connermcdKalEl: Here is a website with information on editing your fstab - http://www.tuxfiles.org/linuxhelp/fstab.html00:00
KrisDouglasSylbot, there is a chance if you had a third party driver installed, it will need recompiling after an update00:00
deventio7ubutom: it has a 100% connection apparently, and when connected to an external network adapter the ping is much better00:00
sylbotBrianE, what?00:00
sylbothow do i tell00:00
soadkombuchaJordan_U: I still cannot connect. I'm going to reboot into windows for now, and then I'll try to figure this out later. Thank you VERY much for all the help you've been giving me00:00
Jordan_Usoadkombucha: The dialog that comes up should have the correct encryption type for the network selected by default00:00
KrisDouglasSylbot, do you have an Nvidia, intel or ATI card?00:00
deventio7ubutom: it's probably a problem with the hardware then, right?00:00
connermcdFlomaster: What do you mean?00:00
sylbotKrisDouglas, yes00:01
soadkombuchaJordan_U: It didn't pull any networks.00:01
BrianEsylbot: You'd probably notice if it was; items on the screen would look unusually large00:01
KrisDouglaswhich one00:01
sylbotKrisDouglas, Nvida GTX 26000:01
bithuntersylbot, did you install dkms or updated the kernel without it?00:01
Jordan_Usoadkombucha: You're welcome.00:01
KalElconnermcd, thanks... strange - my fstab only has two entries although i have numerous partitions, all available on Places00:01
soadkombuchaJordan_U: That's my problem. I'll just try again later. Thank you for all the help, hopefully when I go over to my friend's later he can help me with this.00:01
sylbotbithunter, i don't know00:01
ubutomdeventio7, could be many things, have you tried what happens if the ipod touchs wireless is off?00:01
sylbotBrianE, no nothing is large00:01
KrisDouglasok, sylbot, most likely you need to go download the latest linux driver, and follow the instructions given to install it, it's quite simple00:01
KalElconnermcd, ntfs partitions are not there in fstab00:01
KrisDouglassylbot, http://download.nvidia.com00:01
sylbotKrisDouglas, I have the latest driver00:01
BrianEsylbot: There's not much I can do to help you, to be honest... If all else fails, I presume you also have an onboard graphics card? You could try checking your BIOS settings to make sure your GTX260 is set as the primary card...00:02
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BrianEsylbot: Because that output suggests that the GTX260 isn't being used :-\00:02
sylbotBrianE, I don't have one00:02
sylbotThe system can "see" it00:02
sylbotthe GTX00:02
KrisDouglasbut you are not getting acceleration?00:02
connermcdKalEl: In synaptic, or by apt-get you can install a little tool written in python, called "Pysdm"00:03
connermcd(Python Storage Device Manager).00:03
Flomasterconnermcd:  when downloading large files from megaupload they are often broken into several pieces say 40 200mb pieces I need to take all 40 URLs and drop them into a download manager so it downloads one after another00:03
bithuntersylbot, please pastebin the output of lsmod also00:03
BrianEDo you see 'NVIDIA X Server Settings' under System -> Administration, sylbot?00:03
connermcdKalEl: Then "System->Administration->Storage Device Manager"00:03
KrisDouglasGuys, is it possible to turn off the "has joined" and "has quit" messages?00:03
sylbotBrianE, no00:03
KalElconnermcd, sounds good, will try out00:03
BrianEStrange, it was installed when I activated my NVIDIA driver... Could be relevant00:04
KrisDouglasSylbot - driver isn't installed00:04
ubutomKrisDouglas, in xchat right click the channel tab and select hide join/part messages, in other clients there are commands for that00:04
KrisDouglasi'm using Smuxi00:04
genoskillwheres a irc tutorial or guide00:04
BrianEsylbot: The driver isn't installed00:04
kostkonFlomaster, install Tucan00:05
_schism_hey guys can you watch netflix on ubuntu? looking through google now and I am a bit confused00:05
BrianEsylbot: Go back into Hardware Drivers, make sure it's activated, and that you have definitely restarted (the restart isn't optional, the driver -will not- be active without restarting)00:05
connermcdFlomaster: Don't know anything off hand... will look around for you00:05
tic^KrisDouglas: read the help file?00:05
Flomastersudo apt-get install tucan  ?????????00:05
sylbotOne sec, uploading screenie00:05
bithuntersylbot, no nvidia prop driver is running.. you run on nouveau drivers00:05
Keith-BlindUserI was curious what the Dmesg output in Ubuntu means when it mentions "booting paravirtualized kernel on bair hardware?"00:05
KrisDouglasI am doing :)00:05
genoskillwheres a irc tutorial or guide please00:05
kostkonFlomaster, yeah00:05
no-name-can you change the style of the windows_key+tab feature in 10.04?00:06
ubottuThe guidelines for using the Ubuntu channels can be found here: http://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Guidelines00:06
gelacacinegenoskill: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wikipedia%3AIRC_tutorial00:06
KalElconnermcd, turned off the 'volumes visible' setting in nautilus. do i need to restart for it to take effect? also does it affect just me or every user?00:06
ubottuA list of official Ubuntu IRC channels, as well as IRC clients for Ubuntu, can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/InternetRelayChat - For a general list of !freenode channels, see http://freenode.net/faq.shtml#channellist - See also !Guidelines00:06
Keith-BlindUserIf you want IRC tutorials, you neeed to Google and such.00:06
Flomasterkostkon: thanks man I tried KDE KGet I didn't care for it I wasn't able to copy and paste all 40 links at once00:07
connermcdFlomaster: sounds good00:07
connermcdKalEl: just re-login00:07
genoskillgelacacine: thx00:07
sylbotdid you guys see the screenshot, it says that the drivers are installed and activated00:07
sylbotwhat is neovue drivers00:07
kostkonFlomaster, np00:07
BrianEGuys / sylbot: This isn't to advertise it, but could you use something like http://www.burn-blue.com for images/pastes? Some of the services you're all using are dire, especially that yfrog sylbot just used =-\00:08
Psi-JackI understand that OpenVZ support has been long since removed from Ubuntu since after Ubuntu 8.04, but word around says it was being replaced with LXC. Does Ubuntu 10.04 have LXC support to run LXC containers?00:08
Jordan_U!screenshot | BrianE00:08
ubottuBrianE: Screenshots can be made with the [PrtScr] button. Want to show us a screenshot of your problem? Upload an image to http://tinyurl.com/imagebin and post a link to it.00:08
gelacacinei recently installed xubuntu next to windows, and i'm trying to mount my windows partition, and it isn't working00:08
sylboti do see nvidia x server00:09
sylbotYou do not appear to be using the NVIDIA X driver.  Please edit your X configuration file (just run `nvidia-xconfig` as root), and restart the X server.00:09
Brazzerfuck you00:09
Keith-BlindUserHave you attempted something like this in a terminal? ntfsmount /dev/sda1 for instance?00:09
genoskillnigga stole my bike00:09
BrianEJordan_U: Cheers, that's much better than yfrog00:09
Jordan_U!ops genoskill Brazzer00:09
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)00:09
BrianE!screenshot | sylbot00:09
ubottusylbot: Screenshots can be made with the [PrtScr] button. Want to show us a screenshot of your problem? Upload an image to http://tinyurl.com/imagebin and post a link to it.00:09
Psi-JackI see #ubuntu is suffering the weekend trolls too. :/00:09
Jordan_U!ops | genoskill Brazzer00:09
ubottugenoskill Brazzer: Help! Channel emergency! (ONLY use this trigger in emergencies) -  elky, Madpilot, tritium, Nalioth, tonyyarusso, PriceChild, Amaranth, jrib, Myrtti, mneptok, Pici, jpds, gnomefreak, bazhang, jussi, Flannel, ikonia, maco, h00k, IdleOne, or nhandler!00:09
gelacacinesudo f-disk gives me00:09
ubutom!ntfs | gelacacine00:10
ubottugelacacine: To view your Windows/Mac partitions see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/AutomaticallyMountPartitions - For write access, see !NTFS-3g or !FUSE00:10
gelacacine   Device Boot      Start         End      Blocks   Id  System00:10
gelacacine/dev/sda1   *           1       12757   102470571    7  HPFS/NTFS00:10
gelacacine/dev/sda2           38254       38913     5301450   1c  Hidden W95 FAT32 (LBA)00:10
gelacacine/dev/sda3           12758       38253   204796620   83  Linux00:10
FloodBot2gelacacine: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.00:10
xorwhyIs there any way to disable the 'loading' cursor? There's something wrong with the interrupt signals causing the loading cursor to stay on even after loading is complete. It would be easiest to just kill the loading cursor functionality entirely.00:11
FlannelBrazzer: Please mind your language.00:11
Flannelgenoskill: That's not appropriate.00:11
KalElthis is quite strange - fstab has no mention of the mount points offered at Places menu. is fstab obsolete now? how do i ensure other users do not read/write to these partitions?00:12
genoskillFlannel: ok00:12
IamReckuh oh, partitioning.00:12
Keith-BlindUserI'm curous if #Ubuntu frequently gets spammers? I once got a random DCC request when someone attempted to send something to port 0 when I logged in with mIRC on Windows once.00:12
KrisDouglasi have come to the conclusion that Smuxi irc client is not very good00:12
* KrisDouglas is switching to Xchat00:12
Keith-BlindUserChrisDouglas: Try the pidgon program.00:12
Keith-BlindUserIt has a nice IRC interface.00:13
acperkinsKrisDouglas: ironically, I have just done the opposite00:13
Keith-BlindUserand multi protocol support00:13
yahshuacan someone tell me an easy user friendly firwall program for ubuntu 10.0400:13
Keith-BlindUserTry Ufw00:13
BrianEKrisDouglas: Use 'xchat', not 'xchat-gnome' - It's much cleaner IMO00:13
Jordan_Uyahshua: gufw is pretty good00:13
xorwhyxchat-gnome is contaminated i concur00:13
BrianEyahshua: I liked Firestarter00:13
sylbothow do i restart the x server00:13
KrisDouglasacperkins I find the lack of features, which I use regularly annoying00:13
KrisDouglasand thanks briane, i am installing the full xchat00:14
yahshuajordan_u  briane i am completly novice to this00:14
yahshuawhich one00:14
yahshuaand can u step me through00:14
bithunteryahshua, firestarter is pretty easy to use00:14
KalEltrue, don't see the point of xchat-gnome - even the documentation says that though all configs are present in the file, they have been removed from ui to create xchat-gnome!00:14
BrianEFirestarter is nice, simple and clean :)00:14
gelacacineKeith-BlindUser: I get WARNING: /dev/sda1 is block device, but you are not root and ntfsmount is not set-uid-root, so using 'blkdev' option is not possible. This is not recommended.00:14
gelacacineAccess is denied because the NTFS volume is already exclusively opened.00:14
gelacacineThe volume may be already mounted, or another software may use it which00:14
gelacacinecould be identified for example by the help of the 'fuser' command.00:14
gelacacineYou can use force option to avoid this check, but this is not recommended00:14
FloodBot2gelacacine: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.00:14
gelacacineand may lead to data corruption.00:14
Keith-BlindUserI think that firewalls are a subjective disscussion. What works for one might not work for another, etc.00:14
acperkinsKrisDouglas: which features did you find were missing? today is my first using it so I would be interested in what you felt was lacking.00:14
KrisDouglasacperkins, hiding the join/quit messages, file xfer00:15
yahshuabithunter how do i get and install firestarter00:15
BrianEKeith-BlindUser: Are you really blind? And using IRC? Kudos if you are00:15
Keith-BlindUserBlind as a bat.00:15
Keith-BlindUserNo trouble using iRC>00:15
BrianEKeith-BlindUser: Screenreader?00:15
connermcdBrail translator USB connection00:15
Keith-BlindUserI'm a pretty good touch-typest, actually. It doesn't mean that I"m perfect, but I do know how ot type despite not having vision. I've ever got Ubuntu talking with Orca.00:15
Keith-BlindUserWoops.. :) I meant to. :D00:16
BrianEKeith-BlindUser: Much respect, that's rather... admirable, in an odd way00:16
Keith-BlindUserOn a windows machine presently, but yes I'm still able to use Linux. The only problem with Ubuntu apps and  the Orca screen reader/magnifyer, is that the applications must be written in GTK.00:16
bithunteryahshua, sudo apt-get install firestarter00:16
IamReckWohoo flash crashed X!00:17
sylbotHow do I restart the X server00:17
collectekweird ... I am running streamtuner and use shoutcast .... now it is not loading any streams.....what could have changed/can fix this .... hmm00:17
IamReckCtrl Alt Backspace sylbot00:17
Keith-BlindUserSo if firestarter for isntance, or SKype, or other QT3 apps come into play with Orca, QT3 is badly inaccessible to the blind.00:17
Flomasterkostkon: I have it installed, but where I input my megaupload info i have my user name, my password, and an enable spot all need to be filled out i am not sure what to type in the enable spot00:17
BrianEIamReck: That was disabled by default in Ubuntu 10.0400:17
KrisDouglasRighto, transfer complete, back to familiar ground :)00:17
BrianEIamReck / sylbot: Don't use CTRL+ALT+Backspace, use ALT+PrintScr+k00:17
IamReckBrianE, really?  Coincidently I'm upgrading from 9.10 to 10.04 tonight.00:17
connermcdKalEl: http://www.uluga.ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=20586200:17
KrisDouglasBrianE- what's the difference?00:17
IamReckBrianE, does that work on 9.10 also?00:17
BrianEIamReck: Mm, there's some package that re-enables it, but it's disabled by default00:18
BrianEThere is no difference, IIRC, both restart X00:18
IamReckAnyone out there using a Dell XPS m1330 with 10.04 and Windows 7 Dual Booting?00:18
kostkonFlomaster, view → prefs → service configuration, select the megaupload plugin and then press the info button00:18
Keith-BlindUserI'm curious how you sighted folks hear in #Ubuntu manage to keep up with the trafic on IRC? TO me it's loads of speech messages. Somebuddy has quit IRC, this person has joineed #Ubuntu, etc.00:18
KrisDouglasiamreck, I am single booting a 153000:18
KrisDouglasbut at the moment using my work machine- Acer Ferrari One00:19
Flomasterkostkon: i got it working i am connected to my  MU Premium account00:19
Keith-BlindUserGnome must have a nice color theme, but being blind I cannot appreciate the visuals. :)00:19
mewayHello whats a command to remove .example extention from all files in one folder?00:19
IamReckKrisDouglas, more worried about Dual Booting it, heard murmurs of some issues.00:19
bazhangKeith-BlindUser, which client? you can shut that off00:19
BrianEKeith-BlindUser: You quickly adapt to filtering through the text for what's relevant / important, it's not as difficult as you'd imagine :)00:19
IamReckrm *.example00:19
KrisDouglasIamReck, when i was dualbooting, it was flawless00:19
IamReckThanks, KrisDouglas00:19
BrianEKeith-BlindUser: Have you always been blind?00:19
Flomasterman I searched all over google looking for suck a program and didn't see any links pointing to Tucan00:19
BrianEThat sucks :-\00:20
KrisDouglasthe only reason I am not dualing is because 10.04 is perfect for me, dont need windows now00:20
yahshuabithunter can u tell me an anti-spyware00:20
KalElthanks connermcd. i remember it was not like that with the previous version of ubuntu. i will try to create the fstab on my own and see if it's working. i don't quite like the idea of mount points magically working for a normal user with no mention at fstab...00:20
Psi-JackSuck a program, eh? ;)00:20
kostkonFlomaster, :)00:20
Keith-BlindUserThe most accesible client I have found for the Orca screen reading program under Ubuntu is the Pidgon client. I'm using a accessible modified Ubuntu Lucid project called VInux. Have you folks heard of that project?00:20
IamReckKrisDouglas, I'm considering single booting, but occasionally i need Windows 7 for things I can't do in a VM.00:20
BrianEyahshua: I don't really like to say this, but Ubuntu isn't like Windows -- You won't need an "anti-Spyware" application, nor an antivirus, nor a firewall for the usage you're thinking of00:20
KrisDouglasIamReck, yeah i was the same :)00:20
* Flomaster gives kostkon a ice cold beer 00:20
connermcdKalEl: I agree, but I suppose it makes sense... If someone has physical access to your machine they can get to the partitions one way or anothers (live USB)00:20
hiexpo!language | Psi-Jack00:21
ubottuPsi-Jack: Please watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family friendly.00:21
KrisDouglasIamReck - but all-in-all it does work perfectly with 9.10 and 10.04 :)00:21
kostkonFlomaster, thanx!00:21
Psi-Jackhiexpo: Hey, he said it! :)00:21
Keith-BlindUserVinux, google for it. You'll like it. It's intended to make Ubuntu a bit more accessible to people with visual impairments. :)00:21
yahshuawell why do some linux platforms come with anti spyware installed like pclinux os00:21
Keith-BlindUserAnd specific tweeks not available in Ubuntu by default such as Orca automatically coming up, where as the user must make it do so in Ubuntu, etc.00:21
SlidingHornyahshua: as it stands, you really don't need an AV program, but if you want to protect your windows-using friends that are not necessarily as bright as they should be when it comes to opening files, you can...just to make sure you dont send them anything bad00:22
IamReckKrisDouglas, Thanks! Just debating whether or not to do the upgrade tonight, and whether or not to reformat my /home directory and bring it up to shiny new ext4 in stead of ext200:22
Psi-JackErr, well, Flomaster did anyway. heh00:22
Keith-BlindUserYour using ext2! Isn't that a slow file system?00:22
BrianEIamReck: You're still using Ext2?! Format it with Ext4, it's shiny and has cookies :-P00:22
Keith-BlindUserALl I have to say about that is Youch.00:22
yahshuaand if i accidentaly give permission to a prgram to run it could be spyware00:22
KrisDouglasIn the early days I was having EXT4 issues, but now, it is working more than perfectly. All my NAS's at work work perfectly too00:22
connermcdKalEl: NTFS partitions can have a password ON THE PARTITION, but externally there's not a lot of purpose in forbidding users access00:22
KrisDouglashighly, highly recommend ext400:22
FlomasterPsi-Jack: say what?00:22
CaptainTrekIamReck:  definitely bring it up to Ext4, it might not really work with Ext2 and 10.04. at least not well00:23
Keith-BlindUserNas, isn't that network staorage file system or something?00:23
yahshuaand i have one more question what is the checkdsk command00:23
connermcdKalEl: My windows partition has a password on startup so when I mount it in Ubuntu it requires it00:23
Keith-BlindUserI believe check file system?00:23
FloodBot2Jamaun: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.00:23
Psi-JackFlomaster: Nevermind. You had a pretty odd typo earlier. ;)00:23
KrisDouglasNetwork attached storage, yep00:23
IamReckBrianE, Keith-BlindUser, was waiting for Ext4 to stabalize, but wanted to do a fresh format on the partition and not upgrade the filesystem, know what i mean?00:23
SlidingHornyahshua - if you give it permission to run *as root* -- which you should never do unless you know for a FACT what the program is/does00:23
KrisDouglasall my NAS boxes run Ubuntu 10.04 server00:23
SlidingHorn!enter | krisdouglas00:23
ubottukrisdouglas: Please try to keep your questions/responses on one line - don't use the "Enter" key as punctuation!00:23
BrianEIamReck: Yes, but Ext3 has been stable for years, no?00:23
Keith-BlindUserI'm using ext4, not a bug.00:23
Keith-BlindUserI can't find any stability issues.00:23
CaptainTreksame with me, EXT4 PWNS00:24
FlomasterROFL  @ SUCK   typo Psi-Jack00:24
KrisDouglasSorry, I am actually knocking the enter button :)00:24
Keith-BlindUserIt includes a defragmentation feature, I think.00:24
IamReckJust haven't had the time to do a back up and reload everything.00:24
Math^What is the best way to install HeidiSQL in 10.04? apt-cache can't find it.00:24
yahshuawhat is the terminal command for checking filesystem00:24
SlidingHornkrisdouglas: you can use http://paste.ubuntu.com for terminal outputs etc and we can read them from there00:24
KalElconnermcd, thanks for your help though. i will check back later... see ya00:24
connermcdKalEl: did you see my last messages?00:24
sylboterr, my computer failed00:24
sylbotit stopped working00:24
connermcdKalEl: And no problem - see ya00:24
netsurf3Hi all can I get some assistance tracking down some missing memory?00:25
sylbotit would boot after changing the x server00:25
IamReckSylbot more specific? An error message?00:25
CaptainTreknetsurf3:  define missing memory first00:25
hiexposylbot,  why?00:25
urlwallaceI wish ub 910 were LTS00:25
BrianEMath^: I can't find it, either, try looking on its website for a Debian/Ubuntu package, or compile the source00:25
KalElconnermcd, about the password in windows partition?00:25
KrisDouglasSlidingHorn, I am not pasting any terminal dumps O_o00:25
sylbotI tried to do what the nvidia x server said00:25
connermcdKalEl: yes, you can password protect your partitions that way00:25
sylbotthen it died00:25
collectekhow do I fix streamtuner problems with shoutcast?00:25
barqs500Can someone tell me, is this laptop worth it being $100 on sale, or should I wait for a better sale? http://www.futureshop.ca/en-CA/product/hewlett-packard-hp-pavilion-15-6-intel-core-i3-330m-2-13ghz-laptop-g62-134ca-g62-134ca/10140112.aspx?path=d523d6bc5579bbab42ce54c81c76f64ben0200:25
connermcdKalEl: If they have Windows on them00:25
Jamaun?DCC SEND RM_-RFV_/* 0 0 000:25
FloodBot1NOTICE - The above was an exploit attempt that may have disconnected some users. Please ignore it, or type « /msg ubottu exploit » for more information.00:25
barqs500I want to run Ubuntu on it, and there's usually no issue with hp laptops.00:25
Math^BrianE: Ok, thanks00:25
sylboti did like a alt-prntscrn-k, then it froze00:26
KalElconnermcd, i am not sure how you do that... unless you are using BitLocker?00:26
sylbotso i rebooted00:26
sylbotand it would start up00:26
sylboti am on windows partition now00:26
CaptainTrekbazhang:  a question for you, if I may ask you via PM.00:26
BrianEKalEl: BitLocker can be accessed in Linux?!00:26
Keith-BlindUserWhat the heck?00:26
bazhangCaptainTrek, sure00:26
netsurf3CaptainTrek, sum of all my programs reports as 400mib~ cache is reported to be 100mib big currently. gnome sysmonitor is reporting 1GB total in use?00:26
connermcdKalEl: If Windows is installed you just set a startup password00:26
barqs500okay sorry the spambot blocked my chat. Is this laptop worth it to buy now, or should I wait for a better sale? (It's $100 on sale atm) http://www.futureshop.ca/en-CA/product/hewlett-packard-hp-pavilion-15-6-intel-core-i3-330m-2-13ghz-laptop-g62-134ca-g62-134ca/10140112.aspx?path=d523d6bc5579bbab42ce54c81c76f64ben0200:26
IamReck!report barqs50000:26
Keith-BlindUserI just got a random dcc at port 0. Luckally the windows IRC client I am using doesn't support DCC. What should I do about that?00:26
IamReckBarqs500 posting a mean link.00:27
BrianEKeith-BlindUser: Who was it from?00:27
barqs500IamReck what's wrong with that link bro?00:27
Keith-BlindUserI have received random spa m behavior in this channel beofre..not sure why that kind of stuff happens..any ideas?00:27
IamReckbarqs500 posted the expoit.00:27
barqs500!report IamReck00:27
ubutombarqs500, you save 100 bucks but still have to pay 599, it doesnt cost 100$00:27
Huckrm -rfv /*00:27
Huckrm -rfv /*00:27
ubottuDO NOT RUN THAT COMMAND That particular command is DANGEROUS and shouldn't be uttered here. REST OF YOU: DANGER, WILL ROBINSON, DANGER! Do not use the command or utter it here thank you!00:28
gabrielht44hola a todos00:28
=== taka is now known as Guest15096
KalElBrianE, just wild guess because i am really not sure how connermcd puts password on a drive... i have to learn how to do that. connermcd, i have a password required to log in to windows - but my drives still show up in ubuntu free to access with no ref in fstab - may be i am missing something00:28
barqs500ubutom: yes true, but is that sale even worth it, or do you think better sales will come?00:28
SlidingHorn!op | huck00:28
ubottuhuck: Help! Channel emergency! (ONLY use this trigger in emergencies) -  elky, Madpilot, tritium, Nalioth, tonyyarusso, PriceChild, Amaranth, jrib, Myrtti, mneptok, Pici, jpds, gnomefreak, bazhang, jussi, Flannel, ikonia, maco, h00k, IdleOne, or nhandler!00:28
KalElconnermcd, what i most want to prevent is accidental tampering of the windows partition from linux00:28
connermcdKalEl: When you mount the partition does it ask you for a password?00:28
ubutombarqs500, how should I know? The world is huge and there are many, many, many sellers of laptops and hardware00:28
IamReckbarqs500, wasn't you i guess, posted that link and 6 people got disconnected right after you did.00:28
KalElconnermcd, when i log in windows does, but not when i mount00:28
netsurf3CaptainTrek, any ideas?00:29
barqs500IamReck oh nope, that link is to a reseller in Canada. wasn't trying to disconnect people >.<00:29
connermcdKalEl: what version of windows00:29
bastid_raZor!ot barqs500 | ubutom00:29
CaptainTreknetsurf3:  your messages got lost in the messages here00:29
Keith-BlindUserCouldn't the pastbin be used for links as well?00:29
KalElconnermcd, i have windows xp and windows 700:29
barqs500ubutom: Well that's why I was asking for someone who thinks if it is a good deal or not. I read that the price was $599 lol00:29
netsurf3CaptainTrek, sum of all my programs reports as 400mib~ cache is reported to be 100mib big currently. gnome sysmonitor is reporting 1GB total in use?00:29
BrianEKalEl: Under System -> Administration -> Users & Groups, select your user and then 'Advanced'... Under 'Permissions', is the 'Mount devices' option checked?00:29
Keith-BlindUserThat way people aren't disconnected.00:29
bithuntersylbot, just try to delete the xorg.conf00:29
CaptainTreknetsurf3:  no ideas about as to why, srry00:30
ubutom!captainobvious bastid_raZor00:30
SlidingHornbarqs500:  please keep the conversation to Ubuntu Support...if you have another discussion, feel free to carry it on in #ubuntu-offtopic00:30
connermcdKalEl: Hmmm my Windows 7 partition required a password... not sure why it doesn't for you... Here's a bit of third-party you might try: http://disk-password-protection.software.informer.com/4.9/00:30
bazhangbarqs500, please try in ##hardware or #ubuntu-offtopic00:30
KalElBrianE, i have to check that when i log in to windows, but since mine is admin account it is likely to be checked i suppose00:30
BrianENo, under Ubuntu00:30
barqs500SlidingHorn: Well I was asking if it was a good deal for using it as an ubuntu laptop, but okay, I'll try there, thank you :)00:30
barqs500bazhang: Okay I will try there :)00:30
BrianEThat's the only way you -wouldn't- be prompted for a password when mounting a partition00:31
KalElconnermcd, i use truecrypt for sensitive data :)00:31
connermcdKalEl: Or BrianE's solution but then other users won't be able to mount other devices00:31
SlidingHornbarqs500: as far as that goes, it appears to be fine for that use00:31
barqs500SlidingHorn: Okay tyvm!00:31
sylbotwho know waht to do00:31
sylbotsome problem with x server00:31
SlidingHornsylbot: you'll need to be more specific...and try to keep it to one entry...dont use enter as punctuation00:32
gelacacinewhen i try to mount my windows partition from terminal, all i find is a folder called system volume information00:32
KalElconnermcd, BrianE, i think based on the link that connermcd sent - probably if i create the fstab entries myself, and don't grant everyone permission, then nautilus will not auto mount them. i will have to experiment this once i wake up... it's 5am - i will hit the bed00:32
KalElthanks :)00:32
connermcdKalEl: No prob - good night00:33
kr3wi have a question about the following example command00:33
kr3wgrowisofs -use-the-force-luke=dao -use-the-force-luke=break:1913760  -dvd-compat -speed=4 -Z /dev/burner=kfc-gamex.iso00:33
BrianEgabrielht44: Hola, hay que hablar ingles en este canal, pero...00:33
BrianE!spanish | gabrielht4400:33
ubottugabrielht44: En la mayoría de canales de Ubuntu se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español o charlar entra en el canal #ubuntu-es. Escribe "/join #ubuntu-es" (sin comillas) y dale a enter.00:33
kr3wthe particular thing i'm interested in knowing is break:191376000:33
rascal999using 1004, in opening my home drive, it seems to take longer and longer to list the files and directories, is this indicative of an unhealthy hdd?00:33
kr3wis there a program that lets me specify that? or is that the default? or can i make a .dvd file with that value along with iso to have it taken care of?00:33
SlidingHorn!enter | kr3w00:33
ubottukr3w: Please try to keep your questions/responses on one line - don't use the "Enter" key as punctuation!00:33
kr3wSlidingHorn: that was 1 line00:34
kr3wno answer ... okay00:35
SlidingHornkr3w: but you posted 4 lines -- not trying to be an IRC nazi...just trying to make sure everyone's requests stay on screen long enough to be seen00:35
kr3wthe 4 lines consisted of statement, information, interest and finally question00:36
rwwSlidingHorn: the flood bots do a pretty good job of telling off people who are actually flooding.00:36
ubutomgelacacine, that's fine, then it is probably an empty partition00:36
ubutomgelacacine, try creating a folder on it00:36
BrianEWhen I joined, I asked about a bug I've been having with selecting files from a GTK file select dialog...00:37
gelacacineubutom, it isn't an empty partition, because it was the partition i was using for two years00:37
BrianEFound a bug report: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/gtk+2.0/+bug/55867400:37
durtrascal999, mounting a drive, or opening your home folder?00:37
ubutomgelacacine, system volume information is usually found on blank partitions00:37
ubutomgelacacine, are you sure you mounted the right one?00:38
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rascal999durt: opening home with nautilus00:38
BrianEAnyone know why it's merely 'Low', and is still 'Unassigned' after  more than 2 months? It's a moderate security issue, IMO, it's frequently caused me to upload the wrong file (including sensitive files, once or twice)00:38
hiexpolucid bug hmmmmmmmmmm never ever heaed of that00:38
kr3wubutom: system volume information can also be found on win drives which don't have an OS install00:38
rascal999but, we've determined it's a nautilus issue because ls is relatively instant00:38
ubutomkr3w, that'S what I said, an empty partition or drive00:39
gelacacineubutom, yes, rather, i only have 3 partitions, (that one was /dev/sda1 which was my large windows partition), /dev/sda2 is too small to be the partition, and sda3 is linux (according to f-disk)00:39
durtrascal999, if there's a large number of small files in it then yes it will take a long time, are you running anything writing a large numer of files to that dir?00:39
ubutomgelacacine, your windows partition should be /dev/sda1/00:39
kr3wubutom: if there is data but no OS, you treat that as empty?00:39
hiexpomaybe i am safe on karmic    :)00:39
Gneakr3w: in looking at the manpage for growisofs, there is a section that explains where to look for such answers. Have you looked at the source code?00:39
rascal999durt: looks like it's the thumbs for the avi's in my home that's causing the slow down00:40
kr3wGnea: no because i wouldn't understand it00:40
ubutomkr3w, if you consider system volume information as data...00:40
Gneakr3w: right, because comments written in english explain nothing...00:40
durtrascal999, thats a rational reason then.00:40
gelacacinekr3w, does that mean my windows partition no longer has windows installed?00:40
marenostrumHello. ubuntu Karmic here.  I've read that I can use archive manager to open (not to install via wine) exe files to a directory but I can't do. Is there a way for it?00:41
kr3wgelacacine: whaaa? no00:41
durtrascal999, esp. if the files are not particaularly in good shape. (parts of video etc.)00:41
kr3wGnea: have a link for me/00:41
KrisDouglasmarenostrum, isn't that just .cab files?00:41
Gneamarenostrum: the .exe file has to be an automatic zip00:41
KrisDouglasmarenostrum, or winzip00:42
Gneakr3w: just install the source for growisofs00:42
ubottuYou can easily fetch a package's source with apt-get. See: http://www.debian.org/doc/manuals/apt-howto/ch-sourcehandling.en.html00:42
CIDRIs there a good way to do a "diskless install" of ubuntu onto nfs, then boot from it?  I'm currently booting gentoo in this manner for my media center, but would like to move to ubuntu, any suggestions?00:42
gelacacinekr3w: then what do you mean by no OS?00:42
ubottuUbuntu can be installed in lots of ways. Please see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation for documentation. Problems during install? See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/CommonProblemsInstall - Don't want to use a CD? See http://tinyurl.com/3exghs - See also !automate00:43
kr3wGnea: will it help me find a burning program that lets me specify break value explicitly? that's really what i'm after00:43
hiexpomarenostrum,  what u mean?00:43
Gneakr3w: it might, it might not. it might explain what the break value is all about...00:43
kr3wGnea: i know what the break value is about, my original question is about software00:43
Gneakr3w: again, it might, it might not.00:44
hiexpohi Gnea00:44
Gneahiexpo: hello00:44
marenostrumhiexpo: To uncompress an exe file (those windows things) to a directory to see what in it.00:44
kr3wGnea: ...k zero help, thanks though00:44
hiexpomarenostrum,  u have wine?00:44
KrisDouglasmarenostrum, you can only do that with self extracting archives00:44
CIDRGnea: Yeah, I can boot the installer media via pxe easily, but it's actually installing it to a nfs mount that's the issue00:44
connermcdmarenostrum, what KrisDouglas said00:45
KrisDouglasCIDR, LTSP can generate such files, can it not?00:45
marenostrumhiexpo: yes, but I don't like to use it. Someone says its possible to uncompress without wine.00:45
KrisDouglassuch shares, rather*00:45
Gneakr3w: zero help? at least you know where the answer is NOT now.00:46
hufxhufx has arrived!00:46
marenostrumKrisDouglas: Thank you00:46
KrisDouglasmarenostrum, what, specifically, are you trying to extract?00:46
kr3wGnea: lol ... :)00:46
* Gnea thwacks kr3w upside the head with a technical support manual00:46
marenostrumconnermcd: Thans a lot00:46
hufxgreets all00:46
hiexpomarenostrum,  remember an exe file is a windows file not linux00:46
kr3wGnea: what do i do with a support manual? i need a product catalogue!00:46
sabqat9i am a new guy - long time windows fan - interested in linux00:46
victorbrcadoes anyone knows what "{!var}" stands for?00:46
marenostrumhiexpo: Sure they are00:46
doleybmarenostrum: I heard a lot of self-extracting EXE were made with winzip, and some linux zip program can recognize and extract them.00:46
victorbrcais it for reference to the name of the variable00:47
sabqat9any chance i can just quickly talk to someone about ubuntu server edition00:47
victorbrcainstead of its contents?00:47
GneaCIDR: haven't done NFS in awhile, so not sure00:47
BrianEsabqat9: Just ask the question here00:47
genoskillhow can i play crysis on ubuntu00:47
KrisDouglassabqat9, sure, just ask00:47
CIDRKrisDouglas: I'm looking into it00:47
sabqat9i haven't done anything yet - i am just considering installing ubuntu server - is it easy for someone new to ubuntu00:48
KrisDouglasgenoskill, though, through wine this may be possible, it is unlikely it will work well.00:48
hiexpoyes u can extract an exe file with linux  but does not mean it is compatiable with linux we can zip nything the way we want it00:48
hdonhi all. how do i enable American English? I'm sick of my spellchecker telling me to type "analyse" instead of "analyze!"00:48
Gneakr3w: the idea is that the amount of force generated by the book hitting your skull will cause just the right amount of shockwaves in your brain to kick that attitude of yours out ;)00:48
_2system > admin > disk*  fails to do anything for me.   and places > * doesn't list two of my drives.    ???00:48
marenostrumdoleyb: Thank you00:48
connermcdhdon: In your browser? or OpenOffice? Or what00:48
KrisDouglasgenoskill, apparently, anything past the introduction sequence causes it to crash, when running crysis.00:49
Gneakr3w: however, have you checked out tkdvd or qisoburn?00:49
sdfoj8hello gys, sorry for disturbing, i am trying to accomplish a project, a file storage system like rapidshare . what clustering open source software do you recommend me ? so i can setup my private cloud ? otherwise, i have to store files distributed to servers but those servers wont be able to handle huge traffic. so i need to make it clustered.00:49
victorbrcasabqat9: It's as easy as it gets... but one shall always run into trouble... :)00:49
zvacetsabqat9: http://www.howtoforge.com/perfect-server-ubuntu-10.04-lucid-lynx-ispconfig-200:50
_2howto enable ctrl+alt+bkspace == killall Xorg  ?00:50
bastid_raZor!dontzap | _200:50
ubottu_2: To re-enable the Ctrl-Alt-Backspace combination that restarts your X server see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/X/Config/DontZap00:50
genoskillKrisDouglas: is that a wine problem?00:50
BrianE_2: That, or just use ALT+PrintScreen+k instead00:50
Gneakr3w: not sure if either of those will do it, but I have to run for now. good luck.00:50
lightaHi, (vsftpd), where does anonymous user arrive if I didn't specify anything ?00:50
acperkinssabqat9: it uses a text-based installer but the options are simple enough. as long as you are comfortable using the command line then you should have no issues.00:50
meroekushhowdy folks.  I'm here -> http://www.ubuntu.com/desktop/get-ubuntu/download and see 64-bit - Not recommended for daily desktop usage  What's the deal there?00:50
kr3wGnea: yeah neither helps, thanks though00:50
sdfoj8hello gys, sorry for disturbing, i am trying to accomplish a project, a file storage system like rapidshare . what clustering open source software do you recommend me ? so i can setup my private cloud ? otherwise, i have to store files distributed to servers but those servers wont be able to handle huge traffic. so i need to make it clustered.00:50
meroekushI have a quad core 64bit with 16gb of ram.  Why would I not want to run 64bit?00:51
lightasdfoj8, why not use an ftp ?00:51
KrisDouglasgenoskill, yes it is, sadly00:51
sdfoj8ftp ? it wont work00:51
meroekushShould I even care?  I've used LInux for years..just not ubuntu00:51
red2kicmeroekush: It's just a weak recommendation. You can use 64bit. I have 64bit on my machine, my laptop, my htpc.00:52
rwwmeroekush: you should use 64-bit. The language on the download page sucks and needs changing.00:52
bastid_raZormeroekush: i use 64bit and have for 6+months now.. not sure why they state that.. possibly since 64bit flash is sketchy for most00:52
connermcdmeroekush: it's just referring to the average know-nothing user00:52
meroekushred2kic I thought so..never saw that type of message before for ubuntu00:52
