall them afterward02:46
hiexpotrying to figure out how to install a driver /// pulling hair out > about bald02:46
Beyondinfernogotcha. thanks Pelo.02:46
belal1codebrainz:  http://paste.ubuntu.com/446389/ , it's it's a Microsoft Lifecam VX-300002:46
Pelohiexpo, which driver ?02:46
hiexpopeleg, for the awus036h02:47
Pelohiexpo, , ooo kkkk,  more basic, what is this a driver for ?02:47
hiexpoPelo, for the awus036h02:47
hiexpowireless dongle02:48
BeyondinfernoPelo, i've got 31 affected packages.... not 4. I Should just take note and reinstall all?02:48
Pelohiexpo, that's the answer I was looking for02:48
Beyondinfernobikcmp! fancy seeing you here.02:49
bikcmpBeyondinferno: Oh hey :)02:49
hiexpoPelo, i already have a wireless card working in my notebook but don't wanna brick it installing the new one02:49
PeloBeyondinferno, before doing that ,  try doing a symple sudo apt-get install pakage name from a terminal , see if there is a simple error msg tellingyou how to fix it02:49
=== xSwSUGB is now known as comecum
Pelohiexpo, what's the file ending for the driver file ?02:50
hiexpoPelo, heres the link to the patch i got02:50
dianehi all...just tring to install ubuntu along side win7 on a laptop and grub doesn't get picked up on boot unless the flash drive i used to install in plugged in.  any one know what i can do to make grub happy?02:50
QBjEfMother fucking Jack here. ;)02:50
comecumMother fucking Jack here. ;)02:50
hiexpoPelo,  - http://forum.aircrack-ng.org/index.php?topic=5755.002:50
Pelodiane, I'M guessing grub got installed on the flash drive instead of the hdd02:51
LoshkiT1750: #ubuntu-offtopic is a good place to talk about nerd stuff...02:51
skCMother fucking Jack here. ;)02:51
dianeoh :(02:51
dianeso i'll reinstall...02:51
Beyondinfernobikcmp, you feel like helping me out with a broken package issue?02:51
bikcmpBeyondinferno: Sure, go ahead02:51
Pelohiexpo, which part is giving you trouble ?02:52
hiexpo!language | sk02:52
ubottusk: Please watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family friendly.02:52
Beyondinfernoalright, libdirectfb-dev shows broken02:52
Pelodiane,  ust before telling it to start installing , there is a button to  modify the install detail, you can specify the grub location from there02:52
wise_cry1t!info zinc02:52
ubottuPackage zinc does not exist in lucid02:52
sinistradI've been trying to run e2fsck on a hard drive, but it pegs out my memory(4G) and swap(~9G) and crashes. I created a hdd cache and it ran most of the day, but locked up my system, and I don't know how far it got. Anyone have experience with this or can suggest a channel that might?02:53
Pelohiexpo, sk is a troll,  probably jsut a bot02:53
hiexpoPelo,  - sudo rmmod r8187 rtl8187 mac80211 cfg80211 because the last two  are being used by my other card02:53
=== chr1831 is now known as FFForever
hiexpoPelo, that was an oops02:53
urthmoverholy buckets02:53
urthmoverthat was nutso02:53
ubottunetsplit is when two IRC servers of the same network (like freenode) disconnect from each other, so users on one server stop seeing users on the other. If this is happening now, just relax and enjoy the show. See http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Netsplit02:53
Pelohiexpo, simple enoungh, don'T list the last two in the rmmod command02:53
=== nhandler_ is now known as nhandler
Pelohiexpo, still around ?02:54
codebrainzbelal1, what is the output of    lsmod | grep sn9c102     with the camera plugged in02:54
hiexpoPelo, yes but will it still work that way?02:54
Pelohiexpo, I don'T see why it shouldn'T02:55
hiexpook will give it a bang02:55
Pelohiexpo, at this point I'M just guessing, but this is how I would go about it myself,  worse case scenario it won't work but you won'T have removed the drivers you are  currently using02:56
Trist_Hey all.. maybe you can help..02:56
Trist_What 3 letters are used to indicate the month that the file /etc/motd was last updated?02:56
SpazStaticLoshki: hey, you there?02:56
belal1codebrainz:  it doesn't output anything.  that used to be my old usb webcam02:57
PeloTrist_, I'd love to help but I'M not even sure I understand the question02:58
codebrainzbelal1, what is the output of     lsmod | grep gspca02:58
=== Remixman_ is now known as Remixman
Trist_pelo, fair enough03:00
codebrainzTrist_, i believe it's with the date command, the b formatting sequence03:00
codebrainzman date03:00
doggie015is floodbot supposed to usually do that?03:01
flappyarf sry03:01
Blue1man ddate03:01
codebrainzbelal1, you have the right driver03:01
codebrainzbelal1, you are 100% positive the sound isn't muted or turned down?03:02
belal1so is the record volume low?03:02
codebrainzbelal1, check it, in the sound preferences window03:02
codebrainzbelal1, stuff tends to be muted by default for some reason sometimes03:02
fluvvellwhat do people recommend for an irc client in lucid ?03:02
codebrainzfluvvell, xchat is nice03:02
sinistradfluvvell, xchat here03:03
fluvvellcodebrainz, thanks, I've always used it but a newbie was asking me.03:03
h00kfluvvell: irssi if you're comfortable with the command line03:03
belal1hmm... i checked again, it's not muted.  but for some reason, sound recorder doesn't seem to even move the levels on bottom.03:03
erculaif you want a gui one, i'd say xchat as well03:03
fluvvellh00k, thx :-)03:03
FabioNotehi peoples03:03
etraskHello, when I installed Ubuntu 10.04 64-bit, the installer detected my install of WIndows XP Pro and added it to the grub list, however when I try to boot WIndows, the machine hangs with a flashing cursor in the top left of the screen. Can someone help me with this?03:03
fluvvellsinistrad; thanks03:04
codebrainzbelal1, is the right input device selected in the sound preferences dialog?03:04
FabioNotei'm brazilian03:04
belal1yes, the webcam is selected.03:04
sinistradfluvvell, Of course! Like someone else said, irssi is good if you use the command-line a lot.03:04
* Blue1 checks03:04
* Blue1 is maleish today.03:04
doggie015etrask, insert your windows CD, boot windows through it and run CHKDSK03:04
etraskdoggie015: would BartPE work? Last time I tried to access the microsoft recovery console it ended up just reinstalling XP03:05
liquidweaverWhat is everyone's thoughts about the recent proprietary creep, like the lack of source for Ubuntu One, the Ubuntu One Music store, Landscape, etc....03:06
Paddy_NIetrask, can you boot to windows?03:06
doggie015You can use BartPE, just stick to disk repair tools03:06
zifnabliquidweaver, they removed sun-java603:06
etraskPaddy_NI I have not tried anything to get into windows short of selecting it in GRUB. Kinda disappointed this happened I have never had problems dual booting before03:06
doggie015I've used UBCD4win successfully to fix an unbootable windows install03:06
zifnabthey should remove ubuntu one +-music store03:06
h00kalso, see ##windows for windows support03:07
Paddy_NIetrask, meh I guess its good to be kept on your toes :)03:07
liquidweaverheh indeed03:07
etraskI will try that, thank you guys03:07
codebrainzliquidweaver, when it gets bad enough, switch to another distro :)  as long as it doesn't interfere with me using my system, i don't care though03:07
duuhr irc.hub4ever.org03:07
Ubuntu_and_CoffeHello every 1 i am having trouble with audio for firefox audio the audio works for Movie player but not fire fox03:09
doggie015is your firefox install corrupt?03:10
Ubuntu_and_Coffeno its runs fine03:10
h00kUbuntu_and_Coffe: more specifically, is it flash audio?03:10
Ubuntu_and_Coffelike videos03:10
Ubuntu_and_Coffethat have audio03:10
=== Sm3gal is now known as needs
codebrainzUbuntu_and_Coffe, how did you install libflashplayer.so?03:11
=== needs is now known as needs_voice
sinistradI've been trying to run e2fsck on a hard drive, but it pegs out my memory(4G) and swap(~9G) and crashes. I created a hdd cache and it ran most of the day, but locked up my system, and I don't know how far it got. Anyone have experience with this or can suggest a channel that might?03:13
=== needs_voice is now known as sm3gal
h00ksinistrad: you might want to try ##linux as well if nobody here can help03:14
sinistradThanks h00k03:15
h00ksinistrad: I wish you luck :/03:15
sinistradh00k, me too!03:15
=== sm3gal is now known as Sm3gal
imthenachomanhow can i figure out what version of ubuntu i have? like hardy/lucid/karmic/etc ?03:16
h00kimthenachoman: lsb_release -a03:16
wise_crypti'm trying to find a console based yahoo messenger, any idea ?03:16
unboundhey everybody03:16
trismwise_crypt: finch?03:16
chris411nzCan someone help with Xubuntu Grup Menu editing?03:17
imthenachomanh00k: ty03:17
imthenachomanso i installed django with apt-get, but now i cannot find where its installed....are there log files created by apt-get?03:17
chris411nzsorry Grub2 editing03:18
chuy_maxI need to scan 100+ pages, is there an easy to use scanning software in the repos?03:18
chuy_maxI don't want this to be a 100 hours project03:18
h00kimthenachoman: you can check the package details in Synaptic03:18
wise_crypttrism: does it support ym ?03:19
h00kimthenachoman: there's also a commandline version, but I don't remember offhand03:19
imthenachomanh00k: oh, i'm running server edition so no X, I'll figure it out03:19
mechdaveimthenachoman, try the tab completion in the bash shell03:20
imthenachomanmechdave: ??/03:21
mechdavethat is type dja <TAB KEY>03:21
GryllidaIn software center, I hit 'install' for one of them, and nothing happens, no 'input password' window shows up — though it did work a bit ago — why and how to fix?03:21
h00kimthenachoman: apt-cache show django might help03:21
mechdaveimthenachoman, I use it all the time to automatically complete commands on the command line03:22
imthenachomanmechdave: but that wont tell me where django files are installed03:22
trismwise_crypt: it uses libpurple so it supports everything pidgin does (which includes yahoo last time I checked)03:22
imthenachomanh00k: humm, let me see03:22
mechdaveimthenachoman, Oh right, I got you now :)03:22
hufxhello all03:23
BeyondinfernoPelo, you got a sec?03:23
Datzwhat is ubottu?03:23
h00k!bot | Datz03:23
ubottuDatz: Hi! I'm ubottu's favorite infobot, you can search my brain yourself at http://ubottu.com/factoids.cgi - Usage info: http://ubottu.com/devel/wiki/Plugins03:23
Datzwhat kind of bot?03:24
Datznot depreciated infobot03:24
Datzthought it was a sypybot03:24
h00kDatz: it is a supybot03:24
Datzah, nice03:24
=== kbrosnan_ is now known as kbrosnan
Beyondinfernoanyone feel like helping me with a broken package?03:25
pakozAnyone have a guide for getting ubuntu as a VM in windows 7?  I've never used linux or any VM before.03:25
codebrainzBeyondinferno, which package?03:25
wise_crypttrism: thanks03:25
codebrainzpakoz, google03:25
rokykhmm...so I need some help. I just bought a laptop today and when I try and boot arch linux to install its sits and hangs on "kerne_thread_helper" and never moves. Is there something I'm doing wrong here03:25
pakozcodebrainz, i'd like personal input :)03:26
codebrainzBeyondinferno, sudo apt-get install --reinstall libdirectdb-dev03:26
Beyondinfernoi've tried apt-get install, apt-get -f install, autoclean, clean and no dice03:26
Callum__rokyk: you will haveto go ask that question in Arch Linux support channel03:26
codebrainzpakoz, get VirtualBox from sun, download ubuntu iso, boot in vm, tada!03:26
celeritaspakoz, windows 7 is not as relevant to vm installation as much as which vm you are planning on using. depending on what vm you are using, there are various tutorials on the installation of ubuntu03:26
rokykhmm...so I need some help. I just bought a laptop today and when I try and boot ubuntu to install its sits and hangs on "kerne_thread_helper" and never moves. Is there something I'm doing wrong here.03:26
Callum__that's better =P03:27
rokykand callum__ I actually meant to post it here. The same issue is happening with ubuntu...as well03:27
codebrainzBeyondinferno, did you read what i typed?03:27
pakozThanks @codebrainz & @celeritas03:27
rokykCallum__ which is really whats throwing me off.03:27
Callum__hmm, expected as much... suspend to RAM and suspend to disk don't work under proprietary NVIDIA driver. oh well03:27
h00kpakoz: this might help: http://ubuntuguide.org/wiki/Virtualbox_in_Windows03:27
h00kCallum__: which video card do you have?03:27
codebrainzCallum__, I think mine does?03:27
h00kCallum__: I'm using the nvidia driver and don't have any problems03:27
codebrainzi don't hibernate much, but i think it works03:28
Callum__h00k: NVIDIA Geforce4 420 Go, using latest legacy NVIDIA drivers. I didn't expect it to work, nor would I think it would so its fine03:28
pcfreak30Hello, I am using a live usb of ubuntu. For some reason I can't get my mic working properly. Any assistance03:28
Callum__just got the driver working anyway03:28
=== Jordan_U_ is now known as Jordan_U
pcfreak30its btw03:29
h00kCallum__: okay :)03:29
Appl6Beyondinferno: dpkg -C03:29
Callum__have to use custom EDID and all this crap to get it to work at all lol03:29
h00kCallum__: if you don't need the 3d acceleration, you can also use nouveau03:29
T1750i just commented out that stupid exception now im leeching i with everyones wifi at once and 2 cdma dongles03:29
* T1750 watches the iso rocket in03:29
Callum__under proprietary driver03:29
Callum__h00k: I specifically use proprietary driver for 3D acceleration =P03:29
Callum__and multi-monitor03:30
codebrainzCallum__, write to nvidia about how much of a pain their proprietary driver was for you, the customer03:30
codebrainzif enough people .... naw03:30
Beyondinfernocodebrainz, i'm getting this after apt-get -f install -http://paste.ubuntu.com/446415/03:30
pakozthanks @hook03:30
pakozerr h00k*03:30
Callum__codebrainz: they won't listen to somone having problems with such an old chipset03:30
chris411nzChuy_max have ya seen Sane in repos?03:30
Hdale85how do you install packages that require a restart on the live cd? lol03:30
GryllidaPlease say how can I restart software center without rebooting the whole os. now I hit 'install' button and it does not prompt for root password though it did about an hour ago03:31
h00kCallum__: gotcha :)03:31
FlameTai1Guys I'm having some troubles, I'm trying to bring krandrtray up03:31
FlameTai1 It acts like it's going to load and then disappears?03:31
Hdale85ok guys, is there a way to chroot into my root partition on my hard drive with network support from the live cd?03:31
anthonyhi to all guys03:31
h00k!hi | anthony03:31
ubottuanthony: Hi! Welcome to #ubuntu! Feel free to ask questions and help people out. The channel guidelines are at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Guidelines . Enjoy your stay!03:31
Hdale85I've got internet up and working on the live cd but when I chroot in I ccan't use it03:31
Callum__codebrainz: I COULD write to them about how much of a hassle SLI is at getting to work though03:32
codebrainzBeyondinferno, looks like a package bug maybe.  try downloading the .deb for libdirectfb-extra and installing it03:32
kraxboxhola q tal buenas noches03:32
BeyondinfernoAppl6 i'm getting this when trying -f install -http://paste.ubuntu.com/446415/03:32
h00k!es | kraxbox03:32
ubottukraxbox: En la mayoría de canales de Ubuntu se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español o charlar entra en el canal #ubuntu-es. Escribe "/join #ubuntu-es" (sin comillas) y dale a enter.03:32
codebrainzCallum__, if it wasn't proprietary, we would support they old hardware for them, for free :)03:32
Callum__lol yeah03:32
Appl6Beyondinferno: It looks like you're trying to install libdirectfb-extra, not -dev.  Is that true?03:32
chuy_maxchris411nz, I've used it before, but I don't remember if I can easily add pages to a document, instead of scanning-seeing the image-saving, new scan-> see image->save image, and so on03:32
goodtime_heres what i wonder and think about03:32
chuy_maxI would like this to be a very fast process03:32
FlameTai1Guys I'm having some troubles, I'm trying to bring krandrtray up03:33
FlameTai1 It acts like it's going to load and then disappears?03:33
othnielyeah i have been trying to chat on gochatgo.com but i cant seem to give priviliges to my cam i cant press accept or deny it just is unclickable any suggestions03:33
othniel ?03:33
kraxboxok grax no me di cuenta del canal saludos03:33
goodtime_when does linux just come out with the ultimate os03:33
h00k!ot | goodtime_03:33
ubottugoodtime_: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics. Thanks!03:33
Callum__anyway, loving Ubuntu 10.04 LTS so far03:33
goodtime_my ram keeps topin out03:34
codebrainzgoodtime_, topping out?03:34
Beyondinfernoi'm trying -dev but it keeps showing up with -extra03:34
goodtime_peakin out03:34
h00k!crosspost | goodtime_03:34
ubottugoodtime_: Please don't ask the same question in multiple Ubuntu channels at the same time. Many helpers are in more than one channel and it's not fair to them or the other people seeking support.03:34
sebsebseb!ask | Gryllida03:34
ubottuGryllida: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)03:34
BeyondinfernoAppl6 i'm trying -dev but it keeps showing up with -extra03:34
Gryllidasebsebseb, Please say how can I restart software center without rebooting the whole os. now I hit 'install' button and it does not prompt for root password though it did about an hour ago03:34
codebrainzgoodtime_, are you noticing poor performance?03:34
goodtime_man its a busy little place here03:35
pcfreak30Could sopmeone please help me configure my mic. its a standard jack mic in the bacxk of the towser. using audacity, i cant even record. it does pick up though in the sound settings, but i still cant hear what i say...03:35
sebsebsebGryllida: close the program and re open?03:35
anthonyhi guys i think now i know why ubuntu 10.04 and other distro are not working on my computer i think it is because of the kernel the new version of the kernel because all the distro who still don't use the new version i can use them.. hope the linux kernel will be fix in the new vertion so that i can use the ubuntu 10.1003:35
goodtime_no im runnin good for now were i used to just freeze03:35
h00kanthony: what exactly is 'not working' ?03:35
Gryllidasebsebseb: doesn't solve the issue, I already tried03:35
goodtime_oh a bot is here03:36
anthonyit does not boot03:36
codebrainzgoodtime_, the kernel will use all of your ram as much as it can in the best way possible.  if you're not using the ram, he will03:36
codebrainzgoodtime_, mostly for cache and junk03:36
anthonythe live cd is not working on my computer03:36
goodtime_oic ok03:36
goodtime_i need more ram03:36
h00kgoodtime_: This page has some good information on how Linux uses ram: http://www.linuxatemyram.com/03:36
Appl6Beyondinferno: Pastebin 20 lines or so after the "Package: libdirectfb-extra" line in /var/lib/dpkg/status.  Also, run sudo dpkg -C and pastebin the results (if any).03:37
sebsebsebGryllida: ok lets make sure it closes properly,   applications > assessoreis > terminal   type in xkill hit enter and then click on software centre03:37
sebsebsebGryllida: then open again and try and use it03:37
codebrainzh00k, awesome that someone made a site for that!03:37
celeritasanthony, have you tried noacpi?03:37
anthonywhat is noacpi03:37
h00kcodebrainz: it is nice :)03:37
goodtime_hahaha 31 by prograhms and 55 by cache03:38
anthonyhow can i use it03:38
BeyondinfernoAppl6 dpkg: parse error, in file '/var/lib/dpkg/status' near line 24703 package 'libdirectfb-extra':03:38
Beyondinferno missing version03:38
T1750anthony: don't use some hardware protocol thing that some systems have problem with03:38
celeritaswhen you are booting ubuntu, try adding that to the grub command line. might help you boot up03:38
T1750it's to do with things like the power button imho03:38
Nautiluswhats the right way to upgrade FF in 8.04 LTS? Using Synaptic?03:38
ronxany ubuntu network gurus have a second to help me figure out why i can't connect to my home network after downgrading from lucid to karmic?03:39
anthonywhat can i do i us a laptop03:39
celeritascertain kernels have conflicts with certain laptops03:39
sebsebsebNautilus: nope03:39
xanguaNautilus: just wait, canonocial is preparing a major upgrade for the very first time for the next version of firefox incluiing hardy, intrepid, jaunty and finally lucid03:39
sebsebsebxangua: you sure about that?03:39
Appl6Beyondinferno: What about the lines from /var/lib/dpkg/status?03:39
sebsebsebxangua: got a link or something to confirm?03:39
anthony<celeritas> what is noacpi03:39
Nautilusxangua: ahhh.  Really I just want to turn on firebug, but it mentioned there is a new firefox (I have 3.0).  Can I just turn firebug on in Synaptic?03:40
sebsebsebNautilus: I don't think what xangua is saying is true, espesailly since intrepid is end of life now03:40
BeyondinfernoAppl6 -http://paste.ubuntu.com/446419/03:40
sebsebsebNautilus: there will be a ppa for a later Firefox version for 8.04 I expect03:40
mechdaveimthenachoman,  Have a look here for the list of files installed --> http://packages.ubuntu.com/lucid/all/python-django/filelist03:40
crdlbsebsebseb: https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/ubuntu-devel-announce/2010-June/000719.html03:40
sebsebsebcrdlb: oh03:41
codebrainzBeyondinferno, if you stop putting a dash infront of that href, we can just click on it!03:41
celeritasanthony: noacpi keeps the kernel from using internal features of the mb that handle the power button, fans etc. the system will still function but the os will have no control over these features. hence, your mb will handle most of those features. you can use noacpi to boot the distro and then modify the installation until you get a working system03:41
Beyondinfernocodebrainz, it would let me post links....03:41
codebrainzBeyondinferno, what package are you trying to install that needs directfb?03:41
Appl6Beyondinferno: That's extremely weird.  If you'll notice, it has "Vers)on" instead of "Version".  Try fixing that with an editor.03:41
Beyondinfernocodebrainz would *not let me03:41
Gryllidasebsebseb: just 'xkill'? without parameters?03:41
chalkhow can i fix bad sectors in my harddrive?03:42
imthenachomanmechdave: ty sir03:42
codebrainzAppl6, good eye03:42
T1750chalk: you can't!03:42
datakidok, I deleted a user and re added the same user. Now I have a bunch of files owned by "109" instead of "joeblogs"03:42
BeyondinfernoAppl6 lol thats great....03:42
chalkoh my, now i need to buy a harddrive03:42
T1750chalk: they're bad, but you can fsck -y /device to make them not be used anymore03:42
datakidhow do I chown them all>? How do I find htem all?03:42
mechdaveimthenachoman, No worries :) http://packages.ubuntu.com is always a good resource to use for this kinda thing :)03:42
sebsebsebNautilus: the link crdlb  gave me does not say for Intrepid by the way03:42
T1750chalk: i've had several die on me this week including one in a raid *0* array03:42
sebsebsebchalk: yes just xkill03:42
xanguahttp://www.webupd8.org/2010/06/firefox-364-to-be-pushed-to-ubuntu.html sebsebseb Nautilus well not intrepid at least ; you can also try the firefox stable PPA https://launchpad.net/~mozillateam/+archive/firefox-stable03:42
sebsebsebGryllida: yes just xkill03:43
h00kchalk: http://linux.die.net/man/8/badblocks03:43
crdlbsebsebseb: good thing he's using 8.04 then :)03:43
h00kT1750: also, ^03:43
dianejust want to say thx to the guy who helped here me out with ubuntu installing grub on my flash drive rather than the HD.  yes its a setting in install buried away where i would never have found it so.... next time you're in vancouver i owe you a beer :)03:43
Appl6datakid: "man find", see the section on -uid03:43
SoftwareExplorerdatakid: I think you need to also delete the group for the old user and then add the new user and make sure it has the right group number03:43
BeyondinfernoAppl6 and codebrainz thanks a ton!03:43
Nautilusthanks guys03:43
T1750you can keep using your hd with your badblocks list if you like, but if you are geting bad blocks maybe its time the hd went on ebay03:43
chalkthanks T175003:43
chalkthanks h00k03:43
datakidSoftwareExplorer, old group no longer in /etc/group so I think I'm safe03:44
codebrainzT1750, jerk ... hahaha03:44
datakidAppl6, cheers, I'll look into it03:44
Gryllidasebsebseb: done, it still won't work03:44
codebrainzT1750, so you're the guy that sold me that...03:44
con-manwhats the debian for mythtv media server03:44
Gryllidasebsebseb: maybe an non-window process of it stuck in the processes, idk03:44
sebsebsebGryllida: there are other ways to install software as well :) however Software Centre should work03:44
con-mancant find it on the repositories03:44
anthonyceleritas: yes i think i already try it but when i boot up the live cd then install ubuntu 10.04 it will not boot i don't know how to modify it when installing can you help me i really what to use ubuntu 10.0403:44
Jordan_Udiane: That was Pelo (who quit a while ago)03:44
SoftwareExplorerdatakid: So, now you need to make sure that the new user has the same group number (Which is 109) as the files.03:45
sebsebsebGryllida: is this the first time it happended or?03:45
h00kcon-man: aptitude search mythtv03:45
sebsebsebGryllida: you made it sound liek before a re boot fixes it, right, but then you get it again?03:45
Gryllidasebsebseb: Xkill asked me to point to it by mouse, while if it didn't close properly first time, it could have left an invisible process, which I'm unable to xkill03:45
celeritasanthony, did ubuntu install grub correctly?03:45
Gryllidasebsebseb: "you made it sound liek before a re boot fixes it, right, but then you get it again?" true03:45
sebsebsebGryllida: yes with xkill you click on the app you want to close03:45
anthonyyes it is03:45
T1750chalk: if i were you, and h00k may be much smarter than me, but if your data is important to you and your hd is developing bad blocks (it does this over time naturally there are some reserved in manufacture to silently replace the bad ones) well if they have all run out and now you are still losing blocks .... well me i wouldn't use that HD anymore03:46
dianejordan u....yeah right...well in the interest of full disclosure i'm setting this computer up for my friend diane... IRL  i'm guy and not to attractive but say thanks for me next time you see him.03:46
Ubuntu_and_CoffeHello every 1 i am having problems with audio for flash videos and online music i cant hear the audio but the flash playes03:46
sebsebsebGryllida: ok what about installing software from Synaptic that works or?03:46
SoftwareExplorerdatakid: It's probably a good idea to have the new user have the same user number and group number.03:46
