drubinmy wireless is slower then accessing it over GPRS00:00
paultagdrubin, it's now filled with more RHEL servers then I can count with more VPSs then I can count00:00
paultagdrubin, and I have full sudo on all the boxes >:D00:00
drubinwtf you work as a sys admin are you finiished studying?00:00
paultagdrubin, no00:00
paultagdrubin, just a summer gig. They saw my resume and head hunted me00:00
drubinjust thought I missed something00:00
paultagdrubin, nah00:01
paultagdrubin, they gave me a kickass laptop :300:01
stlsaintpaultag: hehe, thats where you work?00:01
drubinpaultag: that is a pic of a chick! what happened over the summer00:01
paultagstlsaint, yup00:01
paultagdrubin, hahaha, that's a stock photo00:01
paultagdrubin, if they showed the real unix admins no one would look at it00:01
paultagstlsaint, we call that the bridge :)00:01
drubinpaultag: true!00:01
drubinlolz paultag00:01
paultagdrubin, it's kickass00:02
yvan300paultag, though u were gonna take a nap???00:02
paultagyvan300, yeah, but then drubin ping'd me, and we are having a nice conversation00:02
drubinany how any one have access point experience00:02
paultagdrubin, no :/00:02
drubinI am out of ideas why ssh lags... but has a ping latency of like 0.1ms00:02
paultagdrubin, :)00:03
drubinpaultag: I am off to watch something before bed any one then tomrrow I will debug the stupid AP maybe it is faulty00:03
paultagoh drubin00:03
paultagdrubin, this is our little thing on the datacenter00:03
paultagdrubin, The machine room houses over 800 computer servers supporting both Academic and Administrative functions, as well as all their supporting equipment,  in a secured area staffed 24/7. It has 150 tons of air conditioning that maintains all equipment running at normal temperatures.  It also has a UPS (uninterrupted power supply) that mantains a 30 minute full load battery backup that protects all the computer systems in the event of00:03
paultag a power failure or power spike. Their is also a 1500 KVW  generator that will support the Data Center in a prolonged outage if necessary.00:03
paultagfuck yeahhhh00:04
paultagall pressurized as well00:04
stlsaintpaultag: what does the company do?00:04
paultagstlsaint, teaching00:04
yvan300paultag, this sounds amazing00:04
paultagstlsaint, Boston College00:04
paultagyvan300, it's my datacenter :)00:04
paultagcheers drubin :)00:04
paultagOK, well I'm off00:05
yvan300paultag, i swear you're the luckiest guy alive, have you created your dream house yet?00:05
paultaglater stlsaint, drubin, yvan30000:05
paultagyvan300, dude, i'm not lucky00:05
paultagyvan300, I'm good00:05
stlsaintpaultag: l8er00:05
paultaglater stlsaint00:05
paultagcheerio *00:05
yvan300paultag, yeah later man00:05
zkriesseyvan300: hahah!00:09
zkriessepaultag: that link was awesome00:10
paultagzkriesse, link?00:10
paultagzkriesse, Ohhhhh the yvan300 one00:10
paultagzkriesse, yeah , yvan300 decided to be an ass that day. I think he cried after00:10
zkriessepaultag: it was hilarious00:11
paultagzkriesse, why thank you00:11
yvan300paultag, dude, why?00:11
paultagnow, off to bed for real00:11
paultagyvan300, shits and giggles?00:11
paultagdude u teabag my nuts00:11
paultagkk, 'later all00:11
yvan300paultag, WHAT????00:11
paultagfor real00:11
collinppaultag: dude u teabag my nuts00:11
collinpHaha, I remember that.00:12
paultagcollinp, http://www.qdb.us/29707800:12
yvan300paultag, stop it , come on man00:12
paultagwell I'm off anywho00:13
zkriessethat's freakin hilarious00:13
zkriessecollinp: ping00:13
eksenikshey guys last thing before i go to bed... is there a way to have a button that activates my screen saver?00:13
yvan300zkriesse, yes, it is00:13
collinpzkriesse: Pong.00:14
paultagekseniks, gnome-screensaver-command -l00:14
zkriessecollinp: look at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UnansweredPostsTeam00:14
paultagekseniks, put that in a launch script00:14
zkriessemore importantly the meeting time header00:14
collinpNicely done.00:14
zkriessecollinp: next time you need to change it go to the header page and just change the time00:15
zkriessecollinp: need a link for the time converter?00:15
paultagthat looks familiar zkriesse ....00:15
zkriessecollinp: http://www.timeanddate.com/worldclock/fixedform.html is what you use00:15
zkriessepaultag: hmm?00:15
paultagI've seen that header before00:16
paultagno matter00:16
paultaglooks great00:16
* zkriesse wants ops too!00:18
paultaghe was supposed to kick yvan30000:18
zkriessefine i'll kick him00:18
paultagzkriesse, you have a snowball's chance in hell for that00:18
zkriessepaultag: shutup00:18
paultagDarkwingDuck, nice :)00:19
DarkwingDuckpaultag: :P00:19
zkriessepaultag: why do i have a little chance dude?00:19
paultagzkriesse, because irc ops is something rarely given out to a new member00:20
yvan300paultag, that's why i play rambow in ur mom's forest00:20
zkriesseyvan300: shut up dude00:20
paultagzkriesse, you have to be around for at least a year, and never ask for it :)00:20
zkriesseI see00:20
paultagzkriesse, that's how I got +o00:20
* zkriesse is off to somewhere00:20
paultagand DarkwingDuck00:20
DarkwingDuckYes paultag?00:21
paultagDarkwingDuck, what?00:21
collinpDarkwingDuck: Don't abuse your powers.00:21
paultagcollinp, I told him to test it00:21
DarkwingDuckcollinp: trust me I wont00:21
paultagcollinp, I just set up his flags00:21
collinppaultag: Oh, ok.00:21
zkriessewelcome nuboon2age00:23
drubincan haz opz? :) lolz00:24
=== nuboon2age_ is now known as nUboon2Age
enderandpeterSay, might anyone be able to help me with a quick xorg.conf question...?00:45
aveilleuxenderandpeter: I may be able to help00:46
aveilleuxenderandpeter: Also, is your name a reference to the Wiggin brothers?00:46
enderandpeterSpecifically, someone gave me an alternate configuration, and I'm quite the novice and I don't know how to implement it. I'm using Lucid on a PPC. And yes, it's a reference to the Wiggin brothers.00:46
enderandpeterThey're two peas in a pod, if you ask me. But anyway, I read in an Ubuntu guide that post 9.04 versions keep X config info in /usr/lib/X11/xorg.conf.d There's no xorg.conf file in there at the moment. If I create the file there, will my computer adhere to it when I reboot?00:48
stlsaintautopsy: anyone know how to install kernel-source in ubuntu00:49
stlsaintsorry bout the name there00:50
stlsainti tried linux-kernel-headers alread00:50
aveilleuxenderandpeter: As far as I know, creating an xorg.conf will override any of the modular settings in xorg.conf.d.00:51
aveilleuxstlsaint: You mean the Linux kernel source?00:51
drubinstlsaint: apt-get source linux-kernel ?00:51
enderandpeterI see. So I should create this new xorg.conf in the xorg.conf.d directory?00:52
aveilleuxenderandpeter: To generate an xorg.conf file, run sudo dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg00:56
enderandpeterWell... in my haste I went ahead and just made the xorg.conf file in the xorg.conf.d directory, and now Ubuntu starts up in command line mode... That's a step up from it previously not displaying anything after booting...01:01