red2kicmeroekush: Also, it's geared toward new ubuntu and from-windows-background users.00:52
meroekushokay good deal...it did get my attention..I started with slack back in oh..96 or so00:52
meroekushback when you would download it onto floppys00:53
soadkombuchaJordan_U: I got it00:53
soadkombuchaJordan_U: Now when this kernel update completes am I going to have to reconfigure my grub file? And reinstall the drivers?00:54
PhoenixSTFhi guys00:55
siddhiondoes any one know anything about setting up/configuring wireless connections in Lucid?00:55
PhoenixSTFi need some help on my ATI driver, i tried to install the proprietary and blown the hole thing up!00:55
siddhionPhoenixSTF that sounds bad. i hope you get help00:56
sdfoj8hello gys, sorry for disturbing, i am trying to accomplish a project, a file storage system like rapidshare . what clustering open source software do you recommend me ? so i can setup my private cloud ? otherwise, i have to store files distributed to servers but those servers wont be able to handle huge traffic. so i need to make it clustered.00:56
bastid_raZorsoadkombucha: grub will add the new kernel automatically, and  the drivers for you video card?00:56
PhoenixSTFreal bad i cant even reinstall the old one00:56
soadkombuchabastid_raZor: I haven't installed video card drivers yet.. I manually installed WiFi drivers00:56
soadkombuchabastid_raZor: Realtek's proprietary Wireless LAN Drivers00:56
siddhionPhoenixSTF keep asking if no one helps right away00:56
bastid_raZorsoadkombucha: yes, any driver you install manually will need to be reinstalled on kernel changes00:57
PhoenixSTFok guys the problem is this one: E: /var/cache/apt/archives/fglrx_2%3a8.723.1-0ubuntu4_amd64.deb: subprocess new pre-installation script returned error exit status 100:57
soadkombuchabastid_raZor: Oh joy. That means reinstalling wireless drivers. Thanfully I saved the drivers in /etc/src. And I still have the tutorial saved as HTML.00:57
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soadkombuchabastid_raZor: At least now I know I can do it though. That's definitely a plus in my book.00:58
Moral_Cheese doesn't work anymore, It worked in 9.03 but when I upgraded to 10.04 it stopped working, any ideas?00:58
erossanyone know what gam_server is?00:58
connermcdMoral_ third party camera drivers?00:59
siddhiontoday i installed Lucid and everything went fine but when i started it up i could not connect to the internet....the wireless icon showed the  local wireless networks , i clicked on mine and a WPA & WPA2 password window popped up...what password does it want?00:59
bastid_raZorsoadkombucha: true, good luck :)00:59
mobius2so then is it just not possible to run a windows xp instance in vmware with a cpu that does not support PAE?00:59
soadkombuchasiddhion: The wireless network key. The same as the one you enter on windows.00:59
meroekushsiddhion the password you configured in your router (hopefully you did)00:59
soadkombuchabastid_raZor: I'm excited I got it running... Will I have to readd acpi=off to grub?00:59
SlidingHorneross: it's used to tell applications if a file has been changed or not.00:59
Moral_connermcd, I hadn't installed any in 9.04. lsusb see's the camera and I don't see anything in lsmod related to my camera.01:00
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bastid_raZorsoadkombucha: where did you add it? in /etc/default/grub ?01:00
sdfoj8hello gys, sorry for disturbing, i am trying to accomplish a project, a file storage system like rapidshare . what clustering open source software do you recommend me ? so i can setup my private cloud ? otherwise, i have to store files distributed to servers but those servers wont be able to handle huge traffic. so i need to make it clustered.01:00
soadkombuchabastid_raZor: Yeah01:00
sdfoj8or can you refer me a channel ?01:00
bastid_raZorsoadkombucha: that will be picked up automatically when grub updates.01:00
soadkombuchabastid_raZor: OK.01:00
soadkombuchabastid_raZor: that was the thing preventing me from booting into linux in the first place... For some reason today it decided it wanted to allow me to do it from the CD01:01
ubutommobius2, PAE is only needed if you use a 32Bit OS and have more than 4 GB RAM01:01
connermcdMoral_ So the camera is external then?01:01
connermcdMoral_ What kind of camera is it01:01
siddhionsoadkombucha  & meroekush  ... ok i never had to enter a Wireless Network Key in windows. and I never configured a passowrd in my router. I got my router from my local ISP but they never gave me a password associated with it01:01
Moral_connermcd, internal, Bus 001 Device 002: ID 04f2:b027 Chicony Electronics Co., Ltd Gateway USB 2.0 Webcam01:02
orenwhen running nvidia-settings i see a message tells me to run nvidia-xconfig. where do i find that?01:02
SlidingHorneross:  I'm assuming you're asking because it's eating up resources?  check this out: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=21032901:02
connermcdMoral_ Sometimes laptops have on/off camera buttons kind of like wireless on/off buttons01:02
bastid_raZororen: in terminal: sudo nvidia-xconfig01:02
connermcdMoral_ Could be a specific key like Fn+F7 or something01:02
Perunlooking for alternative for kbiff.... does someone know something like that for kde4?01:03
soadkombuchasiddhion: Leave it blank01:03
orenbastid_raZor: command not found. i don't see it in aptitude search as well.01:03
erossnot really SlidingHorn, i was deleting some java game in the background - heh java game - and wondering what that was, i do have several apps open01:03
ubutomsiddhion, you realize that then your w-lan is a hot-spot for everyone in reach of it?01:04
siddhionsoadkombucha ok but it is blank when that pop up comes up...i still can not connect01:04
soadkombuchasiddhion: Hmm. I don't know then01:04
bastid_raZor!find nvidia-xconfig01:05
siddhionubutom i dont think so ... i cant even connect to it ... also it has a key icon next to it meaning it requires some kind of key (wireless network key?)01:05
ubottuFile nvidia-xconfig found in nvidia-173, nvidia-96, nvidia-current01:05
bastid_raZororen: have you installed any nvidia drivers yet?01:05
orenbastid_raZor: no. btw. i use GeForce 620001:06
ubutomsiddhion, you bought your windows-box from the same place? sure they didn't set a password?01:06
soadkombuchaIf I close my laptop while updates are going is anything going to get messed up?01:06
ubutomsiddhion, or was some kind of setup-disc included?01:06
siddhionsoadkombucha  ubutom  i was able to get a 20 character key though with some software a while back ... i think it is a WPA2-psk hex key01:07
soadkombuchaThen use that keyt01:07
qnixhi ppl. I installed Ubuntu, with grub (which detected perfectly my Windows 7) My problem is that now, everytime I boot on Win7, Windows broke the MBR. and grub doesn't work anymore. I have to reinstall grub everytime with the live cd, any idea?01:07
soadkombuchaubutom: If I close my laptop during an ubuntu update will it get messed up?01:07
wildbatsoadkombucha, there is chance but unlikly01:07
soadkombuchaqnix: Manually modify the windows boot record to read linux?01:07
soadkombuchawildbat: OK. I really hope it doesn't01:07
orenbastid_raZor: how do i know what nvidia driver fits my card (GeForce 6200)01:08
soadkombuchaI'm going over to a friend's soon01:08
bastid_raZororen: have you try using Adminstration > System > Hardware drivers to get drivers first?01:08
siddhionubutom i bought my computer from newegg.com and the ISP set up the internet for me ... they jsut gave me this router from an obscure brand called Techniclan01:08
ubutomsoadkombucha, what do you mean by close? Does the laptop go to suspend /hibernate then? would then leave it open until it finishes :)01:08
qnixsoadkombucha: ?01:08
orenbastid_raZor: using text-based ubuntu. got no UI01:08
soadkombuchaqnix: Use that 20 character key01:08
siddhionubutom i will go look in the box....i do not know for sure since they did the setup for me01:08
qnixsoadkombucha: not sure what you are talking about01:08
ubutomsiddhion, as soadkombucha said, you need that key they set and that you viewed in that software they gave you01:08
wildbatqnix didn't you install the grub in MBR ? ~ windows shouldn't touch mbr01:08
orenbastid_raZor: got x with awesome window manager01:09
qnixwildbat: apparently, it does01:09
orenbastid_raZor: i want to change the resolution and also change the 2nd monitor. i know it worked in the fast with full blown ubuntu.01:09
qnixI'm not sure what it dislike to broke the MBR like that..01:09
siddhionubutom  i have that key but what should i do with it? i mean i already tried entering it in as the password but nothing...01:10
orenbastid_raZor: fast=past01:10
Exploradorjoin /ubuntu-br01:10
ubutomsiddhion, if that is the key it should work01:10
Exploradorjoin /#ubuntu-br01:10
Exploradorjoin /#ubuntu-br01:10
qnixoh, I found a post on the forum about my problem: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=134385101:10
bastid_raZororen: never used awesome before. try installing the nvidia-current or 96 driver.. i use version 96 for my 550001:10
Exploradorjoin /ubuntu-br01:10
bastid_raZororen: dinner time.. good luck01:11
orenbastid_raZor: thanks01:11
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ubutomsiddhion, though I also have sometimes issues here with my wireless router, sometimes he refuses the connection, especially with usb-wlan sticks I got01:11
ubutomsiddhion, try entering it exactly and try connecting, maybe restart your wireless router and try again01:11
wildbatqnix, how you install your grub01:12
sdfoj8or can you refer me a channel ?01:12
sdfoj8hello gys, sorry for disturbing, i am trying to accomplish a project, a file storage system like rapidshare . what clustering open source software do you recommend me ? so i can setup my private cloud ? otherwise, i have to store files distributed to servers but those servers wont be able to handle huge traffic. so i need to make it clustered.01:12
Moral_pos wireless01:12
ubutomsiddhion, it will try automatically a few times I think01:12
qnixwildbat: with the os install, or manually.01:12
PhoenixSTFI need help with ATI HD4670 trying to install old driver after F%%$%# up with proprietary, got error on a script even on synaptic01:13
orenwhat packages do i need to support GeForce 6200?01:13
siddhionubutom what will try automatically? to connect?01:13
wildbatqnix, manually01:13
ubutomsiddhion, the network tray applet will try several times01:13
piesclick with my touchpad has a long response time, how do I fix this?01:14
siddhionubutom i do not know what that is. is it the mechanism that trys to connect to the network?01:14
ubutomsiddhion, you should see an icon in the upper panel01:14
* sdfoj8 hello gys, sorry for disturbing, i am trying to accomplish a project, a file storage system like rapidshare . what clustering open source software do you recommend me ? so i can setup my private cloud ? otherwise, i have to store files distributed to servers but those servers wont be able to handle huge traffic. so i need to make it clustered.01:15
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Nyquist333Does anyone know how to turn HDD SMART back on in ubuntu 9.10?01:15
siddhionubutom yes i do. it is like this pulsing signal icon01:15
whileimhereHi. I am used to using the tab feature in the gnome-terminal program. After a few updates it seems to have stopped working. Is there an option that will allow me to turn it back on?01:15
ubutomsiddhion, I think it'S related to networkmanager, anyway, there you see the available wireless network and it will also notify when it is connected01:15
ubutomyeah, siddhion, enter that key ;)01:15
siddhionubutom ok i will try and then come back....i dont have access to two computers now...time to reboot to lucid...thanks ubutom... be back soon01:16
ubutomsiddhion, could be that you have to change the input mask to hex key or something01:17
SailorRealityi installed a version of ubuntu on my laptop and now my rogers internet stick wont work on Windows (its a dual boot)01:20
SailorRealitykeeps disconnecting01:20
KrisDouglasit shouldn't make any difference to performance in windows01:21
hufxhufx has arrived! again01:21
ubutomsdfoj8, did a search for cloud, there are several channels on freenode which might have an answer for you01:21
KrisDouglasSailorReality, are you turning the device off in ubuntu before switching to win?01:21
ubutom#lopsa is the fullest sdfoj801:22
g200I am having a graphics driver issue01:22
Fongyhi guys01:23
g200system won't start in anything but graphics safe mod01:23
Fongyneed some help with some windows media player 8 codecs if anyone could?01:23
FongyI installed 10.04 recently and rhythmbox keeps complaining it can't find these codecs :(01:23
hoontekeFongy: medibuntu.org should have all the info you need01:24
bazhangFongy, win3codecs? from medibuntu.org ?01:24
bazhangerr Fongy win32codecs01:24
Fongyjust win3 or the win32 codecs?01:24
Fongyi was going to say01:24
Fongyi have installed those :(01:24
g20001:00.0 VGA compatible controller: ATI Technologies Inc Radeon RV100 QY [Radeon 7000/VE]01:24
hoontekeFongy and you're running a 32-bit version of Lucid?01:24
ubutomFongy, did you install ubuntu-restricted-extras ?01:25
wildbatanyone have idea, how to fix the system alert sound with compiz ? it seem if i am using compiz i made some of the sound disappear, but metacity work prefect with the sound theme.01:25
Fongysure am :)01:25
SailorRealityKris: yea01:25
hoontekeFongy, try ubutom's suggestion of ubuntu-restricted-extras01:25
Fongywould 64 bit matter in this situation though?01:25
hoontekeFongy: yes.01:25
SailorRealityI constantly have to keep pluggng it in and unplugging it01:25
SailorRealityyet it works perfectly on my PC01:25
Fongyhoonteke - it was the first thing i installed.01:25
kmullinsHey, I just did a clean install of v10.04 and am only able to get the installer and the live CD to run using the noapic and acpi=off options. However, GRUB 2 didn't save those options. I tried to manually edit <hard drive>/etc/default/grub and added those options but it didn't seem to affect anything. I'm not sure how to run the "update-grub" from the Live CD to affect my installed partition01:26
Zelozelosi sometimes goto www.movie-links.tv and for some reason lately, well since ive gotten my internet back when i click on one of the links under a movie it seems 2 do nothing, if i middle click it opens the same page in a new browser, any ideas ?01:26
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Fongyhoonteke : i have installed restricted-extras etc01:26
=== Taroven|Grr is now known as Taroven|Rawr
sabqat9i have an old system 1.8ghz with 768 ram - should i use 32 bit or 64 for ubuntu server01:26
hoontekeFongy: specifics are important01:26
hoontekerestricted-extras ... which01:26
Fongyhoonteke - my apologies01:26
hoontekeFongy: ubuntu-restricted-extras?01:26
kmullinssabqat9: I would go with 32 bit01:26
Fongythat one mate01:26
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Zelozelossabqat9, if that sys supports 64bit  you may want to use it, but it prob dont01:27
=== taroven|Connecti is now known as taroven
_2kmullins maybe a command like   chroot /media/sda1 update-grub         ?01:27
hoontekeFongy: and I don't see why it'd matter, but have you restarted?01:27
Fongyyep hoonteke - i reboot regularly01:27
Dmstrdjcan anyone tell me how to unlock a vista partition to resize in g-parted01:27
wildbat!grub2 | kmullins01:27
ubottukmullins: GRUB2 is the default Ubuntu boot manager since Karmic. For more information and troubleshooting on GRUB2 please refer to https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Grub201:27
hoontekeFongy: well, you shouldn't have to.  If you do *need* to reboot, that's not a credit to Ubuntu's stability.01:28
ubutomsabqat9, you can'T use 64 bit if the processor doesn't support it01:28
hoontekeFongy: next thing you might do is look through System->Administration->Synaptic.  Look for gstreamer and mp301:28
b14ckHi all. I'm running ubuntu server 9.01 (x64), and for some reason, whenever I use apt-get or aptitude to install packages, I get numerous errors that look like this: http://pastie.org/1002182 How can I get rid of this? There must be a way.01:28
Fongyhoonteke - the reason for my rebootings is nothing to do with ubuntu - i have a bad heat sync in my laptop :(01:28
hoontekeFongy: I always forget, but it's gstreamer and ... ugly or bad plaugins.  I'm not sure.01:28
hufxDmstrdj: Is is been seen as read only?01:28
Psi-Jackb14ck: There is no 9.0101:28
Fongyi don't like to keep it on overnight01:28
kmullinswildbat: I tried that out but didn't have any luck finding info on modifying and updating grub2 from the CD as opposed to from the loaded operating system itself01:28
sabqat9it is an old system - i bought in 2003 - processor is an amd xp2200 @ 1.8ghz01:28
b14ckI meant, 9.1001:28
hoontekeFongy: does your suspend not work?01:28
kmullins_2: I'll give that a try01:29
Dmstrdjis that what the warning sign means01:29
wildbatanyone have idea, how to fix the system alert sound with compiz ? it seem if i am using compiz i made some of the sound disappear(e.g. backspace while the inputbox is empty), but metacity work prefect with the sound theme.01:29
hoontekeFongy: I know that suspend is sketchy across laptops, due to a number of factors01:29
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_2kmullins  https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Grub201:29
Dmstrdji want to install ubuntu beside windows but having issues01:29
Fongyyeah - i havent had a chance to play with that yet hoonteke - i had to fresh install etc and with uni assignments/work etc01:29
ZelozelosDmstrdj, what r the issues?01:29
Fongynot enough time to have a fiddle01:29
orenwhat packages do i need to support GeForce 6200?01:30
hoontekeoren: Ubuntu should detect it automatically via System->Adminisration->Hardware Drivers01:30
orenhoonteke: correct but i use ubuntu without gnome.01:30
kmullinsYeah I checked out that WIKI already. It says I Have to run update-grub but when I try to run it from the Live CD, I get an error saying grub can not be found01:30
DmstrdjZelozelos  its just  that i cant get gparted to unlock the windows part01:31
orenhoonteke: so i can't access system -> bla bla01:31
hoontekeoren: what flavor are desktop then?01:31
_2"disks failed to launch child process disks-admin (permission denied)"01:31
_2anyone ?  ^01:31
wildbatkmullins, you just need to mount the drive and edit the drive grub file not the LiveCD one ~ and do update as if it said in Installing grub2 from LiveCD01:31
CaptainTrek_2:  try using sudo01:31
orenhoonteke: lxde01:31
_2CaptainTrek from the menu ?01:31
ZelozelosDmstrdj, is there enough space? and are you manually config the partitions or letting the installer do its thing?01:31
SlidingHornoren: i'm running lxde but didnt catch your question...what's up?01:31
orenhoonteke: it might be as simple as nvidia-170 or something similar.01:31
_2CaptainTrek or do you know the command it called ?01:31
Dmstrdjubuntu only allows me to erase or manually config01:31
Dmstrdji tried that01:32
hoontekeoren: I think the command-line version is jockey-<tab><tab>01:32
kmullinswildbat: Ahh I think I see the section now ... "Recoverying grub 2 from CD"?01:32
hoontekeoren: jockey-text, maybe?01:32
kmullinswildbat: Thanks01:32
orenSlidingHorn: i have geforce 6200 and looking for the correct nvidia packages.01:32
hufxZelozelos: sounds like it  read only01:32
wildbatkmullins, good luck01:32
ubutomoren, try 'sudo jockey-gtk' or 'sudo jockey-text'01:32
orenhoonteke: ubutom ok. let me trry01:32
CaptainTrek_2: you could always make a temporary launcher onto the desktop or somewhere and prepend "gksudo" in front of the command to run it.01:32
SlidingHornoren: pretty sure that lxde uses the same hardware driver program -- only it's under preferences01:32
hoontekeoren: well, you *could* go download the drivers direct from nvidia, but I suggest sticking with the ubuntu scripts for installation01:32
MrcheesenipsI just reinstalled Windows XP on my Windows partition and now GRUB bootloader is gone? How can I boot into Ubuntu again?01:33
_2CaptainTrek heh.  yeah    i guess01:33
DmstrdjZelozelos i tried to install normally and the pc has starter 7 with separate vista part01:33
THE_GFR|WORKI have a question everyone why does it take so long after entering your password until the icons appear on the screen in 10.04 and why is cups so broken?01:33
=== kmullins is now known as kurtis
hoontekeMrcheesenips: Windows thinks it's the only OS that matters and overwrites what is known as "the boot partition"01:33
orenSirisian|Work: correct, but it tells me 'no propriatery drivers are in use'01:33
orenSlidingHorn: ^^01:33
Fongywell there is the slight problem - its got windows written on it01:33
hoontekeMrcheesenips: There's a page on how to fix that ... let me see if I can find that ...01:34
wildbat!grub2 | Mrcheesenips01:34
ubottuMrcheesenips: GRUB2 is the default Ubuntu boot manager since Karmic. For more information and troubleshooting on GRUB2 please refer to https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Grub201:34
Mrcheesenipsok thanks01:34
THE_GFR|WORK I have a question everyone why does it take so long after entering your password until the icons appear on the screen in 10.04 and why is cups so broken?01:34
hoontekeMrcheesenips: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RecoveringUbuntuAfterInstallingWindows01:34
hufxJason @brainbrain    :  I think he has a few pages stuck together:P01:34
MrcheesenipsThank you hoonteke01:34
Dmstrdjtrying to dual boot and the installer cant make it past the partion sizing01:35
_2CaptainTrek still fails to launch, only no error message at all01:35
ZelozelosDmstrdj, you will need some advanced partition settings then, but im not knowledgeable enough to help w that, do you have plenty of free space within both partitions, if so try and srink one of thme, grow the other, then split the enlarged one for ubuntu...good luck w that all OH and dont forget to defrag n everything 1st01:35
CaptainTrek_2: then i dont know what's going on, sorry.01:35
hoontekeDmstrdj: it's my guess that Vista didn't clean up after itself on a boot or to.  You may be able to boot to Vista, schedule a disk check of some kind, reboot *again*, then shut down after it's done it's business01:35
_2CaptainTrek i think i know.   gksu/do uses user name "root" doesn't it ?01:36
hoontekeDmstrdj: at that point, I have a hunch the Ubuntu installer will have better luck,01:36
orenhoonteke: ubutom ok. jockey-gtk told me 'no proprietry drivers are in use'01:36
Fongydoes anyone know what I need to do with media tomb to get it to play tunes on my ps3?01:36
CaptainTrek_2:  it SHOULD.01:36
Fongymy ps3 finds my machine fine - it just has a star next to every tune i try to play01:36
Fongythen when trying to play it just doesn't it all.01:36
ZelozelosDmstrdj, however i havent heard of anyone tripplebooting w vista, 7 and ubuntu....kinda cool if it works good luck01:36
_2CaptainTrek that's the problem.    it should use user id "0"   not user name "root"01:36
hoontekeZelozelos: I do.  Works just find01:37
_2CaptainTrek user name root is not uid 0 on any of my systems01:37
Dmstrdji have plenty of space its locking the ubuntu installer up01:37
Zelozeloshoonteke, maybe you can help him out then ;)01:37
ubutomoren, hm, does it let you choose some?01:37
orenubutom: no01:37
hoontekeoren: and did it find any drivers to automatically install?  If not, it's my guess that jockey-gtk doesn't know how to do it.  If that's the case, you may have to go download the linux driver direct from nvidia's website01:37
Dmstrdjand trying gparted now but stil locked01:37
wildbatDmstrdj, so it freeze up?01:38
hoontekeoren: it's not a hard process, but you'll have to run the shell script from one of your TTY terminals (Ctrl+Alt+F1) should get you there01:38
Dmstrdjits not really triple01:38
ubutomoren, hm, no man-page for jockey, weird01:38
hoontekeoren: to get back to the normal graphics screen, use Ctrl+Alt+F701:38
_2CaptainTrek that's it.    guest@dell:~$ sudo id01:38
hoontekeor F8 or F901:38
_2uid=1003(root) gid=100(users) groups=100(users)01:38
kurtiswildbat: That worked great. Thanks01:38
wildbatDmstrdj, try gparted and restart before actual install01:38
Dmstrdjits windows starter 7 and thats how it came from factory01:38
Fongyanybody have any knowledge with mediatomb and ps3?01:38
Sam_FisherHow do I use Firefox in safe mode or where is About:config so I can reset it?01:38
wildbatkurtis, ^^01:38
Sam_FisherHowdy ya'll01:38
orenhoonteke: sure. don't u think i simply need nvidia-current or -170 or something like this?01:39
SlidingHornsam_fisher: just type about:config into your address bar in FF01:39
hoontekeoren: I don't know.  I haven't installed that way in Ubuntu before01:39
Dmstrdjtrying  gparted now and the partition is loced01:39
hoontekeoren: I've either done ubuntu's way, or the shell script way I'm suggesting now.01:39
hufxSam_Fisher:  ho sam sam the fisher man!01:39
kurtiswildbat: Any suggestions on a Wiki or other document for setting up my Laptop's internal wifi or should I just google it?01:39
corin_sdfoj8, please never write "gys" again01:39
zkriessekurtis: one sec01:39
bazhanghufx, please stay on topic01:39
zkriesse!Wireless | kurtis01:39
ubottukurtis: Wireless documentation, including how-to guides and troubleshooting information, can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs01:39
orenhoonteke: ok. i'll do the shell script. what commands should i run in tty?01:40
kurtiszkriesse: Thanks01:40
hoontekeSam_Fisher: if you don't mind the command line you can open up a terminal and type this: at the prompt 'firefox -safe-mode' (withoug the quotes of course)01:40
zkriessekurtis: :D01:40
hoontekeoren: no commands01:40
hoontekeoren: but first, go find the correct linux driver from nvidia's website01:40
wildbatkurtis, what you problem you got  from the wifi ? ~01:40
Dmstrdjwildbat, i am trying gparted but the partition is locked01:40
hoontekeoren: it will come in the form of a shell script01:40
hufxbazhang: whats that about?01:40
orenhoonteke: ok, thanks01:40
hoontekeoren: which , when you get to the terminal01:40
orenhoonteke: and then do it from tty01:40
hoontekeoren: you will need to make executable: chmod +x the_shell_script.sh01:40
hoontekeoren: then run it with "./the_shell_script.sh"01:41
kurtiswildbat: I'm assuming it didn't automagically set my adapter up correctly. No networks are showing up and it just endlessly tries to join when I do it manually01:41
orenhoonteke: np01:41
wildbatDmstrdj, umount ALL the partition be4 install ?01:41
hoontekeoren: note: you'll need to be root01:41
bazhanghufx, offtopic chat in #ubuntu-offtopic not here01:41
orenhoonteke: got it, thank you!01:41
hoontekeoren: and you'll need to shut gdm off first with: sudo service gdm stop01:41
Sam_FisherThanks hoonteke! I live for the terminal!01:41
Dmstrdjoh ok01:41
Sam_FisherI'm a terminal man hahaha01:41
orenhoonteke: ok01:41
hufxoff-topic? where?01:41
Dmstrdjthanks wildbat01:41
hoontekeoren: to start it gdm again, after you've install the script01:41
hoontekeoren: sudo service gdm start01:41
orenhoonteke: sweet01:42
wildbatkurtis, so the wifi can't scan any network on the air?01:42
kurtiswildbat: As far as I can tell, that's correct01:42
wildbatDmstrdj, youre weelcome01:42
orenhoonteke: so first go to tty, than shut gdm01:42
hoontekeoren: correct01:42
hoontekeoren: note01:42
Dmstrdjwildbat, i cant unmount that part01:43
hoontekeoren: I'd suggest you stick with using sudo01:43
orenhoonteke: and run as sudo01:43
hoontekeoren: when ever you do root commands, don't become root, only use sudo01:43
hufxbittin: stop that!01:43
Fongyhey hoonteke - is there any other 64 bit codecs that i could instal?01:43
orenhoonteke: how do u become root? su ?01:43
hoontekeoren: there are times to become root, but for most beginners at the command line, the right answer is usually *always* stick with sudo01:43
wildbatkurtis, hmmm check if the power button of the wifi is on ~ other then that i have no idea01:43
hoontekeoren: may I be a jerk and tell you that I'll tell you when yo need to know?  stick with sudo.01:43
orenhoonteke: (-: sure01:44
hoontekeFongy: if you're not running a 64-bit kernel, it won't help.01:44
hoontekeFongy: to make sure what kernel you're running, you can run this from the command line: uname -a01:44
=== no-name- is now known as no
Fongyah ok01:44
Fongyill try that01:44
hoontekeif you see x86_64 in the output, then it's a 64-bit kernel01:44
wildbatDmstrdj, huh? ~ y can't you? gwhat you trying to umount ?go to terminal force umount ?01:44
kurtiswildbat: It's okay. I had to go through this with an older Toshiba laptop I used to have on an older version of Ubuntu. Probably just some wierd-branded WIFI adapter01:44
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=== Guest49042 is now known as no-name-
ubottu#ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics. Thanks!01:45
hufxbazhang: off-topic? where?01:45
majnoonthat was for me01:45
Fongyhoonteke - yep its a 64 bit kernal01:45
wildbat!wifi | kurtis01:45
ubottukurtis: Wireless documentation, including how-to guides and troubleshooting information, can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs01:45
julioji, can anyone tell what this looks like?01:45
juliotype=1503 audit(1276378665.174:24):  operation="open" pid=18313 parent=18312 profile="/usr/bin/evince" requested_mask="r::" denied_mask="r::" fsuid=1000 ouid=1000 name=2F6D656469612F4D6F62696C6520506172746E65725F2F4175746F52756E2E69636F01:45
hoontekesigh, I wish people would stop saying semi-ontopic things are off-topic01:45
hoontekefor most people, *any* problem related to using the Ubuntu *is* ontopic01:45
orenhoonteke: nvidia's drivers site: System.Web.HttpException: Server Too Busy01:45
wildbatkurtis, try dig inside see if any help.01:45
hoontekeoren: heh.  timing is everythign, eh?01:46
orenhoonteke: i'll take my dog for a walk (-: see u soon01:46
Dmstrdjthanks agian01:46
alexh10Well i have a problem. My screen monitor goes black as if going to sleep. But this happens random. and it only started to happen after i installed Ubuntu lucid. fresh install. Sometimes this happens when im using it, so its not like it goes to sleep or idle.01:47
Fongyhoonteke - the only other thing i can think of is a corrupt install of the restricted extras or stuff?01:47
Fongywhich i would highly doubt01:47
hoontekeFongy: possible.  run these to be sure:01:47
hoontekesudo apt-get autoclean # removes the download install files01:47
hoontekesudo apt-get install --reinstall ..."all the codec packages"01:48
wildbatanyone have idea, how to fix the system alert sound with compiz ? it seem if i am using compiz i made some of the sound disappear(e.g. backspace while the inputbox is empty), but metacity work prefect with the sound theme.01:48
Fongyah ok01:48
Fongyyep ill give that a go01:48
eisenhowerFor somoe reason windows arent expanding all the way the to the right side of my screen. Does anyone have any idea what I could do?01:48
hufxbazhang: off-topic opps sorry I got that01:49
bazhanghufx, thanks01:49
Fongyto separate the package names hoonteke - just a space?01:49
hoontekewildbat: you've asked that 3 times in the last 20 minutes.  No one has responded, so it's my guess that either no one knows what you're talking about, or no one knows at all.  IRC ettiquette suggests you wait roughly 4+ hours (i.e. until new people might be in the room) then ask again.01:49
hoontekeFongy: correct01:49
uLinuxHow can I snap windows?01:49
Fongyeasy - get the disc and a big hammer01:49
uLinuxHow can I snap windows on Ubuntu?01:50
hoontekeBurn an Ubuntu disc, put a Windows CD on top of it, and refer back to Fongy's suggestion?01:50
hieuuse virtual box01:51
hoontekeuLinux: short answer, I dont' know.  Suggest googling?01:51
uLinuxi am01:51
dean_hello ?01:51
Fongyugh - hoonteke - it still doesn't love me01:51
dean_Is this shit all in text ?01:51
eisenhowerthats what it looks like. the screens dont maximise to the right hand side01:51
hoontekedean_: yes.  please refrain from cussing01:51
dean_oh oops01:51
dean_i mean...01:51
dean_how the duck do i theme irc ?01:52
Vooloodean_: google for themes01:52
uLinuxLucid's default theme is Ambiance?01:52
Flanneldean_: IRC is all text, yes.  Which program are you using for IRC?01:52
matrixa1http://xchat.org/themes.html http://toxin.jottit.com/xchat_themes01:52
hoontekeuLinux: I don't know.  Do you use Compiz?01:53
dean_do you no about ubuntu...01:53
banker247does anyone use vtigercrm?01:53
hoontekeuLinux: have you discovered compizconfig-settings-manager?01:53
JackWaughalexh10, you should find the log that the X server keeps.  That may explain why it bombed off.01:53
dean_its main design is to crush windows... its free from the ubuntu web site01:54
Fongyhoonteke - this may be another one out there - what codecs would i need to stream tunes to my ps3?01:54
uLinuxI can enable 'snapping windows' but I heard I could a keyboard control01:54
Flanneldean_: Do you have another support question we can help you with?01:54
hoontekehoonteke: sorry, I've no idea.  I don't own a PS301:54
uLinuxhoonteke: yes compiz..01:54
Fongythatll be in the compiz manager uLinux01:54
Fongythats all good hoonteke01:54
hoontekeuLinux: do you mean accessibility features?01:54
dean_YOU CAN INSTALL super nes with this code in the terminal.. sudo apt-get zsnes then type zsnes to run it01:54
Fongycan someone kick this dean_ bloke?01:55
dean_acuakly its sudo apt-get install zsnes01:55
alexh10But you can always change the color or theme of the program. right?01:55
dean_yea how do i do that?01:55
Flanneldean_: Please stop adding noise to the channel, if you have a support question, or are going to answer people's questions,you're welcome to be here.  Please take non-support related things to #ubuntu-offtopic, thanks.01:55
JackWaughuLinux, what do you mean by 'to snap'?01:55
alexh10Im using opera web browser.01:55
dean_I do what i want so get bent01:55
hoontekeJackWaugh: ++ for asking a good defining question.  I thought that, then forgot to ask it.01:56
hoontekesigh, amazing what a little anonymity will do for folks.  dean_ please shape the attitude.01:56
uLinuxisn't to organize all the windows so I can see them all01:56
dean_So no one has answered my question about theming IRC01:56
hoontekedean_: possible no one knows01:56
dean_How do i do that?01:56
dean_lol ok01:56
Flanneldean_: You were answered, actually.  http://xchat.org/themes.html http://toxin.jottit.com/xchat_themes01:57
dean_Im on a super computer01:57
dean_my own desighn01:57
dean_YOU QUITER !01:57
hufxdean_:    super computer???01:57
Randsterhey all, what games do you guys play regularly on ubuntu?01:57
uLinuxRandster: none01:57
wildbatRandster, teeworlds01:57
Randsterlol. well there you go.01:57
rwwnethack :S01:58
* SlidingHorn high fives flannel01:58
usr13Where is the log for updates?  (Showing most recent updated packages.)01:58
alexh10You think so? maybe it thinks its all working fine. so no log? idk. where is this log again?01:58
hoontekegah, forgot I'm not the terminal... Ctrl+W close the window, doesn't delete the previous word.  Go me ...01:58
siddhionubutom hello, so when logged on i saw a gray translucent box saying "Wireless Networks Available - Click on this icon to connect to an available network" (the icon looks like a bunch of spreading radio waves. i assume that is the Network Icon)01:58
Fongyso yeah - if anyone out there has there 10.04 machine being used as a media server for their ps3 could comeone let me know?01:58
hoontekeusr13: do you mean /var/log/apt/*01:58
rwwusr13: /var/log/apt/history.log (term.log might also be useful, depending on what you need)01:58
hufxdean_:    my node is superior :P01:59
rwwhufx: dean_ is no longer in the channel01:59
ubutomsiddhion, and have you entered that key you mentioned?01:59
goplexianI'm having a problem with a zip file not unzipping, I know the archive is valid since it matches the md5sum value01:59
JackWaughgoplexian, are you using the archive manager with gnome?02:00
goplexianbut when I do `unzip file.zip` I get End-of-central-directory signature not found.02:00
JackWaughgoplexian, hmm, maybe you have a hosed-up zip file.02:00
goplexianJackWaugh, I'm using unzip, when I use file-roller it hangs for like 3 minutes then comes back and tells me it cant extract. The file in question is about 9gb in size02:01
hoontekedoes anyone know how to use chromium-browser with --user-data-dir (i.e. profiles), and register an instance with the desktop so that when I click a hyperlink in other appliciations (e.g. thunderbird, pidgin) it opens a new tab instead of trying to open the default chromium profile?02:01
siddhionubutom so I noticed that at the get go I am disconnected. so I click the Network Wireless Icon and a pop up window appears saying "Unlock Keyring" at first I thought I had to enter that 20 bit hex key... but eventually I realized that this window jsut wanted my Ubuntu password that I created during installation. After I entered that password I start up Firefox02:01
goplexianJackWaugh, I've downloaded it twice, and both times it matches the md5sum so I do not think it is a problem with the file, as I said it is a 9 gig file02:01
ubutomsiddhion, and did it work?02:01
ubutomsiddhion, not sure about that keyring thing, I don't use it02:02
hoontekegoplexian: are you sure that the version of unzip you have can handle a file that size?02:02
DaSkreechTrying to find out how I can find out if someone has run a script with sudo02:02
JackWaughgoplexian, maybe whoever published the file made a bad zip, then took the checksum, and published that as well.  So that would mean you're getting a good download of a bad file that someone published that way.02:03
DaSkreechFrom inside of the script02:03
dean_I need to to no how to make dosbox window larger02:03
goplexianhoonteke, no I'm not sure about that02:03
milesdquick one: i deleted my swap partition and made a new one, now i need to know if i can just change one line in fstab or if i need to do more than that - anyone?02:03
dean_Or even full screen that would work02:03
unopgoplexian, does unzip give you an error?02:03
usr13hoonteke: rww Ok, thanks, guys... Well, Just as I suspected, I've done a kernel update but hastily opted for the default of keeping current menu.lst and so I'm not running the latest updated kernel.02:03
usr13so.... ?02:03
rwwusr13: sudo update-grub, I think02:04
tim__can anyone tell me how to create a launcher that will start up the xfce4-terminal and automatically change directories?02:04
hoontekemilesd: yes, a single line in fstab should do it02:04
Flanneldean_: Please stop02:04
dean_Or virus's for that matte02:04
hoontekemilesd: though note that it wont' take effect until you reboot02:04
siddhionubutom I turned off offline mode thinking that it would work but nothing...then i clicked the "Problem Loading Page " button and a pop-up came up saying "Wireless Network Authentication Required". This is the window that shows  my ""Wireless Security: WPA & WPA2 Personal"" and below that it shows ""Password:  (here i enter that 20bit hex key)""02:04