anthonyceleritas: yes it install correctly but it does not boot03:46
Gryllidasebsebseb: It works after a reboot, then something (?) happens, and it stops working, this happened two times already03:46
Gryllidasebsebseb: I'm not in sudoers group, can't launch synaptic03:46
codebrainzUbuntu_and_Coffe, find and delete all instances of libflashplayer.so on your system and reinstall the newest flash player for linux03:46
datakidSoftwareExplorer, is there anyway to force this?03:47
sebsebsebGryllida: oh03:47
sebsebsebGryllida: ah ha03:47
h00kchalk: I would also be wary if you're getting a high number of them, also try an fsck on the drive03:47
sebsebsebGryllida: that could be why software centre doesn't seem to work either03:47
Gryllidasebsebseb: what should I do?03:47
sebsebsebGryllida: you will need sudo access or you can't install software03:47
celeritasanthony, did you try editing the grub command of the installed ubuntu at boot time. after selecting the version of ubuntu you want to boot, press e to edit the command. then add the noacpi option to the kernel line03:47
h00kT1750: yeah, that seems about right03:47
Jordan_Uanthony: You can hold shift during boot to add the noacpi kernel parameter there, then once booted make it permanent with "gksudo gedit /etc/default/grub" (edit GRUB_LINUX_CMDLINE in the window that comes up) then "sudo update-grub"03:47
Gryllidasebsebseb: But it worked after a reboot fine, asked for password and I installed abiword, so it does after every reboot03:48
Ubuntu_and_Coffecodebrainz can i use firefox to uninstall addons03:48
sebsebsebGryllida: lets see if you can install something from the terminal,  either think of something to install yourself,  or you could use abiword for example  sudo apt-get install abiword03:48
sebsebsebGryllida: oh03:48
T1750h00k: suppose if you had a use for a volatile cache it would be ok03:48
sebsebsebGryllida: already done Abiword which I was using as an example, well gnumeric goes nicely with Abiwrod03:48
dianeanyway i'm out of here but.... to all you ubuntistas  thanks a lot... you're changing the world.  :)03:48
sebsebsebGryllida: spreadsheet app03:48
Ubuntu_and_Coffeo wait nvm03:48
chalkh00k & T1750 http://paste.ubuntu.com/446421/03:48
T1750bet google uses em03:48
codebrainzUbuntu_and_Coffe, no, go and find the libflashplayer.so file (like uder ~/.mozilla and /usr/lib/mozilla and simiar)03:48
codebrainzUbuntu_and_Coffe, or use the GUI to search for that filename03:49
SoftwareExplorerdatakid: If you go to System > Administration > Users that's where you change most of this. The problem is that two groups or user's can't have the same number, so you just have to change the numbers on the group that has the number you want and then assign that number to the correct group03:49
anthonyok i will try i hope it will work this time...03:49
adumcan anyone recommend a high quality motherboard manufacturer that is consistantly compatible/works well in ubuntu?03:49
h00kchalk: for /device, you're going to replace that with your harddrive, for instance: /dev/sda1 or /dev/hda103:49
BeyondinfernoAppl6 and codebrainz i'm still getting errors....03:49
sebsebsebGryllida: ok so we know software centre won't work now03:49
Ubuntu_and_Coffeno files found03:49
con-manSeriously. I have 8 cores running at 3.85 GHz each, 6 gigs of 1600 MHz DDR3 Ram, and two solid state drives striped in a raid 0 array. My whole computer can boot in under 20 seconds; and yet I STILL CANT STREAM VIDEO. Lags every 2 seconds.!03:49
sebsebsebGryllida: give the termianl a try to install an app, lets find out if that works03:49
xanguaadum: and that's why #ubuntu-offtopic exist ;)03:50
hufxcon-man: try vlc03:50
Beyondinfernocon-man streaming via web or lan03:50
codebrainzUbuntu_and_Coffe, you searched your system for libflashplayer.so and it says no file found?03:50
Ubuntu_and_Coffeyes sir03:50
datakidSoftwareExplorer, I"m on cli only slicehost :)03:50
* T1750 has SERIOUSLY screwed up some HD's and raid configs before so may be of help if you gety stuck but will be going to bed in about 10 minutes and h00k seems to know his thing03:50
codebrainzUbuntu_and_Coffe, then you don't have flash installed03:50
celeritascon-man, have you checked you net drivers?03:50
h00kT1750: meh, kinda/sorta :)03:50
Ubuntu_and_Coffebut then how can i play videos on youtube with out sound03:50
* T1750 also uses an openeed quantum fireball with the platters bent upward into bowls as an ashtray03:51
Beyondinfernocodebrainz you see my message?03:51
codebrainzUbuntu_and_Coffe, i had success downloading the one from adobe, the tarball and just placing the libflashplayer.so in the firefox plgin dir03:51
chalkh00k, i can't because it's mounted (what i'm booting on)03:51
nitsi have a problem with quodlibet, this is the output i get wen i run it on the terminal nits@nits-desktop:~$ quodlibet03:51
nitsInitializing audio backend (gstbe)03:51
nitsInitializing main library (~/.quodlibet/songs)03:51
nitsSupported formats: mod, mp3, mp4, mpc, spc, trueaudio, wav, wavpack, wma, xiph03:51
nitsTraceback (most recent call last):03:51
FloodBot4nits: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.03:51
nits  File "/usr/bin/quodlibet", line 285, in <module>03:51
codebrainzBeyondinferno, no03:52
SoftwareExplorerdatakid: Ah, I see. Well, I don't know how you change what user has what number, but someone else probably does. The part about two users or groups not being able to have the same number at the same time still applies though.03:52
con-manceleritas, hufx, Beyondinferno:  VLC can stream to a PS3?  It's a wired not wireless, private network and what do you mean "checked my net drivers"03:52
Ubuntu_and_Coffei will go ahead and try dat03:52
h00kchalk: can you boot from a liveCD/USB?03:52
chalkh00k: i wouldn't risk it because i get bad blocks when booting03:52
=== ansgar_ is now known as ansgar
Beyondinfernocodebrainz i'm getting the same response with reinstall03:52
chalkh00k: and turning on the computer03:52
=== cheriot_ is now known as cah
=== ansgar is now known as Guest73007
Beyondinfernocodebrainz even after fixing the typo in status03:53
nitsquodlibet error this is the message i get wen i run it in the terminal03:53
codebrainzBeyondinferno, what are you trying to install that needs directfb?03:53
con-manbrb guys03:53
datakidSoftwareExplorer, yeah, I think I'll just do a quick bash script with find03:53
h00kchalk: Booting from the CDROM/USB will be safe from your disk because it's not using your HDD03:53
anthonyJordan_U: is this the thing that i need to pass to the gedit that will popup "GRUB_LINUX_CMDLINE"03:53
Gryllidasebsebseb: sudo apt-get install <appnamehere> returns "user is not in sudoers group"03:53
Beyondinfernoi just had a couple lockups and it won't let me update anything03:54
con-mansorry guys I dropped there;  celeritas, hufx, Beyondinferno:  VLC can stream to a PS3?  It's a wired not wireless, private network and what do you mean "checked my net drivers"03:54
chalkh00k, will it matter one what distribution on what liveCD i'm using?03:54
Beyondinfernocodebrainz i just had a couple lockups and it won't let me update anything03:54
Ubuntu_and_Coffeok now do i place the file in extensions , plugins or search plugins03:54
sebsebsebGryllida: ok thats the problem03:54
sebsebsebGryllida: thinks your not  in that group03:54
Jordan_Uanthony: Whatever you added to get the CD to boot is what you need to add at the grub menu03:54
sebsebsebGryllida: have you only got one account on there?03:54
nitsquodlibet error, i run it in the terminal and i get this error http://paste.ubuntu.com/446423/ please help03:54
codebrainzBeyondinferno, maybe try  apt-get remove --purge directfb && apt-get autoremove --purge   (which will remove directfb completely)03:54
Beyondinfernocodebrainz xbmc is broken among other things (chromium, firefox)03:55
codebrainzBeyondinferno, ah, xbmc prolly uses directfb03:55
mechdaveIs supertux a kids game?03:55
Beyondinfernocodebrainz it showed like 31 dependencies03:55
h00kchalk: it shouldn't, no03:55
sebsebseb!info supertux03:55
ubottusupertux (source: supertux): Classic 2D jump 'n run sidescroller with Tux. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.3.3-2 (lucid), package size 854 kB, installed size 2436 kB03:55
chalkh00k, ok then03:55
h00kchalk: but I'd recommend that03:56
sebsebsebmechdave: see above at bot03:56
codebrainzBeyondinferno, you had orphaned packages in your pastebin, it's wanting to pull those and anything else that depends on directfb03:56
sebsebsebmechdave: give it a try even, nice app03:56
sebsebsebmechdave: there are quite a few apps in the repo with Tux though, that are really for kids03:56
anthonyJordan_U: thank man for giving me hope. i just get some home because of it thx...03:56
con-manany ideas anyone?03:56
sebsebsebmechdave: they are good also03:56
Beyondinfernocodebrainz i'm just concerned about all my settings for xbmc and such...03:56
mechdavesebsebseb, thanks, got it running, very neat... but rather hard in the higher levels :)03:56
anthonythx to ubuntu community your the best guys....03:57
mechdavesebsebseb, Thanks shall have a look03:57
celeritascon-man, maybe you have the wrong drivers for your nic03:57
Jordan_Uanthony: You're welcome.03:57
sebsebsebmechdave: whilst on about Tux apps though, Tuxpaint is rather nice :)03:57
anthonybye i need to format my computer bye03:57
sebsebsebmechdave: an theres supertux kart or wahtever raceing game and  so on03:57
Chrizhow come websites render different on localhost compared to uploading it to a domain?03:57
codebrainzBeyondinferno, use your own discretion.  it sounds like a bug in that one directfb-extra package though03:57
nitsi need some help with quodlibet i get this error wen i run the quodlibet through the terminal http://paste.ubuntu.com/446423/03:58
Beyondinfernocodebrainz but i'm in no position to make a choice like this! lol03:58
codebrainznits, it looks like you're probably missing a library that supports the type of thing you're trying to open03:58
sebsebsebGryllida: still about?03:58
mechdavemy goodness, lots of tux games on packages.ubuntu.com, I'm in heaven :)03:58
con-manceleritas, how would one check this?03:58
Gryllidasebsebseb: two, me (desktop user) and another one (administrator), but me was able to use software center fine until it broke suddenly, then I rebooted, then it broke again after some time03:58
nitsit opened just fine till yesterday codebrainz03:58
Ubuntu_and_Coffe ok now i got the .so file where do i place the file in extensions , plugins or search plugins03:59
sebsebsebGryllida: why two accounts?03:59
Gryllidasebsebseb: when it worked, it prompted for password03:59
codebrainzBeyondinferno, download the .deb for the package that's flaking out from the ubuntu site and see if it installs03:59
codebrainzBeyondinferno, better yet, find a newer version03:59
datakidHah! SoftwareExplorer http://www.cyberciti.biz/faq/find-files-that-do-not-have-any-owners-or-do-not-belong-to-any-user-under-linuxunix/03:59
Gryllidasebsebseb: because I don't think it ok to go to www with administrator account, it it?03:59
SoftwareExplorerChriz: If they have a php script or something like that in them, then it wouldn't execute if you are having your browser read it straight off the hardrive.03:59
sebsebsebGryllida: yeah I thought you done like WIndows03:59
sebsebsebGryllida: well this is not Windows :)03:59
Gryllidasebsebseb: um, what is the proper way to do it?03:59
sebsebsebGryllida: in Windows yes should only have an admin account, that is used when really need it, otherwise use a limited acocunt03:59
Gryllidasebsebseb: yes I've been using windows ffor 10 years, installed ubuntu just yesterday04:00
SoftwareExplorerdatakid: Cool. So I'm assuming you got it fixed then?04:00
sebsebsebGryllida: with Ubuntu and other Linux distros,   its fine to use a standard user account, which is what  your administrater account is04:00
ChrizSoftwareExplorer, I mean the site actually renders differently (sizes/fonts/etc are messed up) I have a lamp setup under ubuntu04:00
Gryllidasebsebseb: what is the proper way to do it? make me administrator and go to www?04:00
datakidSoftwareExplorer, well, I've found how to fix it :) Now for the fixin'04:00
sebsebsebGryllida: well your administraoter account is the one you should be using really, since sudo04:01
Ubuntu_and_Coffeok now i got the .so file where do i place the file in extensions , plugins or search plugins04:01
sebsebsebGryllida: sudo makes you become admin, but only for the task you are doing04:01
jcpI cannot for the life of me get my webcam to work on ubuntu 10.04. It hasn't worked on any previous versions, either. It's a webcam built in to my sony vaio vgn-fz298ce.04:01
sebsebsebGryllida: or root as it would be called more properly when talking LInux distros04:01
Gryllidasebsebseb: ok thank you04:01
sebsebsebGryllida: you can change the04:01
jcpAnyone have any suggestions?04:01
sebsebsebGryllida: permissions for what the desktop user account can do, you can set it up so it can sudo as well04:02
jcp(and yes, I have tried google, and it didn't help)04:02
celeritascon-man, lspci should give you the recognized name of your nic, which should match the actual nic version. if you see a major difference in the driver being used, see if you can find the correct drivers for the nic. then just compile and install04:02
Beyondinfernocodebrainz how do i force install a package?04:02
Ubuntu_and_Coffeok now i got the .so file where do i place the file in extensions , plugins or search plugins04:02
SoftwareExplorerChriz: Does the browser show the same source code for the pages from the different places?04:03
sebsebsebGryllida: that can be done using commands, or easilly graphicalley04:03
codebrainzBeyondinferno, the deb?  there should be a gui or dpkg -i the_package04:03
sebsebsebGryllida: so graphically you can give it the same permissions as what the administrator account has, then you can sudo and such with that account04:04
codebrainznits, this issue has been resolved in the program http://code.google.com/p/quodlibet/source/detail?spec=svn418e5925d54028bd3deaf691b90d6b86a947f18a&r=d2622cab934c9501857f1777a4cc93c12eba12e004:04
ChrizSoftwareExplorer, all except for the links that are returned04:04
Beyondinfernocodebrainz i just launched the deb and it's giving dependency errors too04:04
Gryllidasebsebseb: but I indicated just 1 password during the install04:04
Gryllidasebsebseb: looks like it's both root and 1sr-user-on-the-os password04:04
sebsebsebGryllida: right, but you made a second account after install?04:04
codebrainznits, fix in this: http://code.google.com/p/quodlibet/issues/detail?id=46104:05
Gryllidasebsebseb: can these be different04:05
Gryllidasebsebseb: yes I made a second account too04:05
=== roved2101_ is now known as roved2101
SoftwareExplorerChriz: In that case, I not sure why it's different.04:05
sebsebsebGryllida: changing passwords for accounts is easy as well04:05
Gryllidasebsebseb: what should I do - relogin and work from under adminstrator (the 1st-that-I made during the install) or just change this account type to admin?04:05
ChrizSoftwareExplorer,  is it possible to remerge my entire system?04:06
nitscodebrainz : thanks man was just a corrupted config file coz of a powercut i had yesterday thune3 helped me figure it out thanks man :)04:06
sebsebsebGryllida: did you use the graphical users and groups program when you made your second user?04:06
Ubuntu_and_Coffeok now i got the .so file where do i place the file in extensions , plugins or search plugins04:06
codebrainznits, no worries04:06
sebsebsebGryllida:  ok well that is how you change the permissions for your desktop user graphicalley04:06
sebsebsebGryllida: however it should have the same rights as what your admin account currently has04:06
Gryllidasebsebseb: so I would end up in administrator and me users, both of type 'admin'?04:06
=== bastidrazor is now known as bastid_raZor
sebsebsebGryllida: and to see that I guess you would have to log in to the account04:06
Gryllidasebsebseb: sure I agree with the latter line04:07
sebsebsebGryllida: you would turn the desktop user account into one that can also use sudo and such04:07
Gryllidasebsebseb: what would the 1st account be for then?04:07
SoftwareExplorerChriz: I don't know.04:07
sebsebsebGryllida: or  you could just use that account all the time04:07
Datzhi, does anyone know the plugin that ubottu uses to address nicks with factoids?04:07
Datz!ubottu | Datz04:08
ubottuDatz, please see my private message04:08
sebsebsebGryllida: you don't need two accounts, at the moment if ever depending on what your going to be doing, this isn't Windows04:08
Datzsomething like that...04:08
Datz!docs | Datz04:08
ubottuDatz, please see my private message04:08
T1750i guess that exception really did matter cause commenting it out broke the ISO :)04:08
T1750a multiple connection download program that won't multiple connect is stupid though.04:09
* T1750 now here for 20 more minutes04:09
sebsebsebGryllida: most Ubuntu users, use the account that is set up after install04:09
* T1750 snapshotted the iso file and copied the aria metadata b4 experiment should still be able to finish with success04:10
sebsebsebGryllida: and then only create other accounts  on the computer,  for other computer users04:10
ronxquestion guys.... i'm downgrading from lucid to karmic, and the most recent kernel didn't seem to want to run on reinstalled karmic... so i changed to GRUB_DEFAULT=4 (from 0) and things are working now...04:10
defendguinhow do you fix it so that you never had to put in your keyring password for your wireless to connect?04:10
T1750sebsebseb: having an account to build packages is a good idea04:10
jribronx: how are you downgrading exactly?04:11
T1750more so with rpm04:11
ronxhowever, when i apt-get upgrade, it doesn't seem to want to upgrade linux-headers-generic04:11
T1750but even with deb04:11
h00kdefendguin: do you have automatic login enabled?04:11
sebsebsebT1750: ok maybe so, but most users of Ubuntu won't be doing that04:11
ronxjrib: i used 9.10 install disk04:11
defendguinh00k yeah04:11
Gryllidasebsebseb: it _was_ setup but I seem to have reset it, by clicking «set it to administrator type» when making a new one, can I reset its privileges to what is the default in some way?04:11
ronxand some instructions i found on a blog somewhere04:11
jribronx: so you are doing a fresh install then?04:11
ronxnot quite... i used custom partitions04:11
ronxand didn't change anything04:11
jribronx: what partitions?04:11
h00kdefendguin: that's why, and as far as I know, you'd have to set manual login (enter a password to login) to get around that04:11
T1750sebsebseb: you're right, they'd be using another distro j/k04:11
sebsebsebGryllida: you can give the  desktop account the default prividlges graphically, what admin account currently has, thats quite easy to do graphically04:12
ronxthat's what i used04:12
defendguinh00k that's not good for a computer I am using as a server04:12
jribronx: you understand downgrading is not supported?04:12
ronxmy previous setup was really simple... everything on / and then swap04:12
h00kdefendguin: er, why not?04:12
defendguini don't wanna have to turn it's monitor on every time04:12
sebsebsebGryllida: however you will need to be in the admin account, to change the desktop account privildges04:12
theadminronx, we don't support downgrading so if it broke something do not complain04:12
ronxlooking for "unofficial" support hehe04:12
ronxnot complaining at all04:12
ronxand nothing is really broken04:13
Gryllidasebsebseb: But after the install, I remember the 1st-account having some level of privileges different from 'administrator', it was called 'customized', how do I get what it was?04:13
Zeu5hi all  i have googled around for some time. but i cannot seem to find an answer. i have exported a filezilla settings into a .xml file from my windows. how do i import that into my filezilla in ubuntu? i am running filezilla client04:13
ronxjust looking for the best way to update kernel04:13
theadminronx: What is the real problem you have? (I just joined)04:13
sebsebsebGryllida: customized?04:13
Gryllidasebsebseb: yes04:13
AeroraptorSo I'm about to install ubuntu on my laptop again. I have 4GB RAM and am wondering if I should go with the 64bit version instead of the 32 to be able to access the extra ~700MB of RAM. I won't be doint anything that requires that much RAM but being able to access it could be nice. Thoughts?04:13
ronxwhen i apt-get upgrade, it says my linux-headers-generic are kept back04:13
Gryllidasebsebseb: the word 'administrator' was surely not there for 1st account, it was me who set iut04:13
ronxbecause i had to modify my grub config to point to an older kernel04:13
sebsebsebGryllida: oh I think I know what you mean,  using another distro at the moment, but i'll load up an Ubuntu virtual machine, so I can explain what I mean properly and what not04:13
jribronx: update-manager updates the kernel automatically.  If you want to use apt-get, then you need to use "apt-get dist-upgrade"04:13
Gryllidasebsebseb: ok04:14
con-manceleritas, here is the pastebin of lspci: http://pastebin.ca/187882504:14
ronxk so dist-upgrade won't try to take me to lucid04:14
jribronx: no, take a look at « man apt-get »04:14
ronxer, roger04:14
theadminronx: I think that you should remove the newer kernels yourself.04:14
* goodtime_ is listening to Can U Get Away [Audacious]04:14
codebrainzAeroraptor, if you have a 64bit cpu, use the 64-bit version04:14
jribgoodtime_: turn that off please04:14
Zeu5hi all  i have googled around for some time. but i cannot seem to find an answer. i have exported a filezilla settings into a .xml file from my windows. how do i import that into my filezilla in ubuntu? i am running filezilla client04:14
tripelbI cant get hulu in firefox or chrome. Yes I cleared the cache. or opera. Hello I posted this 2 hrs ago. and an hr ago... please someone notice me.04:15
theadmingoodtime_: please take that elsewhere or if a plugin does it turn it off04:15
ronxtheadmin: remove them with apt-get you mean? or remove from config?04:15
theadminronx: apt04:15
Aeroraptorcodebrainz, I have a core2duo, so yeah it's 64bit - will there be any issues in so far as applications (especially media codecs) are concerned?04:15
jribtripelb: what happens when you try...?04:15
sebsebsebGryllida: anyway I thought you called  the account you made administrator in the installer?04:15
codebrainztripelb, what is hulu?04:15
goodtime_i do a command to do that im on konversation client04:15
Gryllidasebsebseb: true04:15
centr0im trying to get dual monitors AND compiz set up on ubuntu 10.  i can get the monitors setup using atis restricted driver but then compiz wont load.  when i use a non-ati driver compiz loads but i cant setup the monitors.  any ideas?04:15
sebsebsebcodebrainz: a way for Americans to legally watch TV shows and such online04:15
ronxtheadmin: any tips on how to do that or shall i google?04:15
hufxAeroraptor:  64BIT SHOULD BE MORE CUP FRIENDLY04:15
goodtime_ill just refrane04:15
Gryllidasebsebseb: it was 'administrator' name, not type04:15
Gryllidasebsebseb: it didn't ask the type there04:16
AeroraptorCPU friendly as in faster/less overhead?04:16
Ubuntu_and_CoffeHello CodeBrainz i had alot of trouble installing that lib file04:16
codebrainzAeroraptor, nothing i've noticed.  used to be a problem with flash, but it works fine here atm04:16
sebsebsebGryllida: right and you need to be in that account, to change the permissions for the other account04:16
Aeroraptorok great. I'll keep on downloading the x64 version04:16
Gryllidasebsebseb: yes I'll relogin to change these things04:16
ronxi can man it.... haven't had to do this before i don't think... good learning experience ;)04:16
Gryllidasebsebseb: but only after I know what to change them to04:16
sebsebsebGryllida: and uhmm yeah come back in on it and  i'll help with that last bit, easy to do04:16
Ubuntu_and_Coffewhere do i place the .so file in04:16
sebsebsebGryllida: yes i'll explain that once your logged in to it, and back here04:16
con-manceleritas, all look normal to you?04:17
Gryllidasebsebseb: can you explain it now please?04:17
hufxAeroraptor:  64BIT SHOULD BE MORE CUP FRIENDLY!04:17
h00kohir: please don't yell.04:17
codebrainztripelb, sebsebseb what player does it use?04:17
h00khufx: rather, please don't yell.04:17
tripelbcodebranz, jnb hulu.com shows video. flash. like house, SNL... I got some today after it failed. Then again not. It says, if this happens a lot clear your cache. I reinsatlled abobeflash. I cleared the cache and restarted.  -- I have 9.10. dell.04:17
h00kohir: sorry:/04:17
T1750whats the linux UNbootin equivilinent04:17
Ubuntu_and_Coffecodebrainz, i had alot of trouble installing the .so file where do i place it at04:17
sebsebsebGryllida: that would be a bit pointless, since its something you should change when on the account, and just do04:17
* T1750 DVD burner just died04:17
sebsebsebGryllida: otherwise I would have to say do this and that and this and that, and uh04:17
mattgyverrip dvd burner04:17
Gryllidasebsebseb: ok I'll be coming to that account04:18
jribtripelb: you need to be specific and speak clearly04:18
hufxsorry caps lock not noticed!04:18
h00kT1750: there exists a Startup Disk Creator04:18
Gryllidasebsebseb: should I log out from here, or just switch user?04:18
sebsebsebGryllida: log out of the account your in now04:18
sebsebsebGryllida: and log in to the other one04:18
Gryllidasebsebseb: um ok.04:18
Zeu5hi all i have googled around for some time. but i cannot seem to find an answer. i have exported a filezilla settings into a .xml file from my windows. how do i import that into my filezilla in ubuntu? i am running filezilla client04:18
T1750you guys have a wiki page on it i remember reeading it04:18
* T1750 finds it again04:19
theadminSorry, connection issues.04:19
theadmintripelb: What's "hulu"?04:19
KamilionHaving a bit of an issue installing lucid server 64 under vbox 3.2.4; debootstrap's freaking out -- my md5sums are correct, so I know I've got a good iso.04:19
Kamiliontheadmin: Video On Demand service04:20
codebrainzUbuntu_and_Coffe, for system under /usr/lib/mozilla/plugins/ for just you under ~/.mozilla/plugins/04:20
Chak82hello community04:20
Chak82i have problems with ubuntu04:20
sebsebseb!ask | Chak8204:20
ubottuChak82: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)04:20
theadminChak82: Just ask it.04:20
celeritascon-man, launchpad has a few bugs filed for various versions of ubuntu specifically for that nic. try lspci -vv and also look into https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux/+bug/32689104:20
