ubottuJordan_U called the ops in #ubuntu (genoskill Brazzer)00:09
FlannelHowdy Jordan_U00:11
Jordan_UHi, thanks for handling the trolls.00:12
ubottuFloodBot2 called the ops in #ubuntu-ops-monitor (flood (17))00:23
ubottuFloodBot3 called the ops in #ubuntu-ops-monitor (exploit)00:25
ubottuFloodBot1 called the ops in #ubuntu-ops-monitor (exploit)00:25
ubottuFloodBot4 called the ops in #ubuntu-ops-monitor (exploit)00:25
ubottuFloodBot2 called the ops in #ubuntu-ops-monitor (exploit)00:25
ubottuSlidingHorn called the ops in #ubuntu (huck)00:28
bazhangalready killed00:28
hufxok bazhang whats up?00:49
bazhanghufx, you are ban evading again00:49
bazhanghufx, please exit #ubuntu00:49
hufx? please explain    I was told 24hrs00:50
bazhanghufx, yes, to come here and discuss.00:50
bazhangthe removal of your ban00:51
hufxyea I understood   no L33T or Noobs references  for 24hrs00:52
hufxwhich I havent done!00:52
bazhanghufx, we had this discussion before. you need  to keep all offtopic chat in #ubuntu-offtopic and agree to the code of conduct and guidelines00:53
bazhang!coc | hufx00:54
ubottuhufx: The Ubuntu Code of Conduct is a community etiquette document to which we ask all Ubuntu users to adhere, and can be found at http://www.ubuntu.com/community/conduct/ .  For information on how to electronically sign the CoC, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SigningCodeofConduct .00:54
bazhang!guidelines | hufx00:54
ubottuhufx: The guidelines for using the Ubuntu channels can be found here: http://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Guidelines00:54
bazhanghufx, please take your time and read those.00:54
hufxbazhang: you want me to electronically sign the CoC?00:56
hufxbazhang: I cant remember that obversion00:56
hufxbazhang: I cant remember that *obversation00:57
bazhanghufx, just read the documents linked above please; and realize that #ubuntu is support only, chat is in #ubuntu-offtopic , and referring to people as Noobs,etc is not ever OK.00:57
hufxbazhang: but I agreed to the 24hr ban00:58
hufxbazhang: in so far as I hounered it00:58
bazhanghufx, it was not a 24hr ban. it was come back in 24hrs to discuss removal of your ban, and subsequent ban-evasion00:58
hufxbazhang: so am I stilled banned?00:59
tsimpsonwe don't automatically remove bans, we never set a "24 hour" ban, but request people wait 24 hours before discussing the ban01:00
hufxtsimpson: ok so Im not banned? or it need to be  discussed?01:02
tsimpsonunless you came here, discussed the issue, and were told you could rejoin #ubuntu. you should consider yourself still banned01:02
hufxtsimpson: well I havent discussed any issues (told to read documents (which Ive done))01:04
tsimpsonthen you should continue to talk to bazhang :)01:05
hufxtsimpson: thats what I thought I was doing!01:06
tsimpsonhufx: you were caught up in the "24hrs" thing, I wanted to clarify exactly what was meant by that so you know where you stand01:07
hufxtsimpson: but Its been more than 24hrs and I did keep away as advised01:08
tsimpsonno, as I said, the ban was not for 24 hours, you were supposed to come back to discuss it in 24 hours01:08
tsimpsonthe ban does not get removed until it's discussed01:09
hufxtsimpson: and I didnt think I was doing anything wrong today01:09
tsimpsonthat's fine, that's why we are here talking about it now01:09
hufxok I bow down humbly before all in repentance01:11
* tsimpson pokes bazhang01:12
hufxoh come on!!01:12
bazhangsorry, was on the phone01:14
hufxbazhang: can I please be unbanned (grovel grovel)01:15
bazhanghufx, so we agree that all offtopic chat in #ubuntu-offtopic ? #ubuntu is support only? that you will follow the guidelines and code of conduct linked above?01:16
hufxbazhang: if there was a weighing system in place I would have been ok01:17
bazhanghufx, is that an unequivocal yes?01:18
hufxbazhang: yes I  agree again01:18
bazhangokay then.01:18
hufxbazhang: till next time :P01:19
bazhanghufx, you are unbanned.01:19
hufxbazhang: thanks (slightly begruding I might add)01:20
