Masshuuuuh now what00:00
Psi-JackI understand that OpenVZ support has been long since removed from Ubuntu since after Ubuntu 8.04, but word around says it was being replaced with LXC. Does Ubuntu 10.04 have LXC support to run LXC containers?00:10
JanCPsi-Jack: I haven't tried it, and I don't think there is official support, but I suppose it has the necessary bits for LXC in the kernel and in userspace00:21
JanCmaybe somebody else knows more about it00:22
sdfoj8 hello gys, sorry for disturbing, i am trying to accomplish a project, a file storage system like rapidshare . what clustering open source software do you recommend me ? so i can setup my private cloud ? otherwise, i have to store files distributed to servers but those servers wont be able to handle huge traffic. so i need to make it clustered.01:12
jmarsdensdfoj8: Maybe read https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UEC01:14
* sdfoj8 hello gys, sorry for disturbing, i am trying to accomplish a project, a file storage system like rapidshare . what clustering open source software do you recommend me ? so i can setup my private cloud ? otherwise, i have to store files distributed to servers but those servers wont be able to handle huge traffic. so i need to make it clustered.01:15
sdfoj8instead of ubuntu itself01:16
sdfoj8i want to install a cluster version01:16
jmarsden?  UEC is developed by and part of Ubuntu...01:16
sdfoj8to be honest01:16
jmarsdenDid you actually read the info?01:16
sdfoj8when i see01:16
sdfoj8"ec2" somewhere01:17
sdfoj8i run away from it01:17
sdfoj8and what i got from ubuntu-cloud site was ec201:17
jmarsdenSo you want a cloud, but not EC2.  Ubuntu has chosen EC2 compatibility, so that means you are on your own, basically.01:18
sdfoj8why do i need amazon services if i want to setup my own cloud01:18
sdfoj8didnt get the point01:18
jmarsdenYou don't.  UEC runs on your own computers and is 100% free.01:18
sdfoj8cloud world is not based on amazon on amazon s3/ec201:18
sdfoj8so why i see amazon in that site ?01:19
jmarsdenIt is your PRIVATE cloud and does not need or use Amazon anything.  It just uses cpmpatible protocols01:19
jmarsdenBecause you are not reading carefully enough.01:19
jmarsdenRead, instead of skimming for keywords.01:19
sdfoj8hmm i saw it now.01:19
sdfoj8i am realyl confused01:19
sdfoj8next semester i am going to take distributed systems course01:20
sdfoj8and i wish i learn more about cloud thing01:20
sdfoj8what comes strage to me is, there has been never a really working open source cloud service01:20
sdfoj8i saw open source projects like glusterfs and others01:20
sdfoj8but those are not cloud as i know.01:20
jmarsdenThere is now, it is called UEC.  WHich is why I pointed you at it.01:20
sdfoj8they dont have automatic intelligen replication01:20
sdfoj8do you know what i am talkn about ?01:21
sdfoj8suppose, i got a video on 124123servernode.mysite.com/stream/birthday.avi01:21
sdfoj8and i am sending this video to my friends01:21
sdfoj8and suddenly 10000 of my friends want to watch hat video01:22
sdfoj8and they open the url, but since the server has 1gbit, which means 12.5MB per sec. and each user will get only 12.5KB per sec.01:22
sdfoj812.5Kb per sc.01:22
sdfoj8KB i mean.01:22
sdfoj8so the server should understand and track the files, if there is a hude demand to a file, then it should replicate that file through other nodes before streaming it01:23
sdfoj8and it shouldnt replicate all the files as well.01:23
sdfoj8so jmarsden what do you say01:24
sdfoj8hello ?01:28
sdfoj8anyone can talk about UEC ?01:42
MTecknology!enter > sdfoj802:03
ubottusdfoj8, please see my private message02:03
diagodoes a drive have to have a partition? I mean, can I just mkfs.ext3 /dev/sda02:06
diagoIt seems to work fine02:06
MTecknologydiago: it works - but it's easier to break things if you forget that you put an fs on the whole drive02:06
sdfoj8anyone has experience with glusterfs, mogilefs ?02:07
MTecknology!ask | sdfoj802:07
ubottusdfoj8: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)02:07
