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erxyzI am trying to install Xubuntu now with the alternate CD00:57
erxyzand i keep getting the error at 6%00:57
erxyzfile:///cdrom/pool/main/c/console-setup/console-setup_1.34ubuntu15all.deb was corrupt00:58
erxyzSeems impossible to get it installed00:59
ochosierxyz: well, i would guess that your image or your cd is corrupt01:22
ochosierxyz: if you didn't use torrent for download, check the md5 sum of the image01:23
ochosierxyz: if you did use torrent (or local_md5==server_md5) then check your cd-burning programme (or create a usb-bootstick)01:24
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Raggshi all03:16
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Chrissyboyhelp required on editing Xubuntu dual boot GRUB menu10:04
nikolamhmm Chrissyboy10:08
nikolamthere is article on help.ubuntu.com about grub 2 procedures10:09
nikolamChrissyboy, https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub210:10
Chrissyboyyeh read most of it - however, I have a dual boot OS, Ubuntu 10.04 was 1st on the menu, then I installed Xubuntu as well, but it stole 1st 2n and 3rd base!!10:12
ChrissyboyI found menu.lst on the ubu OS and tried to change the default to line 6 but it didnt recognise it10:13
Sysiyou shouldn't install xubuntu totally separately10:14
ChrissyboyI was also told i would have to change the menu in Xubu OS - so I went to the /boot folder, yes totally seperate10:14
Chrissyboyhowever the Xbu folder /boot didnt have a menu.lst file so I here!!10:15
bazhangChrissyboy, did you read how there is not a menu.lst now?10:16
bazhangalso, why not just install xubuntu-desktop with the existing gnome installation10:18
Sysiyou have kinda old installation of ubuntu if there is menu.lst10:19
Chrissyboymm - i see what u mean - its been changed to grub.cfg10:19
bazhangwonder if there is grub and grub210:19
ChrissyboyThe above link was not the one I was thinking of - it was on the Ubu Forums - Thanks for this link.10:21
Chrissyboyok looks like /etc/default/grub is the location I need to find and edit?10:24
bazhangof course never directly edit grub.cfg10:24
Chrissyboyam i on the right track here?10:26
Chrissyboyversion is Xubuntu 10.0410:26
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Matt__Hi guys. Forgive me if this is a complete n00b question but after installing 10.04 I thought I had lost the system menu (applications - places - system) through a bad upgrade or something. After a lot of Googling I don't seem to be able to restore it. After checking the xubuntu website to see if I'd missed anything, I noticed on the screenshot of the new desktop there was no system option....10:35
Matt__...Is this then by design? If so how do I access things like stsyem->preferences?10:35
Sysifrom menu10:36
Sysiapplications → settings10:37
Sysiand system10:37
Matt__I noticed that and there is no option for preferences.10:37
Matt__Am I looking in the wrong place?10:38
knomefor what preferences?10:38
knomewhat do you mean by "preferences"?10:39
knomepreferred applications?10:39
Matt__No sorry, the menu where you can change things like fonts, font sizes, desktop background, etc.10:40
Sysithey aren't in same name as in ubuntu or as in same way10:40
knomeapplications » preferences10:40
Matt__No preferences option knome.10:41
Matt__Can I add in manually?10:41
Sysidon't care about names10:41
Matt__Sysi, I don't seem to be able to find the menu anywhere even after trying every menu option in applications and places as a last resort. I'm not even looking for the name any longer but just referencing here as that is what majoprity of people know it as. :)10:43
knomeMatt__, applications » settings » appearance10:44
knomeMatt__, "preferences" does not tell anything, really, since that can mean *any* kind of preferences10:44
mendocinox ikonia hola bruder:D matt bro:D10:45
mendocinoxPici bruder:D10:45
Matt__With you. apologies for the ambiguity10:45
mendocinoxbazhang bro:D10:45
knomeMatt__, np :) did you find the settings you looked for?10:45
knomemendocinox, please stop10:46
