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quadrisprofalktx, we have a problem with zyn10:33
quadrisprofalktx, addsynth_voice.h misses license header10:33
falktxwe should contact the author10:35
falktxnedko is offline, i'll check the svn...10:51
falktxactually the file was removed10:55
alessiofalktx, have you tried to build the package without that file?10:58
falktxbuilds fine10:58
falktxi'll create a patch10:58
falktxi'll make a debdiff soon10:59
alessiofalktx, so i can get the package from git11:01
falktxshould we use the git?11:01
falktxor the official "1" release with a patch?11:01
alessiofalktx, I should repack the tarball I think11:02
alessiofalktx, I'm asking a ftp-master for some info11:03
alessiook, i must repack the tarball11:05
falktxalessio: u do it?11:05
falktxalessio: or should I?11:05
alessiofalktx, yep, I upload the packaging to pkg-multimedia's git area11:06
alessiofalktx, is it ok?11:06
falktxi have to handle fst11:06
falktxthen festige11:06
falktxbut fst requires lash on ia32-libs11:06
alessiowell, please give me some minute, I'll be back soon11:06
falktxalessio: please note that the build method has changed on the latest git11:08
falktxalessio: it uses waf now11:08
falktxalessio: so you'll need to create a new debian/rules11:08
quadrisprofalktx, sorry, some problems with my 3g connection11:38
quadrisprofalktx, can I switch to debhelper 7? is it a problem?11:39
falktxi don't think so11:40
falktxi mean, i don't think there's a problem11:40
falktxdo as u want11:40
quadrisprofalktx, http://git.debian.org/?p=pkg-multimedia/zyn.git11:59
quadrisprofalktx, please give a11:59
quadrisproecho ".pc" >> .git/info/exclude11:59
quadrisprofrom the sources root12:00
quadrisprofalktx, and remember to 'quilt pop -a' before committing12:00
falktxit's ready?12:00
quadrisprofalktx, needs work12:03
quadrisprofalktx, I'm just filing an ITP bug12:03
quadrisprofalktx, I also adjust debian/copyright according to DEP-5 proposal12:05
quadrisprofalktx, please ask upstream to avoid waf...12:10
quadrisprofalktx, http://lists.debian.org/debian-devel/2010/02/msg00714.html12:14
falktxnedko says it's debian fault12:19
falktxthe devs know ohw to use waf12:19
falktxdebian shouldn't try to package waf12:19
quadrisprofalktx, I don't want to block it, it was just a suggestion :)12:21
falktxhe knows now12:21
quadrisprofalktx, I put your name+mail_address in the Uploaders field, do you have an account on alioth?12:21
quadrisprofalktx, please create an account and join the team12:22
falktxhehe, firefox doesn't like it12:23
quadrisproreally? i'm surfing with iceweasel and getting no problem.. 12:23
quadrisprofalktx, after getting an account, you'll be able to commit your changes12:24
quadrisprosorry, after getting an account AND joining https://alioth.debian.org/projects/pkg-multimedia/12:24
quadrisprofalktx, now I have to leave, see you later12:25
falktxok, bye12:25

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