MTecknologydiago: in unix there's a drive, partition, and slice - that gets fun..02:09
sdfoj8anyone has experience with glusterfs, mogilefs ? can u compare them?02:10
diagoMTecknology: my thoughts: It's a logical volume for a virt guest02:11
diagoI could then lvextend and resize2fs when I need to increase02:12
diagoif I start adding partitions I'm not sure how this will work02:12
diagoif that makes any since02:12
MTecknologysounds like you're going to have a heck of an interesting time oif you do that.. why not make the drive use lvm, then put a volume on that, then when you need to grow what the guest has, you can follow any of the millions of guides out there?02:14
MTecknologylet the guest use that partition which can easily grow as opposed to the whole drive which you can't grow02:15
diagoI don't think I explained it right...02:15
MTecknologydiago: I may have just understood it wrong - i think if it works for you then there's no issues with doing it that way :P - yay linux02:17
diagoI just tested and it's pretty easy.  shut the virt down, on the KVM machine do lvextend -L+5g /dev/vol/drive02:17
diagostart the virt and resize2fs /dev/vda02:18
diagoawesome... I love linux02:18
MTecknologydiago: :P02:20
MTecknologydiago: you might actually be able to grow before even shutting down and just not be able to use the additional space until you reboot02:21
diagoYou're probably right, LVM is awesome... over iSCSI at that!02:21
deslectorhi, I'm trying to use smb_auth with squid on lucid server but it is not working03:02
deslectorit used to work with the same config on a debian etch system03:02
deslectorthe original page of the smb_auth author doesn't exist anymor03:02
deslectorany ideas?03:06
mcarseI am trying to get my drobo with multiple luns running again in Ubuntu 10.04, apparently I need to load scsi_mod, but when I try "modprobe scsi_mod" i get "FATAL: Module scsi_mod not found" where do I find it?03:57
mcarseany thoughts?04:03
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tyler_d|werkinwhats a 64 bit alternative to linux-generic?04:24
amstanhey guys06:10
amstani'm having some speed issues with my ssh06:10
amstani recently upgraded my network to gigabit, i can download stuff from the http server at 60MB/s, but any sftp transfer to the same server is still at 3MB/s06:11
amstanhow could i speed up the ssh connections?06:12
pwnguinamstan: can you download via https?06:12
amstanwell.. i would also like to upload06:12
amstanit's a home server06:12
pwnguinssh has encryption which slows thing down06:12
amstanok, how can i disable it?06:12
amstanlike.. an ondemand thing, i don't care about encryption within my lan06:13
pwnguinmaybe there's an identity cipher06:13
pwnguinbut this is just a theory without evidence06:13
pwnguinif you monitor CPU usage durting ssh transfer06:14
amstanok, on it06:14
pwnguinmy theory might be validated if your CPU spikes06:14
amstanyep, my server is getting 100% cpu06:16
amstanon one of the cores06:16
pwnguin1 turn off compression06:18
pwnguin2 weaken the cipher06:19
pwnguinamstan: one last idea might be to try out webdav06:23
amstanpwnguin: http://serverfault.com/questions/116875/how-can-i-disable-encryption-on-openssh06:24
amstanpwnguin: see that first post? what file is that to be edited?06:24
joebobHow can I get grub2 on two raid 1 drives. It's only on one currently...06:24
Callum__joebob: so that is a single RAID 1 array consisting of two drives?06:58
ChrisRutWhen might Kernel 2.6.34 be available for Lucid?07:19
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jo-erlendI setup a server yesterday. It has four disks, which I setup in a raid5. I used two partitions; one for swap and one for root. The installation seemed to go well, but when I rebooted, it dropped to an initramfs, with an error that the disk with a certain uuid wasn't available.09:01
jo-erlendI'm fairly certain that I did everything correct. Is this a known bug in lucid server? It's 64bit btw.09:01
jo-erlendhow do I fix it?09:02