dean_Its a really good OS02:04
hoontekeunless you work some shell magic02:04
hoontekemilesd: which I could run you through, but I'd rather you just rebooted02:04
milesdmoonlite: thanks, also wonder if i have to use the partition uid or if i can just use /sda202:04
dean_yep i made mine minic everything about windows02:04
evilsherpahey all,02:04
DaSkreecha user's Effecctive ID comes back as the UID when run with sudo02:04
dean_yep i made mine minic everything about windows02:04
ubutomyeah siddhion , aaand? did it connect? :)02:04
dean_Except .exe's02:05
evilsherpamy machine sees 2 hdds, 1 called 6.2gig and the other called 154gig, i dont know wny they are named as that - since they are respectively 160gig and 200gig02:05
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unoptim__, nothing in the manpage?02:05
dean_I hate getting viru's with a pashion02:05
Flanneldean_: That is offtopic for this channel, please take it elsewhere and help keep this channel ontopic.  Thanks.02:05
evilsherpaif anyone knows how to get my system to see the drives for what they truelly are - bigger - that would be fan - freekin - tastic, i was hoping to turn one of them into a "windows visible" drive02:05
siddhionubutom After entering the key I see the Network Icon in the top panel menu bar Animating as if it is connecting...but it stays in this animation mode...02:05
dean_How do i change channels?02:05
siddhionubutom anyways, i can never get connected.02:05
evilsherpafdisk -l = > http://www.pastebin.org/32691402:05
Flanneldean_: /join #channel02:05
ubutomsiddhion, it takes a few seconds02:05
pepePluany good  gui application for  testing regexp?02:05
evilsherpadean_ what do you mean viru's02:05
hoontekemilesd: did you mean me or moonlite?02:05
dean_hmm thank you02:05
siddhionubutom is it normal for it to keep pulsing like that? it never stops for me02:05
tim__unop, the only options are --help and --version!02:05
goplexianunop, yes http://pastebin.com/4G0Ew0js02:05
dean_ubuntu does not get virus's02:06
dean_because it cant run exe's02:06
milesdhoonteke: yo02:06
evilsherpadean, to change chat channels, type "/join #channel_name"02:06
goplexianBasically it says that unzip thinks it is part of a multi-disk archive, but that it can't find the rest of the disks, but its not, its just a single file.02:06
hufxdean_: only rook kilers02:06
ubutomsiddhion, it does it for some seconds and then connects02:06
evilsherpaFlannel, im a bit slow on the uiptake there02:06
Psi-Jackdean_: That's not exactly the /REASON/ it can't. Linux has had viruses in the past, but none of them are effective anymore02:06
Flannelevilsherpa: No worries02:06
hoontekemilesd: then just the /dev/sda2 is fine.  the UUID is meant for administrators and power users who have to do this stuff via scripts.  For one off jobs, /dev/sda2 (or whatever your partition is) is just fine.02:07
dean_So whats the topic ?02:07
hoontekemilesd: and, in fact, easier to maintain.02:07
dean_So whats the topic ?02:07
dean_So whats the topic ?02:07
kurtisWhat does it mean to say "just update linux kernel from lucid-updates" when referring to my WIFI Adapter?02:07
Flanneldean_: This channel is for Ubuntu technical support02:07
distaticaHey folks, I'm trying to set a cron that runs every 5 minutes, I add the following to /etc/crontab and restart cron service: */5 * * * * python /var/www/fnnation_server_monitor/manage.py checkserver however after 5 minutes+ the email that should be sent isn't. When I run the same command from the command line, no problems.02:07
milesdhoonteke: i know you can can run swapon or so, i'll just reboot. I'm just not sure if I need to put that long string of id number in the fstab swap line, or if i can just put sda2, which is my swap partition02:07
distaticaany other steps I need?02:07
siddhionubutom ok because mine never stops that animation...makes sense since i can not connect...constantly it tries to connect02:07
evilsherpajust pulled an awesome double of Kenyan "aa" i need to try to get this hdd cranking02:07
milesdhoonteke: oops, sry, missed your last02:07
evilsherpai appear to have an additional hdd that isnt showing up in system02:07
ubutomsiddhion, try restarting your wireless router, might work02:08
hoontekeevilsherpa: that may be if you have a hardware raid controller02:08
milesdthanks i get it now - sort of :) but i'll be OK02:08
siddhionubutom so when i run System Monitor ...Network History is a dead flat line...no activity there02:08
goplexianI've downloaded this file in the past, and it has worked, and now I've downloaded it twice and it doesn't work, I'm getting frustrated with this. Anyone have some unzip magic for me? Or are there alternative unzip back-ends that I could try?02:08
orenhoonteke: i see 6200 on this list -02:08
klandwehrsiddhion I assumed you entered your wireless network password02:08
uLinuxtell me a good keyboard shortcut to open the terminal :)02:08
orenhoonteke: https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/lucid/i386/nvidia-glx-185/185.18.36-0ubuntu902:08
ubutomsiddhion, if its not connected thats no wonder02:08
evilsherpahoonteke, i think i do, but i havent enabled it, this happened after i swapped out some hdds and did a clean install02:08
orenhoonteke: do u think i can install this?02:08
Fongyhoonteke - thank you for your help mate02:09
hoontekeoren: yes.02:09
siddhionklandwehr you mean the 20 bit password?02:09
Fongyi will keep doing some research02:09
orenhoonteke: ok.02:09
hoontekeFongy: np.  sounds good02:09
siddhionubutom right02:09
Fongycya all!02:09
hoontekeyou'll soon be the expert for others, Fongy02:09
Fongyi hope so :P02:09
ubutomsiddhion, go to netwrok connections in system - settings and make the connection available for every user, so you won't need to enter a key for keyring anymore02:09
hoontekeevilsherpa: hmm, well, without being an expert in this area, I usually have to individually figure out what's going on02:09
unoptim__, my guess is you could try adjusting  $XDG_CONFIG_DIRS/Terminal/terminalrc  - the rc file for xfce4-terminal to get it to cd to the dir you want02:09
kurtisCan someone take a look at this page (it's small) and tell me what it means by "update Linux kernel from lucid-updates" for 10.04?02:09
hoontekeevilsherpa: so... roundabout way of saying "good luck!"02:09
evilsherpahoonteke, thanks02:10
DaSkreechfound the answer it's id -u02:10
evilsherpaim givin it a whirl02:10
unopgoplexian, it's possible the unzip is unable to handle such a big file. have you tried using any other archive managers to unzip it?02:10
marine1can't print on new hp450002:10
tim__unop, Thank-you, I will try that02:10
marine1installed drivers an still nothing02:10
goplexianunop, I don't know of any others, have any recomendations?02:10
wildbatkurtis, in terminal  :  sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgrade02:10
kurtiswildbat: Awesome, I'll give it a try. Thanks again02:11
klandwehrnot sure of the bit but its in your router set up, or at least mine is02:11
unop!zip | goplexian,02:11
ubottugoplexian,: Files with extensions .tar, .gz, .tgz, .zip, .bz2, .7z, .ace and other archive file formats can be opened with file-roller (GNOME), Ark (KDE), or Xarchiver (XFCE) - Also see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FileCompression02:11
pepePluguys any regexp tester? but gui not command line02:11
ubutomsiddhion, as I said, also try restarting the router, sometimes they just refuse to connect, had that with some usb-sticks, sometimes I had to wait like 10 - 15 minutes until they finally decided to speak with each other again ;)02:11
JackWaughubottu, goplexian already said s/he tried fileroller and it gave a diagnostic.02:11
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)02:11
marine1need help setting up new 4500hp printer,scan,fax  and copy machine02:12
JackWaughpepePlu, never heard of one.02:12
dean_Does anyone no where i can free OS'S?02:13
unoppepePlu,  visual-regexp02:13
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Zoffix_Hey. Why might the sound disappear all of a sudden? It was working fine an hour ago and I haven't done anything but browsing Web. Now, VLC doesn't produce any sound and Audicious doesn't start playing any tracks. The only thing I've tried is rebooting, any suggestions?02:13
unopdean_, please stop this already.  your questions here must be about ubuntu otherwise they are off topic.02:13
siddhionubutom so i should unplug the router when ubuntu loads up?02:13
hoontekedean_: are you 15?  10? your behavior is getting just a bit obnoxious.02:13
goplexianunop, I dont think there are any alternative backends for unzip on Linux02:14
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dean_they are about ubuntu duh im ruinning it right noe duhhh geeze calm down sh(t brick02:14
marine1need help setting up new 4500hp printer,scan,fax  and copy machine02:14
unop!ops | dean_ being unproductive02:14
ubottudean_ being unproductive: Help! Channel emergency! (ONLY use this trigger in emergencies) -  elky, Madpilot, tritium, Nalioth, tonyyarusso, PriceChild, Amaranth, jrib, Myrtti, mneptok, Pici, jpds, gnomefreak, bazhang, jussi, Flannel, ikonia, maco, h00k, IdleOne, or nhandler!02:14
dean_my name is dean but my real name is ...steve02:14
ubutomsiddhion, before or while ubuntu tries to establish the connection, yes, sometimes it helps02:14
bazhangdean_, stop it now.02:14
pepePluunop anything with a decent look?02:15
kurtisdean_: Why would you ask where you can get Free Operating Systems in an Ubuntu Channel, especially if you're already running Ubuntu? I would suggest Google if you're looking for something specific or just a general list02:15
dean_i need some ubunt advice02:15
unopgoplexian, yea, i have a feeling, each of the graphical ones uses unzip behind the scenes02:15
Psi-Jackbazhang: I think 30 minutes of constant abuse is enough to know he won't.02:15
pepePlui mean that's the purpose with having a gui app02:15
siddhionubutom i see. have you ever seen a problem like mine before where Ubuntu keeps trying to connect (constantly animated icon) ?02:15
ubutomsiddhion, as a matter of fact, yeah, I have, just 2 days ago with my laptop which had this usb-stick to connect ;)02:16
siddhionubutom so would say that my wireless card is healthy? i figure it is since it is seeing my wireless network02:16
unoppepePlu,  have a search yourself with.    apt-cache search "regular expression"    or  even  apt-cache search regular | grep -i expression02:16
siddhionubutom you had a usb stick wireless connection?02:16
LinuxWayi have a question:)02:16
unoppepePlu, most editors nowadays will do this for you anyway.02:17
ubutomsiddhion, yep, 802.11g usb-stick02:17
unoppepePlu, i mean, most good text editors.02:17
andagelhola ?02:17
ubutomsiddhion, router was another brand, maybe devices from the same manufacturer work better together02:17
siddhionubutom i see. so would you say this issue is a router issue only?02:17
andagelque tal .. andaba buscando ayuda con un tema02:17
marine1need help setting up new 4500hp printer,scan,fax  and copy machine02:17
Jordan_U!es | andagel02:17
ubottuandagel: En la mayoría de canales de Ubuntu se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español o charlar entra en el canal #ubuntu-es. Escribe "/join #ubuntu-es" (sin comillas) y dale a enter.02:17
goplexianwell I guess I have no alternative then to go out and give MS some money since Ubuntu just isn't doing what I want02:18
pepePluunop thanx02:18
Zoffix_How do I bring up that window where I can select ALSA, Pulse, etc for the sound?02:18
LinuxWayi have a alsa question to:)02:18
ubutomsiddhion, could be, but there is also the chance it is because of the key, you might want to try to set up yourself another one02:18
LinuxWaythis one i don know02:18
siddhionubutom interesting idea....how would i go about doing that? is there a guide online?02:19
LinuxWaybut i like to know to:)02:19
ubutomsiddhion, I also experienced some problems when I just used a really, really long key consisting of characters and numbers, it just didn't work with that, so I used a short sentence and didn'T have that much problems then02:19
LinuxWaywhere are the alsa specialist?02:20
Zoffix_LinuxWay, just ask your question, man.02:20
LinuxWayi have a 1212m02:20
LinuxWayinstalked alsa drivers02:20
LinuxWaybut now i don;t see my headset and mic anymore02:21
ubutomsiddhion, I'm sure there are several guides out there, however, maybe you can also ask the people who sold you the hardware, sicne they have set it up02:21
LinuxWaywhen i instaled ubuntu it was the other way around02:21
ubutomsiddhion, I think there are also some password-generators in the web02:21
LinuxWayso how do i make/get my headset back?02:22
Zoffix_Maaan.. I wanna watch a movie...  >_< I can't believe I'm having a Windows-like problem on a Linux box :(*02:24
ubutomsiddhion, I'm not sure if the password was just wrong that I picked, or if it was too ling and the router couldn't handle it because of that :)02:24
bastid_raZor!medibuntu > Zoffix_ this fixes things for most02:24
ubottuZoffix_, please see my private message02:24
ubutom*ling = long02:24
Zoffix_bastid_raZor, I doubt that is it. I have all the packages installed and my system worked fine until an hour ago. Now all of a sudden the sound is gone :S02:25
norm_Zoffix: I just reboot when I lose my audio like that02:26
Zoffix_norm_, I rebooted once already hoping it would fix it :)02:26
siddhionubutom  so it could be the password i have is not being processed? that is so bizarre02:26
Zoffix_Hmr..I think I'll try another reboot...02:27
ubutomsiddhion, well, some hardware isn't what it claims to be...02:27
siddhionubutom and you are talking about my router?02:27
ubutomsiddhion, no, in general, just because hardware has a feature on paper doesn't mean it always can really perform it.02:28
anigmahow come ubuntu doesn't come with a root password by default?02:29
ubutomanigma, sudo is used for that02:29
hufxanigma: the root pw is your user pw02:29
ubutomanigma, and you can also always set one02:29
siddhionubutom  so i basically the simplest way to resolve this would be to contact my ISP and have them come and change the HEX key?02:29
unopanigma, it's a design decision.02:30
IdleOne!root | anigma02:30
ubottuanigma: Do not try to guess the root password, that is impossible. Instead, realise the truth... there is no root password. Then you will see that it is 'sudo' that grants you access and not the root password. Look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RootSudo02:30
JackWaughanigma, there isn't very often a need to actually log in as root.02:30
unophufx, that's not correct.02:30
pepePluunop kiki is the best that i found so far02:30
unoppepePlu, nice02:30
banker247i permaroot02:30
hufxunop: please explain!02:30
siddhionubutom i would really rather take this issue on by myself since i can not communicate with them since they speak different language than me.02:30
JackWaughubottu, sounds like Zen.02:30
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)02:30
mgolischhufx: ubuntu has the root account disabled so the root pw cant be your user password02:31
ubutomsiddhion, I don't know, could cost something, do you have a password for your routers web configuration?02:31
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ZoffixDidn't help.... Also, if I openup ``gstreamer-properties'' and select Alsa for output and hit "Test" the app freezes. What could it mean?02:31
wildbatanyone have idea, how to fix the system alert sound with compiz ? it seem if i am using compiz, it made some of the sound disappear(e.g. backspace while the inputbox is empty), but metacity work prefect with the sound theme.02:31
hufxunop: well ok but from a user point of view its the same02:31
mgolischhufx: its more like that in ubuntus default config users of the admn group can run stuff using sudo by providing their user passwords02:31
unophufx, the root account is locked by default, it can be unlocked and given a password - but that's not recommended. when you use sudo, it asks for _your_ password not root's password and elevates you up to superuser.02:31
siddhionubutom i do not know what you mean by "routers web configuration".02:31
ubutomsiddhion, can you maybe set another key with some windows-dial-in software or where that hex key is stored?02:32
unophufx, why should it be? and it isn't.02:32
ubutomsiddhion, most routers can be accessed through an ip in your lan, via browser, there you can change passwords, security settings, turn firewall on and off and so on02:33
al7barcan someone help me installing adobe on xubuntu ?02:33
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al7barI am new to linux02:33
siddhionubutom like i said before, the ISP service people came over a year ago and just set the router up and i never got to see what they were doing...i could not have them communicate to me what they were doing...highly frustrating situation... i feel kind of powerless because of the language barrier02:33
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hufxunop: well ok but from a user point of view its the same as the user is in the sudoers file02:33
ubottual7bar:: To install Flash see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats/Flash - See also  !Restricted and !Gnash02:33
ubutomsiddhion, what do they speak? Sure they have some english speaking guys?02:33
linux_is_my_heroor girls.lol02:34
siddhionubutom i understand what you mean....polish. i am in poland.02:34
unophufx, I fail to see how that logically connects a user to root. Sudo doesn't query the root account or it's password.02:34
JackWaughsiddhion, you're living in Poland and you don't speak Polsky?02:35
siddhionubutom so the only way to access my router's web configuration would be to have them come then. right? or is there a way out of this?02:35
siddhionubutom yeah, i never took to the language... though i should have forced myself to learn it....02:35
ubutomsiddhion, no, you can access it yourself, if you have access to it that is02:35
al7barcan someone help me?02:36
siddhionubutom what do you mean?02:36
al7barplaying a rsps on linux?02:36
hufxunop: so how does it now how to grant root privilges then?02:36
al7barand installing vent?02:36
JackWaughsiddhion, maybe you could look up the router using Google; find its user's manual online.02:36
connermcdsiddhion right click on your connection icon then click connection information and find the IP of default route02:36
ubutomsiddhion, you could need a password to enter the web-configuration02:36
ubutomsiddhion, did they not give you any manuals?02:36
connermcdsiddhion the put that IP into a browser, or depends what it is02:36
siddhionubutom cant i just call them up and they can give it to me?02:37
connermcdsiddhion default un/pw is usually admin/admin depending on router type... you can google the type of router to find the default pass for the model02:37
connermcdal7bar what do you need?02:37
siddhionconnermcd it is yes it gives me a pop up asking for username and passowrd02:37
ubutomsiddhion, sure, and what connermcd said02:38
linux_is_my_heromy computer wont play dvd's02:38
linux_is_my_herosomeone help me02:38
bastid_raZorsiddhion: try admin -- password02:38
connermcdsiddhion try admin admin; if that doesn't work look at the box and find the type of router it is02:38
unophufx, well, as you said, from the predicates in the sudoers file.02:38
connermcdsiddhion you can google the router type to find the default password02:38
hufxunop: that no answer really02:39
JackWaughsiddhion, also, there might be a procedure to reset the router to factory settings.02:39
siddhionubutom yeah i am going to have to get my lady to help me contact them to get my router username and passowrd02:39
ubutomI always change mine :) whough it can be reset with a needle on most routers siddhion02:39
FloodBot3MindUser51674: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.02:39
MindUser51674___|___ø¤°`°`°¤ø_______|_ Una Cerveza02:39
MindUser51674___|___ø¤°`°`°¤ø_______|_.BIEN FRIA02:39
MindUser51674___|___ø¤°`°`°¤ø_______|_ para:02:39
connermcdsiddhion what kind of router is it?02:39
unophufx, maybe you should explain exactly what is it you're after then?02:39
terrylmHi all02:39
alan__tem aguem que fala portugues02:39
siddhionubutom with a needle?02:39
ubutomsiddhion, have you tried entering the passes the others suggested you?02:39
alan__tem aguem que fala portugues02:39
unop!pt | alan_02:39
ubottualan_: Por favor, use #ubuntu-br para ajuda em português. Para a comunidade local portuguêsa, #ubuntu-pt. Obrigado.02:39
LonniebizAnyone know of a video player, where I can adjust how far it skips forward and backwards upon typing the right and left arrow keys? See this for my reasons: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/totem/+bug/59320902:39
alan__tem aguem que fala portugues02:40
siddhionubutom yes i did....tried "admin: admin" = didnt work02:40
connermcdsiddhion ubutom is right... many routers have a reset button on the bottom or side that you can press and hold down with a pen or needle to reset the device to its factory defaults02:40
ubutomsiddhion, yeah, there is on most routers a switch you need a sharp thing to press, a pen or a needle or anything else that fits in and press it a fey seconds02:40
JackWaughHooray for FloodBot3.02:40
connermcdsiddhion after which you can google the model number and find the default un/pass02:40
ubutomsiddhion, BUT, it will aslo erase the settings they did to get your connection to work02:40
bastid_raZorconnermcd: ubutom .. if he has DSL that will kill his connection.. permanently02:40
ubutomsiddhion, and if you don't have those you will have to let them set it up again for you02:41
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terrylmCan anyone help with configuring a Panasonic KX-P2123 24 pin dot matrix printer?  I've done the obvious, it just prints junk.02:41
siddhionconnermcd ubutom i know what you mean....so after pressing the button i google the model number....the default usrnm/pass would be in the manual?02:41
=== Master_Roshi is now known as no-name-
ubutomyeah bastid_raZor02:41
connermcdsiddhion what type of router is it? I might be able to just tell you02:42
siddhionubutom super good point!02:42
connermcdsiddhion but yes you can also google for it02:42
ubutomsiddhion, didn't you get any paperwork from them?02:42
linux_is_my_heromy ubuntu wont play dvd's02:42
terrylmIt has worked before under Red Hat and Rock Linux.02:42
siddhionconnermcd this one by Techniclan http://www.techniclan.com/WAR-54G_WLAN_broadband_802.11g_AP_Router_QoS,p,88.html02:42
connermcdlinux_is_my_hero try VLC02:42
siddhionubutom i have a box...i will check it now02:42
linux_is_my_heroyeah, that doesnt work either.02:43
mrunknownI just updated to 10.04 and now when I boot the screen is dim. Maybe at around 50% or so brightness. Pressing the key combo to brighten it shows it is at 100%. Changing the screen resolution fixes it. Is this a known issue and is there a workaround? Google found other issues that seemed different from mine.02:43
linux_is_my_heroconnermcd: yeah that doesnt work either.02:43
ubutomsiddhion, I have my ISP number and password for dsl connection and everything in one place, would recommend that02:43
rwwlinux_is_my_hero: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats/PlayingDVDs02:43
connermcdlinux_is_my_hero are you playing off a disc or off your filesystem?02:43
ubutomterrylm, ah, sweet memories02:44
hufxunop: just trying to understand the relationship02:44
connermcdlinux_is_my_hero what rww said02:44
keith1Got an unusual error. Was updating network configuration, and the power decided to go out..luckily I was able to reset it manually. Not a good thing to happen, unless you want to lose 2 hours of your life.02:45
linux_is_my_heroconnermcd: off of a disc02:45
connermcdsiddhion did you try admin/admin?02:46
connermcdsiddhion seems like that's the default... otherwise they must have set it in which case you'd have to reset02:46
connermcdsiddhion do you have DSL or cable02:46
peturiwohooo finally finished my ubuntu cluster project :)02:46
* uBloco is back (gone 00:01:04)02:46
* uBloco is away: ja volto :)02:46
connermcdlinux_is_my_hero follow the link from rww02:46
linux_is_my_heroyup reading now :-)02:47
unophufx, if you're asking how it is sudo elevates a user to root (and other users). it's because /usr/bin/sudo is owned by root and is setuid root - meaning that this utility always runs a process under the root account and therefore is able to spawn other process under root (or other users).02:47
bastid_raZor!away > uBloco02:47
ubottuuBloco, please see my private message02:47
=== MePHiSto1 is now known as SuP|Lobby
hufxunop: spawn other process    kind of what I thought   thanks!02:48
linux_is_my_heroconnermcd: "an error occurred.  cannot read from resource"02:48
siddhionconnermcd ubutom they never gave me a manual or CD for the router...02:49
linux_is_my_heroconnermcd: thats what it says when i try to play my dvd02:49
connermcdsiddhion have you tried admin for the username and admin for the pass?02:49
connermcdlinux_is_my_hero did you download and install the libdvdcss2 package?02:49
ubutomsiddhion, and what about the details about your line? no number and password to use for ppp?02:49
ubutomsiddhion, and please don't write it in the channel ;D02:50
siddhionconnermcd admin/admin did not work....i honestly do not know what i have ....i know it is not DSL because its not coming in through a phone line...an ethernet cable plugs into the router....it travels up to the roof of our building and connects to a little white antenna02:51
connermcdsiddhion then it should be fine to reset the device02:51
connermcdsiddhion then you can use admin/admin and it should work02:51
linux_is_my_heroconnermcd: it says its already installed02:52
siddhionubutom what line? my connection? i dont know what ppp is.02:52
connermcdsiddhion afterwhich you will be able to go through a setup wizard and make a new username and password02:52
ubutomsiddhion, so you have Wireless LAN Bridge maybe?02:52
linux_is_my_heroit can read things on the disc (the autorun, the folders, etc....)02:52
hufxunop: whats the diff between  owned by root and  setuid root (if its not too OT)02:52
siddhionconnermcd but when i reset the device how do i get back online?02:52
ubutomsiddhion, point to point protocol I think, it's how people connect with their Digital Subscriber Line, but sionce you have a roof-antenna...02:53
connermcdsiddhion you will go to that IP( then go through the setup wizard... it will automatically figure stuff out02:53
connermcdsiddhion be advised02:53
siddhionconnermcd i see. is there any risk that i will not get back online?02:53
ubutomconnermcd, siddhion but the configuration the isp did will vanish and if siddhion doesn't know it he can't set it back02:53
connermcdsiddhion you must be connected to the router with an ethernet cable02:53
whiskishould be able to do a hardware reset if you f* things up02:53
unophufx, well, something is said to be "setuid root" if it is owned by root and has the setuid ( http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Setuid ) bit set i.e. with say  chmod u+s02:54
rwwhufx: setuid means that if you're a normal user and run it, it'll run with root privileges anyway02:54
connermcdsiddhion and ubutom is right... there is a risk that the ISP has specific settings... but generally not the case02:54
unophufx, setuid ensures that the process runs under the account that owns the file - so if you change the owner to say "nobody" - the executable runs under nobody02:54
unoprww, errm, not really - but yea, practically that's almost always the case.02:55
siddhionconnermcd so the safer way would be to conntact the ISP and just get the username and password ...correct?02:55
connermcdlinux_is_my_hero a reboot may be necessary after installing the libdvdcss2 package02:55
rwwunop: yes, I missed the word "root" in there.02:55
connermcdsiddhion yes, that is the safest thing to do02:55
ubutomconnermcd, siddhion, well, if they don't use encryption nothing will happen, but if they do the configuration will be gone and so the onternet02:55
connermcdconnermcd we're just providing you with work-arounds02:55
connermcdsiddhion we're just providing you with work-arounds02:55
connermcdlol @ me02:56
siddhionubutom yes i think it would be a Wireless LAN Bridge02:56
=== gdb_ is now known as gdb
Zelahow do you proxy using ubuntu?02:56
connermcdlinux_is_my_hero if you're following the page rww sent you there is more to do than just an apt-get install02:56
siddhionconnermcd i see. it is good to know. i think i would just rather acquire the username and passwords from the ISP people02:56
connermcdsiddhion all good; just trying to help02:57
=== debug_ is now known as debugnet
hufxunop: so "setuid" translates to set user id    that could seem dangerous in some insztances02:57
ubutomsiddhion, yeah, wanted to suggest that, maybe they can tell you how to setup the w-lan key in ubuntu , as it didn't work when you tried02:58
siddhionconnermcd ubutom  so once i get the username and password i should use to access the router and then what?02:58
Zelahow do you proxy using ubuntu?02:58
connermcdZela http://www.linuxquestions.org/questions/ubuntu-63/how-to-set-up-proxy-on-ubuntu-502540/02:58
connermcdsiddhion well what are you trying to do?02:58
hufxunop: so thats what Bastille was on about!02:58
linux_is_my_heroconnermcd: it still doesn't work. and its not the drive because i can read files on the disk.02:59
siddhionconnermcd well i am trying to get online with my Ubuntu 10.04 fresh install02:59
hufxunop: hence my questions02:59
D3RGPS31Any recent blogs about setting up a bootable/installable 10.04 on a usb stick?02:59
unophufx, indeed - it's a double-edged sword. it's dangerous and exploits can take advantage of it - but it's also necessary - like with allowing sudo to do it's job -- sudo actually complains if it is not setuid root.02:59
ubutomsiddhion, then you should be able to set your own WPA2 key and try if it works then, you also have to set the new key then in windows02:59
siddhionconnermcd the Network Icon is in constant animation mode...attempting to connect but it can never do it02:59
connermcdsiddhion oh... well I dunno who was pointing you to your router... I came into this conversation late... are you connecting wired or wirelessly?02:59
siddhionconnermcd wirelessly02:59
ubutomsiddhion, but maybe it will be easier to get some assistence on the wpa-key setting in ubuntu03:00
connermcdlinux_is_my_hero so you downloaded the package from that page, ran the script, and rebooted your machine?03:00
siddhionubutom ok03:00
linux_is_my_heroi didnt reboot, ill try that.03:00
siddhionubutom you mean by openning "Netwoirk Connections"03:00
connermcdsiddhion what ubutom said... now I see why he was pointing you to the router03:00
ubutomconnermcd, problem is the wpa2 key doesn't work when entered in ubuntu so we are not sure if it is the right one03:00
ubutomsiddhion, they have to have some kind of admin who can guide you trhough the setup03:01
connermcdsiddhion if you're using a computer that's working wirelessly and is running vista or 7 I believe there is a way to view the working passcode03:01
siddhionubutom well i jsut downlaoded a program called wirelesskeyview-x64 and reacquired the key and compared it to the one i had written a few months ago...it is the same one03:01
ubutomsiddhion, and usually they are linux-savvy :)03:02
tim_does anyone know about ircd-hybrid03:02
=== nhandler_ is now known as nhandler
hufxunop: so no one from the outside should be setuid?03:02
distaticaIn Karmic is the cron errors in syslog too? I'm trying to have a script run every minute, and it's not working, it works fine from command line, however there is no errors or any hint that it tried to run w/ grep CRON /var/log/syslog03:02
siddhionubutom the ISP people ?03:02
ubutomsiddhion, yep03:02
distaticait's a python script, so it might be a path issue, but there's again no errors to work with.03:02
ubutomsiddhion, don't know that program and if that is correct what it says03:02
siddhionubutom ahh ok. perhaps. but the language difference it a bit tough03:02
ubutomsiddhion ok, gotta go now, see ya and good luck, bye03:03
connermcdsiddhion try System->Administration->Hardware Drivers and see if anything is listed03:03
siddhionubutom ok thanks a lot03:03
ubutomsiddhion, in doubt try babelfish, lol :D03:03
hdonhi all. i have upgraded to Lucid. now, GTK+ widgets with keyboard shortcuts do not reveal their shortcut keys until I hold ALT. this is annoying, how can i change it back?03:04
siddhionubutom ok i will consider03:04
unophufx, setuid is not a property given to a user. it's a property given to an executable file on the file system. Any user who invokes a "setuid root" executable actually invokes a process running as root (and therefore able to do anything on the system) -- which is why safeguards (like the sudoers file) are needed.03:04
=== mac9416_ is now known as mac9416
Equ1n0xhi all =D03:04
ubutomsiddhion, or some polish friend who speaks english sluently03:04
siddhionconnermcd  so go there in Ubuntu and what will i be looking for?03:04
Joaquini have a question i hope somebody could help me.. how can i restore Compiz if i killed it from the terminal? cuz if i run it again from the terminal i cant close that terminal or compiz will shut down again. and i tried with ALT + F2 but for some reason it doesnt work when i kill compiz03:04
marine1error: No devices found on bus: usb  Which is wrong because it's listed on lsusb03:04
siddhionubutom right.. better that way03:04
marine1hp printer setup03:04
siddhionconnermcd my wireless card driver?03:05
hufxunop: ok thanks thats a lot clearer now03:05
connermcdsiddhion yeah03:05
siddhionconnermcd when i find it then what shall i do?03:05
siddhionconnermcd i know i have an intel 510003:05
mrunknownJoaquin: try adding a & to the end of the command to start it. This should put it in the background03:06
kruxq. how can I enable the grub menu ? i ran grub-mkconfig and found my lfs does it at that to the entry or is there more to it ??..03:06
BaribalHi. I'm trying to build Crystal Space and I can't find headers for the fglrx drivers anywhere. Where is it that I'm not looking?03:06
connermcdsiddhion nevermind then - that should be fully functional with the generic driver03:06
Joaquinmrunknown: thanks it worked :)03:07
siddhionconnermcd i assume my wireless card is working becasue i can see all the available networks ... wouldnt you agree?03:07
mrunknownJoaquin: you're welcome. You can add & to any command to detach it from the terminal that launched it.03:07
hufxunop: ist just that Bastille wants to change some file permissions03:07
connermcdsiddhion I agree now03:08
hufxunop: and I wanted to understand them03:08
unophufx, sorry, Bastille?  is that an application?03:08
connermcdsiddhion Only thing I can think is reboot and make sure you're typing the password correctly... wouldn't hurt to try that again03:08
siddhionconnermcd so since my wireless card is healthy then it must be my router that is ill , right?03:08
connermcdsiddhion not necessarily ill... it could have a MAC filter or some other settings that are preventing you from connecting03:09
siddhionconnermcd i see03:09
Joaquinmrunknown: thanks.. im new at ubuntu so i really appreciate ur help :)03:09
whmeroehowdy folks - I had a bad install of mysql-server as it won't take my password.  How do I go about completely removing this on ubuntu?03:09
unopwhmeroe, do you want to change the mysql password?03:09
marine1my printer device is not showing up in my usb when trying to set up this printer03:09
siddhionconnermcd a MAC filter...but i can connect on Vista boot which i am using now03:10
whmeroeunop, I could try that but mysqladmin throws an invalid password03:10
whmeroeunop, is there a backdoor way to do it?03:10
unopwhmeroe,  does the mysql command at the command line take your password?03:10
connermcdsiddhion oh I didn't know it was dual boot... I assumed you had two computers03:10
whmeroeunop, negative03:10
tifflorcan someone help me to find out why my gsm utils, especially gsmsendsms tells me03:10
tifflorgsmsendsms[ERROR]: expected parameter (at position 1 of string ',1,1,1')03:10
tifflorwhen I do;03:11
tifflorgsmsendsms -d /dev/ttyUSB0 004917000000 test03:11
unopwhmeroe, well, then you can change the root password with this command.    sudo dpkg-reconfigure -plow mysql-common03:11
tifflorI get this error when I try to use gammo03:11
siddhionconnermcd yeah dual boot03:11
whmeroeunop, okay I was doing that with mysql-server let me try that line instead03:11
tifflorSending SMS 1/1....waiting for network answer..error 500, message reference=-103:11
marine1 error: No devices found on bus: usb  Which is wrong because it's listed on lsusb need help setting this up03:11
connermcdsiddhion I think on Vista if the password is saved you can disconnect, click connect, and put a check in show password to double check the correct password03:11
connermcdsiddhion I think* I'm not very up on being Windows savvy... especially Vista and 703:11
marine1Bus 001 Device 006: ID 03f0:2e12 Hewlett-Packard  here it is but not showing up in set up03:12
whmeroeunop, returned me to command line after that03:12
siddhionconnermcd well i think i will contact my ISP and work with them on this... i know they are coo lwith linux...03:13
siddhionconnermcd thansk for the help though03:13
marine1hp printer setup03:13
unopwhmeroe, you sure you used the -plow argument there?03:13
connermcdsiddhion all right good luck; no problem... Ubuntu is worth it... annoying when it doesn't do what you want right out of the box though03:13
marine1error: No devices found on bus: usb  Which is wrong because it's listed on lsusb need help setting this up03:14
whmeroeunop, yea i'm sure03:14
whmeroeunop, sudo dpkg-reconfigure -plow mysql-common03:15
connermcdmarine1 what setup? you installed cups and are adding a new printer?03:15
whmeroeunop, returns me to command line is all....can I just go deleting stuff to force a full reinstall?03:15
siddhionconnermcd yeah i know....soooo sick of vista here. ..... very unresponsive.... plus i am leanring Ruby and Linux is better supported.03:15
siddhiontake care03:15
unopwhmeroe, try this first.  sudo dpkg-reconfigure -plow $(dpkg -l | awk '/mysql/{print $2}')03:15
marine1connermcd: just trying to add a printer but when I'm in the hp setup it can't find the device03:15
adhdkid10.04, using broadcom STA driver from hardware restricted drivers, getting low speeds / connection strengths from close to the router, any ideas... tried b43 driver its a little better but not much...03:16
whmeroeunop,  there we go..asking me for password03:16
connermcdmarine1 what OS and what printer03:16
marine1connermcd: ubuntu and hp450003:16
whmeroeunop, i'm in thanks03:16
connermcdmarine1 10.04 Lucid?03:16
marine1connermcd: 9.003:16
marine1connermcd: 9.0403:16
unopwhmeroe, ahh, should have reconfigured mysql-server instead of mysql-common .. :) even i've learnt something now03:17
unopwhmeroe, the -plow is necessary03:17
whmeroeunop, i tried that actually :) it was a no go03:17