bazhanghufx, if there is nothing further, please don't idle in this channel, thanks01:21
bazhangtsimpson, thanks; sorry got a phone call in the middle of trying to resolve that01:21
tsimpsonno problem :)01:22
bazhangso a kill by idoru is not a kline, apparently02:08
marienzit is02:08
marienzI just unset them really quickly if I'm actually around and they look at first glance to be accidental02:09
bazhangreally? then dean_ is kline evading02:09
bazhangah okay02:09
bazhangthanks marienz for clearing that up :)02:09
marienzthey're a kill immediately followed by a kline, because a kill propagates slightly faster02:09
marienzand a few staffers are watching idoru's activity, so in this case I /lastlogged him on #ubuntu and saw he didn't look like an actual spambot, so unklined02:10
bazhangdefinitely not a bot :)02:11
ubottuunop called the ops in #ubuntu (dean_ being unproductive)02:14
bazhanggot him in PM02:15
=== nhandler_ is now known as nhandler
knomedoes somebody know TriMe?03:53
Flannelknome: Not I.  Why?03:54
knomehe's having some bad language on #xubuntu03:54
knomeone more time and he's out...03:54
knomehow did you do a banforward again?04:04
Flannelknome: mask$#ubuntu-ops04:04
Flannelknome: where mask is a normal banmask04:04
knomewill create an alias for that...04:05
red2kic!ops Ziaeon in #ubuntu (url link)07:36
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)07:36
red2kicMeh. :)07:36
red2kicAny ops read me? ;)07:37
Flannelred2kic: Aye07:37
red2kicFlannel: Cool. Later, sir.07:37
bazhang<PigeonCluster> i just regged ##ubuntu-nsfw   wonderful09:13
jussibazhang: not much we can do about that...09:40
bazhangjussi, very true09:41
ikoniareally ?09:42
ikoniathe fact that it's using the ubuntu name against the COC09:42
jussiikonia: we dont have any control over ##channels09:43
jussiWe can ask freenode to do something if its against freenode rules.09:43
ikoniajust to be clear then, if I regsitered ##ubuntu-pornography you could and would do nothing about that09:43
jpdsNot the calendar again, please.09:44
jussiikonia: I suspect that would break freenodes tos09:44
ikoniabut a channel that is "not safe for work" content, eg: unacceptable isn't against the tos ?09:44
jussiikonia: Quite likely, but as I said, we cant actually do much, except go to freenode like a good user and inform them09:45
ikoniasurly there is something unaccepable about using the ubuntu name09:45
jussiikonia: I think canonical may be able to ask freenode to sort something - but Im guessing again, it would need to break tos - including some sort of copyright violation.09:46
ikoniaI think this needs to be cleared up and clarified09:46
jussiikonia: what needs to e clarified. IMHO, its simple. you see something like this, you pass it to freenode staff.09:47
ikoniain your opinion is not what I'm looking for, I'm looking for the correct and official rules and regulations from an Ubuntu standpoint09:48
ikoniahence why I'm looking for clarification09:48
jussiwell put it on the agenda or write us an email and we will get an official standpoint for you.09:49
jussiright, breakfast time09:50
tsimpson## channels are "about" channels, that why a channel like ##windows can exist without endorsement from Microsoft09:55
ikoniatsimpson: I understand their purpose, however how is "ubuntu not safe for work" an "about" channel10:03
tsimpsonbecause it's not a single-#10:05
ikoniasorry, I mean how in content is it an "about"10:05
ikoniaor is channel purpose/contnet not actually relevant to the policies ?10:05
ikonia"content" I meant10:06
tsimpsonas long as it's about (in some way) Ubuntu, it probably has the right to exist10:06
ikoniaI see10:06
ikoniainteresting that it's content is against what ubuntu allow/expects ?10:07
Garynot really ikonia, about is just a name for non primary single # channels, about ## channels can be about almost anything unless they break the tos for the network, which is written on the www.freenode.net pages somewhere10:07
tsimpsonwell we don't have any control over channels not in our namespace10:07
Garyalso, morning all10:08
