jmleven if I have gnome-keyring installed and gnome-keyring-daemon running, I get that error.00:36
jmlhow do you guys do automated testing?00:38
lifelessthey have a few things00:45
lifelessthey use PQM for some projects00:45
lifelesstarmac for others00:45
lifelesspython unit tests for most python code00:45
jmlI mean specifically wrt not being able to import desktopcouch in a non-desktop environment00:46
lifelessI don't think I can answer that00:46
statikwe pull in a desktop environment in the test system00:49
statikusing xvfb or some such00:49
jmlstatik: thanks.00:50
jmlstatik: although that's sad news for me.00:50
lifelessstatik: is your hudson live yet ?00:50
statikjml: tell me more about what this breaks for you, i want to see if there is a solution. i think we can easily break the direct dependency on gnome keyring, but couchdb itself depends on spidermonkey which is only available via xulrunner, so even raw couchdb drags in X00:51
statiklifeless, muffinresearch has some of it up and running I think but he hasn't demoed it to us yet00:51
jmlstatik: right now, I want to run unit tests for james_w's txrestfulclient on my hudson instance00:51
statikwe've spent the last couple weeks seriously sidetracked with file sync scaling issues00:52
statikjml: so is it just that it's a hassle to get new packages installed, or are those particular packages a nonstarter?00:52
CardinalFangjml, statik, we has a mocking of gnomekeyring in tests.00:52
jmlstatik: it's that even though gnome-keyring is installed, I can't actually import desktopcouch00:53
CardinalFangjml, that *is* weird.00:53
jmlthat's the error00:53
lifelessjml: xvfb-run is quite hudson friendly00:56
CardinalFangWell, that is a problem, jml.  There's a configuration singleton that we make for the default execution context, and making it involves reading from the keyring, so far.  If I were smarter, I would have made it lazily load so that no use of that execution context config would mean no gnomekeyring were required.  I'm too dumb to have thought of that at the time.00:59
jmlCardinalFang, that's ok. hardly anyone thinks of anything at the time. :)01:00
jmlCardinalFang, so what do I do to run these tests on my server?01:01
CardinalFangjml, I can fix it in the next week or so, if you're relying on trunk there.01:01
jmlCardinalFang, I'm not right now, but I might as well be.01:01
jmlCardinalFang, the library I'm testing is well pre-alpha.01:01
jmlCardinalFang, is there a bug I should file / subscribe to?01:01
statikand we can do a new release and get it uploaded to mavrick (sic) very easily right now01:02
CardinalFangjml, not yet.  I invite you to make one.  If not, I'll make one in ~14 hours.01:02
jmlCardinalFang, ok, thanks.01:02
CardinalFangstatik, did you get my message with ineffectual couchdb patch?01:03
statikCardinalFang, i did, i have not read the patch yet. the idea from couch.io was to have proxy parameters passed in by whatever code starts up replication, so that desktopcouch could easily read the gnome proxy settings and/or https_proxy from the environment and then pass those settings on when setting up replication01:03
statikthis seemed better than putting it in the config and requiring couchdb to be restarted01:04
CardinalFangstatik, Ah, good.01:04
CardinalFangThat's even better than my INI-file reader.01:04
statikand better than adding in a new library to couchdb to be able to make dbus calls01:06
jmlCardinalFang, https://bugs.edge.launchpad.net/desktopcouch/+bug/59103901:12
ubot4Launchpad bug 591039 in desktopcouch "Cannot import desktopcouch in server environment (affects: 1) (heat: 6)" [Undecided,New]01:12
CardinalFangjml, Thanks.  I claimed it.01:13
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cheriotMy ubuntu one directory on two computers just stays unsynchronized. Has anyone seen a similar problem?03:40
cheriotummm... honk?03:45
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duanedesigncah: hello06:53
