kermiachi tedg, ping re bug 583174 - the hook is packaged & the new branch is attached05:12
ubot5Launchpad bug 583174 in Indicator Applet "Apport hook for indicator-applet (affected: 1, heat: 8)" [Low,Fix committed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/58317405:12
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lamalexdoes anyone know where the wiki page for the time indicator is? i can't find it and it's not linked from the launchpad page16:11
jcastrolamalex: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/ClockMenu looks right16:30
lamalexthanks jcastro16:30
lamalexyou the man16:30
LaserJockso will it be possible to have the time indicator installed but not present?16:36
LaserJockI keep getting 2 time clocks16:37
jcastronot really16:37
jcastroif you don't want it you need to uninstall it afaik16:37
LaserJockI was trying to have both Unity and GNOME sessions16:39
LaserJockbut I end up with 2 clocks16:39
seb128remove the applet in GNOME?16:39
jcastroI remove the old one16:39
jcastrobut then I miss the date on the panel. *shrug*16:39
LaserJockhmm, I guess I could remove the other applet16:40
LaserJockhadn't really thought of that since that's the one I want16:40
seb128seems it's a fair request16:40
seb128but that's rather a wishlist and I don't see that change in the next weeks16:41
LaserJockI just wondered if there was some mechanism in place to check for the presence of the other applet16:41
LaserJockseems like no :)16:41
jcastroLaserJock: all I need is the date on the panel and I would be happy with it16:46
LaserJockI use the world clock and calendar quite a bit16:46
LaserJockI wish I could click on something at least to get those16:47
lamalexjcastro, date and easy calendar are my complaints17:06
lamalexthat was one of the best things about Linux when I first started using it. I don't think any other os has a calendar that easily accessible17:07
jcastrolamalex: tbh I don't miss the slow loading part of the calendar, but yeah17:07
lamalexnot slow for me17:07
lamalexalways pops right up17:07
jcastrolamalex: I don't know what the plans are for the new clock17:08
lamalexthe slow calendar is opening evolution17:08
LaserJocklamalex: yeah, the calendar is key for me17:24
LaserJockmaybe I was in academia too long but knowing what day it is is more important than knowing what time it is :-)17:24
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