ikoniatsimpson: I understand that, Gary thank you10:08
ikoniaok - so ubuntu-nsfw would be considered an offtopic channel10:16
ikoniaas ubuntu a software project does not have any "not safe for work content"10:16
ikoniawhich means they should contact a staff member by email10:17
ikonia(sorry a staffer or email freenode staff)10:17
Garyif it were in the primary namespace it'd be a easier thing to decide, being in the about namespace it'd be something I'd want further input on from others, so yes an email might be handy, as then it'd get into the staffs ticketing system and it'd get more input from others.10:20
ikoniaGary: sorry, I meant they should have emailed/contacted staff before registering the channel (as I understand it reading the rules)10:21
ikoniaI'm not trying to be a pain here, I'm just fed up of people who don't want to abide by #ubuntu rules making their own channel and using it as an excuse to use the ubuntu name in unacceptable ways10:21
ikoniaGary: however, I can email freenode personally if you'd like to allow you to get other input10:22
Garyikonia: might be a good idea, I'm still a bit foggy this am, was a late night last night10:22
ikonianot a problem. I'll drop a note10:23
ikoniathakn you10:23
ikoniathank you even10:23
GaryI do understand your pov10:23
ikoniaI'm sure freenode wouldn't be mega pleased if I registered ##freenode-nsfw10:24
Garyikonia: that wouldn't be the worst :D10:32
ikoniaha, I'm sure10:33
R3cur51v3Could someone please lift my ban in #ubuntu-offtopic? Thanks.10:45
ikoniawhy where you banned ?10:46
R3cur51v3I put up a disguised rm -rf command as a joke10:46
R3cur51v3It didn't even work anyway10:47
R3cur51v3I won't do it again10:47
ikoniayou then tried to get around the ban while flannel was resolving it10:47
R3cur51v3I have two different houses10:48
R3cur51v3divorced parents10:48
R3cur51v3the ban wasn't in effect at the other place10:48
R3cur51v3I didn't even realize I was evading it, I have XChat set to auto-join #ubuntu-offtopic10:48
ikoniaI appreiciate that,10:48
R3cur51v3Then I asked on the chan if someone could lift my ban at the other house10:48
ikoniahowever you where asked to leave and had to be kicked from flanned10:48
ikoniaif Flannel is not active Im happy to remove the ban as that's what he was trying to do with/for you10:49
ikoniahowever you must understand that offtopic is not "behave silly" channel or do damage to peoples machines channel, it's just not a pure support channel for ubuntu10:49
R3cur51v3Yeah, I understand that10:50
ikoniawell, I can't see a ban stopping you from entering the channel, so give it a try10:50
bazhang  *!*recursive@*.client.mchsi.com10:51
ikoniaoh, tht's not showing up for me10:51
R3cur51v3I'm banned still10:51
ikoniathank you bazhang10:52
ikoniabazhang: did you get that in BT ?10:52
R3cur51v3Thank you very much ikonia10:52
bazhangno worries10:52
bazhangikonia, @bansearch10:52
ikoniaodd, it didn't show up in BT10:52
ubottuIn ubottu, steffan said: summary is Please do not paste full problems to a pastebin - people tend not to visit a website to read a problem they already know the solution for. Instead, give a summary of the problem in the channel and paste any extra errors/messages to a pastebin.13:04
ubottuIn #ubuntu-irc, nigelb said: !bugstatus is "You can find out about how Ubuntu uses bug statuses here: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Bugs/Status"14:45
ubottuIn ubottu, erUSUL said: bugstatus is <reply>You can find out about how Ubuntu uses bug statuses here: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Bugs/Status14:46
ubottullutz called the ops in #ubuntu (deckerdutil linkspam)15:20
Guest50155weekend12, IS SPAMMING FILES TO PEOPLE just tried to send me an unrequested file download16:41
LjLi also see that his only contribution to the channel was saying "fuck", so far16:41
Guest50155doesn't sound like a very good contribution16:42
ikonialet me help you out17:09
knome@rss albatross_hg = http://shimmerproject.org/hg/albatross?cmd=changelog;style=rss17:22
knomeoops :)17:22
Tm_TMartiini: hi, is there something we can help you with?17:22