Chak82when i manipulate the volume (sound) it freeze !!!!04:20
theadminChak82: What? Try to be more descriptive, as in what freezes?04:21
Datzsebsebseb: do you know which supybot module is used with the !ask | nick ?04:21
Ubuntu_and_Coffeok lets see if this works thank you04:21
sebsebsebDatz: no04:21
codebrainzUbuntu_and_Coffe, don't forget to restart firefox04:21
Datzsebsebseb: k, thanks anyway04:21
sebsebsebDatz: ask in #ubuntu-offtopic or  #ubuntu-ops I guess04:21
Chak82anything respond!!04:21
Datzsebsebseb: will do thanks04:21
joshua__Hi, someone knows why my wireless conexion is intermittent on diferents access points?04:22
jribDatz: it's a custom module called Encyclopedia.  You can find ubottu's source in the ubuntu-bots project in launchpad04:22
theadminChak82: What exactly freezes? ALSA? Pulse? GNOME? The entire system?04:22
jrib!ubottu > Datz04:22
ubottuDatz, please see my private message04:22
Chak82all GNOME !!!04:22
h00kDatz: check #ubuntu-bots, also the wiki page reports it is Encyclopedia plugin http://ubottu.com/devel/wiki/Plugins04:22
sebsebsebDatz: thought the ops would know, and jrib is one of them, but h00k is also04:22
Datzah, thanks guys04:23
KamilionHaving a bit of an issue installing lucid server 64 under vbox 3.2.4; debootstrap's freaking out -- my md5sums are correct, so I know I've got a good iso. The first install this afternoon managed to get past the base packages, this second try is bailing with debootstrap errors; I did grab the syslog.04:23
celeritasChak82, run xmodmap -pk | grep -i audio and look for duplicate keycodes for XF86AudioRaise and Lower volume04:23
con-manceleritas, could you suggest alternate drivers04:23
Chak82for around 10 / 20 seconds ALL FREEZE04:23
Ubuntu_and_Coffewhats the command in console for the file roller04:23
theadminUbuntu_and_Coffe: file-roller, of course :P04:23
Datzjrib: great, thanks04:23
Ubuntu_and_Coffeman its been along time04:23
Ubuntu_and_Coffei used to be pro04:23
joshua__Hi, someone knows why my wireless conexion is intermittent on diferents access points? but stable on a single point?04:24
KamilionThe syslog dump's here, anyone feel like helping me sort through the postmortem? http://ubuntu.pastebin.com/T7fnZ3jA04:24
RedWarHi Guys, ... need some help with xvidcap and getting audio set up using a usb mic. Ubuntu forums remain unclear. Can't record a thing, with either the mic plugged in USB or the mic plugged in the sound card04:24
celeritasChak82, certain key mapping might be launching a certain application. however, when using the volume control, the key event is triggered multiple times, causing an accidental overflow04:24
RedWarBut it works with skype04:24
RedWarAny ideas?04:24
tripelbjnb I apologize for not speaking clearly. Hulu tells me that the video is not available. And if this happens repeatedly I should clear my casche and restart the browser. So I did. -- I also tried firefox.I cleared it's cache too. I also tried Opera which I had never used. == I also tried other videos.  == Have I been clear enough now? == I have 9.10 on a dell 4600 from 2004.04:25
Chak82celeritas: i have the output, do you have the link to paste this in ubuntu sute?04:25
Exxonhi guys:)04:25
Kamiliontripelb: I get the same thing *all the time* from hulu, using the site or hulu desktop, both on win and lin. Seems to be an issue with my ISP.04:25
celeritasChak82, pastebin04:25
con-manno but really I need alternate drivers to try04:25
tripelbcodebranz, j hulu.com shows videos, tv, movies. flash. like house, SNL...  Great site.04:26
centr0im trying to get ubuntu 10 working with dual monitors and the ati driver w/ compiz  everytime i try it cant load compiz  any ideas?04:26
Chak82celeritas: GOT IT !!!04:26
Ubuntu_and_Coffestill nothing codebrainz04:26
tripelbKamilion, but but (heh) I was able to see an SNL earlier today. How strange/ My ISP is TimeWarner (southern california)04:26
Chak82celeritas: http://paste.ubuntu.com/446432/04:26
Ubuntu_and_Coffeno audio04:26
celeritascon-man, before going to deep into the drivers, make sure that lspci -vv is reporting an ok status for your nic04:26
codebrainztripelb, it doesn't work at all here in canada :)  i guess we have to pirate our online tv04:27
Chak82celeritas: i didnt mention it man, but this happens while rythmbox is playing !04:27
codebrainzUbuntu_and_Coffe, ask the channel, i'm out of ideas04:27
Exxonanyone ! how to enable ssl for IRC chat.04:27
Kamiliontripelb: I'm in the bay area, california, using comcast. I use hulu to watch the One Piece simulcasts from japan. I get those issues *constantly* -- have to try a couple times to watch a video but it will eventually work04:27
=== Nicholas is now known as Guest3902
T1750what does the dolphin "eject" button do to USB stick as I can no longer access the device block file if I click it04:28
Kamiliontripelb: Seems to have something to do with the advertisements getting blocked by an upstream server between you and hulu.04:28
Guest3902Hey, can anyone help me restore my Grub for Ubuntu 10.04? I deleted a partition, then resized my linux partition to make it larger. Now it went from sda6 to sda5 and my grub can't find it. :/04:28
sebsebsebgryllida1: hi04:28
codebrainzT1750, it runs sync to flush the cache to disk and unmounts it04:28
con-manceleritas, http://pastebin.ca/187883004:28
theadminGuest3902: Boot from a liveCD, chroot and run sudo update-grub04:28
codebrainzT1750, ie "safely remove"04:28
gryllida1sebsebseb: I'm in the main account now04:29
celeritasChak82: that might be it. unmap the volume keys from rhythmbox and let gnome take care of the volume04:29
tripelbcodebrainz, offtopic PM04:29
Kamilioncodebrainz: it does something more than that -- Safely remove somehow shuts off my Sandisk u3 sticks (the lights go out)04:29
T1750codebrainz: I always wondered how come there's no race condition doing that04:29
Guest3902I'm talking through the livecd right now. I'll work on Chrooting it.04:29
Chak82celeritas: how can i do that?04:29
gryllida1sebsebseb: what should I do now?04:29
T1750i suppose only if you're messing with the mounted disk using dd that could be04:29
tripelbkamilion thanks I'll try again.04:29
* T1750 wonders why they cant access it then04:29
theadminGuest3902: Example, if the Linux partition is mounted to /mnt, then you run "sudo chroot /mnt"04:29
Exxonanyone ! how to enable ssl for IRC chat.04:29
gryllida1sebsebseb: delete the second user and work from this one?04:29
sebsebsebgryllida1: apparantly there is a way to run sudo in  an account that doesn't have the privildges set up etc, or whatever.  anyway  do what I was going to say sure04:30
Zeu5hi all i have googled around for some time. but i cannot seem to find an answer. i have exported a filezilla settings into a .xml file from my windows. how do i import that into my filezilla in ubuntu? i am running filezilla client04:30
sebsebsebgryllida1: you can give the second user the permissions of the account your in now04:30
KamilionT1750: I think it sends some kind of power management command using hdparm04:30
Guest3902Thank you admin, I'll post back on my progress in a minute.04:30
lopezeHey guys quick question. I typically set my power settings to not idle out, however, with lucid it does it regardless of the settings in power management. How can I get it to not idle out every two minutes or so?04:30
celeritascon-man, your nic reports RTL8111/8168B PCI but the loaded driver is r816904:31
gryllida1sebsebseb: what? I don't think I really need 2 accounts ; and the second thing is that I would like to know what it was after the install (iirc it was not 'administrator' type then(04:31
Kamilionlopeze: the screensaver is different than the powersave screen blank -- check both.04:31
sebsebsebgryllida1: yes04:31
sebsebsebgryllida1: you will set up the second account like it should be, then you can get rid of the one your in now04:31
codebrainzT1750, sorry, was that for me up there ^^ ?04:31
theadminlopeze: Screensaver?04:31
celeritascon-man, this looks pretty close to what you need http://wiki.linuxmce.org/index.php/R816804:31
con-manceleritas, thx04:32
gryllida1sebsebseb: ok. how do I set up the second one? like making it be admin, or do you know the default setup?04:32
lopezeChecking right now, where is the setting itself? I've never had to change it before.04:32
sebsebsebgryllida1: yes you will set it up with the default set up04:32
lopezeNevermind, got it.04:32
gryllida1sebsebseb: how?04:32
gryllida1sebsebseb: so not as 'administrator', right?04:32
lopezeThanks guys.04:32
theadminHow is modifying /etc/sudoers by hand dangerous? (it says to only modify it by visudo)04:33
tripelbKamilion, thanks guy04:33
Chak82how can i unmap the sound in rythmbox?04:33
sebsebsebgryllida1: system > administration > users and groups04:33
=== r2d2 is now known as Guest29711
celeritascon-man, see if there is something like that targeted to ubuntu. modifying the kernel can screw you for hours later04:33
AntraxColhi, am looking for info about backtrack i all ready download it, and install it.04:33
Chak82it cause errors in entire gnome when im manipuling the volume04:33
jribtheadmin: well you run the risk of making a syntax error and then no longer having any sudo access.  That's why you should always use visudo04:33
ubottuantraxcol, please see my private message04:33
gryllida1sebsebseb: I opened it04:33
StriKk_9Anyone had issues with 10.04 wireless drivers not installing04:34
ubottuA large amount of the first questions asked in this channel start with "Does anyone/anybody..."  Why not ask your next question (the real one) and find out?04:34
Kamiliontheadmin: visudo uses a tempfile copy, checks it for sanity, and then atomically replaces the sudoers file if it's "okay"04:34
ubottuPlease give us full details. For example: "I have a problem with ..., I'm running Ubuntu version .... When I try to do ..., I get the following output: ..., but I expected it to do ..."04:34
sebsebsebgryllida1: hang on a bit since...04:34
gryllida1sebsebseb: ok04:34
jribStriKk_9: no, no one (just ask *your* question with relevant details)04:34
THEOsup guys. im using a dell netbook and i'm pretty new to ubuntu. how can i make the ubuntu as fast as possible? thanks04:34
Guest3902admin: it can't find a device for /. It asked if /dev is mounted. "sudo: unable to resolve host ubuntu04:34
Guest3902/usr/sbin/grub-probe: error: cannot find a device for / (is /dev mounted?)."04:34
theadminjrib: Wait, wait, what on earth... "root ALL=(ALL) ALL"... it means root priveleges may be taken away... from root?04:34
tripelbIf TimeWarner is blocking hulu, would it help to go through a proxy?04:34
acerimmerTHEO: disable desktop effects for one thing04:34
gryllida1THEO: LOL, just get newest version (10.4), notthing more04:34
Kamiliontheadmin: The nice thing is that visudo respects the EDITOR env var -- so if you've got it set to nano, it (somewhat unintuitively) opens nano to edit it, not actually vi.04:35
jribtheadmin: no, just sudo privileges04:35
AntraxColok , i see you in private04:35
theadminjrib: root doesn't need sudo o_O04:35
Kamiliontheadmin: SeLinux or other LSMs can make the root account basically powerless.04:35
jribtheadmin: I guess04:35
T1750codebrainz: you sure it doesn't do something to stop me messing with it after unmounting04:35
doormat81So, I remember MANY versions back, Ubuntu (or compiz) had issues with window decorations disappearing.  It seems that STILL hasn't been patched.  What's the workaround to get them back?04:35
sebsebsebgryllida1: you see unlock if you click on the other account or something like that?04:35
T1750half the time i can still use it half the time i cant04:35
Kamiliondoormat81: iirc "metacity --replace" ?04:35
theadminKamilion: that'd be compiz --replace04:36
gryllida1sebsebseb: no, I don't see unlock button anywhere in that window04:36
* john275 is testing04:36
theadminKamilion: (compiz handles window decorations and metacity does not.)04:36
doormat81Kamilion, Yeah, what theadmin said... I remember now.  Thanks to both of you though04:36
sebsebsebgryllida1: ok04:36
KamilionAll I remember is --replace :)04:36
sebsebsebgryllida1: I guess what I was seeing is fine then, just stupid theme..04:36
Kamiliondoormat81: also -- I noticed I had problems with that when I tried using emerald themes.04:37
THEOcool thanks guys!04:37
gryllida1sebsebseb: what do I do now?04:37
T1750bs it does something to the stickl04:37
doormat81Kamilion, nah, it had been working fine since I installed 10.04, but this time when I logged in they were gone.  Weird.04:37
sebsebsebgryllida1: getting to that just loading this thing up again04:37
T1750# dd if=/dev/sdg04:37
theadminAnyhow, this sudoers file is very python-ish04:37
T1750dd: opening `/dev/sdg': No medium found04:37
ExxonIRC chat /8001 cannot connect | pidgin 6667 can connect to the chat session..(reason why??)04:38
theadmincomma and space as separator, lol04:38
Datzjrib: how can I find that plugin? I don't see it @ https://code.launchpad.net/ubuntu-bots04:38
gryllida1theadmin, excuse me, what is the reason you are looking into the sudoers file?04:38
theadmingryllida1: Why not?04:38
kreppnarhas anyone here been successful with connecting a mtp device and transfering movies in ubuntu ??04:38
StriKk_910.04 install - I wireless can see but not connect to wireless networks... Dell latitude d600, what is my best course of action.04:38
Datzjrib: I probably don't know how to navigate correctly though04:38
kreppnargnomad2 sucks04:38
nitscan someone tell me how to use btdownloadcurses.py ?04:39
theadmingryllida1: I just want to set up one account to be able to run certain stuff that requires root priveleges (i.e. mount)04:39
T1750how does the ubuntu lucid automounter work04:39
T1750i need to turn it off04:39
T1750is it udev rule?04:39
KamilionHas anyone else reported weird problems trying to install lucid server today?04:39
ykphuahwhat is an easy way to share the packages that I downloaded with others within my company?  just duplicate the /var/cache/apt/archives into their machines?04:39
sebsebsebtheadmin: I am about to do that04:39
sebsebsebtheadmin: with  gryllida104:39
sebsebsebtheadmin: change an account that does not have that, to one that can04:39
gryllida1theadmin: system, administration, users, advanced settings should do it?04:39
nitsyes kreppnar04:40
sebsebsebtheadmin: you need to be in the account that can do it first though04:40
celeritasT1750 i think the auto mount is part of gnome04:40
ExxonKamilion: i tried and got tired with it back to 9.10 hee..hee04:40
theadminsebsebseb, gryllida1: That's simple, I know how to, actually :D "username ALL=/bin/mount, /bin/umount"04:40
kreppnarnits: python2.6 btdownloadcurse.py (torrent file)04:40
KamilionExxon: debootstrap weirdness?04:40
sebsebsebtheadmin: uhmmm04:40
rafaelsoaresbrykphuah, apt-proxy04:40
T1750celeritas: it's somehow marking the device as not missing04:40
kreppnarnits: you just doing a shell or is gui? cause i would prefer utorrent04:41
hufxhowdy al:004:41
gryllida1sebsebseb.. so.. what are you doing? looking for the default setup?04:41
theadmingryllida1: Well, I don't exactly get the user management thing in GNOME... it's weird04:41
sebsebsebgryllida1: ok got things loaded up again04:41
mwencan i see a program running on a ubuntu computer in graphic mode if connect to it on a ubuntu at distance?04:41
Guest29711whats the best wep cracker?04:41
sebsebsebgryllida1: that program seems to have changed a bit since I last used it as well04:42
sebsebsebgryllida1: so on the left you have the two names yes?04:42
sebsebsebin a list04:42
theadminmwen: Depends on how you connect04:42
ExxonKamilion: looks like they were in hurry! lucid04:42
defendguinh00k i found a way around it04:42
hufxhowdy all :004:42
mwenwhat u mean?04:42
rafaelsoaresbrGuest29711, aircrack-ng ?04:42
gryllida1sebsebseb: yes, 2 names04:42
h00kdefendguin: cool. I forgot what we were talking about :)04:42
mwenwith ssh.04:42
celeritasT1750: regardless of the service providing the automount, a missing entry in dev is not related. is the automount trying to mount the device regardless of the fact that is missing?04:42
sebsebsebgryllida1: so have the administratoer selected04:42
defendguinh00k http://davestechsupport.com/blog/2009/01/16/how-to-remove-ubuntus-password-keyring/04:42
Guest3902This is what I got back for trying to update grub after chrooting to my linux drive. "/usr/sbin/grub-probe: error: cannot find a device for / (is /dev mounted?).04:43
gryllida1sebsebseb: done04:43
h00kdefendguin: oh, that. alright :)04:43
theadminmewshi: : Then you'll have to set up X forwarding or what they call it. No idea how.04:43
mark49@search climbing04:43
theadmin...Tab fail04:43
T1750celeritas: i used umount and then i can still reformat the stick04:43
theadminmwen: Then you'll have to set up X forwarding or what they call it. No idea how.04:43
Chak82celeritas: the problem is rythmbox04:43
Guest29711yeah I just got it now just checking it out04:43
T1750i use the eject button in the nautilus (not dolphin) and the whole /dev/sdg stops responding04:43
gryllida1sebsebseb: now what?04:43
T1750that eject button marks the device as unusable, safest choice perhaps but annoying04:43
sebsebsebgryllida1: then go to advanced settings04:43
Chak82celeritas: banshee doesnt crash down with de volume control04:43
gryllida1sebsebseb: done04:44
* T1750 thinks its probably goood idea tho when he realised he could just umount himself04:44
gryllida1sebsebseb: now what?04:44
* T1750 wonders how they did it04:44
sebsebsebgryllida1: contact information is probably blank04:44
Kamiliont1750: pretty sure they use hdparm to ask the drive to enter powersave04:44
gryllida1sebsebseb: teur04:44
gryllida1sebsebseb: true*04:45
celeritasT1750: ah, so it forces the mount. seems like whatever is automounting is ignoring your umount. are you umounting through sudo?04:45
rafaelsoaresbrGuest29711, I use kismet + aircrack-ng04:45
sebsebsebgryllida1: five things ticked in user privildges?04:45
gryllida1sebsebseb: now what?04:45
ykphuahrafaelsoaresbr: thanks, reading it now04:45
Exxonalright guys..04:46
celeritasChak82: figures, Gnome has conflicting key bindings. try releasing the rhythmbox binding are don't use it at all: there are alternatives04:46
Steve1804Brother MFC-495CW scanner not found in ubuntu 10.0404:46
theadminSometimes, I get "unable to mount /dev/disk/by-uuid/weird-code-here on /" on boot times, however I still am able to run fsck somehow from the prompt I get. Any ideas HOW it does this magic?04:46
sebsebsebgryllida1: yeah?04:46
sebsebsebgryllida1: administrator the system and such?04:47
gryllida1sebsebseb: false, all of them are ticked, except for "use audio devices", since it's 'administrator' type account - it hadsome setup aafter the install but I reset it to administrator type when making the second user..04:47
gryllida1sebsebseb: so not just 504:47
kreppnaranyone here have a Creative Zen W player that they use in ubuntu?04:47
Kamiliontheadmin: on the uuid map or the underlying devicename? (/dev/sdX)04:48
Steve1804Having problem setting up brother MFC-495CW printer on Ubuntu 10.0404:48
celeritastheadmin, have you tried changing the fstab to using the sd0 format instead of uuid?04:48
rafaelsoaresbrykphuah, with apt-proxy you don't need to manually copy packages to each machine. it's a great tool.04:48
sebsebsebgryllida1: oh right yeah you went in there yourself and did some stuff04:48
ykphuahrafaelsoaresbr: if I already have the packages, can I set up apt-proxy on my own machine?04:48
sebsebsebgryllida1: well go to the other user account like that04:48
gryllida1sebsebseb: yes, when making second user, I didn't go to advanced settings,I just set that aaccount to be of type'administrator'04:48
sebsebsebgryllida1: and give it the things you want it to have04:48
theadminKamilion, celeritas: Well, fsck fixes it (it actually happens because of a faulty CMOS battery, it's "timestamp is in the future")04:49
gryllida1sebsebseb: I would like to know what the default setup is since I have no idea what some of these checkboxes stand for04:49
theadminKamilion, celeritas: The device it complains of is /dev/sda1 (which is my /)04:49
rafaelsoaresbrykphuah, yes, you can also copy /var/cache/apt/archives from others machines to yours04:50
sebsebsebgryllida1: my vm is actsaully alpha 1 of what will become the next Ubuntu, but  very similar to 10.04, and for this I guess its exactly the same04:50
Serephhow can i edit the places menu?04:50
theadminSereph: You can't, it's dynamic. Well, apart from adding Nautilus bookmarks04:50
gryllida1sebsebseb: can you tell me what setup you see there?04:50
sebsebsebgryllida1: yep04:50
Serephtheadmin: well what does it pick up the things in it from04:51
ms2204why my CUPS can not auto start ?04:51
theadminSereph: Apart from bookmarks, which is supposed to be ~/.gtk-bookmarks file, no idea04:51
Serephtheadmin: i added things to fstab and mounted them in /mnt but it doesnt see them...04:51
acerimmerSereph: Go to one of your places the Bookmarks>Edit/Add Bookmarks04:51
jnewman9838Hi all - I have what seems like a super-newbie question, but I just haven't been able to figure it out.  Is there anyway to watch quicktime vidoes on apple.com?  I have mplayer, but can't seem to get the website to actually send me the .mov file04:51
sebsebsebgryllida1: ok this is what is ticked,  altough I don't feel like typing the whole lot, so this will give you the idea04:52
ykphuahrafaelsoaresbr: does that means the other machine have to disable all the software sources?04:52
ykphuahrafaelsoaresbr: besides the apt-proxy:999904:52
gryllida1sebsebseb: like does "administer the system" mean that the user can install things without sudo pw, or is it needed in anyway?04:52
theadminjnewman9838: If you have the VLC plugin for Firefox (should install with VLC AFAIK), use it, it plays those .mov things fine04:52
sebsebsebgryllida1:  I mean not using full names, you'll see what I mean04:52
rafaelsoaresbrykphuah, yes, others machines will access your machine to get packages.04:52
celeritastheadmin: maybe its complaining because it has a duplicate entry for / under sda1 first and then the uuid, making the second mount to root impossible04:53
Kamiliontheadmin: hmm, the only "magic" I know of is blkid04:53
sebsebsebgryllida1: access external storage, administrate system,  config printers,  mon system logs,  share files local network, use cd room, use modem.    ok thats more than five, tehre were two towards bottom as well04:53
theadminceleritas: It's not. It's complaining cuz time got erased and it thought I'm in 80's lol04:53
sebsebsebgryllida1: now most  all of it you could have checked really I guess04:53
sebsebsebmost or all04:53
theadminceleritas: "Last mount is too far in the future"04:54
Serephacerimmer: I want it to notice the Hard drives...04:54
ddecan anyone get this thing to load on 10.04???: http://www.bat.org/play/batclient04:54
gryllida1sebsebseb: ok. butdoes "administer the system" mean that the user can install things without sudo pw, or is it needed in anyway?04:54
acerimmerSereph: should do that by default...04:54
celeritastheadmin: i though the uuid was not related to the time04:54
theadmingryllida1: User's password will be still required04:54
sebsebsebgryllida1: I think you just got to press ok  after you got admin system, and things will be ok.  unless you got to change the groups your other user has access to as well04:54
gryllida1sebsebseb: and which of them is to add the user to sudoers group04:54
Kamiliontheadmin: Y'know what would be REALLY freaking useful? grub2 has network support -- someone should write an ntp client for it so grub2 can set the time from a server if an invalid system date's set on the hwclock.04:54
sebsebsebgryllida1: administrate system should do that04:55
Ubuntu_and_CoffeHello every 1 i am having trouble with audio on firefox like youtube it plays flash but no audio but audio is working on move player04:55
theadminKamilion: Not like it will be able to connect anyway, I need NM to do that for me :/04:55
gryllida1sebsebseb: I think I'll just make it be 'administrator' and log into it again04:55
sebsebsebgryllida1: check other account after changes, before getting rid of one your in now, of course04:55
con-manceleritas, http://pastebin.ca/187884104:55
Serephacerimmer: only the ones that are automounted by clicking them in that menu. if mounted from fstab or manually they dont.04:55
con-manceleritas, any better?04:55
sebsebsebgryllida1: change settings for other account like this, and it should be fine04:55
gryllida1sebsebseb: or, rather, just delete it and use this one04:55
Serephdde: yes04:55
sebsebsebgryllida1: or make a new account, and then give it these permissions04:56
Serephdde: if by run you mean launch it04:56
Kamiliontheadmin: it would work for most standard ethernet/dhcp infrastructure... orrrrr you could just replace the laptop's rtc battery.04:56
ddeSereph, what could be wrong with my system that it doesnt load it?04:56
ddeyes launch04:56
ddeits a java app04:56
theadminKamilion: :D Well, it failed only once so far so whatever04:56
Serephdde: do you have java installed?04:56
gryllida1sebsebseb: where do I set root passwor?04:56
ddea game04:56
theadmingryllida1: Don't do that.04:56
codebrainzKamilion, that's actually a cool idea ... i bet it wouldn't be too hard to add04:56
h00k!root | gryllida104:56
ubottugryllida1: Do not try to guess the root password, that is impossible. Instead, realise the truth... there is no root password. Then you will see that it is 'sudo' that grants you access and not the root password. Look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RootSudo04:56
ykphuahrafaelsoaresbr: thanks a lot!04:56
theadminKamilion: Well, it's not ethernet/dhcp, it's a VPN ISP.04:57
snowrichardthere is no spoon04:57
Serephsun-java6-jre sun-java6-plugin04:57
Kamilioncodebrainz: Hey, go pitch it to a grub SoC student!04:57
sebsebsebgryllida1: root password in Ubuntu is something else...04:57
rafaelsoaresbrykphuah, you're welcome04:57
Serephsnowrichard: yes i saw that too04:57
ddeSereph, i believe so, otherwise i wouldnt get the error message in terminal: "cannot open jar: No such file"04:57
sebsebsebgryllida1: the idea is to use sudo instead of root04:57
celeritascon-man, i see the module is loaded in the kernel but its not actually using it04:57
sebsebseb!sudo | gryllida104:57
ubottugryllida1: sudo is a command to run command-line programs with  superuser privileges ("root") (also see !cli ) . Look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RootSudo for more information. For  graphical applications see !gksu (Gnome, XFCE), or !kdesudo (KDE). If you're unable to execute commands with  sudo see: http://www.psychocats.net/ubuntu/fixsudo04:57
