Sarvattis it normal that the server requires renderproto 0.11 but only advertises 0.10 support?00:42
Sarvatt ... RenderQueryVersion(client-major-version=0, client-minor-version=11) = {major-version=0, minor-version=10}00:42
Sarvatt#define SERVER_RENDER_MINOR_VERSION             1000:43
Sarvattah i guess it doesn't matter because there were no new requests added in 0.1100:45
jcristau0ce42adbf4cff9e7f049d9fc79d588ece5936177 is.. small.00:47
Sarvattits missing BlendMaximum, the only other server side one as far as I can see from the protocol00:49
Sarvattoh no thats that00:49
Sarvattyeah so the server does 0.11, it should be defining it00:50
Sarvatteverything between min and max are client side pictops, i added the stuff to this tracing program and was wondering why none of it was getting used00:51
Sarvatthmm i understand hurd failing, but why is kfreebsd failing with the same error02:06
Sarvattos/os_time.c:51:4: error: #error Unsupported OS02:06
Sarvatt__FreeBSD__ isn't defined there?02:07
Sarvattthe kfreebsd porting guide says otherwise02:07
jcristauno __FreeBSD__ is only real freebsd02:08
jcristauso src/gallium/include/pipe/p_config.h needs adjusting02:08
Sarvatthttp://glibc-bsd.alioth.debian.org/porting/PORTING says otherwise :(02:09
Sarvattso just needs an  || defined(__FreeBSD_kernel__)02:09
Sarvatti misread02:09
jcristaulooks like there are 2 places where PIPE_OS_BSD and PIPE_OS_LINUX do different things.  rtasm/rtasm_execmem.c we want the linux path, and util/u_cpu_detect.c we want the bsd path.. :)02:13
Sarvattyeah i just checked that too02:17
Sarvattreading my mind there :)02:17
Sarvatthurd on the other hand..02:18
jcristauit's already hard to care about kfreebsd.  hurd is on some other planet ;)02:20
Sarvattexactly, at least kfreebsd is somewhat trivial to fix :)02:21
Sarvattoh yay a fresh batch of Gaetan Nadon updates to make my script rebuild all drivers for trivial updates :)02:23
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Sarvattman, adding dri2 to xtruss is harder than I thought it'd be. something wacky about DRI2SwapBuffers events17:41
hyperairSarvatt: compiz: ../../intel/intel_bufmgr_gem.c:1318: do_bo_emit_reloc: Assertion `!bo_gem->used_as_reloc_target' failed. =O18:33
Sarvattwith what versions?18:34
hyperairthat's mesa18:34
Sarvattthats just mesa-utils18:35
hyperairer sorry18:35
Sarvattthat stopped getting updated then18:35
hyperair7.9.0+git20100611.3eca311b-0ubuntu0sarvatt~lucid 018:35
hyperairthis is mesa-common-dev18:35
hyperairSarvatt: the 20100610 one didn't have a problem18:36
Sarvattwas going to say it looked like a change on the 7th18:40
hyperair[UPGRADE] libgl1-mesa-dri 7.9.0+git20100610.63834285-0ubuntu0sarvatt~lucid -> 7.9.0+git20100611.3eca311b-0ubuntu0sarvatt~lucid18:41
hyperairSarvatt: i've been bisecting my kernel all weekend, so my X has been getting restarted pretty often.18:41
Sarvattwhat about libdrm, i upgraded that at the same time18:42
Sarvatti'm not surprised if its a 965+ libdrm problem with whats in there recently - http://cgit.freedesktop.org/mesa/drm/commit/?id=f179137f8f5bf272b79266575121c7a04038290c18:43
hyperairSarvatt: nope, no libdrm upgrade recently.18:43
Sarvatthuh, what version18:43
Sarvattdont tell me one from may with the epoch bump problem :)18:44
hyperair1:2.4.20+git20100513.a3305b07-0ubuntu0sarvatt~lucid 018:44
Sarvatti even poked you  on irc about fixing it incase you didn't read the page :)18:45
hyperairi guess i'll just upgrade libdrm and it'll sort itself out?18:45
hyperairdid you?18:45
hyperairi must have been out18:45
hyperairor rebooting, as i've been doing a lot recently18:45
hyperairyou running a .35 kernel by any chance?18:45
Sarvattsudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install libdrm-dev/lucid libdrm2/lucid libdrm-nouveau1/lucid libdrm-radeon1/lucid libdrm-intel1/lucid18:45
Sarvattyeah i am18:45
Sarvatthow the heck were you able to use stuff with the old libdrm, haha18:46
* hyperair shrugs18:46
Sarvattso yeah that probably accounts for a large number of your crashes :)18:47
Sarvattohh Depends: libc6 (>= 2.4), libdrm-intel1 (>= 2.4.21)18:47
Sarvattthe epoch satisfies it :(18:47
hyperairsee, this is why you shouldn't use epochs unless absolutely necessary18:47
hyperairand for unofficial packages, never use epochs >_>18:48
Sarvattit wasn't on purpose!18:48
Sarvattand only lasted 2 days18:48
