jengirl23I love Linux!01:15
jengirl23How do I create a shortcut such that when I push the Window Key + SpaceBar it does the same thing as pressing Alt-F2?01:19
jengirl23does anybody know this? I'm new to Linux01:19
kyanHello! I am trying to install banshee, but it looks like librsvg2 has vanished. Failed to fetch http://us.archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/pool/main/libr/librsvg/librsvg2-common_2.26.2-0ubuntu2_i386.deb 404 Not Found [IP: 80]01:22
kyanhow can I install banshee anyway? Thanks!01:22
odhinnEvening all01:24
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goodtimejust right click on anything in you menu and select add to desktop jengirl2301:39
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evilsherpamorning all, sorry had to step away last night01:39
evilsherpajust pulled an awesome double of Kenyan "aa" i need to try to get this hdd cranking01:40
evilsherpai appear to have an additional hdd that isnt showing up in system01:40
jengirl23gootime, thanks, but I don't think that's what I want01:40
goodtimetype tasksel in your terminla kyan01:40
goodtimeuse your arrow keys to scroll and use your spacebar to select a gui or os and hit enter01:42
evilsherpafdisk -l = > http://www.pastebin.org/32691401:42
goodtimeit will save your files too01:42
evilsherpamy machine sees 2 hdds, 1 called 6.2gig and the other called 154gig, i dont know wny they are named as that - since they are respectively 160gig and 200gig01:44
evilsherpaif anyone knows how to get my system to see the drives for what they truelly are - bigger - that would be fan - freekin - tastic, i was hoping to turn one of them into a "windows visible" drive01:46
nikitisWhy is the KDE wallet necessary for my wifi connection to automatically connect when booting up?  And is there anyway to make it so I don't require the wallet?01:48
bazhangbittin, stop pasting inappropriate links01:53
vit_hola floodbotk101:56
vit_%ahy alguien??01:57
jules_ok i need some help please. I can not get my wine to install in my computer. when i run it it gets to 99% and then the gdeb shuts down. when i try to install it using dpkg in sudo box it states that02:09
jules_ cannot access archive: No such file or directory02:09
jules_Errors were encountered while processing:02:09
jules_so can some one help please. thank you!02:09
well_laid_lawnjules_: sounds like you haven't changed to the directory the deb is in02:10
jules_ok so how do i do that?02:11
jules_i am rather new to linux based system so all the help i can get i would love02:12
well_laid_lawnjules_: in terminal do   cd /path/to/deb   where /path/to/deb is the path to the folder the deb is in02:12
well_laid_lawne.g   cd ~/Downloads02:12
nikitis_How do I prevent Network Manager from asking for a kde wallet?02:13
jules_so do i have to put cd if it is a download on my computer?02:13
well_laid_lawnjules_: in what folder did you d/load it to?02:14
jules_it is in my home folder in the exe subfolder02:16
well_laid_lawnjules_: then   cd ~/exe02:16
well_laid_lawnthe   ~   means your home folder02:17
jengirl23Question: How do I create a shortcut such that when I push the Window Key + SpaceBar it does the same thing as pressing Alt-F2?02:17
jules_so would it be like sudo dpkg cd~/exe filename.deb? (want to be sure i get it right you know)02:19
well_laid_lawnjules_: no - they are separate commands02:19
jules_ok so help me?02:20
well_laid_lawnjules_: like   cd ~/exe   then hit enter and the prompt will change then   sudp dpkg -i filename.deb02:20
jules_ok great thanks!!!! I am going to try now will let u know how it works in a min02:21
jules_ok the cd command not working it is saying "bash: cd: /home/jules/exe: No such file or directory"02:23
jules_ok this is not working and honestly the gdebi installer is not working with any .deb install at all02:28
well_laid_lawnjules_: you need to get the path right mate02:28
well_laid_lawn!wine | jules_02:29