gryllida1sebsebseb: whenever I install an app, it asks me for a password04:57
gryllida1sebsebseb: whenever I install an app, it asks me for a password -where do I set it?04:57
Kamiliongryllida1: Don't set a root password. The root account has no password and is disabled for direct logins.04:57
Serephdde: well I just ran it from browser04:57
sebsebsebgryllida1: yes it asks for the user account password, the one in the sudo file04:57
=== freevryheid is now known as fvs
Serephgryllida1: that is your password04:57
theadmingryllida1: It's your user password.04:57
con-manceleritas, now what?04:57
ddeSereph, how?04:57
Kamiliongryllida1: the idea is to have a log of which account requested root access for 'task X'04:58
codebrainzKamilion, how would it know what settings to use?  just try dhcp on all interfaces, or a static option in grub.conf?04:58
sebsebsebgryllida1: you can change it in that app as well I guess, but I would use the  termianl to change the password :)04:58
Serephhad the option to open with java or save it04:58
Serephdde: doy ou have sun java or openjdk?04:58
ddeSereph, both04:58
sebsebsebgryllida1: or recovery modes root prompt if forgotton and can't log in to Ubuntu at all :D04:58
codebrainzKamilion, i haven't played with grub2 networking at all04:58
jasonmchristossomeone please help me out with festival on karmic http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=150121204:58
sebsebsebgryllida1: now that your not in your second account, you can easily change the password for it04:58
Kamilioncodebrainz: Unfortunately, I think grub2 requires a pxe stack for the network support during boot time.04:58
gryllida1sebsebseb: so whenever I install a new app, I just put current user's password?04:58
Serephdde: which one is it running with04:59
sebsebsebgryllida1: yes you put in the password for the user that is set up to use sudo04:59
celeritascon-man try pulling the 8169 files out of the modules directory04:59
Kamilionor at least an undi driver04:59
con-manceleritas, I have no idea what that means04:59
sebsebsebgryllida1: and was telling you how to set it up so your other account will be able to use sudo04:59
ddeSereph, i dont know. how do i find out04:59
codebrainzKamilion, you could do it early in the kernel, but would slow it way down on boot, so only if absolutely needed04:59
Serephanyone else know how to do this?04:59
SerephI only have sun java04:59
Kamilionbut yeah, if grub2 can get an UNDI driver loaded for your card, it should be able to dhcp and attempt a NTP sync against A: the NTP option field in the DHCP response, or B: pool.ntp.org05:00
Serephdde: i have this choose-java is aliased to `c; for Java_Alternative in java keytool orbd rmid rmiregistry; do sudo update-alternatives --config "$Java_Alternative"; done'05:00
sebsebsebgryllida1: are you happy with the user name of the other account05:00
sebsebsebgryllida1: or do you want a new user name as well?05:00
codebrainzKamilion, i saw a bunch of net drivers somewhere in grub's source iirc05:00
gryllida1that's fine05:00
Kamilionthey come from gpxe (was etherboot)05:00
gryllida1sebsebseb: I made the second user be 'administrator' and will just log into it05:00
sebsebsebgryllida1: so  done the graphical stuff now for the other account yes?05:01
gryllida1and use it05:01
ddeSereph, do i enter that into the terminal? could you put in quotes what i have to enter exactly?05:01
Serephdde: that is in my .bash_profile05:01
sebsebsebgryllida1: right, but you want the password changed?05:01
gryllida1sebsebseb: I made it be admin, it has everything except for audio device usage ticked05:01
sebsebsebgryllida1: you can have both accounts, and they both can do sudo, doesn't matter05:01
gryllida1sebsebseb: why would I change the password?05:01
celeritascon-man, modprobe the r8169 module out05:01
KamilionWell, more to the point, grub2's networking (network *booting*) support is accomplished by pretty much just embedding gpxe.05:01
sebsebsebgryllida1: I thought you wanted to, you put something earlier05:01
gryllida1sebsebseb: I'll keep the 1st account to log into it as a way of recovery in case the second user account breaks05:02
Serephdde: put in .bash_profile "alias choose-java=`c; for Java_Alternative in java keytool orbd rmid rmiregistry; do sudo update-alternatives --config "$Java_Alternative"; done'"05:02
celeritascon-man, should be something like modprobe -r r816905:02
sebsebsebgryllida1: ok sure05:02
theadminHey - there is this weird network-manager feature/bug which makes it run only for a single user and this is VERY annoying (only one user can use the net at same time :/)05:02
Serephwithout the double quotes on the ends05:02
ddeSereph, where is .bash_profile?05:02
Serephdde: in your home directory generally, it may not exist though05:03
hufxjasonmchristos:    u seem to have a LOT  of dependcy problems!05:03
Jordan_UKamilion: That actually sounds like a feature that upstream grub might be willing to add. You should propose it.05:04
T1750whats the best GUI disk space usage visualiser05:04
T1750i notice most of the ones in linux wont show files which is annoying05:04
h00kT1750: There is Disk Usage Analyzer05:04
theadminT1750: Baobab is good enough IMO05:04
theadminT1750: Default one05:05
spenguin[work]hey anyone using kernel 2.6.33 on a thinkpad x201?05:05
hufxT1750: Guparted will show all05:05
KamilionNormally it's impolite to propose features like that without at least offering some token code that can be improved upon.05:05
spenguin[work]or anyone using a thinkpad x20105:05
rafaelsoaresbrT1750, press <Alt><F2> then: gksu baobab05:05
KamilionAnd unfortunately; I'm a full time sysadmin so I don't really have time to code or support said code.05:05
theadminrafaelsoaresbr: It doesn't need sudo AFAIK05:05
ddeSereph, that didn't fix it05:05
kreppnarcan i get some help with a Creative Zen W player please?05:05
codebrainzKamilion, include/grub/net.h looks like a dummy template where someone has started on getting actual networking working05:05
rafaelsoaresbrtheadmin, it does not work well without admin privilegies05:06
guillermohello, my usb was ruined by some windows virus and it changed the file system label to something that mounted looks like thiss:05:06
Gryllidasebsebseb: hi?05:06
sebsebsebGryllida: hi05:06
codebrainzKamilion, "FIXME: How to abstract networks? More consideration is necessary."05:06
doormat81Could someone tell me the simplest way to update python to 3.0?05:06
guillermothat is the name of the folder in the mount folder05:06
Ubuntu_and_CoffeHello every 1 i am having trouble with audio on firefox like youtube it plays flash but no audio but audio is working on move player05:06
Ubuntu_and_CoffeHello every 1 i am having trouble with audio on firefox like youtube it plays flash but no audio but audio is working on move player05:06
guillermohow can i unmount the usb fil system05:06
Ubuntu_and_Coffeoops sry05:07
Kamilioncodebrainz: My point :)  I don't exactly have the time to tinker with it, sadly.05:07
Serephdde: you have to do "source .bash_profile" from terminal05:07
celeritasguillermo: umount the mount point05:07
theadminguillermo: Heh, easy as nothing :D sudo umount '^Mu(N_'05:07
T1750thanks for all tips05:07
Gryllidasebsebseb: I'm in second account, it's administrator type now, works as expected; how do I install 'sage' math engineering app here? I tried to look for it in software centre, results are more than weird05:07
guillermoit says it doen't find that directory05:07
Serephguillermo: umount mountpoint05:07
sebsebsebguillermo: uhmm05:07
sebsebsebguillermo: wrong one05:07
guillermolike the ^ character is invalid05:07
theadminguillermo: Uh wait05:07
guillermohm i'll try with the mountpoint05:07
theadminsudo umount '/media/^Mu(N_' - run this05:07
sebsebsebGryllida: uhmm05:07
Kamilioncodebrainz: but I'll drop by the upstream wiki and throw the idea out there05:07
codebrainzKamilion, i probably have the time, but lack the interest and probably the know-how (i am writing a bootloader but it's not fancy like grub2)05:08
sebsebsebGryllida: thats propritary software isn't it?05:08
Kamilion... Um... Why are you writing a bootloader?05:08
hufx100% Psychedelic Trance - Get your stomp on!05:08
Ubuntu_and_Coffeoops sry05:08
Ubuntu_and_Coffeoops sry05:08
Ubuntu_and_CoffeHello every 1 i am having trouble with audio on firefox like youtube it plays flash but no audio but audio is working on move player05:08
FloodBot4Ubuntu_and_Coffe: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.05:08
Gryllidasebsebseb: yes 'sage' is software05:08
sebsebsebGryllida: right yeah, but05:08
T1750hufx: I'm confused how do i browse in gparted?05:09
theadminGryllida: Is it FOSS?05:09
frobisherHow do you change the background in Lucid.05:09
Gryllidatheadmin: I think so, but idk05:09
sebsebsebGryllida: do you know what opensource is?  Do you know what freesoftware is no I don't mean  freeware like in Windows?  Do you know what propritary software means?05:09
theadminfrobisher: ...Right click the desktop, change background05:09
R3cur51v3Where is the human-readable option for the "sort" command?05:09
R3cur51v3It seems to not exist on Ubuntu.05:09
sebsebsebGryllida: and I guess you don't know what FOSS means?05:09
rafaelsoaresbranyone using GPT instead of MBR?05:09
ddeSereph, bash: .bash_profile: line 1: unexpected EOF while looking for matching ``'05:09
ddebash: .bash_profile: line 2: syntax error: unexpected end of file05:09
* T1750 goes with theh gneom one05:09
sebsebsebGryllida: thats ok your new05:10
Kamilionguillermo: what's the device name? /dev/sdr?05:10
T1750its almost good enuf05:10
hufxT1750:  its an app ! that will show u ur partitions05:10
T1750they should add file support05:10
sebsebsebGryllida: don't feel embarrassed or something to answer those questions with a no05:10
h0rnmandoes anyone have a (semi) permanent solution to the nm-applet issue with power saving on a USB wlan?05:10
Gryllidasebsebseb: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sage_(mathematics_software) # Sage (mathematics software), open-source mathematics software system written in Python05:10
Gryllidasebsebseb: is it absent in the repo?05:10
sebsebsebGryllida: oh right it is open source05:10
hagabakais there a way to automatically install dbg packages for libraries used by a program? the program is not in a package05:10
sebsebsebGryllida: is it made for Linux?05:10
codebrainzR3cur51v3, -V05:10
Gryllidasebsebseb: no idea05:10
Gryllidasebsebseb: let me look05:10
sebsebseb!info sage05:10
ubottuPackage sage does not exist in lucid05:11
Kamilionit's made for python, so yes05:11
celeritasguillermo: running mount will show you the mounted devices, then run umount /dev/yourdevice05:11
doormat81So apparently I have all versions of python installed, but it defaults to 2.6.  How can I make 3.1 the default?05:11
sebsebsebGryllida: its not in the repo at least not with the sage name according to the bot05:11
con-manceleritas, you want the new pastebin after my restart cause that busticated my intartubes05:11
frobisherThankX threadmin.05:11
guillermoubuntu mounts the usb "weirdly"05:11
Kamilionguillermo: You can use Disk Utility to relabel a partition on your USB stick.05:11
guillermobut i thikn i did it05:11
sebsebsebGryllida: sage is uhmm something else as well,  I think, accounting software for Windows or something05:11
guillermowith the mountpoint thank.05:11
celeritascon-man, ever onward05:11
ddeSereph, bash: .bash_profile: line 1: unexpected EOF while looking for matching ``'05:12
R3cur51v3corebrainz, thansk05:12
ddebash: .bash_profile: line 2: syntax error: unexpected end of file05:12
R3cur51v3codebrainz, thanks05:12
celeritascon-man, sorry to hear about your tubes05:12
R3cur51v3dde, that means you have an error in your .bash_profile05:12
codebrainzR3cur51v3, np.  just do man thecommand for the options05:12
R3cur51v3codebrainz, yeah. I'm used to some other version  that has a -h option05:12
R3cur51v3codebrainz, I searched for "human" in the manpage05:12
R3cur51v3codebrainz, but I didn't actually read the whole thing05:12
codebrainzR3cur51v3, yea, i was looking for 'natural sort' having coded one in python a while back05:13
Serephdde: alias 'choose-java'='c; for Java_Alternative in java keytool orbd rmid rmiregistry; do sudo update-alternatives --config "$Java_Alternative"; done'05:13
jasonmchristoshufx no dependancy problems its installed the script just wouldnt run right05:13
con-manceleritas, http://pastebin.ca/187884405:13
Serephdde: sorry pasted it wrong05:13
jasonmchristosnow synaptic shows dependancy problems but festival is installed05:13
hufxT1750:  Guparted is an appp     who have lost ne now¬¬05:14
=== `mOOse` is now known as m00se
FreetodrinkSRHello, I need some help. I was the guest earlier that was having grub problems. I chrooted into my linux partition, updated grab, but at the end it cannot find the list of partitions. What do I need to do now?05:15
theadminAllright, I know that this isn't really supported here, but I'm building a custom version of Ubuntu. If i'll keep teh repos, will it receive updates from Ubuntu?05:15
ohayoWhy do you kids seem to think Open Source software is so great? Proprietary software is made by professional software developers with real skills, while your GNU stuff is made by neckbeards living in their parents basements. You seem to think that software is made better by everyone being able to look at, and modify the source code of it. How many of you have actually contributed to a proper open source project? Not many I bet. So what ...05:15
marcolus36hi anybody out there had any success getting sony vaio graphics working properly with lucid? Mine won't work with nvidia graphics05:15
sebsebsebGryllida: ok wikipedia page says platform Python05:15
ohayo... is so great about being able to view the source code of your programs if you're not going to do anything with it? Anyway, quit bragging about your crappy GNU stuff and leave software development to the professional engineers.05:15
hufxjasonmchristos:    opps     Guparted is an appp     who have lost ne now¬¬05:15
sebsebsebGryllida: so its a program that works in a web browser as well?  seems so according to brief look at the wekipedia page05:15
Serephohayo: nobody is making you use it05:15
jasonmchristosits just fstival05:15
ohayoSereph: true, that's why I use amazing mIRC05:15
ohayowritten by pro coders05:15
Serephohayo: then why are you here...05:15
theadminohayo: And I bet you use Windows too :P05:16
ohayoyes I do05:16
theadminohayo: What on earth are you doin' here then05:16
Serephtheadmin: hes trolling..05:16
ohayoJust wondering why you chose to use crappy programs05:16
ohayoWindows is amazing and written by pro coders05:16
codebrainzohayo, most foss is written by professionals as well, see linux, python, and most other big projects05:16
theadminohayo: They are NOT crappy. Basta.05:16
theadmincodebrainz: Don't feed him05:16
ZhwaziSo is FreeBSD :)05:16
sebsebseb!trolling | ohayo05:16
ubottuohayo: trolling / trollish behaviour is behaviour that is considered annoying by other channel users, this includes going offtopic, asking the same question time and again getting answered and not acknowledging the answer, and these are not the only ways behaviour can be considered trolling, please see /msg ubottu guidelines - if this applies to you, you may find yourself outside the channel05:16
ZhwaziBut yeah, wtf Linux05:16
guillermoi ran fdisk in my usb device . when i make it display the partitions in the usb, it prints various mistakes05:16
theadminubottu: ops | ohayo05:16
ubottuohayo: Help! Channel emergency! (ONLY use this trigger in emergencies) -  elky, Madpilot, tritium, Nalioth, tonyyarusso, PriceChild, Amaranth, jrib, Myrtti, mneptok, Pici, jpds, gnomefreak, bazhang, jussi, Flannel, ikonia, maco, h00k, IdleOne, or nhandler!05:16
sebsebseb!language | Zhwazi05:17
ubottuZhwazi: Please watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family friendly.05:17
ohayoI am not an emergency05:17
R3cur51v3This is not really an emergency, he's just a trolling idiot.05:17
guillermosaying some partitions has distinct physic/logic endings05:17
R3cur51v3Still, he ought to be kb'd.05:17
guillermohow can i fix that05:17
T1750anyone know a command line copy utility or pipe sequence with progress bar? rsync --progress spamming is annoying id just like a tidy 0 to 100%05:17
theadminR3cur51v3: Well, this trigger is mainly fired on spammers/trolls05:17
SerephR3cur51v3: you saying you'll miss him?05:17
macoohayo: windows discussion is offtopic here. go to ##windows05:17
jasonmchristossomeone help http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=150121205:17
ohayoenjoy your crappy software anyways guys05:17
celeritascon-man: modprobe -c | grep eth0 should give you the current module loaded on the card05:17
codebrainzwhat a tard05:17
Beyondinfernohey codebrainz05:18
nitstrying to hash check using btdownloadcurses i get this error05:18
con-manceleritas, eth1 actually, but rgr that05:18
Serephcoulda sworn i saw hook recently05:18
* maco raises hand as someone who has contributed to an open source project, for the record (even though ohayo's gone)05:18
theadminSereph: He's here.05:18
marcolus36hi anybody out there had any success getting sony vaio graphics working properly with lucid? Mine won't work with nvidia graphics05:18
Beyondinfernoi fixed the broken pakage issue from earlier and now i've got another problem05:18
hufxohayo: windoz is dead05:19
ddewho wants to pay for software when there are free versions that work better?05:19
theadminmaco: Hey, me contributed too :D I'm one of Russian Ubuntu Translators05:19
codebrainzBeyondinferno, ask the channel, i'm coding as well05:19
con-manceleritas, blacklist eth139405:19
con-manalias ieee1394:ven*mo*sp0000005Ever00000001* eth139405:19
Beyondinfernodde and how05:19
Beyondinfernocodebrainz kk05:19
soreau! work | marcolus3605:19
ubottumarcolus36: Doesn't work is a strong statement. Does it sit on the couch all day? Does it want more money? Is it on IRC all the time? Please be specific! Examples of what doesn't work tend to help too.05:19
Kane_Hartgood evening. I have mysql installed but I was wondering if there is an amazing easy guide or site out there to install say lamp with working dns so I can add ns1/ns2 domain.com and also even be able to do dns subdomains like s2.domain.com to other ips and such............ =)05:19
R3cur51v3Half of this channel is retarded...05:19
FreetodrinkSRHey, can I get internet connection through chroot in a terminal?05:20
ZhwaziOnly half?05:20
h00kubottu: tell R3cur51v3 about Guidelines05:20
R3cur51v3(not talking about anyone in particular)05:20
ubottuR3cur51v3, please see my private message05:20
R3cur51v3h00k, sorry05:20
ZhwaziGet an internet connection through a chroot? Like form a chrooted environment? Yes.05:20
con-manI predict someone gets op status05:20
R3cur51v3Won't do that again.05:20
ZhwaziMake sure you have /etc/resolv.conf configured.05:20
soreauFreetodrinkSR: You need the internet working for the os you're chrooting from05:20
nomadhi all,where is the script folder located for xchat?05:20
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h0rnmanDoes anyone have any thoughts on how to get wireless working properly on Lucid using a rt73usb driver?  My current situation is an unstable connection until I disable wireless, manually set power setting to off (iwconfig) and then reenable wireless05:21
Gryllidasebsebseb: if possible I want to install it so that it can work offline05:21
con-manceleritas, blacklist eth139405:21
con-manalias ieee1394:ven*mo*sp0000005Ever00000001* eth139405:21
hufxR3cur51v3: and the other half is linux-enlighened05:21
con-manis that bad05:21
sebsebsebGryllida: I think you can do it05:21
soreaunomad: ~/.xchat05:21
sebsebsebGryllida: just I don't use that app05:21
marcolus36soreau: ok, to be more specific, I have a sony vaio f115, I have limited graphics resolution with the nuveau driver. My boss fixed it about 2 weeks ago then I updated something and broke05:21
soreaunomad: ~/.xchat2 <-- just put them directly in this folder05:21
kzona1600Hey, what is this program normally used for?05:21
sebsebsebGryllida: however Ubuntu uses a lot of Python05:21
celeritascon-man, let's try to blacklist the r8169 module and force the kernel to use the r8168 module for the nic05:21
macotheadmin: yay translators!05:21
codebrainzUbuntu_and_Coffe, np05:21
sebsebsebGryllida: and wikipedia said platform Python, however not been on the offical site yet05:21
Kamilionsad thing was, ohayo was a fedora user (CTCP versioned him, x-chat on FC13)05:21
marcolus36soreau: and we can't remember exactly what the fix was.05:22
con-manceleritas, how do we do that05:22
macoKamilion: hahaha05:22
doormat81So apparently I have all versions of python installed, but it defaults to 2.6.  How can I make 3.1 the default?05:22
macodoormat81: thatll likely break a lot of stuff...05:22
macodoormat81: python2 and python3 are *NOT* compatible05:22
celeritascon-man, http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=166624 obviously not the pc speakers. use r8169 instead05:22
sebsebsebGryllida: ok wikipedia also says its cross platform :)05:22
codebrainzdoormat81, you probably don't want to do that05:22
rafaelsoaresbrFedora huh?05:22
soreaumarcolus36: Well you have a few options. 1) You can look in your X log to see if you notice anything obvious 2) You can pastebin it so others can view it 3) Ask in #nouveau (they probably will want your X log too) 4) Google some guide for installing the proprietary nvidia driver05:23
sebsebsebGryllida: ok read that wrong,  operating system cross platform,  platform python05:23
nomadsoreau sorry for the noob question but is that in places home or where?05:23
ddeSereph, i keep getting like 40 errors telling me all these files dont exist05:23
doormat81maco, however, I'm trying to learn python programming and the book I'm reading uses 3.1.  I need to enter 'python3.1' every time to run my code?05:23
con-manceleritas, Im really tired but you've done so much, I will pick this up later05:23
con-manceleritas, you da man05:23
codebrainzmarcolus36, my vaio graphics work fine, but i have the ati (on purpose)  :)05:23
con-manceleritas, keep up the good work my friend05:23
celeritascon-man, hope it works out05:23
nitsget this error wen i try to hash check a torrent http://paste.ubuntu.com/446445/ please help needed05:24
soreaunomad: ~/ means $HOME, which will be the equivalent of /home/$USER05:24
Gryllidasebsebseb: their download/install instructions are overkill at their website05:24
codebrainzdoormat81, i think you can use virtualenv for this05:24
Serephsoreau: it also means $HOME05:24
Kamiliondoormat81: You can use a hashbang line to specify the interpreter -- #!/usr/bin/python3.105:24
sebsebsebGryllida: no they aren't05:24
sebsebsebGryllida: you would have to compile it from source though for Ubuntu or any other Linux distribution it seems05:24
soreauSereph: isn't that what i said?05:24
miltonhey anyone know how to connect to a mac out of xubuntu05:24
ddeSereph, i keep getting like 40 errors telling me all these files dont exist05:24
miltonusing an ethernet05:24
Serephoops my bad05:24
sebsebsebGryllida: what is it your second day on Ubuntu?05:25
nomadthank you very much soreau and Sereph05:25
miltonive had it bout a week05:25
jasonmchristoscan someone teach me how to upstream the installation script error in the karmic festival package05:25
jasonmchristosse http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=150121205:25
marcolus36soreau: thanks, http://pastebin.org/317501 for my log files.05:25
doormat81Kamilion, ah, that'll work.  Didn't realize so much had changed between v2 and v3.  But is 3 becoming the standard or should I focus on learning 2.6 instead?05:25
Serephdde: not entirely sure whats not existing.... but i dont know any other way to do it05:25
macodoormat81: you could put the path to 3.1 in your #! and then use ./myprog.py instead of using the "python" command05:25
kzona1600how many people are here? jeeze05:25
Gryllidasebsebseb: yes second day.05:25
sebsebsebGryllida: most programs you can get from the repos,  easilly downoad and install them, but not everything05:25
theadmindoormat81: They say it's not ready yet05:25
h00kkzona1600: lots :)05:25
tabmaw_has_AIDSit's true05:25
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Serephdde: try this... alias 'choose-java'='c; for Java_Alternative in java keytool orbd rmid rmiregistry; do sudo update-alternatives --config "$Java_Alternative"; done'05:25
ddethis is reall TICKING ME OFF05:25
marcolus36codebrainz, thanks ;-) not sure how that helps but ... yeah.05:25
tabmaw_has_AIDSI got a postcard from him05:26
kzona1600this is really insane05:26
kzona1600im new to this05:26
tabmaw_has_AIDScause we had boned05:26
doormat81theadmin, but still worth learning it if this is my first venture into linux programming?05:26
T1750wow i forgot how cool midnight commander is05:26
soreauFreetodrinkSR: Please don't pm me05:26
Serephdde: try this... c; for Java_Alternative in java keytool orbd rmid rmiregistry; do sudo update-alternatives --config "$Java_Alternative"; done05:26
macodoormat81: py2 isnt going away any time soon. they're going to be developed in parallel05:26
Kamiliondoormat81: "Both" -- the differences with 3.x and 2.6 are fairly minor; and some of the 3.x syntax is already being backported to 2.6. Keep in mind, most of the embedded python interpreters you'll run across will be 2.5 or 2.6 based.05:26
theadmindoormat81: I'm learning Python2... goes fine so far05:26
codebrainzmarcolus36, hehee.  sorry05:26
nomad/home/nomad/.xchat2   so just add my script into that folder ?05:26
sebsebsebGryllida: I don't tend to compile programs for Ubuntu, install from source, its not that difficult to do,  but guideing complete newbies to do that hrm05:26
soreauFreetodrinkSR: So you're chrooting. From what to what? (elaborate005:26
nomadsounds too easy05:26
Kane_Hartgood evening. I have mysql installed but I was wondering if there is an amazing easy guide or site out there to install say lamp with working dns so I can add ns1/ns2 domain.com and also even be able to do dns subdomains like s2.domain.com to other ips and such............ =)05:26
* Sereph hides from h00k 05:26
hufxT1750: MC really rocks05:26
kzona1600and i thought i was smart with computers, i think i still have a shit load to learn, O_o05:27
T1750hufx: i hadn't used it in about like 10 years05:27
FreetodrinkSRsoreau: Ubuntu Live CD to Ubuntu Partition. I need to update/re-install grub.05:27
codebrainzKane_Hart, see google.com05:27
