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thelinuxerhi everyone, my name is Ahmed Toulan, the official ubuntu-eg team contact11:45
thelinuxeri found out that Hardisk was applying for membership here11:45
thelinuxerand he was claiming that he is the team leader11:46
thelinuxerI am afraid this is not correct, and the only thing he really did for the team was revamping our wiki11:46
thelinuxerhe only participated in a single meeting11:46
thelinuxerhe didn't plan our last event11:47
thelinuxercan anyone tell me what should I do about it ?11:47
elkythelinuxer, you should discuss this with the LoCo Council I believe11:47
thelinuxerelky: can u please give the name of the loco council channel or mailing list?11:48
elkyI'd imagine the list would be loco-council@lists.ubuntu.com11:51
thelinuxerelky: thanx11:56
BlackZthelinuxer: don't worry too much about that ... that's a reason why he hasn't the ubuntu membership, don't you think so? also, the membership board looks for testimonials :)12:00
thelinuxerBlackZ: yeah I know, but I feel so #$#$%12:01
thelinuxerthat's not good for the team moral12:01
BlackZTheHorse: you're in the https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LoCoTeamList page for the "ubuntu-eg" team, the membership board can check that, so don't worry :)12:02
BlackZops, thelinuxer12:02
BlackZsorry TheHorse, tab mistake12:02
thelinuxerBlackZ: thanx for trying to calm me down :)12:04
BlackZthelinuxer: however I think that email doesn't exist12:08
BlackZah no, it does :)12:09
thelinuxerBlackZ: which email?12:09
BlackZthelinuxer: so send an e-mail to loco-council@lists.ubuntu.com explaining the problem12:09
BlackZas elky said12:09
thelinuxerBlackZ: i am doing that right now :D12:09
thelinuxerhi EgyParadox12:11
EgyParadoxhi thelinuxe12:12
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