IntyalleAha, thank you history. I finally found the right entry and found the command again00:00
J100is it ntfs-fix00:01
* Intyalle saves the command this time00:01
IntyalleNo, it's a specific command to remount it properly - sudo mount /dev/sdc1 /media/External -o remount,rw00:02
J100storing that in google notes00:02
Intyalle... and now I'm back down to last night's problem00:02
IntyalleIt refuses to create a new folder because the file/folder does not exist00:03
IntyalleEvery time I see the error I can't help but think that's kinda the point - the folder doesn't exist, that's why I'm trying to make it00:05
J100make on the pc and move it to the drive00:05
schlaftierIntyalle: I wasn't there last night, do you have some more information, like the exact error message, in a pastebin?00:06
J100if it won't move it there try making moving a text file to the drive00:06
IntyalleFailed to create directory "/media/X Storage/backup".00:07
IntyalleNo such file or directory.00:07
IntyalleThere's your exact error message00:07
schlaftierIntyalle: You usually get this message when the parent directory doesn't exist, so: does the directory "/media/X Storage" exist00:08
IntyalleYes. That's my external hard drive. I am *in* that directory when I try to make the new folder (right click, create new folder method, but it doesn't work with mkdir when I open terminal at that point either)00:09
schlaftierthat's weird00:10
lightacan you create a file ?00:11
IntyalleFailed to create empty file "test".00:11
IntyalleNo such file or directory00:11
IntyalleDo you want to skip it?00:12
Intyalle^ I got that error message when I tried00:12
lightaI was thinking maybe your mounting rw didn't work properly00:12
IntyalleMaybe, but before that I didn't even have the *option* to create a file or folder.00:12
IntyalleAnd certainly I can delete files again just fine after using that command.00:12
lightahmm try mounting your external drive with ntfs-3g on type00:14
lightahad writting issues before this too00:14
lightayou external drive don't u use /etc/fstab to mount it ?00:15
IntyalleUsually it automounts. The specific command I used earlier to fix the writing problem is above. I can paste it again if you need.00:17
IntyallePlease remember I'm only a pretend computer geek :P I know my way reasonably around a computer, but I'm still relatively new to Linux.00:18
lightaI'm far pro either don't worry00:19
J100 radeon rv100 (radeon 7000/ve) does any know if the new radeon driver has issues with this card00:19
lightamy command would be /dev/sdc1 /media/External ntfs-3g defaults,utf8 0 000:21
IntyalleI'll try it00:23
Intyalle... That's mount, yes?00:25
lightafdisk -l ?00:28
lightaI don't remenber proper command :( the one I gave you should be put at end of /etc/fstab to mount it automatically00:36
lightaput it then run mount -a (easier)00:36
IntyalleHow to I put into the file?00:38
lightasudo nano /etc/fstab00:38
IntyalleHow do I save it?00:43
lightactrl + x00:43
lightaten o00:43
lightathen o*00:44
lightayou can do it with sudo mousepad /etc/fstab if you prefer00:44
IntyalleDoesn't seem to have worked00:47
lightait has mounted and everything ?00:47
IntyalleSaved - and I know I did - ejected, remounted, didn't seem to be different, checked file again... hadn't actually changed.00:48
lightacould you open it ?00:49
IntyalleThe hard drive, or the file?00:51
lightahard drive after mount it00:52
lightaand you tryed to write in it?00:52
IntyalleBut it mounted read-only again. Fixed it with the mount command, bt it still won't make folders.00:53
lightaoh ok, then I don't have other idea00:53
IntyalleOkay, so I can happily mess with any file already there, but I can't copy anything to or create anything at any location on the drive00:55
lightaI really have no idea why, unmount reset external then retry ?00:57
IntyalleAlready tried unmounting and mounting again. Repeatedly.00:58
lightawith turning off ?00:58
IntyalleTried restarting too. Worked occasionally at the start with the read-only problem, but not even that anymore00:59
lightaI don't think reboot computer could help but..01:00
IntyalleAs I said, it doesn't anymore01:01
IntyalleAt this rate I'm just gonna have to hope my last blank DVDs have enough space to do the backup, pain in the ass as that will be. Particularly since I doubt they will.01:04
orenwhat packages do i need to support GeForce 6200?01:14
orenwhat packages do i need to support GeForce 6200?01:29
orendidn't mean to post here01:29
Intyalleoren: Have you tried doing google searches on that subject?01:36
orenIntyalle: yes. i also tried runnig 'jockey-gtk' but got:01:36