ubottujules_: WINE is a compatibility layer for running Windows programs on GNU/Linux - More information: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Wine - Search the !AppDB for application compatibility ratings - Join #winehq for application help - See !virtualizers for running Windows (or another OS) inside Ubuntu02:29
evilsherpawell_laid_lawn, would you be able to assist in getting part of an hdd to mount?02:35
evilsherpawell_laid_lawn, i may need to change the partitan size, but i think the boot partitian is on a hdd where only that partician is visible, or accessable, and its only 30gigs of 16002:35
well_laid_lawnevilsherpa: part of a hdd? - you only mount partitions02:36
evilsherpawell_laid_lawn, this is the fdisk fdisk -l = > http://www.pastebin.org/32691402:37
evilsherpawell_laid_lawn, im not sure if its mounted or not, or if it should automount02:37
well_laid_lawnevilsherpa: see if it shows in   df -h02:38
evilsherpawell_laid_lawn, http://www.pastebin.org/32700402:43
well_laid_lawnevilsherpa: you know the partition name02:43
evilsherpapartially - i dont know waht thuis nvidia one is, unless its my graphics card somehow being seen as an hdd02:43
well_laid_lawnevilsherpa: so do you want the windows on the first hdd to be in the grub menu or just be able to get to it's files?02:46
evilsherpawell_laid_lawn, there is no windows - im only having an NTFS so that the lone windows machine on our network can trade files02:49
evilsherpaie they put it into that dir, or i put it into that dir, and we can both access it02:49
well_laid_lawn!fstab | evilsherpa02:50
ubottuevilsherpa: The /etc/fstab file indicates how drive partitions are to be used or otherwise integrated into the file system. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Fstab and http://www.tuxfiles.org/linuxhelp/fstab.html and !Partitions02:50
evilsherpawell_laid_lawn,  thanks, yeh ive been in anout out of fstab a lot lately02:51
evilsherpawell_laid_lawn,  as well as gparted02:52
well_laid_lawnwhy gparted? - aren't the partitions already there?02:52
evilsherpathey are but that nvidia one was unformatted02:56
evilsherpaorange trianle with exclamation mark02:56
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nerdy_kidanyone know what X-Ubuntu-Gettext-Domain=desktop_kdebase does? (ive find it in all the system .desktop files for kde)03:06
jules_can anyone tell me fastest way of upgrading my wine?03:08
JontheEchidnanerdy_kid: it tells KDE where to look for translations for the .desktop file03:12
JontheEchidna(Ubuntu strips them from where they normally are (in the .desktop files) and imports them into the Ubuntu translation system03:13
nerdy_kidJontheEchidna ah ok, now does this process happen in realtime? if so, does it have any impact on speed?03:13
nerdy_kidcause i have a laggy context menu and wondering if that might be the issue03:14
nerdy_kidthat is something .desktop file related could be the issue03:14
JontheEchidnanah, shouldn't cause speed issues.03:15
JontheEchidnait has to load the translations, whether or not it looks in the ubuntu location or not03:16
nerdy_kidJontheEchinda do you have an idea how i might disable it?  just to make absolutly sure that it isnt effecting the speed.03:16
JontheEchidnanerdy_kid: deleting that key should do it03:16
nerdy_kidJontheEchidna besides that, just about every single .desktop file has it03:16
nerdy_kidwould removing executible permissions from the gettext binary do it?03:17
JontheEchidnasudo rm /usr/share/locale-langpack/YOURLANGHERE/LC_MESSAGES/desktop_* might do the trick03:18
nerdy_kidJontheEchidna thanks :)03:19
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toolbearis there any way to disable to "kickoff application launcher" tooltip?04:24
toolbearoh, also, how to get the ~/.bashrc script to actually run when a new shell is created?04:34
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poyntzI can't get plasma to work in kubuntu 10.04, only netbook works. when I try to launch plasma I get a crash. is there any way around this?05:05
poyntzhas no-one had problems with plasma on the latest updat?05:24
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heathwho wants to help me diagnose the network issue?06:36
