lfaraoneIs there any real restriction beyond "we can distribute the binary legally" with software in multiverse? Can binary-only software be distributed this way?00:21
JanClfaraone: as long as there are no restrictions about distributing and (very important!) redistributing, that's the only restrictions AFAIK00:36
JanCfor example Adobe's flash plugin doesn't allow re-distribution, so it can't go into multiverse as is00:38
lfaraoneJanC: okay. how do we evaluate SRUs for binary-only software in multiverse? If upstream or someone with access to the source provides a new binary, we can't audit that they followed the SRU criteria, right?01:17
JanClfaraone: I suppose you'd have to rely on their word, which is exactly why open source software is preferred...01:24
JanCand I have no idea if there is any official process for that currently01:25
lfaraoneJanC: okay, thanks.01:32
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paultagHey MOTU. I'm looking to practice debian-izing a small app that I wrote. It's in python. What should I be doing to make my debianizing life easy down the road ( only thing I can think of is build system, but I'm sure there is more )03:57
paultagand by debianizing, I mean rolling it into a .deb, this is Ubuntu only ( a small app for an Ubuntu team )03:58
paultagnot that that matters :)03:58
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paultagAnyone? Bueller?04:14
micahgpaultag: are you packaging for the archive or for your own use?04:25
paultagmicahg, PPA, I am not going to be guidelines strict. I get a lot of that upstream04:25
micahgpaultag: ok, then we have a special channel for that: #ubuntu-packaging, but being the weekend, idk who's around, so patience is suggested04:26
paultagmicahg, I don't quit freenode often :)04:26
paultagmicahg, thanks :)04:26
micahgpaultag: np04:26
fabrice_spHi. atlas is FTBFS because "Warning: In order to build Atlas under i386, you need the CPU extension sse3 available on your CPU"08:01
fabrice_spis there any buildds that have sse3 capability?08:01
fabrice_spor they are all virtualized?08:02
tumbleweedfabrice_sp: ran atlas on armel all night. It still loops08:02
fabrice_sptumbleweed, thanks for trying :-)08:02
fabrice_spwhat is strange is that is doesn't seem to loop on Debian :-/08:02
fabrice_spbug in compiler?08:03
tumbleweeddunno, can't see anything obvious. But I'm off hiking this morning - will have a look later08:03
fabrice_spgood hiking then :-)08:06
BlackZfabrice_sp: openturns merge finished, I'm building it right now10:58
arandCan the debian packaging be GPLv3 when something that is packaged (e.g. images sounds) are under a "only along with this software and no modification"-type of license?10:59
BlackZarand: just specify in the debian/copyright file other licenses of the software11:04
BlackZspecifying the files11:04
arandYea, There's a whole tonne of them, since there's different contributors etc.11:07
arandSo the GPL only applies to the debian/ folder, regardless of what is packaged then?11:07
BlackZarand: yes, and the other files with the GPL license applied11:08
BlackZarand: you can follow http://svn.debian.org/wsvn/dep/web/deps/dep5.mdwn?op=file&rev=13511:09
arandOh, that's something to delve into alright..11:12
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EricBaPlease could someone revu my package at http://revu.ubuntuwire.com/details.py?package=cortina12:40
EricBai ment review12:41
EricBahier kriegt man nie ne antwort oder?12:46
geserEricBa: most people are idle, especially on weekends. And to find reviewers is at all times hard.12:49
EricBai tried many times befor12:50
EricBamany days12:50
geseryou are not the only person who has trouble to find a reviewer as only a few MOTUs do reviews12:52
fabrice_spEricBa, I'll have a look12:57
fabrice_spbut I see 6 uploads a day, I don't know if it's still stable enough12:57
BlackZfabrice_sp: merge of openturns finished bug #593284 it builds!12:58
ubottuLaunchpad bug 593284 in openturns (Ubuntu) "Please merge openturns 0.13.2-4 (universe) from debian unstable (main)" [Wishlist,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/59328412:58
fabrice_spBlackZ, cool: I'll have a look later (I'm processing the sponsoring queue)12:58
fabrice_spthanks ;-)12:58
fabrice_spEricBa, here?12:59
BlackZfabrice_sp: if you don't want to build it, http://launchpadlibrarian.net/50262430/buildlog_ubuntu-maverick-i386.openturns_0.13.2-4ubuntu1~maverick1_FULLYBUILT.txt.gz12:59