sebsebsebOk so Gryllida wants to install sage however it seems he would have to install from source,  and its only his second day with Ubuntu, anyone want to help him?05:27
Jordan_Udoormat81: I would personally just learn python 305:27
T1750installed it because i wanted a progress bar and had a look around, it's awesome05:27
Gryllidasebsebseb: ok I'll do it, no problem05:27
sebsebsebGryllida: I want to go soon in fact05:27
doormat81Kamilion, maco, theadmin, well the app I'm planning to develop is only for my use so I should be good, right?05:27
wise_crypt!lamp | Kane_Hart05:27
ubottuKane_Hart: LAMP is an acronym for Linux-Apache-MySQL-PHP. However, the term is often used for setups using alternative but different software, such as Perl or Python instead of PHP, and Postgres instead of MySQL. For help with setting up LAMP on Ubuntu, see  https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ApacheMySQLPHP - See also the Server CD installation process (different in Edgy+)05:27
codebrainzwhy am i recommending google, i hate google now05:27
theadmindoormat81: Yeah, then05:27
CorruptionIḿ using Windows 7; Does anybody know how to Dual-Boot Ubuntu with it?05:27
ddeSereph, c: command not found05:27
kzona1600i do05:27
hufxT1750: Its wasent around 10 yrs ago!05:27
Kamiliondoormat81: yep! Still a good idea to be aware of the differences though.05:27
* Sereph is lost05:28
doormat81Okay... thank you everyone ( Jordan_U, theadmin, maco Kamilion)05:28
Gryllidasebsebseb: no problem, just I did not know why it was absent in the repo, I'll handle it I think05:28
kzona1600ive done it without wubi05:28
theadminCorruption: Sure thing, uh, do you have Win7 or Ubuntu installed now?05:28
sebsebsebif anyone wants to help  Gryllida  install sage from source feel free to,  only his second day with Ubuntu, and I want to go soon. http://www.sagemath.org/download.html05:28
T1750hufx: yes it was it was called NORTON commander :P05:28
wise_crypt!grub2 | Corruption05:28
ubottuCorruption: GRUB2 is the default Ubuntu boot manager since Karmic. For more information and troubleshooting on GRUB2 please refer to https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Grub205:28
CorruptionWindows 705:28
Jordan_UFreetodrinkSR: Follow this guide: http://grub.enbug.org/Grub2LiveCdInstallGuide05:28
kzona1600Windows 805:28
T1750hufx: they are of course not the same but close enuf05:28
ubottu#ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics. Thanks!05:28
Kamiliondoormat81: Python is a slippery path: once you understand the meat of it, you'll start running across it everywhere.05:28
theadminCorruption: Great, just repartition the hard drive, put Ubuntu on the second partition and you're free to go05:28
Serephdde: should work just fine. it works for me05:28
sebsebsebGryllida: there might be instructions in the download, you extract it,  and then run a few commands, to install basicalley05:29
kzona1600lol im still on Ubuntu 7.0405:29
hufxT1750: yeah bit that was for windoz folks05:29
FreetodrinkSRJordan_U: I'll try it, thank you.05:29
Gryllidasebsebseb: thank you for the user account explanation, I develop firefox addons, not that I'm completely new to technical things, just it'd be a bit slow05:29
Serephdde: what shell do you use?05:29
h0rnmanDoes anyone have any thoughts on how to get wireless working properly on Lucid using a rt73usb driver?  My current situation is an unstable connection until I disable wireless, manually set power setting to off (iwconfig) and then reenable wireless05:29
ddeSereph, gnome terminal05:29
Jordan_UFreetodrinkSR: You're welcome05:29
CorruptionI used the Disk management utility to partition 20 Gb of it; but When I get to step 5 I believe it is during installation; I don´t know exactly what to set it to.05:29
sebsebsebGryllida: sometimes it can be a good idea to download some programs that help with  compliing as well05:29
theadminCorruption: Excuse me?05:29
sebsebsebGryllida: well some account stuff I left out, since wasn't that relivent for the issue05:29
h00kkzona1600: that version isn't supported anymore05:30
sebsebsebGryllida: if at all05:30
sebsebseb!7.04 | kzona160005:30
ubottukzona1600: Ubuntu 7.04 (Feisty Fawn) was the sixth release of Ubuntu. End Of Life: October 19th, 2008. See !eol and !upgrade for more details.05:30
Ubuntu_and_CoffeCodebrainzed can i add u seem to no alot about ubuntu i need a good refresh if u dont want to be jsut say no its fine05:30
kzona1600lol I Know i did it just to piss my dad off LMAO05:30
kzona1600he hates 7.0405:30
CaptainTrek!language | kzona160005:30
ubottukzona1600: Please watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family friendly.05:30
Serephdde: that isnt your shell thats a terminal emulator05:30
theadminCorruption: Go to specify partitions manually, choose that partition you made for Ubuntu, reformat it to ext4 and set / as mount point. Then, mount all other partitions somewhere under /media... like /media/1 etc05:30
sebsebsebkzona1600: yes its no longer supported by security updates05:30
sebsebsebkzona1600: time to upgrade really05:30
kzona1600i know that05:31
Serephdde: tell me what echo $SHELL says05:31
kzona1600i did it to make my dad mad05:31
wise_crypt!install | Corruption05:31
ubottuCorruption: Ubuntu can be installed in lots of ways. Please see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation for documentation. Problems during install? See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/CommonProblemsInstall - Don't want to use a CD? See http://tinyurl.com/3exghs - See also !automate05:31
sebsebsebGryllida: oh right well if you done Firefox add ons, you will probably be alright compileing from source05:31
sebsebseb!compile | Gryllida05:31
ubottuGryllida: Compiling software from source? Read the tips at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/CompilingSoftware (But remember to search for pre-built !packages first)05:31
Corruptionthx will try05:31
T1750how the hell does it know how long its gunna take05:31
Sereph!language | T175005:32
ubottuT1750: Please watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family friendly.05:32
T1750ah it doesn't i see now05:32
T1750ubottu: heck is bad language?05:32
kzona1600btw, i was wondering if any of you could help me with, the atheros AR5007EG wifi card with Ubuntu 10.0405:32
T1750people make up bad words just to have something to complain about05:32
Gryllidasebsebseb: I'll be using maxima for a while, and be trying to install the sagemath too.. thank you very much!05:32
soreau_marcolus36: It says it failed to init the nvidia kernel module. Can you check the output of 'lsmod|egrep "nouveau|nvidia"|grep -v grep' to see which module (if any) is loaded? If nouveau is loaded, blacklist it. If none or nvidia is loaded, reinstall the proprietary nvidia glx driver05:32
soreau_FreetodrinkSR: Ah, did you review the grub guide on chrooting?05:32
celeritas!language | T175005:33
ubottuT1750: Please watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family friendly.05:33
kzona1600it drops connection when i unplug the laptop power cable05:33
theadminHoly init! This channel is noisy today...05:33
KamilionT1750: oooh, pv looks yummy for one of my scripts...05:33
T1750it's your channel i will follow your rules but dressing me down for h*** is crazy05:33
sebsebsebGryllida: I don't know what maxima is?05:33
hufxT1750: lamguage please     Ive bin hit gefore!05:33
T1750HECK is banned to?05:33
sebsebsebT1750: theres a no swearing and such rule here05:33
hufxT1750: lamguage please     Ive bin hit b*efore!05:33
KamilionT1750: Intent, not word.05:33
ddeSereph, /bin/bash05:33
ubottuThere are many ways to back your system up. Here's a few: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BackupYourSystem , https://help.ubuntu.com/community/DuplicityBackupHowto , https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HomeUserBackup , https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MondoMindi - See also !sbackup and !cloning05:33
celeritasT1750, sereph05:33
Serephceleritas: yes?05:34
T1750i'm prepared to put up with quite a bit of nonsense rules and beurocracy but in the uk we call that "jobsworth"05:34
Kamiliont1750: the intent is no swearing; thus all related words. Even the ones that are borderline :)05:34
Serephdde: that command should work just fine.05:34
ddeSereph, what command?!05:34
=== user_ is now known as spadge
kzona1600Can i have some help please?05:34
Serephdde: c; for Java_Alternative in java keytool orbd rmid rmiregistry; do sudo update-alternatives --config "$Java_Alternative"; done05:34
celeritasSereph, what other keywords does ubottu respond to. would !help work?05:35
ubottuPlease don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)05:35
Serephceleritas: you can pm it05:35
sebsebseb!bot | celeritas05:35
ubottuceleritas: Hi! I'm ubottu's favorite infobot, you can search my brain yourself at http://ubottu.com/factoids.cgi - Usage info: http://ubottu.com/devel/wiki/Plugins05:35
hufxT1750: well in EIRE wel call it BS***05:35
kzona1600But idont really know how to use Xchat :(05:36
Gryllidasebsebseb: maxima is another math app05:36
soreaukzona1600: What do you need to do?05:36
sebsebsebGryllida: oh right ok, that works on Linux or?  also thats cool you make Firefox add ons, such as,  well thats a bit off topic, could pm that though05:36
Gryllidakzona1600: #xchat ... and welcome to IRC :P05:36
Gryllidasebsebseb: I'm in maxima right now05:37
Gryllidasebsebseb: it's in the repo and works fine05:37
kzona1600i need to know why my wifi card keeps droping connection on the battery05:37
kzona1600thank you05:37
Serephsebsebseb: Gryllida you can talk about offtopic in #ubuntu-offtopic05:37
ubottuWireless documentation, including how-to guides and troubleshooting information, can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs05:37
hufxT1750 does PV work with http data?05:37
sebsebsebSereph: yes, but I am not going there at the moment :)05:37
ckhikuzadhow do i bind F1 to close in screen?05:37
soreaukzona1600: 'wifi card keeps droping connection on the battery' doesn't really make much sense. Can you elaborate?05:37
Serephsebsebseb: why not I love it in there05:37
sebsebsebSereph: well I don't like it much there05:38
kzona1600ok, well i have the Acer Aspire One, and i just put 10.04 on it05:38
Serephhufx: he couldn't handle rules and left.05:38
kzona1600and everytime i have it run on the battery the wifi connection drops05:38
kzona1600like im not sure why05:38
soreaukzona1600: Ah, that's an interesting bug05:39
hufxSereph: left?05:39
ckhikuzadseriously, i need to know how to bind a key to close (not an escape sequence)05:39
ckhikuzadin screen.05:39
h0rnmankzona1600, have you tried disabling power settings for your wireless card?05:39
Serephhufx: -!- T1750 [~T1750@] has left #ubuntu []05:39
kzona1600THat it what i need to know how to do :(05:39
kzona1600please help05:39
h0rnmansudo iwconfig wlan0 power off05:40
h0rnmansubstitue wlan0 for the interface your wireless is on05:40
h0rnmanand ye05:40
hufxSereph: oh taat left!  hehe05:40
T1750and you can forget about me submitting those bug reports i was going to as well, your policy is excessive and damaging to freedom of speech kids don't explode when they hear an intention to curse05:40
soreaukzona1600: Only if, iwcoonfig reports your wifi interface as 'wlan0;05:40
kzona1600how do i check that05:41
hufxSereph: left?05:41
celeritasckhikuzad: xmodmap?05:41
soreaukzona1600: Simply run 'iwconfig' in your terminal05:41
Kamilionow my sides ache from laughing so hard05:41
Serephhufx: he seems to have come back to complain then left again...05:41
kzona1600YEP its wlan005:41
soreau! who | kzona160005:41
ubottukzona1600: As you can see, this is a large channel. If you're speaking to someone in particular, please put their nickname in what you say (use !tab), or else messages get lost and it becomes confusing :)05:41
ckhikuzadceleritas, i am not using X. i am using screen right now.05:41
soreaukzona1600: Now run 'sudo iwconfig wlan0 power off' and see if it helps05:42
h0rnmankzona1600,  then run the command that I suggested, and that should disable power management05:42
ckhikuzadi want to know how to05:42
kzona1600ok ill try05:42
hufxSereph: so good bye to him then!05:42
ckhikuzadbind 'ctrl+a k'  to F105:42
h0rnmanpower management in wireless devices seems to be problematic in Lucid05:42
Serephhufx: indeed05:43
Timman68Enter text here... trouble with the new 10.04?05:43
kzona1600umm i dont want to be a pest but what was the cmd again?05:43
soreaukzona1600: Now run 'sudo iwconfig wlan0 power off' and see if it helps05:43
kzona1600<kzona1600> terminal?05:44
soreaukzona1600: Yes05:44
soreau! terminal | kzona160005:44
ubottukzona1600: The linux terminal or command-line interface is very powerful. Open a terminal via Applications -> Accessories -> Terminal (Gnome) or K-menu -> System -> Konsole (KDE).  Guide: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UsingTheTerminal05:44
kzona1600i got an error05:44
Kamilionman, what a poorly thought out commandstring. I would expect that to send the device *into* deep powersave, not disable power management. *shakes head*05:44
Timman68ever since I downloaded the up grade to 10.04 my coumputer screen all of a sudden flashes a black screen with something about the battery05:44
soreaukzona1600: Pastebin it if more than 3 lines05:44
soreau! paste | kzona160005:44
ubottukzona1600: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://tinyurl.com/imagebin | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.05:44
andrew_what pastebin is the best??05:44
kzona1600its saying the opperation is not supported05:44
=== andrew_ is now known as Guest11204
h0rnmanKamilion, I couldn't agree more :)05:45
soreauandrew_: pastebin.com/org or pastie.org work fine05:45
kzona1600i cant keep up with your guys typing rofl05:45
celeritasckhikuzad: bindkey05:45
soreaukzona1600: I guess your card/driver doesn't support power modes then05:45
kzona1600well it was worth a try05:45
Timman68any one? help with 10.0405:45
Guest11204@soreau thanks05:45
Piccolo48My ubuntu still wont connect to the internet05:46
soreaukzona1600: The first real step to take is figuring out what the problem is exactly05:46
h0rnmansoreau, which would be....odd...but again, I suppose I've seen stranger05:46
kzona1600it could be the router05:46
kzona1600i guess05:46
soreaukzona1600: Do you see anything interesting in the output of 'dmesg' after going to battery and wifi doesn't work?05:46
Piccolo48ALthough I downloaded fwcutter, dkps, and bcmwl-kernel, ubunti still wont connect to the internet05:46
soreaukzona1600: Yes, dmesg is a way to dump your entire kernel log, since you booted05:47
kiamois there a repo that includes skype?05:47
epin8rkiamo: yes05:47
kzona1600how do i look at that?05:47
soreaukzona1600: Should give technical info as well as info about modules it's using05:47
kiamoepin8r, which one?  medibuntu repos dont have skype05:48
soreaukzona1600: Simply type 'dmesg' in your terminal05:48
Piccolo48Should I download ubuntu 64 bit?05:48
soreauPiccolo48: For what target cpu?05:48
Piccolo48Am I less likely to have internet problems if I download 64 bit ubuntu?05:48
kzona1600looks normal too me05:48
soreauPiccolo48: Not particularly less likely. You would have to try it. What problem are you having with internet?05:49
soreaukzona1600: Well that was my only idea05:49
Piccolo48It wont even detect the wirlesss network.  I thought it was because I had a broadcom, but even downloading the appropriate packages for that did not fix it05:50
kzona1600hey soreau how do i measage people personaly?05:50
soreauPiccolo48: You probably did it wrong05:50
soreauPiccolo48: Try again05:50
soreau! broadcom | Piccolo4805:50
ubottuPiccolo48: Help with Broadcom bcm43xx can be found at  https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs/Driver/bcm43xx05:50
Piccolo48I already did that05:50
soreaukzona1600: /msg <nick> personal message05:50
Piccolo48someone gave me the same advice and I followed it overkill05:50
Polly55Hey everyone new to this whole thing wanting to try ubuntu have copied the image to cd and tried rebooting but keep getting stuck any ideas?05:51
kzona1600i just typed it05:51
soreauPiccolo48: I do not know enough about broadcom to help but I know it takes extra effort to get it working from what I've heard05:51
kzona1600and nothing happend05:52
soreaukzona1600: substitute <nick> with the real nick of the nick you're trying to pm05:52
soreau! pm | kzona160005:52
ubottukzona1600: Please ask your questions in the channel so that other people can help you, benefit from your questions and answers, and ensure that you're not getting bad advice. Please note that some people find it rude to be sent a PM without being asked for permission to do so first.05:52
Piccolo48My guess is that there is a flat out bug here05:52
ubutomPolly55, you have to burn the image, not copy it to cd05:52
Piccolo48but ok, ill figure it out myself like I should.  Thanks for that guide though I should reread it05:52
Polly55ok yeah sorry bad terminology05:53
Polly55im pretty sure that is what i have done05:53
ubutomPolly55, is it booting up?05:53
Polly55gets to a screen thats mostly black05:53
Polly55but with a keyboard looking picture and  small man in a circle down the bottom of the screen05:54
Polly55then it just stops05:54
kzona1600Im really confused i know what to do but someone just told me not to, im new to ubuntu and a freind told me to use this program if i had any questions, but its really confuseing05:54
=== karthik is now known as Guest86057
soreaukzona1600: You will get it ;)05:54
ubutomPolly55, so you can choose a language and keyboard layout?05:55
Serephonce I create swap will ubuntu pick up on it right away or does it needa  reboot05:55
KamilionPolly55: How long did you wait at splash screen?05:55
kzona1600ok, i sure hope so05:55
Serephkzona1600: told you not to do what05:55
ddecould anyone please help me with jnpl files05:55
Polly55it let me choose the language once05:55
ddethey give me 60 errors when i try to run them05:55
Polly55left it on the splash screen for about 30 mins05:56
kzona1600to PM people without permission, but how can i do that if i dont know what im doing05:56
KamilionPolly55: And pressing enter a couple times does not start the disc?05:56
h0rnmankzona1600, try opening a terminal, typing 'iwconfig', then copy/paste the results to ubuntu.pastebin.com and then post your pastebin URL to the channel05:56
h0rnmanI want to see some information about your wireless card05:56
Serephyeah dont pm people without permission ;), makes it hard for others to enter the conversation :)05:56
kzona1600okay? ill try that05:56
Polly55the disc seems to be running but i didnt press any keys05:56
ddeok I would just like to know, how do you run a jnlp file05:57
KamilionPolly55: The splash screen is only the loader... try pressing enter a couple times05:57
Polly55ok ill give that a shot thanks heaps!!!05:57
Polly55should tht happen before or after i select language05:58
Polly55ok well its happening before05:58
Kamilionit should show a small menu "try ubuntu" or something similar05:58
Polly55yeah dont get that t ll05:58
X5XHow can I installed multimedia support on Lubuntu 10.04? On Ubuntu I would just install ubuntu-restricted-extras, and there also also *buntu-restricted-extras packages for Kubuntu and Xubuntu. What do I need to get multimedia support on Lubuntu?05:58
frobisherIs there a good tutorial in seting up 10.4.05:58
Polly55at all*05:58
ubutomPolly55, make sure to boot from the cdrom05:58
Kamilionmight have gotten a bad disc; there should be an option in that menu to "verify CD", usually takes a little while if you select it.05:58
kzona1600OK I GOT IT :D05:59
ubutomPolly55,  and as Kamilion said, it takes some time, after language selection and menu it takes a few minutes to boot ub the livecd05:59
alex5454hey everyone.  quick question.  I just installed dgen genesis emulator from the software center and have no idea where it installed to?05:59
X5XHow can I installed multimedia support on Lubuntu 10.04? On Ubuntu I would just install ubuntu-restricted-extras, and there also also *buntu-restricted-extras packages for Kubuntu and Xubuntu. What do I need to get multimedia support on Lubuntu?05:59
h0rnmanalright, are you on that wireless connection now, or are you on the wired connection?06:00
h0rnmanalex5454, try 'whereis dgen'06:00
Kamilionalex5454: I think dgen's a commandline program, you need a frontend or just alt-f2 'dgen'06:00
Polly55problem is im not getting lnguge selection06:00
NeroonHi there. Anyone here that could tell me, if it's possible to backup only the data from a partition with dd?06:00
ubutomalex5454, dpkg -L dgen06:01
theadminX5X: So far there is no special package for it, go with ubuntu-restricted-extras06:01
KamilionNeroon: Nope, DD is a stream dump, doesn't do filtering.06:01
KamilionNeroon: I would suggest tar06:01
X5Xtheadmin: okay thanks06:02
h0rnmankzona1600, now do the same for 'sudo lspci'06:02
Jordan_UPolly55: Press any key early in the boot process of the LiveCD and you will get a boot menu. One of the options is to check the disk for defects (from a bad burn/scratches). Can you try that option?06:02
NeroonKamilion: I almost thought so ... thanks. And tar even works with the partition with the system folders in it?06:02
KamilionNeroon: I think you need to specify -p in there somewhere to preserve permissions; and you need to --exclude /dev and /sys and /proc...06:03
NeroonKamilion: The thing is, i accidently installed lucid on a 50gb partition, cause i thought it was a 10gb only ...06:03
Kamilionyeah, dd will give you a 50GB file.06:04
Maartenwhat is the linux mint channel?06:04
NeroonKamilion: No, i want to delete that partition and install it on a smaller one06:04
GryllidaMaarten: ##linuxmint06:04
Maartenthanks :)06:04
Maartenlol 3 people there :P06:05
KamilionNeroon: If you havn't made many changes; you should be safe to just tarball up your homedir with sudo tar -cvf /home/username.tar /home/username06:05
h0rnmanok...try installing this package:  linux-backports-modules-wireless-lucid-generic06:07
KamilionNeroon: then you can just copy that tarball off somewhere and kill the partition, and use the CD to reinstall. Then just extract the tarball on the new install.06:07
h0rnmanit seems that there are reports of that fixing various and sundry wireless issues on your card06:08
ShamblerKamilion: Sorry. Neroon here. Got disconnected ...06:08
ddeSereph, do you think this could have been caused by the fact that about 5kb of my hdd is corrupted?06:08
=== Sup1|Lobby is now known as SuP|Lobby
Kamilionh0rnman: Where'd you run across that one? Sounds like it might be useful on one of my laptops.06:08
kzona1600i dont think my card was made for linux anyway lol06:08
kzona1600i got this puter wif Windows XP on it06:08
ShamblerKamilion: Could you resednd the last message, please?06:09
h0rnmanits the standard wireless backport driver package...it gets thrown around here and there on the forums06:09
KamilionShambler: If you havn't made many changes; you should be safe to just tarball up your homedir with sudo tar -cvf /home/username.tar /home/username && chown username.username /home/username.tar06:09
KamilionShambler: then you can just copy that tarball off somewhere and kill the partition, and use the CD to reinstall. Then just extract the tarball on the new install.06:09
ShamblerKamilion: Thanks. I know that, but the changes aren06:09
kzona1600ok what was thw backport cmd???06:09
ShamblerKamilion: t limited to my home folder ...06:09
h0rnmankzona1600, go to terminal, type 'sudo apt-get install linux-backports-modules-wireless-lucid-generic'06:09
Kamilionkzona1600: sudo apt-get install linux-backports-modules-wireless-lucid-generic06:10
h0rnmanthen reboot and try again06:10
KamilionShambler: It's always a poor idea to mess with directories outside your homedir. Unless you're talking about the packages you installed; and it's easy to backup that list of packages and ask the new install to reinstall them.06:11
h0rnmanI think I remember reading somewhere in an investigation into my own wireless woes that part of the wireless stack was rewritten for Lucid.  Since those Atheros cards have always been kinda off in Ubuntu, I figure rolling back some drivers may do the trick06:11
ShamblerKamilion: It's not only that, but even reinstalling all the stuff really sucks with 384kbit/sec. That takes forever and a day06:12
KamilionShambler: sudo dpkg --get-selections | grep '[[:space:]]install$' | awk '{print $1}' > package_list06:12
Kamilionthat's a fun one to type out.06:12
ubutomShambler, 56 k modem was far worse :P06:12
FreetodrinkSRJordan_U: Thank you for the link bud. I'm happily back in my Ubuntu and the bootloader worked amazingly well.06:12
h0rnmankzona1600, also as an idea, if you're not committed to 10.04 (Lucid Lynx), you could always download and install 9.10 (Karmic Koala)06:13
ShamblerKamilion: I started with 14,4 k 16 years ago :-)06:13
Jordan_UFreetodrinkSR: You're welcome.06:13
kzona1600Well, thanks guys i think im going to go to bed now, its like 1:12 ill fix it tommorw06:13
h0rnmankzona1600, I may end up going that route myself here soon06:13
kzona1600oh, ok06:13
KamilionShambler: dump /var/cache/apt/archives/* somewhere on your network and restore it06:14
ShamblerKamilion: I was just hoping ghost4linux would recognize the ext4 partition and could dump the data only to a .img file .... bad luck06:14
kzona1600night guys06:14
KamilionShambler: try partedmagic or gparted live for ext4 support. Clonezilla works too.06:14
ShamblerKamilion: k. will give these a try then. and only if none of these work, i gotta do what i dont wanna do ...06:15
Jordan_UShambler: Look into partimage06:15
dde>:'( can anyone please help me get my .jnlp file to work06:15
Kamilionacronis trueimage v13 series is the only commercial imager I know of that handles ext4 so far.06:15
KamilionJordan_U: Those livecds are mostly based on partimage.06:16
ShamblerKamilion: Thanks a lot for your help. Gotta go to work06:16
Jordan_UKamilion: parted != partimage.06:16
Kamilionpartedmagic.org -- IIRC this version or next version's ubuntu based anyway.06:16
Jordan_UShambler: Never mind, I just looked and was surprised to find that partimage still doesn't support ext4 :(06:18
Mgamerzi need to do some modem to modem terminal06:18
Mgamerzand http://derrick-caluag.blogspot.com/2006/10/how-to-setup-dial-in-server-on-linux.html is way outdated06:18
KamilionJordan_U: http://partedmagic.com/ The Parted Magic OS employs core programs of GParted and Parted to handle partitioning tasks with ease, while featuring other useful programs (e.g. Partimage, TestDisk, Truecrypt, G4L, SuperGrubDisk, ddrescue, etc...)  and it's got a nice tmpfs setup.06:18