heathwireless nor wired works for some reason06:36
heathit shows it as being connected, but i can't ping or connect through the browser to anything06:36
poyntztry pulling out your cable and puttin it back in again06:38
poyntzalso is there a proxy on the network?06:39
poyntz...might be preventing access06:39
poyntzcheck the network icon up the top right hand corner to see if you are connected06:39
poyntzotherwise, restart your router06:39
poyntzheath: sorry mate. those last few comments were aimed at you :P06:42
heathhrm, wired works06:42
heathyar, i tried quite a bit getting it to work06:42
heathnot sure what's going with the wireless though06:42
heathokay, so let's skip that and ask why mp3s aren't playing in amarok :)07:06
heathi have kubuntu-restricted-extras07:07
heathand libxine1-ffmpeg07:07
heathand teh gstreamer ugly plugins07:07
heathoh file had moved :P07:12
poyntzhealth, some mp3s may not play, others may07:43
poyntzheath: some mp3s may not play, others may07:43
poyntztry different mp3s to see if it's an issue with the file or with amarok07:43
poyntzif I quite an upgrade it won't clear all the packages that are already installed off that upgrade will it?07:48
poyntz(provided some of the packages are already installed)07:49
evilsherpahey all, whats the easiest way to convert avi files into mp4's for an iphone or an ipad?08:33
evilsherpaor an ipod08:33
well_laid_lawnfind a gui encoder with presets for that - handbrake does iirc08:34
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evilsherpawell_laid_lawn, sorry, whats iirc?09:07
well_laid_lawniirc=If I Recall Correctly evilsherpa09:08
evilsherpawell_laid_lawn, thanks09:18
evilsherpai thaught it was a i internet relay chat application09:18
evilsherpamuch like what we are on now09:18
akssps011hi, I have upgraded from kubuntu 9.10 to 10.04 on my desktop PC09:19
akssps011but after upgradation Hibernation is not working09:20
akssps011it worked prior to upgrade09:20
akssps011what may be the problem ??09:20
akssps011I tried to use "uswsusp", but it is for laptops..moreover on my PC crashes quite frequently after installing it. Is their any alternative ?09:23
vishnuhow to install compiz in kubuntu. i am using 10.0409:38
vishnuany humans ?09:48
ItesI'm using Kubuntu but on a Cure2duo with 4 gig of ram, and ati 4870X2 so I don't really need all that power when i'm just doing irc, rtorrent and firefox. It's annoying that my vent is blowing so hard and making such loud noise. Is there away to make it more silent please ?10:48
Peace-i think you can controll the power10:48
Peace-Ites: in this way http://imagebin.ca/view/4N-BhJZ.html10:49
Peace-Ites: or in this way http://imagebin.ca/view/JH6ZYY.html10:51
Itesthanks Peace-10:52
Peace-Ites: :) peace and love10:53
evilsherpaItes, or you can get a watercooler with a fanless water tower10:54
evilsherpaItes, no sound at all10:54
Itesye but that's expensive, and i can't do it right now10:55
Itesand no10:55
Itesthat doesn't work10:55
Iteswith the power save :s10:55
FloodBotK1Ites: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.10:55
ItesI'm using xtreme powersave now.10:56
ItesBut it's always the same, sometimes not much noise from the vent for 1 min, then 1 min ventilator max noise :s10:56
the_madmanDoes anybody else use Blogilo to post to a Wordpress blog?11:04
Peace-Ites: mmm so you have a problem with acpi and kernel11:13
ItesI've no idea Peace- I'm a noob11:14
Itesit's just annoying that sometimes the noise is acceptable, and 20 secs later it's like a vacuum cleaner11:15
Peace-Ites: basically when you acpi the system under power save and stuff like that should work only if your kernel is able to recognize correctly it11:15
Peace-Ites: if it doesn't you can have some problem like yours11:15
Itesso how do you fix that?11:15
Peace-Ites: maybe trying another kernel you could solve11:15
Peace-but you have to search on interne11:16
Itesanother kernel?11:16
Peace-wowo my english is not good when i am drunk xD11:17
Peace-sorry about that11:17
Itesno problem hehe11:17
