godbykFresh builds are up at http://builds.ubuntu-manual.org/.04:28
godbykmaybe offer some common destinations, too. (in addition to your search box note)05:16
humphreybcI was going to, but then I realised there are big fat links up above, and below05:17
humphreybcI'll keep thinking about it05:17
godbykyeah, I considered that, too.05:17
godbykideally, I'd like it to analyze the url you're trying to get to and figure out where you're trying to go and link you there.05:18
godbyk(easier said than done.)05:18
=== \vish is now known as vish
ubuntujenkinshey thorwil o/09:09
thorwilhmm, i will have only a few minutes at the start of today's meeting09:11
ubuntujenkinsI will be busy revising and not pay loads of attention09:13
ubuntujenkinsc7p: how is the release of your translation going?10:33
c7pubuntujenkins: godbyk is working on the tex files, checking that everything is fine in there. In the same time he is making a list of everything that needs to be done before the release of a translated edition.10:35
c7pI'm waiting today's meeting to learn the actual date :)10:36
ubuntujenkinsyea i have the link to the list of stuff. I am hoping to give godbyk  a hand with some of the next ones as I think we will have 4 at once soon10:37
c7pubuntujenkins: are you working going to work on this link: http://typewith.me/rE4pCABOXs or another ?10:38
ubuntujenkinsI do have that link I am going to try and speak with godby-k about what needs doing etc.10:40
c7pok if you need another hand I can always help ;)10:41
ubuntujenkinscool I will let you know10:41
dns53is there a server edition of the manual being worked on?11:30
ubuntujenkinsno there is not I am afraid11:30
ubuntujenkinsdns53: this might be of interest https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/ubuntu-docs/+bug/49783411:31
manualbotLaunchpad bug 497834 in ubuntu-docs "Ubuntu Server Guide isn't aesthetically appealing." [Wishlist,Confirmed]11:31
ubuntujenkinsalso the current server guide is https://help.ubuntu.com/10.04/serverguide/C/index.html11:31
ubuntujenkinsno problem :)11:35
=== ubuntujenkins_ is now known as ubuntujenkins
ubuntujenkinsgodbyk / godbyk-sagan ping16:01
godbyk-saganubuntujenkins: I just got back home. Let me fix something for lunch and then I'll be right with you.18:26
ubuntujenkinsgodbyk-sagan: cool no rush18:27
dutchiegodbyk-sagan: btw, you going down in RSA18:29
dutchieRepublic of South Africa ;)18:29
ubuntujenkinso yea your going down godbyk-sagan :P18:29
ubuntujenkins\join #england18:30
godbykUh-oh, what'd I do to the South Africans now?18:38
ubuntujenkinsusa vs england in the world cup18:38
godbykSo you're talking about soccer? <evil grin>18:39
dutchieno, real football18:39
dutchiewhere you actually use your foot18:39
ubuntujenkinsno we are talking about football :P18:39
Zeikethey are talking about watching silly people run around a grass field kicking a ball around =P18:40
ubuntujenkinsgodbyk I would like to discuss the process that the manual goes through after the translations are complete and what i can do to help.18:47
ubuntujenkinswhen you have finished eating :)18:48
godbykHey, ubuntujenkins. I'm back now.19:29
ubuntujenkinshey godbyk19:31
godbykSo I don't have a formal checklist yet. It's something that c7p and I have been taking notes on as we go along.19:32
godbykBut we should create an actual checklist so we don't forget things.19:32
ubuntujenkinscool I have the check list book marked.19:32
ubuntujenkinsis \ldots with a lower case l or i becasue in launchpad they look the same19:33
dutchiel for line19:33
godbykIt's a lowercase L.19:33
ubuntujenkinsthats what i thought allot of people are putting i19:33
godbykYeah, they're wrong. :)19:33
dutchiei'm watching the football19:34
ubuntujenkinshmm the pad link i have does not work19:34
ubuntujenkinsbye dutchie19:34
godbykSee ya, dutchie.19:34
dutchie1-0 england \o/19:34
dutchiewithin 4 mins19:34
godbykubuntujenkins: Let me find my link to it again.19:34
ubuntujenkinsalso the first {} in \newglossaryentry is often translated19:35
godbykYeah, it shouldn't be.19:35
godbykNor should the \gls and \glspl commands be translated.19:35
ubuntujenkinsI think those are the most commom mistakes that are not on the list already19:36
godbykNor should the \label, \ref, pageref, \chaplink, \seclink, etc. commands be translated.19:36
ubuntujenkinscan we add it to the pad?19:36
godbykSure, if you like.19:36
godbykDo you have the pad link?19:36
ubuntujenkinsI do but it doesn't work19:37
ubuntujenkinsacording to http://downorisitjustme.com/ the site is down19:38
godbykI thought I had one on Etherpad, but perhaps not.19:38
ubuntujenkinsdo you have a local copy?19:39
godbykLet's just create a new one.19:39
godbykWe can update it with typewith.me comes back online.19:39
ubuntujenkinsyea cool , so apart from that list what else gets done.19:40
ubuntujenkinsthat list looks good19:53
godbykThat covers a lot of it.19:53
godbykI'm sure I'll add more things as I encounter them.19:53
godbykIt'd be nice if we have a web page where the translator editors could go to see where they're at on the checklist or something.19:54
godbykSo we can see how far along things are.19:54
ubuntujenkinsgood idea we need to respond to surst's e-mail about the german on19:54
godbykI'll email him right now.19:56
ubuntujenkinscool, I am just looking for stuff I don't know how to do in latex19:56
ubuntujenkinshow do you change the paper size?19:57
ubuntujenkinsI will be back in 5 to 10 mins19:57
godbykubuntujenkins: the paper size gets changed automatically based on the language.19:57
godbyk(if it doesn't, then I need to edit the .cls file to set it properly.)19:58
godbykOkay, email sent.20:02
ubuntujenkinscool as far as the small caps formating where would that be changed?20:07
godbykWell, it depends.20:08
godbykSo with the German translation, for instance, he wanted the running heads to be different.20:08
godbykWith other translations, we have to use fonts that don't have small-caps.20:09
godbykSo it depends on the situation.20:09
ubuntujenkinsrunning heads being ....20:09
ubuntujenkinsto ask a silly question :)20:09
godbykRunning heads are the bits at the top of the page with the page number and the book title and chapter title.20:09
godbykNope, it's not a silly question at all.  I'm guessing the vast majority of the people in the world have absolutely no idea what a running head is. :)20:09
ubuntujenkinsok cool20:09
ubuntujenkinswhilst i don't forget shrini asked me to ask you about the japanise caracters on the side of evince they should be tamil20:10
godbykNo clue on that one.20:11
ubuntujenkinsI had no clue where to look at all20:11
ubuntujenkinso we will have to look into it20:11
godbykI'll have to ask him when I see him next.20:11