ShamblerJordan_U: Too bad ... maybe clonezilla will be more usefull. C ya06:19
Mgamerzcan anyone hlep me translate the old guide into a bit of a newer, usable one?06:19
Kamilionboot it up and it loads into a ramdrive and spits out the cd. Handy.06:19
Mgamerzmainly /etc/inittab is what kills it :/06:19
zetheroodoes Rythmbox not have a graphical equaliser?06:19
rafaelsoaresbris vuze opensource?06:20
banker247hey guys, i'm following this guide.. pretty much to the t http://openmindedbrain.info/09/05/2010/undervolting-in-ubuntu-10-04-lucid-lts/    for some reason when i get to the cat part.. its not finding the file phc_default_vids which i believe is extracted from the modules when you do a make install.. - is there something i'm missing?06:21
wildbatis there a macro tools for ubuntu like Autoit in windows, that do mouse simulation or windows messaging?06:22
Mgamerzits amazing any help is done with all this text here06:23
Kamilionrafaelsoaresbr: Sort of. The azureus shell is -- but AFAIK the vuze plugin and server-side webpages are not.06:23
Jordan_UKamilion: Do you happen to know what version of super grub disk they include? super grub disk isn't mentioned at all in http://partedmagic.com/programs.html (and there's at least one live distro using a really early version of super grub2 disk that's so old it's practically useless)06:23
KamilionJordan_U: Not sure, sec while I fire it up in vbox06:24
b1ff2HELO IZ ANYONE HURE???!06:24
b1ff2HOW 1Z GRUB2 BETTUR THAN GRUB????!06:24
FloodBot4b1ff2: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.06:24
silv3r_m00ngoogle chrome in ubuntu 9.10 doesn't display unicode fonts06:25
silv3r_m00nhow to fix ?06:25
Yusukeinstall the new unicode fonts06:26
bthorntonIs there any way to "reset" the sound subsystem in Lucid without logging-out/restarting? No sound will play in anything and my mixer icon is "grayed out" as though it can't find an audio device.06:28
bthorntonI think I may have made the mistake of trying to run two audio applications at once... (lot to ask from an i7 system)06:29
silv3r_m00nYusuke: how to update ?06:30
silv3r_m00nwhich package06:30
bthorntonb1ff2: good idea but didn't seem to work. I can't even kill pulseaudio06:30
bthorntonwith killall06:30
Jordan_U!caps | b1ff206:30
ubottub1ff2: PLEASE DON'T SHOUT! We can read lowercase too.06:30
etraskbthornton: even using kill -9 ?06:30
KamilionJordan_U: There's two listed. Super Grub Disk 1 and Super Grub Disk 2. Super Grub Disk 1 is "0.97-os.1"06:30
bthorntonetrask: haven't tried... willl have to see which PID06:31
bthorntonokay kill -9 got it06:31
etraskI was ecstatic when I found the -9 switch. It basically doesn't "ask" the program to shutdown06:31
bthorntonokay so I killed pulseaudio and it respawned (which is fine I guess), but still no audio06:32
etraskNot too knowledgable in that area, sorry :(06:32
bthorntonone of the apps I was running was Amarok and it probably uses some different audio device which, I'm guessing, is competing with pulseaudio06:32
bthornton'cause that's about the point at which I lost sound.06:32
Kamilion.... And I booped up my grub4dos config to load supergrubdisk2 on this iso, can't get a version from it. Grabbing the normal ver...06:33
bthorntonetrask: ah, well thanks anyway06:33
banker247what does this mean?06:33
banker247You need to have at least your kernel-headers installed.06:33
banker247You also need the build essentials (gcc, libc, make, etc).06:33
banker247build essentials part..06:33
bazhangbanker247, install build-essential06:33
etraskbanker247: there is a package called build-essentials06:33
etraskcontains the things you've listed there06:33
banker247is that prolly while my module i'm trying to make install isn't working properly?06:34
ubottuCompiling software from source? Read the tips at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/CompilingSoftware (But remember to search for pre-built !packages first)06:34
ubutombanker247, have you done step 1-3?06:34
banker247i've  gotten all the way to the part where you check the cat06:35
banker247and it doesn't find the file..06:35
ubutombanker247, in step 2 you install the sources and then you have to use the phc kernel06:35
banker247so i think its something to do with my package06:35
banker247right i'm in the kernel now06:35
jmichaelx is anyone else having problems reaching security.ubuntu.com?06:35
banker247cat /sys/devices/system/cpu/cpu0/cpufreq/phc_default_vids06:35
banker247cat: /sys/devices/system/cpu/cpu0/cpufreq/phc_default_vids: No such file or directory06:35
banker247this is where i'm at06:35
banker247so whats happneing is the phc_default_vids file.. is NOT being create06:36
banker247whats interesting is i did this before awhile back and its not working lol.. i just reinstalled linux06:36
zetheroois there a system-wide graphic equaliser for Ubuntu?06:36
banker247so i thinki i'm missing osme kinda packages that make the make install work06:36
Flannelbanker247: install build-essential06:37
jmichaelx is anyone else having problems reaching security.ubuntu.com?06:37
ubutombanker247, but you have the script loaded, right?06:37
banker247Flannel its installed i just reinstalled it06:37
Kamilionzetheroo: several, but they're all pains to install.06:37
Flannelbanker247: then you should be able to compile fine06:37
ubutombanker247, the script he wrote, http://openmindedbrain.info/wp-content/uploads/2010/05/intel-phc-undervolt.bash06:37
zetherooKamilion: hmm ok06:37
banker247ubutom i'm not running the script i already know my undervolt settings06:38
ubutombanker247, I guess you have to execute that first before there is any phc_default_vids file06:38
banker247oh really?06:38
ubutombanker247, as i said, a guess06:38
Kamilionzetheroo: they rely on doing weird things like setting jack up and using a LADSP eq plugin or other hackery like that.06:38
banker247because in the guide he sais.. after sudo make install then you check for the phc_default_vids06:38
Kamilionzetheroo: You might have better luck poking around in pulseaudio or finding a player with an eq like xmms2 used to have.06:39
nitshttp://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1504415 help please06:39
zetherooKamilion: yeah, no worries ... I was just hopeing there was something simple to install :)06:39
ubutombanker247, so it fails at compiling.. hm06:39
banker247no it doesn't fail06:39
zetherooKamilion: I am just surprised that Rhythmbox doesn't have one still ...06:39
Kamilionzetheroo: I dunno if the pulseaudio utilities have an eq or not offhand.06:39
Kamilionzetheroo: it doesn't have a plugin for one?06:39
banker247ubutom i get good mesages durreing compile nothing crazy.. just that file isn't created06:40
jmichaelxis security.ubuntu.com unreachable for anyone else right now?06:40
banker247ubutom which means the module doesn't install or somethin06:40
zetherooKamilion: not that I know of06:40
phong_hi guys06:40
phong_anyone in the house?06:40
PupenoIs there a clipboard manager that works in ubuntu 10.0406:40
Kamilionzetheroo: http://code.google.com/p/rbeq/06:41
ubutombanker247, maybe it has to be loaded first, would try a reboot or starting the module manually, whcih i lack knowledge of right now ;)06:41
ubutomthe command that is06:41
ubottuTo install Flash see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats/Flash - See also  !Restricted and !Gnash06:42
jmichaelxto load manually = 'sudo modprobe module-name'06:42
zetherooKamilion: found this ... http://www.lirmm.fr/~morandat/index.php/Main/Tools06:42
ubutombanker247, something with modprobe, yea, what jmichaelx said :D06:42
nitshttp://paste.ubuntu.com/446464/ i can't hashcheck please help06:42
banker247what should i load with the modprobe?06:43
booklover206msg netserv snowy66 booklover206@gmail.com06:43
Kamilionzetheroo: Looks like two competing projects that don't know eachother! Heh! http://cornerofseven.com/blog/ is rbeq's home blog06:43
zetherooKamilion: interesting06:44
jmichaelxbanker247: is there a kernel module you are trying to compile, then load?06:44
Kane_Hartwhere is usally the default location of the html docs located on a fresh lamp install or wheres the config06:44
Zeu5hi i have an issue with my xampp. i keep getting this another mysql daemon is running. i ran ps aux |grep mysql i get the following http://paste.ubuntu.com/446466/06:44
nitsi get this error wen i hashcheck a torrent06:44
banker247im trying to do this06:44
Zeu5i have already restarted a few times. the error persists06:44
phong_are there any good mail client for ubuntu?06:44
Kamilionzetheroo: The french dude's has seven commits, from late january 2010 to early feb2010 and then stops.06:44
ubuntuwhere can i find the ~/.mozilla/plugins ?06:44
ubutomphong_, thunderbird, evolution, many many others06:44
nitsphong_ thunderbird and evolution06:44
banker247and when i get to the part when i run cat to find the file the phc06:45
banker247cat /sys/devices/system/cpu/cpu0/cpufreq/phc_default_vids06:45
banker247cat: /sys/devices/system/cpu/cpu0/cpufreq/phc_default_vids: No such file or directory06:45
banker247i get this06:45
Kane_Hartwhere is usally the default location of the html docs located on a fresh lamp install or wheres the config06:45
FloodBot4banker247: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.06:45
Zeu5hi i have an issue with my xampp. i keep getting this another mysql daemon is running. i ran ps aux |grep mysql i get the following http://paste.ubuntu.com/446466/ i have restarted a few times. the problem persists06:45
ubuntuhow can I copy/paste some file as root?06:45
zetherooKamilion: so not as dependable for updates?06:45
jmichaelxbanker247: carreful about flooding the channel06:45
nomad77!sudo > ubuntu06:46
ubottuubuntu, please see my private message06:46
Kamilionoh neat, rbeq's real easy to install... just extract it in your homedir's .gnome2 folder; it's only a bit of python!06:46
jmichaelxbanker247: did you follow each step in this tutorial?06:46
phong_how to get evolution mail client for ubuntu ?06:47
zetherooKamilion: yeah i got it ... works :)06:47
zetheroothank you!06:47
banker247jmichaelx i'm in the kernel and everything i think i must be missing something because that file isn't being created06:47
nitssome one please help me i get error wen i hash check a torrent http://paste.ubuntu.com/446464/ please private message06:47
Polly55back again, how long after selecting try ubuntu when first loding should u have to wait till something happens?06:47
KamilionHow do I add a factoid to ubottu?06:47
Jordan_UKamilion: /msg ubottu factoid is foo06:47
KamilionThanks! will use the keyword rbeq.06:48
jmichaelxbanker247: what cpu are you using?06:48
zetherooKamilion: you going to add this as a factoid?06:48
jmichaelxbanker247: mobile core2duo?06:48
ubuntuhow can i move libflashplayer.so from my desktop to /usr/lib/mozilla/plugins? please someone tell me how :(06:48
banker247whats wierd is.. i had this working before i just reinstalled linux on a new HD06:48
banker247and trying to get it setup again - i dont know if i'm missing some packages? to make this compile properly or whta06:49
phong_how to compile evolution?06:49
jmichaelxbanker247: what is the output for 'uname -r'?06:49
nitsphong_ it comes by default with ubuntu06:49
Kamilionubottu: rbeq is the Rhythmbox 10-band Equalizer found at http://rbeq.googlecode.com/ -- easy to install, just extract to ~/.gnome2/ and enable the plugin in Rhythmbox!06:49
KamilionHope that's a useful factoid for others :D06:51
phong_nits,  wheer to run it then06:51
jmichaelxbanker247: and you did download the tarball, unpack it, and you ran make prepare, make, make install/?06:51
banker247jmichalx whats interesting is he sais.. if everything worked ou should see some numbers.. if ont restart and check back06:51
banker247several times nowheh06:51
nitsphong_: alt+F2 type in evolution06:51
Kamilionhowever it does require someone to remember to ask for the rbeq keyword ;)06:51
nitssome one please help me i get error wen i hash check a torrent http://paste.ubuntu.com/446464/ please private message been posting here and the forums for about 2 and a half hours now06:52
jmichaelxbanker247: do you know what the name of the module is that you compiled?06:53
Kamilionnits: use a different torrent client that doesn't rely on the deprecated sha module in python?06:53
banker247how do i check that?06:53
KamilionI would suggest deluge if you want a console UI.06:53
jmichaelxdid you not see a name after you ran make?06:54
nitsKamilion: i use rtorrent and then bitlord in windows but it doesn't download06:54
jmichaelxmake/mae install*06:54
jmichaelxmake install**06:54
banker247whats the link for pastebin i'll show you all that happened06:54
rwwbanker247: http://paste.ubuntu.com/06:54
jmichaelxbanker247: what output do you get from 'lsmod | grep phc'06:55
KamilionMy opinion is that you have poor taste in torrent clients ;) utorrent and deluge are in my opinion, the most useful clients due to their STUN-like firewall jumping abilities.06:55
nitsKamilion: actually it worked until yesterday there was a stupid powercut and i've been having problems since06:56
KamilionDeluge has a nice client/server arch that uses a daemon to do the actual torrenting (and can continue after a logout) and your choice of frontends: console, gtk, and a nice webui.06:56
Kamilionnits: might try a fsck then?06:56
Polly55so still having trouble trying ubuntu nd would love some help can get to the menu select try ubuntu then nothing happens any ideas?06:57
nitsKamilion: How do i do a fsck for a ntfs please give me the full command06:57
Kamilion*snrtk* that's the one thing I've never gotten ubuntu to do.06:57
banker247whats strange is last time i thoght it didn't work too and i think i did it a couple times then it finally worked.. but i dont know what i did.06:57
banker247so i think this is an I D 10 T propblem .. lol06:57
nitsKamilion: lol06:58
KamilionTry a winpe based livecd, the modern 7 based ones are quite useful for that.06:58
jmichaelxbanker247: try running 'sudo modprobe phc-intel'06:58
nitsThanks Kamilion will do that06:58
banker247banker247@banker247:~/Downloads/phc-intel-0.3.2-10$ sudo modprobe phc-intel06:58
banker247FATAL: Module phc_intel not found.06:58
Kamilionother than that, the best you can do from ubuntu is just mark it dirty for chkdsk on windows.06:58
jmichaelxbanker247: try running 'sudo modprobe phc-intel.ko'06:58
zetheroowill "shutdown -r now" reboot the system?06:58
Kamilionzetheroo: yes.06:59
nitsKamilion: how do i do that?06:59
banker247same FATAL errorr06:59
banker247weird eh06:59
jmichaelxbanker247: did you use a dash or an underscore?06:59
banker247i coppied you06:59
Kamilionnits: sec, nx is slow tonight07:01
zetheroothe main config files for samba are in /etc/samba/ right!? ...07:01
ubutom_banker247, try sudo modprobe -l | grep intel07:01
KamilionJordan_U: Super Grub Disk 2 is "1.96"07:01
ubutom_banker247, yup, no phc in that list :(07:03
Jordan_UKamilion: Ugh, that's 2 year old grub code, and has almost no features.07:03
trijntjeis there program like top that sorts programs according to network activity?07:03
jmichaelxbanker247: try running 'sudo depmod -a'07:03
jmichaelxfor some reason it isn't seeing the module07:03
KamilionJordan_U: post it in the parted magic forums -- he's real quick about updating stuff like that.07:03
Hdale85Ok guys, I just booted the 10.04 live cd and my wireless keyboard and mouse are bluetooth and well there is no way to tell it to pair because it won't let me use them! What should I do? Usually if I pull the dongle and then reconnect it, it goes into RF mode but it's not doing it with 10.0407:03
banker247ok it ran hung for asa ec then went back to prompt07:04
UbuntuBoyHelp linux users everywhere get iTunes by signing the petition: http://www.petitiononline.com/itmslin/petition.html07:04
Jordan_UKamilion: Will do.07:04
jmichaelxbanker247: what output do you get now from 'lsmod | grep intel'?07:04
KamilionJordan_U: I'd do it myself; but I lack the domain knowledge you exhibit to be able to satisfy him.07:04
UbuntuBoyHelp linux users everywhere get iTunes by signing the petition: http://www.petitiononline.com/itmslin/petition.html07:04
Jordan_U!ot | UbuntuBoy07:05
ubottuUbuntuBoy: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics. Thanks!07:05
Kane_Hartthis proftp stuff sucks07:05
Kane_HartI can't get it like making users07:05
KamilionNot sure how that would work, UbuntuBoy, considering none of apple's libraries are availalable on linux.07:05
wildbat_laptopis there a macro tools for ubuntu like Autoit in windows, that do mouse simulation or windows messaging?07:05
Zeu5hi i have an issue with my xampp. i keep getting this another mysql daemon is running whenever i restart my computer. i ran ps aux |grep mysql i get the following http://paste.ubuntu.com/446473/  this process pid 897 keeps starting up. how do i make sure it doesnt starts all the time? is it because i chose automatically start programs in my startupservice?07:06
Hdale85Ok guys, I just booted the 10.04 live cd and my wireless keyboard and mouse are bluetooth and well there is no way to tell it to pair because it won't let me use them! What should I do? Usually if I pull the dongle and then reconnect it, it goes into RF mode but it's not doing it with 10.0407:06
KamilionBesides, this is steve jobs we're talking about here -- he's more apt to give you the finger and laugh about it than port itunes ;)07:06
Serephdde: possible not entirely sure07:06
banker247jmichaelx maybe i'm missing a package? and its not correctly placing the modules?07:07
Kamilionnits: ntfsfix /dev/sdX07:07
UbuntuBoyKamilion: Well I'm sure Apple can figure out someway to do it.07:07
nitsKamilion: i just put it into the terminal and that's it?07:07
ubutom_UbuntuBoy, Apple has no desire to port iTunes to Linux07:07
KamilionUbuntuBoy: There's a big different between 'can figure out' and 'give you the finger for asking'. Apple's of the latter.07:08
Kamilionnits: yeah, that should mark it as needing a check; if you boot windows on that machine, it should automatically force a disk check.07:08
UbuntuBoyubutom_: how'd you know that? did you work for Apple or something.07:09
nitsKamilion: Thanks :)07:09
ubutom_UbuntuBoy, what would they have from that? decreasing sells of apple hardware, and they don't want that.07:09
jmichaelxbanker247: right now i am at a loss as to what to tell you.07:09
Eugene89Hello people! I have a server supporting some mysql databases and I can't seem to get the scheduled backup working. Where can I check what went wrong?07:09
KamilionUbuntuBoy: I'm an apple shareholder, live in the bay area, and have met (and gotten flamed by) steve jobs. (and hung around with woz too while doing some volunteer work at the computer history museum)07:10
banker247i'm reading this07:10
KamilionI can pretty much tell you flat out: Not going to happen.07:10
andrukdoes anybody know if aliiance vlsi is available on ubuntu?07:10
Hdale85Ok guys, I just booted the 10.04 live cd and my wireless keyboard and mouse are bluetooth and well there is no way to tell it to pair because it won't let me use them! What should I do? Usually if I pull the dongle and then reconnect it, it goes into RF mode but it's not doing it with 10.0407:11
=== andrew_ is now known as Guest67685
banker247seems like hes having the same probe07:11
courpseXlib:  extension "RANDR" missing on display ":0.0".07:12
courpseWhen trying to boot gimp.07:12
no-name_how do you mount an .iso in ubuntu?07:12
UbuntuBoyubutom_: what really would decrease their sales is releasing iTunes for Windows which they have done07:12
courpseNvidia gfx card, with Xinerama07:12
KamilionAnd I can tell you why too: Apple has a very tight lifecycle. When they say something's deprecated or obsolete, they mean it. Poof, it's *gone*. They control the hardware, the default software, and have a nice little lockgrip on their elitist niche. Which I appreciate (hence why I'm a shareholder)07:12
kubancwhat do i do, every time i open html file, i cannot see č,š,ž in gedit,leafpad, etc...07:12
jmichaelxis anyone else having issues reaching security.ubuntu.com when try to do updates?07:12
KamilionAnyway, I'll shut my yap now ;)07:13
ubutom_UbuntuBoy, nope, windows has a large user base, it's all about money07:13
KamilionIf they don't have total control over something, they don't do it. Period.07:13
ubutom_UbuntuBoy, besides, if it wasn't available for Windows, noone with a windows box would buy ipods07:13
Kamilionand missing that 99% of the market would be a foolish move. Missing our 3% of the market will not be.07:14
UbuntuBoyKamilion: okay from your experience  with Apple, you don't think Apple would consider it?07:14
bazhangUbuntuBoy, lets move this to #ubuntu-offtopic please07:15
KamilionNope. Zero chance. Not until chromeos hits *millions* of netbooks.07:15
Zeu5hi i have an issue with my xampp. i keep getting this another mysql daemon is running whenever i restart my computer. i ran ps aux |grep mysql i get the following http://paste.ubuntu.com/446473/  this process pid 897 keeps starting up. how do i make sure it doesnt starts all the time? is it because i chose automatically start programs in my startupservice?07:15
KamilionWe have no market and barely any marketing.07:15
jmichaelxgood grief, one more time... is there anyone else that is having issues reaching security.ubuntu.com when try to do updates?07:16
Zeu5please help. i have asked many times today. i have not received any responses.07:16
Prez00how could I watch mms feed with .asx file?  I can't seem to play them in Ubuntu07:16
bazhangZeu5, xamp is not supported, see lamp07:16
bazhang!lamp | Zeu507:16
ubottuZeu5: LAMP is an acronym for Linux-Apache-MySQL-PHP. However, the term is often used for setups using alternative but different software, such as Perl or Python instead of PHP, and Postgres instead of MySQL. For help with setting up LAMP on Ubuntu, see  https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ApacheMySQLPHP - See also the Server CD installation process (different in Edgy+)07:16
Doctehi dont even know what xamp is :)07:16
=== Zed` is now known as Zed
jmichaelxZeu5: #ubuntu has always been a zoo, more or less07:17
Zeu5hi bazhang, its called lampp in my /opt/lampp07:17
ubutom_Docteh, mp3 player like winamp07:17
UbuntuBoyWell thanks, I'm going to keep trying to get iTunes for Linux.07:17
bazhangZeu5, install from the repos, no need to be in /opt07:17
KamilionZeu5: yes, you can disable the mysqld from system startup with update-rc.d IIRC07:17
hotfloppyhow to resize all of my desktop icon size ? other than the stretch option..07:17
Kamilionjmichaelx: I'm not having any issues with security.ubuntu.com.07:18
Zeu5Kamilion: where is system startup?07:18
Doctehubutom_: i thought thats xmms07:18
KamilionZeu5: /etc/init.d or /etc/init07:18
ubutom_lol, yeah, Docteh , just seen it, omg07:18
jmichaelxKamilion: ty, i appreciate the response. for some reason it isn't working for me.07:18
Kamilionjmichaelx: got anywhere you can SSH to and test from a remote location?07:19
haardzHello all! How can I fix this error message: "no such file or directory"07:19
Zeu5Kamilion: there is no mysqld inside my /etc/inti.d07:19
indushaardz, make a adirectory there then :D07:19
haardzindus, let me try it07:19
indushaardz, you are trying to search for something which is not there07:19
ubutom_xampp is a web server , worked quite well for a little site i made a while ago07:19
jmichaelxKamilion: yes, i could. i guess that would have been a quicker means to troubleshooting this07:19
ubottuWant to see volume/trash icons on the desktop? Go to /apps/nautilus/desktop in gconf-editor (GNOME) or go to http://kudos.berlios.de/kf/kisimlar/tipsntrix.html#showtrash (KDE)07:19
haardzindus, actually is there07:20
KamilionZeu5: perhaps you should try sysv-rc-conf then?07:20
indushaardz, ok07:20
Zeu5Kamilion: tks i go try07:20
Eugene89sorry for asking again, but I've tried using mysql administrator to schedule weekly backups for my sql databases, but it's not working. How should I schedule weekly backups for my sql databases in that case?07:20
hotfloppyindus: how to resize all of my desktop icon size ? other than the stretch option..07:20
haardzindus, dont work :/07:21
hotfloppyindus: how to resize all of my desktop icon size ? other than the stretch option..07:21
indushotfloppy, use smaller icons07:22
indushotfloppy, smaller icon set i mean07:22
indushotfloppy, but iam not much into customization, you can read some online guides07:23
KartagisEugene89, set up a crontab to run mysqldump07:23
indushotfloppy, but unless someone creates a diff size icon, you wont get it07:23
Kamilion*sigh* I came into the channel asking for help; in vbox 3.2.4 my lucid 64 server was going bonkers during the install, checked my md5sums, did the iso verify, etc etc etc... ten times this afternoon it broke. Another four times tonight. Now -- same iso, same vbox, same settings, no changes, I just got a successful install. ARRRRRRGH!07:23
jmichaelxKamilion: i ssh'd into a server at work, and security.ubuntu.com repo is not reachable from there, either07:24
DoctehKamilion: what kind of bonkers07:24
Eugene89Kartagis, would that allow my backup to run without logging in?07:24
KartagisEugene89, yes07:24
indusjmichaelx, must be down then07:24
Kamilionjmichaelx: I get directed to auckland.canonical.com; and WFM07:24
Kamilionsec, SSHing to work...07:25
Kane_Hartanyone able to link me to like dns/lamp setup.. I got lamp working and ftp working and my site working my next thing I want to do is add just 1 domain with working dns so like mysite.com to my ip but not sure how. Anyone able to help me.. I get 2 ip's too07:25
indusjmichaelx, ok i ping it, i have packet loss07:25
hotfloppyindus: thanks. i think i should post this issue on Ubuntu brainstorm..07:25
Eugene89Kartagis, Thanks. I will read up more on crontab07:25
indushotfloppy, brainstorm? i dont think this wil be approvied07:25
jmichaelxok, interesting. ty for the feedback.07:25
DoctehKane_Hart: if your ip is not static you'll want to have dns hosted somewhere else07:25
banker247how do you source a file?07:26
Kamilion... Okay, I'm seeing packetloss from work. (That's NASA Ames, directly on the MAE WEST interchange.) Something is indeed amiss, jmichaelx.07:26
wildbat_laptopis there a macro/scripting tools for ubuntu like Autoit in windows, that do mouse simulation or Window message?07:26
Kane_HartDocteh this a dedicated server07:26
Kane_Hartand its static07:26
Kane_HartI got like 5 ips lol07:26