Itesbut what do you mean with searching for antoher kernel?11:17
Peace-just a moment11:18
Peace-Ites: this is my blog ... http://nowardev.wordpress.com/usefull-link-for-kubuntu-and-multimedia-stuff/11:18
Peace-Ites: it's better read in that place than read what i am writting right now11:19
Itesok Peace-, thanks11:19
TorchItes: don't install a different kernel unless you know exactly what you're doing.11:19
ItesWell I don't, so I won't11:19
ItesI don't understand how you can install another kernel without changing OS11:20
Peace-Ites: you have to learn11:20
ubottuThe core of the Ubuntu Operating System is the Linux kernel: see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Kernel - You shouldn't have to compile your own, but if you're convinced you do, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Kernel/Compile - See also: /msg ubottu stages11:20
ItesWell I will have to do another time though, I'm in the middle of my exams at the moment :)11:21
Peace-Ites: but i guess you can't install it becasuse you are too noob (no offensive meaning)11:21
ItesYep that's it :p11:21
Peace-well i guess i have to drink some coffe now11:22
Peace-wine is too strong guys11:22
Itesno problem at all. I use kubuntu cause windows sucks monkey balls but I have no rly experience in it :)11:22
* Peace- is italian and is drinking too much in these days11:22
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tdnichoHow do I change the start up screen in kubuntu?12:17
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n8whow do i find out whether im usin an encrypted swap or not?12:54
poyntzhow do i get out of netbook and onto plasma-desktop?12:56
poyntzwhat is basically happening atm is i have netbook and plasma-desktop open13:00
poyntzi want to close netbook13:00
poyntzalright done. i just killed it as a process13:00
poyntznow i want to make it so when i restart it goes to plasma-desktop and not netbook. any ideas?13:01
Torchn8w: one idea would be to check if cat /proc/swaps references the device in /dev/mapper13:14
n8wTorch:  ye ive checked fstab but it doesnt mention anythin related to an encrypted swap13:16
n8wTorch:  the reason why im doin this research is the hibernation not workin properly...ive read that en encrypted swap causes problems13:17
poyntzplasma-desktop won't start up on startup. instead plasma-notebook starts up. how do I fix this?13:19
poyntzps, i checked autostart and plasma-notebook isn't listed there13:19
stenandreasHi, could you please advise me a Kubuntu for a netbook. Asus EEE PC 1005HA to be exact13:33
skizettehi there, who can explain me where manage brightness in kubuntu 10.04 ?13:51
skizettemy power energy do nothing13:51
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darko3dim getting this when trying to login with the kde option, Could not start ksmserver. Check installation. what might be the problem14:03
LasseKongoHi, If I have a ubuntu installation on my harddrive and it's divided into swap, / and /home. Is it possible for me to install kubuntu on the / partition and access my /home folder without any problems?14:04
darko3dim getting this when trying to login with the kde option, Could not start ksmserver. Check installation. what might be the problem14:07
Cato37is this the kubuntu help room?14:09
darko3dCato37: yeah, but no one is here apparantly14:09
Cato37i have installed kubuntu on my year and a half old laptop (vista keeps crashing so i ditched it) and i have no idea what the kubuntu manual is talking about half the time.i have downloaded winrar and foxit, but i have no idea how to install them.14:14
Cato37how do i install a downloaded gzz file?14:16
darko3dCato37: u're better off asking @ #ubuntu, no is here it seems14:16
Cato37how do i switch rooms?14:17
darko3dclick here #ubuntu14:18
darko3dim getting this when trying to login with the kde option, Could not start ksmserver. Check installation. what might be the problem!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!14:27