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kazadeThe other day I accidentally started synching a folder outside my Ubuntu One folder. I managed to stop it synching and I've deleted all the contents from one.ubuntu.com, but it is still listed on the website, how can I remove it?10:11
ryekazade, you can select "Stop synchronizing on Ubuntu One" in nautilus or use u1sdtool - https://wiki.ubuntu.com/RomanYepishev/UbuntuOne/ClientControl#User%20Designated%20Folders10:14
kazadethat's the thing... the only option on right click is to "Synchronize on Ubuntu One"10:14
kazadeu1sdtool --list-folders shows it up10:14
kazadeu1sdtool --unsubscribe-folder=id causes an execption10:14
ryekazade, --delete-folder should do the trick... what exception for unsubscribe folder?10:15
ryekazade, u1sdtool --waiting-meta ?10:16
kazadedoes --delete-folder actually remove it from the file system?10:16
kazade--waiting-meta shows nothing10:16
kazadeit just returns to the prompt10:16
ryekazade, the timeout is caused by the fact that the response will not be sent until metadata queue is processed10:16
ryekazade, --delete-folder removes UDF from ubuntu one, it does not change the local state of the folder10:17
kazadeok, it's thinking about it...10:17
kazadeok that worked10:18
kazadethanks rye10:18
ryekazade, i will be back in 10 minutes - will shut down xchat to test network outage reaction of syncdaemon, in case you have any additional questsions i will be available in 10 minutes10:18
kazadeok, I think I'm all good now :)10:18
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Coudyhi, how to manually sync ubuntu one ?11:02
alisneakyanyone here?11:14
kermiachi alisneaky11:15
kermiacyou honked?11:15
alisneakyyeah..this is awesome...thanx for quick response...11:17
kermiacyeah, that's a "magic" word ;)11:17
alisneakydo i have to use Tomboy notes to be able to sync my tasks etc with Ubuntu ONE account11:17
kermiaciirc tomboy is the only notes app that is currently supported11:18
alisneakybasically i've got all my tasks and notes setup on evolution, bare with me as i am new to Ubuntu in general...i've installed the BlackBerry sync app on my phone and i wanna know if i can sync my notes and tasks from evolution to my BB using ubuntu one account11:18
alisneakyif not is there any way i can export my notes to tomboy from evolution without actually copy/pasting every single one individually?11:19
kermiacalisneaky: afaik only contacts are supported with the phone app11:19
alisneakyoh ok...can i think of any other ideas?coz i've tried google and not much success...11:21
kermiacalisneaky: I don't know of any way to export notes/tasks from evolution to tomboy other than to copy/paste them individually11:22
alisneakyok fairenough..thanx anyway..i can live without it for now..thank you11:22
duanedesignCoudy: did you have a question?11:28
Coudyduanedesign, Yes, I can't resync my ubuntuone folder,11:29
kermiacThanks duanedesign I missed that one :(11:29
duanedesignhey kermiac11:30
kermiachey duanedesign :)11:30
duanedesignCoudy: are you using 10.0411:30
Mrokii__hello. I have registered for ubuntu one and Firefox tried to open a localhost-link, but the connection is refused/can't be opened. Could this be caused by a changest "host"-file? I have one that excludes many spam-urls and such, though I don't know how it should influence localhost.11:30
Coudyduanedesign, no, 9.10, I have tried  u1sync --action sync , but program crash11:31
duanedesignMrokii__:  I had a similar host file.11:31
ryeMrokii__, what does "host localhost" return in terminal?11:31
Mrokii__rye: "localhost has address"11:32
duanedesignCoudy: yeah u1sync is more4 of an 'experimental' tool11:33
ryeMrokii__, could you please check whether ubuntuone-login process is running - ps auxww | grep [u]buntuone-login11:33
Coudyduanedesign, but, automatic sync isn't working. how to resync U1 ?11:33
duanedesignCoudy: do you have anything in the file  ~/.cache/ubuntuone/log/syncdaemon-exceptions.log11:34
duanedesignCoudy: if there is anything in the file could you post it at http://paste.ubuntu.com11:35