godbykI'm not sure where Japanese characters would be coming from.20:12
ubuntujenkinsif you look at it its really obvious that they are not tamil20:12
godbykSo previously, I was building 2 PDFs at a time when I built all the translations.20:12
godbykWhen my new computer I'm doing 8 at a time. It's a lot faster. :)20:12
ubuntujenkinseight what are your specs?20:12
thorwilway more people have an idea of a running nose than of a running head20:13
godbykWhere am I looking for the Japanese characters, ubuntujenkins?20:13
godbykthorwil: I bet!20:13
godbykthorwil: It looks like we may have to whip up a Tamil title page soon.20:14
ubuntujenkinsgodbyk: on the index pain of evince20:14
godbykthorwil: After I find a font that isn't horrible.20:14
godbyk(Not many Tamil fonts out there, it seems.)20:14
godbykI just grabbed the Tamil PDF from the builds page.  And the index pane on mine (which shows the chapters, etc.) has Tamil and English text there.20:15
thorwilgodbyk: oh, Tamil has been very low of my list based on a snapshot of translations status way back20:15
godbykthorwil: I know.  They spiked up this past week.  A lot!20:15
ubuntujenkinsok then its an issue with ones built on my computer, the tamil text works but not the index appantly20:16
godbykThey're in 7th place right now.20:16
godbykubuntujenkins: Oh, that could be. I'm not building the index right now.20:16
ubuntujenkinsgodbyk: I need to redo the index rules they work but they way I did it is not 100% the correct way. I need to get my exam on tuesday out the way first20:17
godbykNo worries.20:17
godbykWe should write up instructions for ourselves on how to do the indexing, too.20:18
godbykWe'll also need to take a look at hyphenation patterns.20:18
ubuntujenkinsthey are really easy once you know how. I will do instructions. A lot depends on the language.20:18
ubuntujenkinshyphenation patterns in what sense?20:18
godbykIf they're not in LaTeX already, I think we can steal them from OpenOffice.org.20:18
godbykHyphenation patterns tell LaTeX where it's okay to break a word at the end of the line (hyphenate it).20:19
ubuntujenkinshttp://ubuntuone.com/p/6kf/ is tamil built on my computer .20:19
godbykWithout being able to hyphenate words, the spacing isn't nearly as good (lines run too long or too short).20:19
ubuntujenkinsok that make sense20:19
godbykubuntujenkins: weird.  yeah, something barfed there. we'll have to look into it.20:20
ubuntujenkinsonce i get the index correct then we know its not that20:20
ubuntujenkinsalso there is a two page gap before the index20:20
godbykYeah, I recall having to fix that manually with the English edition, too.20:21
godbykLet's add that to the checklist.20:21
thorwilgodbyk: regarding hyphenation, seen http://code.google.com/p/hyphenator/ ?20:21
godbykthorwil: Cool!20:22
godbykI think browsers should have built-in hyphenation (and CSS should support H&J rules)20:22
thorwilgodbyk: that's what i have been thinking, too. but what can you expect from people who think it's alright to draw underlines right through descenders? ;)20:23
thorwilgodbyk: seeing how adding lots of &shy; the hard way is not practical at all, this script is the best available solution20:24
godbykI s'pose.  It just seems like they're coming at it from the wrong direction.20:25
godbykHyphenation shouldn't be some post-hoc decoration, y'know?20:25
thorwilno doubt browsers doing it themselves would beat this20:29
thorwilbut it is a relief to see this in action. text on the web starts to suck less quite a bit :)20:29
godbykHey, thorwil, you have a nice, large collection of typefaces, right?20:29
ubuntujenkinsok thanks godbyk I think i can help translators with most of the list20:30
thorwilgodbyk: not here on my lucid install20:30
godbykubuntujenkins: cool.  If there are things you can't help with let me know and I'll try to teach you.20:30
godbykIt's always best if multiple people know how something works.20:30
godbykthorwil: Ah, bummer. I wrote a script that scans the fonts on your system and lists all of the fonts that support a particular script.20:30
godbykWas hoping you had a nice Tamil font that I didn't have.20:30
godbykI'm not terribly thrilled with the one we're using right now.20:31
ubuntujenkinsgodbyk:  I would like to learn as well :) . with item 10 where do the translated items go in the .tex file?20:31
ubuntujenkinsI find tamil looks better if you increase the font size20:31
godbykubuntujenkins: They go in the um-LANGUAGE.clo file.20:31
thorwilgodbyk: if the "on your system" can be stretched a bit, i could check the font dir on my other partition20:31
ubuntujenkinsI have to in gedit when working with it for the index20:31
godbyk(I need to update the um-template.clo file to be more comprehensive.)20:31
ubuntujenkinsthanks godbyk20:31
godbykthorwil: Sure. You just edit the file and change the list of paths it searches.20:32
godbykthorwil: I'll email it to you.20:32
ubuntujenkinsI ment to send a meeting reminder to the list and sent it to ben!20:33
godbykhe probably needs one, too! :)20:34
c7pgodbyk the list that we are working on is http://pad.ubuntu-uk.org/translationtodo ?20:35
godbykc7p: At the moment.  Your site was down, so we started recreating the list.20:35
ubuntujenkinsI wondered why the mail wasn't on the list sent it now20:35
c7pwho is chairing the meeting ?20:37
ubuntujenkinsben i guess20:37
godbykIf he shows up. :)20:37
* ubuntujenkins learns more about three phase generators20:39
shriniteam: do we have any meeting now?20:52
ubuntujenkinsin 8 mins shrini20:52
shriniubuntujenkins: thanks20:52
dutchieoh no20:52
dutchiecan we delay it half an hour or so?20:52
ubuntujenkinswhat dutchie ?20:52
ubuntujenkinsthe football is not that important20:53
dutchiei can't watch the match and do a meeting at the same time20:53
dutchieubuntujenkins: USA equalised :(20:53
dutchienearly took the lead just then20:53
ubuntujenkinsput it on head phones I am listening as i have no tv licence20:53
ubuntujenkinsraido 5 :)20:53
dutchieprobably better than the ITV coverage20:54
dutchietheir HD channel went to adverts for the first goal20:54
ubuntujenkinswhat that sucks20:54
godbykLook, you know we're going to win, so you probably don't really want to watch anyway.20:54
dutchieyou stick to playing sports that nobody else bothers with20:55
godbykYou couldn't handle real football. :)20:55
dutchiei have actually played american football20:55
dutchieso :P20:56
ubuntujenkinsyes we could a real footbal os round20:56
godbykdutchie: Just once, eh?  I rest my case.20:56
dutchiegodbyk: i have played it many times actually20:56
dutchiei am actually not bad20:56
dutchie(by the standards of my friends)20:57
