MTecknologyIn the lucid kernel git repo - there's Ubuntu-lts-2.6.35-2.3 <-- -lts and .35 are confusing me..02:01
bjfMTecknology, we are going to be supporting back-ported kernels for lts (server)02:09
bjfMTecknology, there is a blueprint somewhere about it ... just a sec02:09
bjfMTecknology, ^02:10
bjfMTecknology, the blueprint doesn't have much info but the linked spec does02:11
MTecknologybjf: thanks :)02:12
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KhaaLHey all, I'm using the latest RC kernel 2.6.35 from http://kernel.ubuntu.com/~kernel-ppa/mainline/ on Lucid. Its working well (i got decent I/O throughput and kernel 12309 seems to be solved!) but my soundcard Creative X-Fi ceased to exist. why is that, has something changed in alsa support in this kernel or should I have done something after the kernel installation?07:48
Sleep_WalkerAceLan: ping, please08:23
Sleep_WalkerAceLan: what relation is between araneo and erdos?08:29
Sleep_WalkerAceLan: are there any plans about newer versions of araneo?08:29
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Flek74hello, is here somebody?18:04
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