lfaraoneCan PPAs contain software for which there is no source? (ie. the "source package" is just a {i386 / amd64} binary?)00:01
wgrantlfaraone: That's a bit of a grey area.01:01
wgrantAlthough https://help.launchpad.net/PPATermsofUse suggests that the main and restricted licensing policies are OK.01:03
wgrantWhich suggests that anything in Ubuntu is.01:03
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paultagHey LPers. n00b question. I have a tarball I want to upload for a project I have hosted on LP. What do I have to do to upload it? -- I even tried /+files and there was no prompt04:28
wgrantpaultag: Create a release, and attach the file to that.04:29
paultagwgrant, ahha. Thanks :)04:29
thelinuxerhi guys, i am an admin on a loco team group. I want to know how can i delete someone from the group ?12:28
thumperthelinuxer: you should be able to go to the team, look at the members, and remove people12:42
thelinuxerthumper: i found deactivate but not delete12:44
thelinuxerthumper: may be it's better this way12:44
thelinuxerthumper: thanx12:44
micahgI've got a weird situation with the google map on a User's home page.  It shows a dot over Greece, but the TZ is Chicago13:04
nigelbmicahg: that is odd.  Has it been that way from signing up or did user click on some point on the map?14:31
* micahg doesn't know14:31
erossI'm creating a new project, which license should I select? Will be using SDL and irrlicht (which has a zlib/libpng license), of which irrlicht can be statically compiled into the binary.15:29
nigelbanything open source is okay for a free project on LP AFAIK15:35
geserhas someone else layout problems on edge? like the bug listing and side portlet overlaying each other16:04
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micahggeser: bug 59328316:14
ubot5Launchpad bug 593283 in launchpad-web "Body text/content extends underneath the right sidebar (affected: 2, heat: 12)" [High,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/59328316:14
geserthanks, didn't know that the LP web pages have now its own subproject16:16
* micahg didn't know either :)16:20
erosswhere do i go to upload my ssh pub key?18:09
micahgeross: https://help.launchpad.net/YourAccount/CreatingAnSSHKeyPair?action=show&redirect=CreatingAnSSHKeyPair#Registering%20the%20key%20with%20Launchpad18:10
erossright, after step 4 for linux18:10
nigelbeross: whats your LP ID?18:11
erossadd to end of the bzr push?18:11
nigelbthat should open up a page to put your pubkey18:12
erossit's displaying a key18:12
nigelboh, my mistake18:12
nigelbeross: ^ try that18:13
erossalso says authenticity of .... (IP)  can't be established before my push, is that normal?18:15
nigelbsince the launchpad host is not in your trusted hosts18:17
erossah ok18:18
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sebi`the ssh pubkeys are shown publicly, isn't that a little.. insecure? (I don't really know how SSH works, so I might be wrong) :$18:20
nigelbsebi`: um, its supposed to be shown publically18:21
sebi`for what purpose?18:21
nigelbsince I'm heading out and I dont' have time to explain public key cryptography, I'll link you to the wiki18:21
sebi`okay, thanks18:22
sebi`nevermind, I guess18:22
nigelbIn essence, the pbulic key is only used for encryption, but not for decryption18:22
nigelbso, you want the public key publically available so others can encrypt data that only you can read18:22
sebi`ah, well, since it's refered to as "key", I always thought it'd contain sensitive data, or something18:23
sebi`makes sense, yeah18:23
nigelbthe wiki page is very detailed, take a quick peek if you've got time18:23
sebi`I definitely will! thanks for the link18:24
mistryniteshhow do I just retrieve a bug report for review by using email interface?19:33
mistryniteshchecked the documentation at help.launchpad.net... but nothing is mentioned. Is there no way to do this?19:41
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