jo-erlendIt's really annoying that ubuntu server doesn't display the grub menu by default. I have a USB keyboard, and it seems it's too slow to load that I can use shift to display the menu. And since I can't boot without changing the parameters, I'm having difficulties.10:18
jo-erlendI think I'll install karmic server instead, and attempt an upgrade afterwards.10:50
ruben23hi guys im installing a ubuntu server with 1 terabyte HDD, is it ok to set on default one partition all--> 999.9Gb this wont affect performance..?11:05
ruben23any idea guys11:08
larsemilruben23: why do you want to do that?11:41
ruben23larsemil:i just a 1 ter byte hdd, i ahve install just a default, just want to know if it will affect server perfomance.11:42
larsemilruben23: i would say that 99% of the time you would want to seperate root partition and datapartition.11:42
ruben23hmm ok11:43
ruben23for backup purpose right..?11:43
ruben23any suggested partion scheme..?11:44
ruben23i mean the division of hdd, i dont have in particular, any deafult settings can do11:44
larsemilruben23: i always use something like /boot 200mb /10-15gb and then depending on use /usr or /home for alot of data. i like using /home. also if it is for files sometimes i just use a /stuff that can be shared in the network.11:45
jo-erlend_dammit... Karmic has the same problems. I'm installing from a USB stick. Might that be the cause?12:36
RoyKhttp://pastebin.com/mUmPu6Sw <-- I get these errors from my vm13:27
jo-erlend_this was the tenth time in two days I've installed Ubuntu 10.04 Server 64bit without any success. I've setup software raid and formatted using a swap area and an ext4 partition. When I reboot after the installation, it complains about a disk with a uuid doesn't exist.13:37
jo-erlend_I then check /dev/disk, and find that there are no /dev/disk/by-uuid directory at all.13:38
ruben23 hi guys, how fo i configure my network on my ubuntu server having a PPPoE DSL connection but its not username/pass , it automatic IP detection form the ISP...any suggestion..?13:42
jo-erlend_I think there is an application called pppoeconfig or something13:45
ruben23 jo-erlend_: sorry im wrong, the connecyion of my DSL is auto assigneing of publci IP so it like DHCP.13:49
ruben23my setup is like this : internet---->modem---->ubuntu server13:50
jo-erlend_that shouldn't have anything to do with pppoe. You'll configure your interface to use dhcp in /etc/network/interfaces.13:50
ruben23 jo-erlend_: yes i have set it to DHCP but the porblem, my linux server get this IP address, (whihc is a private IP) why not a publci IP..?13:51
jo-erlend_then you have router in your network. Your router gets the public ip and has its own dhcp server which your server obtains an IP from.13:52
ruben23 jo-erlend_: why is it preivate IP not public..?13:52
ruben23 jo-erlend_: so your saying that my modem is in a router mode not on bridge mode..?13:53
jo-erlend_looks like it, yes.13:53
ruben23jo-erlend_: how do i make my linux server, be accessible with SSH..? over the internet..?13:54
jo-erlend_by setting up port forwarding in your router.13:55
ruben23 jo-erlend_: hmmmm but its a modem not a router, which my ISP owned it..13:55
ruben23i cant touch..13:55
jo-erlend_then you'll have to talk to them. It doesn't have anything to do with Ubuntu.13:56
ruben23jo-erlend_: thanks, for pointing mer to a clearer path now..13:57
ruben23 jo-erlend_: i can used DDNS tobe able to connect always even do the Public IP changes right..?13:59
jo-erlend_ruben23, it can be set to update a domain name, yes. It has nothing to do with actual connections.14:28
jo-erlend_is it possible that ubuntu cannot boot from a software raid?14:28
ruben23hi what is the preempt kernel of the ne ubuntu-server 10.0416:06
Guest50155how can I grow ext3 filesystem on a raid device? I've upgraded from 320GB to 1.5TB raid 116:34
jo-erlend_if you have free space on the disks, then you should be able to use resize2fs as usual, I think?16:43
jo-erlend_you'll have to resize the partition first, of course. If you're using lvm, that's easy. If you're not, it's not so easy.16:44