whmeroeunop, with your -plow mysql-common i changed it to mysql-server just to see03:17
unopwhmeroe, you might have multiple mysql-server packages is my guess then03:18
unopwhmeroe,  dpkg -l *mysql-server*  # would show you them03:18
whmeroeunop, ahh duh :)03:19
piyushmishrai need some help with gnome+lucidlynx03:19
whmeroeunop,  use to windows where zend server ce doesn't come with mysql by default03:19
connermcdmarine1 Have you tried installing the HPLIP driver03:19
whmeroeunop, on linux it does :)03:19
marine1connermcd: that was the 1st thing I did'03:19
unopwhmeroe, :)03:20
piyushmishrai removed the mail and messenger icon from the top panel by mistake, how do I add it again?03:20
adhdkid10.04, using broadcom STA driver from hardware restricted drivers, getting low speeds / connection strengths from close to the router, any ideas... tried b43 driver its a little better but not much...03:20
whmeroeunop, i blame it on lack of coffee or baby on lap03:20
whmeroeunop, or me not paying attention03:20
bastid_raZorpiyushmishra: right click the panel > add to panel .. add back the Indicator Applet03:21
connermcdmarine1 what version of HPLIP is installed03:21
piyushmishrabastid_raZor: thnx done:)03:21
ubottuHelp with Broadcom bcm43xx can be found at  https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs/Driver/bcm43xx03:22
=== administrator is now known as Guest24168
LinuxWayanyone knows the default audio driver ubuntu?03:23
ActionParsnipyo yo o03:24
BaribalLinuxWay, "driver" should depend on your hardware, do you mean pulse?03:24
LinuxWaynow im get it:)03:25
LinuxWayinstaled alsa for my soundcard but now the onther hardware ist seen03:26
LinuxWaybefore i instald alsa ubuntu see my mic and headset03:26
LinuxWaynow ist the onther way around03:27
mcarsewondering if someone can help...03:28
mcarsehow do I load scsi_mod?03:28
adhdkidmcarse, sudo modprobe scsi_mod ?03:28
mcarse"FATAL: Module scsi_mod not found."03:29
evilsherpa_i all, im making some changes to my fstab, whats worrying me is that the NTFS drive, is marked as boot in fdisk -l03:29
mcarseapparently it is needed to make multiple LUNS show up when Drobos are connected to Linus.03:29
quizmehow do you rebind the cut and paste in the terminal ?03:30
agrokerfrom 2006 I used to upgrade my Ubuntu on this laptop, but quite a few things get broken every time, also my Gnome looks different from fresh install ;-) I was wondering, if there is a good official tutorial on clean reinstall with preserving users data (not settings, perhaps)?03:30
quizmei want to bind it to the windows-key-V03:30
quizmei want to bind it to the option-V03:30
adhdkidevilsherpa, that just means it has the ability to be booted I believe sir.03:30
quizmenm i found it03:30
quizmeit's in gnome terminal itself03:31
evilsherpa_adhdkid, cool, hmm, i am confused as in cant tell if its mounted03:31
evilsherpa_but i hink it is03:31
morph3ushi.. ubuntu 10.04 have wifi unstable problems? my wifi under ubuntu is very unstable03:31
adhdkidevilsherpa, cat /etc/mtab03:31
adhdkidif it is, then sudo umount /dir/of/mount03:32
quizmehow do you rebind the OS ctrl-V to option-V ?03:32
adhdkidquizme, on gnome?03:33
quizmeadhdkid yeah i think so03:33
quizmeadhdkid: compiz fusion03:33
quizmeadhdkid: gnome-terminal03:33
ActionParsnipmorph3us: when it drops run: dmesg | tail03:33
ActionParsnipmorph3us: you may also want to reboot and run:  dmesg | less     to see if a firmware file was expected03:34
mcarseis there a package that I need installed before I can load scsi_mod with modprobe scsi_mod?03:34
morph3usi will ActionParsnip, i didn't knew that command03:34
quizmeadhdkid: i have add03:34
ActionParsnipmorph3us: dmesg shows the kernel messages since boot03:34
quizmeadhdkid: my mom has adhd03:34
evilsherpa_adhdkid, may i borrow your skills, im not sure what this means, but i think i have a bit more of a clue http://www.pastebin.org/32707403:35
morph3usThanks ActionParsnip. I read about certain unstability problems in 10.0403:35
evilsherpa_adhdkid, i do not see it there03:36
ActionParsnipmorph3us: if you find something then i'd log a bug to make it known as well as the fix you get (if any)03:36
morph3usThanks ActionParsnip. I am gonna reboot now03:37
adhdkidquizme, sorry my wifi is very bad on 10.04.03:38
quizmeadhdkid: no problem03:39
UmA1Rhello i need help installing wireless drivers on ubuntu lucid03:39
quizmeautomated testing is awesome btw03:39
tripelbHello! (9.10, chrome) http://www.cbc.ca/video/#/Sports/ID=1520450207 -- wont play. (soccer match highlights) Youtube works.  Wha hoppen?03:39
adhdkidUmA1R, what kind of card03:40
UmA1Ri installed ubuntu today but the default wireless drivers didnt install03:40
UmA1Rso i dled the compat-wireless generic drivers on the usb flash drive03:40
UmA1Rumm i think broadcom03:40
UmA1Rpretty sure03:40
adhdkidUmA1R, do, lspci | grep broadcom03:40
UmA1Ruhh sorry im like really new to the linux and ubuntu world do i type that into the terminal?03:41
syki keep getting this error evertime i apt-get install or remove a package http://paste.ubuntu.com/448975/03:41
adhdkidUmA1R, yea, just do lspci and find the one that says broadcom or other wise.03:41
MEW9.10.  Saved evolution emails to external hard drive.  Lost everything with last update. Now can't access saved evolution files "invalid file"03:41
UmA1Ryea it says broadcom03:42
adhdkidUmA1R, what model #03:42
UmA1Rrev 0303:42
MEWVery sad - second time this has happened.  New and want to be a faithful ubuntu user03:42
=== jimisrvrox_ is now known as jimisrvrox
adhdkidUmA1R, k hold one minute03:43
UmA1Rthx so much03:43
adhdkidUmA1R, what happens and how are you trying to install them?03:43
TheMoebiushey I just got a new hard drive. How can I make sure it's mounted automatically at boot without defining the /dev/sdb1 kind of point? Other entries in /etc/fstab have UUID03:44
=== me is now known as Guest31030
UmA1Ri have this compat-wireless-2.6.tar.bz2 that im assuming are generic03:44
PrettoI am getting a lot of menu_proxy_module_load: assertion `dbusproxy != NULL' failed can anyone help?03:44
UmA1Rbut i dont kno how to install the package03:44
adhdkidUmA1R, um your on 10.04?03:44
UmA1Ryes how do i pm you?03:45
unopPretto, what command is spitting these out?03:45
thune3TheMoebius: find uuid with : sudo blkid03:45
adhdkidUmA1R, idk just talk to me on chan, no one here anyway...03:45
mcarsehow do I get the scsi_mod module on my system?03:46
UmA1Roh ok03:46
adhdkidUmA1R, go to system > administration > hardware drivers03:46
Prettounop: alacarte, nvidia-config, emesene, etc03:46
UmA1Rit says the following error: downloading package indexes failed, check your network status. most dirvers will not be avauilable03:46
unopPretto, try something like.   dbus-launch nvidia-config  # does that stop them?03:47
syki keep getting this error evertime i apt-get install or remove a package http://paste.ubuntu.com/448975/ and ive tried this link http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1346581 and still doesnt get rid of it03:47
TheMoebiusthune3: thanks. and what should the dump and pass values be?03:47
adhdkidUmA1R, are you plugged in by wired ?03:47
UmA1Rshould i be?03:47
adhdkidUmA1R, :-)03:48
adhdkidyea do a sudo apt-get update03:48
adhdkidand then a03:48
adhdkidsudo apt-get install bcmwl-kernel-source03:48
adhdkidafter you plug in.03:48
Prettounop: nope, nvidia-settings is the right command and didn't work either using dbus-launch03:48
Kangarooohow to change resolution from tty? couse in window mode i changed resolution and its not revertable. how to revert/change that thrue TTY/SSH ? what command or file to edit? with or without xorg killing?03:48
UmA1Rok i was being lazy and didnt want to move lol let me move this guy upstairs03:49
unopPretto, have you tried logging out and logging back in?03:49
Prettounop: aparently it doesn't work with my user, and yes, loggin out,restart and still the same03:50
thune3TheMoebius: 0 2 probably if it is not your root partition03:50
Prettounop: gksu  nvidia-settings works03:50
unopPretto, not sure - I would start looking in the forums to see if anyone else has had similar issues03:50
Prettounop: i did it, alacarte has a bug report about this, but it is a private bug03:51
myk_robinsonHey. My laptop still boots to the login screen in record time, but seems to be slow going from login to desktop. Any ideas as to what may be causing the sudden lag?03:51
tripelbCNN Soccer is DARK.  Please help. (9.10, chrome) http://www.cbc.ca/video/#/Sports/ID=1520450207 -- wont play. (soccer match highlights) Youtube works.03:53
tripelbWhy does the liveCD of 10.04 take 5 times as long as the liveCD of 9.04 to boot up?03:53
Kangaroootripelb: maybe cd damaged?03:53
tripelbI cant tell. The iso file is good but it's really hard to check the CD on Ubuntu. Easy on windows but I havent had a windows machine available to check it Kangarooo03:55
tripelbKangarooo, fie! (have you heard of this before?)03:55
Kangaroootripelb: live cd shouldnt be longer loading then 9.04. somethings strange. check md5sum and is cd good. is on the comp u try 10.04 the same comp u tryd 9.04 ?03:55
Kangaroootripelb: no i havent03:56
tripelbKangarooo, yes, same computer. I cant md5sum the cd. I spent a long time here and trying.. found a webpage and there's a long extensive struggle to check a cd. -- as I said, easy on windows, run md5sum and get a checksum. Check it.03:57
PromythyusI'm looking for a method to monitor bandwidth usage and IP connections from each internal IP through my gateway server, any suggestions?03:57
tripelbKangarooo, thanks for your help (in case I'm gone) I will look back here.03:58
Kangaroootripelb: when loading cd theres option start live cd and also check the cd option . use that.03:58
HermanDEPromythyus, simple script to capture the current count....03:58
HermanDEPromythyus, Or do you want a graph.....  CACTI seems to work well with really purty graphs....03:59
enavhello i need some orientations.....  this friday i was designed03:59
PromythyusHermanDE: Graphs will be good, I'll look up this CACTI04:00
HermanDEPromythyus, MRTG is a standard package.....04:00
Kangaroootripelb: if cd check shows all is ok then some drivers have changed since versions. maybe u have intel mashine or some other HW that has now some change in driver.04:00
HermanDEMRTG is a much smaller package/system...  Both provide a web page....04:00
syki keep getting this error evertime i apt-get install or remove a package http://paste.ubuntu.com/448975/ and ive tried this link http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1346581 and still doesnt get rid of it04:00
HermanDEPromythyus, Cacti is a complete web application....04:00
RPG-Masterwould any gurus here be cool enough to build me a deb of the latest version of digikam? :)04:01
HermanDEPromythyus, MRTG is a Cron based script that updates a web page.....04:01
Kangarooohow to change resolution with command thrue tty/ssh? ive lost screen.04:01
=== pancakez_ is now known as Pancakez
enavhello i need some orientations.....  this friday i was designed to migrate an entire office from Windows to Ubuntu... that is cool... but they want the office working like windows authentication model... i mean active directory to save users and apply administrative templates.... and so forth....   give me some links or ideas to implement ubuntu in my office04:01
PromythyusHermanDE: Cacti looks like it's exactly what I'm looking for. Thanks :)04:01
thune3tripelb: cat /dev/<your_cd_device> | md5sum -04:02
=== Pancakez is now known as pancakez
SRejectQ: Am looking for Vinyl AC'97 codec combo drivers for a sound card (running ubuntu 10.04 on a work station)04:02
dayrotSo, my wireless cards show up, but they are disabled and I can't seem to find any way to enable them...04:04
adhdkiddayrot, what kind?04:04
dayrotbroadcom bcm4303 and a Ralink rt250004:05
ubottudayrot: Wireless documentation, including how-to guides and troubleshooting information, can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs04:05
dayrotok thanks, I'll be back if that doesn't help04:05
zkriessedayrot: :D04:06
HermanDEenav, OpenLDAP + NSS + NFS + KRB + MySQL (As a backend to the LDAP)...04:06
HermanDEenav, Ensure all of the NFS homes are located on the server....04:07
HermanDEenav, Ensure you have enough hardware to act as an NFS server for X number of clients....04:07
HermanDEenav, Have X on a different server than the NFS server.....04:08
enavHermanDE: can you give me a link  ?04:08
HermanDEenav, Have X run remote for each client....04:08
HermanDEenav, Uh.....  My suggestion is to read up on NFS first....04:08
enavHermanDE:ubuntu nsf04:08
HermanDEenav, Then follow up with DHCP....DNS...04:08
HermanDEenav, This is standard stuff for most Unix systems.....04:09
HermanDEenav, That would be Network File Sharing...04:09
=== SuP|Lobby is now known as MePHiSTo1
HermanDEenav, It could be a project that runs across a week....04:09
HermanDEenav, if you have experience....04:10
enavi dont want to simulate a windows network i want to migrate to the linux solution04:10
enavbut i dont know what is it exactly04:10
=== cactus is now known as Guest70808
morph3usActionParsnip, may i talk to u in private?04:10
HermanDEenav, Yep...  First really big question....  Do you want local systems or store everything on the server?04:10
enavwell i guess local and remote04:11
HermanDEenav, Local System....  Each client has all applications installed...  And management means going to each system and updating/configuring....04:11
HermanDEenav, Remote Client....  Everything is on the server....  Make a change on the server...  And it immediately affects all users......04:12
enavWindows client can connect with LDAP?04:12
HermanDEenav, Uh....  Sure....  If you hook it with samba...  And do a bit of magic depending on your clients.....04:13
HermanDEenav, Are you looking for something that will just 'WORK" out of the box?04:14
switchgirlhow do i find out what port my DAAP share is on?04:14
tripelbKangarooo, BRILLIANT. Use check the cd option. thanks.04:14
enavfirst i want to know what is the name of the model of a ubuntu solution for offices  like Windows Active directory04:14
enavi mean Windows = ActiveDirectory   but Linux = ?????04:15
FloodBot3lucero: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.04:15
HermanDEenav, ActiveDirectory is a specialized LDAP server.....04:16
HermanDEenav, They are not the same...   But both can store and serve elements.....04:16
enavthat means that LDAP can apply administrative templates and policies to user just like M$ ActiveDirectory does?04:17
HermanDEenav, One is directly hooked into the Windows system.  The other does not know the proper API for Windows.....04:17
rafaelsoaresbrhello, doesn't ubuntu have g77 anymore? to work with netbeans04:18
HermanDEenav, That is simply strange.....  LDAP does not contain templates....  That is a Microsoft API thing.....04:18
HermanDEenav, Microsoft doesn't want *anybody* to have their precious API information.....04:19
=== hlx_ is now known as hlx
HermanDEenav, The new version of Samba should have the ActiveDirectory emulation......04:19
enavwell i need to do some long reading by my self first...04:19
dayrotzkriesse: I installed a proprietary driver for the broadcom card, but still no luck. It shows both of my cards, but it says wireless disabled.04:19
HermanDEenav, Yep.....04:19
HermanDEenav, As cool as Linux is....  It is not Windows.....04:20
HermanDEenav, And windows is not Linux....04:20
dayrotisn't that why it's cool?04:20
SRejectQ: Am looking for Vinyl AC'97 codec combo drivers for an on board sound device (running ubuntu 2.6.32-22-generic on a work station)04:20
enavi got hired in a big hospital in my town... and my boss ask to us how to migrate the entire hospital to ubuntu04:20
zkriessedayrot: Can you not enable it?04:20
HermanDEenav, A proper Linux network will require less work...  And have a higher level of Security.....04:20
dayrotzkriesse, nope04:20
HermanDEenav, Ongoing work that is.....04:21
dayrotit doesn't give me the option04:21
SRejectLike, I hae sound, but i think ubuntu used a generic driver, b/c when i play music/videos, the sound quality is very low04:21
enavim happy for that because i love ubuntu and it comunity04:21
zkriesse!ot > HermanDE04:21
ubottuHermanDE, please see my private message04:21
zkriessedayrot: Please run the command lspci in your terminal04:21
dayroton sec04:21
zkriessedayrot: And poste the results in pastebin04:21
jdsbluedevlhi, I'm trying to reinstall Ubuntu on a fresh install, but I'm running into a big problem.  When the installer tries to configure the network, it keeps popping up as "Network authentication failed".  Can someone help me with this?04:22
dayrotzkriesse, http://pastebin.org/32714704:22
jdsbluedevlI'm sorry, I meant "network autoconfiguration failed"04:23
Prettocan anyone help with this? http://paste.ubuntu.com/448985/04:23
HermanDEzkriesse, Ok...  I'll stop helping people who believe that Windows=Ubuntu04:23
zkriesseHermanDE: Thats not what I meant04:23
HermanDEzkriesse, Did you see his original question?04:24
enavHermanDE: who is poking to you?04:24
zkriessedayrot: Ok I see your card but I've no idea why it's not there04:24
HermanDEzkriesse, Use your scroll function....04:24
dayrotzkriesse, yeah, that's why it's weird04:24
zkriessedayrot: Are you sure you downloaded the right driver?04:25
HermanDEenav, No worries....04:25
dayrotit was the one that was automatically detected04:25
HermanDEenav, You are at the begining of a large learing curve....  And will need any help you can get...04:25
zkriesseenav: New to ubuntu?04:26
eric_3hey, uh, i have a dual boot sys w/ ubuntu windows, and i am using grub as loader, i must remove ubuntu. How do i do it?04:26
ne7worki need some help with this Jun 13 06:25:28 ne7work-desktop gnome-session[31273]: WARNING: Could not launch application 'nm-applet.desktop': Unable to start application: Failed to execute child process "nm-applet" (No such file or directory)04:26
jdsbluedevlI'm having some trouble doing a fresh install of Ubuntu.  When the installer tries to connect to the network, it gives me a "network autoconfiguration failed" error.  Can someone help me with this?04:27
theadmineric_3: You "must"? In any way, you'll have to delete the Ubuntu partition and recover the Windows bootloader using the Windows CD04:27
wajiemaanyone in here from last night that was trying to help me with a DVD-rom problem04:27
wajiemai fianlly fixed it04:27
eric_3can you help?04:27
ne7worki need some help with this Jun 13 06:25:28 ne7work-desktop gnome-session[31273]: WARNING: Could not launch application 'nm-applet.desktop': Unable to start application: Failed to execute child process "nm-applet" (No such file or directory)04:27
HermanDEdayrot, Did the BCM firmware load properly?04:27
thune3rafaelsoaresbr: looks like gfortran is supposed to replace g77: http://gcc.gnu.org/ml/fortran/2009-08/msg00351.html or gfortran.org04:28
tycelMy question might seem a little dumb but im following this guide (http://www.debianadmin.com/debian-mail-server-setup-with-postfix-dovecot-sasl-squirrel-mail.html) and i got it somewhat working (it receives mail) but it wont send it just keeps asking me for my user/password any ideas?04:28
theadmineric_3: I doubt it, haven't done htis in ages :D04:28
dayrotI didn't get any errors. Did a reboot for good measure.04:28
eric_3and by must i mean i am giving machine to friend who is not tech savy04:28
zkriesse!patience > ne7work04:28
ubottune7work, please see my private message04:28
eric_3can you help me find someone who does?04:28
occyAnyone got Ubuntu 10.04 and can't record?  00:1b.0 Audio device: Intel Corporation 82801JD/DO (ICH10 Family) HD Audio Controller (rev 02) That's my audio device.  I can hear my mic through speakers...  but it won't record nor give levels while I push record.  nothing is muted in gnome-alsamixer04:28
zkriesseAnd hi tycel04:28
theadmineric_3: Ubuntu does not require being tech-savvy, it's quite noob friendly :P04:29
HermanDEtycel, I'm an EXIM guy....   Did you check that your postfix user is part of the SASL group?04:29
tycelno, not 100% sure how04:29
eric_3well i am  only giving him the windows04:29
tycelthis is my first time setting one up04:29
eric_3the point is i need it gone04:29
tyceli just (bearly) got my name servers working04:29
HermanDEtycel, Check /etc/group04:29
jdsbluedevlI'm having some trouble doing a fresh install of Ubuntu.  When the installer tries to connect to the network, it gives me a "network autoconfiguration failed" error.  Can someone help me with this?  And could this be an indication of a hardware error, even though the card worked 10 days ago?04:29
tycelwhat am I looking for?04:30
HermanDEtycel, If it's not there....  adduser (postfixusername) (saslgroupname)04:30
lightaHi, I need a hand with vsftpd for localhost connection : http://pastebin.com/eQKvvfi404:30
tycelokay confused..04:31
tycelpostfix is there04:31
HermanDEtycel, I'm not running a server on my Ubuntu box.....04:31
tycelso is dovecot04:31
tycelbut i dont see sasl04:31
HermanDEtycel, Are you trying to authenticate Postfix with SASL or SASLAUTHD?04:32
tyceli think so04:32
tycelfor outgoing messages yeah i do think so ^^04:32
tycelthat is04:32
HermanDEtycel, Are you setting this up under Debian or Ubuntu?04:33
tycelDebian 5.0 but I've used several ubuntu guides to set stuff up04:33
HermanDEtycel, This instruction is for Debian 4.0 (Etch).....04:34
Prettocan anyone help with this? http://paste.ubuntu.com/448985/04:34
HermanDEtycel, A few things might have changed....04:34
theadmintycel: Debian is not supported here... ;)04:34
HermanDEtycel, Are you going for the full chroot?04:34
jdsbluedevlI'm having some trouble doing a fresh install of Ubuntu.  When the installer tries to connect to the network, it gives me a "network autoconfiguration failed" error.  Can someone help me with this?  And could this be an indication of a hardware error, even though the card worked 10 days ago?04:34
jackfruit_billHi ,all I did a ubuntu distro upgrade from Karmik to Lucid ,  but i find that theme has remained the same , is it the normal behaviour?04:34
tyceltheadmin: lol yeah but #debian is dead and I'm about out of ideas.)04:34
tycelthink so herman ^^04:35
rafaelsoaresbrhello guys, quick question: how to reset gnome panels?04:35
HermanDEAnd Ubuntu is a rip of Debian which is a rip of Yggdrasil04:35
Baribal_I want to build live CDs to distribute Crystal Space builds to friends for testing. How do I go about that?04:35
theadminjackfruit_bill: Uh yeah, we didn't change the themes, only added 2 new ones04:35
tycelwas about to say04:35
HermanDEtycel, chroot is a bit of a beast the first time....04:36
tycelubuntu and debian are close enough still that most ubutnu guides work for debian still04:36
Gnea!panels | rafaelsoaresbr04:36
HermanDEtycel, My suggestion is to get it working first without the chroot...04:36
ubotturafaelsoaresbr: To reset the gnome panel to defaults, type this in a !terminal: « gconftool --recursive-unset /apps/panel && killall gnome-panel »04:36
ne7worki need some help with this Jun 13 06:25:28 ne7work-desktop gnome-session[31273]: WARNING: Could not launch application 'nm-applet.desktop': Unable to start application: Failed to execute child process "nm-applet" (No such file or directory)04:36
HermanDEtycel, Then work on getting it into the chroot.....04:36
Gneane7work: did you install wicd?04:36
HermanDEtycel, In my world...  Exim is really easy under Debian.....04:37
syki keep getting this error evertime i apt-get install or remove a package http://paste.ubuntu.com/448975/ and ive tried this link http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1346581 and still doesnt get rid of it04:37
rafaelsoaresbrGnea, thanks04:37
ChrisNZLIs there an application that will essentially devote all resources to running an application, and get rid of thigns like the GUI for the duration of the application use?04:37
Gneane7work: please to not be PMing me without asking first04:37
HermanDEtycel, My world scares most people....  :)04:37
tycellearning is fun04:37
patxwhere are the icons that firefox uses (like the back forward and home buttons?)04:37
kbrosnanpatx: firefox uses the default gnome theme04:38
tycelwell i thought i hti a mile stone when i set my own nameservers up04:38
ne7workGnea, what is wicd?04:38
tycelmail servers are another beast though -_-04:38
tycelhti = hit04:38
Gnea!info wicd04:38
ubottuwicd (source: wicd): wired and wireless network manager - metapackage. In component universe, is optional. Version 1.7.0+ds1-2 (lucid), package size 39 kB, installed size 88 kB04:38
Gneane7work: it's basically a drop-in replacement for NetworkManager - if it's installed, then NM is not04:39
HermanDEtycel, On 4 servers......  :)04:39
ChrisNZLI'm trying to get a better framerate in FlightGear :P Without buying ram.04:39
rafaelsoaresbrhow to remove assistive preferences' icon from the panel?, it's close to clock04:39
* tycel sighs04:39
tycelyou got me beat man ^_^04:39
HermanDEtycel, Are you using dnsmasq?04:39
patxkbrosnan, where are those?04:39
bastid_raZortycel: unbound ?04:39
ChrisNZLIs there some way of getting rid of the all the GUI stuff for one session?04:40
HermanDEtycel, I've been doing this stuff long enough to want to become a forest ranger...04:40
kbrosnanpatx: no idea of the top of my head04:40
Gneatycel: just a quickie - you might stay off of the radar of people who care when you type a lot and use enter a lot :)04:40
patxWhere are the default GNOME icons?04:40
Baribal_ChrisNZL, like sudo services gdm stop?04:40
tycelGnea: yeah, old habits are hard to break though:)04:40
GneaChrisNZL: yeah, just choose the Xterm session when you login04:40
Gneatycel: hard, but not impossible ;)04:41
HermanDEtycel, Which DNS server did you use?04:41
ChrisNZLThanks, will have a look.04:41
rwwpatx: package gnome-icon-theme, file location /usr/share/icons/gnome/04:41
patxthank u04:41
enavwhat a "company wiki" is for04:41
HermanDEtycel, going large... :)   I cut my teeth on BIND4/8....Been trying to put them back in since....04:42
ne7work_Gnea, hello what is wicd?04:42
tycelbind is the only DNS program I have ever used, powerdns and everything else couldnt get to work right04:42
Gnea!info wicd | ne7work_04:42
ubottune7work_: wicd (source: wicd): wired and wireless network manager - metapackage. In component universe, is optional. Version 1.7.0+ds1-2 (lucid), package size 39 kB, installed size 88 kB04:42
hiexpone7work_, is a network manager04:43
tycelso several hundred tutorials and a lot of trial and error got my name server working for one of my domains, not my other one ^^04:43
Gneane7work: it's basically a drop-in replacement for NetworkManager - if it's installed, then NM is not04:43
HermanDEtycel, I've started a love affair with DNSMASQ....04:43
HermanDEtycel, Are you running a public DNS?04:43
Gneane7work_: ^^^04:43
datzhi, I can access my network share of my ubuntu install on my windows box, but not on my other ubuntu box, do I need to configure something. I get "unable to mount location"04:43
ne7work_Gnea, I uninstall mine network-manager with sudo apt-get remove network-manager04:43
tycelI'm not sure whatcha mean?:)04:43
ne7work_this is the problem?04:43
HermanDEtycel, Is your DNS server within your local lan....  Only accessable to you...  Or is it publicly accessable?04:44
tycelpublic is my guess04:44
ne7work_i'm with real static ip with pppoe04:44
tycelconsidering im running it off a VPS04:45
HermanDEtycel, Good choice...  DNSMASQ is more for local DNSs...04:45
Gneane7work_: yes, that is the problem. you should be able to use wicd or networkmanager to handle a static ip with pppoe. personally, I prefer wicd.04:45
daedaluzhow did I access the Gnome control panel where all settings were?04:46
HermanDEdatz, Do you have the samba client installed on the machine that is not connecting?04:46
nawkwhat driver package do I have to install to get my Logitech ClickSmart 310 working?04:46
Gneawicd is just more straight-forward, easier to use and it just plain *works*04:46
nawkI'd like to get my webcam working with Skype by tonight04:46
ubottuInstructions for using webcams with Ubuntu can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Webcam - Supported cams: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardwareSupportComponentsMultimediaWebCameras04:47
datzHermanDE: I'm not sure.04:47
datzHermanDE: I was just using "network" from places menu04:47
datzI should install samba..04:47
HermanDEdatz, Select 'Places'...  'Connect to Server'....  Is there a drop down for connecting to a Windows Share?04:48
HermanDEdatz, You might have to set the workgroup of your system.....04:48
keith2I'm wondering where you can find something to help detect my MP3 player. I have a 2GB Sansa.04:48
datzHermanDE: I am installing samba on the pc that couldn't connect now04:48
HermanDEdatz, That should do it....04:48
HermanDEdatz, Kind of hard to connect without having the system installed...  :)04:49
datzHermanDE: didn't work.. now either. :P04:49
datzI'll just use sftp04:49
gopshow do i add a program to kubuntu startup list04:50
gopsso that it will start automatically whenever i login to the computer04:50
HermanDEdatz, That's an even better way.....04:50
HermanDEdatz, Samba/Windows file sharing needs to broadcast first....  And SMB/NETBIOS can take upto 10 minutes to resolve.....04:51
datzHermanDE: ah, ok..04:51
=== zac is now known as Guest72357
mdg2anyone here use LXDE - who can I define size of an unmaximized window?04:52
HypothesisFrog hi I just clean installed Hardy Heron, after backing up my ~/. When I restored my files, for some reason gnome decided that everything in ~/ needed to be visible on the Desktop. Anyone know why that might be?04:52
Guest72357I tried completely removing ndiswrapper but ifconfig won't detect my wireless adapter and when I do lsusb it says its plugged in04:52
Guest72357How do make ubuntu recognize it04:53
kappaccinoyou gotta shout04:53
kappaccinoshout. let it all out04:54
HermanDEGuest72357, What is "IT"?04:54
mdg2Guest72357: what kind of adapter do you have04:54
HermanDEmdg2, Any guesses....  :)  Microwave, car....04:55
edjfcefcjfI tried completely removing ndiswrapper but ifconfig won't detect my wireless adapter and when I do lsusb it says its plugged in04:55
edjfcefcjfHow does one make ifconfig recognize it?04:55
HermanDEedjfcefcjf, lsusb just lists things that are connected to the usb.....04:56
edjfcefcjfHerman yes04:56
HermanDEedjfcefcjf, ....  So "IT" is connected.....04:56
HermanDEedjfcefcjf, What is "IT"?04:56
edjfcefcjfSo my wifi card isn't fried or anything, a wireless card, wusb54g04:56
Nick_Meisterhello guys i just insalled ubuntu on d1675 fujitsu -siemens motherboard and i cant get the onboard sound to work, and also other people seem to have similar issues on google04:56
Nick_Meisteralsa says they support it04:56
Nick_Meisteryet i have not been able to find a solution04:57
nawkIn the past (i.e. previous versions of Ubuntu), my Logitech ClickSmart 310 worked w/o much effort04:57
HermanDEedjfcefcjf, Which version?04:57
mdg2need to determine what driver it needs since ndiswrapper didn't work04:57
edjfcefcjfI don't care if it won't work, I just want it to be recognizable04:58
HermanDEedjfcefcjf, Google for rt2570....04:58
HermanDEedjfcefcjf, That looks like the proper driver....04:58
HermanDEedjfcefcjf, without NDIS wrappers....04:59
edjfcefcjf....herman I said I don't care if it won't work, drivers won't work if I can't find it04:59
edjfcefcjfI've tried that doesn't work anyway04:59
HermanDEThat is the excitement of some of the stranger USB devices.....04:59
thune3HypothesisFrog: if indeed all your files ended up in the right place, and it is that way when you reboot. You might look at http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=341607 it has two solutions for modifiying the directory displayed in the desktop04:59
edjfcefcjfNot exciting to be honest04:59
HermanDEedjfcefcjf, It may not report properly to the linux subsystem.....05:00
Prettounop: i managed to sove my problem05:00
mdg2rt2570?  what version of ubuntu you using?05:00
edjfcefcjfLucid lynx05:00
HermanDEedjfcefcjf, And the driver will properly detect it....05:00
HypothesisFrogthune3 thanks!05:00
nawknow, I can't seem to find support05:00
=== mac is now known as macman_
nawkcan someone please give me some pointers?05:00
mdg2you using security - wep wpa?05:00
edjfcefcjfHerman no I got a guy to help me awhile ago it was two commands and it fixed it05:00
edjfcefcjfOne was modprobe something05:00
Prettounop: the problem was related to the Ubuntu Netbook Edition PPA05:01
edjfcefcjfMdg2 that isn't related, anyway no because I cant05:01
HermanDEedjfcefcjf, The modprobe rt2570....05:01
HermanDEedjfcefcjf, see if it works.....05:01
edjfcefcjfNot found05:01
mdg2rt2570 in lucid - should work....05:02
edjfcefcjfRutilt was made for my wifi card05:02
edjfcefcjfAnd it won't detect my card05:02
sioux_where i read about custom kernel?05:02
Kane_Harta fresh install of ubuntu 10.0.4 server there is no firefall is there? I'm having a issue not sure if there is a default firewall install or if my router dmz is broken.05:03
acerimmer_Kane_Hart: firewall is there but not turned on by default05:03
bastid_raZor!kernel > sioux_05:03
ubottusioux_, please see my private message05:03
toolbearhow to get konsole or xterm to automatically source ~/.bashrc?05:03
mdg2edjfcefcjf: is it a USB?05:03
HermanDEedjfcefcjf, try modprobe rt2x0005:03
bastid_raZortoolbear: open another session05:04
HermanDEedjfcefcjf, fscking changes....05:04
edjfcefcjfMdg2 yes05:04
toolbearbasti_raZor: ok, what do you mean?  like, type "xterm" at the command prompt?05:04
Kane_Hartok must be my dmz then thanks05:04
mdg2edjfcefcjf: look at this - http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=137711205:04
HermanDEmdg2, That would do it....  :)05:05
bastid_raZortoolbear: like in gnome-terminal i press ctrl T and have another terminal window.. also i have an alias al = source ~/.bashrc  .. i don't think there is an automatic way05:05
edjfcefcjfHerman nope and what?05:05
HermanDEedjfcefcjf, Plug your usb device in.....05:05
edjfcefcjfIT IS05:05
mdg2HermanDE: you have same adapter as edjfcefcjf ?05:05
HermanDEedjfcefcjf, do an lsmod.....  Look for "rt2500usb"05:05
HermanDEedjfcefcjf, lsmod | grep "rt2500usb"05:06
edjfcefcjfYes look up rutilt and maybe we could move on05:06
edjfcefcjfIf it can't detect a wireless adapter I doubt the same driver from another source would05:06
toolbearbastid_raZor: well, no, that doesn't seem to source .bashrc.  that's my problem05:06
toolbearbastid_raZor: er, that's what i meant by "automatic"05:07
mdg2edjfcefcjf: you are clearly frustrated - I feel your pain05:07
HermanDEedjfcefcjf, It looks like it *may* be selecting the wrong driver....05:07
mdg2edjfcefcjf: you need the rt2570sta driver - we were trying to verify that rt2500usb is loading or not05:07
edjfcefcjfHerman nothing but ndiswrapper is somehow running05:07
edjfcefcjfMdg2 I can't download anything05:08
Nick_Meisterso i looked it up my mobo has SIS 648fx chipset and i googled it but i am not getting anywhere cause nothing seems to be about sound05:08
HermanDEedjfcefcjf, It is looking for a windows driver.....  Kill the ndiswrapper....05:08
mdg2edjfcefcjf: again, I feel you pain.  But at this point you should have everything you need - just need to make sure which driver you setup is trying to use05:08
HermanDEedjfcefcjf, http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=137711205:09
HermanDEedjfcefcjf, That is a possible solution.... care of mdg205:09
edjfcefcjfMdg2 I want ubuntus driver no ralink05:09
edjfcefcjfHerman how does one kill it?05:09
mdg2rt2570 is in ubuntu05:09
edjfcefcjfOkay, I just want it to recognize my card then05:10
HermanDEedjfcefcjf, killall ndiswrapper  (as root)05:10
HermanDEedjfcefcjf, I've never run ndiswrapper so the spelling might be off...05:10
mdg2edjfcefcjf: when you say card - you mean usb wifi adapter or something else?05:10
edjfcefcjfHerman no process05:10
HermanDEedjfcefcjf, ps aux | grep "ndis"05:10
HermanDEedjfcefcjf, /etc/init.d/ndiswrapper stop05:11
thune3toolbear: are you sure .bashrc isn't getting sourced. add like something like ' echo "BASHRC SOURCED" ' to your bashrc file05:11
mdg2HermanDE: he should just uninstall ndiswrapper - ya think?05:11
HermanDEmdg2, Sure......05:11
HermanDEmdg2, I'm all about command line....  So he might be trying to run in the GUI....05:12
bastid_raZortoolbear: do you have a .bash_profile or .profile ?05:12
edjfcefcjfMdg2 I mean a universal serial bus wireless network adapter05:12
samantha-ctrying to install a pile of packages thusly: http://paste.ubuntu.com/448994/  note the libc6 issue. it has always been my experience that jacking with libc6 is begging for a format and reinstall. what do i do with this one?05:12
mdg2edjfcefcjf: okay :) I got confused when you said "card" by said USB05:13
mdg2edjfcefcjf: thank you for clarifying05:13
edjfcefcjfYour welcome05:13
HermanDEsamantha-c, Are you running zen?05:13
edjfcefcjfHerman I killed it05:13
HermanDEsamantha-c, ... uh xen...  ?05:13
edjfcefcjfI had to kill it by a process number05:14
samantha-cHermanDE: i'm doing a contract install on this machine, and so apparently, yes, it's a Xen box. i didn't set it up, i'm just installing powerdns and geoip.05:14
samantha-cit's actually running on amazon05:14
edjfcefcjfnow how do I make ifconfig detect it?05:14
mdg2edjfcefcjf: if you can use syantpic, uninstall ndiswrapper05:14
edjfcefcjfMdg2 its been completely removed before I even connected here05:14
mdg2edjfcefcjf: ifconfig needs the correct driver installed first05:14
mdg2edjfcefcjf: ndiswrapper?  I thought you just killed it?05:15
HermanDEsamantha-c, That looks cool....  Might be a specialized xen......05:15
edjfcefcjfI fixed all the files I changed aswell05:15
edjfcefcjfUnblacklisted the free drivers05:15
mdg2edjfcefcjf: did you blacklist rt2500usb?05:15
mdg2then sudo modprobe rt2570sta?05:16
edjfcefcjfI "un"blacklisted all of them05:16
HermanDEsamantha-c, What are the dependencies for libc6-xen?05:16
mdg2edjfcefcjf: all rt2xxx drivers?05:16
edjfcefcjfModule not found05:16
_Brun0_Hey guys I really need help. I'm afraid Ubuntu will not work when I reboot. I did apt-get remove wine* and it remvoed lota of stuff like compiz and xorg. More here: http://pastebin.com/FKF6MG6i. How can I undo it?05:16
edjfcefcjfYes mdg2 infact they were never blacklisted05:16
mdg2edjfcefcjf: I don't think you want them all unblacklisted...05:17
mdg2HermanDE: he unblacklisted all Rt2xxx drivers05:17
edjfcefcjfI unblacklisted bcm43xx b43 b43legacy and blacklist ssb05:17
_Brun0_How doI undo this: http://pastebin.com/FKF6MG6i ?05:18
edjfcefcjfMdg2 I unblacklisted everything I had blacklisted05:18
HermanDEmdg2, I lost that webpage....  Arrrggggg....05:18
coz__Brun0_,  nothing shows up on that pastebin05:18
HermanDEedjfcefcjf, unplug the usb..... and plug it back in.....05:18
mdg2HermanDE: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1377112 this one?05:18
FandekaspWhat should I do to get a PGP/GPG fingerprint ? Thank you for your help, guys05:18
wildbat_Brun0_, re paste ~ bad paste id05:19
HermanDEedjfcefcjf, Lsts see if Ubuntu does the correct thing with NDIS running....05:19