hyperairi had bad timing eh18:48
hyperairSarvatt: this wouldn't have any relation to my suspending problem, would it?18:49
hyperairif it was, then i wasted my weekend bisecting.18:50
hyperairand contributing to local (as opposed to global) warming18:51
Sarvattespecially if you use compiz :)18:51
hyperaireh i tried suspending from gdm itself18:51
hyperairit just hung after switching ttys18:51
hyperairSarvatt: yay my compiz has returned!18:54
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Sarvatttry suspending :)18:56
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rippsIs there any way to test radeon gallium in Maverick? I want to test out Unity, but it seems it relies on non_power_of_two textures and that's not supported in default mesa.20:31
Sarvattripps: xorg-edgers?20:36
rippsSarvatt: I thought it was removed20:36
SarvattRAOF: awesome, your llvm patch for gallium does fix builds with mesa 7.9 \o/20:37
Sarvattfunny that its only a problem with non standard llvm include paths20:38
Sarvattbecause it builds fine with llvm-dev in lucid, llvm-2.7-dev puts the includes in some crazy place in /usr/lib/20:38
Sarvattripps: you have an r300 dont you? would you be willing to test a driver out  for me sometime? i'm working on that ati ddx patch to allow changing the dri driver name with an xorg.conf option for gallium20:39
rippsSarvatt: okay sure.20:40
Sarvattalmost got it done, just one hiccup that i'm fudging around trying to fix20:40
rippstell me when you get it in a ppa20:40
rippsSarvatt: what's the hiccup?20:43
rippsIs xserver-1.9 in xorg-edgers now?20:47
Sarvattjust trying to work out the right way to add the check for the option in one spot20:49
Sarvattstill not evem branched20:50
rippsI see you've been experimenting with it in your xorg-testing ppa20:51
rippsso far 1.8 in Maverick seems to work pretty good. Although, the agp on my mobo seems to give issues. Although, it works better after setting radeon.agpmode=-1. I haven't gotten a system freeze yet20:55
rippsMy suspend hasn't bee working with xserver1.8 and kernel 2.6.34/35. Although, I haven't tried since disabling agpmode20:55
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Sarvattwoohoo I think I got it21:02
Sarvattripps: yeah suspend is broken on radeon for a lot of people with 2.6.35 last i heard from reading on dri-devel21:02
Sarvattripps: are you using xorg-edgers right now?21:03
rippsSarvatt: no, I switched to maverick in order to make sure it was working.21:03
rippsSeems to work about the same as edgers though.21:03
Sarvattcan i just give you a patch for -ati to try or do ya want it on a PPA?21:03
rippsSarvatt: I can do a patch21:04
rippsIf it works, you should put it in a ppa21:04
Sarvattmind grabbing -ati off edgers? it'll work with stock maverick stuff21:04
Sarvattdont need gallium to test, just want to know what happens when you run it even without gallium21:05
rippsokay, give me a sec.21:06
Sarvattcan just sudo ln -s  /usr/lib/dri/r300_dri.so /usr/lib/dri/radeong_dri.so21:06
Sarvattoh it'll be a few minutes, still compile testing it with different options21:06
Sarvattdget -u -x https://edge.launchpad.net/~xorg-edgers/+archive/ppa/+files/xserver-xorg-video-ati_6.13.99+git20100604.f64bf0de-0ubuntu0sarvatt.dsc21:06
Sarvatt\o/ compiles with and without the option21:07
rippsdoes that include the patch?21:08
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rippsSarvatt: ^21:09
Sarvattthats the source the patch applies to21:12
Sarvattthats the patch21:12
Sarvattyou need to edit debian/rules to pass --enable-gallium to ./configure too21:12
Sarvattplay with it a bunch if you dont mind, see how you can break it :)21:13
Sarvattit should enable gallium by default on your GPU, which wont work because /usr/lib/dri/radeong_dri.so doesnt exist, i want to know if it falls back to swrast right in that case21:14
Sarvattand then if you sudo ln -s  /usr/lib/dri/r300_dri.so /usr/lib/dri/radeong_dri.so it should load the classic driver and say its loading radeong_dri.so in the log and such21:15
rippsokay, try this first without gallium-dri, than once with?21:15
Sarvattyou said you werent using edgers?21:15
Sarvattno gallium-dri21:16
rippsI'm not, but I was going to install it... but I'll do it normal maverick21:16
Sarvattyeah normal maverick works21:16