KamilionKane_Hart: I've got a nice lucid nginx howto for php+rails with passenger...07:27
KartagisEugene89, no problem. the command you need to run is mysqldump -uuser -ppass [database] > db.sql07:27
Kane_Harttbh don't know one word you just said besides php :P07:27
Kane_HartI just have lamp/ftp all working just want domain working :P07:27
hotfloppyindus: really? i think if they implementing the option to easily change the desktop icon size would be nice.. anyways, thanks..07:28
garden_may I ask you a queston??????07:28
DoctehKane_Hart: unless you're using somethinh fancy to manage virtualhosts, any old uh hmm, bind/named tut should work07:28
Eugene89Kartagis, What about to store it in a certain directory? Or would you kindly direct me somewhere which would have all the information? Sorry for troubling you07:28
KamilionKane_Hart: If you're not hosting your own DNS and neither is your webhost; you might try freedns.afraid.org07:28
KartagisEugene89, mysqldump -uuser -ppass [database] > /path/to/db.sql07:29
Kane_Hartnamecheap have it07:29
Kane_Hartok if I run dns elsewhere like namecheap07:29
KamilionYes, but it depends if you've set it up to use it.07:29
Kane_Harthow do I make it so when points to server ip07:29
DoctehKane_Hart: step one is to log in to where you set your nameserver for the domain and try to assign it one of your ip addresses, that might require getting some guy (the techs) to do it07:29
Kane_Hartthat the server accepts it to show that domain as the site07:29
flodinhey guys, ftp.df.lth.se is down "for a few days" (according to the 503 response) in case you didn't know07:29
bokosomebody help?07:30
flodinmight want to take it off the ubuntu mirror rotation07:30
KamilionSet an A record pointing from the name you want to the IP you're at.07:30
trijntjeIs there a program for ubuntu that shows running programs sorted to their network usage?07:30
indushotfloppy, well, if you mean , the one click will switch between icons of difff sizes, then its easy but if you want something that auto creates a smaller icon instead of stretch, then quite tough07:30
boko* Connecting to irc.mvr.gamezlan.net (6667)07:30
bokoUnable to connect to server (Connection timed out)07:30
KamilionOkay, you need to tell apache which vhost to use or use *:8007:30
Doctehtrijntje: I keep forgetting the name of the cool app that deals with that :(07:31
Doctehtry iptraf maybe07:31
KamilionSo, you need someone who knows apache2 vhost stuff. Sorry; I use nginx.07:31
DoctehKamilion: sounds like he just need a bind howto07:31
hotfloppyindus: yes, i want those one click option :) so, will it get approve ?07:31
KamilionDocteh: Nope, I've interpreted he has the A record, and lacks the apache vhost07:32
indushotfloppy, how do i know :D07:32
trijntjeDocteh, ill try iptraf, give a call when the cool app comes to mind ;)07:32
indushotfloppy, i dont own canonical :)07:32
hotfloppyindus: lol07:32
Kamilion" how do I make it so when points to server ip that the server accepts it to show that domain as the site" -- sounds like 'how do I set up apache2 vhosts" to me07:32
greezmunkeytrijntje: Docteh iptraf will do that...07:32
Doctehoh i missed that07:32
Kamilionhe posted it on two lines ;)07:33
Doctehi somehow blame my vga terminal for that07:33
indushotfloppy, good lucken07:33
* Docteh steals a 2007:33
=== Guest86057 is now known as karthi
Kamilionfor me with nginx; I do: listen 80; server_name www.sllabs.com;07:33
bokoany of you guys suguest07:33
carlitos__hi all07:33
banker247how do you source a file/07:34
bokowhat do i do07:34
hotfloppyindus: thanks buddy07:34
Doctehrails guy?07:34
=== UbuntuBoy is now known as FedoraLover52
trijntjegreezmunkey, looking through the docs now, do you have any pointers on how to make iptraf do that?07:34
Kamilionbanker: in the terminal? "source whatever.sh"07:34
carlitos__any help ?  after I update to ubuntu 10.04 I got this  mesagge  mounting none  on /dev failed07:34
indushotfloppy, why dont you create a smaller icon set yourself07:35
greezmunkeytrijntje: you want it to track ip usabe by program/process? It does that out of the box.07:35
indushotfloppy, using some tool like inkscape,07:35
Doctehfire it up and pick an interface07:35
indushotfloppy, but i think you can resize the icons using any graphic tool really, like gimp07:35
wise_crypthi.. how can i remove network manager from my DE without removing my DE i try sudo apt-get remove network-manager --purge but it said my DE will be romoved07:36
Doctehcarlitos__: is this vague error attached to something else? like not booting? the cdrom drive is trying to strangle you? ;)07:36
R3cur51v3wise_crypt, why do you want to remove it?07:36
Doctehwise_crypt: fiddle with update-rc.d and disable it07:36
zfmfhello, i try to install ubuntu 10.04 server editon , on step 4 prepare disk spaace i get nothing, what can be the problem here?07:37
trijntjegreezmunkey, Docteh, just found nethogs, does the exact thing I needed. Thanks for your help07:37
wise_cryptDocteh: i have disabled it but it keeps showing07:37
R3cur51v3wise_crypt, I'm pretty sure you can easily remove the notification area icon if you want to07:37
mechdavewise_crypt, do you want to just get rid of the applet or the whole manager?07:37
greezmunkeytrijntje: yeah, nethogs gives you overall stats, it's nice too.07:37
wise_cryptR3cur51v3: i know i just want to do it manually without involving nm at all07:37
KartagisI have this problem with facebook videos. I can never watch them in full length. what to do?07:38
carlitos__I  can not access07:38
hetiiQ: I try to use webdav functionality from site webdav.mydrive.ch but i can download just the file not a hole direcotry with a files, what can be wrong ?07:38
wise_crypt*it = my interface setting07:38
Doctehwise_crypt: the NetworkManagerDispatcher maybe wont come home from work tonight? ;)07:38
wise_cryptDocteh: hihihi07:39
hotfloppyindus: actually, i want the option to resize the icon like in Kubuntu07:39
KamilionOoooh nethogs is just what i needed to sit next to htop!07:39
hotfloppyindus: or maybe in Windoze07:39
wise_cryptnm is buggy in every distro i have tried07:39
Doctehits worked well enough for me, on servers i move it to /root since i'm lazy07:40
mechdaveworks fine for me07:40
wise_cryptdamn RHEL07:40
Doctehbut it works great on my laptop07:40
mechdavejust sits there and does its thing, much harder to configure network without it :)07:40
wise_cryptya if your device is supported by the current kernel :P07:41
Doctehnot much harder07:41
fpauser__hi there! just tried to disable desktop-effects, in theory it looks good (checked "no desktop effects") but in reality the shadow-effect does not go away and the gnome task-switcher (alt-tab) does not come up... any hints how to reset gnome-settings in terms of "compiz" and "taskswitcher"?07:41
KamilionI never seem to have any problems with network manager, from simple ethernet-only, most laptops we've bought with decent linux-supported wifi adapters and plenty of 3G devices.07:41
indushotfloppy, how is that option07:42
indushotfloppy, what can be done in k ubuntu07:42
Kamilionof course, since I do my research before I buy hardware, I expect it to work :P  But hey -- have you considered swapping out your notebook's minipci wifi card with something that's supported?07:43
Doctehmost of my recent hardware has been cheapo stuff07:43
wise_cryptDocteh: lol07:43
KamilionThe sad thing is; I've had better luck with linux supporting the cheaper stuff ;)07:44
DoctehI've got a Q6600 with 1 gig of ram right now07:44
profxavier1GB, why ?07:44
wise_cryptguys my question still stands07:44
mechdaveKamilion, too true, the more common the chipset the better for Linux :)07:45
=== PhilippeD_ is now known as PhilippeD
Doctehwise_crypt: just bump off /usr/sbin/NetworkManagerDispatcher07:45
=== Remixman_ is now known as Remixman
Kamilionwise_crypt: Hold on, lemme go find the gconf knob that hides the icon.07:45
Doctehwise_crypt: or is it still showing without network manager actualyl running?07:45
hotfloppyindus: in Kubuntu, you can resize all desktop icon size into smaller size with just one option / dialog box..07:45
Doctehit used to only show up if there was something to helpfull mismanager07:46
Kamilionoh, hey, I sort of realized... You could just install wicd -- that conflicts with network-manager07:46
wise_cryptKamilion: i can remove the icon if i want to, it removing nm i asked07:46
indushotfloppy, i think in ubuntu gconf editor might have a solution07:46
Kamilionshould be an easier task removing wicd than NM.07:46
Doctehhow have you tried disabling it?07:47
greezmunkeywise_crypt: I think you can do that, but it may raise hedoublehockeysticks with future updates.07:48
Doctehif theres a networkmanager.conf in /etc/init rename that to blah.disabled?07:48
wise_cryptgreezmunkey: hmm07:48
thune3fpauser__: System->Preferences->Keyboard Shortcuts "Move between windows, using a popup window" <---- check that07:48
hotfloppyindus: checking the gconf-editor..07:49
hotfloppyindus: i'll be back here later..07:49
tasslehoffAny repo that can give me emacs >= 23.2?07:50
banker247how do you unload acpi-cpufreq07:50
indushotfloppy, someeone has a brainstrom idea07:50
indushotfloppy, googled it07:50
Doctehbanker247: why do you want to remove it?07:51
greezmunkeywise_crypt: sudo apt-get remove network-manager, according to quite a few posts. I suppose you can always reinstall if needed, later.07:51
banker247trying to undervolt07:51
Doctehcould try blacklisting it to prevent it from loading if you cant rmmod it07:51
Kamilionbanker247: 'rmmod acpi-cpufreq'07:51
nshis it possible for a non-root user to mount a remote NFS share?07:51
* Sauron buenos dias07:51
nshwithout suid mount07:51
hotfloppyindus: i already search the brainstorm with "icon size" as a keyword, but has no luck..07:51
Doctehnsh: only if you specify user flag in fstab07:52
wise_cryptgreezmunkey: sudo apt-get remove network-manager --purge without purging ?07:52
Doctehnsh: you could write your own setuid mount app that only takes the args you want07:52
indushotfloppy, http://brainstorm.ubuntu.com/item/12035/07:52
nshDocteh, fstab on the sharing machine?07:52
Doctehi think mount() is a kernel call07:52
Doctehnsh: fstab on the computer mounting07:52
zetheroowhy do RTF files always ask how you want them to be opened ... even when the app has been set in Open With in properties ... ?07:54
nshi can't see what the kernel can request from the remote machine over the network that a regular user couldn't, theoretically07:54
nshi should read up the protocol i guses07:54
Kamilionnsh: here's my nfs client line: /media/bbdump nfs rw,soft,user,noauto 0 007:55
Doctehnsh: i must have interpreted that question wrong07:55
zetherooseems to me that RTF files are thought to be executable ... should not be ... is there a way to change this system-wide?07:55
Doctehnsh: ports below 1024 require system user to open on linux/unix/etc, that might be part of it07:55
nshoh, NFS checks the originating port, perhaps07:56
nshfor the RPC call07:56
indushotfloppy, ok found something07:56
indus- Open up Nautilus.07:56
indus- Select the edit menu07:56
indus- Select the Perferences item07:56
indus- Choose the view catagory07:56
FloodBot4indus: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.07:56
indus- Under Icon View Defaults modify the Default Zoom Level07:56
nshor requires the mounter to have an open port below 1024 to receive data on07:56
nshthat would make sense07:56
hotfloppyindus: where is the other solution? :( by reading the comment, everyone suggesting the Nautilus preferences..07:56
hotfloppyindus: i'm a slow typist..07:57
Doctehnsh: it also might just not care, nfs is known to be difficult to secure07:57
indushotfloppy, yea gconf editor > apps > nautilus > icon view thumbnail size07:57
* nsh nods07:57
Kamilionnsh: I've got nautilus mount/umountable NFS drives on my karmic and lucid workstations right now with the above fstab line.07:57
nshKamilion, right07:57
Doctehnfsv4 has some kerberos stuff but i dont know anything about kerberos07:57
hotfloppyindus: i already get the nautilus preferences, but i want to change only the desktop icon size..07:57
* nsh reads up07:57
indushotfloppy, only desktop, hmm07:58
hotfloppyindus: thats why i said "like the one in Kubuntu"07:58
hotfloppyindus: in Kubuntu, they change only desktop icon size..07:58
indushotfloppy, oh ok07:58
indushotfloppy, i guess only solution is manually cchange it07:59
hotfloppyindus: but i love gnome :-(07:59
Doctehif i could find a filesystem where different computers share the block device but dont thwomp on each others files as a curticy I'd be really happy07:59
Kamilionnsh: /media/bbdump nfs rw,soft,user,noauto 0 0      --- just make sure it's a directory in /media if you want nautilus to manage it. noauto means it isn't mounted at boot, and karmic and lucid use policykit or it's ilk to trigger the mount via gvfs without a suid mount IIRC.07:59
hotfloppyindus: yeap, i thought so..07:59
nshKamilion, thanks, but i'm just pondering the matter without any particular application07:59
hotfloppyindus: thats why people on brainstorm should implement this idea07:59
Kamilionnsh: from the commandline, you can use gvfs-mount to use the same framework.08:00
indushotfloppy, well its cosmetic so who knows when they will approve it08:00
kb-allstarooops sry guys08:00
Doctehnsh: read up on iscsi if you have a chance08:00
nshwill do08:00
Kamilionnsh: try gvfs-mount --list to see what it reports it can deal with.08:01
zetheroochmod -Rv a-x *.rtf   How do I get this to work on all subdirectories and not just within the one main directory?08:01
hotfloppyindus: hope they will approve it.. for now, got to do it the hard way..08:01
nshnoted with thanks08:01
hotfloppyindus: anyways, thanks for your help :)08:01
indusya sure hope so08:01
Doctehzetheroo: that R isn't doing it?08:01
Kamilionnsh: and I just verified I can mount and unmount via a SSH login even without being logged into gnome on the console.08:02
zetherooDocteh: no08:02
nshKamilion, that's nice08:02
indushotfloppy, have  a nice day :)08:02
hotfloppyindus: yeah, you too :)08:02
zetherooDocteh: I just did that command from within my Documents folder and it only took care of the RTF's within that folder and not in the subdir's08:03
Doctehzetheroo: you might have to fiddle with find and xargs but i just suck at using it08:03
Kamilionnsh: so it seems to only rely on the proper libraries and infrastructure to be there -- not a whole running GUI session.08:03
* nsh nods08:03
KamilionI get good speeds too -- 60-70MB/sec over GigE between two amd 780G boards,08:04
kb-allstarhi guys, i have a question for you, I use scribus as a replacement for publisher, but now i want to open it somewhere else, but i can't because it is saved as a .sla file.  I checked google but i didn't see anything that would change the filetype.  any suggestions?08:04
eraggoanyone else noticed that i need root priviledges to connect bluetooth device via rfcomm?08:04
zetherooin lowercase it gives: chmod: invalid mode: `-rv'08:04
Kamilionkb-allstar: download scribus 'somewhere else' to open the file.08:05
KamilionThere is a working windows version too.08:05
Doctehzetheroo: find -name "*.rtf" | xargs chmod a-x08:05
kb-allstarim using photobucket online08:05
KamilionYou'll have to open it in scribus and export it as an image file then.08:05
kb-allstarand it wont allow me to use .sla filetypes08:05
Doctehzetheroo: that may or may not be right btw ;)08:05
zetherooDoctech: got a heap of "cannot access" messages08:06
Doctehheh where did you run it from?08:06
bonez2046why does this command 'tar zcvf .foo/* ~/archive/bar' end up, after several minutes, with this error "tar: Removing leading `/' from member names" and this "/home/scott/archive/" and this finally "tar: Exiting with failure status due to previous errors" with the result that nothing gets tarred?08:06
zetheroochmod: cannot access `Reply.rtf': No such file or directory08:07
disappearedngHey everyone when I start ubuntu it says it cannot find some key which requires ecrypt-mount-private. In /home/<mynick> I am seeing HOW YO ACESS YOUR DESKTOP and a README file. What is going on?08:07
Kamilionbonez2046: I don't see a tarfile specified in that.08:07
zetherooDocteh: running it from withink the Documents folder08:07
Doctehzetheroo: oh is there spaces in some of the filenames?08:07
zetherooReply.rtf .... no spaces there08:08
Colloguyis it possible to set a specific environment variable for all sudo-ed commands?08:08
Kamilionbonez2046: You sure you don't mean tar zcvf /home/scott/tarfile.tar .foo/* ~/archive/bar08:08
sealivehi i got a Quest: if the kernel changes now on lucid32bit its image 22 is the downloadebal CD image file then upgreadet to ?08:08
bonez2046Kamilion: ok, here's the whole command "tar zcvf .VirtualBox/* ~/archive" I am wanting to backup ~/.VirtualBox and it's contents and subfolders, and save it to ~/archive/08:08
nshDocteh, the NFS Howto explains thus: The TCP ports 1-1024 are reserved for root's use (and therefore sometimes referred to as "secure ports") A non-root user cannot bind these ports. Adding the secure option to an /etc/exports means that it will only listed to requests coming from ports 1-1024 on the client, so that a malicious non-root user on the client cannot come along and open up a spoofed NFS dialogue on a non-reserved port. This option is set by default.08:08
Doctehzetheroo: check for something like "Swordy Reply.rtf"08:08
MauL^hi. when I plug a usb harddisk, ubuntu does not recognize it automatically. how can I force it ?08:08
Kamilionbonez2046: Easy enough: tar -cjvf ~/vbox.tar.bz2 ~/.Virtualbox08:09
zetheroochmod: cannot access `faith_may27.rtf': No such file or directory08:09
Kamilioner wait08:09
zetheroochmod: cannot access `works_may30.rtf': No such file or directory08:09
disappearedngok quick question, when I start ubuntu, it didn't mount my system because of some ecrypt thing, then I chmod 755 my /home/ directory, and now when I logs in it appears that my entire /home is gone, is there anything I could do?08:09
Kamilionbonez2046: tar -cpvf ~/archive/vbox.tar ~/.Virtualbox08:10
Doctehzetheroo: yea that command just doesn't work with spaces in file names08:10
KamilionBetter to compress it after the fact with 'pbzip2 -9 ~/archive/vbox.tar'08:10
zetherooDoctech: where are the spaces? Those are underscores ...08:10
zetherooDocteh: btw ... whats the xargs for?08:10
Kamilionor 'pigz -9 ~/archive/vbox.tar'08:11
bonez2046Kamilion: I had the source and destination backwards, didn't I.. and I didn't name the archive..08:11
Doctehzetheroo: run just the find command and then look at that for filenames with spaces08:11
Kamilionbonez2046: Think about it this way: you can only specify one tarfile, so it goes first. Then you specify *as many file/dirs* as you need after.08:12
zetherooDocteh: someone from #linux just said to do this ... wdyt?     find -name \*.rtf -type f -exec chmod a-x {} +08:12
bonez2046ok.. thanks a bunch08:12
Kamilionzetheroo: don't do that.08:12
Doctehhmmm looks good to me08:12
darkangelwhats the command in the terminal to show what hardware we have in the computer, specifically the wireless card08:12
Kamilionzetheroo: that will strip execute permissions from ...08:12
KamilionRTF file?08:12
KamilionOkay, nevermind, misread that!08:13
MauL^hi. when I plug a usb harddisk, ubuntu does not recognize it automatically. how can I force it ?08:13
zetherooKamilion: yes ? No?08:13
DoctehKamilion: Manual.rtf  yea i love that in a file name ;)08:13
Kamilionzetheroo: fine!08:13
eraggodarkangel: lspci?08:13
* Kamilion grumbles and increases his font size08:13
darkangelawesome thankyou eraggo08:13
zetherooKamilion: does it matter where I do that command from?08:15
Kamilionzetheroo: yeah, it will only search below where you are; if you do it from /home/username/ it will only search /home/username/*08:16
* Docteh steals your stapler08:16
zetherooKamilion: will it search also within the subdirs?08:16
Kamilionzetheroo: Not sure, don't really know find syntax too well.08:17
Doctehzetheroo: thats why you're using find08:17
KamilionI don't see a maxdepth in there though, so I think it should.08:17
milton_Hello.  Guys could some body help me.. am having a little problem installing some programs in ubuntu08:17
DoctehKamilion: why burn this place down08:18
kb-allstarwhat does EOF stand for in regards to python programming?08:18
Doctehmilton_: what programs08:18
Doctehkb-allstar: end of file08:18
KamilionDocteh: you stole someone's stapler. Office space.08:18
kb-allstarthanks Docteh08:18
zetheroooh cool ... looks like it worked :)08:18
DoctehKamilion: lol since milton_ didn't get it i totally forgot08:18
KamilionAh well.08:19
milton_hey people can some body help08:19
vega!ask | milton_08:19
ubottumilton_: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)08:19
Kamilionmilton_: We will need something a little less vauge than 'problem installing software'.08:20
milton_Thanks man.. Yes I've installed the  a pacman game in ubuntu but it doesn't show up in the games tab08:20
KamilionTry logging out and logging in once and seeing if it shows up.08:21
mojodojo87Hello, I figured out why my ATI 4650 was flickering alot, it was due to it being pluged into CRT2 instead of CRT1 port, idk why this made a difference didn't on windows but thought I would let someone know in case someone else has a simular problem.08:21
damoxcdoes anyone know if there is something wrong with security.ubuntu.com?08:21
Kamiliondamoxc: yes, several of us have noticed it's losing packets.08:22
damoxcKamilion: not just me then :)08:22
eraggoKamilion: not only us :)08:22
Kamiliondamoxc: Not everyone is having issues; I'm fine from home but work's busted.08:22
milton_Ok I'll try it now I'll come back if it fail..08:22
zetherooI get a message in the Ubuntu forums saying: You are browsing a READ only archive of the main support categories pre  4/21/2008. You will not be able to post or reply any threads in this  section.    .... Why?08:22
damoxcKamilion: i'm experiencing the issue from work and in our dc at a seperate location08:23
Kamilioneraggo: You have more useful information?08:23
eraggonot useful :/ i misread us as US08:23
KamilionThat is still a useful distinction. I am in california, my work is directly connected to the MAE WEST fiber drop.08:23
KamilionI'm on comcast and seeing no issue here.08:24
sjr_Hey my sound isnt working with ubuntu 10.04, stops after a while. Pulseaudio wont start says module-hal-detect not found.08:25
Kamilionmilton: any luck?08:25
miltonWooooooooo  You Guys ROCKSSSS08:26
miltonI have one more Question..08:26
User01can i install Linux with the default drivers so it would not conflict when putting the HD on another pc08:26
sjr_Hey my sound isnt working with ubuntu 10.04, stops after a while. Pulseaudio wont start says module-hal-detect not found.08:27
KamilionUser01: That is the default configuration of all ubuntu installations.08:27
sjr_Whoops sorry08:27
miltonI have downloded some tutorials but I cant find them..08:27
zetherooUser01: you want to swap a HDD between to systems running different OS's?08:27
User01kamilion and how could I go about doing that08:27
Kamilionmilton: have you checked your Downloads directory in your homedir?08:27
miltonwhere does ubuntu saves those files I installed using the synaptic thing..08:27
DoctehUser01: step one, drag it over to other computer ;)08:27
jamezekhey my ubuntu 10.04 wireless internet doesn't work- i have to manually select it upon startup08:28
KamilionUser01: ubuntu is not like microsoft who locks a license to hardware -- just install ubuntu to the hard drive and bring it to the other computer.08:28
User01zetheroo: I want to install the os on a computer that won't do it itself via cd08:28
DoctehUser01: so steal its hd and install onto that08:28
User01kamilion really??08:28
KamilionUser01: REALLY.08:28
miltonLet me Check..08:28
KamilionIt's just that easy.08:28
jamezekhow do i make my wireless internet automatically connect08:28
User01so it just works?!08:29
zetherooUser01: you can install Ubuntu to a HDD and then take it and plug it into another machine and boot off of it there ... done that before :)08:29
KamilionCrazy, huh?08:29
User01without blue screens lol08:29
User01wow thanks ppl08:29
KamilionNo hassle, as long as the bios finds the drive. Enjoy!08:29
zetheroojamezek: caress it :P08:29
KamilionDrop by again if you need some help setting up a boot menu.08:29
User01wow thanks I'm happyaron now08:29
User01happy ;)08:29
Kamilionso you can choose which drive to start from08:30
Yosiany easy way to determine which drive ubuntu installed grub onto..  i think it put in on my windows sata drive!!08:30
zetherooUser01: have fun ;)08:30
User01I just cant get it to boot from a cd it shuts down08:30
jamezekhow come my firefox always hangs on 10.0408:30
User01my computer is saved wooot08:30
KamilionYosi: think you can check system.map for that.08:30
jamezeki tried doing the ipv6 thing but it doesn't help08:30
KamilionUser01: And try xubuntu if you find the normal one to be too heavy for older PCs.08:31
User01I still cant  believe ut08:31
zetherooUser01: does the system shut off when you try to boot from CD?08:31
Yosiwhat is system.map?08:31
Kamilionjamezek: You have a problem with your router/dslmodem/cablemodem's DNS resolver.08:31
DoctehKamilion: i heard xfce wasn't all that cut down08:31
KamilionYosi: check /boot/system.map I think08:31
User01every time gpu overheats buy it runs fine inside linux08:31
zetherooUser01: and when the system is running ... can you use the optical drive just fine?08:31
User01yes it's a pata drive08:32
jamezekkamilion: is there a way to fix it08:32
miltonNothing Kamilton..  I  reinstalled the tutorials and even get in the Homedir Downloads  but nothing..08:32
User01the pc recognizes it08:32
jamezekcos it worked fine with 9.10 before08:32
KamilionDocteh: it ain't, but it'll run okay on 256MB or below a lot better than gnome.08:32
User01pata being the pins on my 2.5" lapop hdd08:32
zetherooUser01: I had a similar issue with my system ... my PSU was kicking it08:32
Yosikamilion: no such file exists08:32
Kamilionjamezek: Probably. Get a new firmware for your router or ask your ISP to upgrade your modem.08:33
zetherooUser01: oh thsi is a laptop?08:33
User01zetheroo so you just plug and play?08:33
nuboon2agei just put in not one but two differnet 2GB USB pen drives, and neither of them automount in Lucid.  Any ideas what to do?08:33
Kamilionjamezek: the problem usually occurs in older network gear that improperly DROPS valid DNS queries.08:33
zetherooUser01: plug and play what?08:33
llutzYosi: /boot/system.map-$(uname -r)        is the kernel symbol table08:33