jo-erlend_but a raid1 cannot be bigger than your smallest disk. Perhaps you should provide more details?16:45
Guest50155The partitions are already bigger. running resize2fs /dev/md1 now16:46
Guest50155it wasn't too bad to upgrade drives individually without lvm. i've never used lvm and it scares me to try to start ;)16:47
Guest50155jo-erlend_, working thanks!16:48
Guest50155another issue I have is my cdrom drive just never mounts properly and if I run mount /media/cdrom0 the light never comes on and after about 20 seconds I get mount: no medium found on /dev/sr016:48
Guest50155other people have had the same cd issue as me: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=123515116:48
jo-erlend_I have no idea about that as I stopped using cd and dvd a while ago.16:49
Guest50155yeah me too but it's not my box...16:49
sdfoj8what is the command line that i can test my speed with speedtest.net do you know ?16:53
jo-erlend_what amazes me, is that nobody in the entire world seems to know how to install ubuntu to boot from a raid partition.17:00
jo-erlend_but in order to preserve my sanity, I think I'll leave it for today and have another go tomorrow.17:04
RoyKhi all. I keep getting hangs on an ubuntu guest (ubuntu lucid kvm host, ubuntu lucid guest)17:18
RoyKthis bug is a bitch https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux/+bug/57927618:00
uvirtbotLaunchpad bug 579276 in linux "Lost network in KVM VM / virtio_net page allocation failure" [Medium,Triaged]18:00
RoyK"medium" my arse - my boxes hang after a few minutes with normal nfs  traffic18:01
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ChrisRutWhen might Kernel 2.6.34 be available for Lucid?21:06
uvirtbotNew bug: #593406 in mysql-5.1 "Mysql ssl connection fail on lucid after compiling with openssl" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/59340621:06
_rubenChrisRut: you could the mainline kernel packages provided by the kernel team, ubuntu releases usualy don't get new upstream kernels, just (security) backports21:08
ChrisRut_ruben: is there a PPA i can use to get 2.6.34 on lucid? or would I have to build it manually?21:09
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uvirtbotNew bug: #593414 in vsftpd (main) "FTP server does not work if the root user does not login" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/59341421:15
ChrisRut_ruben: Thanks21:22
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chewbrancaso I'm trying to get eucalyptus up and running with UEC, I'm using the CDInstall guide on the ubuntu help site for UEC, I've verified that my node is registering, but when I do euca-describe-availability-zones verbose, it shows 0000 for all free/max options21:45
chewbrancaany ideas?21:45
sdfoj8ca i ask why you use eucalyptus with uec ?21:48
sdfoj8why dont you use normal ubuntu with mogilfs ?21:48
chewbrancabecause I'm trying to build a eucalyptus based EC2 cluster21:50
sdfoj8on amazon ?21:50
sdfoj8may i ask why do you do that ?21:51
chewbrancawhy not?21:51
sdfoj8why dont you build in other hosting ? and you do it on ec2 ? i am little confused21:51
sdfoj8coz ec2 is already a cluster21:51
sdfoj8and you are building a cloud server on a cloud already ?21:51
chewbrancaI need to use EC2, and I want a local dev environment, eucalyptus seems like a good way to go21:51
chewbrancano on a local box21:51
sdfoj8so is it like that21:52
sdfoj8you got 3-4 instances with amazon ec221:52
MTecknologyhow can I specify no swap with vmbuilder?21:52
sdfoj8but when you connect to one server, all the servers are same ?21:52
chewbrancaI'm not even using this with EC2 yet, I've got a master controller and a node server here at home, trying to get them up and running, but the node server is not showing up in the availability zone21:53
sdfoj8sorry bo bother but i am asking to learn21:53
sdfoj8why do do that.21:53
sdfoj8when you install UEC what will be the difference21:53
chewbrancathe difference of what?21:54
chewbrancaI'm just trying to build a dev environment that emulates EC2, I don't want to have to pay for everything I do on EC221:54