godbykI pretty much suck at all sports. So I don't pay any attention to them.20:57
ubuntujenkinsI have only really palyed rugby which is much better as there is no padding20:57
dutchienot a massive fan of playing rugby20:57
ubuntujenkinsI don't play it much20:58
dutchiearen't you obligated to play sport at loughborough anyway? ;)20:58
ubuntujenkinsno, only if you do a course that is sport20:58
ubuntujenkinsloughbrough is good at engineering as well20:59
* dutchie wonders what godbyk's attempt at pronouncing "loughborough" is like21:00
ubuntujenkinsminutes for people to read whilst we wait https://wiki.ubuntu.com/ubuntu-manual/Meetings21:00
ubuntujenkinsI ment agenda21:01
godbykI saw your previous discussions on the 'proper' pronunciation.21:01
godbykHey, guys.21:01
* flan needs to stop getting distracted.21:01
dutchiegodbyk: bet you can't pronounce my city21:02
ubuntujenkinshello everyone21:02
ubuntujenkinshmm no ben yet21:02
godbykWell, shall we get started or wait for more stragglers?21:02
flanI'm gonna start beinging my Eee with me on the train.21:02
semioticroboticgodbyk: Are we missing anyone you'r expecting (besides benjamin)?21:03
thorwilgodbyk: i'm about to disappear, actually21:04
ubuntujenkinssemioticrobotic: also ilya21:04
godbykI'm not sure if Ilya was planning to be here or not.21:04
godbykWe'll get started then.21:04
semioticroboticubuntujenkins: Ah!  Yes, of course.21:04
godbykI may go through the agenda in a different order in case Ilya or Ben pops in late.21:04
ubuntujenkinsyea we should get started21:04
semioticroboticgood plan21:05
godbykOkay, so first up, let's talk about the Lucid first edition translations.21:05
ubuntujenkinsdon't for get the meeting bot21:05
godbykAs you can see from here: https://translations.launchpad.net/ubuntu-manual21:05
godbyka number of translations have been completed.21:05
godbykMany of them are currently in the editing/proofreading phase.21:05
godbykI think the German and Greek translations have progressed just beyond that.21:06
dutchiegodbyk: not going to do a #startmeeting?21:06
ubuntujenkinswell done to the translators21:06
MootBotMeeting started at 15:06. The chair is godbyk.21:06
MootBotCommands Available: [TOPIC], [IDEA], [ACTION], [AGREED], [LINK], [VOTE]21:06
godbykjust for dutchie21:06
semioticroboticagreed.  well done translation teams!21:06
godbyk[TOPIC] Lucid first-edition translations21:06
MootBotNew Topic:  Lucid first-edition translations21:06
godbykSo with the help of c7p and ubuntujenkins, we have a rough check-list of items that need to be completed for each translation:  http://pad.ubuntu-uk.org/translationtodo21:07
godbykWe will probably continue adding to this as we encounter new issues.21:07
godbykEach translation team has an assigned translation editor: http://wiki.ubuntu.com/ubuntu-manual/TranslationEditors21:08
godbykThe translation editor is in charge of communicating with the rest of the Ubuntu Manual team to ensure that each of the steps on that checklist is completed21:08
thorwilgodbyk: maybe mention the lulu cover, too?21:08
godbykand will have the final say on when we publish that translation.21:09
godbykthorwil: Good idea. Add that in there someplace.21:09
ubuntujenkinscan people add irc nicks in another column to https://wiki.ubuntu.com/ubuntu-manual/TranslationEditors21:09
godbykubuntujenkins: sure.21:09
ChrisWoollardHello All, Sorry I am late.21:09
godbykDoes anyone have any questions about the general process for releasing the first edition translations?21:09
godbykHey, ChrisWoollard. No worries. We're just getting started.21:10
godbykOkay, if there's nothing else to add, we'll move on to the next topic.21:10
godbyk[TOPIC] Lucid second edition release schedule21:11
MootBotNew Topic:  Lucid second edition release schedule21:11
godbykCurrently, the release date for the second edition of the Lucid manual is 29 July.21:11
dutchie(5 days after my birthday \o/)21:11
godbykWe don't have any particular alpha/beta/etc. release dates scheduled, but we can add them in if we feel the need.21:11
godbykThe second edition will contain all the bug fixes and last minute material that we didn't have time to clean up for the first edition.21:12
godbykHey, humphreybc-mini.21:12
semioticrobotichi humphreybc-mini21:12
godbykI think we've fixed a pretty large number of bugs in the second edition already.21:12
godbykBut we should continue doing read-throughs to find more bugs.21:12
semioticroboticIt sure seems like it21:13
godbykThe second edition will be the manual that hangs around with the LTS release, so it may be used for some years yet.21:13
ubuntujenkinshumphreybc-mini: has the winner of the competion be told that they won?21:13
semioticroboticgood point21:13
ubuntujenkinsbug comp^21:13
humphreybc-miniubuntujenkins: Well, I have to actually figure out who won21:13
humphreybc-miniI've only had one person tell me they have done 10 buigs21:13
ChrisWoollardJust out of interest. Are specifica people responsible for checking  different chapters or anything like that21:13
godbykAre they supposed to notify you, or do they expect you to tally up the results?21:13
ubuntujenkinsI think about 3-4 people at a guess i have not actually looked .21:14
humphreybc-minigodbyk: I didn'21:14
ubuntujenkinshey daker21:14
godbykChrisWoollard: Nope. It's a free-for-all.21:14
humphreybc-miniI didnt say, but I expect the latter21:14
ChrisWoollardThere was one guy that logged a good hundred bugs21:14
humphreybc-miniI need to tally em up21:14
godbykIs there an end date to the competition?21:14
humphreybc-mini2nd edition release I guess21:15
godbykhumphreybc-mini: We should set an end date so we have time to get the contributor names in the second edition of the manual.21:15
humphreybc-miniI'll get onto all that at the end of next week21:15
godbykAny other questions about the release of the second edition?21:15
ChrisWoollardI think this guy logged a lot of bugs21:15
c7pwhat about the bug tracking of the translated edition?21:15
ubuntujenkinswhen is it? or did i miss that?21:16
semioticroboticI have a quick question21:16
ubuntujenkinsfound it 29th july21:16
godbykubuntujenkins: The second edition will be released 29 July.21:16
dutchie(5 days after my birthday \o/)21:16
ubuntujenkinssemioticrobotic: ask away21:16
semioticroboticCould someone clarify the syntax for linking specific fixed bugs in bzr commit anotations?21:17
semioticroboticI see people have been doing that; it's very cool, and I want to do it21:17
dutchiebzr commit --fixes lp:<number>21:17
semioticroboticdoes that automatically mark the bug as fixed?21:17
dutchiedon't think so21:17
* humphreybc-mini confesses that he hasn't looked at the branch in two months21:17
dutchiei think it will do if the branch ends up in the main line21:18