Mrokii__rye: what is the path to ps again? As that command does not work due to some alias I got from a friend that changed the way ps works, so I guess I need to call the ps-command directly.11:37
Coudyduanedesign, http://paste.ubuntu.com/446577/11:37
ryeMrokii__, /bin/ps11:39
Mrokii__rye: "stephan  16451  0.2  0.7 255024 31096 ?        S    12:00   0:06 /usr/bin/python /usr/lib/ubuntuone-client/ubuntuone-login11:39
Mrokii__rye: Seems as if it is running.11:40
duanedesignCoudy: could you please run this command in a Terminal:11:41
duanedesigndbus-send --session --print-reply  --dest=com.ubuntuone.SyncDaemon --type=method_call /status com.ubuntuone.SyncDaemon.Status.current_status11:41
duanedesignand pastebin the results please11:42
ryeMrokii__, ok, so ubuntuone-login is running... it is possible that you got 2 tabs opened with different ports... The fastest way is to kill ubuntuone-login and then run ubuntuone-preferences again11:42
Coudyduanedesign, http://paste.ubuntu.com/446581/11:42
Mrokii__rye: I don't think I have two tabs opened for localhost. But I will try your suggestion.11:43
ryeMrokii__, if this attempt fails then we will need to debug firefox accessing localhost11:43
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Mrokii__rye: Thank you, that seemed to work. Firefox now has opened an Ubuntu One Status-page.11:44
duanedesignCoudy: i am a little rusty on my 9.10 Ubuntu One commands :) lets try restarting the syncdaemon.    u1sdtool -q then 'connect' through the applet11:47
duanedesignCoudy: give it about a minute and run thAT LONG DBUS-SEND COMMAND AGAIN11:50
duanedesignsorry about the caps11:50
Mrokii__err... now another strange thing happens... If I open "Ubuntu One..." from the me-menu, CPU-usage goes up to 100% and lots of beam.smp-processes are created and thus the computer becomes pretty unresponsive...11:58
ryeMrokii__, beam.smp is most likely couchdb vm (erlang), and ... how many items are there in your /etc/hosts ?12:00
Coudyduanedesign, can't connect, and output from dbus is same12:01
Mrokii__rye: Lots :) I didn't count them honestly.12:01
ryeMrokii__, wc -l /etc/hosts12:01
duanedesignsounds like the same issue i had maybe :)12:01
Mrokii__rye: "91181 /etc/hosts"12:02
Mrokii__duanedesign: And did you solve it?12:02
duanedesignMrokii__: had to remove my host file12:02
Coudyduanedesign, ok, now I'm connected, and after 60s I'll post report from dbus12:03
Mrokii__duanedesign: I don't regard that as an option.12:03
Mrokii__duanedesign: At least not a preferable one.12:03
ryeaquarius, are you aware about any bug report against couch.io regarding the fact that couchdb becomes mad when /etc/hosts has a lot of entries?12:06
aquariusrye, nope12:06
Coudyduanedesign, http://paste.ubuntu.com/446587/12:07
ryeaquarius, what's the procedure about filing the bug in this case - our bug is #530541 which is Fix Released for some reason :-/12:08
aquariusre-open it, I suggest12:09
Mrokii__sorry, afk for some minute. Will respond later if there are some messages for me.12:13
duanedesignCoudy: ok better12:14
duanedesignCoudy: it looks like it might make some progress.12:15
Coudyduanedesign, but, still, no file in web ubuntu one12:15
Coudyduanedesign, I've added one 2MB file to folder12:15
duanedesignCoudy: give it a couple minutes. It has been syncing fast lately. Might be a lot of metadata it had to process12:18
* emrot = n00b so im sorry if this question is stupid, running ubuntuone onwork computer behind firewall is a no go...? (almost) ewerything else works.... It works at home.. I get [Errno socket error] [Errno 0] anyone?12:20
duanedesignCoudy: still no file?12:23
duanedesignhello emrot12:25
Coudyduanedesign, no file12:25
emrot(where are my maners! :) hi channel by the way12:25
Coudyduanedesign, and If I click on applet client I can see message "Your files are synced" (this text is translated from Slovak description)12:26
duanedesignemrot: currently there is no support for people using a  corporate HTTPS proxy12:28