aveilleuxenderandpeter: command-line doesn't utilize xorg....01:01
enderandpeterIndeed. It appears that X now doesn't want to starting or something... Perhaps it didn't like the conf file?01:03
aveilleuxenderandpeter: it should just be in /X11, not /X11/xorg.conf.d01:04
enderandpeterOkay... I will move the xorg.conf file up a directory, restart, and see what happens...01:08
marine1just purchased a hp 4500 print,fax,copy and scan d/l drivers and not printing test page successfully01:12
ddecatormarine1: do you know what driver it is using?01:13
marine1ddecator: how do I tell01:14
marine1ddecator: it located the drivers when I installed the usb cable and I just followed the instructions..01:15
ddecatormarine1: do you have hplip installed?01:15
marine1ddecator: not sure01:16
marine1ddecator: i don't think so01:17
ddecatormarine1: try running 'sudo apt-get install hplip' in a terminal. if it's already installed, it will tell you01:18
marine1ddecator: hplip is already the newest version.01:19
ddecatorok, so that's a good start01:19
ddecatormarine1: when you try to print a test page, do you get any errors?01:20
marine1ddecator: no the pop-up says the test page is finished printing and nothing printed01:20
ddecatorhm, i know i've run into that before, but i can't remember what the issue was exactly. can you try unplugging the printer from the USB, turning the printer off, then plugging the USB back in, turning the printer on, and try again? (it's crazy, but sometimes this works)01:21
marine1ddecator: let me give it awhirl01:23
enderandpeteraveilleux: Okay. Now Ubuntu wants to load in low graphics mode. It seems that it can't find the nouveau driver I was asked to use.  I posted my issue at http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1507389 by the way, if you'd like to see more details of the error message.01:26
ddecatorenderandpeter: are you able to use the proprietary nvidia drivers?01:27
marine1ddecator: that's a big negative01:28
ddecatormarine1: hm, i hoped we would get lucky, haha. ok, let me check something real quick01:28
marine1ddecator: it's set as my default printer01:29
enderandpeterddecator: I am not sure. I didn't think nvidia made drivers for linux... I've been using what comes with Ubuntu. Whatever it was using when it first rebooted after installation was fine...01:29
ddecatormarine1: ok, go to System > Administration > Printing, right-click the printer and select Properties, then look at Make and Model. the driver you are using should be after the name of the printer (hpijs for me). can you let me know what it says for you?01:30
stlsaintenderandpeter: you are using generic drivers, you should install the proprietary drivers01:31
ddecatorenderandpeter: nvidia has proprietary drivers for ubuntu but they cannot be included by default, are you able to boot into a graphical environment with all of the menus?01:31
marine1ddecator: that was one of the recommended drivers for this(hpijs) but it recommended this one:HP Color LaserJet 4500 v2014.200 Postscript (recommended)01:32
enderandpeterddecator: At the moment I am not. You should check out the history of my issue at http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1507389 only because it's too much to type here. Originally, after Ubuntu booted a second time after installation, it would show nothing. Since I was given this custom xorg.conf, it has at least shown me this error.01:33
marine1ddecator: I can change the driver, there are several more options including to that have cups and the ppd is generated for those01:34
ddecatorhm, i don't have that driver (but i don't have a printer with faxing). try clicking 'Change...' and going through the setup. select HP, then the model, then let me know what drivers you have to choose from01:34
ddecatorenderandpeter: alright, i'll take a look at the forums. i'm not great with graphics issues, but i'll see if i can come up with any ideas01:35
stlsaintdrubin: ping01:36
enderandpeterddecator: Hey. Any help is immensely appreciated!!01:36
marine1ddecator: here are some that are listed: hp color laserjet hpjis(en)01:36
marine1ddecator: hp color laserjet 4500 cups+gutenprint v5.2.3 (en)01:37
marine1ddecator: hp colr laserjet 4500 foomatic/postscript(en)  and 4500 foomatic/pxlcolor (en)01:38
ddecatormarine1: if those are all of them, try hpjis (that's what i've had the most success with)01:40
ddecatorenderandpeter: i replied to your thread01:40
ddecatorand subscribed01:40
* ddecator wishes we lived in a world that didn't need printers01:41
enderandpeterddecator: Well, I went ahead and started in low graphics mode, and it doesn't look any different at all. Also, I went to the Ubuntu Software Center, searched for "nouveau" and found a "nouveau-firmware" program to install. Now stlsaint suggests I indeed use proprietary drivers. I would totally prefer that. I'm looking at nvidia's site for my video card...01:44
ddecatorenderandpeter: if you have a graphical environment, go to System > Adminisration > Hardware Drivers. that will find them automatically01:45
enderandpeterddecator: Yes, I saw! Thank you, sir! I suppose it might be a little faster to talk here, so I'll hang out here for the moment. Let me go there and see if it finds any proprietary drivers...01:45
ddecatorenderandpeter: sounds good :)01:46
marine1ddecator: changing drivers did not work it shows completed in the queue but it's not printing01:46
marine1i also noticed the pop-up notification did not appear when I printed a test page01:47
ddecatormarine1: one option that has worked for me is to unplug the printer, go to System > Administration > Printing, delete the printer from there, then plug it back in and go through the setup. sometimes something gets corrupted and doing a fresh setup works01:48
marine1ddecator: doing it now01:51
marine1ddecator: What shuld be the first step after that01:52
ddecatormarine1: after the setup, try printing something :)01:53
marine1ddecator: no I meant adding it01:53
ddecatormarine1: after deleting the printer? just plug in the printer to the USB with it turned on and it should automatically go through the setup again01:54
enderandpeterddecator: Okay, I used the hardware drivers utility and all it locates is the Broadcom driver for my Airport card (which totally works by the way!!!). Looking at nvida's site, I can't find the driver for a GeForce4 440 Go. So for now, I will install the nouveau-firmware program and see what happens...01:55
enderandpeterddecator:... as it would appear the X is working fine, other than the error message of not finding nouveau when I boot up...01:55
ddecatorenderandpeter: that's odd, i have a GeForce, but it's a newer model..01:56
marine1ddecator: should it be here:parallel:/dev/lp001:57
marine1ddecator: that is the device URI:01:58
ddecatorthat's strange, mine points right to the usb..01:58
marine1ddecator: i also tried printing a test page and it says processing01:58
enderandpeterddecator: You also have a Powerbook G4? Perhaps it's a nicer one :)01:59
