abstraktwhat's the wiki page about turning regular ubuntu into ubuntu studio?00:09
ubottuTo install Ubuntu Studio on top of a vanilla Ubuntu install, read https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UbuntuStudio/Installation00:20
holsteinabstrakt: ^^00:20
abstraktholstein, any idea how to get my wireless driver working while under -rt ?00:22
holsteinthats a good question00:22
abstraktheh, yeah it is00:22
holsteini would probably look into adding it as a module i guess00:22
abstraktdriver manager says: "This driver is activated but not in use"00:22
holsteinthats going to be challenging to find help with that00:23
abstraktholstein, that's just it though i added it already00:23
abstraktthrough the "Hardware Drivers" "Control Panel"00:23
abstraktSystem -> Administration -> Hardware drivers00:23
abstraktworks in regular kernel but not in -rt00:23
holsteinthats true00:23
holsteinthat should be the same i suppose00:23
abstraktwhat should be the same as what?00:24
holsteinas if you built a module into some other kernel00:24
holsteinLIKE adding it to the gerneric kernel is the same as installing the restricted driver00:24
holsteinmaybe not...00:24
abstraktsorry i don't quite follow00:25
* holstein just thinking outloud00:25
holsteinyou had the generic kernel00:25
holsteinback in the day00:25
holsteinabout 3 years ago00:25
abstraktstill have it00:25
abstraktthe royal "you" :)00:25
holsteinand you had a wireless adapter00:25
holsteinyeah :)00:25
holsteinand the kernel didnt support it00:26
holsteinyou could build your own kernel00:26
holsteinor add it as a module00:26
holsteinim not sure if i have the terminology corret00:26
abstraktum, that's, basically right00:26
holsteini never got any of that to work for me back in the day ;)00:26
abstrakti've compiled kernels before00:27
holsteinwe are assuming that adding the 'restricted driver' is the same process00:27
holsteinas adding a module to the generic kernel00:27
abstraktuh, yeah it's gotta be a module based system afaik00:27
holsteinBUT maybe its not00:27
abstraktcuz it's not distributed with the kernel00:27
abstraktcuz of the licensing00:27
abstraktso it has to be a module00:27
holsteini dont know00:27
holsteinhave you tried00:27
holsteinremoving the driver00:27
holsteinand installing it while running RT?00:28
abstrakti originally installed while running -rt00:28
abstraktand it said "ok now you need to reboot"00:28
abstraktand i said "ok... poke"00:28
abstraktand it rebooted00:28
abstraktand i got a fancy new black screen00:28
holsteinand no love00:28
abstraktand it didn't go any farther00:28
abstraktBIOS loaded, but instead of grub a single blinking cursor and beepy keys00:29
holsteini got nothin...00:29
holsteinlet me see if my friend is online00:29
abstraktyeh me neither00:29
abstraktthis has happened with 10.04 and 9.1000:29
abstrakt64 bit00:29
abstraktboth, are/were 64 bit00:29
abstraktbut 64 def provides a noticeable increase in latency performance00:30
abstraktso i'd really like to use 64 bit if possible, but, don't really wanna go without network00:30
abstraktdon't wanna have to reboot just to get network00:30
holsteinmy friend is away00:30
holsteinBUT i sent him a PM00:30
abstraktoh well00:30
holsteinif he responds i'll let you know00:30
abstrakti think this isn't an issue on 32 bit honestly :/00:31
holsteinhes a kernel dev00:31
abstraktoh, wow, ok00:31
holsteinand i think he would know who to talk to00:31
holsteinat least00:31
holsteinif he dosnt have time for us00:31
abstrakti mean i don't know what he could do about it cuz it's a proprietary driver00:31
holsteinhe doesnt do the RT kernel at all AFAIK00:31
holsteindoesnt hurt to ask00:31
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bartjehi, I seem to have a problem with kino, more specific, it won't start because it doesn't find libquicktime.so.1 . It indeed is not on my harddrive, even though I did install libquicktime1, also the dev package...16:25
bartjeusing ubuntustudio 10.04 by the way16:26
bartjeand kdenlive doesn't want to connect to my camcorder either (firewire), the permissions are right, and I do have the user (me) in the video group16:27