darko3dim getting this when trying to login with the kde option, Could not start ksmserver. Check installation. what might be the problem!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!14:27
darko3dim getting this when trying to login with the kde option, Could not start ksmserver. Check installation. what might be the problem!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!14:27
FloodBotK1darko3d: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.14:27
Cato37rehello room. i need help with installing things on kubuntu.14:47
Torch(this is not a room, it's an irc channel)14:53
TorchCato37: just ask your question, don't ask to ask.14:53
Cato37i went to the foxit site and the winrar site to install linux versions of their product. they downloaded as .gz file, and when i unzip them they dont intall. how do i install them?14:54
Cato37*productes; *install14:54
Cato37please forgive the typos. i have had no sleep, and need to have kubuntu up and running and the former vista backup files (saved as .rar) put on before the end of this day.14:55
Cato37so far i am just making a mess of things.14:56
Cato37how do i install 3rd party programs that dont show up in the package manager?14:56
pipI wanna know the performance of kubuntu, including stability and speed14:59
TorchCato37: you shouldn't need to do that. there's an unrar package in the repositories.14:59
TorchCato37: foxit is the PDF reader? just use okular.15:00
TorchCato37: don't install any software from outside the repositories if you're new to linux. you'll make a mess of your system.15:00
rysiek|plCato37: if I were you, I'd get some sleep. no, seriously, 2-3h of sleep can save you from doing lots of dumb mistakes15:01
Cato37i am not at home to be able to snooze, but thanx. i have a foxit account and need it to access data.15:01
Cato37as long as i can extract the .rar files it doesnt matter what the program is.15:02
pipOkay, simply, which one works faster, kde or gnome ?15:02
pipI have an old laptop, PIII 850 MHz15:02
pipI wanna try Kubuntu, is that a bad idea ?15:02
Cato37i am trying kubuntu and like it very much so far.15:03
pipCato37, Your computer must be very cool15:04
Cato37the learning curve seems a bit steep since i am coming from a windows backgroun, but it seems much more stable.15:04
Cato37is wine still a good prog for running windows apps?15:11
n8whow should a swap partition b defined in fstab? like this: UUID=f3c84cbe-4f72-4921-a73c-1b7b7a7e330d or like dev/sda?15:13
rysiek|pln8w: either. you can define any partition either by UUID or by the device file.15:14
Torchn8w: UUID is preferable15:14
n8wTorch, rysiek|pl  ok15:14
n8womg this hibernation issues drive me crazy....15:14
n8wi dunno what to do anymore15:14
rysiek|pln8w: I assume you *do* have more swap thanram, right?15:15
n8wrysiek|pl:  ye 100Mb more than my size of my ram15:15
n8wrysiek|pl:  i could easily have only 2 gb swap 9.04 n hibernation was workin perfectly15:16
n8wrysiek|pl:  but 10.4 is toaly weird15:16
rysiek|pln8w: yeah, it depends on how much ram+swap is already used. the swap partition must be big enough to cater for *whole* used mem in hibernation15:16
Cato37is there a better command line prog than the current run command?15:16
n8wrysiek|pl:  ye i know...15:16
rysiek|pln8w: but I suppose your problems stem from either grub or fstab somewhere :/15:17
TorchCato37: konsole?15:17
n8wrysiek|pl: hmm not rly...im usin s2disk for hibernation15:17
rysiek|plah, in that case, no idea15:17
n8wrysiek|pl:  it success ratio for hibernation is approx 25%15:18
Cato37konsole, thanx. there was another that i heard about that had a japanese name, but i forget it.15:18
rysiek|pln8w: any messages in dmesg/syslog/messages?15:18
n8wrysiek|pl:  hang on15:19
* rysiek|pl 's hanging by a thread15:21
n8wrysiek|pl:  which one should i look in?15:21
rysiek|pln8w: no idea, never used s2disk (everything works OOTB here)15:23
n8wrysiek|pl:  hmm so ur one of those lucky ones...15:23
rysiek|pln8w: I'd just grep through /var/log for, dunno, 's2disk'? 'hibern'? 'suspend'?15:24
rysiek|pln8w: i.e.: egrep -nHri '(s2disk|hibern|suspend)' /var/log/*15:24