oren'no proprietry drivers are in use'01:36
* Intyalle shrugs01:37
IntyalleDunno then01:37
IntyalleI just know I always go looking to see if there's an apt-get to install a program rather than downloading and installing, since it's easier01:37
IntyalleThe search usually picks up any other packages that need installing, whether there is an apt-get for the program itself or not01:38
bazhang!ot | bittin01:44
ubottubittin: #xubuntu is the Xubuntu support channel, #xubuntu-devel for discussion regarding development of Xubuntu, and #xubuntu-offtopic is for random chatter. Welcome!01:44
Kangarooohello. in xubuntu i just changed resolution to lower and now cant do anything in there couse its all black. how to revert from command line? maybe on killall xorg it will restart to working resolution?03:29
TriMeif u dont touch anything it should go back after 10 - 20 seconds.03:35
TriMebut i suspose it hasn't seeing as u typed that03:35
TriMeyou should be able to do a reboot without applying the settings and it'll come back.03:35
TriMeif not u might need to load it in safe mode and change the res there03:35
KangaroooTriMe: no? in xubuntu if u put resolution it has never changed or waited some seconds for accept or revert.03:36
TriMehas a reboot fixed it?03:36
Kangaroooi mean it changes immidiatlly but doesnt wait for acept or revert if not accepted03:37
Kangaroooreboot? how a reboot will fix that? a setting is saved in xorg03:37
TriMeWell thats what i was saying if its been "saved"03:37
Kangaroooof course its saved immidiatly after pressing apply03:38
TriMethen you will need to boot into safe mode unless you have an SHH connection through another computer u can use to enter in the command line03:38
Kangaroooim now in the same computer in TTY03:38
TriMeThis post might be able to help u03:40
Kangaroooim in TTY i cant open links03:40
TriMeyou only have 1 computer?03:40
TriMedo u have command line?03:40
Kangarooothey are not next to each other. i have long house03:41
Kangaroooyes im in command line what else then command line is in TTY ?03:41
TriMeThis might work03:44
TriMexrandr -s 1024×76803:44
TriMesudo xrandr -s 1024×76803:44
TriMebut u may need to install the package03:45
TriMesudo apt-get install x11-xserver-utils03:45
TriMethat's all i really know man...03:45
TriMemost of my ubuntu shit i do is all command line only through ssh.03:45
Kangarooosudo xrandr .... gives cant open display. (thats becouse im in TTY. the same i would get thrue ssh)03:46
TriMewhat res did u change it to?03:48
Kangarooothe same u wrote03:49
TriMeoh right kk03:49
TriMetry this man03:49
Kangaroooit gives error cant open display- thats becouse im in command line witch isnt emulated in xorg couse its tty..03:49
TriMesudo apt-get install03:49
TriMesudo apt-get install03:49
TriMesudo apt-get install hwinfo03:49
Kangaroooi have that03:49
TriMesudo hwinfo --framebuffer03:50
knome!language | TriMe03:50
ubottuTriMe: Please watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family friendly.03:50
TriMeknome, wtf?03:50
Kangarooohow will that gonna help?03:50
knomeTriMe, please stop swearing now.03:50
TriMelol u *****03:51
Kangarooook. btw it gave nothing03:51
knomeTriMe, start behaving now.03:51
KangaroooTriMe: that command is hw info and hw means HardWare03:51
Kangarooothat doesnt change resolution03:52
TriMeHmm.. well i am dammed to find this i never had to go into TTY before so not sure if there is another way/03:53
oreni try to find the correct package for my GeForce 6200. according to this page - https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/lucid/i386/nvidia-glx-185/185.18.36-0ubuntu9  the nvidia-glk-185 supports my card. i installed it and now jockey-gtk shows me nvidia-current but tells me it's not being used. any clues?04:08
knomeoren, have you triede enabling the driver?04:10
orenknome: no. how?04:10
knomeoren, you have to enable propietary drivers yourself04:11
orenknome: sure. how do i enable the driver? and also, is it nvidia-current that we're talking about?04:12
knomeoren, whatever driver that's on jockey :)04:12
knomeoren, there should be a button to enable the driver in jockey04:12
orenknome: that's the one i see. how do i enable it? on the jockey screen i see a button 'deactivate'. but i don't see a way to use it.04:13
oren(and i assume i don't want to deactivate it)04:13
knomeoren, hmm. then it's running i suppse04:14
orenknome: ok. but it tells me: this driver is activated but not currently in use.04:14
knomeoren, mmh. have you tried booting?04:14
orenknome: no..04:14
knomeoren, maybe you should try that first04:15
