CynthiaGlooks like the latest librsvg2-2 introduced a regression, I see bad rendering in my Lucid VM00:19
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apacheloggerLucidFox: seems like a likely enough thing to happen ^^08:54
ikormI would like to know if anyone is up to date with ati drivers on ubuntu. Proprietary ones13:41
ikormThey keep freezing my laptop, and a lot of people have troubles with them on ubuntu.13:41
ikormWhere should I adress this, here or do I need to take it to Ati website?13:41
Gryllidaikorm: !ATI <ubottu> https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BinaryDriverHowto This guide and its subpages describe how to install the proprietary binary/restricted drivers provided by video card manufacturers.13:45
Gryllidaikorm: I think take to ATI support, not to here.13:45
Gryllidaikorm: unless it is a request to update a driver in the repo13:46
rlameiroanyone in here worked with python-apt?13:49
rlameiroi needex to know how to add a ppa with it13:50
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froudHi everyone. where is the file that holds the setting for session type GNOME | BLACKBOX. I want to be able to edit this setting via bash shell script, not via the login screen session drop list.14:34
Q-FUNKdoko: could you check something with gas?15:08
Q-FUNKdoko:  https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/binutils/+bug/58718615:09
ubottuLaunchpad bug 587186 in gcc-4.4 (Ubuntu) "libc6 upgrade fails: illegal instruction" [High,Triaged]15:09
geserrlameiro: you could look how apt-add-repository does it.15:19
rlameirothanks geser, i will15:24
fmuellnermy apologies if this is not the appropriate channel for these kinds of questions15:53
fmuellneri'm looking for the most graceful manner to disable app-indicators in order to resolve https://bugzilla.gnome.org/show_bug.cgi?id=62138215:54
ubottuGnome bug 621382 in general "Ubuntu Lucid - indicators need to be killed before starting gnome-shell" [Normal,Unconfirmed]15:54
fmuellnerkilling seems like a pretty rude solution - i'm not using ubuntu myself, so any help would be very much appreciated15:54
kklimondafmuellner: killing indicator-application-service16:42
kklimondashould be enough16:42
fmuellnerkklimonda: thanks!16:42
fmuellnerkklimonda: would that process be restarted with gnome-panel?16:43
kklimondafmuellner: hmm.. let me see.16:44
kklimondafmuellner: yes, killing gnome-panel, then killing indicator-application-service and starting gnome-panel again does restart indicator-application-service itself.16:45
fmuellnerkklimonda: cool, thanks a lot!16:45
BlackZpitti: are you working to the cdbs merge?17:32
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jdongHmph. I wish there existed a timezone aware ssh hack :)19:53
jdonge.g. Based on source IP geolocation set the timezone in the session19:53
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un214it's time for plymouth to go.21:13
un214it can't even do its job without specific drivers anymore21:14
hyperairo rly?21:14
ubottuLaunchpad bug 593408 in plymouth (Ubuntu) "nothing is visible on screen during boot sequence with fbcon disabled -- really annoying when the system decided to run a periodic fsck" [Undecided,New]21:14
un214fbcon has always been broke on this system so don't get any bright ideas21:15
hyperairso get it fixed.21:16
hyperairfbcon isn't a "specific driver"21:16
hyperairit's a generic one.21:16
hyperairfyi, i'm not using nouveau on my desktop, and it displays the terrible looking lowres splash, but still works.21:17
un214I got tired of the crashes21:17
un214fbcon-vesa is misaligned21:18
CynthiaGfbcon-vesa is probably displaying at 640x48021:18
hyperairhow about filing a real bug report about that? i'm sure the nouveau people will like more information.21:18
CynthiaGwhich you can perform a (separate) monitor auto-adjustment for21:18
un214monitor auto-adjust isn't going to work in this case21:18
hyperairwhat you're saying is that "X technology doesn't work without Y technology, which should work for everyone, but due to a few bugs can't work for me. so let's remove X technology instead of fixing Y technology"21:19