Cato37should i have a firewall or anti-virus program with kubuntu?15:25
TorchCato37: neither15:28
rysiek|plCato37: http://lwb.elka.pw.edu.pl/trac/lwb/blog/rysiek/2010/06/04/why_fw_on_linux_not_critical15:28
rysiek|plCato37: short, to the point and should answer why FW on a desktop Linux is not necessary15:29
Cato37keen. someone said that it might be good to have clam-av for the windows users that i will be interfacing with.15:30
TorchCato37: if you run a mailserver, yes.15:31
rysiek|plCato37: if you are running a server, yeah15:31
TorchCato37: that might make sense in certain cases.15:31
rysiek|plhah, Torchbeat me to it15:31
TorchCato37: don't worry about this for a desktop or notebook.15:31
Torchrysiek|pl: yay ;-)15:31
rysiek|plI will get you for this! I will!15:31
Cato37k. thanx15:33
Cato37***notices that he doesnt have to reboot when installing new programs***15:42
TorchCato37: you don't have to reboot unless you updated the kernel.15:48
Cato37there are a lot of plusses to using kubuntu.15:49
TorchCato37: yes, but this is a general linux thing, not a kubuntu-specific thing15:50
Cato37ic. i still need to learn what wine is and install some windows apps with it. i have weened myself off of everything except onenote and illustrator.15:51
Cato37*weaned (sp?)15:51
TorchCato37: wine is a crutch, not more. it works for some apps, but it's mostly a waste of time.15:52
llutzand it prevents dev from porting their software to linux15:53
Cato37what would be the best to use for illustrator, or is there an app that can modify .ai files?15:53
llutzsoftware developer15:54
Cato37thank you for your help. i am looking forward to running kubuntu. bbl.16:04
wilharthey how do i aaadd this in sources.list = ppa:psyke83/ppa16:10
=== marius is now known as Guest13386
rysiek|plsudo add-apt-repository ppa:psyke83/ppa16:11
rysiek|plwilhart: sudo add-apt-repository ppa:psyke83/ppa16:12
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ganeshpHi all, I am using Kubuntu Lucid AMD64 desktop.  Since yesterday, system monitor is showing incorrect swap size i.e. instead of 08.00 GB it is showing it as 9.9 GB. When I tried to deactive SWAP using KDE partition manager, I noticed the system monitor still displaying the swap as 1.9.  Not sure how is this possible.16:20
ganeshpNeed help.16:20
llutzganeshp: paste the output of "sudo fdisk -l" please to paste.ubuntu.com16:21
DarthFrogganeshp: Linux can also use a swapfile for swap.16:22
ganeshphere is the output of sudo fdisk -l16:22
ganeshpDisk /dev/sda: 640.1 GB, 640135028736 bytes16:22
ganeshp255 heads, 63 sectors/track, 77825 cylinders16:22
ganeshpUnits = cylinders of 16065 * 512 = 8225280 bytes16:22
ganeshpSector size (logical/physical): 512 bytes / 512 bytes16:22
ganeshpI/O size (minimum/optimal): 512 bytes / 512 bytes16:22
FloodBotK1ganeshp: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.16:22
DarthFrogllutz: You'll also want to see his fstab.16:22
ganeshphello DarthFrog, I have not used any swap file16:23
llutzganeshp: paste the output of "sudo fdisk -l" please to http://paste.ubuntu.com     not here16:23
ganeshphi IIutz, I have pasted the contents in http://paste.ubuntu.com/449233/16:26
llutzganeshp: paste your /etc/fstab and output of "mount" too16:27
llutzganeshp: and at least: "free -m|grep Swap"16:28
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ganeshpmount output http://paste.ubuntu.com/449235/16:29
ganeshpand for the last command http://paste.ubuntu.com/449236/16:30
llutzganeshp: my bad, mount was pointless, "cat /proc/swaps"16:31
ganeshphello IIutz: here you go http://paste.ubuntu.com/449237/16:32
Torchganeshp: what does /proc/swaps say?16:33
Torch(or /proc/swap, can't remember)16:33
llutzganeshp: /dev/ramzswap0 it is, whatever created this16:33
Machtinhow to find out which process is using my harddisk excessively?16:33
llutzMachtin: iotop16:33
Torchoops, have that already. sorry.16:33
ganeshpTorch: there are two line items the fine one has 1.9 GB memory. That is not required16:34
ganeshpoh ok IIutz.  How do I delete this?16:34
Machtinthank's i'll try, llutz.16:34