orenthanks, i'll be back soon (-:04:15
lightaI need vstpd support but none respond there, localhost connection don't work, here my config file : http://pastebin.com/eQKvvfi404:17
orenhow to 'use' nvidia driver for my GeForce 6200? i activated it from jockey-gtk (even though it still say it's not being used) and rebooted. not only it didn't help. now my main monitor is not working. any tips?04:51
oreni heard people on the forum saying there mighht be a bug in the UI of jockey and it's actually using the driver.04:52
knomeoren, that might as well be04:53
orenanother question - i installed nvidia-glx-185 since it say it support my card. maybe there is different package i should install instead?04:54
orenknome: 1 sec..04:55
orenknome: some progress - nvidia-settings is runnnig now. but i can't see my main monitor.04:56
orenhow to tell nvidia about my other monitor?04:56
knomeoren, iirc there is some kind of "probe for monitors" button or so04:56
knomeoren, or just look at the configuration stuff04:56
knomeoren, i had an nvidia card before and the other monitor was "hidden", but just can't remember what you needed to do to get it visible04:57
knomeoren, i have to get some sleep now though04:57
knomeoren, good luck with that :)04:57
orenknome: u were right. i am rebooting now. thanks04:58
oreni have 2 screens and i use nvidia-settings to set two seperate x. the ploblem is the main screen is black (i see the cursor though). when i chose twine-view it's working (unusable, but i see one giant screen spread across 2 monitors). how to make it work with 2 separate x?05:21
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well_laid_lawnxubuntu132: ^^06:58
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ShapeShifter499I just added xubuntu to my current ubuntu system......firefox fills the WHOLE page when opened up in xubuntu, how do I change this?12:12
ShapeShifter499never mind xD it was stuck in full screen mode lmao12:15
hookworm24using xfce. sound not working. where can i find my audio device properties/status15:41
likemindeadIcon on panel.15:42
hookworm24isin't that just the mixer?15:44
likemindeadIs it system wide? Any sound at all15:55
likemindeadThis help, hookworm24? http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?p=9245932#post924593216:03
Arpad2what is the LTS after the codename version?16:08
ubottuLTS means Long Term Support. LTS versions of Ubuntu will be supported for 3 years on the desktop, and 5 years on the server. The current LTS version of Ubuntu is !Lucid (Lucid Lynx 10.04)16:09
Arpad2this means also that karmic is not supported since the new release?16:12
Sysiit is, for some time16:13
Sysiiirc until 10.10 comes out16:14
Arpad210.04 is stable also?16:14
Arpad2and why !LTS and not LTS? :)16:16
Sysicommanding the bot16:17
Arpad2thank you!16:17
ubottumount is used to attach devices to directories. See also https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Mount16:41
lightaHi, I need some help, I did a big configuration for my vsftpd, so I could choose proper thing but it doesn't work. (on local) http://pastebin.com/eQKvvfi416:46
crowHi, i need " ladspa" but cant be found on xubuntu 10.04 shurly package name missing but whats correct one16:55
Aquinaubuntuhcl.org is not so helpful for finding a touchscreen that works with lucid and is cheap as well.17:34
AquinaCan someone recommend me a model?17:34
lightaHi, I need some help, I did a big configuration for my vsftpd, so I could choose proper thing but it doesn't work. (on local) http://pastebin.com/ZhVkyS1M17:42
SysiAquina: if they don't need special drivers they work17:54
Sysipick some and try to watch with google if it's gonna work17:54
lightahow can I disable sound in xchat ?18:52
Sysisettings → notifications or something18:53
lightayes I did that already. settings -> sound but didn't found how to disable it. (or I point to an empty folder file for sound but..)18:55
Sysinot that one18:55
lightathe one in xchat right ?18:56
Sysibut the one for sounds but for notifications18:58
lightasetting > preference > chat > sound (no disable option). I want to disable all sound19:03
Sysi... you have to do it in other way19:03
Sysi"alarms" or something in settings19:04
lightasettings got 2 option : preference and advance; in advence 3 categorie : interface, chat, network19:05
Sysichat → first under that19:07
Sysi(on my system)19:08
lightayes, then alarme, disable option put a bip19:09
lightabut still do sound :(19:09
lightaI did that already19:09
Sysiyou may have to restart client19:09
lightaoh ok I'll try19:10
Sysiping :p19:11
lightaso to try this if I change chan and you pm my name I should not got sound right ?19:11