hyperairi'm sure you understand what's wrong with what i just highlighted.21:19
CynthiaGnouveau is in active development yes, and they need hardware dumps21:19
jdong_hyperair: I think "plymouth uses fbcon which is more than the old bootsys that just needed a VGA text console, which causes regressions" is fairly valid of a complaint.21:19
jdong_of course, "we should remove plymouth" isn't a solution21:20
un214well since the hardware is actually bad21:20
un214nouveau isn't going to be able to fix it21:20
CynthiaGDoes Nouveau work while in X/GNOME/whatever?21:20
un214it's unstable21:20
CynthiaGIf the hardware is bad... what are the Nouveau guys to do about it, in software?21:21
hyperairjdong_: oh how i wish we can take such an outlook on everything new on ubuntu that causese regressions. but yes i agree.21:21
un214the motherboard designers put two devices on the same address and wrote special windows drivers to make it work21:21
hyperairjdong_: in particular, i'm annoyed that plymouth doesn't give me my usual verbose initialization messages.21:22
CynthiaGthe nouveau project can implement that split too, even if not right now21:22
un214I can't afford to wait21:22
un214seriously I have so few services that I don't need the parallel boot sequence21:23
un214how hard would it be to check [ -x /sbin/plymouthd] || run each boot service attached to the console in turn21:23
* CynthiaG thinks she misunderstands Plymouth versus Upstart, or that you do21:24
CynthiaGPlymouth is just the splash screen that messages get written onto, and Upstart handles the parallel booting... at least Upstart did that in Karmic21:24
un214CynthiaG: In karmic that was right21:24
un214in lucid it doesn't seem to be21:24
hyperaircan't you apt-get purge plymouth, though?21:25
un214I tried.21:25
un214it wants to remove e2fsprogs21:25
CynthiaGe2fsprogs depends on plymouth? :|21:26
CynthiaGsounds like a very ugly kludge21:26
hyperaire2fsprogs doesn't depend on plymouth21:27
hyperairhowever, mountall does21:27
un214e2fsprogs depends on sysvinit-tools which depends on upstart which depends on plymouth21:27
hyperairso the bug should be on mountall.21:27
hyperairer no21:28
hyperairupstart doesn't depend on plymouth21:28
CynthiaGConfusing dependency chain is confusing? :(21:28
hyperairupstart depends on mountall21:28
hyperairmountall depends on plymouth21:29
hyperairmountall is the buggy one21:29
hyperairit should function without plymouth21:29
hyperairso file a bug21:29
CynthiaGhyperair @ un214 or me?21:29
* hyperair isn't really interested in the issue.21:29
hyperairwhoever's interested, file a bug.21:30
CynthiaGI wouldn't be such a great source of information on the issue because I'm not having it :\21:30
un214CynthiaG: you can force the issue by adding alias fbcon off to /etc/modprobe.conf21:30
hyperairor blacklist fbcon21:31
CynthiaGun214: even in a VM, you think?21:31
CynthiaGa VM of the LiveCD21:31
un214hyperair: I have another bug for blacklist fbcon doesn't work21:31
un214believe me I tried that one21:31
CynthiaGactually, never mind, I've just created a virtual hard drive and will try what you say21:33
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un214I was talking to some others earlier and they say the dependency is reall -- w/o plymouth no boot program can talk to the console21:43
un214I really wish they had bolted the parallel init on top of sysvinit -- it'd make it a lot easier for me to find out what scripts run at boot time in what order21:50
jdong_what order... in a parallel init system? :)21:52
psusithat statement hurts my head21:53
un214I need to know the critical ones bucause if you can't fix this I get to replace all the bootscripts21:54
psusilike saying I want different process contexts, but they all share the same memory21:54
un214besides, there exists a partial order (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Topsort)21:55
psusithe only ordering is between jobs that depend on each other... which you can see in the init script21:55
