poolieBitSprocket, which bit didn't work?00:25
pooliewhat's going wrong?00:25
BitSprocketIt seems that it removed something called 'tree' *unsure* but the files are still marked with the versioning status as if nothing changed.  I tried to export the files but that didn't seem to work either...00:28
pooliewhat does 'bzr status' show?00:29
BitSprocket'... Modified'00:29
poolieso you did 'bzr rm --keep THING'00:30
poolieand now 'bzr st' still shows some files under that directory as modified?00:30
BitSprocketYes, but it may be after I've done some more tinkering.  I just tried the bzr rm --keep and now the status says:00:31
BitSprocketbzr: ERROR: No WorkingTree exists for "file:///home/scott/pytivo/.bzr/checkout/".00:31
pooliemaybe you're in the wrong directory?00:31
BitSprocketI thought so too so I tried the same steps moving down the directory structure to where the actual files were and did the same thing with the same results.00:32
pooliein which directory is your actual working tree?00:32
BitSprocketnot sure what you mean by working tree ... sorry00:32
pooliedo you have ~pytivo/trunk or something?00:33
pooliei mean ~/pytivo/trunk ?00:33
BitSprocketAh, yes, its exactly that.00:33
poolieok, cd there00:33
poolienow which directory did you want to un-version?00:33
BitSprockettrunk and everything below00:33
pooliei think i misunderstood your question00:34
pooliewhy do you want to do this?00:34
BitSprocketWell, I'm learning how to use bzr and I discovered that I created the repository in the wrong directory.  My files are actually located in pytivo/trunk/TheBayer and I don't need version control configured for anything above theBayer.  I figured if I removed the whole thing and started over I would be better off.00:35
poolieoh i see00:36
poolieso what is TheBayer?00:36
poolieall the source is inside that?00:36
BitSprocketIts a python project that allows me to stream videos to my tivo box from the network.  And yes, that's where the source files are.00:36
pooliewhen someone else gets a checkout, do you want them to get a directory called TheBayer, or do you want them to just get the files that you have inside that directory?00:36
BitSprocketWell, for now, it's a project that I'm using to learn python so for the immediate future it won't be a public repo.  I just wanted to be able to roll back changes if I really fouled things up.00:37
BitSprocketI suppose that directory and everything below as one package00:37
poolieok so really TheBayer is the name of your branch?00:43
poolieas opposed to trunk?00:43
pooliethat's the codename for the feature or something?00:43
BitSprocketTheBayer is the name of the project that I downloaded from the web.  It's not really my project, its someone elses work that I'm using to cut my teeth.  No codenames, nothing special.  I believe that's what he named his fork from another project.00:44
BitSprocketI untarred it and got a directory called TheBayer with all the source in it.00:45
BitSprocketthe pytivo and trunk folders I created myself.00:45
poolieso i suggest you do00:47
pooliecd ~/pytivo/trunk/00:47
pooliemv TheBayer ../00:47
pooliecd ../TheBayer00:47
pooliebzr init; bzr add; bzr commit00:47
BitSprocketOkay, so if I understand you, you are suggesting I move the folder and create a new repo right?00:48
BitSprocketgot it...01:00
mneptokspiv: ahoyhoy01:03
BitSprocketHi spiv;GugaDin01:06
meoblast001if any of you are familiar with TracBzr, i'm getting "Warning:  Error with navigation contributor 'BrowserModule' "01:16
meoblast001that is, in the Admin/Repositories page01:17
pooliehi spiv02:13
pooliespiv, lifeless, one of us should look at https://bugs.launchpad.net/bugs/594275 fairly soon02:14
ubot5Launchpad bug 594275 in Ubuntu Distributed Development "sphinx automatic import is broken (affected: 1, heat: 6)" [Critical,New]02:14
lifelesswhat makes that one critical?02:16
lifeless(vs other automated imports failing)02:16
lifelesswe need to move the package importer from its current machine too02:16
lifelessand find a team to own it02:16
lifelessfixing that particular bug may fix 15 or so imports02:18
lifelesswhich would be nice02:18
poolielifeless, it makes it critical that it's blocking barry's attempt to do udd02:18
poolieon inspection a downgrade might be appropriate02:18