Sarvattmesa needs changing to work with this, i'm trying to get rid of /usr/lib/dri-gallium21:16
Sarvattif this works i'll just modify it to always disable gallium unless Option "Gallium" "True" is in xorg.conf in the device section and ship radeong_dri.so in /usr/lib/dri21:18
rippsadding it to debian/patches21:20
Sarvattdont forget --enable-gallium in the rules21:20
rippsyep, I got that.21:27
rippsbuilding now in pbuilder21:27
rippsbtw, has anybody tried my wacom-dkms package? I suppose I'll wait until the next kernel release to see if it updates correctly. Than I'll see if upstream ubuntu/debian would like it.21:28
Sarvatti dont have a tablet that needs it, guess i could try it on my tablets that work and see what happens21:30
Sarvattoh wacom21:31
rippsyesh ripps818/wacom21:31
Sarvattinstalling now21:39
rippshmm... why does xserver-xorg-video-ati-dbg depend on mach64-dbg and r128-dbg?21:44
rippsokay, I've installed the patch ati, hold on while I reset my xserver.21:44
Sarvattwhy are ya installing -ati-dbg instead of -radeon-dbg?21:45
Sarvatt-ati depends on mach64 and -r128, its just a wrapper that loads the right driver21:46
rippsSarvatt: I just did a sudo dpkg -i *.deb21:48
rippsOkay, I restarted X, and compiz doesn't work21:50
rippsOpenGL renderer string: Software Rasterizer21:50
rippsthat's what you wanted, right?21:50
rippsnow, if I symlink r300 to radeong, it will load normal mesa, correct?21:51
Sarvattyeah, can you try linking r300 to radeong?21:51
* ripps is restarting X again21:51
Sarvattthen if that works try adding Option "Gallium" "False" in your xorg.conf and see if it loads r300_dri.so21:51
Sarvattand that'll be all i need to know to go ahead with it21:52
rippsSarvatt: okay, I now have compiz back21:53
rippsOpenGL renderer string: Mesa DRI R300 (RV350 4150) 20090101 x86/MMX+/3DNow!+/SSE TCL DRI221:53
Sarvattpastebin your log?21:53
rippsRADEON(0): [DRI2]   DRI driver: radeong21:56
* ripps is restarting X again21:56
Sarvattoh log message is screwed up, whoops [ 10122.293] (II) RADEON(0): Using Gallium for DRI.(II) RADEON(0): KMS Color Tiling: enabled21:57
rippsOkay, booted with Gallium=False21:59
rippsCompiz is working21:59
Sarvattthanks ripps, she works!21:59
Sarvattoh wait that didnt work22:00
rippsoops, I misspelled gallium in xorg.conf, let me try that again22:00
Sarvattoh ok22:00
rippsit worked22:01
rippsAIGLX: Loaded and initialized /usr/lib/dri/r300_dri.so22:01
Sarvatt\o/ thanks man!22:02
rippsdoes libgl1-mesa-galluim install radeong.dri?22:03
Sarvattyou need to sudo mv /usr/lib/dri-gallium/r300_dri.so /usr/lib/dri/radeong_dri.so22:04
rippsare you gonna update it so it installs radeong?22:04
Sarvattyeah need to work out the best way to patch the ddx up first22:04
rippsor are you gonna package galluim by default?22:04
Sarvattnot sure22:04
rippsand just leave Galluim=False by default22:04
Sarvattmaking people need the xorg.conf option to use it makes more sense22:04
Sarvattif people dont have the gallium dri driver installed they wont be able to use r300 if its default enabled22:05
Sarvattadding a check to see if it exists before making that the driverName makes sense but i dont know how to do that22:06
Sarvattwhich do you think i should do?22:09
rippsI think just package galluim and mesa together, and just have mesa be default. 22:09
Sarvattcould just ship radeong_dri.so in libgl1-mesa-dri :)22:10
rippsNobody will know gallium was added to the package unless they add `Option "Gallium" "True"` to their xorg.conf22:10
rippsyeah, that's what I was thinking. Seems the easiest method for everybody22:10
Sarvattyeah but people using libgl1-mesa-dri-gallium wouldn't know what happened22:11
rippsdon't have to worry about silly package dependecies and symlinks22:11
Sarvattwell its a piece of cake to just make libgl1-mesa-dri-gallium ship files in /usr/lib/dri since they dont conflict anymore22:11
rippsCan't you just but an entry on the ppa and on mesa-dri's changelog noting it?22:11
Sarvatti need to ditch -gallium anyway since thats not what we're gonna have in ubuntu22:11
Sarvattbut i cant update edgers with whats in git right now since it only builds with 7.8 :(22:12
rippsnot to mention it screws with compiz22:12
Sarvattripps: oh y eah can you try booting with nomodeset and make sure it works normal?22:12
Sarvattwould be interested in what happens with gallium enabled in xorg.conf with dri122:13