Martiiniemm .. yes ... if You ask .. any way I could get unbanned on #ubuntu17:24
Martiinimy username is on ban list on #ubuntu .. for some reason ..17:25
ikoniacould it have something to do with your name calling ?17:25
Martiinido you have logs for it?17:26
ikonia2010-04-06T15:44:09 <Martiini> pimplefaced computer freak bastards17:26
ikoniahow's that ?17:26
Martiiniyea .. . some computer geeks .. or someone was being abusive17:26
ikoniaalso you lied about the distro you where using, you said you where using lucid, got told to go to #ubuntu+1 then said you where using karmic17:27
ikoniaMartiini: no-one was being absusive17:27
Martiiniok .. and I have to remember now .. what version I was using ..17:27
ikoniano, I'm telling you17:28
MartiiniI was using Karmic .. which was updated to lucid17:28
ikoniaso you where using lucid17:28
Martiiniok .. thanks17:28
ikoniaand you then lied17:28
ikoniaand said you where using karmic once you got told support was in #ubuntu+117:28
ikoniayou then started calling people names as they would not help you17:28
ikoniaany of that sound like the reasons you "somehow" got on the ban list ?17:28
Martiiniwho are You .. the internet Police on planet Earth ?17:29
elkyNo, just this corner of it.17:29
Martiiniso you have logs on IRC channles on your PC .. so what17:29
ikoniano, I'm a channel operator from ubuntu who's explaining to you why you got banned as you don't seem to understand why17:29
ubottuOfficial channel logs can be found at http://irclogs.ubuntu.com/ - For LoCo channels, http://logs.ubuntu-eu.org/freenode/17:29
elkyWe also have them stored officially.17:29
ikoniaok, if your attitude is "so what" then I'll leave this conversation here.17:29
Tm_T!guidelines | Martiini we have this thing around here17:30
ubottuMartiini we have this thing around here: The guidelines for using the Ubuntu channels can be found here: http://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Guidelines17:30
Martiiniso ... Im not allowed to get help on #ubuntu .. because you have the power to ban people from #ubuntu ?17:31
ikoniayou're not allowed to get help because you lied about the version you where using, then when people tried to help you, you called them names17:31
Martiiniwho are you anyway ... I am a person ...17:31
ikoniahope that makes it clear to you17:31
Martiiniwho are you ?! where do you live .. and what is your real name ...17:32
MartiiniI have talked to Steve Langasek PERSONALLY17:32
ikoniaMartiini: I've explained who I am, I'm an channel operator for ubuntu that's explaining to you why you where banned as you don't seem aware of it yourself17:32
Martiinido YOu know who is Steve Langasek17:32
ikoniaI don't care17:32
MartiiniDo you know who is Steve Langasek17:32
ikoniaI've just said I don't care17:32
Tm_TMartiini: that has nothing to do with this matter17:32
ikoniano, just don't care who you've spoke to17:32
Martiinigoogle steve langasek now17:32
Martiiniso who are you17:33
ikoniaMartiini: I suggest you leave the channel and come back when you want to resolve your ban17:33
Tm_TMartiini: that has nothing to do with this matter, so stop yanking it, please17:33
Martiiniso how does one get unbanned?17:33
Martiinido you have clear rules for getting unbanned?17:33
ikoniaMartiini: you discuss the reason you where banned and agree a way forward17:33
MartiiniI am sitting in front of this screen and waiting17:34
ikoniaI've explained the reason you where banned and your response is to name drop, or lie about why you did what you did17:34
ikonianot really agreeing a way forward17:34
Martiinihow do you get people unbanned ... is there #ubuntu admin?17:34
ubottuIf you disagree with a decision by an operator, please first pay #ubuntu-ops a visit. If you are still unhappy, please see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/AppealProcess for the steps you should take. If you feel the need to discuss the channel rules, please contact the ops on IRC or via the email address on the aforementioned page.17:35