mendocinoxknome ola!10:46
Matt__No appearance option in applications -> settings10:46
knomeMatt__, really? do you have a clean xubuntu installation?10:46
bazhangmendocinox, what?10:46
knomeMatt__, try 'sudo apt-get install xfce4-mcs-plugins'10:47
Matt__It was clean install of Karmic upgraded to Lucid10:47
knomeMatt__, weird, i say, weird10:47
Matt__I'll give that a try and if that doesn't work, then I'll grab a copy of Lucid and do a fresh install. If that's where it should be then it may have been a bad install.10:48
Sysirelease upgrades can cause problems10:48
Matt__Thanks guys ;)10:48
knomeMatt__, well, if it doesn't work, ask again10:48
knomeMatt__, we can try to work it out without reinstalling10:48
Matt__No worries. If it is a bad install/upgrade then that may not be the only thing wrong so would rather reinstall rather than fix problems as they occur.10:49
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knomeMatt__, i think it's the upgrade that caused this problem. before lucid i had upgraded and upgraded all the way from 6.06 :)10:50
Matt__That fix didn't work. Will try a reinstall. knome, sysi - help much appreciated.10:53
knomeMatt__, well, you're welcome. good luck with the installation :)10:53
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erxyzhaving problems with Xubuntu, finally got it "installed" with the Alternate CD, but now I cannot run it11:59
erxyzI also tried using the normal CD, but i choose language, choose Install, then a logo appears, then it disapears after some seconds, and nothing happens afterwards12:00
erxyzI installed it in "text" mode with Alternate CD12:00
erxyzBut when I startup PC, i just get the logo and then "keys: Continue to wait; or Press S to skip.."12:01
erxyzi continue to wait, logo dispear and screen goes black and nothing happens12:01
subspiderhello everyone12:13
erxyzanybody know how to solve this problem i described above?12:24
mad_adyHello everyone12:32
mad_adyI have a rather noob-ish question12:32
mad_adyI'm trying to switch from /etc/network/interfaces configuration script to NetworkManager12:33
mad_adyon ubuntu 10.04.12:33
mad_adyMy problem is - so far I haven't managed to start nm-applet.12:33
mad_adyOr, more accurately, it starts, but it doesn't show in my notification section on the panel12:34
mad_adyI've reinstalled (purge+install) the network-manager package12:34
mad_adyanything I could try?12:34
lightaHi guys =), so I have a little probleme. I wanted to put a script on system lunch so I was looking for /etc/rc.d, but I found like 7 rcx.d folder, (from 0 to 6) what this mean and where should I put my script ?13:40
knomelighta, do you need it run before your desktop session starts?13:44
lightayes I prefer13:44
knomelighta,     * /etc/rc.d/rc*.d - where “*” is a number corresponding to the default run level. Contains files for services to be started and stopped at that run level. On rpm-based systems, these files are symbolic links to the initialization scripts themselves, which are in /etc/rc.d/init.d.13:45
lightaI have no rc.d folder13:46
lightahave an rc.local and rcS.d13:47
mrandrzejakhi all. can anyone explain me the key differences with xubuntu compared with lubuntu? xfce and lxde are the major differences?16:48
mrandrzejakive recently installed lubuntu on an old desktop, but thinking to switch to xubuntu as im just more familiar with ubuntu stuff16:49
ubottuXubuntu is Ubuntu with Xfce instead of !GNOME. More info at http://www.xubuntu.org and http://wiki.ubuntu.com/Xubuntu/ - To install from Ubuntu: « sudo apt-get install xubuntu-desktop » - Join #xubuntu for support - See also: !Ubuntu and !Xubuntu-Channels16:49
Sysino info about that16:49
SysiDE and maybe some programs16:50
likemindeadLXDE is one of my least favorite desktop environments. :-\16:50
likemindeadIt's like using Windows 3.1 or something. Blech.16:51
Sysibit hard to configure maybe16:51
zvacethow can I add something from applications ( let say browser) to the panel18:21
zvacetin gnome i select what i want>right click>add to panel I want to know how it works in xfce18:25