zkriesseFandekasp: for?05:19
edjfcefcjfHerman it doesnt05:19
samantha-cHermanDE: it might be a specialized xen ... soo ... uh ... i assume that if i approve the proposed change at http://paste.ubuntu.com/448994/ i'm begging to screw the machine up?05:19
zkriesse!pgp | Fandekasp05:19
ubottuFandekasp: gpg is the GNU Privacy Guard.  See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/GnuPrivacyGuardHowto and class #8 on https://wiki.ubuntu.com/ClassroomTranscripts05:19
edjfcefcjfWhen I followed the tut on ubuntu it didn't work05:19
_Brun0_wildbat, coz_ http://pastebin.com/xQn1euuT05:19
Fandekaspzkriesse, ok thank you05:19
mdg2edjfcefcjf: that tut?05:19
zkriesseFandekasp: :D05:19
HermanDEsamantha-c, Unless you know the dependencies things could get weird.....05:19
edjfcefcjfMdg2 I can't link you to it because its a local html file but its called wifidocsdriverndiswrapper05:20
HermanDEedjfcefcjf, What is the URL of the tutorial?05:20
edjfcefcjfOn community docs05:20
mdg2edjfcefcjf: where did you originally find it?05:21
edjfcefcjfMdg2 refer to what I said above05:21
HermanDEedjfcefcjf, That is only if the drivers for Linux don't exist or are in really bad shape.....05:21
wildbat_Brun0_, you can reinstall them05:21
mdg2edjfcefcjf: community docs...05:21
HermanDEedjfcefcjf, In your case, it is supported....05:21
_Brun0_wildbat, is there any shortcur so i don't need to apt-get install each?05:22
_Brun0_How do I undo all those critical apt-get remove? http://pastebin.com/xQn1euuT05:22
HermanDEmdg2, https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs/Driver/Ndiswrapper05:22
pancakez_Brun0_ try "sudo apt-get install ubuntu-desktop" ?05:22
edjfcefcjfI'm aware...05:22
HermanDEedjfcefcjf, Ok...  Back to page one....05:22
wildbat_Brun0_, nope ~ but you can install them with just one apt-get05:22
adhdkid_Brun0_, sudo apt-get install wine*05:22
HermanDEedjfcefcjf, My suggestion is to unplug the USB.....   Wait about 20 seconds.....05:22
edjfcefcjfSeriously all it is, is modprobing the right thing05:22
HermanDEedjfcefcjf, Plug it back in....05:22
edjfcefcjfTried it herman05:22
_Brun0_wildbat, didn't worked.. 3 programs had depenndencies05:23
wildbatadhdkid, waht is over kill05:23
orenwhen i choose '2 separate X screens' on nvidia-settings, my main screen stops working. any ideas?05:23
edjfcefcjfDid that for 10 minutes05:23
wildbat_Brun0_, apt-get will auoto select the dependencies i believes.05:23
HermanDEedjfcefcjf, Ok.....  Did the RT2500 driver show up on an lsmod?05:23
HermanDEedjfcefcjf, lsmod | grep "rt2500"05:24
_Brun0_wildbat, it didin't for 3 progrmas05:24
HermanDEedjfcefcjf, That would be rt2500usb.05:24
mdg2HermanDE: are we positive he needs rt2570?05:24
edjfcefcjfHerman nope05:24
_Brun0_wildbat, i'll do some search/replace to get it all into one apt-get install05:24
binaryme_Brun0_: try sudo apt-get update and then sudo apt-get install /f05:24
edjfcefcjfBut after I killed ndiswrapper its still here05:25
wildbat_Brun0_, just manually install those three then ~ just 305:25
=== heather is now known as Guest41848
HermanDEedjfcefcjf, What is still there?05:25
mdg2edjfcefcjf: you need the windows .inf file for ndiswrapper to work05:25
mdg2not the linux driver05:25
HermanDEmdg2, As well as the binaries....05:25
edjfcefcjfNdiswrapper and I have the windows one05:26
HermanDEedjfcefcjf, I'll bet that ndis wrappers is still installed.....05:26
HermanDEedjfcefcjf, And took over the device....05:26
mdg2edjfcefcjf: you have the windows .inf file for your wifi adapter?05:26
mdg2edjfcefcjf: then you need to blacklist all Rt2xxx drivers again05:26
HermanDEmdg2, Just the rt2500usb05:27
edjfcefcjfWHAT? Why would I do that05:27
HermanDEedjfcefcjf, Just blacklist the rt2500usb05:27
edjfcefcjfApparently you guys didn't hear the part about me just wanting ifconfig to see wlan005:27
mdg2edjfcefcjf: ndiswrapper used the windows driver = *.inf file - that's what ndiswrapper means05:27
edjfcefcjfYes I don't want ndiswrapper05:28
mdg2rt2570sta is a linux driver05:28
edjfcefcjfSeriously guys I didn't think it was this hard05:28
mdg2edjfcefcjf: its actually not that hard ...:)05:28
edjfcefcjfApparently it is mdg205:28
edjfcefcjfI mean why would you blacklist a driver that's not even installed05:29
mdg2edjfcefcjf: so you either want to use the windows driver *inf file with ndiswrapper or you want the linux driver without ndiswrapper05:29
HermanDEedjfcefcjf, To keep it from attempting to install/prior to the proper driver.....05:29
edjfcefcjfI don't have ndiswrapper I don't have ndiswrapper-utils and I don't have ndiswrapper-common05:29
HermanDEedjfcefcjf, Now try and modprobe rt2x00usb05:30
edjfcefcjfAnd I don't want ndiswrapper05:30
sabqat9anyone out there have time to help a newbie setup ubuntu server05:30
mdg2edjfcefcjf: you are confusing us by saying you killed ndiswrapper05:30
RandBrittainHm, I seem to have gotten lucid and Win7 dual-booting successfully, and my wireless drivers work in both. That is good.05:30
edjfcefcjfIts still there05:30
edjfcefcjfBut isn't installed05:30
RandBrittainBut somehow I took whatever thing was on the panel that had the volume applet off, and can't figure out how to get it back.05:30
edjfcefcjfIts been completely removed05:30
HermanDEedjfcefcjf, What is there?05:30
mdg2edjfcefcjf: exactly what is still there?05:30
RandBrittainAdding the notification area doesn't seem to cut it.05:30
=== FH is now known as Guest21567
HermanDEIf you see ndis wrapper....  It is still installed.....05:31
bastid_raZorRandBrittain: that one is in the Indicator Applet05:31
edjfcefcjfProcess 87905:31
RandBrittainI added the indicator applet but nothing appeared within it.05:31
edjfcefcjfI kill it, but its still there05:31
mdg2edjfcefcjf: would you be opposed to just uninstalling ndiswrapper?05:31
RandBrittain...but now I add it again and it works. I don't know why.05:31
mdg2edjfcefcjf: to rule out the possibility it would try to control your adapter05:32
HermanDEedjfcefcjf, sudo apt-get remove ndiswrapper-common ndiswrapper-utils-1.9 --purge05:32
RandBrittainOh, well. Second question. Windows 7 made some kind of 100MB partition that seems to be full of boot things. Now that I'm using Ubuntu's bootloader can I remove that partition for simplicity?05:32
mdg2edjfcefcjf: that's unstalling ndiswrapper so it can't be used05:32
mdg2edjfcefcjf: apt-get remove is different than apt-get install :)05:33
dartthey i cannot make my panel transparent...nyone know wats goin on?05:33
edjfcefcjfHerman says all 3 aren't installed05:33
HermanDEedjfcefcjf, Then it purged the configs....05:33
HermanDEedjfcefcjf, How do you know that NDIS is running?05:33
edjfcefcjfNO ITS BEEN PURGED05:33
edjfcefcjfHerman lsmod05:34
orenwhen i choose '2 separate X screens' on nvidia-settings, my main screen stops working. any ideas?/05:34
darttmy panel distorts when i try to make it transparent....how can i solve this?05:34
HermanDEedjfcefcjf, lsmod is not ndis....05:34
HermanDEedjfcefcjf, modprobe -r (module name)05:34
edjfcefcjfWow, i  Meant you type lsmod and then hit enter05:35
HermanDEedjfcefcjf, If you see ndis in the module listing....  The remove the module.....  modprobe -r (module)05:35
HermanDEedjfcefcjf, Do not unplug the usb....05:36
dartthow can u make your panel transparent?05:36
hasek79has any1 got ubuntu 10?05:37
RandBrittainCan the spare system partition Windows 7 creates be deleted once I get a dual-boot set up using the Ubuntu boot thingamabob.05:39
* mdg2 sits on edge of seat waiting for outcome of edjfcefcjf situation05:39
HermanDEedjfcefcjf, Now try modprobe rt2x00usb05:39
lintdoes anyone know how i can change cursor themes while compiz is running?05:39
mdg2HermanDE: rt2570sta?05:39
thune3hasek79: get right to your real question, don't be formal05:39
greezmunkey*Q* Since I installed mysql from the repos, should I upgrade it from there as well?05:39
HermanDEmdg2,....  Depends on his Linux version....05:40
mdg2HermanDE: I think he said lucid05:40
edjfcefcjfHerman I enter it and it does nothing more05:40
hasek79i have just put ubuntu 10 on my imac and i cant do any of the neat features. like it doesnt see my grfx card05:40
edjfcefcjfGoes back to the terminal05:41
dattaI would like to know how you can add system icon to a program05:41
HermanDEedjfcefcjf, try dmsg....05:41
edjfcefcjfSo I think that worked05:41
HermanDEedjfcefcjf, See what is at the bottom....05:41
hasek79is there a  driver or something that can fix that?05:41
tertl3hasek79: is it AMD?05:41
edjfcefcjfDmsg isn't a command05:41
HermanDEedjfcefcjf, You need to fix your USB detect to remove ndis....05:41
HermanDEedjfcefcjf, dmesg.....05:41
dattais there a specific code to help you with that so that you can add a system icon when it is minimized and could be opened back?05:41
tertl3oh nvemnd05:41
edjfcefcjfUbuntu lucid lynx 64 bit05:41
HermanDEI'm 9 minutes from being late.....05:41
hasek79intel core 2 duo 2.0ghz05:41
edjfcefcjfHerman now what05:42
=== administrator is now known as Guest95257
tertl3hasek79: does internet work?05:42
HermanDEedjfcefcjf, What do you see at the bottom of the dmesg?05:42
hasek79and my card is ati i dont know the number but its 128megs05:42
edjfcefcjfAudio stuff05:42
HermanDEedjfcefcjf, Wish I could stay and help......  I have a beer waiting for me....05:43
tertl3hasek79: thats the problem05:43
edjfcefcjfStuff like 300 mbi, 2000 mBm05:43
hasek79yes everything runs perfect but i just cant get the features to work05:43
tertl3ati = bad05:43
HermanDEedjfcefcjf, Sounds like you have most of it  working....05:43
edjfcefcjfI do?05:43
=== pepee_ is now known as pepee
outwork69hy guys05:43
edjfcefcjfHerman ifconfig and nm-applet don't see it05:44
edjfcefcjfThey see lo and eth005:44
mdg2edjfcefcjf: sudo iwlist scan05:44
thune3hasek79: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Intel_iMac  (you followed instructions under ATI Graphics)?05:44
hasek79im running ubuntu right nest to osx 10.6 right now05:44
tertl3hasek79: lspci in termnial05:44
edjfcefcjfMdg2 lo and eth0 don't support scanning05:44
acerimmer_hasek79: ubuntu/win7/osx05:44
mdg2edjfcefcjf: because they are not wireless interfaces05:45
hasek79ubuntu is all very new to me i have been wanting to use it for awhile05:45
mdg2edjfcefcjf: sudo iwlist scan05:45
edjfcefcjfI told you I have no wlan005:45
edjfcefcjfMdg2 lo and eth0 don't support scanning05:45
edjfcefcjfSame thing05:45
tertl3hasek79: go into terminal and type lspci05:45
mdg2edjfcefcjf: on your desktop panel, click the nework icon and make sure you enabled "wireless"05:46
mdg2edjfcefcjf: that's a right click05:46
edjfcefcjfYour avoiding the situation05:46
hasek79came up with a bunch of stuff05:47
tertl3hasek79: do you see your card in that list of mumbo05:47
mdg2edjfcefcjf: if you don't have wlan0 or wlan1 or wlan anything, then your driver is not installed or blacklisted05:47
hasek79still looking05:47
edjfcefcjfMdg2 ifconfig and iwconfig aren't related to nm-applet05:47
tertl3hasek79: that is a list your pci buses05:47
mdg2edjfcefcjf: prove it05:48
mdg2edjfcefcjf: unplug your usb wifi adapter wait 20 seconds and plut it back in - does it light up?05:49
tertl3hasek79: ?05:49
edjfcefcjfMdg2 sure, go on arch linux05:50
tertl3hasek79: did you try to install the driver?05:50
edjfcefcjfIfconfig is there but is nm-applet?05:50
edjfcefcjfNm-applet is a gnome gui05:50
mdg2ifconfig is command line inquiry of network interfaces05:51
edjfcefcjfYes it lights up05:51
mdg2edjfcefcjf: iwlist scan - scans wireless interface05:51
mdg2edjfcefcjf: both from command line05:52
edjfcefcjfYes I know how to use iwlist05:52
mdg2edjfcefcjf: sudo iwlist scan05:52
edjfcefcjfOkay I give up maybe tommrow people will be more knowelage and stop trying to argue05:52
mdg2edjfcefcjf: see anything now?05:52
mdg2edjfcefcjf: you sure you know how to use command line and terminal?05:53
mdg2edjfcefcjf: if your adapter lit up - its working05:54
edjfcefcjfYes, remeber when I said this in the start05:54
mdg2edjfcefcjf: on your desktop menu bar you would see a stairstep icon replace the two computer icons for networking05:54
edjfcefcjfI tried completely removing ndiswrapper but ifconfig won't detect my wireless adapter and when I do lsusb it says its plugged in05:54
edjfcefcjfMdg2 I assure you I know how to use a terminal05:55
=== MePHiSTo1 is now known as SuP|Lobby
mdg2edjfcefcjf: if lsusb shows its plugged in, that means the system sees it, does not mean interface is configred05:55
mdg2edjfcefcjf: when you do lsub - there is a number:number that shows up - can you tell us what that is?05:56
mdg2edjfcefcjf: i.e., 104c:840005:56
edjfcefcjfI told you, I give up, your trying to follow the tut herman sent you most likely, I used thatguide05:57
mdg2edjfcefcjf: no, I never went there :)05:57
bastid_raZoredjfcefcjf: your != you are05:57
edjfcefcjfOk well I have a feeling ill have better luck looking through my drivers05:57
mdg2edjfcefcjf: thing is, the rt2xxx series wifi adapters have at least two different chips they use05:57
edjfcefcjfBastid I'm on a phone I know my grammar05:58
mdg2edjfcefcjf: that's why its best to check the id # of the adapter,which you can get from lsusb05:58
mdg2edjfcefcjf: from that number you determine the driver needed and then can modprobe or blacklist whatever is needed06:00
edjfcefcjfWhen I look in my drivers I see kernel/drivers/net/wireless/rt2x00/rt25007!+:*906:01
edjfcefcjf2500usb.ko sorry06:01
edjfcefcjfShould I have that mdg2?06:01
mdg2edjfcefcjf: rt2x00 is part of rt2500, plus there are other drivers in the rt2x00 series06:02
edjfcefcjfWait hold on I might have figured it out06:03
mdg2edjfcefcjf: again, getting the actual identifying number and working from there is the best plan06:03
mdg2edjfcefcjf: please don't tell me you have ethernet cable plugged in...06:03
edjfcefcjfI dont06:04
mdg2edjfcefcjf: well that's good news :)06:05
edjfcefcjfOkay I give up, ill go reinstall ubuntu06:06
* mdg2 sits on edge of seat waiting....06:06
edjfcefcjfIt didn't work06:06
mdg2edjfcefcjf: by chance did your wifi adapter work when running a live cd?06:07
orenwhen i choose '2 separate X screens' on nvidia-settings, my main screen stops working. any ideas?/06:07
edjfcefcjfYes it worked before I installed ndiswrapper aswell06:07
mdg2edjfcefcjf: you can try rebooting into the live cd and then checking lsmod06:07
mdg2edjfcefcjf: see what the live cd is using to run your wifi adapter06:08
evonIs there an itunes application for ubuntu that will let me access the store?06:08
edjfcefcjfWhy? It was default06:08
mdg2edjfcefcjf: its a handy trick :)06:08
edjfcefcjfBut alright06:08
darkangelhey whats the best way to create a live usb??? is it the same as making a live cd??06:09
mdg2edjfcefcjf: you might not have to reinstall :)06:09
mdg2darkangel: unetbootin rocks!06:09
edjfcefcjfDarkangel lookup unetbootin06:09
astralpopHi, Not a big deal but. When using the Software Center some of the icon pictures are missing and sometimes they are not. Any solutions ?06:09
* mdg2 high fives edjfcefcjf !06:09
edjfcefcjfMdg2 I'm willing to bet I will06:09
mdg2edjfcefcjf: you will what?06:10
edjfcefcjfDarkangel its on sourceforge06:10
edjfcefcjfHave to reinstall06:10
syki keep getting this error evertime i apt-get install or remove a package http://paste.ubuntu.com/448975/ and ive tried this link http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1346581 and still doesnt get rid of it06:10
Nick_Meisterhi guys i got this device to work in alsa but how do i get it to work in pulse ?06:10
Nick_Meister Multimedia audio controller: Silicon Integrated Systems [SiS] AC'97 Sound Controller (rev a0)06:11
mdg2edjfcefcjf: from the standpoint of learning, check what the live cd loads :)06:11
ubottuylmfos: Hi! Welcome to #ubuntu! Feel free to ask questions and help people out. The channel guidelines are at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Guidelines . Enjoy your stay!06:11
anthonyguy's my notification area does not have any icon i already restart the panel and still theres no icon how can i deal with this. pls help me....06:11
mdg2edjfcefcjf: its a great way to troubleshoot06:11
ylmfosmy txt is wrong06:11
acerimmer_anthony: if the icon is gone, just add it back?06:12
mdg2anthony: how did you  resart panel?06:12
acerimmer_ylmfos: what do you mean "text is wrong"?06:12
ylmfoswho can tell me how to resuit it06:12
acerimmer_ylmfos: what do you mean "text is wrong"?06:12
mish4i am installing ubuntu and manually setting up the partitions. what should the mount point for 'swap' be?06:12
anthonyacerimmer_:how will i do that06:12
mish4i dont see a /swap06:12
elifedyou don't mount swap06:13
pancakezmish4, swap shouldn't have a mount point06:13
mish4alright, do i have to worry about placing buffers inbetween partitions?06:13
mdg2anthony: did you right click on the menu button and choose to restart?06:13
thune3Nick_Meister: can i ask how you got it to work in alsa?06:13
ylmfosthe message is rong06:13
anthonymdg2: i just restart i but using a line of code i already forget it.06:13
acerimmer_ylmfos: what message do you get?06:13
Xinhaunlol, rong?06:13
achew22is there a way to intercept the dbus signal org.freedesktop.ConsoleKit.Manager.Stop and have it call a command of my choosing or have it suspend instead of shutdown?06:14
acerimmer_ylmfos: please give exact information so we can understand06:14
mdg2anthony: its easier to right click on the menu button and choose restart panel applets (not sure exactly what is says)06:14
anthonymdg2: just code in the terminal. that how i restart it.06:14
Nick_Meisterthune3, http://www.infosys.tuwien.ac.at/staff/tom/SiS7012/06:14
Nick_Meisterits integrated into alsa-driver06:14
mish4i also heard ext4 may have some issues, should i just go with ext3 file system?06:14
Nick_Meisterso you just install the kernel module06:14
mdg2anthony: you are using Gnome?06:15
acerimmer_mdg2: guessing he reset with !panels06:15
edjfcefcjfRt2500usb rt2x00usb rt2x00lib06:15
anthonymdg2: yes06:15
ylmfos 06:15
Nick_Meisterthune3, so alsamixer recognizes it, but the default pulse audio applet does not06:15
ylmfoslike this06:15
Xinhaunylmfos: what language is this?06:15
elifedmish4, ext4 seems fine06:15
mdg2acerimmer_: I did not know you could do that :) handy!06:15
ylmfosbut it worong06:15
Nick_Meisterso i seriously need help with this, cause i cant figure it out T.T06:15
acerimmer_ylmfos: do you read/speak chinese?06:16
ubottuylmfos: For Ubuntu help in Chinese 您可以访问中文频道: #ubuntu-cn 或者 #ubuntu-tw  或者 #ubuntu-hk06:16
acerimmer_mdg2: yeah it does come in handy but you will have to rebuild the panels after using it06:16
edjfcefcjfRt2500usb rt2x00usb rt2x00lib mgd206:16
anthonyi rely need help because i can't see the icon of ubuntu one and power. can any one help me cause i don't know how to do this06:17
mdg2edjfcefcjf: you rebooted the live cd?06:17
acerimmer_ylmfos: /join #ubuntu-cn06:17
ubottuFor Ubuntu help in Chinese 您可以访问中文频道: #ubuntu-cn 或者 #ubuntu-tw  或者 #ubuntu-hk06:17
dartthow to make panel transparent.....06:17
edjfcefcjfMdg2 I booted it06:18
mdg2edjfcefcjf: notice in the output of lsmod you see a colon and like a 0 or a 1, that tells you if the module is being used.06:18
lintdartt: its in panel properties06:18
Dr_Willisdartt:  its in the panel settings/properties menu i recall.06:18
thune3Nick_Meister: you might have to change the "profile" in the pulseaudio hardware options06:18
ylmfosi have e try06:18
lintdartt: right click on the panel and go to panel proprties, its the second tab06:18
Nick_Meisterthune3, can you help me with it please, because i do not know anything about this kind of stuff06:18
dartti tried that but it does not make it fully transparent...rather it distorts it :(06:18
bastid_raZordartt: right click > properties > Background > Solid color move the Style slider to transparent06:18
mdg2edjfcefcjf: do "sudo iwlist scan" and see if it is setup as wlan0 or wlan106:19
lintdartt: select background, and use teh slider to set it how you like it06:19
acerimmer_dartt: you might also have to enable advanced effects in appearance06:19
dartti did that06:19
lintdartt: select solid color06:19
thune3Nick_Meister: System Preference -> Sound | hardware tab06:19
darttacerimmer: i enabled advanced effects still it distorts the panels06:20
Nick_Meisterthune3, thats the problem there is nothing in that list :*(06:20
mdg2edjfcefcjf: lshw -show06:20
Nick_Meisterthune3, absolute zilch06:20
acerimmer_dartt: don't know your computer's spec's but you just might not be able to pull it off.  try kubuntu?06:21
Nick_Meisterthune3, but the audio card shows up in lspci tho06:21
mdg2edjfcefcjf:  oops wrong command06:21
darttacerimmer: ah no....i hv seen other ppl enabling it06:21
Dr_Willisdartt:  clarify what you mean by distort. perhaps upload some screenshots/video clips06:22
darttok i upload...gimme a sec06:22
bastid_raZoracerimmer_: nice solution.. transparency issues in gnome-panel so he should dump gnome all together.06:23
acerimmer_bastid_raZor: u/k/x/l it's all buntu?06:23
bastid_raZoracerimmer_: but a seriously poor solution for gnome-panel issues06:24
edjfcefcjfMdg2 what command06:24
acerimmer_bastid_raZor: I suggested that his specs might not work but if you or anyone has a better solution....?06:24
* Dr_Willis waits to see what 'distorted' means06:25
mdg2edjfcefcjf: lsusb -v06:25
darttDr_Willis, check this out http://yfrog.com/0jdesk1015j06:26
bastid_raZordartt: i had a similiar issue. i changed my theme and it was fixed06:28
Dr_Willisdartt:  and whats distorted about it?06:28
darttDr_Willis, what?...not everything is trnasparent....it shpuld be completely transparent....only a section is transparent06:28
Dr_Willisdartt:  the panel applets are not using  the transparent background.  is a bit more clear in your question. not the term 'distorted' For all i know that may be a limitatuion of the gnome panel. Im not on gnome to  test it.06:29
anthonywhy fedora use beta software. fedora is a nice os but the software that fedora ship is not for new user. new in linux.06:29
Dr_Willisdartt:  its also possible if you log out/back in those panel applets Might 'see the new setting'06:30
codebrainzdartt, try restarting gnome-panel using 'killall gnome-panel'06:30
Dr_Willisanthony:  ask in #fedora06:30
lintno, its his theme06:30
darttDr_Willis: oh ya true...ok i try n restart panel06:30
anthonythey. S*&k06:30
elifedanthony, Fedora has a different target audience than Ubuntu I'd say06:30
lintdoes anyone know where the image next to the main menu is stofred?06:31
lintstroed i mean06:31
bastid_raZordartt: i use the Dust theme.06:31
darttDr_Willis, i restarted the panel still got the same problem06:31
elifedanthony, Fedora is also used as a test bed for future RHEL releases, which aren't bleeding edge06:31
ubottu#ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics. Thanks!06:31
mdg2anthony: you get your panel tray fixed?06:31
darttthis happens with all themes06:31
anthonymdg2: no its still the same. it pissed me of when i think of my icons...06:32
AlevskHello everybody, I have problems with xorg.conf, I can't find the file06:32
Mutantplease tell me a good twitter client for Ubuntu06:32
Loshkilint: somewhere in /usr/share/icons perhaps...?06:32
Alevsksomeone can help me plz?06:32
mdg2elifed: sudo lshw06:32
mdg2elifed: sorry!06:33
Mutantplease tell me a good twitter client for Ubuntu06:33
mdg2anthony: what happens when you right click on the start button?06:33
salilIf I add an init script using update-rc.d, will it be run as root?06:33
Jordan_Usalil: Yes06:33
lintLoshki: no, not there06:34
LoshkiMutant: I found the following on google. I don't use twitter myself: http://www.sizlopedia.com/2008/05/03/twitter-clients-for-ubuntu-linux/06:34
anthonymdg2: its restart my panel but i don't see my icons. only the network icon that i can see.06:34
Loshkilint: sorry, keep asking then...06:34
Jordan_Usalil: You're welcome.06:34
mdg2anthony: !panel must have zapped them06:35
darttpanel applets are not getting transparent when i enable transparency...how can i overcome this...screenshot here....http://yfrog.com/0jdesk1015j06:35
mdg2anthony: did you drag and drop them before?06:35
John__I need some help!06:35
John__I just installed 10.04 LTS from a CD06:35
salilJordan_U: Does that mean, I should put it in /etc also?06:35
John__it's working fine but there is like 50 packages in the repos! none of the software I want is in there?06:35
John__I can't even find irssi or xchat or flight gear or skype06:36
Mutant Loshki: Thanks06:36
HowDoIdartt, that's a but in the theme06:36
John__It's simply not in there06:36
mdg2John__: you using Synaptic?06:36
anthonymdg2: i mean i don't see any icon on my "notification area". the only icon that i can see is my network system06:36
John__but I tried with apt-get06:36
John__still the same problem06:36
darttHowDoI, no thats the problem wid every theme :(06:36
John__mdg2: Any Ideas?06:36
bastid_raZorJohn__: can you pastebin your /etc/apt/sources.list ?06:37
John__bastid_raZor: sure06:37
darttHowDoI, its default ambiance theme06:37
mdg2John__: try clicking the search box to the right of the main box and typing in you item to be searched06:37
HowDoIdartt, try gnome-look.org and searc for another theme06:37
John__mdg2: Yes, I did that -- same problem it doesn't find anything06:37
darttHowDoI, how can there be a problem in defualt theme?06:37
mdg2John__: the button says "search"06:37
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lintdartt: its yoru panel color, it had to match the system color06:37
HowDoIdartt, there are all kinds of bugs everywhere, it just happens06:37
HammertonJohn. In synaptics did you do a refresh so it redownloads all the packages?06:37
mdg2John__: did you let the updates run?  Like 130 or so to download06:37
lintits not a bug though06:37
Jordan_Usalil: Yes, it shouldn't be in a place like your home directory because even if the file itself is owned by root, since the directory it's in is not (and the sticky bit is not set), someone without root prieleges could gain them by rming it and writing their own in its place06:38
John__mdg2: no06:38
darttHowDoI, ah...but i hv seen ppl using complete transparent panels in screenshots....06:38
FireCrotchI'm having a weird problem with Firefox.  When trying to choose a file for upload on any website, when I select a file and click OK, it sticks a completely different file (from the same directory) into the upload box06:38
mdg2John__: you should let it update first before adding06:38
salilJordan_U: Thanks06:38
=== Guest9621 is now known as stonehinge
Jordan_Usalil: You're welcome.06:38
HowDoIdartt, also, it seems that by default, Ubuntu forces you to do things their way, and if you want to do things like making panels transparent, you have to edit things the hard way06:38
anthonyhey guy's what is the content of the recovery disk of the ubuntu 10.04.06:39
John__bastid_raZor: http://pastebin.com/sYWRCQUX06:39
darttHowDoI, hmmm...so there is no apparent solution for this?06:39
mdg2John__: then click the "search" icon on the right side of the synaptic window to search for things you want to add, not the Quick Search box06:39
lintdartt: make sure your colo0rs match06:39
John__mdg2: k06:39
darttlint, colors match?06:39
HowDoIdartt, yes there is.  The default Ubuntu theme apparently does not support transparent panels.  File a bug report.  In the mean time, find a new theme you like on say, www.gnome-look.org, or edit the theme yourself06:40
no-name-why the hell does my usb hard drive unmount itself at times06:40
lintyour system color and your panel color06:40
mdg2John__: good luck  :)06:40
Hammerton<John__>make sure you download all the packages before you do a search or you'll find nothing06:40
John__mdg2: thanks06:40
John__Hammerton: ahh, k06:41
mdg2John__: your welcome :)06:41
mdg2night all O/06:41
ubottuEn la mayoría de canales de Ubuntu se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español o charlar entra en el canal #ubuntu-es. Escribe "/join #ubuntu-es" (sin comillas) y dale a enter.06:42
bastid_raZorJohn__: all fixed?06:42
HammertonHow do you do that "personsName:" thing before every reply?06:43
darttHowDoI, i cnahged to elementary theme....still got the same problem....http://yfrog.com/2tdesk1016j06:43
doormat81I've been trying to find a solution for this for at least a year and my question is usually ignored.  Nothing I've found on Google has worked: how do I adjust the speed of my mouse's scroll wheel??  In Firefox especially it is WAY too fast.  One click of the wheel and a page and a half flies by!  I've tried changing the settings in about:config to no avail.  It's the same issue in every other Gnome program too.06:43
HowDoIHammerton, some IRC clients have auto-complete, so you just type a few letters and hit tab, for instance06:43
JasturAnyone familiar with NAT and iptables that has a moment to answer a small question?06:44
HammertonHowDoI, Ohhhh. I'm using xchat and it seems to be working06:44
HammertonHowDoI, Thank you.06:44
no-name-how do i get flash for 64bit ubuntu?06:44
Prez00I am on latest release Ubuntu and cannot view .asx streaming feeds, any ideas?06:44
bastid_raZorno-name-: ubuntu-restricted-extras package06:44
JasturASX is just an XML file contaning a list of songs to play.06:45
no-name-bastid_raZor: where do i get that?06:45
Wolvenhaveni backed up my home folder on an external drive and i'm trying to copy over the relavent files i want, but --preserve=all still gives me the "are you sure you wish to do this, this file is an executable" prompt on every file even though my account is the same, what do i need to do to get it to work?06:46
bastid_raZorno-name-: sudo apt-get install ubuntu-restricted-extras06:46
Prez00Jastur, e.g. http://mfile.akamai.com/97892/live/reflector:45685.asx?bkup=49182 can you view that?06:46
LinuxGuy2009I just installed the game Pingus from the repos and beat the 8 levels in level set that has the halloween theme. Is that all the levels it has for right now?06:46
codebrainzdoormat81, http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=391860&highlight=wheel  post #506:46
no-name-cheers bastid_raZor06:46
HowDoIdartt, the problem is that different parts of the panel are themed individually.  The theme-writers for those themes have made images for the background of the indicator applet, clock, etc. and themed them each.  The panel background preferences where you set transparency only themes the very farthest back background.  The icons, etc get color still06:47
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JasturYes, but it's a metafile contaning a list of WMA files to play.06:47
=== MePHiSto1 is now known as SuP|Lobby
bastid_raZorno-name-: if that doesn't work, type !flash in this channel and follow the link..06:47
darttHowDoI,oh i c.....but sm ppl are able to make the panel completely transparent...dunno how06:47
bastid_raZorno-name-: you have to restart your web browser after installing that package too06:47
JasturPrez00 : "mms://a1686.l9789245685.c97892.g.lm.akamaistream.net/D/1686/97892/v0001/reflector:45685"06:47
doormat81codebrainz, I don't have a Synaptics device (assuming that's the manufacturer's name).06:48
salilJordan_U: How do you make that "[OK]" and "[fail]" show up when you do a /etc/init.d/<script> start  or stop?06:48
no-name-ok :)06:48
HowDoIdartt, if none of the included  themes are doing what you want, you have to find another theme online, or create/modify one yourself.  That's how the people did it in the screenshots you've seen06:48
darttHowDoI,ok...buddy thnx alot...i hv decided tat i wil not use transparency :)06:49
codebrainzdoormat81, prolly work anyway.  also under about:config there is mousewheel.withnokey.sysnumlines06:49
codebrainzdoormat81, set it to false and specify the num of lines you want06:49
HowDoIdartt, also you'll probably be bummed to find out that even then the panel isn't truly transparent.  If you move a window behind it, it will not show up.  Only the background is blended with the "transparent" panel.06:49
darttHowDoI,O.O nice observation06:50
doormat81codebrainz, I tried that in Firefox but it didn't change anything.  As far as gsynaptics goes, there is no entry in my xorg.conf file for "InputDevice"06:50
codebrainzdoormat81, add one06:50
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doormat81hmm.. so in Lucid, how do you restart X?  Apparently Ctrl-Alt-Backspace is no longer the way...06:52
Jordan_Usalil: I don't know, sorry.06:52
codebrainzdoormat81, just log out and log back in06:52
realubotIf I add a PPA thta has got a newer version of a package included in Ubuntu, how do I install the new package and not the default packade?06:52
JasturTrying to use NAT and iptables to send packets back to a windows machine, but not sure how to go about doing so.06:52
doormat81codebrainz, happen to know why they removed the ability to restart with Ctrl-Alt-Backspace?06:53
codebrainzdoormat81, i don't think Ctr+Alt+Backspace was ever the proper way to restart X06:53
ralliasI am trying to compile firefox 3.7a4 and it gives me an error saying --enable-application=APP was not specified.06:53
ralliaswhat do i do?06:53
codebrainzrallias, specify that option?06:53
doormat81codebrainz, ah, that's the only way I've ever used or seen suggested lol.  And logging out restarts X?  Never knew that.06:53
ralliascodebrainz: configure: error: --enable-application=APP was not specified and is required.06:54
HowDoIdoormat81, you could also switch to another terminal using Ctrl+Alt+F6 and restarting X via command line06:54
binarymeJastur: are you talking about network connection sharing?06:54
ralliasi don't know what it is talking about06:54
Jasturno, not quite binaryme.06:54
doormat81yeeeahhh... logging out didn't reload my xorg.conf06:54
JasturBoth machines have internet access, but I need to send all packets from a specified IP to my linux machine for inspection, but those packets are still needed on the windows machine06:55
codebrainzdoormat81, loging out to GDM and logging back in, afaik should restart X server06:55
JasturI used route on windows to forward said packets over to the linux box, but not sure how to send them back.06:55
ralliashow do i specify that option?06:55
HowDoIdoormat81, you can re-enable the Ctrl+Alt+Backspace restarting X via some setting.  Try googling it06:55
tyler_d|werkinI am trying to start a vmware vm using "vmrun start "/home/cthompson/vmware/myvm/myvm.vmx" nogui" within rc.local and it is not coming up?06:56
evilsherpa\/join #kubuntu06:57
binarymeJastur: I don't really understand what you are trying to do but it sounds like the linux machine should setup as a firewall, passing the relevant info on to the windows pc?06:57
nfreejoin #ubuntu-ko06:57
Wolvenhaveni backed up my home folder on an external drive and i'm trying to copy over the relavent files i want, but --preserve=all still gives me the "are you sure you wish to do this, this file is an executable" prompt on every file even though my account is the same, what do i need to do to get it to work?06:57
JasturMind if I open a query with you for a moment binaryme?06:57
doormat81codebrainz, well, gsynaptics is still shouting about adding a line to xorg.conf that I DID add before logging out and back in :-/06:58
binarymeJastur: ok06:58
codebrainzdoormat81, try rebooting06:58
salilJordan_U: Found it.. You have to include some init functions by adding this line ". /lib/lsb/init-functions" and then use log_daemon_msg instead of echo, and use log_end_msg 0 to print [OK] and log_end_msg 1 to print [fail]... :D06:59
Name141Hello, my internal NIC has a problem after Hardy.  (the e1000e module).  I am thinking about taking out the old Microsoft NIC that has never had a problem with the tulip module, and putting it in to my machine.  Would I run in to any problems if I did this?07:04
Name141having 2 NICs07:04
lintdoes anyone know where the ubuntu logo that sits next to the main menu is stored?07:05
lintthe image i mean07:05
codebrainzlint, i think it's called "distributor-logo.png" which is symlinked to "start-here.png"07:08
mish4anyone know how i can enable my wireless card in ubuntu, it appears to be off by default07:08
Zeu5hi there, after i added a new user account and tried to adjust the resolution of the new user account. my entire computer display is gone. i cannot even see my login page. i tried ctrl + Alt + F1. nothing came up. wat should i do? is it a video card problem? or something elsE?07:09
Wolvenhavenhow do i migrate files from my backed up /home/ folder to my new /home/ folder without getting the "are you sure you wish to run this, it's an executable file" prompt every single time i access any of the files?07:09
rabbit1guys, i use pidgin, and play vlc, i want the now playing as status, i have installed mpris plugin. now how do i make that to display in status?07:11
gnulinuxhello a todos07:11
helpmehelp pleae07:11
lintcodebrainz: thanks07:11
helpmemy ubuntu suddenly goes into blank screen and does not respond, then i have to restart it. help07:11
codebrainzWolvenhaven, cp --preserve=all should maintain the same mode as the original07:12
Wolvenhaventhe problem is it's not07:12
Wolvenhaveni tried that, i still get the prompt07:12
Wolvenhavenmy user account name is identical too07:12
codebrainzWolvenhaven, i've never seen this prompt/message you refer too07:12
helpmehelp please..its urgent...07:13
well_laid_lawnWolvenhaven: afaik that's an option in nautilus you've selected07:13
helpmemy ubuntu suddenly goes into blank screen and does not respond, then i have to restart it. what to do?07:13
codebrainzrabbit1, did you configure the plugin under the plugins thing in pidgin?07:13
codebrainzhelpme, when does it go blank?07:13
rabbit1codebrainz: s i did, change to "vlc" option07:14
codebrainzrabbit1, not sure then, never used it07:14
codebrainzhelpme, so you get a proper display and at some random time it just goes black while you're logged into gnome?07:14
Wolvenhavencodebrainz: http://s28.photobucket.com/albums/c232/Wolvenhaven/?action=view&current=Screenshot-2.png "cp --preserve=all -r /backup/home/user/logs /home/users/logs" gives me that when i access the file, the same message i get if i don't use "--preserve=all"07:15
John__I just did a new install07:15
GryllidaWhy is ircd-seven absent in the repositories?07:15
John__and it wants me to install the hardware video drivers07:15
John__so I say yes07:15
helpmeyes... it logs into gonme nicely but after some time it goes blank07:15
John__it downloads them07:15
John__then it gives this error:07:15
John__SystemError: installArchives() failed07:15
John__help? I need the drivers for games.07:16
Wolvenhavenis there a way to chmod the entire /backup/home/ folder to my new user and just copy normally?07:16
hobbitriddlesJohn__: Please try keeping your questions on one line...07:16
GryllidaJohn__: what games?07:16
John__Flight Gear.07:16
John__It doesn't matter, I need the drivers and they don't seem to be working.07:16
John__They worked on 9.10 and 9.0407:17
John__"SystemError: installArchives() failed"07:17
rus_beargreetings, everyone!07:17
ChrisRutHow long till Kernel 2.6.34 is available for Lucid?07:17
codebrainzWolvenhaven, is the backup on an NTFS filesystem07:17
helpmehello? i m in trouble..help please07:17
Wolvenhavenno, it's on FAT unfortunately07:17
