zkriesseakgraner: ping00:23
Pendulumzkriesse: she's at SELF so I suspect she won't be online tonight01:07
zkriessePendulum: ok what is SELF01:08
zkriessestill haven't figured that one out01:08
PendulumSoutheast Linux Fest01:08
zkriesseah thanks01:08
zkriessei'm zkriesse (Zach) btw01:08
zkriesseI'm akgraner's wiki master01:08
nigelbnhandler: poke02:01
nigelbyou can take the script and modify, no issues. I'll put in the copyright notice in a few minutes :)02:01
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cjohnstonfwiw stats, trans, brainstorm, and S&U is good14:45
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Pendulumin the blogsphere is in the wiki now15:17
* nigelb wonders how he can help15:17
nigelbPendulum: we're still using the doc right?15:20
nigelbcjohnston: can you add patch stats?15:20
Pendulumnigelb: you're listed that you should be doing the loco stuff. did you get it done? (I don't see it in the google doc or the wiki which is why I ask)15:21
nigelbPendulum: I had no clue wht I was listed for15:21
nigelbI have to write short descriptions and someone else will review it right?15:22
Pendulumyep, I can review as long as you get them done in the next 3 hours or so :)15:22
nigelboh, plenty of time. I'll get to work on it :)15:23
Pendulumand I suspect if I can't, someone else can :)15:24
Pendulumjust let me know when you want me to review :)15:26
nigelbokay :)15:27
nigelbPendulum: can take a look at the KanchiLUG one?15:33
Pendulumnigelb: looks good :)15:36
nigelb\o/ :)15:36
* nigelb corrects a few typos and moves on15:37
nigelbPendulum: the amount of text in doctormo's post is very less, can I take from paultag's post?15:38
nigelboh, cancel that plan.  his blog is down15:39
Pendulumnigelb: if what you write is only 1-2 sentances that's fine15:43
nigelbaha, check out what I've written for the MA event15:45
Pendulumnigelb: I'd suggest just putting in something about their being photos on the blog :)15:47
Pendulumotherwise good15:47
nigelbaha, ok15:47
nigelbI've finished the next one too15:48
Pendulumnigelb: looks good :)15:50
* nigelb breathes15:50
nigelbI should be adding my name at the end or something?15:50
Pendulumyeah, if you scroll down far enough, you'll find a list (pretty much at the bottom) of people who've workd on it15:52
nigelbdone :)16:01
nhandlercjohnston: Can I get your scripts?17:13
nigelbnhandler: we've not anything done, have we? :/17:18
nigelb*not got17:18
nhandlernigelb: We need the scripts ;) The project and branch are ready for them to be added17:20
nigelbnhandler: I've put in a COPYING file in the reviewers team scripts, so you can use and modify it as per GPLv317:20
nigelbnhandler: Also, can you add the patch statics after the bug statiscs?17:21
nhandlernigelb: Sure. You can also request a merge if you want ;)17:22
nigelbI'll get it done over the week and request a merge17:22
nigelbcan you link me to the project, so I can bookmark?17:22
nhandlernigelb: lwp:uwn17:27
nigelbok :)17:30
nigelbnhandler: I didn't know that you needed a script for the team reports17:31
nigelbI thought you just linked from that page that we all put our reports :)17:31
nhandlernigelb: It fetches that page and parses all of the <Include> tags, removes wiki links, and formats it for the UWN17:31
nhandlerThere are still a few bugs that I'll get around to fixing one of these days17:32
nigelbpretty cool :)17:32
nigelbhaha, we should do that some time.  perhaps next year's gsoc project? :D17:32
nhandlerIt is a bit small for a GSOC project. It would only take a few hours17:32
nigelbwell, all the scripts together should take a few weeks17:33
nigelbanyone knows when akgraner will be around to sign off?17:36
holsteinafter self?17:42
* cjohnston is on the road now18:21
nigelbcjohnston: isn't there something today too?18:24
nigelbdrupal conf?18:24
cjohnstondrupalconf fedora day ubucon and some more self18:24
cjohnston8 hour drive tho18:24
cjohnstonamber is talking at 1600 i think18:24
nigelbcjohnston: bunking those? ;)18:25
cjohnstonya.. we need to get back18:25
nigelbcjohnston: did you take a cam?18:25
cjohnstondidnt use it18:25
cjohnstonchris did tho18:25
* nigelb will kick you *definitely*18:25
cjohnstonim bad about taking pics18:26
nigelbSigh, at least write up :)18:26
PendulumI have to head out for the rest of the day. I stuck ITB in both the wiki and the google doc. Hope everything goes smoothly!20:08
cjohnstonbye Pendulum !20:08
Pendulumakgraner: if you need me for anything feel free to text me, but I can't promise to get back to you promptly20:08
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