ikoniaMartiini: you're talking to the team that manages the ubuntu channel17:35
elkyBut I'm doubting they'll care which DDs you've spoken to either.17:35
ikoniaMartiini: you are talking to the right people, you're just not saying the right things by telling lies17:35
Martiininice way to fuck with humans ...17:36
ikoniaclearly knew what was going on in my opinion17:36
Tm_Tperhaps bit more patience could have helped, but doubtful17:37
ikonianot sure how, I asked him about his behaviour, he started name dropping and asking who I was ?17:38
Tm_Tindeed, I wonder what was the point of that17:39
Garyshame he did not say "do you know who I am"  I've been waiting to answer that with "why, have you forgotten?" for ages17:39
ikoniatoo slow gary17:39
* Gary is slow :'(17:39
Tm_TMartiini: hi, I like to keep this simple and straight just to make things as comfortable as possible17:40
Martiiniok ... https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/AppealProcess  say one must email irc-council@SPAMFREE.lists.ubuntu.com17:40
Martiinithat link yo uposted here17:40
Martiinithis link that person posted here https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/AppealProcess17:41
Martiiniit says one has to email council@SPAMFREE.lists.ubuntu.com ??17:41
Tm_Twell, remove the "SPAMFREE" part obviously17:41
MartiiniI dont even know who I am talking to17:41
Martiinione has to email council@SPAMFREE.lists.ubuntu.com17:42
elkyYou're talking to the ubuntu namespace core operator team.17:42
Martiinihow old are you ?17:42
elkyAlmost thirty.17:42
Martiiniok .. nice17:42
Tm_TMartiini: please, don't ask irrelevant questions17:42
elkyAnd I've met people cooler than slangasek.17:42
Tm_TMartiini: it's best to stay in topic to make things easy and smooth as possible17:43
Martiiniso .. to get unbanned from #ubuntu ...  one must send email to council@lists.ubuntu.com ??17:43
Martiinicorrect ??17:44
Tm_TMartiini: first step is to discuss with us17:44
elkyMartiini, no. If one cannot engage in productive discussion here, the next step is to email IRC-council@lists.ubuntu.com17:44
EgyParadoxI need to talk with any operator in private , it's urgent.17:45
ikoniaEgyParadox: please contact me17:45
MartiiniDoes your team get paid for being admins on IRC ?17:45
ikonia(as I assume elky and Tm_T are dealing with Martiini )17:45
elkyikonia, indeed.17:45
MartiiniDo you people get paid for this ??17:45
Tm_TMartiini: we have told you why you were banned, and best way to get you unbanned is to discuss with us, but if that fails, then that email list17:45
ikoniaEgyParadox: please pm me17:45
Tm_TMartiini: no17:45
elkyMartiini, no, we're volunteers. You're using up time we'd otherwise be spending answering help requests.17:45
Tm_TMartiini: and you keep asking irrelevant questions, please stay in topic17:46
MartiiniWho do I need to talk to get unbanned from #ubuntu , please17:46
Tm_TMartiini: us17:46
Tm_TMartiini: me atm17:46
MartiiniAre you giong to find my IP address and send someone to kill me?17:46
elkyWhat the...17:47
Tm_TMartiini: please, you're not helping now17:47
MartiiniI need help here !!!!!17:47
Martiininot YOU ,17:47
Martiinisomeone who is able to ... get me UNBANNED from #ubuntu ... crazy people17:48
elkyMartiini, there you go with the namecalling.17:48
Martiiniwhoever you are ... USA,, UK ... china17:48
Martiiniwho ARE YOU ?!?!??!17:48
elkyLets say I'm on the moon. What makes me think that you're not going to continue namecalling and lying?17:48
Martiiniwho gets people unbanned from #ubuntu ?17:49
Tm_TMartiini: you don't get unbanned until you start listening us17:49
MartiiniWho is that person who gets someone unbanned from #ubuntu ?17:49
MartiiniTm_T do You get people unbanned from #ubuntu ?17:49
elkyMartiini, usually there's a coherent discussion between us and the banee. So far YOU are NOT being coherent.17:50
Tm_TMartiini: I can, but I won't if you don't listen17:50
MartiiniTm_T ok ... so .. how does one get unbanned from #ubuntu ?17:50
Martiinihow do YOU unban someone on #ubuntu ?17:50
Tm_TMartiini: first, you have to realise why you were banned in the first place17:51