CynthiaGun214: creating /etc/modprobe.conf with the line "alias fbcon off" in it does absolutely nothing21:56
un214oh that's right they moved it21:56
CynthiaGcreate a file in /etc/modprobe.d instead?21:56
un214I actually ended up adding it to /etc/modprobe.d/blacklist.conf21:56
jdong_psusi: don't say depend on each other or keybuk is gonna come in here screaming at you ;-)21:56
psusijdong, hey... care to sponsor the defrag package? ;)21:56
jdong_psusi: whoa, where's this defrag package??21:57
un214jdond_: there is such a thing as co-depends21:57
psusilol... it may not be 100% accurate, but still a useful generalization concept ;)21:57
jdong_un214: I'm not arguing with that, it's not proper terminology for Upstart :)21:57
jdong_but yes, you can do a topological sort by Upstart events :)21:57
psusijdong, didn't see my post the other day to the motu mailing list?  launchpad.net/e2defrag is the project.... has link to bzr repo and source tarball for the release I made the other day... binary build in my ppa21:58
jdong_I used to have a script that did that21:58
jdong_psusi: neeeeat; no unfortunately I've been swamped with work lately21:58
psusiand I've even tested it on up to 2tb disks21:58
psusimade some changes to allow that without needing 6gb of ram21:58
CynthiaGun214: /etc/modprobe.d/blacklist.conf +alias fbcon off still does absolutely nothing for me, in the VM21:59
un214CynthiaG: did you run update-initramfs afterwords21:59
psusiand in the process ran into a kernel bug... I was trying to go over 2tb and found that lvm snapshots silently wrap around at 2tb21:59
CynthiaGun214: oh, no I didn't21:59
CynthiaGI'll do that21:59
psusiyou can use snapshots of a zero target to create a virtual disk of huge size with a smaller backing store... was going to use that to try making a 4tb disk to defrag, but it's all hosed up because of the wraparound22:00
CynthiaGaha un214, now it did something! the boot screen was green, and I can see absolutely nothing instead of the login screen22:02
un214ok you hit the situation but not the bug22:02
psusithat reminds me... I need to poke Keybuck about merging my ureadahead changes22:02
un214hit Alt-F1 to get login22:02
CynthiaGI heard the drum-like thing that serves as the login ready indication22:02
CynthiaGUbuntu 10.04 LTS abra tty1 || abra login:22:02
un214somehow I got that green screen broken22:02
psusiand I still haven't heard from Ted about my e2fsck patch....22:02
CynthiaGthat's what virtual terminal 1 says22:03
un214CynthiaG: my bug is somehow I'm no longer getting the green screen22:03
CynthiaGWhat are you getting instead?22:04
un214blackness until login prompt22:04
CynthiaGwell, in any case, it's not the Ubuntu logo and the five circles22:04
CynthiaGwhich is to be expected since blacklisting fbcon22:04
un214I'll bet that if I got fsck to ask me any questions during boot it hangs forever22:05
CynthiaGHowever, I only get a login prompt for GNOME (vt7) after I do like you said and switch to vt122:05
un214I run KDE and don't have the problem22:05
un214(*dm login not working)22:06
CynthiaGit would probably hang forever if fsck needed to ask you anything, yes22:06
CynthiaGbut I think the on-boot fsck is non-interactive22:06
CynthiaGuntil it needs to boot you to a maintenance shell, that is. And then I don't know what it does, but it should switch to a sane terminal22:06
un214CynthiaG: last I checked maintenance boot doesn't use plymouth22:07
CynthiaGI don't mean a maintenance boot (single-user), I mean fsck having unrecoverable errors and throwing you into a maintenance shell from a normal boot :)22:08
un214who knows what that's gonna do22:08
CynthiaGErrors such as "mount time in the future" from Karmic22:08
un214My money's on wrong console acrtive22:08
CynthiaGThose threw me to a maintenance shell during the alphas22:09
un214that shouldn't be an error -- it means the system clock is off until it can sync to network22:09
CynthiaGI know, but they were still considered unrecoverable in Karmic22:09
CynthiaGOff-topic fun fact: Apparently a Lucid install needs to read 157 MB of data between boot and the GNOME desktop.22:13
