tstoneion: thanks for elaborating, i'm still a little confused about timing. So i have dbus with "stop on runlevel [06]" and a shutdown.conf with "start on runlevel [06]". Will shutdown be run after dbus has stopped?09:50
mgoetzetstone: in principle those two things will happen in parallel, so perhaps you want "start on stopped dbus"11:55
tstonemgoetze: which is kind of bad if this is a "reboot -f"12:19
tstoneit would be nice to have an event if all managed jobs are stopped12:24
tstonewithout having to name all these jobs12:24
tstoneis there a reason that under ubuntu 10.4 dbus is configured to --fork. I thought that it would be better to start the services without forking?14:34
ntr0pyI have an issue with upstart in Ubuntu 10.04 starting gdm too early (resulting in low graphics mode error). How can i tell upstart to wait with gdm's start until nvidia/dkms is ready?14:41
ionWith the “system” job, there would be no shutdown job: the system job would handle shutdown/reboot in post-stop.14:41
ionIf you know and control exactly how the job’s main process behaves wrt. forking, it’s okay.14:41
iontstone: ↑14:42
tstoneion: ok, but why fork, i mean dbus-daemon can also be started without forking. And i've got the impression that upstart sometimes gets the state of dbus wrong whith this "forking" behaviour.14:44
ionIt indicates the service is ready. In which scenario does it get the state wrong?14:45
ntr0pydoes someone know where the start for gdm is defined in ubuntu lucid?14:45
tstonentr0py: just add a "and started SERVICENAME" to the line beginning with start.14:46
tstoneion: i *think* (unfortunatly unverified) that it happens if dbus-daemon doesn't start when the pid file is left over.14:47
ionUpstart doesn’t care about pid files.14:47
tstoneion: yes, but dbus-daemon unfortunatly does :-/14:47
ntr0pytstone: im not exaclty getting it... what do you mean ?14:48
tstonentr0py: just do a "cd /etc/init; grep ^start" and try to understand14:48
tstonentr0py: ahem "cd /etc/init; grep ^start *"14:50
ntr0pythx already did that...14:50
tstonentr0py: thats the way you can add addtional deps for starting a service14:51
ntr0pytstone: do you know what starts the nvidia proprietary driver?14:55
tstonentr0py: sorry don't know but you can enable debugging by adding --debug to the cmdline.14:56
tstonei would gues module-init-tools14:56
ionI would guess the X.org driver.14:57
tstonestrange if i remove the --fork and the expect fork from dbus.conf dbus-deamon gets started but is listed as not running by initctrl?15:01
plautrbatstone: you can still have <fork/> in your dbus-deamon config file15:03
tstoneplautrba: yes, but i was curious why thats in there. Probably it has s.t. to do with the dbus interface of upstart...15:05
ntr0pytstone: i absolutely have no experience with upstart but i would GUESS it should be sth like "graphics-device-added /dev/nvidiactl PRIMARY_DEVICE_FOR_DISPLAY=1" ? Pls correct me if im wrong...15:08
ntr0pyor is it /dev/nvidia0 ??15:09
ionI’m quite sure the proprietary driver handles all that.15:11
ntr0pyion: yes i want to trigger gdm start on nvidia driver beeing ready...15:12
tstonentr0py: sorry don't know15:17
tstoneis it correct that if devtmpfs is activated udevtrigger.conf is obsolete?16:09
AxillIumI hope it's not too much of a n00b question, but I do not seem to find it in the documentation: how do I set a variable in a /etc/init/foo.conf script so I can use it in both pre-start script and the script part for starting the actual job?16:15
mbieblAxillIum: man 5 init16:18
mbiebllook for env16:18
AxillIumI have found the section, but unfortunately, it does not specify where to put the line. On the highest level it will not get accepted. In the pre-start script it will not keep the value after the pre-start script.16:23
mastaminddoes upstart really depend on dbus?16:44
tech404I'd like to start a bittorrent daemon as a user on startup with upstart. I've done some reading on this but I'm not sure about how to approach it. I know there isn't official support now and I'm guessing 'exec su me -c "exec deluged"' is the right way to go as start-stop-daemon would have to much overlap. I'm not sure what other options I should use though. I would think that if I was starting as root I would use 'expect fork' an16:49
JanCAxillIum: why wouldn't it get accepted "on the highest level" ?16:52
ionmastamind: The protocol implementation, yes. The daemon, nope.16:54
mastamindion: does the initctl (or what ever is used to emit events) need dbus to talk to the daemon?16:56
tech404nm i guess I would expect fork.. As no one know I'll try without respawn for now to make sure I don't get some crazyness16:58
tech404didn't follow far enough17:02
tech404nm, sorry I'm just thinking out loud now17:02
mastamindion: ldd /sbin/init shows that dbus is a required library... :-(17:08
ionWhat’s the problem?17:11
mastamindupstart depends on dbus.17:11
ionWhat’s the problem?17:13
mastamindthat IS the problem.17:13
ionUpstart also depends on libc. That sucks. Let’s implement our own malloc, strndup, open, fork etc!17:14
mastamindion: do you really think, that impresses me?17:15
mastamindor anyone else here?17:15
JanC"I hate DBUS, so I'm l33t"17:32
ionIn Soviet Russia, D-BUS hates you.17:37

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