elkyMartiini, I type chanserv commands to unban people. BUT I don't do that while they don't listen to operators.17:51
Tm_TMartiini: you know why you were banned now? (it's been told you several times)17:51
Martiinielky ... You just type chanserv command in Terminal .. to get a nick unbanned ?17:52
Martiinielky .. is that correct?17:52
elkyYes. Now, tell me why you are banned.17:52
Martiiniyou have logs ...17:52
Martiinigrep the logs .. why I was banned ..17:52
elkyI do, but I want to know that you understand.17:52
elkyMy logs don't tell me your thoughts.17:53
Martiiniok .. I wont tell YOu my thoughts .. sir Elky17:53
elkyMartiini, then you won't get unbanned.17:53
Martiiniso we have come to this ...17:53
elkyThat's obviously the outcome you've chosen. Goodbye.17:54
elkyMartiini, if you have nothing else to discuss, this is a non-idling channel.17:56
elkyMartiini, That means you need to /part this channel. I refuse to lift your ban until you decide to partake in coherent, constructive and honest discussion about it.17:59
elkyHe will no doubt return again, but I'm headed to bed.18:02
Tm_Telky: good night (:18:02
elkyJust answer his silly questions like I did, it seems to work.18:03
Martiinielky, Do You realise .. you have the control over who has access to communication channel and information ?18:21
MartiiniTm_T , hey! are you still online ?18:21
MartiiniTm_T , so .. I was banned for "lieing" about what version Ubuntu I was using and for "namecalling"18:22
IdleOneMartiini: Sorry I was away for a little while. I am the person you need to talk to about getting unbanned. How can I help you today?18:25
MartiiniIdleOne, hello .. are you a person?18:26
MartiiniI would like to get unbanned on #ubuntu , please18:26
IdleOneI am18:26
Martiini#ubuntu .. I was banned18:27
IdleOneok. well we need to discuss why you got banned in the first place18:27
MartiiniYou have logs of #ubuntu18:27
MartiiniI use the same username "Martiini"18:27
IdleOneFrom what I can see it had to do with name calling18:27
Martiiniso they say18:27
IdleOneSo the logs show18:27
Martiiniyes .. namecalling ... etc18:27
IdleOneok. in ALL Ubuntu channels we expect all users to be respectful18:28
IdleOnethat means no name calling or swearing18:28
IdleOneor anything that could be considered disrespect18:28
IdleOnegoing to ask you to read Please read https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IrcGuidelines and  http://www.ubuntu.com/community/conduct/ those two links will give you a good idea of what I mean18:29
IdleOneafter you have read them and understand them let me know18:29
MartiiniI need someone to lift ban on my IP and username on "ubuntu" ... I agree I used "namecalling" on #ubuntu .. reason for that was providing false information by some channel participants18:30
IdleOneif you have any questions about what those documents state please ask18:30
ikoniaMartiini: no - no-one provided you false information18:31
ikoniaMartiini: this was explained to you before18:31
ikoniaMartiini: you have had 2 attempts to resolve this in the past hour, I suggest you take some time away and think about the issues you are causing in this channel by how you present yourself to the people in this channel who are trying to help you18:32
IdleOneMartiini: I don't want to discuss the "why" I want to discuss the "how" we are going to move forward18:32
MartiiniIdleOne, I have read the guidelines18:32
MartiiniIdleOne, thanks18:32
MartiiniIdleOne, Do You have guidelines in #ubuntu-ops Topic ?18:33
ikoniaMartiini: check the topic yourself18:33
IdleOneMartiini: do you agree to follow the rules of #ubuntu? before you answer I want you to know that 1 infraction and I will ban you for 30 days minimum18:33
MartiiniIdleOne ,, Are you able to confirm the maximum ban on #ubuntu , Please18:34
IdleOneMartiini: there is no maximum time for a ban it depends on the user and the infraction18:34
MartiiniIdleOne, I agree to follow #ubuntu guidelines specified https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Guidelines?action=show&redirect=IrcGuidelines18:36