godbyksemioticrobotic: Running 'bzr help bugs' will show you some examples, too.21:18
semioticroboticso after committing and pushing, manually mark the bug21:18
semioticroboticthanks, godbyk21:18
godbyksemioticrobotic: Yeah, that's what I've been doing: fix, push, mark the bug manually.21:18
ChrisWoollardI thought the procedure was to mark the bug as fix commited until the release.21:18
godbykChrisWoollard: It is.21:19
semioticrobotic... but I didn't know if that had to happen manually21:19
godbykOnce the bug has been fixed and commit, mark it as 'Fix Committed'21:19
semioticroboticthanks for the clarification21:19
godbyk'Fix released' will be what we set those bugs to after the final PDF and book have been released.21:19
humphreybc-miniWhich basically means it's in the branch, ready for a release21:19
godbykOkay, any other questions about the second edition release?21:20
c7pquestion: What about the bug tracking of the translated editions? The http://bugs.ubuntu-manual.org/ isn't working.21:20
humphreybc-miniOf course, since this is a book, our releases aren't super defined because we're always releasing things... it's really a rolling release21:20
godbykc7p: You can file them in Launchpad, if you like.21:20
dutchiec7p: tell me asap about bugs.u-m.o outages21:20
dutchiei'll sort in a moment21:20
humphreybc-minic7p: Yeah, Launchpad is the best until we get the new site design up with new bug form21:20
godbykc7p: Also, you can pester dutchie about the bugs page.21:20
godbykAny other questions?21:21
humphreybc-miniare we winning?21:21
godbykOkay, since humphreybc-mini's here, we'll move on to some of his agenda items.21:21
godbyk[TOPIC] Ubuntu Manual Project Philosophy21:21
MootBotNew Topic:  Ubuntu Manual Project Philosophy21:21
humphreybc-miniI have been working on this21:21
humphreybc-minisort of21:21
humphreybc-miniSo basically, here's more or less the near final version of this thing21:22
MootBotLINK received:  http://pad.ubuntu-uk.org/axMP6X6TIq21:22
dutchiehow embarrassing21:23
dutchie(the football)21:23
dutchie1-1 draw21:23
ChrisWoollardwhich game21:23
dutchieengland v usa21:24
ubuntujenkinsshocking game21:24
ChrisWoollardOh dear21:24
ChrisWoollardI should know that21:24
godbykdutchie: We'll take that as a win, then.21:24
* ChrisWoollard pretends he cares21:24
c7phaha :P21:24
humphreybc-miniThat is tragic21:24
dutchiegodbyk: your lack of understanding of the game is obvious21:24
humphreybc-minibut tragic21:24
godbykhumphreybc-mini: Do we have anything we need to discuss about the mission statement / philosophy, or are we just reading through it?21:25
dutchiei don't see NZ at the world cup21:25
humphreybc-minigodbyk Just reading through. If you have any suggestions, make some comments on the pad21:25
godbykdutchie: Amusingly, despite our obvious lack of understand, we've managed to keep you at bay.  Oh, superiority!21:25
dutchielet's get through the meeting, then godbyk can gloat21:26
godbykDoes anyone have any questions, comments, suggestions, criticisms, etc. about the philosophy/mission statement stuff?  (It'll take a bit of time to read through, so you can pester us on the list or in here later if you like.)21:26
humphreybc-miniStephen Fry didn't predict a draw: http://twitter.com/stephenfry/status/1599514037921:26
godbykOkay, moving along then. :)21:26
godbyk[TOPIC] Ubuntu Support and Learning Center21:27
MootBotNew Topic:  Ubuntu Support and Learning Center21:27
godbykhumphreybc-mini: Do you want to take this topic, too?21:27
humphreybc-minithis is fairly broad21:27
humphreybc-miniWhat should we write it in? Python? Okay, settled.21:27
semioticroboticjust finished reading, humphreybc-mini.  it's come a long way!  I like the new mission statement21:28
godbykI'm not sure that humphreybc-mini knows enough Python yet. :-P21:28
dutchiewell, if it's an online jobbie, it'll end up being HTML/Javascript...21:28
humphreybc-miniI was looking at things like Zope21:28
flanDoesn't change the fact that Python's the best language in use today.21:28
* ubuntujenkins is not sure he knows enough python either21:28
godbykdutchie: Looks like your bug report got filed okay.21:28
humphreybc-miniI think the majority of the thing should be python21:28
dutchiegodbyk: from the bugs page?21:28
godbykdutchie: yeah.21:28
humphreybc-miniLaunchpad uses python, everyone uses python21:29
shriniwhat to do with python for support center?21:29
godbykhumphreybc-mini: I think we need to establish another meeting with the docs team and learning team to get some details out of the way.21:29
humphreybc-miniIt seems to offer the most flexibility when it comes to doing stuff like this, I was talking to thump er about it a couple of weeks ago21:29
shriniI am new to this concept21:29
humphreybc-minigodbyk, yeah21:29
humphreybc-minibut we need to make some decisions soon21:30
godbykIs everyone here familiar with this Ubuntu Support and Learning Center concept that we've started working on?21:30
semioticrobotichumphreybc-mini, could you perhaps summarize the current state of our collaboration wth those teams?21:30
ChrisWoollardThat would be good21:30
humphreybc-minicoz after my exams I'm going to market it like crazy to get some developers... and we need to know who we're trying to entice :)O21:30
humphreybc-minisemioticrobotic: Well, the learning team love us, the docs team love us except for Matthew East.21:30
ubuntujenkinsam i correct in thinking that we have not had the colaberation meeting yet or did i miss it?21:31
humphreybc-miniHe hates us :)21:31
flanAnd I need to be smacked on weekdays so I'll actually focus on Quickshot so I can hel you get started on USLC.21:31
shriniif you need some python code, count me in21:31
humphreybc-miniI think it was called off coz no one showed up from their side21:31
godbykSo the short version is that we'd like to merge our work with the work of the doc team and learning team so that we're sharing a huge pool of documentation.  Any team can pull docs from the pool and organize them however they'd like.21:31
semioticroboticubuntujenkins, it was canceled but is being rescheduled21:31
* flan is strangely unmotivated right now.21:31
godbykSo we can pull our docs from the pool to create PDFs and online manuals.21:31
ubuntujenkinssemioticrobotic: thats what i thought21:31
godbykThe learning team can produce handouts, textbooks, lesson plans, etc.21:31
ubuntujenkinsflan: i am starting on quickshot this tueday after my exam21:31
dutchiehave we got around to working out how all this will work yet?21:32
godbykWe're going to integrate translations and editing via the website.21:32
flanThat'll probably help, ubuntujenkins.21:32
humphreybc-miniThe original plan was to get the infrastructure in place using our content as a proof of concept first21:32