User01yes it's an hp dv 8000 17" nice lappy08:33
miltonHey Kamilton  I was thinking that this might have to do with something in the CONSOLE prompt thing.. What you think08:34
User01zetheroo: the freshly installed linux os from my other pc to my broken laptop08:34
jamezekis there another way to do it without replacing my modem like with some tweaking08:34
zetherooUser01: ahh I see ... and the system turns off when you try to boot from a CD ... and yet when the system is running you can use the CDrom just fine08:34
Kamilionjamezek: The other option is to rely on your local computer to do the lookups and skip your ISP entirely, by setting your DNS at / for google's public DNS or using pdns-recursor08:34
User01zetgeroo yes08:35
Kamilionjamezek: apt-get install pdns-recursor, set nameserver to
jamezeklet me try08:35
User01everything works fine except for when trying to install os08:35
zetherooUser01: no warranty on the laptop I am guessing?08:35
dubeyi am using ubuntu 10.04 and want to download driver for hp M1213nf MSP printer08:35
Kamilionjamezek: Personally, I just use google's DNS at and
miltonHey Kamilion , could I solve this thing using the console utility program08:35
Bodman456hi guys08:35
Yosillutz: I get an no such file or directory error08:35
zetherooUser01: sucks ... HP laptops for you ... disposables ...08:35
User01it's close to dead zetherroo I mean realslix close08:36
Kamilionmilton: try the File Search. Otherwise, you might have asked firefox to open the file, which would have stored it in /tmp and deleted it after a reboot.08:36
dubeywhat is the url to download linux printer drivers08:36
zetherooUser01: how do you know it overheats ... ? ... I mean besides the fact that's it's a HP ...08:36
User01real close* but does what you said still apply can I still boot linux without having o install it on the exact same pc08:37
User01linux- told me zetheroo08:37
miltonOk I'll try that08:37
Kamilionzetheroo: windows nvidia drivers complain about overheating; I've seen it.08:37
User0194c limit reached shutting down08:37
zetherooUser01: so you have linux on it?08:37
KamilionUser01: Get a can of compressed air and get all the crud out of it's fans.08:37
sjr_pulseaudio wont start, ideas?08:38
zetherooKamilion: yeah ... tell me about it ... I have had dozens of them through my workshop ... overheating HP's that is08:38
zetherooKamilion: 9 out of 10 where Nvidia chipsets08:38
KamilionThen the fans need replacement; prefereably with a better quality unit with decent bearings.08:38
Bodman456Kamilion: Compressed air is good, but be careful where you point the nozzle08:38
User01I just like to know if I can swap the hdd after installing linux on it with another pc and have it work08:38
KamilionI get a lot of dells and HPs with stuck fans.08:38
zetherooUser01: yes08:38
zetherooUser01: it will work ...08:39
KamilionUser01: Yes, ubuntu does hardware detection on every boot.08:39
User01thank you08:39
User01really?? whaoo08:39
zetherooUser01: but that will not solve your overheating issues ...08:39
User01saweeet screw windows heh08:39
regintis there a client for ubuntu for Juniper IPsec network?08:39
User01zethetoo no but it will saw me from parting out my laptop ;)08:39
User01save *08:40
jamezeki just did apt-get install pdns-recursor - how do i load it to change the nameserver08:40
User01and crying08:40
zetherooUser01: you can try manually controlling the fan speed if it's not spinning fast enouigh08:40
KamilionIf the fan is spinning slowly, User01, you should try to find a replacement cooler. And make sure you use good thermal compound like Artic Silver 5 or something08:40
llutzYosi: strange, the file should come with the kernel-package08:41
User01zetheroo yes next boot I shall for sure08:41
ActionParsnipYo yo yo08:41
Kamilionjamezek: You using normal ubuntu with gnome and network-manager? Then just edit your auto eth0 and set your DNS to or you can edit /etc/resolv.conf directly.08:41
User01kamilion: excellent idea except it's extremely hard to dismantlee a dv800008:41
zetherooUser01: I run the temperature sensors in my panel which monitor temps and fan speeds ...  very handy08:41
KamilionHAHAHAH yes! It IS! I HATE the DV series for that.08:41
YosiCan it h grub on both D'surt installin08:42
Kamilionthose cases are such PITAs.08:42
Jordan_UYosi: http://sourceforge.net/projects/bootinfoscript/08:42
User01kamilion that is absolutely the last resort and I end up chucking it at a wall eventually heh08:42
Yosisudo grub-instal /dev/sdb08:42
ActionParsnipKamilion: network manager will recreate resolv.conf at startup so the dns needs adding in the nm config?08:42
zetherooKamilion: yeah, I was just going to say ... he will have to dis-assemble the darn thang ... :)08:42
=== ansgar is now known as Guest64715
User01zetheroo yup I did that aswell at least fir CPU th gpu didn't take08:42
Kamilionzetheroo: Hey, a $35 cooler on ebay's a lot cheaper than a $599 laptop replacement.08:42
User01kamilion very true mate08:43
dubeyhow to get latest hplip ?08:43
Kamilionthe problem is, you have to get just the right MXM cooler for the right card08:43
Kamilionyou're usually better off replacing the MXM card entirely sometimes, they're that model-specific.08:43
zetherooKamilion: oh certainly ... if one can take it all apart and put it all together it's a bargain :)08:43
ActionParsnipDubey: go to the hplip site. Grab the script. Mark it as executable and run it as user (not sudo)08:43
User01like mine I'd have to get the mobo aswell08:44
zetherooUser01: what are the system specs .... ?08:44
dubeyActionParsnip: can u pls. give the url ?08:44
YosiJordan: I ran the script but nothing happened?08:44
User01kamilion: listen to this I just paid some douchebag college I'd to fix it claiming he knows about both Linux and windows08:44
zetherooUser01: might be worth it to just get what life you can outta it and work on saving for a new system ... and maybe not another HP ... heh08:45
ActionParsnipDubey: unfortunately not. Webbrowsing is dog slow on my phone08:45
KamilionIt's not a matter of can, it's a matter of will/won't. I watched my ten year old niece build a beautiful amd desktop rig and install ubuntu on it, in less than an hour, with no help from me other than pointing out the little paper motherboard washers.08:45
ActionParsnipDubey: websearches will find it, no problem08:45
User01zetheroo an amd 2.0 runs wonders on ubuntu` with 1.0 gb ram Ari 200 express handles compiz well too08:45
zetherooKamilion: hehe ... de ja vu ... I recall you telling me that before :)08:45
KamilionShe could barely understand windows; and yet with nothing more than a phillips screwdriver and the instructions "everything only goes together one way, it's all logical, just take your time".08:46
Pirate_HunterKamilion, nice if that is true, what are the specs?08:46
=== JimmyJ is now known as JimmyJ|zz
dubeyok, thanks08:46
User01I should ask the college kid for a discount considering g he told me there was nothing he could do and still chargesbme full pics08:46
KamilionBasic AM2 IGP rig in a toolless desktop case. Single harddrive, single optical, all SATA, no cards.08:46
zetherooKamilion; yes, I have seen some people do really well ... and then I have seen utter disasters ... mostly the latter .... so it's to each his/her own ay ...08:47
=== adrian_ is now known as yata
yatacan some one help08:47
KamilionI chose the parts; gigabyte 780G microatx board, cheap toolless case from newegg, came out to something like $450; and boy were her parents proud. Never seen my brother grin so wide.08:48
zetherooUser01: I would not spend too much time or money on that machine ... unless you have plenty of either/each :)08:48
ojiihi everyone08:48
User01I'm gonna tell him to install ubunru i'm real glad I didn't pick up the laptop tonight I'll run this info by him very suprising it will most likely work08:48
wise_cryptit works08:48
KamilionGot 'em a CPU cooler with a decent thermal pad on it so she didn't have to smear goop.08:48
Pirate_HunterKamilion, nice very nice I guess its possible if I can make the lil ones like ubuntu by removing any other OS choices I guess this is possible and they are dam happy about it :)08:48
ojiii have grub installed on my notebook but i never see the grub screen, now i have to enter it to boot a different kernel (newest gives me kernel panic) but i have no clue how to open GRUB, can someone help please?08:49
User01zetgeroo especially since he ild me crapi already k new08:49
KamilionPirate_Hunter: Eh, I just kill the top panel and set the bottom panel to resemble windows 7 and most of my users can barely tell the difference with crossover office and wine.08:49
Gryllidahey, I've got .tar.gz file and instructions say 'extract to your home folder and run a certain file'.. would it be something wrong if I just double click it and open with package manager?08:49
zetherooUser01: yeah ... good luck ;)08:50
User01if it autodetecs hardware on boot boy am in in debt08:50
YosiJORDAN: the script did the trick... it says no botloader on sdb only on sda (windows drive)... can i move it over?   or should i install a second copy?08:50
KamilionUser01: Also -- ask him if he has a USB CDROM DRIVE08:50
zetherooUser01: it does and it will08:50
GalerienAnd with KDE, most of them can use it as a windows (xp + 7)/208:50
Kamilionyou could just use that to install with.08:50
User01thanks guys I almost gave up08:50
zetherooheck you could install from a USB flash disk ... heh08:50
User01kamilion he just in it for the money I'm thinking08:50
Yosisdb is my raid array, rather have it on their than my windows drive08:50
wildbat_laptopis there a macro/scripting tools for ubuntu like Autoit in windows, that do mouse simulation or Window message?08:51
Pirate_HunterKamilion, that could work if your users arent using apps like dreamweaver, expression web, CS* etc and your bothered to move the libraries over08:51
KamilionYosi: Install a second copy, disable the drive by yanking the SATA cable, and then ask windows to 'fixmbr' then 'fixboot' from a vista or 7 install disk. Hit Shift-f10 to get a commandprompt after you pick the language but before you hit Install Now.08:51
DaveQBIs security.ubuntu.com having issues?08:51
User01it will detect I'll tell him to pay more attention in school08:51
KamilionPirate_Hunter: They are. CS3.08:51
KamilionDaveQB: yes, it is.08:52
Pirate_HunterKamilion, that works well with wine? I am very surprised...08:52
DaveQBCool. Was worried it was just me. Thanks Kamilion08:52
YosiKamilion: if i install a second copy using grub-install /dev sdb, why do i have to fix the mbr on the windows drive can't i just leave grub their inactive?08:52
KamilionPirate_Hunter: Nope -- crossover office for CS3.08:53
User01he's  '4th year' anyway I'm curious to test this out before he gets my money I'd like somehing for it in return, thank you zetgeroo and kamilion you saved my sanity08:53
KamilionYosi: Guess ya don't!08:53
Pirate_HunterKamilion, Ahhh should've guess haven't used those in a long time why not just vm the window apps for all your users?08:53
ojiiwhat's the key to get the grub (2?) screen on boot?08:54
rwwojii: hold down shift, if I remember correctly08:54
KamilionPirate_Hunter: They complain about network performance of remote desktop solutions.08:54
zetherooUser01: no worries mate ..08:54
YosiKamilion: by installin the new grub, will ubuntu know to update that grab whenever i upfdate the system or will it look for the old one?  also will it have my windows boot option there?08:54
KamilionYosi: Nope! It08:55
KamilionYosi: Nope! It'll only update one. First one it finds, usually the mbr on sda.08:55
Pirate_HunterKamilion, ah guess you can't make everyone happy I just tend to remove the option to make choices (that is when I can get away with it) either use it or don't simple as that08:55
Gryllidahey, I've got .tar.gz file and would it be something wrong if I just double click it and open with package manager?08:55
oobieanyone good at configuring synergy?08:56
KamilionPirate_Hunter: The other part is, I'm free to give them the finger and laugh in their face as well.08:56
zetherooGryllida:needs to be extracted first08:56
Jordan_UKamilion: "sudo dpkg-reconfigure grub-pc" to change the setting for which devices are installed to on grub upgrades08:56
zetheroooobie: heh ... just did that yesterday08:56
Jordan_UYosi: "sudo dpkg-reconfigure grub-pc" to change the setting for which devices are installed to on grub upgrades08:56
KamilionYosi: <Jordan_U> Kamilion: "sudo dpkg-reconfigure grub-pc" to change the setting for which devices are installed to on grub upgrades08:56
YosiKamilion: is there any harm in having the grub on the windows drive instead of sdb (my raid array), if the sda ever dies, i can always boot from a live CD and install grub then...  no data loss write, just a bootloader...?08:57
Kamilion*scribbles that in google notebook*08:57
Gryllidazetheroo: extracted. then what?08:57
oobiezetheroo: through quicksynergy w/ ubuntu host?08:57
Pirate_HunterKamilion, that could work I actually laughed how many times i've thought about doing the same, oh you just made my morning thanks08:57
zetherooGryllida: depends what it is really ...08:57
Smehanyone able to provide assistance with getting the cisco vpn client running on ubuntu 10.04? Currently it won't compile for me, patched or unpatched, CFLAGS changed or not..08:57
zetheroooobie: two Ubuntu systems ... Karmic and Lucid ... yep08:57
zetheroooobie: have you looked up the Ubuntu documentation on it?08:58
KamilionYosi: Pretty much, but I've actually booted grub2 from a cd and manually launched kernel+initrds without a problem in situations like that.08:58
Jordan_UYosi: That command will also ask about other settings, just keep them at their defaults (some will be blank, that is normal)08:58
Yosijordan and kamilion - thanks...08:58
Gryllidazetheroo: what should I look in it for?08:58
KamilionSmeh: no option to run the Anyconnect VPN client?08:58
zetherooGryllida: what are you installing?08:58
oobiezetheroo: yea the problem is i have a dual monitor and a laptop client08:58
Smehit's to a Cisco ASA host, so I don't think so? or does Anyconnect support connecting to cisco ASAs?08:58
KamilionI use anyconnect to hit our ASA.08:58
Jordan_UKamilion: Manually? That's what Super GRUB2 Disk is for :)08:59
Smehwell. In that case i'll look into Anyconnect, thanks.08:59
zetheroooobie: well I am not working with dual monitors here ... just a laptop and desktop with one monitor08:59
ddedoes anyone here happen to know what that free massively multiplayer arcade style space ship shooter game is where you can choose a ship and takes sides? I think its a FOSS game.08:59
ojiirww, didn't work, was holding down shift but it still gave me kernel panic and not a boot menu08:59
KamilionJordan_U: Noooooooope. I doubt it'd be able to find which partition, kernel, and initrd in the mess of EFI partitions on my work boxes ;)08:59
zetheroooobie: so you have already been here https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SynergyHowto08:59
YosiHere is a tuffer question:  I'm running the 64bit server copy of 10.04 and every few reboots i get a fschl that halts... any idea why?   when i google the error its seems common on 10.04 64bit09:00
zetheroooobie: all I had to do was the Quickstart Guide section and it was working09:00
Kamiliondde: Subspace Continuum?09:00
oobiezetheroo: yea i have experience with dual monitors on win7 host but i'm not sure how the config file goes09:00
ddeKamilion, that sounds like that's the one. Let me check...09:00
Jordan_UKamilion: It won't detect kernels if you have a separate /boot, but it will detect grub.cfg files and let you use that :)09:01
KamilionJordan_U: Oooh, now that's handy. Usually I have grub4dos set up to do that.09:01
zetheroooobie: sorry I don't mess with dual screens in Linux ... I have found it's just too much hassle than it's worth ... but glad you have it working ...09:01
regintHi, Is there a client for ubuntu for Juniper IPsec network?09:01
Kamilionyes, the ipsec client.09:01
oobiezetheroo: thanks i'll keep digging09:02
ddeKamilion, that was it. looks like its for winblows though :(09:02
zetheroooobie: good luck ... let us know what you come up with ;)09:02
Kamiliondde: there's a linux continuum client out there09:02
Gryllidazetheroo: http://support.mozilla.com/en-US/kb/Installing+and+Configuring+Spark and I don't want to just extract and run it from home dir, I'd rather give the .tar.gz to package manager09:03
Kamiliondde: I had it working at some point when I used to play continuum.09:03
ddeKamilion, found it. thanks09:03
KamilionWhat's the link?09:03
ojiiI'm getting a "kernel panic not syncing vfs unable to mount root fs" and read on the web that it's "GRUBs fault", but I don't really get any info on how to solve this that does not involve reinstalling the system09:03
Kamilionwheeee, netsplit!09:06
ojiiis a notebook supposed to boot from CD automatically if i insert one?09:06
Doctehojii: usually09:07
koshari1ojii: only if you select it in th ebios09:07
ojiireally gotta get my system booting again before the boss shows up or i'll have to use mac osx :(09:07
Kamilion? Just install the debian packages from fink!09:08
abadrXorg is using as much CPU as it can get, even though all I have open is a single terminal. Running 10.4 in a VM. Any ideas?09:09
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ubottunetsplit is when two IRC servers of the same network (like freenode) disconnect from each other, so users on one server stop seeing users on the other. If this is happening now, just relax and enjoy the show. See http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Netsplit09:09
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jMCgabadr: what VM?09:09
abadrvmware fusion09:09
jMCgabadr: what's X doing?09:09
abadrit has done this once before, rebooting fixed it for a while09:09
abadrjMCg: I'm not sure?09:10
jMCgRebooting fixes shit on Unix.09:10
ojiiyay i get the cd booting, now can someone give me a hand with how to fix a "kernel panic not syncing vfs unable to mount root fs"?09:10
=== glorious is now known as nuboon2age
Gryllidahttp://support.mozilla.com/en-US/kb/Installing+and+Configuring+Spark and I don't want to just extract and run it from home dir, I'd rather give the .tar.gz to package manager - would it be allright?09:10
abadrX is running gnome if that's what you mean09:10
ikoniayes ?09:10
jMCgabadr: strace -ff -p $pidofX09:10
iwobblesis it possible to roll back ubuntu to a previous version after updates which broke the computer ?09:11
koshari1iwobbles kernel versions?09:11
tsekineHey guys, who should I notify if security.ubuntu.com is very slow?09:11
mendocinoxhello ikonia bruder09:11
solowDoesn't Ubuntu have Verdana?09:11
Mrokii__Can I add an icon to menu-entries (in the applications-menu) that have no icon?09:11
Gryllida!info Verdana09:12
ubottuPackage Verdana does not exist in lucid09:12
linuxwheres the one i pinged09:12
iwobblesI think so koshari1, it worked fine on 9.04 but 9.10 doesnt work neither does 10.0409:12
tsekineI've seen some some people reporting security.ubuntu.com slowness on twitter and here09:12
solowI mean the font. Font type verdana.09:12
Pirate_Hunteranyone care to verify this as well -  Err http://security.ubuntu.com lucid-security Release.gpg  Connection failed [IP: 80], just tried the update and it came up, maybe the system is down?09:12
abadrjMCg: seeing a lot of rt_sigprocmask and then it all froze :|09:12
Kamilionyes, security.ubuntu.com is having problems.09:12
iwobbleskoshari1 I thought there was a prompt at start up something to do with grub maybey I dunno09:13
Kamilionwould somebody topic that?! Heh09:13
koshari1iwobbles: if you installed upgraded the same installations you wont be able to roll back to a previous dist.09:13
Pirate_HunterKamilion, thanks didn't know and yes would be nice if someone added that to topic but I wonder how many actually read the topic09:13
iwobblesmm okies I just checked it only has 9.10 now available, I will re load 9.04 from disk thanks koshari109:14
koshari1about 2 km09:14
ojiihm when booting ubuntu 10.04 from cd it seems to stay forever in the splash screen, how long does that usually take?09:15
darrendhi.. what's the correct way to update the alternatives system for something like java which has many entries in /etc/alternatives ?09:15
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jMCgdarrend: update-alternatives --config --all09:17
llutzdarrend: sudo update-alternatives --config  <app>09:17
nuboon2ageUSB pen drives failing to automount in Lucid.  Any ideas what to do?09:18
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oobiezetheroo: found it; http://synergy2.sourceforge.net/configuration.html09:18
ojiithe lucid live-cd is in the splash screen for 9 minutes now, is that normal?09:18
oobiezetheroo: it's under the 'Links' section09:19
zetheroooobie: ahh ... good find ...09:19
kingflowerWhat's this?09:19
loewiojil: 11 - 12 min is normal for my old Celeron M laptop 1GHz - patience. Runs smooth once its loaded09:20
fantihello! after the last dist-upgrade a few days ago, my network interfaces do not configure automatically. 'sudo service network-interfaces start' reports an error: start: Unknown parameter: INTERFACE09:20
Bodman456Do any of you guys run Ubuntu 10.04 on a laptop?09:20
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zetherooGryllida: why not just follow the instructions?09:20
Bodman456I need help with a battery reporting error09:20
ojiiloewi, it's a MBP and a quite new one too...09:20
Gryllidazetheroo: I doubt that /home/ is a very nice location for an app I install.09:21
oobiezetheroo: and now for my attempt..09:21
darrendllutz: thanks, but that only updates one of the relevant symlinks.  Is there a way to know how to do all together?09:21
ojiiI think from now on i'll just completely ignore all updates09:21
llutzdarrend: see jMCg09:21
loewiojil: hmm... sorry to hear09:21
darrendjMCg: I get an error with that syntax (tried with various package names on it too)09:21
zetherooGryllida: why is that?09:21
vlt_Hello. I'm runninig Ubuntu 10.04 in a remote vnc session. In xterm everything works fine but as soon as I start gnome-session I can't use the small "s" anymore. _Every_ other capital or small letter is fine but "s" opens the upper right logout/shutdown dialog. Any idea how to fix this?09:21
Mojodojo87i installed the russian keyboard layout how do i switch from english to russian and vice versa?09:21
bazzis there a way to change environment variables of running processes? (not from within the process itself)09:22
llutzdarrend: without --config       "sudo update-alternatives --all"09:22
Gryllidazetheroo: "Extract the .tar.gz file to your home folder. To run Spark, type ~/Spark/Spark" does it not mean that it will run from /home/ every time I launch it afterwards? thus making /home/ be the install dir?09:23
Gryllidazetheroo: which I would not like to be.09:24
zetherooGryllida: to my understanding there is nothing to "install" as such ... you simply "run" it09:24
darrendllutz: thanks.. was ploughing through the man page too :)09:24
zetherooGryllida: otherwise try to find a repo for this software or a packaged DEB09:25
ojiiokay the live cd is in the splash screen with the 5 dots 'loading bar' for 15 minutes now.... what can I do?09:25
vlt_In openbox is works fine too, it's just gnome-session that occupies the "s" key.09:25
ojiidon't wanna lose all my data on that machine :(09:25
Mojodojo87i installed the russian keyboard layout how do i switch from english to russian and vice versa? I'm using Ubuntu 9.10.09:25
vlt_!repeat | Mojodojo8709:25
ubottuMojodojo87: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. You can search https://help.ubuntu.com or http://ubuntuforums.org while you wait.09:25
loewiojii: did yuo check the live cd for errors after you burned it?09:26
ojiiloewi, i think that's the one i used to install the system in the first place, so it DID work09:26
ojiiand the system worked for about a month09:26
ojiithen when trying to boot this morning i got a kernel panic09:27
ojii"(initramfs) Unable to find a medium containing a live file system" is what i get now09:27
ojiilooks like a shell09:27
vishnuhi,how to change the device name of a usb pendrive?? by, default it appears as"new volume"09:28
theurossomeone can explain me .. i work directly on a server ... and .. if i mount FTP location .. connection isn't stable .. i have to allways refresh it to keep it alive ... but if i mount the same location via SSH .. then connection is stable and i don't have to refreshit to keep it alive .. why is that ? .... i mount it with default ubuntu file manager09:28
loewiojii: hardware error or so? sorry, not sure how to continue from here09:28
zetherooGryllida: yeah, this is not an installation ... it's just meant to be run ... pretty simple09:28
ebah_I linked my xbox to my laptop and then to a router. Would putting the wireless card in promiscuous mode help the bridges speed?09:28
ojiiloewi, it's a shell, any idea how i can mount my harddrive so i can edit grub settings to give me a menu?09:29
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vishnuKingK, hi,how to change the device name of a usb pendrive?? by, default it appears as"new volume"09:29
DaveQBvishnu: http://embraceubuntu.com/2006/03/01/editing-fat32-partition-labels-using-mtools/09:30
User01what is he difference between lucid and ubuntu`09:30
ZachK_User01: Ah Lucid is an Ubuntu Release09:30
llutzUser01: lucid is a version-name of ubuntu (10.04)09:30
Bodman456User01: lucid is Ubuntu 10.04 LTS09:30
vishnuDaveQB: thank u09:30
ZachK_!release | User0109:30
ubottuUser01: Ubuntu releases a new version every 6 months. Each version is supported for 18 months to 5 years. More info at http://www.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/releases & http://wiki.ubuntu.com/TimeBasedReleases09:30
DaveQBvishnu: No worries. I had to search that and do it the other night09:31
User01ok I had that one then09:31
User01very sexy09:31
vishnuDaveQB: :)09:31
Bodman456User01: lucid is part of the the codename for Ubuntu 10.04, and the full codename is Lucid Lynx09:32
User01Bodmann456 agh okay no problem09:33
loewiojii: try this: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/LiveCdRecovery09:33
ojiiaha hitting "c" after starting live cd gives me optiosn09:34
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dok-do anyone know in what package xf86Resources.h is included in, is it even supported on Ubuntu?09:35
=== nadaa is now known as SuP|Lobby
ojiithanks loewi gonna try that now09:36
loewiojii: good luck!09:36
ojiithanks, gonna need it