DarthFrogganeshp: Does it come up on every boot?16:34
ganeshpbut when I try booting through live cd it does not come up16:35
DarthFrogganeshp: From the forums: http://paste.ubuntu.com/449241/16:37
llutzganeshp: https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/ubuntu-users/2009-February/174405.html16:37
Machtinllutz: okay so far.. and why is dolphin reading my harddisk so excessively? O.o16:37
ganeshpthank you so much IIutz and DarthFrog. You have a great day.16:38
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Guest50155I just upgraded two raid 1 drives from 320GB to 1.5TB but I still only have 23GB free. How can I make Ubuntu see all of the space?16:43
UnksiGuest50155: sounds like you are looking on how much free space is on a single partition16:44
DarthFrogGuest50155: How did you do the upgrade?16:45
Guest50155i did one drive at a time with the partition I wanted larger already the size I wanted it. Found resize2fs and it's working thx16:49
DarthFrogBut you didn't remake the RAID array?16:50
Guest50155DarthFrog, yeah i did that one drive at a time toot16:50
Guest50155took FOREVER16:50
DarthFrogBy one drive at a time, you mean you had one small drive and one large drive in the array?16:51
Guest50155I grew the array after that as well16:51
Guest50155DarthFrog, yes16:51
Guest50155then when the first drive was done I just treated it as if the other drive had failed and sfdisk'd the partitions over and added to array16:51
DarthFrogI think you'll have to remake the array again, with both large drives.16:51
Guest50155why? it's working...16:52
Guest50155another issue I have is my cdrom drive just never mounts properly and if I run mount /media/cdrom0 the light never comes on and after about 20 seconds I get mount: no medium found on /dev/sr016:52
DarthFrogIf it's working, what are you complaining about?  :-)16:52
Guest50155other people have had the same cd issue as me: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=123515116:52
Guest50155i'm not anymore... I said that above16:53
partizan__доброго времени суток17:09
DarthFrog!ru | partizan__17:11
ubottupartizan__: Пожалуйста посетите #ubuntu-ru для получения помощи на русском языке  / Pozhalujsta posetite #ubuntu-ru dlya polucheniya pomoshi na russkom yazyke17:11
partizan__Thank you17:13
apparleok guys can anyone help me install something from source17:32
tanderson_how to "undo" "inputattach --magellan /dev/ttyS0". tried modprobe -r magellan, then can't reattach.17:52
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EspiritoHi! I'm using kubuntu 10.4 and still have the bug does not silence external audio when I put a headphone, does anyone know how can I solve this?18:10
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espereguanyonen knows how to rip a dvd to an mpeg file without losing quality?19:19
apparleesperegu: see if this helps http://forum.videohelp.com/threads/279547-DVD-RIP-ing-to-mpeg2-without-recompression19:25
kyanHello! how can I check my cpu temperature19:26
kyan? thanks!19:26
apparlekyan: there is a widget for that purpose, see in the widgets19:27
kyanthanks! which widget should I use?19:28
kyanOK, I'm using the system monitor widget.19:31
kyanthe temperature tab makes no change.19:31
kyanclosed system monitor widget, using temperature monitor now. it is blank.19:33
kyanMight this be because my hardware doesn't contain a temperature sensor, and if that is the case, how could I check? Thanks!19:33
kyanok,  I've got to go now. I'll check back later. Thanks!19:34
nikitisDarthFrog: Hey, remember my problem with my 6800 card?19:42
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espereguapparle: thx. checkin19:48
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DarthFrognikitis: Nope, sorry.20:24
wilhartproblem with sound20:27
greylicawow ! so many people here !20:31
greylicagreat :) testing quassel....20:31
greylicaNow I will conect to blenderwiki - congrats for kubuntu - the quality of the software isa good surprise, and I'm in my wife's computer !20:33
wilhartwhy is my pulseaudio server demon not ON ? it's off20:33