godbykYou won't have to use LaTeX directly anymore as we'll have a web-based editor.21:32
ChrisWoollardThere is also the developer manual. Were we going to have anything to do with that as well?21:32
semioticroboticso I remember humphreybc-mini's clusterfl0ck of a flow chart21:32
godbykChrisWoollard: We're working with that team a bit, too.21:32
humphreybc-miniChrisWoollard: Sort of. Rick and Didier and a couple of other guys are making that, we're just offering advice and letting them use our channel21:32
semioticrobotichow exactly does that translate into concrete work on the ground?  Which groups will be responsible for what kinds of production/action?21:33
ubuntujenkinsflan: cool, I will need some help with understanding some stuff you wrote21:33
ChrisWoollardSo, pretty much if they ask for help..... then maybe21:33
humphreybc-miniChrisWoollard: oh no, sure we'll help them21:33
humphreybc-miniMainly with technical stuff though21:33
humphreybc-miniThe idea is that they get the projects to write their own code, or grab shit from existing project help21:34
humphreybc-miniown code/text21:34
godbykOur next steps are to reschedule the collaboration meeting when folks from the other two teams can attend so we can hash out a few technical details.21:34
godbykThen we'll be busy designing and coding.21:34
godbykBut for the Maverick release, along with the usual PDF and printed manuals, we'll have an online version of the manual.21:35
humphreybc-minithe online version will be our text in USLC as a proof of concept21:35
godbykWith the online version of the manual, people can report bugs right from the page as they're reading the manual.21:35
godbykThey'll be able to link directly to a paragraph or section of the manual (handy for providing pointers in emails, forums, and IRC channels).21:35
ubuntujenkinsgodbyk: we better get started on the site we need more coders21:35
godbykubuntujenkins: Agreed.21:35
humphreybc-miniBut the whole awesome edited backend, paragraph at a time, suggestion based moderated wiki and online editor magical content pool etc might not be in place till next year ;)21:36
semioticroboticand the giant content pool will be ... a repository?  a code branch?21:36
godbyksemioticrobotic: A bit of a hybrid.21:36
humphreybc-minisemioticrobotic: Not sure21:36
semioticroboticjust trying to envision it all :)21:36
c7pHow will the translation of that online manual stuff be done? Through launchpad ?21:36
godbyksemioticrobotic: Right now, we're thinking it'll be stored in a database with regular (nightly? hourly?) exports to a bzr branch.21:36
godbyksemioticrobotic: We're pushing off any bzr import stuff until much, much later, though.21:36
humphreybc-minigodbyk, ahh, that would work21:37
semioticroboticso contributing won't even require knowledge of bzr, launchpad, or anything like that21:37
godbykc7p: We'll probably have our own translation system if Launchpad's doesn't improve sufficiently.21:37
humphreybc-minisemioticrobotic: correct21:37
humphreybc-miniit will be awesome21:37
semioticroboticeverything's starting to come together for me now21:37
godbykSo as you can see, we're fairly ambitious and have a lot of work ahead of us.21:37
semioticroboticyes, I can see that!21:37
c7pok it sound pretty good, I'm looking forward to it21:37
dutchiegodbyk: that makes a change21:37
ChrisWoollardIt will  take a lot of effort21:37
godbykWe're going to try to meet with the other teams in the next week or two to work out a few of the underlying technical details and then we'll start designing and coding.21:38
godbykdutchie: What makes a change?21:38
dakergodbyk, a lot of work :)21:38
humphreybc-miniSo if we can get some more details hammered out in the next couple of weeks, I'll start working on the specification and marketing for it so we can get some people to help us21:38
godbykYou've all probably seen some traffic on the Ubuntu Manual mailing list a few weeks ago about this.  You'll probably see some more traffic soon.21:38
semioticroboticokay, sounds goos21:38
semioticroboticwe're going to need lots of help :)21:39
godbykOkay, any other questions, comments, etc. on this topic?21:39
ChrisWoollardWhat lanaguages were we talking about again?21:39
ChrisWoollardI missed that bit. I think.21:39
ChrisWoollardfor the development21:40
dakerpython (django) or PHP21:40
godbykChrisWoollard: We haven't pinned that down yet.21:40
dutchiedjango \o/21:40
humphreybc-miniall of the cool languages21:40
ChrisWoollardShame I don't know Python.21:40
ChrisWoollardBut i know Perl21:40
humphreybc-miniyou'd better learn quick :P21:40
ChrisWoollardthat is cool :P21:40
flanI've kinda been sold on Pylons. It didn't take much effort to set up and it seems quite scalable and flexible.21:40
godbyk[TOPIC] Research on manual usability21:41
MootBotNew Topic:  Research on manual usability21:41
semioticroboticyeah ... when it comes to programming languages, I'm of no help.  But when you're generating content ... well, THAT I can edit21:41
godbykSo Ilya's worked up a plan for running some studies on how people use our manual and what problems they encounter.21:41
humphreybc-minihe's not here though, bummer21:41
godbykIf you have any feedback or questions about his study designs, you can respond to the thread on the mailing list.21:42
ubuntujenkinsI think it is really good :)21:42
semioticroboticthe information will certainly be useful, that's for sure21:42
godbykI agree.21:43
godbykOkay, next up:21:43
godbyk[TOPIC] Cleaning up the instructions on the website21:43
MootBotNew Topic:  Cleaning up the instructions on the website21:43
c7pgodbyk: I have submitted one but I am still waiting an answer21:43
semioticroboticplus, it'll be cool to say I was involved in something that required a Kickstarter campaign  :)21:43
godbykSome of the instructions on our website are a bit short.21:43
humphreybc-miniand others are way too long21:43
ubuntujenkinsthe latex ppa should go on21:43
godbykFor example, http://ubuntu-manual.org/getinvolved/editors stops just short of explaining how to edit the .tex files, commit them back, etc.21:43
ChrisWoollardi think so21:43
humphreybc-miniI was thinking we could fix these up for the site redesign21:43
ChrisWoollardthe ppa is useful21:44
godbykubuntujenkins: Absolutely. If the PPA is working, then that will simplify the TeX stuff, I think.21:44
humphreybc-miniWhat do you guys think about having help overlays pop up more often on our site, like on launchpad?21:44
godbykhumphreybc-mini: Can you give me an example of where that would be useful?21:44
* humphreybc-mini thinks21:44
humphreybc-miniWell I'm just trying to figure out whether the approach we have now (giving instructions based on roles) is the best21:45