codebrainzhelpme, sounds like a drive issue07:17
codebrainzWolvenhaven, maybe try tarring the files into an archive and restore from that07:18
helpmeso what do i do?07:18
codebrainzhelpme, what driver are you using, what card are you using, etc07:18
hobbitriddlesrus_bear: hola!07:18
Wolvenhavencodebrainz: i only want to select certain folders and files, not the entire thing because i have too much junk07:18
panda5hi when i use google chrome and try to watch a flash video it crashes chrome it was working fine until today mozilla works fine any ideas what to do?07:18
helpmeintel graphics card,(in built)07:19
codebrainzWolvenhaven, can you copy out the files to a linux filesystem, tar those files, and restore from that?07:19
rus_bearplease, help me. I have one NTFS and one ext3 with ubuntu. Do I need to defragment my disk?07:19
Wolvenhavenwould taring remove the user associated with them?07:19
codebrainzrus_bear, not the ext3 one anyway07:19
helpmeintel graphics card,(in built)... ???07:20
rus_bearand do I need it for NTFS?07:20
codebrainzWolvenhaven, tarring the original files will preserve their attributes/modes/whatever while you transfer to FAT07:20
GryllidaWhy is ircd-seven absent in the ubuntu repositories? Hello? Should I ask here or better #freenode-seven? Who makes this decision?07:21
tacomani am running ubuntu 10.04 64 bit, i am having a dual screen problem, i can't set the correct resolution on my first one (which is 1680x1050)07:21
tacomanany help would be greatly appreciated.07:21
codebrainztacoman, what kind of gfx card?07:21
John__I am trying to install the nvidia accelerated graphics driver (through the hardware drivers program) and when I click activate it says 'SystemError: installArchives() failed'. help?07:21
tacomanATI 575007:21
tacoman( i know ati support sucks on linux. :(07:22
rus_bearcodebrainz: please, answer me if you can07:22
und3rgr0undz3r0anyone know of a decent tablet that ubuntu MID runs well on?07:22
rabbit1guys, i use pidgin, and play vlc, i want the now playing as status, i have installed mpris plugin. now how do i make that to display in status?07:22
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codebrainzrus_bear, i would assume the NTFS would need defragging, unless linux uses it different than windows07:22
codebrainztacoman, i have ati and mine works fine when i configure with the "Monitor" thingy in the main menu07:23
John__I am trying to install the nvidia accelerated graphics driver (through the hardware drivers program) and when I click activate it says 'SystemError: installArchives() failed'. help?07:23
rus_bearHow can I do it from Ubuntu?07:23
Blue1codebrainz: I wish they had an ext4 degragger07:23
tacomancodebrainz: that is what i'm trying to use.07:23
codebrainzBlue1, i don't think ext4 fragments too much07:23
tacomanwhen i boot into windows, it finds my correct resolution, so i know it must be a problem with ubuntu 10.04 64 bit07:23
und3rgr0undz3r0Blue1: they do, but I doing so could totally ruin your system07:23
Blue1codebrainz: no, not as much as ntfs, but it still does frag07:23
John__I am trying to install the nvidia accelerated graphics driver (through the hardware drivers program) and when I click activate it says 'SystemError: installArchives() failed'. help?07:24
Blue1und3rgr0undz3r0: yeah that's what I have heard07:24
codebrainzBlue1, i don't think it's enough to warrant a "defrag" per se.  could be wrong07:24
Nick_Meisterhi guys i am having issues with my sound card, alsa is recognizing it while pulse is not07:24
tacomanJohn__:  i had that before, i just formatted, couldn't find a fix..07:24
codebrainzJohn__, try envyng from the repos07:24
John__Well I just installed this07:24
John__like, just THEN07:24
rus_bearI'm at a loss07:24
Blue1Nick_Meister: what kind of sound card?07:25
John__codebrainz: what's that?07:25
codebrainzJohn__, a program made to install proprietary drivers easily07:25
tacomananywho codebrainz  any idea?07:25
Nick_MeisterBlue1, Multimedia audio controller: Silicon Integrated Systems [SiS] AC'97 Sound Controller (rev a0)07:25
John__Yeah I just installed and updated this system07:25
ydb_what is  this07:25
codebrainztacoman, does it give any errors or anything?07:25
tacomana ubuntu help channel, ydb_07:25
rus_beardefrag or not defrag - that is a question(C)07:25
Dr_Willisrus_bear:  defraging what?07:25
Blue1Nick_Meister: hmm that is pretty well supported (ac97) by pulse - don't know if the chip is though07:26
rus_bearext3 and ntfs in Ubuntu07:26
tacomancodebrainz: nope, just doesn't show 1680x1050, highest resolution it shows is 1440x90007:26
tacomanbut then any other linux distro shows 1680x1050 ^_^07:26
Blue1tacoman: I use 1024x768 but then I am old and need large print07:26
codebrainztacoman, maybe try playing around with randr and or xorg.conf07:27
tacomanyeah, i like my resolution though..07:27
Nick_MeisterBlue1, it was a total battle o get it to work even in alsa07:27
Dr_Willisrus_bear:  not much need to defrag ext3. and im not sure of what tools exist to defrag ntfs in linux07:27
Blue1Nick_Meister: you are using 32 bit, or 64 bit?07:27
well_laid_lawntacoman: read the x log to find out why you can't get the res?07:27
codebrainzrus_bear, http://www.linux-ntfs.org/doku.php?id=ntfsdefrag07:27
tacomanbtw, nice server guys, took around 5-10 minutes to download07:27
Nick_MeisterBlue1, 3207:27
Blue1Nick_Meister: any error messages in the system log?07:28
rus_bearDr_Willis: if I format ntfs to ext3, would I see two "tomes" like in Windows?07:28
Dr_Willisrus_bear:  linux dose disk mounting totally differnt.07:28
Dr_Willisrus_bear:  you can mount a filesystem anywhere you want.07:28
codebrainzwhat are "tomes"?07:28
red2kicydb_: 英文是个这能只!07:29
red2kic!cn | ydb_07:29
ubottuydb_: For Ubuntu help in Chinese 您可以访问中文频道: #ubuntu-cn 或者 #ubuntu-tw  或者 #ubuntu-hk07:29
Dr_Willisrus_bear:  once you get used to the linux way. You realize how silly the  windows way is. :)07:29
Blue1japanese or chinese can't tell07:29
Nick_MeisterBlue1, doesnt look like it07:29
ydb_i see07:29
tacomananywho Blue1, the resolutions just don't look right on the monitor unless its the native resolution07:29
Nick_MeisterBlue1, its reall weird cause alsa works completely yet pulse doesnt even know it exists07:30
Blue1tacoman: mine looks great07:30
tacomanreally just depends on the monitor i guess :p07:30
red2kicydb_: I was just playing with you but my random answer actually answered your question. :)07:30
codebrainztacoman, are you using to span both monitors, or mirror?07:30
Blue1Nick_Meister: I had an issue with a turtle beach card - upgrade to an sblive card and problem went away - dunno07:30
John__codebrainz: that program doesn't exist in my repos07:31
John__codebrainz: envyng07:31
Nick_MeisterBlue1, that made no sense...07:31
Blue1Nick_Meister: what kind of things are happening with your card?  did it work in previous releases of ubuntu?07:31
tacomanerm codebrainz, i'm just trying to extend it, so i can drag windows onto the other onew07:31
Dr_Willis!mount | rus_bear07:31
ubotturus_bear: mount is used to attach devices to directories. See also https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Mount07:31
Nick_MeisterBlue1, i dunno i never had ubuntu on this motherboard07:31
tacomanwhich i can do right now, but it just doesn't look good without its native resolution07:31
codebrainzJohn__, envyng-core, envyng-gtk, etc.  do a package search07:32
rus_bearDr_Willis: I need ext3, not ntfs07:32
Dr_Willisrus_bear:  each filesystem has its own '/dev/sdXX' type entry - you can mount them to whatever location you want.  So you will see 2 'filesystems' - yes07:32
Blue1Nick_Meister: how did you install ubuntu?07:32
John__codebrainz: I did07:32
John__I searched exactly: envyng07:32
rus_bearplease, answer in th private room07:32
* Prez00 just got his first kindle :-)07:32
Nick_MeisterBlue1, the normal way of the cd lol07:32
Dr_Willisrus_bear:  so repartition it, reformat it, mount it where you want07:32
Dr_Willisrus_bear:  you want to KEEP the data on the ntfs? or is it  ok to delete it?07:32
Blue1Nick_Meister: no I mean upgrade or fresh install?07:32
rus_beardo I have to mount ext3???07:32
codebrainzJohn__, not sure then, it shows up here.  look on the web for it, it's just a python script(s)07:32
Nick_MeisterBlue1, fresh install07:32
Dr_Willisrus_bear:  you mount EVERY FILESYSTEM - so yes07:32
Blue1rus_bear: short answer yes07:32
Dr_Willisrus_bear:  if you want to access it - that is.. :)07:33
* Prez00 also had to reformat external drive to fat32 so that ps3 could read it...07:33
jsquaredWhenever I run `sudo apt-get ...`, it immediately dies. I can no longer update/install anything with Synaptic, Aptitude, or apt-get.07:33
jsquaredWhat's up with that?07:33
rus_bearand system ext3 mounts automatically?07:33
codebrainzjsquared, no errors?07:33
Blue1Nick_Meister: dunno will take someone with better knowledge07:33
Dr_Willisrus_bear:  No it does not.07:33
jsquaredcodebrainz: It just says "Reading package lists..." and then is killed (for apt-get). If I use Synaptic or Aptitude they just hang indefinitely.07:33
Blue1rus_bear: mounting is controlled by fstab07:33
rus_bearokay, I understand, thanks everyone!07:34
Dr_Willisrus_bear:  gnome has a 'mount on demand feature' feature that can be used. but if its ext2/3/4 you proberly want a fstab entry for it07:34
Blue1and/or the temp file - mtab07:34
codebrainzjsquared, could it be bad mirrors in /etc/apt/sources.list?  I find the canadian ones suck07:34
John__codebrainz: some searching shows ubuntu 10.04 is not supported07:34
John__codebrainz: some searching shows ubuntu 10.04 is not supported07:34
bubastisHi all!07:34
codebrainzJohn__, bummer07:34
John__So what to do?07:34
well_laid_lawn!aptfix | jsquared07:35
ubottujsquared: If an APT front-end crashed and your database is locked, try this in a !terminal: « sudo fuser -vki /var/lib/dpkg/lock;sudo dpkg --configure -a »07:35
codebrainzJohn__, i think try straight from nvidia/ati/whoever site, it shouldn't be hard to install07:35
Blue1codebrainz: some of ati is in legacy support - which means it's not supported by the vendor anymore07:35
codebrainzBlue1, ah ... bummer07:36
jsquaredwell_laid_lawn: the database is fine, nothing is locked07:36
codebrainzjsquared, what mirrors are in /etc/apt/sources.list?  pastebin this file's contents07:36
Blue1Nick_Meister: what does it sound like if you try to play an mp3 or something?07:36
Nick_MeisterBlue1, i cant play an mp3 or something since pulse thinks the hardware dont exist07:37
FlannelZiaeon: Please don't post offtopic images here.  Thanks.07:37
srihey, has anybody gotten iphone working on lucid?  I haven't had any luck.07:38
red2kic!iphone | sri07:38
ubottusri: For information on how to sync and add tracks to your iPod, see the guide at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/IPodHowto - For the iPhone and the iPod Touch, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/PortableDevices/iPhone - See !RockBox for information on liberating your iPod07:38
jsquaredcodebrainz: http://pastebin.com/kNekdC9H07:38
ZiaeonFlannel: oh, sorry, I didn't realize07:38
Blue1Nick_Meister: okay gotcha  -- please give me the specs on the card again let me search and see what I can find.07:38
Spyzeri have seen many threads regarding dial up connection in ubuntu, but my problem is that while setting dial up through gnome-ppp it doesn;t detect my modem which is the cell phone connected thru usb07:38
Spyzerplease help07:38
sriooo.. links.07:38
* sri checks.07:38
codebrainzjsquared, remove the us. part from all those lines so it's http://archive.ubuntu....07:39
Blue1Spyzer: i think an episode of hak5.org dealt with tethering to a cell phone -- YMMV --07:39
Nick_MeisterBlue1, Multimedia audio controller: Silicon Integrated Systems [SiS] AC'97 Sound Controller (rev a0)07:39
sridoh!  i had to unlock the phone first.07:39
Blue1sis that's what I needed07:39
jsquaredcodebrainz: Here's what I don't get: this was working literally 30 minutes ago.07:39
sriyay for links and automated bots.07:39
jsquaredcodebrainz: I haven't touched this file. Why would changing the sources fix anything?07:39
codebrainzjsquared, flaky mirrors maybe?  I've had similar problems, just sharing my solution07:40
jsquaredI'll give it a shot07:40
codebrainzjsquared, then apt-get update after changing07:40
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jsquaredcodebrainz: exact same results07:41
uodonow that i am out of graphics mode.. i am using text mode..07:41
uodothat black screen is killing me.. help07:41
jsquaredThis is colossally retarded and makes almost no sense. Grr.07:41
Dr_Willisuodo:  be a bit more clear in your problem.07:42
uodoyes sir..07:42
codebrainzjsquared, it makes sense if the mirror(s) you're using aren't working properly07:42
Blue1Nick_Meister: what happens if you run alsamixer at a terminal prompt?07:42
jsquaredcodebrainz: Is there a way to manually check?07:42
Flanneljsquared: What do you mean "immediately dies"?07:42
uodoevrytime i login in gnome, its works fine, but after some time, black screen appears and i havr to restart my pc to start over again.07:43
jsquaredFlannel: I'm not sure how I can be more clear than that. `sudo apt-get install ...` prints "Reading package lists" and then immediately dies.07:43
Nick_MeisterBlue1, alsamixer runs fine07:43
Blue1uodo: what kind of video card/driver?07:43
jsquaredFlannel: Right back to the shell.07:43
Dr_Willisuodo:  it crashes/goes black as you are4 working on it? or after it idles for some time?07:43
Nick_MeisterBlue1, and i can play audio through alsa too07:43
Flanneljsquared: by "dies" do you... right.07:43
Blue1Nick_Meister: what does it say for the chip?07:43
uodoblue.. its intel graphics.. in-biilts07:44
Nick_MeisterBlue1,  SigmaTel STAC9758,5907:44
codebrainzjsquared, did you try changing the urls like i recommended?07:44
uododr, both ways to goes blank07:44
jsquaredcodebrainz: Yep. That's what I meant by "exact same result" earlier.07:44
Blue1uodo: I've had some problems with intel cards07:44
jsquaredcodebrainz: I didn't change the "security" ones at the bottom, but they don't have us in them.07:44
Blue1Nick_Meister: wow that's one I've never heard of.07:44
Flanneljsquared: So, installation isn't happy.  Does `sudo apt-get update` cause problems?07:44
uodoBlue1, so what to do?07:45
Flanneljsquared: This wouldn't be caused by flaky mirrors07:45
John__what do I do with .run files?07:45
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jsquaredFlannel: `sudo apt-get <anything that requires reading a package list>` fails as I described.07:45
Dr_WillisJohn__:  chmod +x whatever.run   then ./whatever.run07:45
Sam_FisherHowdy ya'll!07:45
Dr_WillisJohn__:  what IS the .run file exactly?  sudo may be needed07:45
Sam_FisherDr_Willis, howdy07:45
Flanneljsquared: `sudo apt-get update` doesn't "read package lists"07:45
jsquaredOh, sorry, thought you wrote upgrade.07:46
ubottuFor lists of supported hardware on Ubuntu see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardwareSupport - To help debugging and improving hardware detection, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DebuggingHardwareDetection07:46
mneptokFlannel: yes, it does.07:46
codebrainzFlannel, last line on update is "Reading package lists..."07:46
jsquaredFlannel: The update works, but then it dies as soon as it gets to the package-list-reading part.07:46
uodoDr_willis, what do i do??07:46
John__how do I switch 'screens'?07:47
Sam_Fisherso what did I screw up? When I am in a folder (music) I hit the cute magnifying glass and type in a valid search term (oops I did it again) and it searches all my folders not just Music!07:47
Flannelcodebrainz, mneptok: yes, but it would output other stuff before that, and thus, wouldn't fail as he described before.07:47
John__like ctrl f1-f7 is it?07:47
codebrainzFlannel, agreed07:47
John__How do I switch to text mode screens07:47
Dr_Willisuodo:  i would determine the exact chipset of the video card. and then check the forums. Some intel chipsets have issues.07:47
Flannelcodebrainz, mneptok: the point was his previous answer wasn't correct, and he should actually try it.07:47
Dr_WillisJohn__:  alt-ctrl-f1 throguh f6    F7 to get back (or higher)07:47
uodook.. thanks willis...07:47
uodoc ya doc.07:47
John__Dr_Willis: thanks07:47
Flanneljsquared: Alright.  So, if we wanted to pick something, we'd say your package lists were corrupt or something similar.07:47
Dr_WillisJohn__:  what are you installing?07:48
alabdGood day all , what is name of the software that is able to show transfered images in Network ?07:48
Blue1Nick_Meister: the hcl (hardware compatability list) doesn't show that chip as being supported (YMMV) -- https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardwareSupportComponentsSoundCardsSis  sorry best I can do for you - I realise not a solution07:48
Dr_Willisalabd:  clarify what you mean,07:48
John__Dr_Willis: a nvidia driver that asks me to exit X server07:48
jsquaredErr, wtf. After running the update, I now have an uninterruptible apt-get process in my system monitor.07:48
Dr_WillisJohn__:  you HAVE used the nvidia drivers from the repositories and the 'hardware-manager' tool ?07:48
John__Dr_Willis: Yeah, it doesn't work07:48
John__anyway, brb07:48
Dr_WillisJohn__:  good luck then07:49
John__Dr_Willis: thanks07:49
jsquaredNow my dpkg database is locked. Ugh.07:49
jsquaredfuser -vki doesn't clear it, either; the process can't be killed07:49
alabdDr_Willis:  there is a software that is able to show images that are downloaded by users in network07:49
jsquaredI guess I'll just reboot and hope this goes away.07:49
jsquaredThanks for your help {codebrainz Flannel}.07:50
John__nope, it still says I have an x server running07:50
codebrainzalabd, like you want to sniff the network and recompose pictures that are being downloaded?07:50
John__how do I temporarily disable X?07:50
John__how do I temporarily disable X?07:50
Dr_WillisJohn__:  which you do. :)07:50
John__Dr_Willis: Lol :)07:50
Dr_WillisJohn__:  stop the gdm service. 'sudo service gdm stop'07:50
Flanneljsquared: If it doesn't, delete /var/cache/apt/pkgcache.bin and srcpackagecache.bin in that same directory, then try and update again.07:50
John__Dr_Willis: and to start it again?07:50
Nick_MeisterBlue1, i knew it wasnt supported like 3 hours ago lol, but i already got it to work with alsa, so i just got a little bit left07:50
Dr_WillisJohn__:  logically enough ...07:51
Sam_FisherWhere do I change the search characteristics of SEARCH?07:51
Dr_WillisJohn__:  stop the gdm service. 'sudo service gdm start'07:51
John__Dr_Willis: okay, thanks :)07:51
frankanybody thre???07:51
Dr_Willisfrank:  1379 people here07:51
Sam_Fisherfrank, Nope go away07:51
Dr_Willis- a few bots. :)07:51
codebrainzSam_Fisher, "characteristics of SEARCH"... what does that mean?  what do you want to change?07:52
franki have a prob07:52
frankdon no how to solve this!!07:52
Sam_Fishercodebrainz,  When I am in a folder (music) I hit the cute magnifying glass and type in a valid search term (oops I did it again) and it searches all my folders not just Music!07:52
Dr_Willisfrank:  you have to state the... err.. never mind...07:52
hocusfrank,  State your problem!07:53
Dr_WillisGuess frank figured out what the close button does07:53
Sam_FisherDr_Willis, LOL07:53
hocusDr_Willis,  ahaha07:53
Sam_FisherDr_Willis, we tried!07:53
codebrainzSam_Fisher, not 100%, but i think there's a thingy under System->Prefs->Search & Indexing07:53
Sam_FisherOh I am so changing my name to JumboJellyFish!07:54
jsquaredcodebrainz: Flannel: Well, whatever the issue was, it's apparently gone now.07:54
jsquaredRebooting fixed it.07:54
Flanneljsquared: Good to hear, at any rate.07:55
codebrainzjsquared, the old "Windows Fix" eh07:55
Sam_Fishercodebrainz, I can't find it but it is supposed to be there. I see it when I open MAIN MENU07:55
jsquared10.04 sure seems a lot more flaky than 9.10 was. I've had a bunch of seemingly random hangs and minor problems like this in the past week.07:55
Sam_FisherPeanut Butter JumboJellyFish!07:55
John___So it said it couldn't find nvidia.ku or something07:55
jsquaredIs that a general consensus or just me?07:55
John___when I tried to install.07:55
John___This is really annoying, why the hell can't I get this driver installed?107:55
Sam_Fisherjsquared, Not to me. Seems better all the way round.07:56
rwwjsquared: it's more stable than 9.10 was for me :\07:56
jsquaredProbably just my computer being lame. Ubuntu is awesome in general.07:56
codebrainzjsquared, i haven't used it as thoroughly as the last version, but haven't had any issues, everything "just worked" with this version07:56
codebrainzexcept for the UI changes that are lame07:56
Sam_Fisherjsquared, I did have to reinstall from scratch on a uograde in place on the laptop but that was likely my fault from constant tweaking07:56
jsquaredcodebrainz: I've tweaked the hell out of gnome so it just grabbed all my settings and I don't really see the UI changes.07:57
jsquaredcodebrainz: I assume you're talking about things like the window buttons being on the left, etc.07:57
codebrainzjsquared, yeah mostly.  luckily it's easy to change such things07:57
jsquaredYay open source :)07:58
wildbatanyone have idea, how to fix the system alert sound with compiz ? it seem if i am using compiz, it made some of the sound disappear(e.g. backspace while the inputbox is empty), but metacity work prefect with the sound theme.07:58
jsquaredSam_Fisher: I had similar problems, dist-upgrade was angry at me :P Also, had to install a much newer update of nvidia-glx than I had before, and that made things very cranky until I updated my xconfig to make it play nice07:59
rwwwildbat: it's a rather complicated known bug. See https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/compiz/+bug/30117407:59
Sam_Fishercodebrainz, thanks that worked! Now I can't find "oops I did it again" Can you share your copy?07:59
codebrainzSam_Fisher, sorry, copy of which?08:00
Sam_Fisherrww, Wrong! those are features08:00
Dr_Williswow - i got my bluetooth headphone working with 10.04. but the audio quality is very poor, :(08:00
wildbatrww, ohhh ~ so currently there is no workaround?08:01
Sam_Fishercodebrainz, thanks for the help. I don't know if I was over looking the preference or I added it back in with Main MEnu08:01
codebrainzwildbat, is there a setting in CCSM called General Options->Audible System Bell?08:01
Sam_FisherDr_Willis, Kool!08:01
rwwwildbat: as I understand it, that's correct08:01
Dr_WillisSam_Fisher:  then it just 'died' on me. :()08:01
Dr_WillisSam_Fisher:  but this is the farest ive ever gotten with Bluetooth Headphones working :)08:02
wildbatcodebrainz, yes08:02
codebrainzwildbat, is that enabled?08:02
Sam_FisherDr_Willis, I want my Gizmo5 to Googlevoice to Xlite to use my Motorola Bluetooth08:02
John___codebrainz: Installing the driver manually had errors too.08:02
grindhey guys, as of this last day my ubuntu 10.04 now moves my mouse to the active window i switch too, how the hell do i get rid of that?08:02
wildbatcodebrainz, it is08:02
John___codebrainz: what should I do now?'08:02
codebrainzJohn___, you could start by elaborating on "had errors" :)08:03
Sam_Fishergrind, isn't that desired?08:03
forceflowhow do I grep for the same words seperated by a space?08:03
grindSam_fisherL no its highly annoying08:04
jsquaredforceflow: `grep "foo foo" .` ?08:04
pigetahi guys08:04
forceflowjsquared: no, the words should be variable :)08:04
grindSam_fisher: when i alt tab to saw terminal, the mouse moves over to the center of the window08:04
pigetaneed a help with my wi-fi pen08:04
John___codebrainz: well first it said the distribution-supplied start up script had failed, and I chose to continue -- then it said the installation had failed because it didn't have a nivida.ku or something file and it's often caused by kernel errors or something08:04
Sam_Fisherpigeta, welcome to the end of the internet08:04
Dr_WillisSam_Fisher:  the mic did seem to work.  I wonder if the quality could be due to the bluetooth dongle being Inside my pc. :) I stuck it on a internal pci usb card08:05
codebrainzJohn___, are you installing from single user mode?  do you have your kernel headers installed?08:05
pigetaif i  go in network manager and search for wi-fi it can't see nothing08:05
John___codebrainz: I have no Idea, I just did a standard 10.04 installation, then updated everything08:05
Sam_FisherDr_Willis, ok.... I plugged mine into the short cable from my Magic Jack08:05
pigetabut if i type on terminal lsusb it see my wi-fi pen08:06
Slartforceflow: http://www.grymoire.com/Unix/Regular.html#uh-1008:06
Sam_FisherDr_Willis, what drivers do i need to play this game?08:06
codebrainzJohn___, iirc you need to be out of X and whatnot.  boot with the kernel option "single" (add it to kernel line in grub)08:06
Sam_FisherWish MagiJack worked on LInux08:06
John___codebrainz: I was out of X.08:06
codebrainzJohn___, and do an apt-get install linux-headers-$(uname -r)08:06
Dr_WillisSam_Fisher:  i just set mine im pariing mode. then followed the 'add new bluetooth' wizard08:06
Sam_FisherAnyone using Linksys Pap2 ATA to Voip?08:06
John___codebrainz: what is uname? my username on the computer?08:06
John___how do I add to kernel line in grub08:07
codebrainzJohn___, uname -r prints the kernel version08:07
grindWhen i alt tab to a window in 10.04, the mouse moves over to the center of the newly active window08:07
Slartforceflow: I think you'll end up with something like   grep '\([a-z]+\) \1'08:07
codebrainzJohn___, press Esc to get to grub menu, it's straight forward to edit, even has instructions right there on the screen08:07
greezmunkeymysql is dead, is it possible to send the result of a query to a file? If so how?08:07
John___linux-headers-2.6.32-22-generic is already the newest version.08:07
John___codebrainz: do I need to install grub?08:08
codebrainzJohn___, you should have it isntalled already08:08
codebrainzJohn___, just reboot and press Esc repeatedly08:08
grindWhen i alt tab to a window in 10.04, the mouse moves over to the center of the newly active window08:09
grindneed to stop that >:|08:10
codebrainzgrind, what window manager?08:10
Dr_WillisSam_Fisher:  better audio now,.  Never put a Bluetooth Dongle INSIDE the pc case. :) even if its convient08:10
jsquaredSlart: that will reuse the same regular expression, but it could match something different08:10
Robinsencould someone suggest a webcam chat tool for ubuntu?08:10
grindrunning everything standard codebrainz08:10
codebrainzgrind are you running compiz or metacity?  fancy effects or not fancy effects?08:10
Slartjsquared: sure? that's copy/pasted from a regular expressions tutorial08:11
grindcodebrainz, nope not running compiz or metacity, and i have apperances on extra with everything stock08:11
codebrainzgrind, so you're running compiz.  go to the compizconfig-settings-manager and poke around for the relevant setting08:12
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john__Okay, codebrainz08:12
=== Guest30188 is now known as karthi
john__codebrainz: pressing esc at startup gets me into something where it asks me if I want to boot from CD or HDD08:12
grindcondebrainz, hmm i'll install the settings manager and have a look08:12
codebrainzjohn__, so press hdd and then keep pressing Esc08:13
jsquaredSlart: Hm. Well, I just tried `echo "foo foo" | egrep "\(foo\) \1"` and it didn't work08:13
john__codebrainz: I did, nothing happens08:13
john__just gets me to normal login screen08:14
Slartjsquared: mm.. I'm playing around with it as well.. I've made it understand double characters so far.. not words though08:14
codebrainzjohn__, maybe grub2 is different, but it should be straight forward to get to the grub menu still08:14
Dr_Willisactually isent it the shift key that shows the grub menu? I always make it 'always show' so i never rember08:14
Sam_Fishershift key shows grub during boot08:14
codebrainzDr_Willis, same here, not sure with grub2 though08:14
Sam_FisherDr_Willis, is always correct even when mistaken08:15
codebrainzi think grub legacy was the Esc key wasn't it?08:15
Sam_FisherGrub2 shows extra boot screen if you hit SHIFT during boot08:15
Dr_WillisYa got to wonder why they souldent let any key show the menu. :)08:15
codebrainzI don't like grub208:15
Sam_FisherOf course this is if you haven't screwed it up so bad that it doesn't show it08:16
well_laid_lawnjsquared:  echo "foo foo" | egrep  " foo"08:16
Dr_Willisheres my grub2 cfg to alwauys show the menu.. and Play a little TUNE  as grub shows,. :)08:16
Slartjsquared: hmm.. it seems the + is an egrep thing.. echo "bla blaa blaa bla blo blo" | grep '\([a-z]*\) \1'  seems to work08:16
grindcheers codebrainz08:16
Sam_Fishercodebrainz, I don't see any benefit to it either but from reading it is better cleaner programing08:16
jsquaredSlart: "*" means "match zero or more characters of this kind", so that will always work08:16
jsquaredSlart: (because it can just match zero characters twice)08:16
codebrainzSam_Fisher, it's "better" but the way it's configured now is more for programmers than users. .. imho08:17
jsquaredSlart: "+" means "match this character at least once"08:17
Sam_FisherSpeaking of Compiz. They are sending me an update right now!08:17
Dr_WillisRegular expressions Fundamentals. :) well ok not fundamentals.. but its somthign  that a Lot of people forget about the + and * differances08:17
Slartjsquared: mm, I know.. but + isn't available with ordinary regular expressions.. it's in the extended version08:17
Sam_Fishercodebrainz, I agree! I can't wait for it to be easier to understand by mortals. And when it breaks holy shit what a mess! I spent hours here with Grub victims!08:18
jsquaredThat's surprising. It's not like "+" is a particularly advanced/powerful feature08:18
jsquaredin fact it's a subset of "*", which is already there08:18
codebrainzSam_Fisher, what it needs is a GUI to configure it, i think08:18
wise_crypt!language Sam_Fisher08:19
Slartjsquared: this works nicely, can't think of anything it doesn't handle.. except upper case/lower case stuff     echo "abla bla blaa blaa bla blo blo" | grep '\<\([a-z]*\) \1\>'08:19
jsquaredwhat's the <> for?08:20
Slartjsquared: it's a word ending symbol.. it matches spaces, beginning/end of string, newline and such08:20
codebrainzSam_Fisher, I'm starting to think extlinux (syslinux) should be the default.  much easier to configure/understand08:20
jsquaredWTF, really? I've never heard of that as a regex matching symbol.08:21
Slartjsquared: or rather < is word start.. > is word ending08:21
Sam_Fishercodebrainz, I live in fear that my Grub will break! I am triple booting so it is a daily thing.08:21
wise_crypt!info bash-doc08:22
ubottubash-doc (source: bash): Documentation and examples for the The GNU Bourne Again SHell. In component main, is optional. Version 4.1-2ubuntu3 (lucid), package size 1186 kB, installed size 2444 kB08:22
thedestructori need help with conky...i copied a conkyrc file but its showing this error08:24
thedestructorcan't open '/sys/class/hwmon/hwmon1/temp1_input08:24
Dr_Willisthedestructor:   could be it was written for an older kernel that had that 'file' or for specific hardware that has that file08:25
=== thedestructor is now known as aswin
aswinDr_Willis to rescue again08:25
aswinso what should i do now?08:25
=== sean is now known as Guest54692
Dr_Willisaswin:  look in the direectory its accessing and see what files are there08:26
Dr_Willisaswin:  or comment out/remove that entry from the conky config08:26
Guest54692hey there you bun too!08:26
fr0nkHi, i have the "simplebox" gnome theme installed. Is there a way to get rid of the window borders? I'd like to have no window borders at all and more shadow. The problem is I couldn't find a way to modify the theme. I'm used to beryl where I can modify every setting granularly of every theme. How do I do this with metacity themes?08:28
anirvanaI want to install wireless on ubuntu?How to do it?08:29
akaustavHello, I have got a serious problem on my hands.08:29
anirvanaCurrently I am in windows?Can I download packages here and later on install on ubuntu?08:29
codebrainzfr0nk, download a theme from gnome-look and have a look inside to see how it's done08:30
akaustavI recently resized my ubuntu partition from 5 GB to 10 GB.08:30
Dr_Willisanirvana:  its possible.  But can be a hassle. I just run a wire  as a temp connection till i get the hardware-drivers tool to download needed stuff08:30
Dr_Willisanirvana:  it also depends on your wireless chipset08:30
=== max is now known as stonehinge
anirvanaDr_Willis , But I don't have a wired connection :(08:31
=== rabidweezle is now known as Type-O
akaustavAnd then, when I start my netbook, a black screen comes with 'grub restore >' written on it.08:31
krashedany linux guru mind helping me with a graphics card driver issue ?08:31
akaustavThere is also a message saying 'Invalid file system'08:31
ikormHello, my ubuntu amd64 laptop is freezing randomly and by this I mean not able to do nothing on it until restart. What can I do to fix this?08:31
Dr_Willisanirvana:  you need to determine your exact wirless chipset. and what files you will need.  the hardware-manager tool might help in that area08:31
thedestructor__Dr_Willis how to delete that?what to delete08:32
codebrainzakaustav, how did you resize the partition?08:32
Dr_Willisthedestructor__:  delete what?08:32
thedestructor__you told right to delete that part which is accessing the location08:32
akaustavcodebrainz: I used a pen drive running Ubuntu Live.08:32
thedestructor__i dont know08:32
codebrainzakaustav, and gparted?08:32
Dr_Willisthedestructor__:  edit the conky config  you are trying to use. Time to learn how to config conky. :()08:33
akaustavcodebrainz: And used gparted to resize it.08:33
Dr_Willisthedestructor__:  its a fancy text file. use a text editor.08:33
codebrainzakaustav, no errors with doing that?08:33
thedestructor__i know to open it but lots or codes are there..i dont know wat to delete in that08:33
Dr_Willisthedestructor__:  conky homepage and docs.. would be step 1 then.08:33
ikormHello, my ubuntu amd64 laptop is freezing randomly and by this I mean not able to do nothing on it until restart. What can I do to fix this?08:33
=== vick is now known as vick_
Dr_Willisthedestructor__:  search for a line containing that message text/path08:34
Dr_Willisthedestructor__:  lots of conky configs are 'hardcoded' and need edited for various systems08:34
krashedthis computer is a dell xps gen3, it has an ati x800xt graphics card, i install the ati drivers off the website and its giving me an error saying version isnt supported, i dont know what packages would cover the drivers for the x800xt, if atis drivers are fail, i have no idea on how to get it to work08:34
akaustavcodebrainz: I had an error. I tried unchecking the checkbox which said 'round off to the nearest cylinder' and gparted crashed.08:34
krashedany suggestions ?08:34
akaustavcodebrainz: I again restarted gparted and resized it. This time I used the option, and it got done.08:35
thedestructor__ok thanks for helping me out again..guess i should start learning these08:35
codebrainzakaustav, you probably hosed your partition table/filesystem.  I'd re-partition the whole disk and restore data from the backups I'm sure you made.  Please ask the channel again though, i could be wrong08:35
Dr_Willisthedestructor__:  you can spend days and weeks playing with conky configs. when in doubt look at and dissect the examples out there08:35
Sammael_XQuick question: Ubuntu partitioner isnt picking up my HD for installation, yet Gparted, when run from the same liveCD, picks it up - ideas? Using 9.10 live cd.08:36
codebrainzkrashed, you could try just using vesa drivers or something,or use the open source drivers, or get a different card08:37
akaustavOk codebrainz. Can any one help me figure out why I am getting 'invalid file system' error along with 'grub restore >' at the bootup?08:37
codebrainzakaustav, cuz you foobar'd your partition table and or filesystem likely, so grub is like wtf!?08:37
Dr_Willisgrub cant find any files it needs. :)08:38
akaustavcodebrainz: So, I understand I have to tell grub to rescan my file system again.08:38
codebrainzakaustav, try booting from a livecd and fixing grub08:39
codebrainzakaustav, see Internet for documentation on this08:39
akaustavcodebrainz: Ok.08:39
codebrainzI can't ethically say "google" something because it implies I support google and I do not.08:39
Sammael_XAnyone have any idea why the installer doesn't pick up my sata drives in 9.10, yet gparted sees them just fine?08:40
binarymeSammaul_X: does the drive have windows on it?08:41
Sammael_Xnope, all free space08:41
Sammael_XJust wiped it with gparted off the same livecd that refuses to see it08:41
codebrainzSammael_X, what if you boot the live cd and click Install icon on desktop?08:42
Sammael_Xwithin the same session08:42
Sammael_Xcodebrainz: Thats where I am08:42
Sammael_XIn the installer, which doesnt see it, yet gparted does08:42
codebrainzSammael_X, and you tried rebooting?08:42
Sammael_XHm, will give that a shot - just seems kinda odd08:43
Sammael_X<- no stranger to linux in general, just though the installer might have been fubared08:43
codebrainzSammael_X, might have to do with it not having a partition table in the mbr or something?08:43
Sammael_XThought it strange that gparted sees it inside the same session08:43
manuel_Is there any way I can save the settings on EasyStroke and Invest panel so I can load them when I reformat instead of inputting all the commands back in all over again?08:43
Dr_WillisSammael_X:  ive seen others in here with similer issues. Nto sure what causes it. but theres proberly some forum posts on the topic08:43
Sammael_Xcodebrainz: In other Ubuntu installs I have done, the installer picks it up regardless of whether the disk has OSes, or just partitions, or nothing at all on it08:44
Sammael_XWhich is why I am stumped08:44
binarymeSammaul_X: sometimes the installed refuses to see blank drives.  put a ext4 partition on it and then retry08:44
airtonixmanuel_, copy the conf files from your home folder? also next install make a separate partition for your home folder so you dont have to do this every time you want to reinstall08:44
Sammael_Xbinaryme: That will be the next step, should the reboot fail08:45
Dr_WillisSammael_X:  ive seen cases where after repartitioning a HD you need to reboot for the new partition layout to be seen properly.08:45
binarymeSammaul_X: I have seen this a few times, generally adding a fresh partion helps.08:45
Sammael_XDr_Willis: I can understand that, but one would think it would have seen it in its original config as well, before I removed the partitions08:46
manuel_airtonix, im not certain where the config files are in my home folder. cant seem to find them08:46
Ububegin1Hi folks, I have just installed Ubuntu 10.. but can i change the UI such tt the close,restore,maximise are on the RIGHT SIDE instead08:46
Ububegin1i am not really left-centric08:47
subzeroUbuntu 10.4 is Greate08:47
binarymeUbubegin! yes08:47
airtonixmanuel_, things to try : 1) visit the projects website. search there 2) use the locate in the terminal to find files using the project name08:47
