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piyushmishrahello can anyone tell me how can I import gmail contacts to ubuntuone?03:49
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rendarkhi there. my rhythmbox /ubuntuone music store download is queued since 24 hours. can anybody help?15:12
mkarnickihonk (rendark ^)15:18
suprengrrendark: although not marked as 'outage' [https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuOne/Status] there has been probs - particulary downloads - trya question on #ubuntuone perhaps15:18
mkarnickisuprengr: this is #ubuntuone ..15:18
suprengrmkarnicki:  whoops! :$ ... i meant #ubuntu [doh!]15:19
mkarnickisuprengr: ;) still, I think it's better to wait here for answer, it's u1 specific, right?15:20
mkarnicki*wait == comeback when someone has called rendark's name15:20
rendarkhi mkarnicki & suprengr. well status page says general services and files service and music store is ok...15:21
rendarki already checked my cloud via weblogin, but the mp3 file isn't there. i've got receipt and paypal confirmation...15:23
mkarnickirendark: you'll get your answer here, but I'm afraid there may be little ppl to help on Sunday. all in all, someone should eventually call your name.15:24
rendarkmkarnicky: thx for the info. okidoki. i'll wait a bit :)15:25
mkarnickirendark: I honk'ed, so I hope your question will be visible. Don't wait, as it may take time. Just leave your irc session open. If there's an answer, some1 will call your name. If not, come back tomorrow, there will be more ppl around.15:26
mkarnickidoes U1 handle connections on ports other than 433 (SSL) ?17:26
mkarnickiI think not, right?17:26
mkarnickiI get timeoutson port 10000 so probably not ;d17:33
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mkarnickiok TLS on 443 works18:52
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