un214I'm gonna play a hunch and see if I get usable feedback with chmod -x plymouth22:15
un214test will take awhile22:16
jdong_what does marking plymouth non-executable do?22:19
CynthiaGprevents it from being run, without necessarily removing the package22:20
CynthiaGbecause removing plymouth the package would also delete e2fsprogs because of a dependency22:20
jdong_and how will that help him see messages that otherwise plymouth is unable to print??22:22
CynthiaGs/he is testing a bug that is making plymouth unable to print things anyway22:23
ubottuLaunchpad bug 593408 in plymouth (Ubuntu) "nothing is visible on screen during boot sequence with fbcon disabled -- really annoying when the system decided to run a periodic fsck" [Undecided,New]22:23
CynthiaGand with fbcon enabled, it's apparently misaligned enough that still nothing is visible, or something22:24
jdong_well not allowing plymouth to run isn't gonna cause the boot system to print anything either22:24
CynthiaG*boggles* :)22:25
CynthiaGI wonder what that person wants to achieve now22:25
un214well chmod -x /sbin/plymouthd resulted in the boot feedback showing up again22:26
CynthiaGIn a console?22:27
CynthiaGEr. Text console.22:27
un214yup, right on tty122:27
jdong_I was unaware of such a fallback except for init scripts22:27
CynthiaGSo that's what you wanted to achieve.22:27
un214not quite22:27
jdong_stuff like mountall IIRC directly called plymouth APIs to output22:27
un214I've got to go find the options being used to call fsck and change them22:28
psusiCynthiaG, sounds about right... that's why I've been working on using defrag to pack all that data in order at the start of the disk so it gets pulled in faster ;)22:28
CynthiaGpsusi: So e2defrag is also a boot-sequence optimiser?22:28
jdong_CynthiaG: psusi is combining it with ureadahead to make it such :)22:28
psusiif you don't want a gui boot console, just pass "text" on the kernel command line and it will remain in 25 line mode22:28
CynthiaGOho! That sounds awesome22:29
un214jdong: looks like I get to go break mountall then22:29
un214I'll bet he's the one calling fsck anyway22:29
jdong_or probably just find the 9.04 version anyway :)22:29
psusiCynthiaG, not exactly... but you can give it a list of files that should be given priority when packing... such as a list pulled from the ureadahead pack file ;)22:29
un214psusi: tried that doesn't work22:29
CynthiaGpsusi: Sounds even more awesome :D22:30
un214ugh goodbye mountall22:42
un214replacing it with fsck -a && mount -a22:43
psusiyou mean fsck -p22:43
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un214no actually I mean fsck -A22:43
psusiboot time fsck is run in prone mode... not to mention that the rest of the system won't boot without mountall22:44
psusierr, yea, that one ;)22:44
psusishit... I'm getting old.22:44
un214you want to fix mountall to not depend on plymouth?22:44
un214remember, plymouth is broken for me22:45
psusiyou should probably fix it then22:46
un214can't determine why its broken22:47
* psusi watches defrag do its thing22:47
lifeless \o/22:50
un214anyway reading the plymouth source made the problem obvious22:57
un214/bin/plymouth was damaged22:58
un214I'm still probably gonna make a mountall-noplymouth as this thing's bloody stupid23:00
psusicjwatson, have you seen my e2fsck patch in bug #556621?  Wondering if you had any thoughts on it.23:05
ubottuLaunchpad bug 556621 in e2fsprogs (Ubuntu) "lazy_itable_init not on by default" [Wishlist,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/55662123:05
psusicjwatson,  also could you possibly help move bug #568050 along by uploading the fix to lucid-proposed?  This was a serious regression that prevents installation for effected users so I'd like to see it make it in for the 10.04.1 respin23:10
ubottuLaunchpad bug 568050 in parted (Ubuntu) "Ubuntu 10.04 can't create partition on fakeraid" [High,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/56805023:10

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