ddecatorhm, xr1.9.3 had a patch fail to apply again. micahg, i could try to fix it if you're willing to help out04:47
micahgddecator: from the new upload?04:50
ddecatormicahg: not sure, it says it failed 24 hours ago04:50
micahgddecator: that was last night, I patched it 35 minutes ago04:50
ddecatorwell, missed that one04:51
micahgddecator: you can see what happens tonight, I'll be up for another hour and we should know if it fails again by then04:51
ddecatormicahg: sounds good04:51
micahgddecator: xul193 looks good tonight :)  any chance you can check your diff for songbird06:19
ddecatormicahg: yah, i should probably make sure it still builds too. anything specific you want me to check?06:46
micahgddecator: whatever we discussed last time :)06:46
ddecatormicahg: haha, you just wanted to see the patches that i had forgot to add. after i get everything set, want me to just push to a new branch again or should i request a new merge?06:47
micahgddecator: you can push, the merge should update06:51
ddecatormicahg: so overwrite the branch i requested the merge for then?06:52
micahgddecator: yeah, that's fine06:52
ddecatormicahg: sure thing, i'll try to do that tomorrow06:57
ddecatorif i don't have my laptop dismantled, haha06:57
micahgddecator: k07:17
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ftamicahg, this timeout bug is a disaster15:08
ftamicahg, we really need a transition package15:08
micahgfta: jamie removed timeout from maverick15:08
ftait's not enough to do backports15:09
micahg<maverick has timeout...15:09
ftait's not possible to accommodate both maverick and lucid--15:09
* micahg doesn't see anything in the build-deps15:10
ftaAfter installing, the following source dependencies are still unsatisfied:15:10
ftacoreutils(inst 7.4-2ubuntu2 ! >= wanted 8.0)|timeout(missing)15:10
BUGa_vacantionsfta: what's wrong ?15:11
ftaBUGa_vacantions, debian messed up, we synced that mess15:11
ftawell, it's fine if you don't do backports15:12
* micahg wonders why it's not pulling in timeout15:13
micahgit's there15:13
ftasomething else needs coreutils, so 7.4 is installed. then cu > 8.0 | timeout cannot be satisfied15:15
micahgcoreutils is auto installed15:16
ftaif coreutils in maverick had a dummy timeout, that would solve it15:16
micahgso it should pull in timeout since coreutils isn't high enough15:16
ftamaybe it should, but obviously it doesn't15:17
micahgwell, I can patch tct to have a dummy timeout15:17
* micahg still wonders why it won't work15:18
BUGa_vacantionswebm support15:24
ftamicahg, do you use system libvpx in the ff dailies?15:26
micahgfta: I haven't added it yet15:27
micahgI wonder if that's something they want us to use their copy of15:27
ftado they have patches?15:28
ftachromium doesn't have any15:28
BUGa_vacantionsWe have temporarily closed the Labs program of Flash Player 10 for  64-bit Linux, as we are making significant architectural changes to the  64-bit Linux Flash Player and additional security enhancements.  We are  fully committed to bringing native 64-bit Flash Player for the desktop  by providing native support for Windows, Macintosh, and Linux 64-bit  platforms in an upcoming major release of Flash Player. We intend to  pro15:30
ftano patch15:31
micahgfta: idk, haven't looked into it15:41
micahgfta: 3 patches: http://hg.mozilla.org/mozilla-central/file/bf9d31ed3488/media/libvpx15:43
micahgfta: oh, sidebar, do you prefer the desktop team method of fix commited when upstream fixes it or when it's in ubuntu repos15:45
micahgfta: geser thinks the timeout thing is a bug in the buildd15:46
ftai prefer the latter but it's often not my call, i don't do bugs much15:47
micahgfta: k, that's what I told the triager15:47
micahgAFAIK, desktop team is the only one that deviates15:47
ftalol, my karma is at 102921, i just have 830 for bugs :P15:52
* micahg was recently booted off the top 20 bug karma people in Ubuntu15:53
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BUGabundofta: bookmarks manager bug is fixed :)20:38
BUGabundofta: https://chrome.google.com/extensions/detail/aeoigbhkilbllfomkmmilbfochhlgdmh yami21:40
BUGabundofta: https://chrome.google.com/extensions/detail/mabenbhpjlchigbbpafligkdnlhjbmel?hl=en LLLLLLLLLLOOOOOOOOOOOLLLL22:01
fta6,353 users - Weekly installs: 1,46722:02
BUGabundocrazy ppl22:02
BUGabundonow the dev changes the scope of the22:02
BUGabundoand he gets 6k drones :)22:03
BUGabundofta: didn't ch fixed fullscreen in html5?23:20
BUGabundodoesn't work :(23:20
ftanot sure23:20
ftait sort of works if you fullscreen both the video and chromium23:20
ftawell, in fact, i just restarted and it works fine23:23
ftahm, no23:24
ftait was flash, false joy23:24
BUGabundoand enable it23:25
ftano, i'm already on it,but when i restarted ch, i had a tab with google i/o, and it's was flash23:26
ftayour link is in french23:27
ftathe guy says he's taking the video to see if he can see the tennis ball once he puts the video on pc23:28
BUGabundodidn't notice that23:28
ftawell, he starts muttering something like "i'm staying silent, i don't want to spoil the video"23:30
ftabut i can hear it :)23:30
BUGabundoso, can you see the ball?23:31
BUGabundofta: LOL www.youtube.com/watch?v=Omh8Ito-05M23:37

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