ddecatormarine1: with the printer plugged into the USB and turned on, click 'Change...' next to the URI and see if it lists the printer as one of the devices02:00
ddecatorenderandpeter: no, i have an hp pavilion laptop :)02:01
marine1ddecator: it did and I changed it accordingly and the mystery still exists02:01
ddecatormarine1: and it still shows the job as being done?02:01
marine1ddecator: it shows the job printing but it doesn't print02:04
marine1ddecator: plus it's my default printer02:04
marine1ddecator: x-sane can't find the scanner either???02:05
ddecatormarine1: unfortunately i'm out of suggestions at this point. you could try the other drives, but i'm not sure how much luck you'll have :/02:06
marine1ddecator: thanks buddy is there anyone else with printer experience on here or could you direct me to another channel02:07
ddecatormarine1: you can try #ubuntu, otherwise someone else here with more experience with printers may get on later02:08
marine1let me try that02:09
iceflatlineAll of my printers are networked, but when this happened to me, a reboot was all I needed.02:10
ddecatormarine1: ^02:11
phillwpings a member of UBT02:13
ddecatorphillw: ?02:14
phillwddecator: is a quick PM okay?02:14
ddecatorphillw: sure thing02:14
stlsaintroom poke?02:19
marine1ddecator: found something02:39
ddecatormarine1: hm?02:39
marine1ddecator: error: Unable to communicate with device (code=12): hp:/usb/Deskjet_3840?serial=TH46H16266040R02:39
marine1error: Device not found02:39
marine1ddecator: i  went to the hp site for linux and ran all dependecies and at the end this what was the last error messag02:40
ddecatormarine1: even if you unplug the printer from the usb, turn it off, plug it back in and turn it on?02:40
marine1ddecator: again02:41
marine1ddecator: warning: Printer is not HPLIP installed. Printers must use the hp: or hpfax: CUPS backend to function in HPLIP.02:41
marine1ddecator: does this mean anything to you02:41
ddecatormarine1: odd...try 'sudo apt-get install hplip-cups' and see if it needs to be installed02:41
marine1ddecator:  Couldn't find package hplip-cups02:42
ddecatormarine1: it's in universe, maybe you don't have that repo activated?02:43
marine1ddecator: it's installed in synaptic02:44
ddecatormarine1: sorry, i'm not sure :(02:46
marine1ddecator: no problem02:47
=== _rwc is now known as _rwc_afk
=== nhandler_ is now known as nhandler
phillwnhandler: ping03:25
nhandlerphillw: pong03:25
phillwPM okay ?03:25
mcarsecan someone help me with a kernel module issue?03:48
ubot2Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)03:50
zkriessemcarse: ^^03:50
mcarseI am trying to get my drobo with multiple luns running again in Ubuntu 10.04, apparently I need to load scsi_mod, but when I try "modprobe scsi_mod" i get "FATAL: Module scsi_mod not found" where do I find it?03:53
zkriesseDesktop Laptop?03:54
mcarseserver actually03:54
zkriesseThen I've no idea as I'm quite confused by the server esition03:55
mcarseit was working on 9.04, but I did a clean install to 10.04, and nada03:55
mcarsewhat if we ignore the fact that it is server?03:55
zkriesseOne sec03:56
zkriessemcarse: Join #ubuntu-ser er03:57
zkriesseDang it03:57
zkriessemcarse: Its #ubuntu-server03:57
mcarsethank you03:58
zkriesseWelcome iceflatline03:58
zkriesseWelcome RTrev04:04
RTrevI've never been here before, so thought I should stop by.04:05
zkriesseRTrev: Welcome then04:06
zkriesseI'm zkriesse BT Mentor04:06
zkriesseAny questions y got fire away04:06
RTrevJust kind of wanted to get the lay of the land.  PhillW suggested I hang out here a bit.04:07
ddecatorRTrev: ah, are you the one who was trying to sign the CoC?04:07
RTrevYep, and thanks for your help ddecator!!04:08
ddecatorRTrev: no problem :) i'm guessing you got it figured out then?04:08
zkriesseRTrev: Looking to join the Ubuntu Beginners Team maybe?04:08
zkriesseAnd hey ddecator04:08
phillwhi RTrev04:09
RTrevYes.  It took all 5 of my brain cells, but I got it done.  And may very well join the team here, if you'll have me.04:09
ddecatoreveryone is welcome :)04:09
RTrevHi Phill04:09
phillwi'm not part of UBT04:09
zkriesseAhaha!!! Fresh meat!!!04:09
RTrevNot sure I know the difference yet between all the teams and groups.04:10
ddecatorRTrev: well, if you have any questions, feel free to ask!04:10
phillwRTrev: you got your mod priveldges http://forum.phillw.net/viewtopic.php?f=12&t=29#p15004:10
RTrevOh boy, where to start? :)  Okay, this supplements the forums, I take it?  How would you describe the difference in folks who show up here?04:12
phillwRTrev: no, my baby forum has nothing to do with UBT or the ubuntu forums04:13
ddecatorthe forums are one place where some of the team's members help out04:13
switchgirlhow do i find out what port my DAAP share is on?04:13
zkriesseRTrev: Well I'm the wiki lead04:14
ddecatorswitchgirl: hm, i'm not sure to be honest, but someone else probably knows04:15
RTrevOkay, is there a URL that talks about all of this somewhere?  I'm a bit confused, and it's been a long day, but I'm definitely interested.04:15
switchgirlddecator, :P thanks04:15
phillwRTrev: i did ping you?04:15
ddecatorRTrev: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/BeginnersTeam04:15
ddecatorswitchgirl: no problem :p04:16
RTrevAh, perfect.. thanks!04:16
zkriesseRTrev: Also, this is the bt's help channel..the team hangs out and chats in #ubuntu-beginners-team04:16
ddecatorzkriesse: btw, -wiki isn't listed on there...04:16
zkriesseddecator: Its not?04:17
ddecatorzkriesse: in the first IRC list04:17
zkriesseddecator: Damnit..have to fix that04:17
ddecator!language > zkriesse04:17
ubot2zkriesse, please see my private message04:17
zkriesseddecator: You ass04:17
ddecatorheh, i didn't make that rule ;)04:18
RTrev@Phill, you pinged me?  Might have been one of those beeps I heard while my wife came in to ask me something.  Sorry.  Multi-tasking. :)04:18
phillwRTrev: pinged again?04:18
RTrevTried to answer..?04:19
RTrevI'll do some reading, and then come back.. appreciate the welcome!04:22
zkriesseRTrev: :D04:25
RTrevOkay, nice meeting you folks.. be back when I've had some sleep and can make a bit more sense. ;-)04:26
* phillw permission to pop into the team room?04:29
pedro3005lol phillw come in already04:29
stlsaintroom poke?05:10
zkriesseroom poke back stlsaint05:11
stlsaintzkriesse: you use virtualization any?05:12
zkriessestlsaint: meaning a VM?05:12
zkriessenope sorry05:12
zkriessei can see if i can find a doc for it for ya though05:12
* zkriesse is a doc guy!05:12
stlsaintzkriesse: naw dont worry about it05:13
zkriessestlsaint: you sure?05:13
zkriessestlsaint: hey you want to join the UBT WIki FG?05:13
stlsaintzkriesse: i was joined under starcraftman, then so much changed happened that i had sorta left things alone05:14
=== phillw is now known as phillw_away
zkriessewell i'm the wiki lead now so if go questions ask me05:14
stlsaintphillw_away: please dont use name changes to show your status as away05:15
stlsaintphillw_away: all irc clients have away log capabilities05:15