lifelessman, I hate spam02:43
lifelessand gmail is failing at catching all these twitter 'we've reset your password' mails.02:44
lifelessIt appears that the spammers are bcc'ing all of canonical on each personalised mail!02:44
fullermd"... twitter ..."   <--- Found your problem.02:46
lifelessvila: btw02:49
lifelessSYN_SENT2 minutes02:49
lifelesshttp://www.dd-wrt.com/wiki/index.php/Router_Slowdown was a quickly found reference for this02:50
lifelessvila: which suggests to me that the server thread isn't actually accepting when it starts, but has presumably open the socket so it doesn't get rejected either. Or something.02:50
chxi have created a launchpad branch stacked on top of an earlier tag of another lp branch. i have a local checkout of both for speedy work. I would like to merge all revisions affecting a certain directory. How can I do that? Just doing the merge does the file changes but does not actually merge revisions.02:51
lifelessthats right, merging only part of a patch is a cherrypick and cannot show up as a full merge.02:52
chxas said, i would like to merge full revisions, affecting a file / directory ... does that involve lots of scripting trickery :) ?02:53
lifelessyou want to merge a revision, but not its parents, right ?02:57
lifelesschx: ^?03:02
chxi think the answer is yes :)03:03
lifelessso, thats not a complete merge03:03
chxwell, yes, it's cherry picking03:03
lifelessa complete merge merges a revision *and its parents*, recursively03:03
chxbut it's revisions that it merges03:03
lifelessall the way back to the revisions that your branch already has03:03
chxwhich would bring in changes to ohter wiles.03:03
chxso a) i need to find which revisions affected a file b) merge in just those revisions03:04
lifelesslets start over03:05
lifelesswhat are you doing at the moment, and what is going wrong03:05
chxlet's go step by step03:07
chxa)  i have created a launchpad branch (sandbox) stacked on top of an earlier tag of another lp branch (trunk)03:07
chxb) i have checked out both03:07
chxc) cd sandbox/sites03:07
chxd) bzr merge ~/examiner/trunk/sites/parc/03:07
chxe) bzr ci -m 'merged in parc changes to sandbox'03:08
chxf) check with bzr log -n0 -- oopsie no revisions!03:08
chxg) bzr uncommit03:08
chxh) /join #bzr03:08
chxmakes sense?03:08
lifelesswhat does bzr root ~/examiner/trunk/sites/parc/03:09
lifelessprint out03:09
* spiv guesses the root is ~/examiner/trunk03:10
chx /home/chx/examiner/trunk03:11
chxit's a checkout of lp:~examiner-dev/examiner/trunk03:11
lifelesschx: that has happened because you merged a subdirectory.03:11
chxI created the sandbox branch with bzr branch -r tag:Perugina --stacked lp:~examiner-dev/examiner/trunk lp:~examiner-dev/examiner/sandbox if that matters03:11
lifelesschx: doing that makes it a cherrypick03:11
chxi see.03:11
lifelesschx: and cherrypicks *are not recorded in log*03:11
lifelessyou have two options03:12
lifelessa) don't worry about it not being in log03:12
lifelessb) don't merge a subdirectory03:12
chxand if i do bzr merge -c 15932 ../trunk then it'll show up?03:13
chxonly bzr merge ../trunk will?03:13
lifelessbecause -c does a cherrypick in the graph as well, a different sort of cherrypick but still a cherrypick03:13
lifelessthats right.03:13
chxok, so then i might pick a03:14
chxand hope that when i later do just bzr merge trunk then it will simply figure out that some differences are already in.03:14
chxit looks like i have no other choice03:15
spivRight.  bzr merge can record "revision X (and all parents of X) has been merged", but not "revision X without parents" or "just some subdirectories changed in revision X", or other variations.03:15
spiv'bzr merge' will generally avoid reporting conflicts if the exact change to merge already seems to have been applied.03:15
chxbut then bzr merge is awesome and will figure out that some changes are already in.03:15
chxmy heart still aches for darcs but it is so slow :(03:17
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poolielifeless, oh did i mention that we talked a bit about user models06:35
pooliethere's a file in devnotes about this06:36
spiv...that was an odd typing mistake, but let's pretend I meant to say "way cool" :)06:44
pooliehey spiv :)06:49