BlackZthe build will take around 1 hr12:59
fabrice_spI know :-/13:00
fabrice_spI always build locally, to check the resulting deb file13:00
fabrice_spwhy are all dependency with versions?13:00
fabrice_spit will make harder backporting, excp if mandatory13:01
EricBait needs that version13:01
EricBaok pkg-config and dbus dont need a version13:03
BlackZfabrice_sp: so you will build it locally ?13:04
fabrice_spsorry: have to go. Will check later13:04
fabrice_spBlackZ, yes13:04
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ScottKfabrice_sp: Even for i686 you can't assume sse2, so something needs to be done run time to detect if sse2 is present or not and not use it if it isn't.17:34
fabrice_spScottK, so what would be the fix for atlas in i386?17:47
fabrice_spI can desactivate the detection of sse3, but I'm not sure the package will be usable17:48
fabrice_spit compiles fine in amd6417:48
tumbleweedAutomatically Tuned Linear Algebra Software - that says it all :/17:51
tumbleweedfabrice_sp: I've been looking at the armel build log, I'm not convinced that it wouldn't have eventually finished17:51
fabrice_spso just slowness?17:51
tumbleweedvery very slow. It keeps tuning things until it's happy, as far as I can tell17:51
jpdsThe arms are slow.17:52
* tumbleweed is trying another build - a few days this time...17:52
tumbleweedjpds: I gave it about 8 hrs17:52
fabrice_spI've desactivated it in the last upload, so until someone complains that there is no armel build of atlas, it will stay that way17:54
fabrice_spthe worst part is that the i386 build failed because of missing sse3 instruction in the buildds...17:54
fabrice_spso right now, atlas is broken17:56
tumbleweedhmm: from debian's build logs:17:56
tumbleweedBuild needed 42:20:15, 216776k disc space17:56
fabrice_sp42 hours?! not too bad :-)17:56
tumbleweedthat'll be on real hardware though, probably a lot faster (and doesn't segfault like qemu)17:56
fabrice_spthe armel buildds in Ubuntu are real hardware or qemu?17:57
* tumbleweed was going to ask the same thing17:57
BlackZfabrice_sp: Warning: In order to build Atlas under i386, you need the CPU extension sse3 available on your CPU17:58
BlackZare you afraid to enable it?17:58
tumbleweedBlackZ: we can't require sse3 on i38617:58
fabrice_spBlackZ, and this is in the buildds, not in my computer ;-)17:58
jpdsfabrice_sp: Real hardware.17:59
fabrice_spBlackZ, it's detected with cpuinfo17:59
fabrice_spjpds, thx17:59
BlackZfabrice_sp: ahhh, hmm ...17:59
tumbleweedfabrice_sp: oh you mean it needs sse3 for building a version that doesn't require sse3?18:01
fabrice_sptumbleweed, not sure about not requiringsse3 to run, but build requires it18:01
fabrice_spI have to disable the sse3 detection, and upload to a ppa, to test18:01
fabrice_spBlackZ, your comment in Bug 589120 means that it can be a sync?18:03
ubottuLaunchpad bug 589120 in osmo (Ubuntu) "Please merge osmo 0.2.10-1 (universe) from Debian unstable (main)" [Wishlist,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/58912018:03
BlackZfabrice_sp: no, there's another change18:04
fabrice_spok: I've seen so many nug reports this afternoon that I don't remember each of them :-)18:04
BlackZfabrice_sp: check in the changelog file18:05
fabrice_spabout atlas: it build sse3 packages: libatlas3gf-sse318:06
tumbleweedah right. and it probably wants to test them so it can tune18:08
tumbleweedtime for canonical to upgrade the buildd farm :)18:08
fabrice_sphmm, my guess is that I will desactivate the optimized version :-D18:08
jpdstumbleweed: There's no better armel hardware to upgrade to.18:10
tumbleweedjpds: no I mean sse318:10
* jpds looks at wikipedia.18:10
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ScottKfabrice_sp: sse2 detection needs to be done at run time.18:21
ScottKI'm not sure what needs to be done to achieve that.18:21
tumbleweedScottK: this is for a -sse3 package18:28
ScottKIgnore me then.18:28
* fabrice_sp has just uploaded a package that deltes all sse3 packages and 'downgrade' builds to sse218:36
fabrice_spBlackZ, why the second hcnage is still required?18:38
fabrice_spIIRC, -DGTK_DISABLE_DEPRECATED is used to avoid error on deprecated methods18:39
fabrice_spanyone can confirm that?18:40
BlackZfabrice_sp: I think to allow to package18:41
BlackZwhy drop it?18:41