IdleOneMartiini: The ban will be lifted in #ubuntu. Please be advised that your attitude in this channel does not warrant me lifting the ban but I am going to take a chance on you. Remember I am giving you 1 chance only.18:39
Martiini" Remember I am giving you 1 chance only" .. meaning .. my IP will be banned indefinitely after 1 ban ??18:40
IdleOneMartiini: possibly18:41
IdleOnelet's not find out18:41
MartiiniIdleOne, possibly = yes / no ??18:41
IdleOneMartiini: what you really should be saying right now is that you understand and agree to the rules18:41
IdleOneyou asking more questions and wanting to specify every little word is making me want to change my mind18:42
MartiiniIdleOne, I have read the rules about #ubuntu IRC channel and read  https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Guidelines?action=show&redirect=IrcGuidelines18:42
IdleOneSeems like you are looking for loopholes18:42
MartiiniIdleOne, Do #ubuntu operators have the right to ban an IP indefinitely ?18:43
IdleOneaccess to #ubuntu is not a right it is a privilege18:43
IdleOneyou or any user who abuses that privilege loses access18:44
MartiiniDoes Mark Shuttleworth and Canonical own everything associated with "ubuntu" ??18:44
IdleOneMartiini: what does that have to do with what we are talking about?18:45
IdleOneand before you ask Mark Shuttleworth does not have the power to remove your ban18:45
Martiini"[20:43] IdleOne: access to #ubuntu is not a right it is a privilege"18:45
IdleOneI know what I said18:45
MartiiniIdleOne, Thank You18:51
IdleOneSo you are calm now and ready to rejoin #ubuntu?18:52
MartiiniIdleOne Are You in UK ?18:52
IdleOneI don't see what difference where I am makes18:53
ikoniaMartiini: you have been told to stop askng that sort of question - IdleOne has asked you a question, either respond to it clearly or the ban will not be lifted18:53
Martiiniseems I am still banned on #ubuntu18:53
MartiiniIdleOne, are you a real person ?18:55
ikoniathis ends now18:55
ikoniaIdleOne: sorry - I can't accept this ban to be lifted with this attittude18:55
IdleOneMartiini: I already answered that. I am not lifting the ban18:55
MartiiniIdleOne, yes, I have been calm18:55
IdleOneMartiini: your attitude is not reflecting your willingness to follow the rules of the Ubuntu community.18:56
IdleOneikonia: agreed18:56
MartiiniIdleOne , "calm and ready to rejoin #ubuntu" ? I am still banned18:56
Martiiniare you people joking with me ?18:56
IdleOneno. we aren't18:56
Martiiniok ,, nice18:56
MartiiniI am still banned .. in case anyone wants to know18:57
IdleOneMartiini: if there is nothing else please part this channel. There is a no idling rule.18:58
MartiiniDoes anyone here talk to me , please? Is this freenode IRC network ?18:59
ikoniaMartiini: many people have talked to you, you have not listened.18:59
MartiiniAM I on "Freenode" network , please18:59
ikoniaMartiini: I suggest you take time away from #ubuntu to think about how to resolve this ban18:59
IdleOneEgyParadox and Guest50155 if your business here is done please part the channel. thank you19:03
ikoniaEgyParadox: has an issue I'm dealing with, so that's not his fault that he's idling here19:03
IdleOneok no problem19:04
MartiiniTm_T, hei, oletteko online ?19:05
MartiiniTm_T kuka pystyy nostamaan kiellon #ubuntu kanavalta ?19:05
ikoniaMartiini: there is no-one called oletteko online, if you need nothing else from the operators please leave this channel19:05
Martiiniikonia, You banned me, whoever you are19:07
Martiiniikonia, Are you able to unban me on #ubuntu ?19:08
ikoniaMartiini: I've told you before, yes, but not at this time due to your behaviour19:08
ikoniaMartiini: please leave the channel and come back when you are able to LISTEN to what people are telling you, then we can take this forward19:08
Martiiniikonia, who the hells talks like this "Martiini: I've told you before, yes, but not at this time due to your behaviour" ... are you the internet police19:09
Martiiniikonia, I DO LISTEN !!!19:09
MartiiniAre you screwing with people19:09