pooliespiv, https://code.edge.launchpad.net/~mbp/bzr/590638-buffering/+merge/27578 is the issue of excessive buffering from last monday06:56
poolienot urgent06:56
spivpoolie: thanks!06:57
assadhow to confirm that merge is done and all conflicts resolved?06:58
poolieassad, 'bzr st'06:58
assadpoolie, i am getting this: pending merge tips: (use -v to see all merge revisions)07:00
assadpoolie, is the merge over and conflicts resolved?07:00
poolietry 'bzr conflicts'07:00
poolieif there are none you're ready for 'bzr commit'07:00
assadnone, thanks07:01
vilahi all07:29
pooliehi there vila07:31
pooliei have a ScriptRunner patch for you07:31
vilapoolie: hey !07:31
poolieand i guess you already know you're lotzman this week07:31
vilahmm, looks like I missed a joke somewhere, that's the second time I see 'lotzman' used and I have no idea what it means :) Well, except some relation with patch pilot  that is :)07:32
poolieit's the Russian word for "pilot" in the sense of someone who helps a ship into a harbor07:32
pooliebialix told us that when he asked what 'patch pilot' means07:33
vilahaaa, yeah, the first reference was from bialix indeed :)07:33
vila'pilote' is the French word for that07:33
poolieso https://code.edge.launchpad.net/~mbp/bzr/scripts/+merge/27581 is the one i was thinking of07:35
poolieand then https://code.edge.launchpad.net/~mbp/bzr/externalbase/+merge/27583 uses scripts quite a lot and to good effect07:35
vilaok, I'll look into it today07:35
pooliei don't mean to harrass you there :)07:41
vilahehe, no harassment taken :)07:42
* mneptok arrives on cue07:45
mneptokdid someone order some harrassment?07:45
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assadpoolie, how can i update one branch on launchpad with another branch on launchpad? so that i dont have to first merge my branch and then push the changes to the other branch.07:59
pooliecan you explain more?08:01
vilaassad: A merge requires a working tree, lp have no WT, I'm pretty sure you can't achieve what you want there08:01
spivassad: If I'm understanding your question correctly (what exactly do you mean by "update"?), you can't.  What's the problem with pushing the changes?08:01
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assadpoolie, i intend to update/push changes to my branch from the parent branch via lp itself. so that i dont have to move files through my machine.08:09
poolieassad, just for curiousity which project is this?08:09
poolieassad, no, you can't really do that, you need to push from your machine into the other branch08:09
assadpoolie, ok08:09
poolieit might be nice if lp let you do the merge remotely but we don't atm08:10
vilalifeless, spm: How did your pqm fixes went ?08:24
vilapoolie: geee ! No harassment but nothing less than *7* mps !!! :)08:24
spmhey vila, sadly no progress *yet*, but I am right now about to attempt to apply lifeless' patch and get the package(s) rebuilt. which is step A in this one.08:26
vilaspm: hi ! No harassment, no harassment :) Thanks for the feedback !08:26
spm:-) np08:27
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lifelessvila: did you see my web link for you in backlog ?10:44
vilalifeless: yup, thanks10:46
vilaI don't know how to check that on windows though, but I'm about to try to address it anyway by finishing what I started on SmartServer_for_testing first and see from there10:47
lifelessvila: try changing the timeout in the registry, if the behaviour changes to match, thats what it is10:49
vilaregis..what ? :)10:50
bialixbonjour vila !12:33
wgrant\/win 512:46
vilabialix: privet Sacha !13:00
bialixvila: just want to say that I've read your comment to leaking merge proposal and I very impressed13:01
vilaby what ? The number of dormant bugs ? :-) The 22 hours on windows ? :-P I'll get them pass on windows, I tell you ;)13:03
bialixby the problem and analysis13:09
bialixdid not realized hidden problems13:09
bialixvila: and yes, 22 hours is a bit tooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much13:10
vilabialix: ha, yeah, tricky stuff :-/13:10
vilahehe, don't worry, I'll fix that :)13:10
bialixcool :-)13:10
vilabut the nice thing is that it should help use more threads in the future (outside of the test servers) while still keeping a python-ish way to describe the processing, still a long way to get there though :-/13:11