bartjestarting dvgrab from the command line, it gives the same error, no libquicktime.so.1... so there's the  problem apparently16:32
bartjeI solved it using this :16:45
bartjecd /usr/lib16:45
bartjesudo sudo ln libquicktime.so.0 libquicktime.so.116:45
bartje(one sudo ofcourse :-) )16:45
bartjeand my camcorder now connects to kdenlive too, so, this was an error. Are there any others that have had this problem? Maybe it's a bug to be fixed, if so, I'd file a bug report..16:47
astraljavabartje: Doesn't it look like a bug? At least it reeks of bug to me. :) So yes, file it, as it seems to have been around from at least second half of 2008: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=87397416:52
bartjeI never had this problem before, and I do use ubuntu since 200816:54
holsteinbartje: strange, that seems so much like a permissions issue doesnt it?16:54
bartjeit is fixed like I described, so no rights problem16:54
bartjesorry, 'permission problem'16:54
holsteinbartje: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntustudio/+filebug16:55
holsteini think thats a good start16:56
bartjeok, thanks :-)16:56
astraljavaHmm... don't know really if it's a bug or not. Or rather, a bug on which piece of software. /usr/lib/libquicktime.so.1 is installed on 8.10 version of libquicktime1, but looks like it isn't anymore.17:04
holsteini was reading wrong:/17:06
holsteini thought the programs getting started sudo made it work17:06
holsteinastraljava: were you just trying it?17:06
bartjeI tried using sudo kino, but that didn't do the job17:07
bartjeso, anyone else that can't start kino?17:07
holsteinwhat was the command that you were using bartje ?17:08
holsteincan i do it withoug a camcorder?17:08
holsteini'll try and confirm it17:08
* holstein is an audio guy17:08
bartjebugreport is written, I just have to push the 'submit' button17:08
holsteinhit it17:08
holsteincant hurt17:09
bartjeI reproduced the error by starting dvgrab from the commandline,17:09
holsteinthat sounds like something i can handle17:10
bartjeI guess the options for where the bug is, are limited to dvgrab or libquicktime117:10
astraljavaholstein: No I did not. I just checked whether I had that file, and when I did, which package owned it. Now I'm not just sure whether it's a bug on libquicktime1 for not including it, or kino et al. for still depending on it.17:13
bartjeso you guys have the same problem?17:19
holsteinis dvdgrab installed by default?17:19
holsteini was spelling it wrong17:21
holsteini also only have the audio meta-pacakges17:22
holsteini'm installing kino and dvgrab17:22
holsteinSO kino started fine17:23
holsteinbartje: was there something in particular in kino?17:24
holsteinthat i can trigger without a camera?17:24
bartjehmm, I didn't try starting Kino without the camera connected of course, should have done that before17:25
holsteinand i get 'Error: no camera exists' with dvgrab17:25
holsteini dont think im going to be able to reproduce it without a camera17:26
bartjeI'll unlink libquicktime.so.1, and try again with the camera disconnected, OK?17:26
holsteinits up to you17:27
holsteinthe bug report is good17:27
holsteini was just going to try and confirm it with different hardware17:27
holsteinto get the camera out of the equasion17:27
bartjeah, ok17:27
holsteinScottL: is there a testing ppa i should add?17:32
holsteinto get the pulse-jack package for testing with maverick?17:32
bartjeI did get the same error with the camcorder disconnected, weird...17:34
holsteinbartje: hmmm17:34
holsteinjust starting kino?17:34
bartjeusing kino 1.3.417:35
bartjeyep, same one here17:38
astraljavabartje: What's the output of: dpkg -L libquicktime1|grep .so.17:42
bartjeoops, flooding-warning :-/17:44
holsteini can get kino running17:44
holsteinon maverick and lucid17:44
holsteinBUT i got no camera17:44
bartjeI have the option to select quicktime DV in preferences-Capture17:45
bartjein previous versions I did not17:45
holsteinwhich i assume is a nice new feature17:45
bartje(if I remember it well, I don't remember ever having seen that option before)17:46
holsteini havent looked at the video tools in a long time17:46
holsteinkino looks great17:47
astraljavabartje: Yeah flooding, since you left out the final dot. :)17:47