* godbyk takes that as a 'nope'. 21:45
ubuntujenkinsgodbyk: It works and i can update it now i know how to make the packages my self21:45
humphreybc-miniI think it is21:45
godbykubuntujenkins: awesome.21:45
humphreybc-ministill open to other options21:45
humphreybc-miniI want to make the instructions as coooooooooooooool as possible21:45
godbykSo we need to update the instructions to ensure they're still accurate and reflect our current development efforts (make sure people are using the right branch, etc.).21:46
humphreybc-mini(also, helpful)21:46
semioticroboticthat cool, huh?21:46
godbykWe need to extend the instructions to include how to edit files, provide a link to the style guide, and so forth.21:46
humphreybc-minigodbyk, for example, where we tell people to set up an SSH key for Launchpad. We could just have that stuff in an overlay21:46
godbykWould anyone like to volunteer to work on the instructions?21:46
humphreybc-miniWell I think I was going to do some21:47
godbykYou won't have to do all of them yourself. If you only know the translation side, that's great.  Ditto for authors/editors.21:47
c7pgodbyk: I think I can help with the instructions21:47
godbykhumphreybc-mini: Okay.21:47
godbykc7p: Great!21:47
godbykI'll let c7p and humphreybc-mini work together on the instructions then.21:47
humphreybc-minisounds groovy21:48
godbykYou guys should be able to cover all the bases there, I think.21:48
godbykLast item on the agenda:21:48
godbyk[TOPIC] Goals for Maverick21:48
MootBotNew Topic:  Goals for Maverick21:48
godbykhumphreybc-mini: Do you want to field this topic, too?21:48
humphreybc-miniMajor things are of course, new edition of the manual, quickstart booklet(s), first release of USLC and a new look for the team21:49
godbykLet's take those one at a time, then.21:49
ChrisWoollardWhat did USLC stand for?21:49
godbyk[TOPIC] Maverick edition of the manual21:49
MootBotNew Topic:  Maverick edition of the manual21:49
godbykChrisWoollard: USLC: Ubuntu Support and Learning Center.21:50
shriniis it possible to have different layout?21:50
godbykChrisWoollard: (the new website we were talking about before)21:50
shrinifor the book?21:50
ubuntujenkins?mppa > humphreybc-mini21:50
semioticroboticso ... will the Maverick edition be comprised of material from the giant content pool?21:50
quickshotdevsubuntujenkins: Error: "mppa" is not a valid command.21:50
quickshotdevshumphreybc-mini, please see my private message21:50
godbykshrini: Possibly. What're you thinking?21:50
ChrisWoollardGodbyk: Thanks. I just didn't link it to the learning centre21:50
shrinigodbyk: the paper a4 is not good for a book to read21:50
godbykshrini: True, but it's good for printing the book yourself.21:51
shrinicheck out other normal books21:51
shrinigodbyk: you are right21:51
shriniok. agree21:51
godbykSo we're kind of compromising a bit there.21:51
godbykNormally the problem with larger format books is that the lines are too long and the book is too heavy.21:51
shrinithats fine21:51
godbykIn our case, the lines are shorter since we leave plenty of room for sidenotes, and the book isn't too heavy as we're too lazy to write so much material.21:52
godbyk(Okay, the real reason is because we're trying to keep it fairly short.)21:52
humphreybc-miniso maverick will get a lot of stuff cut out21:52
godbykshrini: But we can look into different paper formats down the road.  Remind me again in a couple months! :)21:52
semioticroboticwe're going even shorter?21:52
humphreybc-miniand some more stuff added in that's more applicable to our target audience21:52
ChrisWoollardHaving bucket loads of text doesn't make easy reading21:52
humphreybc-minisemioticrobotic: yep21:53
humphreybc-miniNo terminal stuff in Maverick21:53
c7pso the maverick edition's text won't be composed from the start, right?21:53
shrinigodbyk: sure. will remind you21:53
humphreybc-miniIt will truly become a "Getting Started" guide, and readers will be directed to USLC for further learning21:53
godbykc7p: We'll be reusing whatever we can from the Lucid editions.21:53
semioticroboticnow ... will the giant content pool be generated BEFORE the Maverick release, or after?21:53
humphreybc-minisemioticrobotic: after most likely21:53
ChrisWoollardWhen is the Maverick manual planned for release?21:54
semioticroboticso Maverick writing will be our springboard into the pool21:54
humphreybc-minisemioticrobotic: ya21:54
humphreybc-miniChrisWoollard: Not sure, it will be a day before Maverick is released. Which will October 9th.21:54
godbykChrisWoollard: We had a nice release schedule, but then they moved the date on is and we haven't revised our schedule yet.21:55
ChrisWoollardOk. So not much time to write it then21:55
semioticrobotichumphreybc-mini: In that case, the docs team and the manual team will most likely be collaborating during the writing and editing process?21:55
humphreybc-minisemioticrobotic: I bloody well hope so :)21:55
godbykHere's what our original release schedule looked like: http://pad.ubuntu-uk.org/MaiZTb4Fjd21:55
* semioticrobotic laughs21:55
semioticroboticyes, me too21:55
humphreybc-minioh, and the persona21:56
humphreybc-miniforgot about that21:56
semioticroboticnot doing it?21:56
humphreybc-minihopefully we are21:56
godbykThe persona will be kind of a big deal, I think.21:56
humphreybc-miniwe'll just see21:56
semioticroboticbut not the persona touted in the first (and, er, only) episode of Ubuntuesday?21:57
humphreybc-minipriorities are something like manual > USLC > quickshot > persona > our website > quickstart booklets21:57
godbykShall we move on to the booklets real quick?21:57
humphreybc-minisemioticrobotic: Ubuntuesday is going to make a stellar return soon21:57
ChrisWoollardWhatever the case, I am happy to help write if required.21:57
godbyk[TOPIC] Quick-start booklet(s)21:57
MootBotNew Topic:  Quick-start booklet(s)21:57
semioticrobotichumphreybc-mini:  Gotcha.  That's actually a very helpful, seeing a hierarchical list of items21:58
humphreybc-miniso we can test the water with one for installation I think21:58
ubuntujenkinsI think we should also do an about ubuntu one21:58
humphreybc-miniubuntujenkins: ah, that could be good too21:58
ubuntujenkinsand leave it at two. They are like the first two in a series21:58
humphreybc-minithorwil and I will be working on the design at some point21:59
ChrisWoollardUbuntu One (inc. music store).21:59
godbykThe quick-start bookets will be really short guides (how-to's) that focus on just one task, procedure, or small application.21:59
humphreybc-miniThen we just need to make it a latex template or something, and shove the text in21:59
