c7pnight all00:54
arulalansorry folks. wrongly sent01:37
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godbykFresh builds are up at http://builds.ubuntu-manual.org/.02:01
godbykThough it appears I've broken them.02:01
godbykGuess I'll rebuild 'em real quick.02:03
godbykThere, that's better.  Builds are up again.02:14
Zeikehi all03:42
Zeikeafter skimming the script of the meeting earlier03:44
ZeikeI'm extremely interested by the quickstart booklets03:44
Zeikethat looks quite good07:21
humphreybcthanks :)07:53
ubuntujenkinsmorning all09:01
humphreybchey Luke09:02
humphreybcI have made significant progress on the new site design09:02
humphreybchave all the pages done except three :P09:02
humphreybcIt looks... beautiful if I don't say so myself09:02
ubuntujenkinsnice what about qucikshot?09:02
humphreybcYeah, that's coming next09:02
humphreybcit's getting a brand new design09:03
ubuntujenkinsyey \0/09:03
ubuntujenkinsyea I ahev donw 50% of the gui we need a logo and a website09:03
ubuntujenkins*have done09:03
* nisshh is hacking on the quickly tutorial code09:03
humphreybcwatching a movie, gotta go!09:04
ubuntujenkinssee ya09:04
* thorwil just went through the meeting log09:13
ubuntujenkinsa lot of banter and gneral chat in it :)09:13
thorwilsignal to noise ratio ain't bad, actually09:14
nisshhno kidding09:14
ubuntujenkinsthere was a bit of football discussion09:15
thorwilhumphreybc: i think zope and django both appear to be rather grown and wsgi is an afterthought. the best-of-bread and wsgi right from start of pylons and turbogears (turbogears adds to plyons) seems way more appealing09:16
nisshhhumphreybc: i have something to show you!09:18
nisshhdo you have a minute?09:19
ubuntujenkinschannel challenge: We hope to get a program in the ubuntu repos for people to download the manual in there language. Any suggestions on what we should call it?09:23
thorwilmanubabel. getting-fish09:25
nisshhubuntujenkins: manual-get?09:27
ubuntujenkinsthorwil: prometheus is in greek mythology aparently09:29
ubuntujenkinsare there any other words for get but in a different langauge?09:29
* nisshh only knows english09:33
nisshhubuntujenkins: manual-downloader09:33
ubuntujenkinsI perefer downloader over get or fetcher09:34
nisshhso do i09:34
nisshhi think the full name should be Ubuntu Manual Downloader, and the package name should be um-downloader09:35
ubuntujenkinsThats my favorate at the moment I will probably do a vote in a meeting once the program is donw09:37
ubuntujenkinsbecome a fan of quickshot http://www.facebook.com/pages/Quickshot/101156256602775?ref=search09:47
shrinisudo apt-get install ubuntu-manual09:48
shriniis it possible?09:48
ubuntujenkinshmm what twitter name should i use quickshot is taken and quickshotproject is to long09:49
ubuntujenkinsshrini: figures crossed it may be in maverick09:49
humphreybcnisshh: sure now I do09:54
ubuntujenkinsquickshotteam ok for twitter?09:54
* ubuntujenkins goes for quickshotteam for twitter09:57
ubuntujenkinswhat! : Twitter is over capacity.10:00
ubuntujenkinsToo many tweets! Please wait a moment and try again.10:00
humphreybcFail whale strikes again10:01
ubuntujenkinslol fail whale10:01
ubuntujenkinsdoes anyone know if fedora has a launchpad ppa equivalent ?10:05
nisshhhumphreybc: anyway, getting back to what i was going to show you11:26
nisshhhumphreybc: i have a link here somewhere11:26
nisshhhumphreybc: http://blog.didrocks.fr/index.php/post/Simple-Comme-Ubuntu,-my-CC:BY-SA-book-has-now-4-years!11:27
nisshhi told didrocks the other day i would show you this, it is the book he maintains thats in the repos11:28
nisshhi think we could take a thing or two from it, but its in french11:28
ubuntujenkinsnisshh: what is it in the repos?11:29
quickshotdevsubuntujenkins: Error: "ppa" is not a valid command.11:55
quickshotdevsAlready using Ubuntu 10.04? Add our PPA by running these commands in a terminal(Applications → Accessories → Terminal):  $ sudo add-apt-repository ppa:quickshotdevs/quickshot-release   $ sudo apt-get update   $ sudo apt-get install quickshot'11:55
quickshotdevsubuntujenkins: Error: "ppa" is not a valid command.11:57
quickshotdevsAlready using Ubuntu 10.04? Add our PPA by running these commands in a terminal(Applications → Accessories → Terminal):  $ sudo add-apt-repository ppa:quickshotdevs/quickshot-release   $ sudo apt-get update   $ sudo apt-get install quickshot'11:57
nisshhubuntujenkins: its a package in the repos called, simplecommeubuntu and once installed there is a pdf in /usr/share/doc/simplecommeubuntu/11:58
ubuntujenkinscheers nisshh11:59
nisshhno prob11:59
nisshhits in french though and its installed by default on the french livecd12:00
quickshotdevsAlready using Ubuntu 10.04? Add our PPA by running these commands in a terminal(Applications → Accessories → Terminal):  $ sudo add-apt-repository ppa:quickshotdevs/quickshot-release   $ sudo apt-get update   $ sudo apt-get install quickshot'12:00
ubuntujenkinsbot fixed12:01
* ubuntujenkins quickshot has two twitter followers12:01
* ubuntujenkins quickshot has six facebook followers12:02
humphreybcyou guys wanna see something cool?12:24
ubuntujenkinswhen do we not?12:25