bartjeah, ok, that happens with copy/paste.17:47
astraljavaBut it's okay, shows that the package didn't install that file for you. Can you holstein do the same, please?17:48
holsteini get 2 lines17:49
astraljavaholstein: Thanks. What's the output of: apt-cache policy libquicktime1 ? The both of you, please. :)17:50
bartjeand a dot at the end...  :-)17:52
bartje  Ge├»nstalleerd: 2:1.1.4+0ubuntu0+withcodecs317:52
bartje  Kandidaat: 2:1.1.4+0ubuntu0+withcodecs317:52
bartje  Versietabel:17:52
bartje *** 2:1.1.4+0ubuntu0+withcodecs3 017:52
holsteininstalled and candidate versions are both 2:1.1.4-117:52
bartje        500 http://ppa.launchpad.net/falk-t-j/lucid/ubuntu/ lucid/main Packages17:52
bartje        100 /var/lib/dpkg/status17:52
bartje     2:1.1.4-1 017:52
bartje        500 http://archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/ lucid/universe Packages.17:52
holsteinlibquicktime1: Installed: 2:1.1.4-1 Candidate: 2:1.1.4-117:53
holsteinlike that17:53
holsteinVersion table:17:53
holstein *** 2:1.1.4-1 017:53
holstein        500 http://us.archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/ lucid/universe Packages17:53
holstein        100 /var/lib/dpkg/status17:53
astraljavabartje: There's your answer, you're using an out-of-distro version of the package.17:54
holsteinpastebin not getting any love today ;)17:54
astraljavaIt's only a couple of lines, no that big a deal. :D17:54
holsteinOH yeah17:55
holsteinthe falk PPA17:55
holsteinbartje: falk is over in #opensourcemusicians right now17:55
bartjeis over, you mean, not in use anymore?17:55
holsteinthe guy17:55
holsteinhes over there17:55
holsteinif you want to tell him17:56
bartjeah, sure17:56
bartjeglad to do some usefull for ubuntustudio for once :-)17:57
astraljavabartje: Actually, that had nothing to do with ubuntustudio, as it wasn't the version we use. :D17:58
holsteinkxstudio is kind of an unofficial proving ground though17:58
holsteinfor some ubuntustudio future projects17:59
bartjewow, useful for the future then :-)18:00
bartjegotto go, rehearsal :-), thanks for the advice18:14
holsteinbartje: later18:15
astraljavabartje: Have fun!18:16
bartjeI surely will, Aux Raus (belgian franchise) is fun :-p, bye18:17
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abstraktanyone here made a liveUSB image out of the studio ISO?20:45
abstrakti tried making one using the fedora LiveUSB creator but no go :/20:45
abstrakteventually it said it couldn't find media and wanted to know where to find media, like gave me a list that said to try to e.g. use a CD or whatever20:45
abstraktbut there's no way to select the USB drive as the media20:46
holsteinabstrakt: i didnt get it to install20:46
holsteini tried it too, and gave up20:46
holsteinthe same with a crunchbang ISO that uses that installer20:46
abstrakti seriously don't want to use a CD20:47
abstraktmy DVD/CD drive is totally screwed20:47
abstraktand it's SOOOO slow compared to USB20:47
abstraktholstein: hey, where's that list of software that i need to *remove* to make my system be like ubuntu studio?20:48
abstrakti can't find any such list20:48
abstraktonly documents explaining what to add20:48
holsteinim not sure20:48
holsteini usually just add the stuff i need20:48
holsteinive done it before though20:48
holsteinand adding just worked20:49
holsteinthe network manager should be taken out i suppose20:49
holsteinif you want it to be the same20:49
holsteinBUT i wouldnt do that unless you run into an issue20:49
astraljavaabstrakt: Did your google-fu fail you? :D https://help.ubuntu.com/9.10/usb-creator/C/making-a-live-usb.html21:07
abstraktastraljava: yes it did because A) that's not for 10.04 and B) my usb-creator program just doesn't work21:07
abstraktworks on windows, not on ubuntu21:08
abstraktdunno why but them's the breaks21:08
abstrakti'm already on 9.1021:08
abstraktastraljava: also... that's not ubuntu STUDIO specific21:08
abstraktubuntu studio uses a different (alternate/text based) installer21:08
astraljavaabstrakt: Oh, dang. Forgot we were on #ubuntustudio, my mistake. :)21:09
astraljavaabstrakt: Yeah, might be hard to do that, since the .iso doesn't have desktop.21:09

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