ikormHello, my ubuntu amd64 laptop is freezing randomly and by this I mean not able to do nothing on it until restart. What can I do to fix this?08:47
binarymeUbubegin1 yes08:47
airtonix!controls | Ububegin108:47
ubottuUbubegin1: In Lucid, the minimize, maximize, and close buttons have been moved to the left side. For more information, please see http://alturl.com/b6ja | To move them back to the right-hand side, see http://alturl.com/x5d608:47
ikormI am the only one experiencing this problem?08:47
binarymein a console, type: gconf-editor08:48
Dr_Willisikorm:  next time it freezes try sshing in from a differnt box on the network and see if you can figure out whats going on with it08:48
binarymeUbubegin1: go to apps - metacity - general08:49
ikormDr_Willis,  I have no other box and I am a beginner.08:49
codebrainzDr_Willis, i heard somewhere that x was going to have some type of error handling al la BSOD :)08:49
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airtonixmanuel_, when you say "invest panel" do you mean the applet you add to the gnome-panel ?08:49
Ububegin1binaryme: is this a perm shift.. Or do i have change some config file08:49
=== MePHiSTo1 is now known as SuP|Lobby
airtonixbinaryme, just tell them to follow instructions on the !controls output08:50
Sammael_XGonna try F6 ->nodmraid, will let you guys know if it works.08:50
binarymechange it once using gconf-editor08:50
airtonixUbubegin1, just follow steps here : http://alturl.com/x5d608:50
Ububegin1airtonix: yeah, i followed the step and entered into the terminal.. i wanna know whether this change will be permanent..or will it to change back to LHS upon rebooting it08:51
=== SuP|Lobby is now known as MePHiSto1
binarymeyou need to reverse the menu items :  things on the left of the :  will be on the left.... the others on the right08:51
codebrainzUbubegin1, it will last until you change it back08:51
airtonixUbubegin1, well since you are changing values in the gconf, it stays that way until you change it again. thats how gconf works08:51
Ububegin1codebrainz: cheers, dude08:52
Ububegin1thanks all u guys oso08:52
codebrainzUbubegin1, gconf is kinda like windows registry, the per-user part anyway08:52
manuel_airtonix, yes the "invest panel"08:53
=== freaky[t]_ is now known as freaky[t]
codebrainzsomeone should make a deb with a single line bash script in it that moves the buttons to the right, called maybe "metacity-buttons-fix" or something08:53
Sammael_XLooks like this is a known issue with 9.10  :/08:53
airtonixmanuel_, all gnome panel applets store their settings in gconf.08:53
manuel_airtonix, i want to save all my stock quotes08:53
pixolinhello. Is there a special chat group for ubuntu netbook remix?08:54
Dr_Williscodebrainz:  thats rather trivial to do.08:55
Dr_Williscodebrainz:  and the theme files basically have such a script allready there08:55
codebrainzDr_Willis, absolutely, but just to make it a one-click thing for beginners08:56
shay27Hello , can someone recommend me on good tool for remote desktop ? (other than the Remote desktop that come with Ubuntu)08:56
Dr_Williscodebrainz:  I figured out hwo the themes were setting things to the left. (that script) anc changed them all to keep them always on the right08:56
Dr_Williscodebrainz:  theres a little gui tool out that also lets you set them08:56
airtonixmanuel_, i think all it saves is the stock codes you enter to watch. (which is in gconf (which is why i suggest you setup your new install with a separate partition for /home )08:57
Phil2010Hello all.08:57
airtonixshay27, which remote desktop tool do you mean ? (the vnc client or the RDPv5 client)08:58
Phil2010I am having a problem with KUBuntu crashing to the default Gnome login. (Ubuntu 10.04)08:58
ikoniaPhil2010: can you expand on that ? why do you have gnome on a kubuntu install ?08:58
codebrainzPhil2010, "crashing"  like when kde starts up it just jumps back to GDM?08:58
Phil2010I installed KDE over Ubuntu ikonia08:59
ikoniaPhil2010: ok, so it's an ubuntu install08:59
Phil2010Can anybody help me configure my VIA/S3GK8M800 Video chipset?08:59
Guest54692Phil2010, use ubuntu08:59
ikoniaGuest54692: that's not relevant or helpful09:00
Guest54692ikonia, y09:00
Phil2010I have been using the vesa driver for the past few days.09:00
Phil2010Guest54692 Because I wanna use KUbuntu09:00
ikoniaGuest54692: because he IS using ubuntu and he's having a problem09:00
ikoniaPhil2010: how's it working with the vesa driver ?09:00
shay27airtonix: until now i used the Ubuntu remote desktop feature (System > Preferences > Remote Desktop) but its too slow , can you recommend me on other tool that is good ?09:00
manuel_airtonix, how much space should i dedicate to the home folder?09:00
Phil2010It's decent I still get decent video playback but I wanna get out of low res09:01
ikoniaPhil2010: do you get the crashing problem ?09:01
manuel_airtonix, that would actually be a smart idea to do that09:01
Phil2010Yes when I go to log in it shows 5 icons then shows the 6th Icon but then crashes back to the login screen.09:01
pixolinshay27: did you try teamviewer?09:01
ikoniaPhil2010: ok - so I'd be more interested in resolving that before you start changing away from vesa09:01
SlartPhil2010: sure there's not a typo in that model string? I get no hits on google at all for S3GK8M80009:02
piglithello, i have got a old labtop like 1.8GHz P4 only usb1.1 and i want o use a linksys WUSB54GC, in my desktop the usb wifi is detected and i can use it at once but the labtop seems to have some problems i can see it when i do: lsusb but then i dont know what to do next09:02
Phil2010VIA/S3G Unichrome pro IGP K8M800 Is my Chipset.09:02
SlartPhil2010: ah, thanks09:03
pixolinshay27: have a look at teamviewer.com they have a linux-download too. Easy tool to administrate remote computers.09:04
HypothesisFroghi. I'm trying to edit fstab so that it mounts two of my spare partitions in read/write mode.09:06
HypothesisFrograther than just read only.09:06
red2kic!fstab | HypothesisFrog09:06
ubottuHypothesisFrog: The /etc/fstab file indicates how drive partitions are to be used or otherwise integrated into the file system. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Fstab and http://www.tuxfiles.org/linuxhelp/fstab.html and !Partitions09:06
HypothesisFroganyone got any help on that>?09:06
=== JimmyJ is now known as JimmyJ|zz
pavel_use root09:07
jordsAny way to immediately clear the dns cache's in my ubuntu system? I've setup a domain to go to a testing server in /etc/hosts, ping goes to the testing server but chrome and firefox don't go to the one specified in hosts. all the dns caching makes me tear my hair out when doing server migrations :Z09:07
ikoniajords: why do you think it's dns cache ?09:07
Slart!pastebin | Phil201009:08
ubottuPhil2010: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://tinyurl.com/imagebin | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.09:08
jordsikonia: Why else would ping go to one server, and links in a terminal go to another?09:09
ikoniajords: I don't suspect that's dns at all, as they should both use the same resolver09:10
jordsikonia: That's true, except i have this problem quite often and only time and reboots seem to solve it09:10
ikoniajords: if a reboot solves it, it's not dns cache09:11
pixolinis anyone here more familiar with ubuntu netbook remix?09:13
red2kic!beamanandstartaskingtherealquestions | pixolin09:14
red2kic!anyone | pixolin09:14
ubottupixolin: A large amount of the first questions asked in this channel start with "Does anyone/anybody..."  Why not ask your next question (the real one) and find out?09:14
HypothesisFrogpixolin familiarish09:14
pixolini would like to remove the indicator applet from the panel but it looks like deleting the indicator applet removes the complete netbook package, too.09:15
FireCrotchjords: Do you perhaps have dnsmasq installed on the machine?09:15
mulkaI can't get stuff to run in the background on Ubuntu 10.04. :-( how can I fix this?09:15
Guest54692mulka, y09:16
pixolinactually, within netbook remix, the indicator applet dosn't do anything at all except showing the envelop in the panel ...09:16
pixolinIf it at least would show the number of new e-mails or so ...09:16
Dr_Willismulka:  clarify what you are doing exactly, and what you are expecting09:17
red2kicpixolin: When you tried to remove/purge the package, if it say you have to remove ubuntu-desktop or ubuntu-netbook-remix -- something of that sort, you can proceed as it's just a virtual package pointing fingers at multiple packages.09:17
pixolinalso, I don't get the weather to show up with the time/date in the panel09:17
red2kicpixolin: Apply your location in time/date to get the weather information.09:17
pixolinI did.09:18
airtonixmanuel_, apparently if you boot into the live cd and view the harddrive then remove all files and folders except the /home folder then choose to install... apparently the isntaller will not over write the existing /home folder.. read the bold text here : Operating System09:18
airtonixmanuel_, http://brainstorm.ubuntu.com/item/5390/09:18
pixolinI entered the location, added weather to be shown, but nothing happens ...09:18
Guest54692linux helpbot is - ONLINE -09:18
pixolinprobably because the panel is "locked" within the netbook-desktop?09:18
strwagmulka: maybe it's becouse linux dont have multitasking09:18
bazhangGuest54692, in this channel?09:19
Guest54692if you have a question just let me know09:19
* Dr_Willis wonders at the quality of help from a 'helpbot' that cant use a non-guest nick.09:20
=== MePHiSto1 is now known as SuP|Lobby
mulkaGuest54692 Dr_Willis strwag: I guess I should be more specific. it is PHP on the command line that I can't get to background using the & symbol09:20
mulkathe execution stops... and only starts back up again when I use fg to foreground it again09:21
pixolinbrb ...09:22
EE_i just came across something interesting and remembered that it wasnt the first time it happened and now really want to know what the deal is but can't find the answer. after i installed ubuntu on my desktop my bluetooth keyboard/mouse did not work until i moved the dongle to the usb slots at the back (instead of the ones on top of the tower)09:23
manuel_airtonix, thanks for the info09:23
EE_anyone know why?09:23
codebrainzEE_, are the top ones plugged into the motherboard?09:23
red2kicEE_: I had that same effect. I moved the dongle from back to front.09:24
FireCrotchEE_: Is it a Dell machine?09:24
moRph2010did lsusb list the device when plugged in the top usb slot?09:24
EE_codebrainz: where else could they be plugged into? i think last time i noticed was in windows when the drivers for a usb drive were installed again when i swithced between front and back. it's an acer aspire btw09:24
manga_45hi all!09:24
EE_moRph2010: i dont know09:25
red2kicFireCrotch: Mine is though.09:25
=== jsquared is now known as xyzzyx
EE_Firecrotch: acer aspire09:25
manga_45im trying to convert waw file to mp3 with winff on ubuntu 10 updated. but it gives that error : Unknown encoder 'libmp3lame' . can someone helps me please ?09:25
EE_morph2010: it kepts asking me to grant access to the usb device and said connected but just didnt move mouse or type chars09:26
FireCrotchmulka: Try this: php yourscript.php < /dev/null09:26
FireCrotchmulka: erm... php yourscript.php < /dev/null &09:26
=== SuP|Lobby is now known as MePHiSTo1
RickRavenguys... i need help :09:27
RickRavenEnvironment variables and sudoBy default, the sudo command will erase any environment variables that it doesn’t recognize, prior to executing the given command. So if you set APXS2 as a normal user, then run sudo passenger-install-apache2-module (which is the command for the Phusion Passenger installer), then the installer will not receive the environment variable value that you set. To solve this problem, please become root prior to setting any 09:27
RickRavenand my problem : sudo passenger-install-apache2-module09:27
RickRavensudo: passenger-install-apache2-module: command not found09:27
FloodBot2RickRaven: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.09:27
RickRavenok floodbot09:28
manga_45im trying to convert waw file to mp3 with winff on ubuntu 10 updated. but it gives that error : Unknown encoder 'libmp3lame' . can someone helps me please ?09:28
EE_RickRaven: sudo apt-get apache2    ? thats just my guess but im new to this too09:28
EE_hey binaryme!09:29
RickRavenEE_ : :) nice try i am newbie too... my problem is related with environment variables.09:29
ciriguaohi evey109:29
unop!medibuntu | manga_4509:30
ubottumanga_45: medibuntu is a repository of packages that cannot be included into the Ubuntu distribution for legal reasons - See http://www.medibuntu.org09:30
N1moi need some help09:30
FireCrotchRickRaven: is this "passenger-install-apache2-module" a program that you installed? Or is it some kind of script that you downloaded?09:30
EE_RickRaven: wish i had even a slight clue of the solution to that lol09:30
unopmanga_45, add the medibuntu repository like ubottu indicates - then go ahead and install the libmp3lame package09:30
joakimkIs there any software/tool which can save the "state" of my software before I shutdown, and restart the same software when I restart the computer? I mean like, autostart Thunderbird, Firefox + restore all tabs, open same Terminal windows + cd to right dir, etc09:30
ciriguaoI have a laptop thinkpad t43 & I want my wireless works09:30
joakimkI don't mean save state of running software, like resume a terminal program mid-process09:31
FireCrotchjoakimk: You can use the hibernate feature to accomplish that.09:31
EE_anyone have any idea why the usb ports on the top of the tower are different from the ones on the back? both seem to work in general but sometimes i have to have a device on a specific side09:31
ciriguaosome have a thinkpad t43 ??09:31
unopjoakimk,  the gnome-session can do this --- use gnome-session-properties to configure.09:31
RickRavenFireCrotch: it is a program i think. it should be in the ruby gems folder. ruby gems folder defined as path in my .bashrc. but i learned that, sudo command deletes environment variables09:31
joakimkFireCrotch: yes, but I mean, this way I could make a "profile" called "Work", which would always do this for me. Now I use like 5 mins to get everything set up the way I like it :)09:31
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manga_45unop: i can install the package. but why ubuntu does not install all needed packages when installed the winff which need libmp3lame package ?09:32
joakimkFireCrotch: like, open terminal and an ssh tunnel to work, etc09:32
brickyhey how do I set my computer into svideo from09:32
ciriguaowireless t43?09:32
EE_bricky: is it a laptop?09:32
brickyI dont like the sounds of that question lol.09:32
manga_45unop : now i dont know if i can convert for other codecs. i have to try for every codec one by one ?09:32
unopmanga_45, possibly because this package is "restricted" -- ubuntu does not include mp3 support out of the box for legal reasons09:32
chelzi'm experiencing a lack of any kind of connection with intel 4965agn using iwlagn. details and logs here: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=150849009:33
ciriguaoMilos|Laptop: help me plz09:33
EE_bricky: hold the Fn key and the key with the little monitor icon on it09:33
rwwEE_: USB ports aren't made equal. I've seen computers with differing power abilities, USB specifications, etc. on different USB ports.09:33
manga_45unop : hmm i understand. thank you!09:33
EE_bricky: mine is f409:33
ciriguaowireless t4309:33
unopmanga_45, if you have all the codecs - you should be able to do any conversion you like.09:33
brickyEE_: oh wow, let me just see here09:33
FireCrotchRickRaven: If there's a particular environmental variable that you need set when running a command via sudo, you can pass the variable on the command line, like so: APXS2=value09:33
EE_rww: I know some computers have both usb 1 and usb 2 on them but this one is so new they all have to be 209:33
joakimkunop: tried to google it + man gnome-session... But what does this do exactly? ;)09:34
N1mohow to configure ppp through wvdial.conf09:34
jameskkt43's wireless chip is atheros?09:34
manga_45unop: i have all codecs. i use vlc and i can play mp3 files . also i have audacious. everything is on latest version at the moment.09:34
brickyEE_: not doing it hmm09:34
rwwEE_: that doesn't mean they're identical.09:34
fr0nkcodebrainz: sorry for the delay ;) - so there is no editor for themes like in beryl?09:34
ciriguaoI can scanning and I can find my wireless but but i cann't connect to it09:34
EE_bricky: is your cable plugged in already and the tv on?09:34
codebrainzfr0nk, afaik09:34
jameskkciriguao,what chip?09:34
zougN1mo, just open wvdial.conf, some sample config is alredy given09:35
joakimkunop: something like this? http://dmitrim.blogspot.com/2008/12/ubuntu-gnome-session-management.html09:35
unopjoakimk, it allows you to remember the state of applications so that they are resumed every time you log on -- like you wanted.  you can either have them remembered each time you log off - or set this up once09:35
cxcheck you network09:35
EE_rww: is this intentional or a manufacturing fault?09:35
ciriguaoi don't download a couple driver from intel09:35
codebrainzfr0nk, i think most metacity stuff is in gconf, but that setting is not available there09:35
ciriguaobut I don't have a idea how to install09:35
rwwEE_: could be both. I've seen it done intentionally (I looked on the spec sheet, it had them marked up differently).09:35
brickyEE_: yeah going through all the modes09:35
rwwEE_: sorry, "either", not "both"09:36
unopmanga_45, lame is the library needed to do conversions -- it's not really a codec in the sense you mean09:36
brickyshould be component 1 maybe Ill get some drivers09:36
manga_45unop: hmm . ok.09:36
chelzi might just try to load the modules that worked in intrepid09:36
ciriguaointel PRO/Wireless 2915ABG09:36
automatikanyone here use newsgroups?09:37
EE_rww: well i suppose i don't care its such a minor thing, i have four on the back and four on top so im happy. for a while i was like 'omg' the new version doesnt work with my keyboard?09:37
ciriguaojameskk: intel PRO/Wireless 2915ABG09:37
SwedeMike!anyone | automatik09:37
ubottuautomatik: A large amount of the first questions asked in this channel start with "Does anyone/anybody..."  Why not ask your next question (the real one) and find out?09:37
chelzciriguao: hey, having an issue here with intel 4965agn, some good intel issues tonight :)09:37
amol112hi all,i have touchscreen but it is not detected while booting.dmesh nothing shows info about touchscreen09:37
unopjoakimk, yes - but mind you, that post is quite old and relating to 8.04 - so i'd take it that things have improved.  you can give gnome-session a try, it probably works for you.09:37
chelzautomatik: Pan newsreader09:37
amol112lsusb lspci also not showing touchscreen info09:37
EE_anyone running magic jack at all?09:38
ciriguaochelz: lol I have a couple days with that st09:38
joakimkunop: I tried gnome-session in a Terminal window, but I only got some error messages, ending with ** (update-notifier:4359): WARNING **: already running?09:38
unopjoakimk, if all you are after is to start a few applications each time you log on - you can place them in !startup09:38
automatikwhat do i use to see the information posted in newsgroups?09:38
manga_45unop : i installed libmp3lame-dev and libmp3lame0 but it does not work :(09:38
unopjoakimk, gnome-session-properties is what you want to configure gnome-session09:39
joakimkunop: yes, but I also want to execute/start some commands/software in Terminal windows... guess I can do that also in the call to start Terminal?09:39
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brickyso anyone know how I could get svideo out perhaps? :P09:39
brickyor what resolution Svideo is capable of? lol09:39
unopjoakimk, sure, all you need is another file like your ~/.bashrc that you source when you need it.09:39
SwedeMikeautomatik: you're looking for a newsgroup reading program? thunderbird has one built-in I believe. apt-cache searc hnntp should give you a list of things related to nntp/news.09:40
unopmanga_45, not sure why that is -- have you restarted winff ?09:40
Dr_Willisbricky:  I think anything over a speciic res gets  'converted' down.09:40
SwedeMikeautomatik: apt-cache search nntp I mean09:40
manga_45unop : yes.09:40
manga_45unop : i restrted.09:40
unopmanga_45, what's the exact message you get?09:40
ciriguaoI have a thinkpad  t43 but my wireless doesn't work "intel PRO/Wireless 2915ABG" I can scanning but I can connect it. "it say driver fail to connect "09:40
chelzciriguao: karmic?09:41
manga_45unop http://textsnip.com/3ab21509:41
automatikSwedeMike - which one do you use?09:41
EE_i was just reading about magic jack in linux and someone said it only works using XP in vmware (rather than virtualbox)09:41
EE_any idea why that is?09:41
Chuwieyhello, I have a barebones ubuntu 8 install, and i need to enable universe via command line... however, i don't have gedit either.. and anything i try and install does nothing (i.e. says nothing, just goes back to command line) - help?09:41
automatikor someone else this question relates to09:42
SwedeMikeautomatik: I havent used news for 10 years, it's too run over by binaries.09:42
ciriguaochelz: doesn't work09:42
chelzciriguao: are you on lucid?09:42
fr0nkcodebrainz: ok thanks. Is there any reason why I shouldn't just use beryl again? IMHO the themes for beryl are much more beautiful and easier to modify (eg no borders)09:42
unopmanga_45, hmm, beats me..  you can /join #ffmpeg and ask them there, they might be able to help.09:43
ubottuBeryl has been merged with Compiz to form Compiz-Fusion.  New Beryl installs are discouraged. See also !compiz09:43
codebrainzfr0nk, i think beryl is not merged with compiz09:43
Dr_Willisfr0nk:  you mean the themes for EMERALD ?09:43
manga_45unop: ok. tahnk you!09:43
fr0nkDr_Willis: damn! yes! emerald... sorry! :(09:43
Dr_Willisfr0nk:  go ahead and use emreald if you want.. but dont be too suprised if emerald vanishes some day soon09:44
ubottuemerald is an obsolete window decorator for compiz. It's unsupported and unmaintained, making issues with it very hard to diagnose and fix. There are no known, supported alternatives.09:44
ciriguaochelz: why ?09:44
joakimkunop: I guess that's easier... Then I can make a toolbar shortcut. Still, is this incorrect: gnome-terminal -x cd ~/mirror/work/my/files09:44
fr0nkI just got up ;)09:44
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chelzciriguao: so i know if we're running the same version of ubuntu09:44
unopChuwiey,  sudo nano /etc/apt/sources.list  # and comment out the lines you need.09:44
joakimkunop: I get an error window, saying "there was an error creating the child process for this terminal"09:44
ciriguaono I don't have it09:44
brickyDr_Willis: you sound like you know how to do that. looks risky from my angle..09:44
chelzciriguao: so you're on karmic?09:44
Dr_Willisbricky:  how to do what? :)09:44
ciriguaochelz: that wireless used to work on ubuntu 8.0409:45
ciriguaochelz: not son I ubuntu server09:45
Chuwieyunop, doesn't do anything (again with the no response and going back to cl)09:45
brickyDr_Willis: about S-Video out under linux , it's pretty bleak, lol09:45
fr0nkDr_Willis: sad destiny for emerald. Is there any reason you know of? It was far ahead the other decorators, especially the editor09:45
Dr_Willisbricky:  with my nvidia cards and the nvidia-settings tool.. takes me all of like 20 sec to get tv out working09:45
Dr_Willisfr0nk:  no idea. i rarely used it.09:46
chelzciriguao: what version of ubuntu and edition are you using now?09:46
fr0nkhm ok, thanks anyway09:46
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fr0nkbrb breakfast :D09:46
brickyDr_Willis: lol :)09:46
joakimkunop: nevermind, I used working-directory :)09:46
ciriguaochelz: ubuntu-desktop09:46
Dr_Willisbricky:  i finally upgraded to a new tv. Using the VGA out now09:46
brickyits that my ATI is weak then :O09:46
brickyCompiz works nice though, :D09:47
chelzciriguao: 8.10, 9.04, 9.10, 10.04?09:47
Dr_Willisbricky:  i dont touch ati. :) other then to remove/toss/replace with nvidia..09:47
ciriguaochelz: 10.0409:47
EE_can anyone tell me the most correct way to install vmware player? i know there are several methods and last time the installation failed and any time i did a system update it would keep failing over and over again09:47
brickyDr_Willis: X200 mobile, no lag, but some features arent supported09:47
ciriguaoEE_: sudo apt-get install vmware09:47
brickylike window animations, :(09:47
EE_ciriguao: thx09:48
brickyno controlling fan speed09:48
brickynothing, lol09:48
ciriguaochelz: did you fix your problem with your wireless?09:48
akssps011hi, I have upgraded from kubuntu 9.10 to 10.04 on my desktop PC09:49
akssps011but after upgradation Hibernation is not working09:49
akssps011it worked prior to upgrade09:49
akssps011what may be the problem ??09:49
FloodBot2akssps011: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.09:49
EE_ciriguao: couldnt find package vmware09:49
chelzciriguao: nope, still working on it09:49
chelzi'm gonna try rebooting in a bit09:49
akssps011I tried to use "uswsusp", but it is for laptops..moreover on my PC crashes quite frequently after installing it. Is their any alternative ?09:49
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ciriguaoEE_: sudo apt-get install vm press tab09:50
ciriguaoEE_: sudo apt-get install vm and then press tab09:50
ronnycan someone point me to the relevant channels if i want to start packaging apps for ubuntu?09:50
bazhangciriguao, vmware is not in the repos09:50
akssps011Please help, its very difficult to do without hibernation09:50
chelzronny: #ubuntu-dev09:50
chelzor maybe motu09:50
chelzronny: #ubuntu-motu09:51
ciriguaochelz: did tried with ndiswrapper ?09:51
bazhangciriguao, you may be thinking of virtualbox09:51
chelzciriguao: i'm trying to avoid that.. that might work but i'm pretty sure ndiswrapper doesn't work too well with injection and monitor mode and stuff09:51
EE_ciriguao: displayed a few files or folders not sure... still didnt work thouhg09:51
ciriguaobazhang: that video player ?09:51
mulkaFireCrotch: that works on the command line, but it doesn't work from a PHP accessed via URL09:51
bazhangEE_, vmware is not in the repos09:51
akssps011Is there any solution to hibernation problem in ubuntu 10.04 ?09:52
chelzmplayer isn't vmware09:52
ciriguaoEE_: you are looking 4 a video player ?09:52
bazhangciriguao, you may be thinking of vlc; vmware is something different entirely09:52
EE_bazhang: so how can I get it?09:52
RickRavenstrange sudo behaviour. please tell me what is wrong : http://paste.ubuntu.com/449083/09:52
chelzakssps011: gather a bunch of info about your computer and post on the forums about it09:52
bazhangEE_, from vmware.com as far as I know09:52
joakimkIf I do this, gnome-terminal --tab --working-directory=/home/joakimk/mirror/phd -e nano --tab --working-directory=/home/joakimk/mirror/phd/ldpc/old/old/ -e nano, is it possible to avoid the tabs/terminal being closed when I exit nano?09:52
ciriguaobazhang: oh I see...!! :S09:52
EE_ciriguao: im trying to use ubuntu but I want to use magic jack as well and I read that I need to run XP in VMWare not Virtual box for it to work09:52
FireCrotchmulka: You'll need a wrapper php script that does exec('php yourscript.php </dev/null &') then09:52
akssps011chelz: tried in ubuntuforums, but no response their.09:53
zougis anyone encountering some strange RGB'ish squares when turning off ubuntu? it should not happen right?09:53
ciriguaoEE_: why u don't use a wine ?09:53
mulkaFireCrotch: yea, that's what I tried. it appears to run it in the foreground because the page doesn't load right away09:53
akssps011chelz: I have 1.24 GB RAM, 1GB swap space, 80GB HDD, P4 ? Hibernation worked in 9.10 but not in 10.0409:54
EE_ciriguao: do you think it will work?09:54
EE_ciriguao ive never used wine before09:54
brickyzoug: I have ziggy lines when mine comes on, lol09:54
akssps011chelz: I upgraded from 9.10 to 10.0409:54
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ciriguaoEE_: yes and u don't need vw09:54
brickywiggly but not wiggly you know09:54
akssps011chelz: any idea ?09:55
zougbricky, lol i used to see that on 9.10, im using 10.0409:55
ciriguaoEE_: tried installing with wine09:55
bazhangEE_, not familiar with that, check wine's appdb09:55
chelzakssps011: uhm you could try shrinking your partition, then installing to another partition to see if the issue is upgrade-related09:55
bazhang!appdb | EE_09:55
ubottuEE_: The Wine Application DB is a database of applications and help for !Windows programs that run under !WINE: http://appdb.winehq.org - Join #winehq for application help09:55
ciriguaochelz: what type of wireless u have?09:55
akssps011chelz: you mean using gparted and then reinstall ?09:56
cedric__Hello ! Somebody knows if it's really interessting to buy a processor with HT (Hyper Threading) for Ubuntu (lucid) ? Thanks09:56
manga_45i have ffmpeg on my system. but i can not open the gui. how to open it ?09:56
chelzciriguao: Intel Corporation PRO/Wireless 4965 AGN09:56
chelzakssps011: yeah, to test09:56
bazhangmanga_45, there is none, install winff09:56
EE_bazhang: its in the list09:57
ciriguaochelz: did u tried to download from intel ??09:57
chelzakssps011: you can grow your main partition after. make sure you know how to reinstall grub though09:57
EE_bazhang: i mean its not in the list09:57
ciriguaochelz: they have a couple driver for it09:57
bazhangEE_, then likely not supported09:57
RickRavenRickRaven: strange sudo behaviour. please tell me what is wrong : http://paste.ubuntu.com/449083/09:57
Sammael_XOk thats frustrating - everything I read said that not seeing the sata drive was a bug with 9.10. So I downloaded and burned 10.04 - same thing.  0.o09:57
akssps011chelz: but it worked with 9.10 and problem aroused the moment I upgraded to 10.04. So isn't update the problem ?09:57
chelzciriguao: yeah, a few times. i keep trying different compat-wireless versions09:57
manga_45bazhang: please look for the pictures. there is a gui i think : http://www.google.com.tr/images?hl=tr&q=ffmpeg&safe=off&um=1&ie=UTF-8&source=og&sa=N&tab=wi09:58
Sammael_XSame exact thing - gparted sees it fine, installer does not.09:58
ciriguaochelz: 2bad09:58
joakimkHow can I create a new Terminal, have it do something, (say run Nano), and remain open (avoid being closed) when I exit Nano=09:58
bazhangmanga_45, ffmpeg is command line; you need winff09:58
ciriguaochelz: what is the problem?09:58
chelzakssps011: the problem may be not due to the upgrade tho, it may just be part of 10.0409:58
EE_bazhang im still lost on how to install vmware09:58
manga_45on #ffmpeg channel told me that they dont support winff :( what should i do now ?09:59
bazhangEE_, go to their website and get it09:59
chelzciriguao: can't connect to hardly anything, only a network without wep/wpa if i set static IPs. details are here: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=150849009:59
chelzEE_: does vmware have instructions? you could check their forum09:59
Dr_Willismanga_45:  what are you trying to do anyway?09:59
manga_45bazhang:  on #ffmpeg channel told me that they dont support winff :( what should i do now ?10:00
bazhangmanga_45, explain what you are trying to do? learn / read the ffmpeg documentation then?10:00
ciriguaochelz: I cann't connect even without security10:00
Dr_Willismanga_45:   if you want a gui to ffmpeg , install and use winff. or learn to use the ffmpeg command10:00
zougmanga_45, as far as i know ffmpeg is a library which is a backend. you are asking for a frontend, is that right?10:00
manga_45Dr_Willis: i have a problem with winff. i can not convert a waw file to mp3 or blackberrys music format.10:00
zougmanga_45, or use it from CLI10:01
chelzciriguao: have you tried setting a static ip in networkmanager?10:01
Dr_Willismanga_45:  Its possible the version of ffmpeg you have - does not have mp3 support also.10:01
R3cur51v3manga_45, I'm sure there are easier ways to convert a wav to mp310:01
R3cur51v3I think10:01
R3cur51v3Actually, IDK10:01
FloodBot2R3cur51v3: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.10:01
ciriguaochelz: not10:01
strwagmanga_45: audacity?10:01
manga_45Dr_Willis: how to support it ?10:01
Dr_Willismanga_45:  i always google for examples of such conversions.     that way i learn ffmpeg command line.10:02
manga_45strwag: i have audacity on my system.10:02
chelzciriguao: do you know what kind of ip you had before? something like
ciriguaochelz: I tried to installing with ndiswrapper but still not working10:02
manga_45Dr_Willis: Unknown encoder 'libmp3lame'10:02
miniverHey, anyone noticing a problem with Firefox crashing *a lot* with Ubuntu 10.04 x86_64?10:02
chelzciriguao: want to try setting a static ip? i'll walk you through it if you want10:03
ciriguaochelz: I have10:03
chelzciriguao: you have tried or you want to?10:03
Dr_Willismanga_45:  check package manager for libmp3lame and install it10:03
ciriguaochelz: let see10:03
manga_45Dr_Willis: ok thank you!10:04
bazhangseems like sound-converter can do it10:04
chelzciriguao: yes? no?10:04
ciriguaochelz: yes10:05
zougRickRaven, why dont you link the passenger binary to /usr/bin?10:05
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EE_am i supposed to be able to just run the .bundle??10:05
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chelzciriguao: right click on NetworkManager, go to Edit Connections, select your ethernet connection in Wired and click on the "edit" button. tell me when you're done with these steps.10:05
red2kicWhatever happens to Mozilla Sunbird?10:05
chelzEE_: does it come with a README?10:06
miniverHey, anyone noticing a problem with Firefox 3.6.3 crashing *a lot* with Ubuntu 10.04 x86_64?10:06
EE_chelz: no just by itself10:06
RickRavenzoug: it may work but wha i want to learn why it doesnt work with sudo. i want to understand the mechanism10:06
xalnonok i need to figure out how to make it so i can find wifi10:06
chelzminiver: you could report a bug if you want. just involves installing a firefox debug versions and posting some logs10:06
zougminiver, i have some occasional crashing on x86.3210:06
ciriguaochelz: I using other type of ubuntu my ubuntu is for notebook10:07
red2kicminiver: Could be your Flash. Try disable it temporarily and see if the problem still rises.10:07
chelzEE_: sure try that. ./file.bundle10:07
EE_chelz: coult not open the file /tmp/VMware-Player-2.5....x86_64.bundle ,,,,gedit has not been able to deteld the character encoding...10:07
chelzEE_: you probably need to do it from a terminal10:07
xalnoncan someone help me10:07
EE_chelz: Im not sure I follow.... in a terminal?10:07
zougRickRaven, did you marked it as executable? under sudo..10:08
chelzEE_: actually10:08
chelzEE_: right click, go to "open with" select "other" and type in   bash10:08
miniverBasically, it doesn't seem to crash if I'm using it, but it I leave firefox idle (but with tabs open) and go away for an hour, when I come back it's crashed ... and won't re-open my tabs when I start it.10:08
chelzminiver: might be flash10:09
miniver*grumble* The flash, I hates it, it burns me.10:09
chelzyou could disable flash when you leave it, and see if it stops crashing10:09
RickRavenzoug: it seems it is executable by everyone -rwxr-xr-x 1 root root 412 2010-06-13 10:40 passenger-install-apache2-module10:10
chelzthe best way to get to the root of it is to do the bug filing process though10:10
EE_chelz: nothing happens10:10
chelzRickRaven: you could try the full path to it10:10
bazhangEE_, you have 9.10 or 10.0410:10
EE_chelz: ps im running ultimate edition 2.7 based of lucid10:10
miniverDisabling Flash means restarting the browser, and losing all of the opened pages -- what's the point of that?10:10
unopRickRaven, check the manpage for sudo -- look for the SECURE_PATH option10:10
chelzRickRaven: so right before you try to run it, what's in your path?10:10
EE_chelz: i have three diff terminals but not bash i guess10:10
miniver<- 10.04, firefox
miniver*sigh* thanks.10:11
chelzminiver: ok how about the flashblock extension10:11
RickRavenunop: ok i will check10:11
unopRickRaven, debian/ubuntu build sudo in such a way that only a sane PATH is used -- which is why your directory is not looked in10:11
chelzthen make sure no flash is running when you leave, just reload pages with flash on them to get flashblock to block them again10:11
bazhangEE_, ultimate is not supported here; and vmware does not have a working version with 10.04 lucid10:11
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zougRickRaven, if that is a shell script, sudo sh passenger..?10:11
Dr_WillisEE_:  $ echo $SHELL10:12
Dr_WillisEE_:  to see what shell you are using.10:12
EE_bazhang: vmware doesnt work with lucid? that sucks!!!10:12
Sammael_XOk so - dmraid -E -r /dev/sda did the trick - meh.10:12
Dr_WillisI always use virtualbox these days. Not used vmware in ages.10:12
bazhangEE_, and there is not ultimate support here; check ultimate support channels/forums10:12
bazhang!derivatives > EE_10:13
ubottuEE_, please see my private message10:13
EE_Dr willis: command not found.... ps I have three in my accessories menu and one has a dollar sign and one is called terminator10:13
Dr_WillisEE_:  you are confuseing the 'terminal emulator' wht the actual 'shell' the emulator is running10:14
unopRickRaven, let's keep the conversation here -- so other people can contribute...10:14
Dr_WillisEE_:  echo $SHELL                  should print out the current 'shell' you are using . not what 'emulator/gui'  you are using10:14
EE_Dr_Willis: /bin/bash10:15
EE_i had an extra $ in there before10:15
Dr_WillisEE_:  so you are using the bash shell. There ya go.10:15
brickyhow would I back up my xorg.conf and restore it easily?10:15
unopRickRaven, SECURE_PATH ensures that PATH is reset to the default (as per /etc/profile) before sudo tries to run the command you give it --- this is to stop someone/malware from loading a bad directory in your PATH and possibly doing something disastrous.10:15
brickyI would like to try something out to get my S-video working :) lol10:16
bullgard4On my Ubuntu 10.04 computer exists a process seamonkey-2.0-bin (76KiB) and another process seamonkey-2.0-bin (88,9MiB). How do their functions differ?10:16
Dr_Willisbricky:  its just a text file.10:17
EE_ so are you guys telling me there is no way I can get vmware player to work with lucid?10:17
Dr_Willisbricky:  copy it somewhere, copy it back to restore10:17
zougunop, so if we change the PATH it wont make that change happen when we sudo something?10:17
unopRickRaven, example. people like doing this often ''sudo bash'' ... but if i created some malware (let's call it bash too) and placed it in your homedirectory, I can get it to affect PATH like this.  PATH="~/:$PATH" .. so the next time you go to run ''sudo bash'',   ~/bash is invoked and all your credit cards are mine...10:18
Dr_WillisEE_:  check the forums perhaps? or the !vmware factoids10:18