MTecknologysdfoj8: since you're back - I wanted to mention that it's considering spamming if you ask the same question in many channels21:54
chewbrancaI've got a lot of work to do with deploy management and provisioning, so I want a local version I can use to test21:54
sdfoj8MTecknology i dont know but i think you are tracking me :) i didnt ask same quest.21:55
sdfoj8i mean what if you install normal ubuntu server instead of that21:55
MTecknologysdfoj8: last time you were asking questions you were asking the same thing in #ubuntu, #ubuntu-server, #red5, and a couple others.21:56
chewbrancasdfoj8, if you want to install normal ubuntu server go for it, I'm trying to build a local version of EC2, not understanding what is complicated about understanding that21:56
MTecknologychewbranca: I can give you a pretty nifty command I use for creating vm's21:57
sdfoj8i did it one time MTecknology21:57
chewbrancaMTecknology, nice, that would be cool21:57
MTecknologychewbranca: http://paste.ubuntu.com/449355/21:57
MTecknologysdfoj8: I was just informing you that you should not do that.21:58
chewbrancaMTecknology, oh niiiiiiiiiiiiiiice, that's slick21:58
sdfoj8using vm is doing and sharing the cpu right ? using virtual boxes on a same machine.21:59
MTecknologychewbranca: I modify it a little different almost every time I use it - but that's the base I use21:59
chewbrancaMTecknology, yeah that's definitely handy21:59
MTecknologyglad you enjoy :)21:59
chewbrancaMTecknology, cool, just saved that22:01
MTecknologychewbranca: oh! word of caution- be careful with allocating swap. I had two vm's start hammering swap, got into swap death, vm's couldn't get over 1MB/s disk read22:02
MTecknologyI just dealt with that last week22:02
chewbrancaso I'm definitely having some trouble figuring out the debugging path with UEC and eucalyptus, I mean I've got the cloud controller and node up and running, but the node isn't showing up in the availability zones, and I just don't know where to go next22:02
chewbrancaMTecknology, oh ouch, that's rough, did you just allocate too much swap? or was the vm using too much ram and just hitting swap?22:03
MTecknologyThe solution was to add a little ram to each vm, and remove its swap. Simple solution that brought disk read from <1MB/s to >120MB/s22:03
MTecknologyit was hammering swap too hard22:03
MTecknologyI'm gonna head to do homework though22:04
chewbrancayeah hitting swap is rarely good22:04
MTecknologychewbranca: best of luck - blog and link me when you finish that22:04
chewbrancaok cool, thanks for sharing that provisioning script22:04
chewbrancaMTecknology, will do!22:04
JackTOhey all22:31
JackTOI have a remote KVM, and its an older Avocent Witchview, that doesn't support the latest refresh rates.   Even though I'm not running any X/Gui, the default refresh rate seems to be too high, how do i change it from the CLI?22:31
qman__I'm pretty sure the console is locked at 60Hz22:42
JackTOhmmm... someon told me to disable a framebuffer?22:42
qman__I'm also fairly sure that would require recompiling the kernel22:44
qman__you could try removing 'quiet splash' from the boot line, see if that solves your problem22:45
JackTOwhat does that do?22:45
qman__unhides the kernel messages22:45
JackTOlike in recovery mode?22:45
qman__what version of ubuntu is it?22:45
qman__yeah, only without starting the recovery process22:45
JackTOhmmm... let me see if even the BIOS hsow up ok, through the KVM, b4 ubuntu starts...22:46
JackTOmaybe its an issue with the graphics card22:46
JackTOlet me see22:46
qman__I don't really get why they do that on ubuntu server anyway22:48
qman__I can see wanting to hide that stuff for desktops or whatever22:48
qman__but on my server, I want to know what's going on22:48
JackTOdarn, i get flashing, eratic lines even b4 grusg load...  the bios shows up all messed up22:49
JackTOi agree, why do they hide the boot process, so odd... anyone using a server wants to see whats going on22:49
qman__I upgraded one of my servers to lucid due to a hardware issue22:49
