glyphis bzr-svn supposed to support the svn:mergeinfo to retrieve merge parents?08:51
glyphI have a branch (which, happily, is in a public, open-source project) which has lots of merges from trunk, with appropriate mergeinfo properties on them08:52
glyph'svn merge --reintegrate branch .' in an SVN working copy works great08:52
glyph'bzr merge ../branch' in a bzr checkout of trunk gives me tons and tons of conflicts08:52
spivglyph: https://launchpad.net/bugs/131323 perhaps?  It seems that it's half fixed.09:10
ubot5Launchpad bug 131323 in Bazaar Subversion Plugin "Support svn:mergeinfo (affected: 0, heat: 0)" [Medium,Fix released]09:10
spivi.e. bzr-svn will update that property, but doesn't use it itself yet.09:10
glyphspiv: Aah.  "Fix released" is a misleading state for that bug, given its description.09:12
glyphI had already found it, and my understanding was that I was discovering a bug in the integration, not that the integration didn't exist.09:13
spivglyph: yes, the NEWS file at least doesn't claim it's fully fixed09:21
spivglyph: probably just a momentary lapse of attention09:21
* spiv reopens09:23
glyphspiv: Thanks09:25
glyphalthough this is a little disappointing, I have a long plane-trip ahead of me and I was hoping to experiment with different merge strategies09:25
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thumperlifeless: morning22:12
lifelessthumper: hello!22:13
Pilkylifeless, thumper: who would be the best person to talk to about bzr explorer (especially on the Mac)22:15
lifelessPilky: uhm, Ian was handing over maintenance of that22:16
lifelessI think bialix probably22:16
lifelesswho is in Russia, so a bit late right now :)22:17
PilkyI'll try tomorrow at a more sane hour22:17
lifelessyou could mail the list :)22:17
Pilkyjust want to talk with him about how explorer works and how to try and make it feel more OS X native22:18
lifelesswell its qt22:18
lifelessso is there a qt quartz theme perhaps?22:18
Pilkywell, I think that qt wraps around cocoa a bit22:20
Pilkybut it's a bit less about appearance and more about placement22:20
Pilkylike there is a series of tabs at the bottom, which really should be at the top in a Mac app22:21
PilkyI'll try messaging him tomorrow and try the list if he isn't on22:23
Pilkythanks again :)22:23

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