=== phillw_away is now known as phillw
phillwstlsaint: sorry, i do log out of UBT before i move to away, I was just discussing how it is 21 people stay shown as logged on here05:18
zkriessehello ekseniks05:18
paultagstlsaint, hahaha, we were just talking about it05:20
stlsaintpaultag: have you ever used parallels? (virtualization)05:32
paultagno stlsaint :(05:32
stlsainthrm, how do you track down an error when the logs dont tell you anything??05:35
paultagstlsaint, not sure :/05:35
=== paultag changed the topic of #ubuntu-beginners to: Please do not wait to ask questions, simply ask! If anyone knows the answer, they will most likely reply. || Welcome to the Ubuntu Beginners Team support channel. || Please note, public logs of this channel are available on irclogs.ubuntu.com || Want offtopic? Head over to #ubuntu-beginners-team
zkriessegreat topic paultag05:43
paultagzkriesse, thanks :)05:43
paultagzkriesse, some prospective members ( *caught* phillw ) were under the impression that -team is invite only05:44
paultagbe sure to let him know he is welcome05:44
zkriessepaultag: lol05:44
zkriessepaultag: that's funny05:44
zkriessepaultag: ok dude i'm out for the night05:44
paultagl8r sk8r05:44
zkriessepaultag: back in the mornin05:44
sabqat9can anyone give me some basic tips to get started with ubuntu server05:59
sabqat9i thought i would be using a graphical interface but this is all in command line and i am totally lost05:59
sabqat9i am a new linux ubuntu user05:59
sabqat9i spoke to some ubuntu users earlier today and they all encouraged me to get going - its easy and there will be no problem06:01
sabqat9is there anyone out there?06:01
pedro3005hey sabqat906:04
holsteini started doing tasks in the command line06:05
holsteinon my desktop box06:05
holsteinreally ANY task06:05
holsteini would google, ripping CD command line ubuntu06:05
holsteinor something like that06:05
holsteinand just start trying to do things over there06:06
holsteini got a server box running, and i ssh to it and update it or whatever06:06
holsteinits running an icecast server06:06
collinpI learned - learn - as I go.06:06
holsteini really dont mess with it much now that its up06:06
sabqat9my trouble is i am a newbie at linux and ubuntu and the command line is really scaring me06:07
holsteinsabqat9: do you have test equimpment?06:07
holsteinor virtualbox?06:07
holsteinor another VM?06:07
holsteinyour going ot make some mistakes06:08
holsteinand thats cool06:08
holsteinbut its nothing to be scared of06:08
holsteinwhat do you want a server for?06:08
holsteinwhat tasks?06:08
collinpYou really shouldn't be touching servers in the first place unless you know how to administrate one effectively.06:10
holsteinbut, if its a local file server06:10
holsteinor print server or something06:11
holsteinthat would be OK to play with06:11
holsteinto learn06:11
holsteindont you think?06:11
sabqat9it will be just a simple file server for two people - two computers - with windows in both06:11
collinpAye. But this person has absolutely no experience with the CLI at all. I would think running a server would be a little advanced for that.06:11
collinpYeah, after using the CLI for a while, you could try a local server or something similar.06:12
holsteinsabqat9: i learned a lot from using freeNAS06:13
holsteinthat would do what you talking about06:13
holsteinand its got a web-gui06:14
collinpThere's also samba.06:14
holsteinsambe on a desktop box would work even06:14
sabqat9for a newbie with little linux experience - actually no linux experience - would tinkering with freenas be the way to go then06:14
stlsaintsabqat9: the best way to go is to learn on your current machine using cli...06:15
holsteinsamba* ^^06:15
stlsaintsabqat9: start small with learning to get into different directorys, moving files, copying files etc06:15
sabqat9what is your suggestion for setting up a samba box - are there any straight forward ways of doing this06:16
stlsaintyea get a old desktop somewhere/throw linux on it and samba and start learning...06:17
stlsaintthere are guides (quite alot actually) for samba setup06:17
collinpThere's also this, but it seems more complex than is necessary: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SettingUpSamba06:18
sabqat9the thing is - i only have three computer boxes and two monitors - i don't exactly have extra cash to throw around - so i wanted to setup two office computers for word processing, email and web and be able to access a headless file server that could store all my work files06:19
stlsaintsabqat9: right, hence i said use on old desktop system for home server06:20
stlsaintsabqat9: throw an extra hdd or two in it and you should be fine...you may need to restart every once in awhile but thats no big deal since its not a big production server06:20
stlsaintnight all06:21
sabqat9just to clear my situation - i have two new systems both have - dual core with 4gb ram, running windows - then i have my old system which is a 1.8ghz with 768 ram06:22
sabqat9its the old system i want to convert into a headless file server06:22
binarymesabqat9:  load ubuntu on it a setup fiel sharing (samba).. it's not hard to do06:23
binarymeer fiel = file06:23
sabqat9then can i remove the monitor for that system?06:25
binarymesabqat9:  once you have ubuntu installed, create a "shared" folder somewhere and right click on it: slect file sharing  and follow the prompts.06:25
binarymesabqat9:  yes, you can then remove the monitor.  you can use "remote desktop" to access it from your win pc if needed06:26
sabqat9you understand that i am an alien from another planet that has never used linux before - i am capable of figuring things out for myself - do you think a task like this is in the scope of a newbie like me?06:28
binarymesabqat9: one step a lot of people miss:  once you have ubuntu installed and a folder shared (see above), you need to create a samba user.06:28
binarymesabqat9: if you are even reasonably tech savy (you are or you wouldn't be on here), you'll be fine06:29
sabqat9i have looked at samba enough times to think that it is possible but now you have throw "remote desktop" into this equation - does that require any special setup or complications on my part?06:30
binarymesabqat9: just install ubuntu  (remove/backup any data on that machine that you want to keep first).06:30
collinpYou can run a samba server completely headless - no remote desktop, nothing.06:30
collinpRemote Desktop is similar to it's equivalent on Windows that I can't remember the name of right now - probably the same name.06:31
collinpBut it's useless if you're not using a GUI.06:31
binarymesabqat9: no, it's easy.  you just enable it on one of the menus  (it just make management a bit easier - no carrying monitors around), but it is NOT required06:31
collinpAlso, if you install a sshd and insist upon using a GUI, you can enable Xorg Forwarding and use the GUI over a SSH session.06:32
binarymecollinp: thats why I suggested ubuntu (desktop), not 'server'06:32
binarymesabqat9: have you ever used VNC?06:32