qman__and now it has a boot splash screen22:50
chewbrancawow... finally fixed the issues with getting eucalyptus working proplery thanks to this thread: http://open.eucalyptus.com/forum/problem-node-registration22:50
chewbrancahad the exact same issues22:50
JackTOis there a difference in VGA signals from 2003 and now.. isn't vga, vga...   my Avocent KVM used to work perfectly... now all i get is flashing lines22:52
qman__ugh, nvidia.com now has a flash intro page on it22:52
qman__what is wrong with these people22:52
qman__JackTO, 2003 isn't that old22:57
qman__it should 'just work' even with the framebuffer22:57
qman__linux framebuffers only support VGA, SVGA type resolutions22:58
qman__no widescreen, no special refresh rates22:58
sorenbc: It's the (old) ubottu code.23:06
MTecknologyI create a disk with "qemu-img create -f qcow2 data1.qcow2 100" Then I added this to my libvirt xml  <disk type='file' device='disk'><source file='/virt/ext/images/pifio/data1.qcow2'/><target dev='hdb' bus='ide'/></disk>  Then defined it and rebooted the vm. I can see /dev/sdb in trhe vm but when I do fdisk /dev/sdb I get Unable to read /dev/sdb  -  Any ideas what I'm doing wrong?23:21
jo-erlend_MTecknology, libvirt has a channel on oftc. kvm has a channel on this network, and Ubuntu has #Ubuntu-virt, which is supposed to handle these kinds of questions.23:25
MTecknologyjo-erlend_: a new channel - thanks23:26
storkhi, i'm still running gutsy on my server, what's the best way to upgrade it?23:30
storkindeed :]23:32
storkwill i need to do a clean reinstall? i don't mind but i do have a lot of stuff on a RAID array that would be a pain in the arse if i lost it23:33
sorenYou should never need to reinstall an ubuntu system.23:34
MTecknologystork: I would assume sudo aptitude update && sudo aptitude full-upgrade && reboot && do-release-upgrade  <- should work fine23:34
chewbrancahow long does it normally take for a new instance to go from pending to running?23:34
storkno luck i don't think, gutsy isn't even supported anymore23:34
jo-erlend_how do you boot a software raid array if the first disk fails?23:35
storknone of my repos work23:35
jo-erlend_soren, you're an advanced one. If you know this, please let me know so I can sleep! :)23:35
jo-erlend_setting up / on raid5 doesn't work, but I've read that's because grub2 doesn't support booting from a raid5. I've also setup a raid1 for /boot, using four disks, and that doesn't work either. People are telling me I cannot use raid for the boot device, but this cannot be the case?23:37
qman__gutsy is too old, the repositories have been down a long time23:37
jo-erlend_gutsy is dead.23:37
sorenjo-erlend_: raid1 for /boot is fine and supported.23:37
qman__you will probably have to reinstall from scratch23:37
soren22:34 < soren> You should never need to reinstall an ubuntu system.23:37
jo-erlend_no, you can upgrade.23:37
jo-erlend_soren, what about raid1 with more than two disks?23:38
sorenjo-erlend_: Doesn't matter.23:38
sorenjo-erlend_: Not sure why you want to, but it's perfectly valid.23:38
jo-erlend_soren, I have four hotswappable disks. If either fails, I'd like to be able to just replace it, resync and feel calm. I have four disks and they have lots of space. Why would I not want to spend a few hundred megabytes on giving me extra redundancy?23:40
sorenWhy stop there?23:40
sorenYou could have an extra partition on each disk to mirror the /boot partition.23:41
sorenIt's just a few hundred MBs, after all.23:41
jo-erlend_what would you do?23:41
sorenI'm using your own argument against you.23:42
jo-erlend_I don't understand. People are telling me to make one disk responsible for boot, but that would mean if one disk fails, the system cannot reboot.23:42
jo-erlend_I want at least _some_ redundancy.23:43
sorenSure, sure.23:43
sorenThat's fine. I get that.23:43
qman__I wouldn't do that, that's quite a waste23:43
soreni'm just not sure why you feel you need 4 copies.23:43
jo-erlend_sommer, the disks are equal in size. Why would I leave unpartitioned space instead of using it for extra redundancy for /boot?23:43