greylicashe asked me to wipe out windows :)20:33
greylicaafter one day using my machine....20:33
wilhartALSA lib pulse.c:229:(pulse_connect) PulseAudio: Unable to connect: Connection refused20:38
wilhartwhat tha heck is this20:38
hartheya ppl, btw eee should i remove pulseaudio totally and just use alsa?20:46
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hartis there any url that shows remove pulseaudio and install alsa from scratch!?!?!?21:04
wilharti need ALSA equalizer21:21
wilhartAlsaequal is a real-time adjustable equalizer plugin for ALSA. It can21:31
wilhartbe adjusted using any ALSA compatible mixer, e.g. alsamixergui.21:31
wilharti found this but the alsamixers eq doesnt do anything need a reboot or seomthing?21:31
wilhartheya, anyone use this: alsaequal$21:38
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wilharthow do i see what sound card number i'm using?21:40
Tyalhey guys; old old old-time debian user; I haven't used linux in a while and I'm having a few ...issues getting kubuntu installed21:44
wilhartI need a ALSA equalizer!!!!21:48
Tyalmaybe I'll look for an alternate image for 10.04 amd6421:50
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kyanHello! Admittedly this probably isn't the right place to ask, but I figure it can't hurt. ^.^ I was wondering: is there any way to get cdparanoia to ignore a damaged toc on a cd and read any raw data it can?22:02
kyanHello again. I was wondering: why does Wine sometimes quit silently?22:17
kyanIt's been doing that a lot lately. (for several different programs)22:17
Buckyhi. when i need to download or save a file, it always open a window in /home/myUser/Documents/; there's a way to change this default folder?22:18
chuckfBucky: depends on the program you're using to download with22:19
Buckychuckf: i dont think so; for ex: when i download a file with firefox, it opens in documents; when a save a file with OOo Writer, it opens in Documents, when i save an image with gimp, it open in Documents.22:21
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Buckyshould be an option somewhere22:21
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chuckfBucky: there is an option for default directories in each of those programs under their preferences. Kubuntu makes the ~/Documents directory the default for most applicatoins22:22
kyanI just tried two more programs. Still failing silently.22:23
anditoI am running kubuntu on my vaio but the sound is not working22:24
harthow do i see that i have this number audio card: "plughw:0,0"; or whatever it is22:24
anditocan someone give me a hand please?22:24
Buckychuckf: so its a choice of kubuntu; very strange; it would had been better to use home folder. there's not a way to change this default folder in KDE options instead that in each single software? it's stupid!22:26
tsimpsonBucky: there may be a GUI for editing it, but you can just edit the file ~/.config/user-dirs.dirs22:26
tsimpsonit's not Kubuntu actually, just the XDG "standard"22:26
hartis there a way for looking what plughw:0,0 my card is using?22:27
chuckfBucky: for me, saving to the documents directory is better than polluting the home folder for everything22:27
Buckychuckf: i can see what you mean, but since i deal with different kind of files i use home folder as a starting point; e.g. if i want to save an image i need a single click to go to Pictures folder; instead now i have to browse back to home folder and then choose22:30
hartAfter installing you will have to modify your local .asoundrc alsa configuration file, adding something like this. If you're not using sound card 0 modify "plughw:0,0" accordingly.22:30
Buckyi dont like to fill home folder too22:30
hartwhere do i see what plughw i have?22:30
Tyalok disc#3 burned (2 10.04, 1 10.10 so far). Let's see if this one works heh22:31
Buckyanyway: tsimpson thanks, that was what i was looking for; thanks to chuckf too22:32
anditohow can I check what's the sound problem on my vaio22:32
hartnobody ?!?!??!22:36
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