collinpHmm. Then I leave this to you :).06:33
collinp...huh, I thought I fixed this before?06:33
binarymecollinp: not trying to "go one better", just trying to keep it simple for a newby06:33
holsteinvnc to a headless desktop install might be less foriegn06:34
=== collinp changed the topic of #ubuntu-beginners to: Welcome to the Ubuntu Beginners Team support channel || Please do not wait to ask questions, simply ask! If anyone knows the answer, they will most likely reply. || Please note, public logs of this channel are available on irclogs.ubuntu.com || Want offtopic? Head over to #ubuntu-beginners-team
sabqat9guys - i appreciate you help - but i think i will take collinp earlier advice and some of binaryme and just install basic ubuntu - learn the ropes and go from there - i shouldn't start hurdling when i haven't learned how to walk yet06:34
holsteinyou can run it in vitual box06:35
holsteinthats easy06:35
holsteinand you can save 'snapshots'06:35
holsteinand really screw it all up06:35
holsteinand revert06:35
* holstein 's on a new keyboard06:38
holsteinvirtual box*06:38
binarymecollinp: I didn't intend to "take over"... just trying to be helpful.  I'll leave it up to you...    leaving now.06:39
collinpOh, don't worry about that.06:39
collinpYou probably have more experience than I do with file servers, as I generally use either FTP or HTTP for file hosting.06:39
collinpYou didn't "take over", either. We both did our parts to help :).06:40
N1moi need some help09:36
N1mohow ti  confegure ppp through wvdial.conf09:36
N1moanyone ?09:40
N1moanyone ?09:40
N1moanyone ?09:40
pedro3005try that09:40
N1mo> Don't know what to do!  Starting pppd and hoping for the best.09:40
N1mo--> Unable to run /usr/sbin/pppd.09:40
N1mo--> Check permissions, or specify a "PPPD Path" option in wvdial.conf.09:40
N1mo--> Don't know what to do!  Starting pppd and hoping for the best.09:40
N1mo--> Unable to run /usr/sbin/pppd.09:40
N1mo--> Check permissions, or specify a "PPPD Path" option in wvdial.conf.09:40
N1mo--> Don't know what to do!  Starting pppd and hoping for the best.09:40
N1mo--> Unable to run /usr/sbin/pppd.09:40
N1mo--> Check permissions, or specify a "PPPD Path" option in wvdial.conf.09:40
N1molog file09:41
N1moi had wvdial and gnome-ppp in my system09:42
N1moit dials09:42
N1mobut this what happens09:43
nUboon2Agequestion: I'm not sure what I changed, but now my terminals are translucent, like I can see through them to see whatever's behind them.09:52
nUboon2Agethat makes them unusable.  How can I change this back?09:52
hobgoblinEdit - Profile Prefs - Background09:54
nUboon2Agehobgoblin: checking that out now...09:59
cedric__Hello ! Somebody knows if it's really interessting to buy a processor with HT (Hyper Threading) for Ubuntu (lucid) ? Thanks10:00
nUboon2Agehobgoblin: that answer makes perfect sense but when I try to set it on solid background it doesn't make any difference.  Could this be related to the gnome theme?10:03
hobgoblinnot that I know of, but I've not tried all the themes there are... have you been playing with compiz ?10:05
nUboon2Agehobgoblin: I tried to fix it by playing w/ compiz, but couldn't make a diff.  Just now though I tried a different theme, and it made a change.10:06
nUboon2Agehobgoblin: its almost like it over rode some kind of settings.  I don't know which ones they'd be.10:06
nUboon2Agehobgoblin: but at any rate I can read it now.  Thanks for your help!10:08
hobgoblinnUboon2Age: what theme were you using that caused it? I'll have a go with it10:09
nUboon2Agehobgoblin: I think it was Dust and I switched to Eclipse.10:10
hobgoblinI'd not expect dust to do that10:11
nUboon2Agehobgoblin: are you seeing the same thing?10:12
nUboon2Agehobgoblin: with d10:12
nUboon2Agehobgoblin: with Dust that is?10:12
nUboon2Agehobgoblin: hmmm... i know I changed themes recently.  So I'd have to guess that's when the problem began.  I'm not sure what I had before, but it was probably10:13
hobgoblinodd - but if it's ok now I shall just wonder :)10:14
nUboon2Agehobgoblin: either Ambience, Ambience Refined (from gnome web site) or UbutuStudio10:14
nUboon2Agehobgoblin: Well thanks. :)10:14
eksenikshi guys11:00
ekseniksi installed the new nvidia drivers and now it won't detect my monitor (it did before) should i be worried or should i just let sleeping dogs lie...11:01
pedro3005well does your monitor work?11:10
kd0tdo scripts have a specific file extension?  im trying to create a start up script12:59
kd0twasnt sure f it needed to be .sh or not?12:59
pedro3005kd0t, just need to make them executable13:03
kd0tcool thanks13:03
geirhaIn fact, don't put extensions on scripts13:12
kd0thow come?13:13
kd0tlinux standard or another reason?13:13
geirhaWhat's the point? You just have to type out the extension when you want to run it13:13
kd0tfair enough13:14
geirhayou run ls with ls, not ls.elf13:14
geirhafile /bin/* | grep script13:14
geirhaAnother good reason is, that when you write a script, you do it because you need to acomplish a certain task.13:15
geirhaNow, say you find out that that task would be done much more efficiently in python for instance ... now you either have a python-script with .sh extension (which is very misleading)13:16
geirhaor you need to change the extension to .py, and change all places where that script is used13:16
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tpjmiaminew ubuntu user (10.04), i was wondering if i could get some help w/ a sound problem15:03
switchgirltpjmiami, sure15:03
tpjmiamisince i installed 10.04 i have not been able to use my external microphone (which is connected to a headset) at all, and when i also connect the headset to the jack, i got sound from both the speakers and headset (so no speaker blocking)15:04
tpjmiamiafter a lot of blog reading, here's what i did:15:04
tpjmiamii tried uninstalling pulseaudio and activating esound with a bunch of Terminal prompts (you'll have to excuse that I am not too familiar w/ ubuntu syntax)15:04
switchgirlpaultag, i'm trying to set up a proxy server so my eee can connect to my desktop  i have squid installed and am trying to edit"  url_rewrite_program /usr/bin/squidGuard –c /etc/squid/squidGuard.conf " (following  https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SquidGuard)15:05
paultagswitchgirl, what the fuck?15:05
tpjmiamialso tried alsamixer15:05
tpjmiamiin brief, here are the commands i typed:15:05
paultagswitchgirl, why do you need a proxy?15:05
tpjmiamikillall pulseaudio15:05
tpjmiamisudo apt-get remove pulseaudio15:05
tpjmiamisudo apt-get install esound15:05
tpjmiamisudo rm /etc/X11/Xsession.d/70pulseaudio15:05
tpjmiamisudo apt-get purge pulseaudio15:05
tpjmiamithe last command didn't work for some reason15:06
tpjmiamiand i still see pulseaudio under Apps-Sound & Video15:06
tpjmiamiso i feel that the whole set of processes was somehow not completed correctly15:06
tpjmiamisure enough, i have no keyboard sound control, and even system-preferences-sound doesn't work15:06
paultagtpjmiami, please keep your posts on one line15:06