qman__use it as swap instead23:44
jo-erlend_no, swap is partitioned on the raid5.23:44
jo-erlend_I really don't want swap without redundancy either.23:44
JackTOQuestion:  Is there any benifit of running VNC os a server?  or is SSH sufficient?23:46
jo-erlend_JackTO, absolutely.23:46
qman__only if you run X23:46
sorenjo-erlend_: I think I've missed what your question is. Sorry :)(23:47
sorenjo-erlend_: Yes, mirroring /boot is supported.23:47
sorenjo-erlend_: even across eleventy disks.23:47
JackTOjo: you are saying SSH is sufficient?23:47
jo-erlend_soren, I need a redundant /boot partition. I've tried setting it up on RAID5 and I've tried setting it on on RAID1 (though only using four disks). Nothing works.23:47
sorenjo-erlend_: raid5 will not work.23:48
qman__JackTO, I wouldn't run VNC on a server unless I needed X, and even then, it would only allow connections tunneled through SSH23:48
sorenjo-erlend_: raid1 should.23:48
jo-erlend_I eventually found out.23:48
jo-erlend_soren, it doesn't. Not with four disks, at least.23:48
sorenjo-erlend_: I wan't work with "nothing works".23:48
JackTOqman: thanks....23:48
sorenjo-erlend_: My only useful response to that is "don't do it wrong".23:49
jo-erlend_soren, can you please have a look at this page and tell me what I'm doing wrong? https://help.ubuntu.com/10.04/serverguide/C/advanced-installation.html23:49
sorenBesides, it's waaaay past my bed time. Feel free to catch me either during (European) business hours tomorrow or between 1900 and 2100 UTC.23:50
sorenjo-erlend_: No.23:50
sorenjo-erlend_: Because that page says how to do it. It doesn't say how you did it.23:50
jo-erlend_because I'm following the steps very closely, except for using four disks instead of two, which shouldn't make any difference?23:50
JackTOqman: Since my remote IP based KVM, is not working with my new equipment, do I really need it on a server sitting in a colo/datacenter...   i guess only if the system lokcs up, and i need access to the bios i need it...?23:50
sorenjo-erlend_: ...and you still haven't said /how/ it doesn't work.23:50
qman__JackTO, VNC would not let you access the BIOS23:51
jo-erlend_soren, I have. It was a while ago though. I get an initramfs, complaning that /dev/disk/by-uuid/<uuid here> doesn't exist. In fact, the directory doesn't exist at all.23:51
JackTOqman: true... i'm starting to realli like SSH... much better than the windows world i came from23:52
sorenWhat kind of controller are they hooked up to?23:52
sorenjo-erlend_: Å23:52
sorensheesh. Typing is hard.23:52
jo-erlend_I get almost the same results when I do it in a virtual machine, btw. The errors are not identical though. In the VM, it sais: no such disk.23:52
qman__JackTO, indeed, SSH is the swiss army knife of the networking world :)23:52
sorenjo-erlend_: Let's look at it tomorrow. I need sleep.23:53
jo-erlend_soren, I've had disks on this machine before, although not in a software raid, but mdadm shouldn't be specially affected by the controller, should it?23:53
sorenjo-erlend_: no.23:53
JackTOI'm just amazing in linux, i don't have to Reboot the server every time i install or change something... i like that a lot...23:54
jo-erlend_soren, I do too. I'll sleep well if you promise to help me with this tomorrow :>23:54
sorenjo-erlend_: but being sure that the devices are around in initrams depends on drivers being loaded and  that depends on which controller etc.23:54
jo-erlend_I've spent more than sixteen hours trying to install ubuntu server on that damned box.23:54
* soren wanders off23:54
jo-erlend_soren, all the devices are there, except for the md-ones.23:54
jo-erlend_but you're right. It's time to get some sleep. :)23:55
sorenjo-erlend_: but /dev/disk/by-uuid/ doesn't exist?23:55
jo-erlend_only by-path and by-id23:55
sorenjo-erlend_: that's messed up.23:55
* soren falls over, sleeping23:55
jo-erlend_it's identical in karmic.23:55
jo-erlend_but sleep tight. I'll tap you on the shoulder in the morning. :)23:56

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