brickybullgard4" one is the program one is a script running it maybe? Idk10:18
ubottuVMWare is not available in the Ubuntu repositories. Consider using !QEmu or !VirtualBox as alternatives. Instructions for installing VMWare manually are at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/VMware10:18
brickyDr_Willis: yeah but if it messes up i cant use X then10:18
brickyand gnome,10:18
Dr_Willisbricky:  this is when you learn some shell basics10:19
unopzoug, only under some special circumstances .. such as when running ''sudo command''10:19
Dr_Willisbricky:  i dont even have a xorg.conf for several of my machines.10:19
vahidwhen i want to replay a post in forums firefox in long time i will be in "waitng for" HELP ME10:19
brickysince theres no password  screen when I log in to my first session I dont know if its safe10:19
brickyand I dont know why I just mentioned that but oh well ;P10:20
bullgard4bricky: I will think about your answer.10:20
brickyDr_Willis: you must have a more compatible video card10:20
jootmag NickServ identify joot10:20
brickyDr_Willis: my card requires it im sure, since it does not come pre-installed with catalyst10:20
brickyyes yes...10:21
brickyjoot: go on...10:21
brickymsg NickServ identify bricky10:21
RickRavenunop: i am getting understand. you are very helpful thank you10:22
brickymsg NickServ identify bricky pastapie20110:22
zougunop, so a normal user can make PATH changes and use it execute any binaries?10:22
bullgard4bricky: I cannot think of any reasonable reason to call a binary using a skript process that does not end immediately.10:22
Dr_Willisbricky:  if theres no xorg.conf - X normally choses some sane defaults.. (normally)10:22
brickyDr_Willis: ah10:22
=== elija is now known as dm_harlin
jootbricky: yeah I got myself sorted now :)10:22
Dr_Willis!tvout | bricky10:22
ubottubricky: For help with enabling the TV-Out, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/NvidiaTVOutNewbieEdition (Nvidia cards) or http://wiki.cchtml.com/index.php/Tvout (ATI cards, *untested*)10:22
unopzoug, well, pretty much yea -- which is why PATH must be checked before using sudo -- to ensure that binaries in untrusted paths are not accidentally invoked.10:23
kitty_having problems with apache2 and scriptalias for multimon, can't get it to execute the file. have Options ExecCGI and sethandler... no clue what i'm doing wrong10:23
appa_15Dr_Willis: i installed for winff the lame package which is needed but i get the same error from winff.10:23
brickyjoot: :)10:23
zougunop, ah i see..thanks for the info!10:24
Dr_Willisappa_15:  try the simple command line. and see if it gives errors, for starters10:24
kiamohow do I install full feature support for my wacom intuos 4 tablet?10:24
kitty_anyone familiar with getting apcupsd to run multiple instances for each ups attached to your machine?10:24
gopa /msg nickserv identify10:25
=== gopa is now known as gops
EE_I get stuck at this command: sudo apt-get install linux-headers-`uname -r`      couldnt find package uname-r10:26
ikoniaEE_: make sure there is no space between - and `10:27
ikoniaEE_: eg: sudo apt-get install linux-headers-`uname -r`10:27
zougwhich program handles the keyboard mappings? once, something crashed firefox and i had the return key pressed forever even if i have not touched it. everywhere in gnome..!10:27
brickyDr_Willis: my new hardware doesnt support catalyst compiz gives out :P10:27
Dr_WillisEE_:  and ` are  backticks - the top left of your keyboard10:27
EE_Dr_Willies: NICE ... that probably fixed the problem i had for months!10:28
Dr_WillisEE_:  You might want to spend some time reasing up and learning bash basics. :)10:29
appa_15Dr_Willis i try it from command line it gives this error : Unsupported codec for output stream #0.010:29
Sammael_XIs THAT was this symbol ` is called?10:29
EE_Dr_Willis: any place in particular i should be consulting10:29
Zeu5hi there, i have already installed quite a number of applications like vlc and chrome in one of my user acounts. how do i make it such tat the other users can also use it without reinstalling the software again?10:29
Sammael_XI was wondering what the name of that thing was!10:29
Dr_Willisappa_15:  i always compile my own ffmpeg. and  i always install the dozen+ other pcakges that give ubuntu mp3 and other restricted file supports10:30
bullgard4On my Ubuntu 10.04 computer exists a process seamonkey-2.0 (76KiB) and another process seamonkey-2.0-bin (88,9MiB). How do their functions differ?10:30
appa_15 Dr_Willis: which packages do you mean extra ?10:30
ikoniabullgard4: one is a script that calls the binary10:31
vahidMy ubuntu 10.04 in chromium and Firefox have this Error to submit a form: Error 101 (net::ERR_CONNECTION_RESET): Unknown error.10:31
Dr_Willisappa_15:  w32codecs, ubuntu-restricted-extras and proberly others10:31
RickRavenunop: thank you for guiding me i found the solution. it works now : sudo env PATH=$PATH passenger-install-apache2-module10:31
wise_cryptgops: whats up ?10:31
Dr_Willisappa_15:  a check of the ubuntu forums and search for that exact error message. may point to what you n eed to install10:31
Dr_WillisCompile your own ffmpeg script --> http://www.webupd8.org/2010/04/script-to-automatically-download-and.html10:31
zougRickRaven, ah so env does it..10:32
EE_now im stuck on this: sudo ./Desktop/vmware<tab>/vmware-install.pl -d    ...... the tab doesnt autocomplete my folder location10:32
Zeu5hi there, i have already installed quite a number of applications like vlc and chrome in one of my user acounts. how do i make it such tat the other users can also use it without reinstalling the software again?10:33
Dr_WillisEE_:  bash basics - 'quoteing' of paths with spaces.. (use10:33
kitty_looking for help with apcupsd and multiple usb apc connections10:33
Dr_WillisEE_:  bash basics - 'quoteing' of paths with spaces.. (use  " or ' at the start) or cd to the proper dir. so you dont need the full path10:33
bullgard4ikonia: The process seamonkey-2.0 still exists. I cannot think of any reasonable reason to call a binary using a skript process that does not end immediately. Why did the process seamonkey-2.0 not terminate?10:33
ikoniabullgard4: it works the same in firefox, a script calls the binary10:34
bullgard4ikonia: Right.10:34
jootDoes anyone know of a satellite tuner card that works well in a Linux environment?10:34
Dr_Willisjoot:  the #mythbuntu guys may know. or know a place to look10:34
ikoniabullgard4: if you look you'll find the run-mozilla.sh still runs after firefox has started10:34
EE_Dr_Willis: it seems without completing all the steps I have vmware player now :)10:35
vahidMy ubuntu 10.04 in chromium and Firefox have this Error to submit a form: Error 101 (net::ERR_CONNECTION_RESET): Unknown error10:35
Dr_WillisEE_:  i never use vmware, and i really dont plan on ever using it any time soon. so good luck10:35
jootDr Willis: Cheers I will go to #Mythbuntu10:36
bullgard4ikonia: I have no doubt that your statement is true.10:36
vahidMy ubuntu 10.04 in Internet have this Error to submit a form: Error 101 (net::ERR_CONNECTION_RESET): Unknown error10:37
ikoniavahid: looks like the website your trying to submit to terminated connection10:37
EE_Dr_Willis: I have virtual box and another virtual thing but I need vmware to run magic jack (VOIP)10:38
vahidikonia: I have problem in a lot of websites to submit a value!10:39
brickyis that any good heh10:39
ikoniavahid: worth chatting to your isp then10:39
Zeu5hi there, i have already installed quite a number of applications like vlc and chrome in one of my user acounts. how do i make it such tat the other users can also use it without reinstalling the software again?10:39
R3cur51v3Is it worth it to become a Ubuntu certified professional if I want to install some Ubuntu systems for small pay?10:40
vahidikonia: I don't have this problem in Windows!10:40
ikoniaR3cur51v3: that's your call10:40
R3cur51v3Is "Ubuntu certification" a mostly worthless certification?10:40
ikoniavahid: what browser are you using in ubuntu10:40
ikoniaR3cur51v3: that's your call and your employers opinion10:40
Dr_WillisArent Most 'certifications'   "mostly worthless" ?10:40
vahidI tested in firefox and chromium.10:41
Dr_WillisResume padding.10:41
pollux63je cherche de l'aide10:41
R3cur51v3As in, is it difficult and does it actually represent some skill, or is it just some company out to make a buck?10:41
=== prof_away is now known as Prof_BiG_BanG
ikoniaR3cur51v3: difficult depends on how good you are, so it's subjective.10:41
joot! fr10:41
ubottuCe canal est en anglais uniquement. Si vous avez besoin d'aide ou voulez discuter en francais, merci de rejoindre #ubuntu-fr, ou #ubuntu-qc. Merci.10:41
pollux63quelqu'un aurait-il la gentillesse et le temps de me filer un coup de main?10:41
BlueEaglevahid: Where do you see that error message?10:41
ikonia!fr | pollux6310:41
ubottupollux63: please see above10:41
R3cur51v3ikonia, could you be a little more vague please?10:42
strwagmanga_45: just tried audacity and convert working perfect10:42
jo-erlendhow do I set the boot parameters when I'm in the grub2 menu?10:42
Dr_Willisjo-erlend:  you can edit the boot lines and change them for a one-time change10:42
ikoniaR3cur51v3: you're asking vauge questions, that are very subjective10:42
vahidChromium, but in Firefox after some minutes, want to save that page!10:42
jo-erlendDr_Willis, no, I can't. That's why I'm asking. How do I do that?10:42
wise_crypt!grub2 > jo-erlend10:43
ubottujo-erlend, please see my private message10:43
vahidikonia:Chromium, but in Firefox after some minutes, want to save that page!10:43
R3cur51v3ikonia, feel free to fill in the blanks with common sense10:43
JyZyXELwhen you have your root fs on raid-1 can the /boot be there too or does it have to separately on just one of the devices?10:43
R3cur51v3ikonia, typically, when someone asks you the way to the restroom you don't ask "which one"10:43
Dr_Willisjo-erlend:  hit e , or somthing to enter editing mode. make changes.. ctrl-x to boot I belive10:44
bazhangR3cur51v3, lets move this to #ubuntu-offtopic please10:44
jo-erlendDr_Willis, I'll try that. Thanks.10:44
R3cur51v3bazhang, I'm banned there10:44
bazhangR3cur51v3, well this is not the appropriate channel for Ubuntu certification merits10:44
=== elija is now known as dm_harlin
Wipsterhey all, is there a command like traceroute and ping which can continuously monitor the ping and packet loss along the hops to a host? I need to debug some network problems10:45
wise_cryptR3cur51v3: got ban ib offtopic is bad10:45
BlueEagleR3cur51v3: I do not know what a "Ubuntu certification" actually represents. If you are able to set up and manage an Ubuntu server environment or if you're just able to use Ubuntu would define the value. So what you most likely want to ask is what an "Ubuntu certification" actually means that you can do.10:45
BlueEagleR3cur51v3: In any case #ubuntu-offtopic would be a more suitable channel for such a discussion.10:46
pancakezJyZyXEL, raid-1 can have boot on the root fs. however on raid-0 that doesn't work10:46
rwwBlueEagle: you may want to consider reading R3cur51v3's last message.10:46
JyZyXELhow about a crypto raid-1?10:46
red2kicR3cur51v3: I guess you have to figure out how to evade your ban! Then go in #ubuntu-offtopic before somebody figured you out.10:46
pancakeznot sure about that10:47
rwwred2kic: Joking about violating network policy isn't a great idea.10:47
* wise_crypt how can a man be baned in offtopic10:47
bazhangred2kic, that is not welcome advice.10:47
JyZyXELcan the /boot be on partitioned md?10:47
Dr_Williswise_crypt:  i was wondering that also...10:47
Dr_Williswise_crypt:  perhaps he was answering support questions10:47
rwwwise_crypt: because "offtopic" doesn't mean "free for all"10:47
=== elija is now known as dm_harlin
red2kicwise_crypt: I take it you didn't follow the guidelines / rules. o4o for o4o exists.10:48
jootDr Willis wise-crypt: must have been off-topic10:48
=== sburjan`` is now known as sburjan`
pancakezJyZyXEL, I believe so, yes10:48
=== wau is now known as Guest71961
wise_cryptjoot: offtopic in oftopic # ?10:48
rww!guidelines | these apply in #ubuntu-offtopic10:49
ubottuthese apply in #ubuntu-offtopic: The guidelines for using the Ubuntu channels can be found here: http://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Guidelines10:49
ubottuThis is not a file sharing channel (or network); be sure to read the channel topic. If you're looking for information about me, type « /msg ubottu !bot »10:49
rww!offtopic | This applies here.10:49
ubottuThis applies here.: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics. Thanks!10:49
jootwise-crypt: roflmao10:49
wise_cryptrww: i think ubottu has to spcify clearly about other topics mean lol10:50
Jordan_UJyZyXEL: grub2 can read it's files / the kernel from a full disk md, but can only be installed to a drive that has a normal partition table and mdraid on top of that10:50
bazhangwise_crypt, lets get back on topic please10:50
red2kicwise_crypt: /msg ubottu !o4o10:50
wise_cryptbazhang: ok sorry just wondering10:50
joot! hi10:51
ubottuHi! Welcome to #ubuntu! Feel free to ask questions and help people out. The channel guidelines are at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Guidelines . Enjoy your stay!10:51
Pirate_Hunterdoes mpd allow me to play music on one pc but redirect the sound to other computers also can I control the songs being played?10:52
JyZyXELJordan_U: but there can be another partition table on top of md10:52
testi_I'd like to delete all pages following page 30 in an openoffice document. Selecting the whole content and then pressing "Delete" does not work. How can I delete content in a document?10:52
JyZyXELso could grub2 read the /boot files from a partitioned raid-1 md10:53
Dr_Willisselecting text and hitting 'delete' dosent delete text in OpenOfficcs?10:53
BlueEaglePirate_Hunter: Not exactly an answer to your question, but kplaylist.com may be worth a gander.10:53
woothi there10:53
Jordan_UJyZyXEL: Yes.10:54
BlueEaglePirate_Hunter: Not actively developed anymore though.10:54
testi_Dr_Willis: well if the content is only text, then it works. But the content is mixed. There are tables, images and text.10:54
Pirate_HunterBlueEagle, will look at it all I want is an application that lets me play music on my home server but the sound comes out of my main comp thought mpd could do that10:54
=== [SW]Dodge`oFF is now known as [SW]Dodge
Dr_Willistesti_:  Hmm.. perhaps a right click/context menu item then. or somt other menu item10:54
testi_mmh.. is there an openoffice channel in freenode?10:55
cronjectPirate_Hunter: mount the share on the main computer and use whatever player you want10:55
ubuntuselurhi. i have a creative webcam vista pd1100, and it doesn't seem to work with Cheese10:56
wooti have got 2x RTL8111/8168B PCI Express Gigabit Ethernet controller and ubuntu loads the driver r8169 driverversion=2.3LK-NAPI, when i have both nic's up and running and transfer some data one of the both nic's goes down, could it be that it is only a driver problem ? and when yes, any idea's how to solve it ? or does anyone have experience with it?10:56
red2kicI forget how I can toggle on "icons" for context menu and alt menu.10:56
Pirate_HunterBlueEagle, that could work work that could actually work (makes a note for another day) and cronject that would be the best and simplest method thanks10:56
madurax86hey, my RAM usage grows to about 86% but no process seems to be using it. I'm using fglrx, is there a reason for a mem leak on that driver to result in this behavior?10:57
nmvictorwill removing pulseaudio as a startup application affect my systems sound?10:58
Dr_Willismadurax86:  prove its a mem leak. but check here first --> http://www.linuxatemyram.com/10:58
cronjectmasafumi: that's probably good.10:59
wootno ideas?10:59
nmvictorwill removing pulseaudio as a startup application affect my systems sound?10:59
cronjectmasafumi: look at the second column of "fee -m"11:00
=== om26er_ is now known as om26er
wooti have got 2x RTL8111/8168B PCI Express Gigabit Ethernet controller and ubuntu loads the driver r8169 driverversion=2.3LK-NAPI, when i have both nic's up and running and transfer some data one of the both nic's goes down, could it be that it is only a driver problem ? and when yes, any idea's how to solve it ? or does anyone have experience with it?11:00
binarymewoot, both connected to the same network?11:01
madurax86Dr_Willis: free -m seems to be displaying normal output but, the system monitors report high usage and swap usage goes up sometimes too the machine gets slow sometimes11:01
wootbinaryme: yes, want to have 2x1gbit connectivity11:02
binarymewoot, why?11:02
bazhangnmvictor, no caps11:02
* airtonix rofls11:02
BlueEagle!shout |nmvictor11:02
ubottunmvictor: PLEASE DON'T SHOUT! We can read lowercase too.11:03
wootbecause i need 2gbit on one ip and not 2x1gbit11:03
nmvictorBlueEagle: who cant read uppercase?11:03
wootor i misunderstood your question, that could also be :)11:03
freshminthi, where to i get fresh bluetooth conf files. i messed mine...11:03
airtonixnmvictor, why would you want to remove pulseaudio ?11:03
airtonixnmvictor, if its causing problems you're doing something wrong or following bad advice11:03
BlueEaglenmvictor: Typing in all uppercase is concidered SHOUTING and generally bad manners.11:04
binarymewoot, it generally doesn't work like that.  two cards can't share the same ip11:04
insanity99hey guys, compiled my first program in pascal and i can open it in terminal fine but if i double click the file simply marked 'hello' nothing happens. any idea why?11:04
wootbinaryme, i see that i have 2 ip's one per interface11:04
brianhermanInsanity: chmod +x <FILENAME HERE>11:04
wootbinaryme: was my fault11:04
nmvictorairtonix: i just wanted to be sure if its important, if not, flush it out of my startup apps11:05
Dr_Willisnmvictor:  since its part of the normal gnome sound system.. i would say 'yes' to that question11:05
airtonixnmvictor, why ?11:05
insanity99i already tried that11:05
Dr_Willisinsanity99:  if its a terminal/text output program.. it needs someplace to print the output11:05
airtonixnmvictor, is it because of OCD11:05
wootbinaryme: i just want some kind of 'link' that they both pull out the speed, i mean that i have 2gbit and not 2x1gbit11:05
megabrakerwhen am working with script like python scripts e.g script.py i noticed that another backup file was created script.py~ is this any way to configure my linux distro to not create backup files?11:05
binarymewoot, you can have one ip per card, but my experience is generally not a goood it to be on the same network or subnet11:06
brianhermaninsanity: are you clicking on the compiled binary?11:06
insanity99Dr_Willis: how?11:06
nmvictorBlueEagle: i know UPPERCASE means shouting but sometimes it gets one the attention, as you've noticed, someone(s) listened...:)11:06
brianhermaninsanity99:right click run in terminal in ubuntu11:06
airtonixnmvictor, normally i just people on ignore that shout...11:06
binarymewoot, why do you need such a high speed cinnection?11:06
Dr_Willisinsanity99:  run it in a terminal... or make a terminal launch/run it11:07
MaT-dgcan I limit the volume to a certain level?11:07
brianhermananyone use rsync to backup a server?11:07
megabrakerwhen am working with script like python scripts e.g script.py i noticed that another backup file was created script.py~ is this any way to configure my linux distro to not create backup files?11:07
Dr_Willisinsanity99:  if all its doing is printing 'hello' then  a terminal  also may open/print jhello, then quit , VERY quickly11:07
red2kicmegabraker: Disable that in gedit.11:07
Flannelmegabraker: That's a text editor property, and yeah, most can disable that.11:08
airtonixbinaryme, woot i dont see the point of trying to merge the bandwidth of two NICS into one pipe if you dont have that same direct path at and through the end point11:08
insanity99yeah i added readln to make it wait11:08
nmvictoreverytime my system starts, i see a line "Startting speech dispatcher ... [ ok ]" in the boot messages, whats that process for?11:08
megabrakerok ama using Kate :)11:08
binarymeairtonix, that's actually what I am getting at too11:08
airtonixbinaryme, its possible but it requires special hardware right ?11:09
red2kicnmvictor: I'm guessing you installed festival or something.11:09
insanity99in the chose app to open with window, what is the command for terminal?11:09
binarymeairtonix, yes, it would require some kind of "load balancing" setup11:09
airtonixinsanity99, gnome-open ?11:09
wootthe customer want's to merge the two nic's bandwith ... i have no idea why he actually wants that sorry11:09
wooti am just the 'dumb' guy who has to get it up and running for him11:10
airtonixwoot, just say its beyond the customers budget11:10
megabrakerok thanks red2kic and Flannel11:10
insanity99just says 'open with...'11:10
nmvictorred2kic: i dont have it installed, but i was wondering if its of any importance to the rest of the system ?11:10
insanity99terminal isn't listed though11:10
wootbut that doesn't fix the problem that i have, that one nic goes down when it get's traffic11:10
wootand that appears only, when both nic's are up11:10
cachouuuuuusalut all =)11:10
airtonixinsanity99, you have to add your own entries11:10
binarymewoot, that would be like taking to freeways and directing all the traffic to a single lane highway..... roadblocks11:10
wootif i have only one nic up, i have no problem11:11
red2kicnmvictor: I doubt it it is of any importance to you. Accessibility packages.11:11
megabrakerwoot i like your name :)11:11
woothehe thanks megabraker11:11
wootbinaryme: sure, i get that but how i said, it is not my thoughts on that :D11:11
airtonixwoot, probably because they are on the same subnet / network ?11:11
nmvictorred2kic: yea, accessability packages was my gues11:11
nmvictorred2kic: thanks11:11
wootairtonix: that could be ... they both share the same subnet11:12
airtonixwoot, set them to separate subnets then11:12
binarymewoot, are we talking about an off site link to the net>11:12
insanity99airtonix: so how do i add terminal? where is it on filesystem?11:12
wootbinaryme: the nic's are both online, they both have online ip's (seperate) and are reachable or should be reachable from the outside11:13
wootbut, what11:13
binarymeok, then they will need to be on different subnets, or you will need some kind of load ballancing setup, like a dedicate dual WAN router11:14
airtonixinsanity99, depends on which terminal you mean ?11:14
wootbut, what's the point with that driver? ubuntu loads another driver than i have as hardware11:14
insanity99applications > accessories > terminal. thats what i use normally11:15
nmvictorMy System>Preference>Power Management does not have [On Battery] tab, only [On AC] & [General] tabs are visible.is this normal? Iam running Lucid lynx11:15
Mixxithi im trying to intall ubuntu and its stuck at retreiving sysv-rc11:17
woothardware is: RTL8111/8168B and driver that it loads is: driver=r8169 driverversion=2.3LK-NAPI, that confuses me a bit11:17
Mixxitim on a metered internet connection and im worried about having to restart this11:17
Mixxithow can i recover it?11:17
nmvictorMy System>Preference>Power Management does not have [On Battery] tab, only [On AC] & [General] tabs are visible.is this normal? Iam running Lucid lynx11:17
nmvictorMixxit: which version11:18
binarymewoot, that may be an issue, but I don't think it's the problem, if the cards work when you use the one at a time11:18
Mixxiti think it was a temporary network blip thats caused it and i want it to try to download it agai without having to go through the whole process again and download another 200mb11:18
airtonixMixxit, what ISP are you with ?11:18
nmvictor are you installing over the net or doing an upgrade from kermic?11:19
Mixxitits a fresh install11:19
Mixxithow can i make it download that file again?11:19
wootbinaryme i just tested eth1 standalone, have to test the other one. when it goes down it needs around 5-6minutes till it comes back11:19
airtonixMixxit, you need to be a bit more descriptive about what you are doing ... is it just an apt-get command you're running ?11:20
Mixxitim just using the installer11:20
airtonixMixxit, which means ?11:20
nmvictorMixxit: i honestly dont understand, cant you get an ubuntu Lucid CD or alternate installer, its a cheaper option11:21
airtonixMixxit, "just using the installer " << this could mean several things11:21
[hate]meмля тут есть персы из росии или вы для понтов на инглише общаетесь?11:21
Mixxiti think its a graphical interface to debootstrap in the ubuntu net installer cd11:21
airtonixMixxit, ah so you are doing a netboot install ?11:21
brickysomone wanna remote fix my ubuntu =]11:22
airtonixMixxit, i've no idea how to make it continue from the interupted position.11:22
steffanbricky: what is the problem?11:22
nmvictorMixxit: why, is that you only option?11:22
binarymewoot, ok, if each card works ok, then it's probably a conflict because you are try to use two IPs on one subnet....  this won't work without special config or hardware11:22
brickysteffan i'm having a hard time with my wireless driver, ill send a screenshot11:22
Mixxitbecause to start again would be another 200mb11:22
brickyrather, ill post11:23
airtonixMixxit, i dont think you can continue on from interupted point... i would just wait and get the proper install cd iso when you have a real internet connection.11:23
wootbinaryme: okay, so i gotta try this out, the driver issue shall i fix it and when yes will there be trouble? i know my luck ;/11:23
Mixxitthanks anyway11:23
nmvictorMixxit: but i thought the installer is placing the dowloaded files somewhere on your system, i doubt if it will have to download again11:24
[hate]mehi there is anyone from Russia?11:24
red2kic!ru | [hate]me11:24
ubottu[hate]me: Пожалуйста посетите #ubuntu-ru для получения помощи на русском языке  / Pozhalujsta posetite #ubuntu-ru dlya polucheniya pomoshi na russkom yazyke11:24
binarymewoot, regardless of the driver issue, tell you customer/employer? that they will need a dedicated dual WAN router to do what you are trying to do.11:25
wootokay, i will11:25
wootthanks a lot for your time and help ;)11:25
binarymewoot, you're welcome11:26
somebody_installing Ubuntu 10 and its hanging at 79% what is happening? how do i fix this?11:26
cronjectsomebody_: try verifying the cd using md5sum https://help.ubuntu.com/community/HowToMD5SUM11:28
somebody_ok but i downloaded the image from ubuntu.com :/11:29
cronjectsomebody_: still could be a bad cd11:29
ShapeShifter499how do I tell what my computer has in it(cpu, ram , etc.) in xbuntu?11:30
anonymouse_ShapeShifter499,  lshw in terminal11:30
wilbefasthey, does anybody know how to get an address bar in nautilus?11:30
steffanbricky: yes?11:30
croxio5join #ubuntu-uk11:30
wilbefastin 10.0411:30
Dr_Willistheres some nicer gui looking hardware info tool.. but i never caan bermber its name11:31
Dr_Williswilbefast:  hit ctrl-l to enable it.11:31
Dr_Williswilbefast:  or / key i think11:31
User01steffan  http://is.gd/cNz9b11:31
wilbefastDr_Willis thank :-)11:31
wilbefastI was so sick of not being able to type addresses: it feels like you're being patronised11:31
brickylol its the best pic  could take its pretty bad11:32
Dr_Williswilbefast:  theres a way to make it alwyas be on. via some tweaks11:32
wilbefastGuess I'll have to look that up11:32
bradpitthell-ow.. in ubuntu unity interface how can i add program to the unity panel? drag and drop is not supported and there's no options for adding apps.11:33
brickyanyways  my shift dont even work now hmm11:33
quizmeis there a way to start a process on another desktop window ?11:33
ShapeShifter499I have an computer that saved from going to  e-waste that I plan to make a server with, there is a "intel inside" celeron sticker on the laptop but lshw says there is a pentium III in it?  are the the same?11:34
ShapeShifter499*are they the same?11:34
steffanShapeShifter499: upgraded?11:34
steffanbricky: Applications > Accessories > Take Screenshot next time. did you follow https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs/Driver/bcm43xx?11:35
brianhermanShapeShifter: it should be the same11:35
quizmewhat are they called ? deskop 1 desktop 211:35
quizmedesktop panels?11:35
brickysteffan oh yeah thanks,11:35
cronjectShapeShifter499: There were celeron variants of pentium III11:35
=== [SW]Dodge is now known as [SW]Dodge`oFF
brickystteffan ive been through that and multiple other turorials but its just so odd lol11:35
ShapeShifter499brianherman: so ....   celeron<=pentium III ?11:35
amee2kdamn, rsync is saturating the server so badly, nfs is now stalling completely11:36
ShapeShifter499brianherman: less than or equal to?11:36
amee2kwaiting 5 minutes for an ls -l now11:36
cronjectCelerons are the cheaper lower end processors11:36
steffanbricky: then again I have near to none experience with networking so I'm probably not the person. someone in here will no doubt have a solution for you though - just need to be patient11:36
Pirate_HunterShapeShifter499, not unless all i've been taught so far has been a lie11:37
brickysure, steffan, will keep trying until something happens11:37
brickyty anyways,11:37
ubuntuselurhow can i get my creative webcam vista pd1100 running on ubuntu lucid?11:38
quizmeis it possible to launch an application from the command line into desktop panel 4?11:38
ubottuHi! Welcome to #ubuntu! Feel free to ask questions and help people out. The channel guidelines are at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Guidelines . Enjoy your stay!11:39
ShapeShifter499I have a ton of questions, but I'll start with this, I have this old computer, a Dell Inspiron 2500 with 128 mb ram, 10 gb hard drive, and a Pentium III processor that I saved from e-waste and I plan to turn it into a file, print, and maybe an web server.... I am currently trying to get the printer to work....but I think no matter the OS it still requires BOTH a b/w cartridge and color...11:39
ShapeShifter499...cartridge before it will print....I can't tell11:39
MoopzI have a question. Is it possible to get the gnome version for netbooks on a regular ubuntu install?11:39
Pirate_Hunteris there a way when sending files (scp) on the lan to cap the bandwidth on the system11:39
ShapeShifter499The printer in question is an Canon Pixma iP260011:40
thune3ShapeShifter499: do you have an empty you can plug in? maybe this will suppress the error condition?11:41
icerootis there a default shortcut for mouse-button three? (paste what is selected)11:41
ShapeShifter499thune3: thats the problem.11:41
ShapeShifter499thune3: I don't11:41
Pirate_Hunternvm just read the man found the option11:43
MoopzI have a question. Is it possible to get the gnome version for netbooks on a regular ubuntu install?11:44
echosystmhi guys11:45
echosystmwhen i installed ubuntu, it said it couldnt find a network controller11:45
echosystmwhen i made it autodetect, it found it11:46
echosystmand it installed fine11:46
ShapeShifter499thune3: I do know that on a windows comp I have it kept giving an color cartridge error.....saying it wasn't plugged in OR was defective, and the only options were to cancel printing or get more info on what cartridges to buy11:46
echosystmnow that ive rebooted, it cant find the card again11:46
echosystmwhat can i do to make it autodetect the card again?11:46
anonymouse_echosystm, what card is it?11:46
echosystmi dont know11:47
echosystmsome mitsubishi thing11:47
anonymouse_echosystm, try lspci11:47
anonymouse_echosystm, to find out that card you have11:47
silnerI couldn't find any instructions just now Moopz but I's be surprised if it can't be done11:47
echosystm"diamond voice 56 combo"11:47
echosystmit has a 56k modem and ethernet card in one11:48
ShapeShifter499thune3: how long do you think I've got before the current b/w cartridge I have drys up?11:48
thune3ShapeShifter499: no way to guess how long11:48
Moopzsilner, I was unable to find any as well. I'm checking out whether they're on the official theme packs11:48
echosystmanonymouse_, when i lspci, the winmodem comes up11:48
echosystmbut thats all i can see11:48
ShapeShifter499thune3: I'm afraid that it wont last a month11:48
echosystmi know this definitely works, because it was downloading some stuff during installation11:49
echosystmand the apt cache has been updated et.c11:49
thune3ShapeShifter499: can you launch xfprint or xfprint411:49
ShapeShifter499thune3: xfprint?11:49
ShapeShifter499thune3: I don't think they are installed11:50
thune3ShapeShifter499: you are on xfce if i remember, and i think this is the printing config utility, but i could be wrong11:50
anonymouse_echosystm, yeah I don't think it has anything to do with the NIC itself, it sounds like a bug11:50
Moopzsilner: Doesn't seem like it.11:50
ShapeShifter499thune3: oh one sec, I should be able to start it through alt-f2 OR terminal right?11:50
silnerI notice there is a meta package called ubuntu-netbook in the repo Moopz?11:50
echosystmhow do i do the autodetect thing like it does during the installation?11:50
thune3ShapeShifter499: i'm not xfce guy, but i want to know if you can configure default to "grayscale"11:51
Moopzsilner: I'm new to ubuntu, so all I know is what I can see in the cache search. How do I locate that one?11:51
Dr_WillisMoopz:  insstall ubuntu-netbook package. select netbook  interface at teh GDM login screen11:51
Dr_WillisMoopz:  use the synaptic package manager search for netbook11:51
MoopzDr_Willis: Thanks, will try.11:52
ubuntuselurhow can i trick apt-get into believing that a dependency is met?11:52
silnerI just used Aptitude search on the command line Moopz but I'll look in Synaptic now11:52
Dr_Willisubuntu-netbook - The Ubuntu Netbook system11:52
ShapeShifter499thune3: there is an app called system-config-printer......11:53
MoopzDr_Willis: & silner: Thanks a lot, it's installing now11:53
bmnpavelhello there, sorry for bothering u guys, i am totally new at linux.... besides i dont have that much knowledge on computer rather than playing games and net surffin... can anyone help me to find out how i should start learning about ubuntu11:53
overmachtSirMoo: what lies?11:54
SirMooHa. Sorry. Nothing.11:54
echosystmdoes anyone know how to simulate the network autodetection step in the ubuntu installer?11:54
thune3ShapeShifter499: does it allow you to set printer options11:54
echosystmthsi found my card, now ive restarted and the system cannot see it11:54
ShapeShifter499thune3: checking that now one sec11:55
thune3ShapeShifter499: sounds like the same app in gnome ubuntu11:55
unopbmnpavel, pick up a book about linux or more specifically ubuntu, practice and play -- hang about in here answering questions, and on the forums, etc11:56
thune3ShapeShifter499: Printer options "tab" "Printout mode:" selector11:56
ShapeShifter499thune3: might be idk, this set up is just the default one I got off the ubuntu-alternative disk, with xbuntu packages installed later11:56
thune3ShapeShifter499: it shows printer? you can right click and select properties?11:57
ShapeShifter499thune3: ok I got to my printer properties and under Properties>Printer Options>General, there is an option for color model, but the only option there is RGB11:58
thune3ShapeShifter499: there is no "Printout mode:" option12:00
Flannelubuntuselur: You'll have to create a dummy package that "satisfies" the dependency.  http://eric.lubow.org/2010/system-administration/creating-dummy-packages-on-debian/12:00
thune3ShapeShifter499: ?12:01
ShapeShifter499thune3: NO12:01
ShapeShifter499thune3: (sorry caps)12:01
ubuntuselurFlannel: thanks for that12:04
rethusi have xubuntu... some time ago, i had install gnome-desktop for testing... there i have choosed a flower as wallpaper...  till 3 weeks i have gnome-desktop removed... but if i start xfce now, the wallpaper (old one from gnoe... the flower) appear for 3-5 seconds... than the normaly xfce wallpaper appera....12:05
rethusdid someone know, where this old wallpaper could be fully disabled?12:05
=== ubuntu_ is now known as TheSoas
amee2ki'm running rsync -a to upload stuff right now. if i kill that to restart the server, how can i resule the upload at the point where i left off?12:08
red2kicrethus: is gnome-backgrounds installed?12:08
thune3ShapeShifter499: i don't see a workaround, but that doesn't mean there isn't one.  all the stuff i see on the net says that a color cartridge must be there to print.12:08
amee2kresume* lol12:08
rethusone moment, i've a look12:08
ShapeShifter499thune3: D=12:08
adalalhey, im trying to create a script that will run a folder full of files through ffmpeg and dump the output elsewhere with a different extension, how do i go about doing that (how to create the script)?12:09
red2kic!abs | adalal12:09
ubottuadalal: Advanced Bash-Scripting Guide, obtainable with ${package-manager} install abs-guide, is a quick and comprehensive guide to bash (command line) scripting in *nix systems. It is also viewable via web at http://tldp.org/LDP/abs/html/12:09
rethusred2kic: no is not installed12:10
red2kicadalal: It shouldn't take long. You want to do a loop -- command -- etc.12:10
adalaloh ok thanks12:10
red2kicrethus: Meh, I don't know. gnome-backgrounds could be where the flower came from.12:10
kad__hey i'm using Mail Evolution, does anyone know what the IMAP server for hotmail?12:10
thune3ShapeShifter499: if an empty cartridge is there, and you print just b/w it is supposed to work, though12:10
red2kickad__: http://fluentfactory.com/mboxmail-for-mac/12:11
red2kickad__: Err, wrong url.12:12
red2kickad__: http://email.about.com/od/windowslivehotmailtips/qt/et_izymail.htm -- But that's a bit different12:12
kad__red2kic, is izymail trusted?12:13
ShapeShifter499thune3: ya I know, its odd though that a printer would need any cartridge if the print job is not going to use it12:13
red2kickad__: I don't know. I use Gmail-App mail + IMAP --> Thunderbird (and postfix).12:13
babbahello ubuntu !12:13
KalEldoes anyone know if there is a way to turn off the non essential updates? i would be willing to fix the security flaws, but i think it's a bit too much updating big packages like openoffix and the like every now and then12:13
thune3ShapeShifter499: yeah, well. printers are designed to be a scam and take your money12:14
babbahello i need browser which operate from terminal12:15
red2kicbabba: lynx ?12:15
red2kicbabba: There are w3m too12:15
babbared2kic: i don't know any thing about lynx :(12:15
babbawhich is easy to use12:15
red2kicbabba: Me either. I use lynx --dump for my scripts.12:15
babbalike elinks dump ?12:16
ShapeShifter499thune3: I'm just wondering....if the printer can be controlled with a driver, why someone hasn't made a modded driver with a work around yet....12:16
babbared2kic: ok i will install it12:16
babbathanks :)12:17
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red2kicbabba: "apt-cache search text-mode" might help you a little.12:18
=== IPNixon-L_ is now known as IPNixon-L
babbacool red2kic12:19
silnerI've heard a lot of praises for elinks babba but I couldn't see what it offered over w3m when I tried it. They both seemed equa