lightagot heard a sound19:11
lightajust heard19:11
lightanevermind I'll point to an empty folder19:12
Sysii never got any sound from xfce19:12
lightado you know vsftpd a bit ?19:12
Sysino i don't19:12
lightaoh you think it's another thing then ?19:12
Sysiif it can't be something it must be something else19:13
lightaSysi, was gigolo =(19:37
Sysiwith voices? :D19:45
AquinaCan someone recommend me a model?20:27
knomea model?20:27
knomei'd say heidi klum will be a safe choice20:28
Sysiearlier he talked about touchscreens20:29
knomeyou can touch heidi klum as well20:30
knomethough i don't know where the "screen" is20:30
Aquinaubuntuhcl.org is not so helpful for finding a touchscreen that works with lucid and is cheap as well.20:30
AquinaBesides that I dont like heidi since she's stupid. Bad example for a woman (although economically successfull). :-/20:31
knomeno need to be rude20:32
Aquinahuh? She's from my country, shes female like me and I still think she's stupid. ;-)20:33
knomestill no need to be rude20:34
Sysii've called you "he", you didn't fix20:36
Sysi"shes female like me"20:39
Sysior am i just tired..20:39
raevolfight fight!20:39
AquinaI'm from Germany and maybe my English is not the best. I'm sorry for that. I still don't understand what you want to tell me. Can you recommend me a touchscreen which works out of the box?20:40
lightaguys, what better pasv or port for ftp connection ? no need big detail20:41
lightaI think you usually say "she's a woman"20:44
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TheSheepon the irc everyone are smelly male nerds anyways ;)20:49
TheSheepthen again, it doesn't solve the touchscreen problem20:49
TheSheepAquina: if you have a computer hardware store nearby, maybe you could arrange for a test20:50
AquinaThx, TheSheep. :-) That's a great idea.21:31
TheSheepAquina: I think in Germany you can return a product if it doesn't meet your expectations21:32
AquinaOh yes, lights: "she's" a woman. :-)21:32
TheSheepAquina: in the worst case21:32
AquinaYes, that's true.21:32
TheSheepyou need that touchscreen for some public terminal?21:33
AquinaTheSheep, where can I look up whether a hardware becomes possibly supported? kernel.org? Or is there an easier to read and understand source?22:01
TheSheepAquina: I don't think there is a single place for that22:02
AquinaOk, that's waht I wanted to know. Thx!22:03
TheSheepAquina: especially when developers only care about the chips inside that hardware and often don't even know all the model names of hardware that uses a specific chip22:03
TheSheepAquina: so when they add support for a particular chip, they don't even know what devices become supported22:04
AquinaThat's true the problem however that an open source driver exists but no working up-to-date package for lucid. I helped a friend to compile the USB-module and driver, loaded it and wrote (I HAD TO) an xorg.conf.22:06
AquinaIt finally "worked" after th Xserver reset itself. In short: support by the vendor mimomonitors.com is awfull. It's painfull.22:07
TheSheepone way to imporve the situation is to work on packaging it...22:10
TheSheepactually, I'm pretty sure it won't imporve unless someone does :)22:11
TheSheepwhat's with that 'imporve' :/22:11
TheSheepFreud would know22:11
Aquina:-) But that's the vendors work AND the device is 300 miles awy and I have only shell access and can't visually veryfy anything. ;-(22:12
TheSheepAquina: nag the vendor22:13
AquinaWE'll do that :-)22:13
TheSheepAquina: organize a pressure group22:13
TheSheepAquina: perform a number of raids on their headquaters22:14
Aquinaalright! ;-) Here we go...22:14
TheSheepAquina: kidnap their children and teach them to use linux22:14
TheSheepinstall debian on their home appliances22:15
AquinaOh, we'll take that into account. :-)22:15
TheSheepor give up and do their work for them22:15
AquinaWe already have a discussion about that. He is yet undecided what to do. Other touchscreen vendors often offer old drivers. It's all a nightmare.22:18
knome!hi | nicklas_23:08
ubottunicklas_: Hi! Welcome to #xubuntu! Feel free to ask questions and help people out. The channel guidelines are at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Guidelines . Enjoy your stay!23:08
AquinaSysi I checked the log because I was busy at that time. I'm gonna memorize the way you called me.23:28
J100How does one tweek a graphics driver23:41
J100I have an old p3 550 and the radeon v100 grahics card23:42
J100it works just fine in 8.04 but brakes in 10.0423:42

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