duanedesignCoudy: what do you get from the dbus command?12:28
emrotaha! Then that answers alot of questions! Thanks!!!12:28
duanedesignemrot: i think it is in the works though12:29
emrotIm hoping for it!12:29
emrotlove ubuntu one and the thought of having my own cloud!12:29
Coudyduanedesign, http://paste.ubuntu.com/446595/ , and If I look into Ubuntu One Folder, I can see my file with green check symbol12:30
duanedesignCoudy: hmmm. It looks like it is still working on stuff. Could you pastebin your syncdaemon.log12:32
Coudyduanedesign, several lines with this message12:33
Coudy2010-06-08 13:32:33,239 - ubuntuone.SyncDaemon.Main - NOTE - ---- MARK (state: START_WORKING_ON_BOTH; queues: metadata: 2252; content: 1; hash: 0, fsm-cache: hit=156 miss=2) ----12:33
duanedesignCoudy: that metadata number should get smaller over time12:34
Coudyduanedesign, no, from 13:10:33 is metadata 2252 , and the last line 13:32:33 is metadata 225212:35
Coudyduanedesign, http://dl.dropbox.com/u/7883291/syncdaemon.log12:37
duanedesignrye: could you look at Coudys syncdaemon.log^^12:39
duanedesignhe is on 9.10. current status http://paste.ubuntu.com/446595/  was stuck in STANDOFF http://paste.ubuntu.com/446581/12:42
ryenessita, ping - why can sd stay in START_WORKING_ON_BOTH state for 20 minutes or so?12:42
nessitarye: that's an old client, let me refresh my mem12:43
nessitarye: log please? :-)12:44
mkarnickihi everybody :)12:44
duanedesignnessita: http://dl.dropbox.com/u/7883291/syncdaemon.log12:46
duanedesignhello mkarnicki12:46
mkarnickihi duanedesign, I see some traffic here today as well :)12:54
nessitarye, duanedesign: the client should leave START_WORKING_ON_BOTH and transit to WORKING_ON_BOTH, I'm not sure why it doesn't do it. This client has the old states implementation which had a few issues12:58
Coudyand is there any chance to update client on 9.10 ?13:05
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Coudyduanedesign, I'm back13:22
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* popey waves to daubers 14:10
duanedesignif you have several computers on your U1 account but dont want  your music synced to your netbook could you run u1sdtool --unsubscribe-folder=FOLDER_ID to keep ~/.ubuntuone/Purchased from Ubuntu One from syncing?14:39
gordduanedesign, system -> preferences -> ubuntu one. there is a checkbox you can uncheck to stop music from syncing but still have files sync14:43
duanedesigngord: ha! there is. That is much easier14:45
duanedesigngord: thank you14:45
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statikhey Chipaca, kenvandine mentioned that some of our blueprints for maverick were not accepted yet - i thought you marked everything as accepted already?17:34
ChipacaI have to frumble their kerfews or something17:34
Chipacaon it17:34
kenvandinethx Chipaca17:35
ChipacaI've got to have them "accepted for maverick" and now they are merely "proposed for maverick"17:36
Chipacakenvandine: how do I do that?17:36
kenvandineright... you should have a link to accept them17:36
kenvandineif you have permission to17:36
* kenvandine has never don eit17:36
Chipacanothing looks like an accept link17:37
kenvandineok, you might not be able to17:37
kenvandinestatik, ^^17:37
kenvandineChipaca, if you get me a list of blueprints i can have rickspencer3 do it17:37
Chipacakenvandine: sent17:38
statikkenvandine, i am very confused by this link: http://people.canonical.com/~pitti/workitems/maverick/ubuntuone-hackers-maverick-alpha-2.html17:38
statikall the details are for DX team stuffs17:38
statikat least the first few, now i see some desktopcouch things17:38
kenvandineit is just mine...17:38
statikoh, so that page is showing how there are no ubuntuone-hackers work items listed17:39
dobeyhrmm, the clock on my server is an hour off17:55
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rotten777anyone know why the u1ms client in rhythmbox is telling me to upgrade my version of flash?22:05
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