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vishnigelb: what happened to bot updating the topic?17:47
vishno patchbot :(17:47
nigelbvish: I need to talk to bobbo tomorrow17:47
nigelbI'll plug patchbots plugin to ubottu17:47
nigelband the topic thingy needs to be written, need to talk to jussi or nhandler tomorrow17:48
vishnigelb: ^ ;)17:51
nigelbjussi: the bot plugin, I'll poke you tomorrow17:51
nigelbvish: I still need to write the plugin17:51
nigelbI'll get what bobbo wrote and modify that to add to topic17:54
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nperryRight, finally going to find a bug to test :)20:23
nperryI take it its ok instead of marking a patch as need work, if its a quick one to sort out myself?20:46

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