semioticroboticI think a Quick Start guide that has Ubuntu equivalents of popular Winows programs (for switchers) would be good21:59
ubuntujenkinsi think there will be a set eventully21:59
humphreybc-miniyeah, think about the size of an Ubuntu CD sleeve, although slightly taller21:59
ubuntujenkinswhat about a three fold leaflet?21:59
humphreybc-miniI was just thinking about that22:00
semioticroboticthat'd certainly be nice for LoCos22:00
* ubuntujenkins thinks great minds think a like :P22:00
humphreybc-miniA4 would be good for locos to print off themselves22:00
dakerreally i need to go, i'll read the log ASAP22:00
humphreybc-minidaker: no worries, chow!22:00
ubuntujenkinsse ya daker22:00
godbykdaker: No problem.  Thanks for coming!22:00
* semioticrobotic thinks these are all great minds22:00
godbyk[TOPIC] First release of Ubuntu Support and Learning Center (USLC)22:00
MootBotNew Topic:  First release of Ubuntu Support and Learning Center (USLC)22:00
godbykI think we've already discussed this item, but if there's anything anyone wants to add...22:01
godbykOkay, then. :)22:01
shriniPhp ?22:01
godbykAnd finally:22:01
godbyk[TOPIC] New look for the team22:01
MootBotNew Topic:  New look for the team22:01
humphreybc-miniSo this new look will be22:01
ubuntujenkinso do i get new clothes?22:01
godbykMakeovers for everyone!22:01
shrinihair style?22:01
ubuntujenkinsI need some shirts22:01
semioticroboticis this like another reboot of Power Rangers or something?22:01
humphreybc-mininew website, new slogan, new philosophy, new marketing materials, new website instructions, new collaboration with other teams22:01
ChrisWoollardDo i have to wear a bowtie22:01
shrinigood idea22:02
humphreybc-miniMy last exam is this friday22:02
semioticroboticthat's ... quite a makeover!22:02
humphreybc-miniafter that I have two weeks holiday where I will be working 9 - 5 on Ubuntu :P22:02
ubuntujenkinson the new philosophy/colaberation  it would be nice if we hung out in #ubuntu-doc as well as here22:02
humphreybc-miniSo I'll get a mega shit tonne of designs and specs out22:02
humphreybc-miniubuntujenkins: Yeah, good point22:03
dakerhumphreybc-mini, i need perfection for the website22:03
* ubuntujenkins hints everyone to join22:03
humphreybc-minidaker: I know :P22:03
humphreybc-minidaker: It's coming along good22:03
dakerwe will see22:03
humphreybc-minidaker: http://twitpic.com/1w0ni322:03
MootBotLINK received:  http://bobbo.me.uk/index.php/planet-ubuntu/operation-cleansweep-day-four-update22:04
humphreybc-mininice daker!22:04
ChrisWoollardThat progress bar is nice22:05
semioticroboticgood stuff22:05
godbyk[TOPIC] Miscellaneous/other business and open questions22:05
semioticroboticoperation cleansweep seems like a huge undertaking22:05
MootBotNew Topic:  Miscellaneous/other business and open questions22:05
dutchiehi zleap22:05
godbykOkay, does anyone have any other topics we should discuss?22:05
godbykAny questions?22:05
dakergood night22:06
zleapjust downloaded the UK english manual, according to the properties its in US letter22:06
godbykG'night, daker22:06
zleapthis is properties of the file,  so the properties dialog says US letter22:06
dutchiegodbyk: this is your area22:06
godbykzleap: It says A4 here.22:06
semioticrobotichumphreybc-mini: I'll be moving soon ... a pretty significant relocation so I can start my doctoral studies22:06
godbykzleap: I just downloaded it from http://builds.ubuntu-manual.org/builds/ubuntu-manual-en_GB.pdf22:07
humphreybc-minisemioticrobotic: where are you off to?22:07
semioticroboticunfortunately, during that time, I'll be MIA22:07
godbyksemioticrobotic: Awesome! What're you studying?22:07
semioticroboticMoving to another state, North Carolina22:07
shriniteam: alpha version of ubuntu manual is released in the ubuntu release party http://kanchilug.wordpress.com/2010/06/07/ubuntu-10-04-release-party-at-kanchipuram/22:07
* humphreybc-mini though semioticrobotic lived in Germany22:07
MootBotLINK received:  http://kanchilug.wordpress.com/2010/06/11/alpha-version-of-ubuntu-manual-in-tamil-released/22:07
dutchiehumphreybc-mini: that's thorwil22:07
shrinithanks a lot your help22:07
semioticrobotichumphreybc-mini: Most people assume this, because of my last name22:07
shriniscrewed godby and ubuntujenkins a lot22:08
godbykshrini: Congratulations! Awesome job on the translation.22:08
dutchielots of people assume i come from the netherlands, due to my nick22:08
shrinithanks godbyk.22:08
* godbyk doesn't know what people make of him. 22:08
semioticroboticgodbyk: I'll be studying in the Department of Communication Studies22:08
semioticroboticworking on cultural studies, critical theory, and media studies22:08
humphreybc-minimy UK PDf from that link reckons it's A422:08
ChrisWoollardon builds.ubuntu-manual.org. Why are the two English (American) entries?22:09
zleapChrisWoollard, maybe one is print the other is screen22:09
godbykChrisWoollard: I think I started the script, then stopped it and restarted it (without wiping out the half-written html file).22:09
ChrisWoollardOk. Thanks22:09
godbykChrisWoollard: Or: Because American English is so incredibly awesome, it's worthy of two entries.22:10
godbykTake your pick. :)22:10
ChrisWoollardI am really pleased the UK edition only has 2 warnings/22:10
ChrisWoollardgodbyk: Whatever.22:10
humphreybc-minishrini: that release party looked awesome22:10
shrinihumphreybc-mini: :-)22:10
* humphreybc-mini is tempted to do an OMG! Ubuntu! post on release parties now22:11
godbykChrisWoollard: I think that those warnings can be ignored, too. I'll look into them.22:11
shriniOMG post is a good idea22:11
godbykOkay, does anyone have anything else for the meeting, or shall I release MootBot from his duties?22:11
humphreybc-minihey so godbyk, what's the story on translations?22:11
humphreybc-miniWhen can I announce that we have some more released?22:12
godbykhumphreybc-mini: You should've been here about 10 minutes earlier. :)22:12
ChrisWoollardI am sure that one was a image. which is fine because the US english cover is good for UK22:12
godbykhumphreybc-mini: Short answer: When I tell you. :)22:12
godbykhumphreybc-mini: http://pad.ubuntu-uk.org/translationtodo22:12
godbykubuntujenkins and c7p and I have been working on a checklist.22:12
MootBotMeeting finished at 16:13.22:13
godbykThanks, MootBot!22:13
c7pvery informative meeting :D. Godbyk what else remains for the greek edition?22:13
semioticroboticGood ol' MootBot22:13
semioticroboticgood meeting everyone22:14
dutchieso what am i supposed to do?22:14
humphreybc-minigodbyk how awfully complicated22:14
semioticroboticI'm off22:14
humphreybc-minidutchie: start working on USLC :P22:14
godbykhumphreybc-mini: tell me about it!22:14
godbykc7p: I'm not sure yet.  Do you have everything on that checklist done already?22:14