ikoniaMartiini: I told you before, no, I am an operator in the #ubuntu channel. Now please leave the channel19:09
Martiiniikonia, WHO the HELL are YOU to waste peoples TIME19:09
IdleOneMartiini: we could ask you the same question19:10
Martiiniikonia, WHO THE HELL ARE YOU to screw with people like this19:10
ikoniaMartiini: I've explained to you who I am multiple times, and I'm not wasting anyones time, I was earlier trying to resolve your ban19:10
Martiiniok , so resolve the ban19:10
ikoniaMartiini: now please leave the channel19:10
IdleOneYou will not be unbanned today.19:10
FlannelMartiini: May I suggest you please come back in 48 hours?19:10
ikoniaMartiini: I can't as I don't accept your attitude19:10
ikoniaMartiini: following Flannel's advice would be very helpful19:11
Martiiniunlift the ban on #ubuntu, please , ..."[21:10] ikonia: Martiini: I've explained to you who I am multiple times, and I'm not wasting anyones time, I was earlier trying to resolve your ban"19:11
ikoniaMartiini: I'm well aware of what I've said, you don't need to cut and paste it19:11
ikoniaMartiini: I suggest you LISTEN and follow Flannel's advice19:11
Martiiniikonia, you are a crazy teenage girl with premenstrual syndrome19:12
Martiinithere has to be someone who can lift the ban on #ubuntu19:12
FlannelMartiini: That's not likely to get you unbanned.19:12
IdleOneMartiini: every person you have talked to in this channel can19:12
* maco wonders if ikonia or the teenage girls should be more offended :P19:12
* maco hugs ikonia19:12
tsimpsonMartiini: you're attitude is unacceptable19:12
FlannelMartiini: There are, there's a good dozen or so of us in this channel right now.  Unfortunately, you're behavior is making it impossible to do so.19:12
MartiiniFlannel, do you know who can unlift ban on #ubuntu , lease19:13
ikoniaI'm out19:13
macoMartiini: "can" or "is willing to"?19:13
Martiiniwhy are you screwing with pioeple19:13
MartiiniI am still banned19:13
FlannelMartiini: If we unban you from #ubuntu, you'll wind up being banned again in an hour.  There's no reason to do so when it's a waste of time.19:13
ikoniathis time wasting is unacceptable19:13
Martiiniso who can unban me then19:13
Martiiniyou crazy mofos19:13
Martiinihalf of you people are not even english19:14
macois there something wrong with not being english? heh19:14
IdleOnemaco: yes19:14
macoi know some folks who would argue the other direction :P19:14
IdleOnethe English rule the word19:14
IdleOnewait. that was 500 years ago19:15
Flannelmaco: We don't use enough 'e's and 'u's19:15
IdleOnemaco: never mind :)19:15
macoflaunneele, whæt aree youu tælking abouut?19:15
Flannelmaco: rww would be proud19:15
IdleOneI really tried to catalyze :/19:16
IdleOnehe wasn't getting it19:16
IdleOnesorry to have wasted all our time19:16
FlannelIdleOne: No need to apologise.  We do what we can, sometimes people just won't work with us19:17
IdleOneFlannel: I was a click away from removing the ban19:17
IdleOnethen he brought up Mark19:17
IdleOneI was like...hold up!19:17
* mneptok is a crazy teenage girl with premenstrual syndrome. or will be once the "Dawson's Creek" MMORPG is released.19:20
mneptokright now i'm a Unix(-y) vet with +o on a popular desktop Linux IRC channel. which makes me a crazy middle-aged male with post traumatic stress disorder.19:22
jussihi apachelogger19:27
* apachelogger waves19:28
ubottuThe operation succeeded.19:41
mneptokwhy does that not work in /query today?19:42
Tm_Tyou won't guess who's asking the unban19:54
MenZajussi: wat.21:17
h00kGuest50155: can we help you?21:44
h00kknome: :)21:44
h00kHas anyone helped Guest50155?21:45
h00kGuest50155: This channel is not for idling, please kindly make your way towards the door :)21:47
* h00k pokes anyone with ops in here21:49
* h00k pokes tsimpson 21:50
knomepong timein22:04
h00ksay what22:04
h00kI see what you did there.22:05
ikoniaponders if mackolin is alabd22:16
gnomefreakask him?22:28
gnomefreakhed say no anyway most likley22:28
ikoniait's not22:28

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