paultag!pastebin | tpjmiami15:06
ubot2tpjmiami: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://tinyurl.com/imagebin | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.15:06
paultagswitchgirl, what are you trying to do?15:06
paultagtpjmiami, sudo apt-get install padevchooser15:06
tpjmiamiso i followed the following set of commands:15:07
tpjmiamisudo apt-get install devscripts build-essential fakeroot15:07
paultagtpjmiami, and then use that to enable the mic's volume. Ensure it's plugged in right with `lspci`15:07
tpjmiamisudo apt-get build-dep gnome-applets15:07
tpjmiamithen this:15:07
tpjmiamicd ~15:07
tpjmiamimkdir build && cd build15:07
tpjmiamiapt-get source gnome-applets15:07
tpjmiamicd gnome-applets-2.28.015:07
tpjmiamithen this: gedit debian/rules15:07
paultagtpjmiami, last warning, please don't do that15:07
paultaghobgoblin, I'm not kicking yet15:07
paultaghobgoblin, perhaps a +q15:07
hobgoblinmorning paultag15:08
tpjmiamiapologies, just tyring to explain everything i did15:08
paultagmorning hobgoblin15:08
hobgoblinI think15:08
paultag!pastebin | tpjmiami15:08
ubot2tpjmiami: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://tinyurl.com/imagebin | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.15:08
switchgirlpaultag, cus that way i can cache the dns on the desktop and load pages internally15:08
paultagswitchgirl, that is way overkill for what you want to do15:08
paultagswitchgirl, I'm guessing the desktop has a wiki card and network card?15:09
switchgirland also than when i am out at the cafe i can hide the ip15:09
paultagswitchgirl, Oh, nope.15:09
paultagswitchgirl, that's where it went wrong. Here's why15:09
paultagswitchgirl, your dekstop has either a 192.168 or 10.x.y.z address15:09
paultagswitchgirl, those are not IP addresses, they are reserved internal addresses. your Router has something called a routing table, and it routs traffic for each host on each port through it's own port15:10
paultagswitchgirl, now, if you go outside your router and request it will fail15:11
switchgirlit would anyway15:11
paultagswitchgirl, you ( if anything ) need to set up that server as a proxy right after the modem, and pass through to the router15:11
switchgirl192.168 .... is an internal ip15:11
paultagswitchgirl, yes, it is15:11
paultagswitchgirl, that's what I'm explaining to you15:11
tpjmiamipautag, after installing padevchooser should i reboot?15:13
tpjmiami(just installed as per your prompt)15:13
paultagtpjmiami, no15:13
paultagtpjmiami, you run it and use that to enable yer mic15:14
paultagtpjmiami, but before you do that make sure it's found by linux -- use the command `lsusb` and pastebin it here15:14
switchgirlso what to do?15:14
switchgirl@ paultag15:14
tpjmiamiso i type lsusb on terminal?  note that my mic plugs into a mic (NOT a USB) port15:14
paultagswitchgirl, if you are serious about setting up a proxy / dns chache15:15
paultagtpjmiami, Oh, then shit. Nevermind15:15
paultagswitchgirl, you would have to remove that desktop from the network and set it up as a 24/7 server15:15
hobgoblintpjmiami: why did you actually remove pulseaudio?15:16
paultagswitchgirl, and that would entail a lot15:16
paultagswitchgirl, it's doable, but you would basically loose a machine15:16
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paultagswitchgirl, aye15:16
tpjmiamihobgob: some blogs mentioned that pulseaudio in ubuntu 10.04 cannot recognise external mics, and that esound was better for this15:16
paultagswitchgirl, what you _could_ do15:16
paultagswitchgirl, is set up a vpn on the desktop and vpn to the house, but again, that's really hard to setuo15:17
tpjmiamii have the pulse audio icon on upper right15:17
hobgoblintpjmiami: so is padevchooser finding the mic15:17
tpjmiamihow do i get it to find external mic?15:17
paultagtpjmiami, it would show as your soundcard's input15:17
paultagtpjmiami, hobgoblin here knows what he's doing :D15:17
switchgirlsudo aptitude remove squid15:17
* hobgoblin is making some tea and having a smoke back in a minute15:18
tpjmiamidon't know where to go on padevchooser... very new at this guys15:18
tpjmiamii've got the upper right icon and a pulldown menu15:19
tpjmiamigot no clue what to do next15:19
zkriessenhandler: pinf15:19
hobgoblintpjmiami: I'll be back in a moment15:21
hobgoblintpjmiami: while you're waiting - run lspci in a terminal and find what soundcard you have please - if you;r enot sure pastebin it - you were given the paste info a couple of times above :)15:25
tpjmiamigood news is i have pulseaudio volcontrol too15:26
tpjmiami(and keyboard vol control)15:26
tpjmiamihob: tried the pastebin link, really don't understand it, sorry15:28
hobgoblintpjmiami: do you know what soundcard you have?15:28
tpjmiamijust tell me what part of the long response to lspci i should look for15:28
tpjmiami(to tell u about soundcard)15:28
hobgoblinmultimedia possibly15:29
tpjmiamiis it Audio Device: ATI Technologies Inc IXP SB4x0 High Def Audio Controller (rev 01)15:30
hobgoblintpjmiami: probably - run this sudo apt-get install pastebinit &&lspci |pastebinit15:32
hobgoblinwhen it's finished there will be an url - let's have that please15:32
tpjmiamiyou mean type that whole sudo line until pastebinit?15:34
hobgoblinhang on a mo - let's get as much info as we can15:35
tpjmiamiso what exactly do i type?   sorry if it's a dumb question but i just want to be 100% sure15:36
hobgoblinrun this command - all in one go - copy and paste it15:37
hobgoblinsudo apt-get install pastebinit &&lspci |pastebinit &&aplay -l |pastebinit && dpkg -l pulse* |pastebinit15:37
hobgoblintpjmiami: you'll get 3 urls - paste them here - make it all in one line15:38
tpjmiamino urls yet, just asking if i wanna continue installing 2 packages15:39
tpjmiamisay y?15:39
tpjmiamithe 3 urls are:15:40
tpjmiamiwhat should i do now?15:42
hobgoblintpjmiami: so all sound is working ok except finding the mic15:44
tpjmiamiyes, plus the headset does NOT block out the speakers15:45
tpjmiamiam i still on the channel?  got disc15:46
hobgoblinyes you are back15:46
tpjmiamiso that's my situation15:47
hobgoblinso - padevchooser - volume control - opens a box - input devices - does it show th mic?15:47
tpjmiamino, when i go to apps-sound-device chooser i get an upper right icon15:50
tpjmiamiwith pulldown menu15:50
tpjmiamino box15:50
tpjmiamino menu option says input devices15:50
tpjmiamiDefault server/sink/source15:51
tpjmiamisound familiar?15:52
hobgoblinvolume control - open that - input devices tab15:52
hobgoblincheck the default source as well15:53
tpjmiamiok, port is set to mic 115:53
tpjmiamiother options are mic 2 and line in15:53
tpjmiamino default source set15:54
tpjmiamior for clarification15:54
hobgoblinyou need to set one then - try tyhem all one at a time I guess - in the volume control - check the vols against the input devices15:55
tpjmiamidefault source is selected, but can't find other15:55
tpjmiamiboth left and right input vols  set to 15015:55
tpjmiamijust tried all 3 and speaking into mic, nothing happening15:57