semioticroboticbye everyone22:14
ubuntujenkinssemioticrobotic: bye22:15
shriniteam: thanks all22:15
c7pI think yes, but I'm not 100% sure. Let me check the list22:15
godbykc7p: Okay.22:15
ubuntujenkinsshrini: we will have to work on the final version of tamil when the translations are finished22:16
dutchiehumphreybc-mini: I have 5 more exams, and nobody has told me anything about the backend infrastructure :P22:16
humphreybc-minidutchie: When is your last exam?22:16
shriniubuntujenkins: yes. will finish it up as soon as possible22:16
dutchiehumphreybc-mini: ages22:16
ubuntujenkinsshrini: no rush I look forward to seeing it finished22:16
dutchie28th of June22:16
godbykSeems everyone busy with exams these days.22:16
humphreybc-minino worries22:16
humphreybc-miniyou concentrate on exams22:16
humphreybc-miniwhen you're finished I guarantee you there will be work :)22:17
shriniubuntujenkins: sure.22:17
shriniokey friens22:17
shrinileaving now22:17
* ubuntujenkins shouts at gwibber22:17
* humphreybc-mini is hoping that once USLC work commences, Canonical might hire a dev or two to work on it22:17
humphreybc-miniLike they did with Zeitgeist and a few other things22:18
shrinicatch  you later22:18
ubuntujenkinshumphreybc-mini: keep dreaming22:18
ubuntujenkinssee ya shrini22:18
dutchiemaybe they could pay me to work on it22:18
humphreybc-minimaybe dutchie22:18
ChrisWoollardubuntujenkins: Did you run through http://pad.ubuntu-uk.org/translationtodo on en_GB?22:18
ubuntujenkinsChrisWoollard: no I just checked it for build errors22:19
ChrisWoollardOk. I'll try to do that this week.22:19
ubuntujenkinsi did about 5 langauges and recorded the common mistakes. I will have a look if i have time after my exams22:20
* humphreybc-mini has to get out of bed and start studying22:21
humphreybc-miniI have two big exams this week so don't expect to see me around till next weekend22:22
dutchiehumphreybc-mini: have you finally got OOP/Python?22:22
humphreybc-miniya I think so22:22
c7pgodbyk Is it possible to make a simple program/script checking that everything is fine on the tex file? (e.g Idots ans so on)22:22
humphreybc-miniHad an exam on that on friday22:22
humphreybc-miniwent fairly well22:23
dutchiewish i could have an exam on python22:23
ubuntujenkinsI wish i could have an exam on ubuntu.22:23
dutchieactually, most I wish that my eyes/nose would learn how to deal with pollen22:23
godbykc7p: Well, it's really hard to parse LaTeX code properly, but I would like to have a script that checks a lot of the simple/common errors.22:24
dutchiei did put that on my todo list once22:24
dutchieit didn't get very far22:24
godbykI could write up a whole list of simple checks to make, if someone wants to take a shot at coding it up.22:25
dutchieI think i got as far as "#!/usr/bin/perl; use strict; use warnings;"22:25
godbykI wrote a script before that checked for common English errors.22:25
godbykThat needs to be updated/expanded, too.22:25
godbykAnd Ilya wrote a script that runs spellcheck against the .tex files.22:25
godbykWe should probably wrap all those functions into once place.  Maybe with a simple GUI frontend, too.22:25
ubuntujenkinsdon't mention a gui :P22:26
godbykdutchie: Ilya's and my scripts were in Python.22:26
godbykGUI isn't required by any means.22:26
humphreybc-minijust glade22:26
humphreybc-minihack it all together :P22:26
godbykBut yeah, I think we should have an Ubuntu Manual lint program. :)22:27
ubuntujenkins"lint" ?22:27
godbykIf anyone gets some free time (or feels like procrastinating) and wants to take it on, give me a holler.22:27
* ubuntujenkins hides at the mention of glade22:27
godbykubuntujenkins: yeah. there are lots of *lint programs that check the format of code or other nit-picky details.22:28
godbykubuntujenkins: see "apt-get search lint" for examples.22:28
godbyk(including lots of 'em for python.. like pyflakes.)22:28
ubuntujenkinsI see22:28
c7pmany things to be done, we have still long way22:28
ubuntujenkinswhy will facebook not add in gwibber22:28
godbykc7p: For the project in general, or for the Greek translation in particular?22:29
godbykubuntujenkins: check your username.22:29
c7pthe project in general :)22:29
c7pRTL stands for ?22:29
godbykc7p: definitely true22:29
ubuntujenkinsgodbyk: it authorises it jsut will not do anything after clicking all22:29
ubuntujenkinsc7p: right to left22:30
c7pubuntujenkins: thank you :)22:30
ubuntujenkins*add not all22:30
ubuntujenkinsc7p: I did not know untill daker told me :)22:30
ubuntujenkinsyey giwbber works!22:30
humphreybc-miniim off22:32
humphreybc-minicatchya later22:32
ubuntujenkinsseya humphreybc-mini22:32
c7pgodbyk: At http://builds.ubuntu-manual.org/ I see that the greek pdf has 4 warnings, and 2 errors22:34
c7pgodbyk: the last time I checked it had 4 warnings 0 errors :/22:35
godbykc7p: Yeah, the errors are my bad.22:35
godbykc7p: I rewrote the code for the revision info translation stuff and screwed up the Greek version.22:36
godbykc7p: I just committed a fix.22:36
c7pgodbyk: ok, no worries :)22:36
c7pgodbyk: I there any way I can find and "fix" those 4 warnings22:36
godbykI'm going to update all of the builds again soon.22:36
godbykc7p: Hm.. let me see what they are.22:37
godbykc7p: It looks like they're fontspec warnings. It's complaining that there's no Greek language for the Greek script.22:41
godbykI'm not quite sure what it's on about there. I'll have to look into it.22:41
godbykc7p: Can you check the page number references in the glossary and see if they're correct?22:41
godbykThe English ones weren't.22:41
godbykIf I continue to have problems with them, I will just disable them.22:41
godbykI'll be back in just a bit.22:42
ubuntujenkinsnight all22:43
c7pgodbyk: sure22:43
c7pnight ubuntujenkins22:43
c7pgodbyk: hm, by "page number references: you mean the (translated) word(s) that it should have?22:46
godbykc7p: At the end of each glossary entry, there are page numbers that link to the page(s) that the word appears on.23:01
godbykIn the English version, the page numbers were off by one, sometimes.23:01
godbykFor example, it may say the word appeared on page 47 when it was actually on page 48.23:02
c7pgodbyk: ok I'll check the number references23:02
c7pgodbyk: On ISP entry the page 168 isn't correct, I've also other bugs should I mail them to you or report them one by one on channel ?23:08
godbykProbably best to email them to me.23:11
godbykThat way if I don't get them fixed immediately, they can stay in my inbox and visually harass me until I do fix them. :)23:11
c7pgodbyk: lol :p ok23:15
c7pgodbyk: message send, 7 bugged glossary entries tracked23:45

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