rippsokay, Gallium=True?22:13
rippsSarvatt: hmmm... it still says I'm using dri2...22:18
rippsthere might be some config somewhere that's overriding my kernel option22:18
Sarvatt/etc/modprobe.d/radeon-kms.conf exist?22:19
Sarvattprobably does22:19
Sarvattthat breaks it22:19
Sarvattsudo update-initramfs -u after deleting it22:19
rippsyeah, it says 'option radeon modeset=1'22:19
Sarvattyeah delete it, its not supposed to be there22:19
Sarvattdidn't get removed on a package upgrade22:20
jcristaui thought that was removed in the ubuntu package22:20
jcristaui guess not with edgers22:20
Sarvattits an edgers problem, i'm not editing the maintainer scripts to make it remove the right ones22:20
rippsyeah, dpkg -S says it came from -radeon22:21
* ripps is rebooting... again22:21
Sarvattok refreshed the patch a little - http://sarvatt.com/downloads/patches/radeon-gallium.patch22:22
Sarvattnow to make another where its not enabled by default22:22
rippsokay, got to gdm, but failed when I tried to login. Failsafe Gnome worked though. So compiz probably crashed my X 22:25
Sarvattgot any log of it?22:27
rippsOpenGL renderer string: Mesa DRI R300 (RV350 4150) 20090101 AGP 8x x86/MMX+/3DNow!+/SSE TCL22:28
rippsXorg.0.log: ripps@ripps-desktop:~$ cat /var/log/Xorg.0.log |pastebinit 22:28
Sarvatti dont see anything wrong there?22:30
rippsokay, tried to manually load compiz, and metacity -c. Both failed22:32
rippshyperair: yeah22:33
Sarvattdoes it work without the xorg.conf?22:33
rippsOnly entry I have in it is Option "Gallium" "True"22:34
rippswhich should just be a symlink to r300, but I'll try22:34
Sarvattit doesnt use it unless you're using KMS though, and your log showed it loading r300_dri22:35
Sarvatti only added it to the dri2 path since its required for gallium22:36
rippsSarvatt: hmm... it's something else. I managed to get sorta working for a sec, but after it had wiped my settings. the moment I reverted my compiz settings back it crashed.22:38
rippsso one of the plugins is causing a problem22:38
rippsand when it crashes, it take X with it22:39
hyperairSarvatt: if pm-trace says "drm card0: hash matches", which kernel paths should i filter my bisect to?22:39
Sarvatthyperair: are you compiling your own kernel?22:42
hyperairSarvatt: yes.22:42
Sarvatttry the ubuntu kernel?22:42
Sarvatttheres a patch thats most likely fixing your problem22:42
Sarvattstill not upstream..22:42
hyperairSarvatt: really? what patch is that?22:42
hyperairSarvatt: it sounds like a different issue.22:44
hyperairSarvatt: my issue happens with/without X, and the system hangs while attempting to suspend.22:44
hyperairit locks itself so hard that sysrq won't work.22:44
rippsokay, I got metacity -c working, I now have proper terminal transparency22:44
rippsokay, and default compiz config works22:45
rippsnow.. let's see what plugin crashes it.22:45
Sarvatthyperair: wouldn't really hurt to try it before bisecting would it? :) theres tons of other things in there, not like ya cant purge it afterwards22:50
hyperairSarvatt: i'm almost done bisecting =\22:51
hyperairalso, my boot time is abysmal22:52
hyperairit takes 5 minutes to completely boot up22:52
hyperairridiculous. utterly ridiculous.22:52
rippsokay, I figured it out. I was the magnifier plugin. I had every other plugin enabled before I got to that one.22:53
rippsFor some reason it crashes X with radeon dri122:53
rippsand suspend works with dri122:56
rippshyperair: your suspend issue sounds like mine22:57
hyperairripps: eh?22:57
hyperairripps: brb, tell me more when i get back to compile the next kernel =)22:57
Sarvatthyperair: ureadahead most likely, the second boot wouldnt be anywhere near that22:58
rippshmm... since suspend works wth dri1 radeon, but not dri2. It must be locking with dri2/kms22:59
brycehyay, https://edge.launchpad.net/~ubuntu-x-swat/+patches finally works properly23:04
brycehbdmurray, thanks!23:05
jcristauit timed out on me :)23:09
rippsMan, I wish dri2/kms radeon still had XV Overlay. I've just realized how fast mplayer XV is here in dri1.23:16
Sarvattit would be nice if i knew where the heck the right place to add the check is, copy and paste only gets you so far and i've spent all day going over other drivers :)23:42
Sarvattoh dang I was making it too complicated, its not that hard at all to do23:52

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