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fabrice_spIt seems that the comment is broken :-)18:47
fabrice_spBlackZ, and this would allow us to sync the package ;-)18:48
fabrice_spno bug is referenced, so it's hard to find why it has been changed18:48
BlackZfabrice_sp: then feel free to rename the bug and delete the patch18:48
BlackZI can't right now18:49
fabrice_spif I were sure, I would have done it already :-)18:49
fabrice_spI'll try to build 0.2.8-1ubuntu1 in lucid, to see if it FTBFS18:50
fabrice_spBlackZ, 0.2.8-1ubuntu1 FTBFS in lucid, so that would explain the fix18:55
fabrice_spI'll convert the bug to a sync request and ack it18:55
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dupondjeIf something is ftbfs on armel, can we somewhere retry to build it to see if it build now ?19:08
tumbleweeddupondje: on your own qemu19:08
dupondjeno other way ?19:09
* tumbleweed has one set up if you want me to test for you19:09
dupondjehttps://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/loop-aes-utils/2.16.2-1/+build/1764607 => is quit a strange error :s19:09
tumbleweedthat looks like a compiler bug19:10
dupondjegcc is upgraded19:11
dupondjeso maby it works now19:11
tumbleweedok, I'll test19:11
tumbleweedyay, qemu segfault :)19:18
tumbleweeddupondje: building (it probably won't segfault again until its done)19:20
dupondjewhat was wrong ? :)19:21
tumbleweedIO seems to cause it. it aften segfaults soon after running aptitude19:21
dupondjeI hate it when merges reported are lagging :)19:23
dupondjeaccept them :D19:23
dupondjeits still building ? ;)19:40
dupondjehttps://merges.ubuntu.com/universe.html => what are the different colors btw ? :)19:40
tumbleweeddupondje: yes, it's slow19:40
tumbleweedhah. I had to read the source to answer that for myself19:41
tumbleweedthe colours are for debian priorities19:41
tumbleweedit really should say at the top "ordered by by priority"19:41
tumbleweeddupondje: same build error19:50
dupondjecrap :(19:53
anotengI'd like a review of http://revu.ubuntuwire.com/p/transgui . This is an application I and many others use daily, and I'd like to see it included in Ubuntu. I'm sure the pro's will find a lot of things for me to fix in the packageā€¦ bug #33206720:24
ubottuLaunchpad bug 332067 in Ubuntu "[needs-packaging] transmission-remote-gui" [Wishlist,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/33206720:24
fabrice_spanoteng, version should be 0ubuntu1, target maverick20:35
fabrice_sprun update-maintainer to use latest value for maintainer20:36
RhondaAlright. wesnoth-1.8 v 1.8.2 hit lenny-backports earlier than wesnoth-1.8 v 1.8 did hit karmic-backports.  %-)20:36
arandIs it possible to manage binary changes in the diff.gz? e.g. I'm adding an image, am I needed to stick it in the .orig.? (I'm not packaging with policy in mind..)20:45
Rhondaarand: With source format 3.0 (quilt) it's possible to manage binary changes.20:50
RhondaBecause it will be .debian.tar.gz instead of .diff.gz20:50
arandAh, ok, I'm not using 3.0 then I guess.. Well making an .xpm of the image works as my quickfix :/20:52
tumbleweedarand: that are base6420:52
BlackZfabrice_sp: could you look at bug #593416 ?21:19
ubottuLaunchpad bug 593416 in qemu (Ubuntu) "Please merge qemu 0.12.4+dfsg-2 (universe) from debian unstable (main)" [Wishlist,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/59341621:19
fabrice_spBlackZ, strange enough: there is no qemu in maverick :-/21:21
fabrice_spfrom karmic: Deleted in karmic-release on 2009-09-24  (Reason: merged into qemu-kvm,21:22
BlackZhmm, but it provides the 'qemu' package21:24
BlackZ(seems the old one)21:24
fabrice_spso sorry: it seems that you worked on a dead-end merge21:24
fabrice_spyeah: the qemu package is the old one21:24
BlackZok, marking as invalid21:24
fabrice_spseems so21:24
BlackZplease, unsubrscribe U-S21:24
fabrice_spI found strange qemu in universe21:25
BlackZfabrice_sp: so you could look at bug #590158 :P21:28
ubottuLaunchpad bug 590158 in amsn (Ubuntu) "Please merge amsn 0.98.3-1 (universe) from Debian unstable (main)" [Wishlist,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/59015821:28
* fabrice_sp hates merges from -0ubuntu1 versions :-)21:31
fabrice_spI'll have a look tomorrow :-)21:32
BlackZheh thanks fabrice_sp !21:33
fabrice_spthanks to you to work on that!21:33
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