ubuntujenkinshttp://twitter.com/QuickshotTeam and http://www.facebook.com/home.php?#!/pages/Quickshot/101156256602775?ref=ts is also cool12:26
ubuntujenkinshumphreybc: I like them, they look really good12:27
ubuntujenkinswe need 25 people on facebook to get a facebook username for the quickshot page become a fan please ^12:30
humphreybcI joined :)12:31
nisshhubuntujenkins: i would if i bothered with facebook at all, i dont even use it12:38
* nisshh uses identi.ca!12:38
ubuntujenkinsI have only just started using twitter i should also use identica12:40
humphreybchelp me! http://twitter.com/humphreybc/status/1606671727012:54
nisshhhumphreybc: so you want help designing the getinvolved page?12:56
humphreybcnisshh: just for ideas13:00
humphreybcI have a few I'm going to try13:00
humphreybcjust have a think what would be cool13:00
nisshhwhat are your ideas?13:00
nisshhso i dont repeat yours13:01
humphreybcIt's hard to describe using words :P13:01
humphreybcI would like to get some animation in there13:01
nisshhok, hang on my freaking mum wants me to reboot, ill brb13:06
humphreybcubuntujenkins: I'm going to take some artistic licence with the QS website :P13:07
humphreybcthorwil: When you've got a minute, have a look at these: http://humphreybc.homeip.net/files/ump-web.zip13:08
nisshhright im back humphreybc13:10
nisshhstupid non-tech mum13:10
nisshhdoesnt know anything13:10
nisshhhumphreybc: anyway, you want an idea with some animation right?13:11
nisshhhumphreybc: you have every right to laugh i have to log her into her own gmail every morning13:12
humphreybcSomething that's very visual, where they can hover or click on the roles and something pops up/slides out to explain some more13:12
humphreybcI feel the page is a bit too long13:12
humphreybcand the poor designer role is all the way at the bottom13:12
nisshhyea its a bit long to be useful13:12
nisshhthe site just uses html + javascript right now yea?13:13
humphreybcand CSS, obviously13:13
nisshhoh yea13:13
humphreybcAnyway, implementation is for daker to worry about13:13
nisshhsilly me13:13
humphreybcI just design shit and send him the PSD :P13:13
nisshhi like the philosphy page thats a nice touch13:14
nisshhwell, it would look a bit gay just having the colored buttons in a list13:14
humphreybcI'd probably lose some of the colour13:14
humphreybcI kinda want to make it more of a tour...13:15
ubuntujenkinswhat about the current buttons in a circle and then when you clicked on them the page changed to that button and the info about it?13:15
humphreybcubuntujenkins: yeah, a circle could work. Having the roles closer together is good.13:15
humphreybcI also want to get some of those cheesy recommendation lines from "current employees"13:15
nisshhubuntujenkins: yea thats pretty good13:15
humphreybcyou know, like "I'm an author and I love it. The team is so fantastic and it's awesome and shit. - John Doe, author"13:16
nisshhhumphreybc: what do you mean?13:16
nisshhah i get it13:16
humphreybcand then a real cheesy photo of them13:16
nisshhyea, but we arent actually selling anything13:16
humphreybcI think we can do something much cooler with the get involved page though13:16
humphreybcnisshh: ah, that's where you're wrong!13:16
nisshhso it would be kind of strange13:16
humphreybcwe're not selling things *for money* but we're selling our manual, and selling the concept of our team to future contributors who are looking for a project to join.13:17
humphreybcand, for USLC, we're selling the idea to potential backers and other contributors and teams13:17
humphreybcwe're also trying to recruit people13:17
humphreybcI approach our team as a business :)13:17
humphreybcanyway, I need to hit the sack!13:18
nisshhyea, i was thinking "product" sorry, wrong on my part there13:18
nisshhgnight, humphreybc13:19
humphreybchave fun in aussie where it's WARM13:19
nisshhis that jelousy i hear?13:20
dutchiegodbyk: ping re personal latex project13:51
quickshotdevsNew news from manualplanet: Per Erik Glærum Grønvik: Another review of Ubuntu15:31
thorwilhrmpf, bad timing16:15
nisshhthorwil: meh, whys that?16:18
thorwilnisshh: missed humphreybc. though, i have to say a bicycle tour with my brother beats irc :)16:20
nisshhthorwil: hehe, yea, he went to sleep ages ago16:21
thorwilnisshh: short log since then mislead me a bit16:21
ubuntujenkinshow are we all doing?19:08
ubuntujenkinsgodbyk: godbyk-sagan ping19:16
thorwilanyone here got the lightwindow code from stickmanlabs at hand? damn site is down19:23
c7phey godbyk20:19
c7ptora esu milas?20:31
c7poops wrong window :/20:32
c7pnight all20:55
godbykHas everyone who wanted to talked to me left now? Is it safe to come out? :)21:32
ubuntujenkinsgodbyk: I want to go first please :)21:32
godbykubuntujenkins: Fire away!21:32
ubuntujenkinscan we skype?21:33
godbykSure.  You'll have to give me a few minutes to install it, though.21:33
godbyk(New PC.)21:33
godbykIt's so insanely fast compared to my previous PC.21:34
ubuntujenkinscool just scanning something21:35
ubuntujenkinswhen ever you are ready21:40
godbykI don't know if all the audio stuff is set up correctly, but we'll give it a shot.21:43
flanHow many people here actually click 'logout' when done with stuff?23:47

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