xubuntu203nice feature: webchat during installation process :-)19:34
thueringerguten abend alle zusammen = hello to everybody20:25
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onebitxajaxI hate rat can I change all icons of rat in sheep or something else?? pls??21:35
lightait's a mouse not a rat =)21:45
onebitxajaxcan someone help me change all the mouse in sheep or something else??21:53
mikubuntucan anybody tell me how to remotely access my sister's computer to perform updates, etc ?23:05
ochosimikubuntu: prolly ssh?23:05
mikubuntuochosi, is there like an app?23:07
ochosimikubuntu: so i assume you've never used ssh then23:07
knomemikubuntu, vnc for graphical access23:08
ochosibut for performing updates a shell would be enough23:08
mikubuntui tried to access using her ip address and username using the remote access viewer on ubuntu, and i think it accessed her machine but i only saw a black screen, like a terminal23:08
ochosiif you'd like to try that you could install the openssh-server on your sisters pc23:08
ochosiwell a terminal is perfect for updates23:09
ochosijust do a "sudo apt-get update"23:09
ochosiand then a "sudo apt-get upgrade"23:09
mikubuntuochosi, but if i want full gui access for customizing her view, etc?23:09
ochosiwell then knome's advice is for you23:10
mikubuntuso vnc is the app?23:10
ochosiit's the name of the service23:11
ochosii've never used with xubuntu though i have to admit23:11
ochosihave you knome ?23:11
mikubuntuher machine is xubuntu and mine is ubuntu23:11
knomeapplications » network » remote desktop viewer23:12
knomemikubuntu, is there any firewalls in between?23:12
mikubuntuummm, i don't think so .. nothing that i remember installing23:13
mikubuntuknome, that remote desktop viewer is what i tried, but i don't know if i actually accessed her computer, it din't even ask me for a password23:15
mikubuntuit asked for an ip address, which i called and she got for me, and a username23:15
knomemikubuntu, try to run 'x11vnc -safer -accept -once -display :0' from your sister's computer23:16
knomemikubuntu, and try again23:16
mikubuntuknome, i'm in florida and she's in georgia, do you mean run that through the remote viewer, or call her and have her run in terminal?23:17
knomecall her23:18
knome(if i understood correctly, the remote viewer does not work (yet))23:18
mikubuntui'm wondering if she'll be able to handle that .. haha, that's why i want to get in and do her updates and upgrades23:18
knomemikubuntu, well, if you had an ssh access, you'd be able to run that yourself23:19
knomemikubuntu, that would be 'sudo apt-get install openssh-server' as ochosi said23:20
mikubuntuknome, thats what i want to do is learn to set up a permanent access .. i also just sent an old box up to her mother in law, who will also not have any clue at first (if ever) of how to do anything past launching firefox23:20
knomemikubuntu, i'd say aim for ssh first.23:21
knomemikubuntu, then you have terminal access, which is pretty much already23:21
mikubuntuthat install openssh-server is on my computer or her computer, or both23:21
knomethen 'ssh her_username@her_ip' from terminal23:22
mikubuntuk, after i get that done, i come back and look for you for help :) ?23:22
mikubuntucan she run that command from an alt/f2 terminal ?23:23
mikubuntuknome, will i be able to 'see' more than a terminal?  will i be able to see her desktop?23:24
knomemikubuntu, no, she needs terminal23:27
knomemikubuntu, once you get an ssh connection, you can run the x11vnc command yourself23:27
knomemikubuntu, and be able to connect via vnc (remote desktop viewer)23:27
mikubuntuknome, so the remote viewer will give me an actual gui view of her desktop?23:28
knomemikubuntu, yes23:28
knomethat's why it's called "viewer"23:28
mikubuntuis the whole ssh installation a matter of running the'install openssh-server' then?23:29
mikubuntuwaiting for her to call me back her cordless phone battery dying, she has to get the other handset23:30
knomemikubuntu, yes, 'sudo apt-get install openssh-server'23:31

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