tpjmiamii don't even know if any of the 3 is detecting my external mic15:57
tpjmiamivery confused here15:57
tpjmiamion what to do next15:58
hobgoblinprobably because you followed whatever blog you followed - have you got the link to that15:58
tpjmiamiwell it was like that to begin with, so doubt the commands i used from the blogs did this16:01
tpjmiamibeen this way since i had ubuntu16:01
hobgoblinyea - but you didn;t have pasdevchooser or maybe not know what to do to get the thing working - if you don't ant to give me the link so I can see what you did then fine - I have lots I can be doing here at home16:03
zkriesseJoeb454: ping16:42
zkriessehello goodtime16:56
goodtimethis miro thingy kinds stinks16:56
goodtimeand it defaulted its self auto16:57
zkriesseWhat is "Miro"16:57
goodtimemiro gets downloads and plays them  torrent tracker16:57
goodtimeit has its own dl too16:58
goodtimei found it in the softwear center16:58
zkriesseThen I'd know nothing about it as I don't download through torrents16:59
zkriessefulldarkness: welcome!16:59
goodtimei need a newsgroup16:59
goodtimeand credit16:59
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kdotjhey people18:39
zkriesse18VAA1J7M: Welcome19:36
18VAA1J7Mzkriesse, jaja19:37
=== 18VAA1J7M is now known as malev
malevhi zkriesse19:37
zkriessehello malev19:37
kryptichaving problems gettn ma contacts available to me offline in 10.04 any help?19:58
aveilleuxkryptic: Contacts of what?19:58
krypticforgot to add mail contacts in evolution19:59
krypticaveilleux cud u help?20:01
aveilleuxkryptic: Looks like a bug in Evolution https://bugs.launchpad.net/evolution-couchdb/+bug/50498020:01
ubot2Launchpad bug 504980 in evolution-couchdb "Evolution Mail no offline contacts (affects: 3) (heat: 5)" [Undecided,Incomplete]20:01
aveilleuxThanks, ubot2.20:01
aveilleuxYou're welcome, kryptic20:06
zkriesseJoeb454: ping20:11
debnewbCan someone help. I can't install linux-restricted-modules-2.6.32-22-generic20:18
aveilleux debnewb: What version of Ubuntu are you running?20:18
debnewbubuntu 10.0420:19
aveilleuxdebnewb: linux-restricted-modules-2.6.32-22-generic is a very old package, and hasn't been in Ubuntu since Hardy (8.04)20:19
debnewboh, do I need to update my kernel?20:20
aveilleuxdebnewb: sudo aptitude install linux-restricted-modules will install the latest version20:21
aveilleuxdebnewb: What do you need linux-restricted-modules for?20:23
debnewbI can't get my nvidia card to work20:23
debnewbI read on this site I needed them https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BinaryDriverHowto/Nvidia20:23
zkriessehello suprengr20:24
aveilleuxdebnewb: is linux-headers installed?20:24
debnewbthere are 3 of them in synaptic linux-headers-2.6.32-22, linux-headers-general and linux-headers-2.6.32-22-general20:27
debnewblinux-headers-2.6.32-22-generic sorry.20:27
aveilleuxdebnewb: Install the first one20:28
debnewbthose 3 are install already.  should I remove the other 2?20:29
aveilleuxdebnewb: No.20:30
debnewbwell I'm completely stumped20:33
aveilleuxdebnewb: What hardware?20:34
debnewbI've been reading everything I can find and trying all the different solutions, since early this morning.20:34
debnewbGeforce 2 ultra20:34
aveilleuxdebnewb: Last I checked cards that old didn't need a binary driver20:36
aveilleuxdebnewb: Did you blacklist Nouveau?20:36
aveilleuxdebnewb: Paste the output of lspci | grep -i nvidia please?20:38
eksenikshey guys20:39
aveilleux!topic |ekseniks20:40
ubot2ekseniks: Please read the channel topic whenever you enter, as it contains important information. To view it at any time after joining, simply type /topic20:40
aveilleuxOops. Wrong one.20:40
zkriesselol aveilleux20:40
aveilleuxI don't remember the right command D:20:40
ekseniksi don't know if this a bad thing but i think i can see y'alls IP addy :/20:40
zkriesseekseniks: what?20:40
aveilleuxekseniks: That's the hostmask. That doesn't matter.20:40
eksenikslike when someone joins20:40
zkriesseekseniks: oh hostmask doesn't matter20:41
ekseniksoh ok cool..20:41
zkriesseekseniks: look at mine20:41
ekseniksye you don't have it :P20:41
ekseniksaveilleux, you have it :)20:41
aveilleuxekseniks: I know.20:41
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=== ZachK- is now known as zkriesse
zkriesseaveilleux: you should request a cloak in #freenode20:43
aveilleuxzkreisse: I'll get around to it. My IP address is publicly available through a ping of sublevel21.com.20:44
zkriesseaveilleux: ah20:44
zkriessenUboon2Age: welcome20:45
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ekseniksso guys being new to this, is there a way you can play games decently? like games not built for linux20:51
aveilleuxekseniks: WINE20:52
ekseniksdoes it have support for directx and stuff?20:52
aveilleuxekseniks: Kind of.20:53
ekseniks:/ my pc isn't exactly a perfect gaming rig :/20:54
aveilleuxekseniks: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wine_%28software%29  also http://appdb.winehq.org/20:55
aveilleuxQuick question. Is it possible to create a CLI LiveCD, and if so, how?20:59
AnotheridiotIm looking for some help installing a patch from launchpad21:08
iceflatlineaveilleux: you might try remastersys21:15
aveilleuxiceflatline: Doesn't support pure CLI. It operates on a CLI, but the resulting LiveCD is not.21:16
iceflatlineahh.. I understand what you're asking for now. Nevermind then :)21:18
paultagAhha Anotheridiot21:19
paultagAnotheridiot, you did ask in here21:19
AnotheridiotI did,21:20
AnotheridiotThanks paultag21:20
paultagAnotheridiot, can you send me a copy of the patch?21:20
paultagAnotheridiot, just so I know what format it's in21:20
ubot2Launchpad bug 367175 in thunderbird (Ubuntu) (and 1 other project) "thunderbird not using indicator applet (affects: 72) (dups: 1) (heat: 430)" [Wishlist,In progress]21:20
AnotheridiotThats the bug Im looking at21:20
Anotheridiotand the patch is listed at : http://launchpadlibrarian.net/46519932/desktop.patch21:20
AnotheridiotOther than manually creating the files which I am way too rusty at I cant think how else to do it21:21
paultagAnotheridiot, I take it you don't manage this package?21:22
Anotheridiotno I dont21:23
paultagAnotheridiot, this looks like a patch on the debian config directory ( debian/ )21:23
Anotheridiotbasically Im new to ubunty21:23
Anotheridiotkeep typoing that *ubuntu21:23
paultagAnotheridiot, so you can checkout the dsc and apply this patch and do a build on it21:23
paultagAnotheridiot, where did you come from?21:23
AnotheridiotBeen a general networking geek for the last 15 odd years - OS wise windows background21:24
paultagAnotheridiot, so the way this works:21:24
paultagAnotheridiot, the applications don't come from the author in .exe format, they are in a source format that you ./configure, make and make install21:24
paultagAnotheridiot, this lead to sloppyness, so package managers were created ( you can't remove something that is make installed )21:24
paultagAnotheridiot, so debian uses a package tool called "dpkg"21:25
paultagAnotheridiot, and dpkg contains goodies such as dependencies ( to keep footprint down ) copyright, maintainer and all kinds of other goodies21:25
paultagAnotheridiot, this patch would be applied by the debian packager before it creates a .deb21:26
paultagAnotheridiot, so it would be best ( unless you want to learn how to package ) to just wait :)21:26
Anotheridiotdependencies I get - had a little *nix experience21:26
paultagAnotheridiot, aye21:26
paultagAnotheridiot, let me see if it's hit any repos for ya21:26
AnotheridiotI think RH 6 was my last go at it21:27
Anotheridiotprobably still have the CD's21:27
paultagAnotheridiot, ahha, RHEL uses "rpms"21:27
paultagAnotheridiot, we use debs21:27
Anotheridiotyeah remember those21:27
Anotheridiotso the debs are packages, and the patch is a modification to the package which should be made before the app installation ?21:28
paultagAnotheridiot, yeah, it's actually modifing some of that debian only data21:28
paultagAnotheridiot, looks like this issue was just fixed upstream21:29
Anotheridiotcompletely silly question - upstream to me is a bandwidth term what does it mean in this context ?21:30
paultagAnotheridiot, :)21:30
paultagAnotheridiot, upstream means where we got the code from21:30
paultagAnotheridiot, so for Ubuntu it's Debian, and for Debian it's the authors21:30
aveilleuxAnotheridiot, On the development cycle, you are downstream. The developers are upstream.21:31
paultagAnotheridiot, and it was fixed by the authors, so it will be put into debian, and then into Ubuntu21:31
Anotheridiotahhh Its like a hierarchy of software dev21:31
paultagAnotheridiot, aye :)21:31
paultagAnotheridiot, and Debian and Redhat's upstream is the same21:31
Anotheridiotgot it - thanks21:31
paultagkk :)21:31
AnotheridiotOff to Bugzilla now by the looks of it :)21:34
jgws1what happened to the remote login controls in ubuntu 1022:04
Silver_Fox_In what sense jgws1  ?22:06
Silver_Fox_And hello ;)22:06
jgws1sorry, i'm a slow multi-tasker22:09
jgws1im trying to set up my ubuntu 10 as a headless system22:09
jgws1stepping away.  will read log later if someone replies to my question.22:15
geirhajgws1: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FreeNX22:19
geirhaOr maybe you want https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UbuntuLTSP22:23
tpjmiamihi, can't seem to see the other participants on the right side22:44
tpjmiamiwas talking to hobgoblin earlier about a sound issue22:45
Silver_Fox_hobgoblin is no longer in this channel tpjmiami22:46
Silver_Fox_Can we assist you with the same issue ?22:46
tpjmiamiwould be grateful, thks22:46
Silver_Fox_What was the trouble you were experiencing ?22:47
tpjmiamifirstly, any idea how i can see the other chat participants on the right side of this window?22:47
Silver_Fox_Which irc client are you using ?22:47
tpjmiamion  ubuntu 10.0422:47
aveilleuxtpjmiami: I don't believe Empathy has that capability22:47
tpjmiamijust had it this afternoon22:48
ekseniksxchat ftw22:48
aveilleuxtpjmiami: Empathy is very immature, I would reccomend XChat+Pidgin.22:48
Silver_Fox_irc is supported by empathy22:49
tpjmiamianyway, back to the sound issue22:49
tpjmiaminew ubuntu user, upgraded from 9.10 to 10.04 a month ago22:50
tpjmiami2 problems w/ external headsets: 1) mic not recognised when plugged into front (non-USB) jack, and 2) headphone wouldn't block out speakers when plugged into its respective jack22:51
tpjmiami(empathy is horrible... can't type much w/o window growing incessantly)22:52
tpjmiamitried the following:22:52
tpjmiami1) installing device chooser, none of the inputs finds the mic22:53
tpjmiami2) replacing pulseaudio w/ esound entirely, as per this page: ubuntuforums.org/archive/index.php/t-1229804.html22:53
tpjmiami3) ended up w/ neither PA nor esound working at all, no sound control at all, so did this: ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=137766822:54
tpjmiami4) hobgoblin helped me re-install PA vol ctrl and devchooser22:55
tpjmiamiso back to square 122:55
tpjmiamican control sound fine22:55
tpjmiamibut external mic not recognised22:55
tpjmiamiwould just love some guidance here22:56
tpjmiamilaptop is acer aspire 505022:56
tpjmiamiany ideas?22:57
tenachHey! I used to have one of those.22:58
tenachSadly, I have not had anything above 8.04 on it.22:58
tpjmiamitenach:  i can say 9.10 made it run like usain bolt compared to vista22:59
tpjmiami10.04 good too... great video streaming22:59
tpjmiamibut these little mic issues are very annoying22:59
tpjmiamilike being able to navigate a satellite but can't add 2+222:59
tenachSo it's not the integrated mic, correct?23:00
tpjmiamino, the external one (non-USB jack)23:00
tenacher, I just caught up on it. You happened to specify as I came in.23:00
tenachPlugging into the front mic input then.23:00
tpjmiamiand again, the headphones don't block out the speakers23:01
tenachI had that issue on 8.04.23:01
tenachAll I ended up doing was muting the speakers and not the headset.23:01
* tenach goes to look around.23:02
tpjmiamiany thoughts in the meantime silverfox23:03
Silver_Fox_Sorry,  just reading logs  tpjmiami23:07
tpjmiamino worries, found the right side userlist23:07
tpjmiamiwas minimized next to the scroll bar23:07
tpjmiamitenach, did you get those URLs i posted?23:11
Silver_Fox_When the headphones are plugged in you still get audio from front speakers yes ?23:11
Silver_Fox_I have that issue on my laptop23:12
tpjmiamiand no mic sound sent (fails Skype call test)23:12
Silver_Fox_The easiest thing i do is mute the front speaker manually via the volume control23:13
tenachtpjmiami, yeah I did.23:13
tpjmiamisilver_fox: doesn't work, it mutes out the headphones also23:20
aveilleuxtpjmiami: Did you set the audio profile in System > Preferences > Sound to match what you have? Should be something likt23:21
aveilleuxtpjmiami: like* analog stereo duplex23:23
tpjmiamiaveilleux: under which tab?23:23
tpjmiamiunder Hardware-Choose a device to configure, i have INternal audio, analog stereo duplex23:26
tpjmiamianyone here?23:34
aveilleuxtpjmiami: Sorry, went off to eat.23:35
aveilleuxtpjmiami: That's the correct setting, yeah23:35
tpjmiamitenach, still there?23:37
tpjmiamiaveilleux, still stuck on this23:40
aveilleuxtpjmiami, what do you have listed under the output tab?23:41
tpjmiamiunder choose a device i have internal audio analog stereo23:42
tpjmiamiand connector is analog speakers23:42
aveilleuxtpjmiami: Sorry, what do you mean by "connector"?23:44
tpjmiamiunder Settings for the selected device, in Output23:45
aveilleuxUhm.... can you send a screenshot or something? I'm afraid I don't follow exactly what you're saying. http://imgur.com/23:46
tpjmiamilook wrong?23:50
switchgirlanyone else noticed that bbc are fading out on real media streams? http://www.bbc.co.uk/blogs/radiolabs/2009/10/realmedia_an_update.shtml it's a shame as i enjoyed listening to the streams from rhythmbox - the only option is wma and that's unsupported in Linux23:57
zkriessetpjmiami: HI!23:58

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