bialixvila: I don't understand though your remark about slicing test suite to keep number of opened sockets below th elimit13:17
vilabialix: when using --parallel=fork, we spawn several processes, each of them with only a slice of the whole test suite13:18
vilabialix: so each process see less leaks and is able to finish13:18
bialixI think limit for opened sockets is limit for all running processes13:19
vilabialix: Well, it could be on windows but --parallel=fork doesn't work on windows anyway13:21
bialixhehe, nice13:21
Lo-lan-doHi all :-)13:42
Lo-lan-dojelmer: Do you know if anyone is planning to bring recent versions of bzr, bzr-svn and loggerhead to backports.org?13:43
jelmerLo-lan-do: not that I'm aware of13:43
Lo-lan-doThanks. I guess I'll try that myself then.13:44
Kamping_Kaiserthe bzr versions reasonably recent, 'just' all the packages which depend on it are broken as a result :13:44
Lo-lan-dohttp://bzr.debian.org/loggerhead/pkg-python/python-defaults-debian/annotate/head:/dh_python2? seems to crash somewhere in bzrlib13:45
Lo-lan-dobzr 2.0.3, loggerhead 1.10 or so13:45
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jelmerLo-lan-do: I know at least two other people who are interested in bzr and bzrtools in backports14:09
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Lo-lan-dojelmer: Let's see if anyone shouts at my email :-)14:20
Kamping_KaiserLo-lan-do: re your email for bzr backports, one of my last messages to bpo users was about doing bzr package backporst. iirc it contains a list of packages which need rebuilding/changing. i can probably find it if you think it'll help15:25
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maxbIs there really much of a performance penalty in fetching between pack-0.92 and 1.9 formats?17:13
maxbOr is bzr being a bit over-eager at warning me about format mismatches?17:13
jelmermaxb: between pack-0.92 and 1.9 it shouldn't be very expensive17:14
maxbDo you think it's expensive to justify bzr issueing a warning on pull?17:14
parthmjam: ping17:34
jamhi parthm17:34
parthmhi jam.17:34
parthmi was hoping to complete the lock-url patch. does the 5 sec timeout for LockContention seem ok to you?17:35
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jamso we've certainly gone around on it a lot :)17:36
jamIMO, the timeout should be on the order of how long it takes to take and release the lock17:36
parthmjam: yes :) .. i suppose anything is better than 300.17:36
jamso that 2 people who are doing things that *can* be done won't block eachother17:37
jamfor example, updating branch.conf17:37
jamalso, updating pack-names is done with a physical lock17:37
jamso we should look at how long it takes to get the lock, update pack-names, and then release the lock17:37
jamThat, I think, is the key thing to watch out for17:38
jambecause if 2 people push to a shared repo, but to different branches17:38
jamwe want that to succeed17:38
parthmjam: that makes sense.17:39
jamnow *if* that is being performed (not with SFTP requests, for example), then 5s is probably reasonable17:39
parthmjam: i could do a quick check of doing a push from two terminals into one repo at the same time (with 5s timeout). i suppose that should cover it.17:40
parthmseparate branches.17:41
jamthe ordering is... take the name lock, read the current content, compare it with your own content, write up new pack-names content to a temporary file, and then overwrite the existing file (either with simple POSIX rename, or 'fancy-rename'), unlock17:41
jamparthm: well, there is a bit more 'exact timing' issues than just manually testing17:42
jamunless you stress test it with a lot of pushes, etc.17:42
parthmjam: maybe i can just set the timeout to 10s and set the url patch to 'needs review'. these two are actually separate. i can open a bug on getting a better estimate for timeout.17:43
parthmi agree that a stress test is probably a good way to tune the timeout.17:44
jamlet me think for a sec17:45
jamI think I can do a simple test17:45
jamand have it run against a remove bzr17:45
jamand just see how things go17:45
jamand hopefully have you/someone in AU run it17:46
parthmjam: ok.17:46
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MTecknologyI'm trying to run  yes yes19:04
MTecknologyI'm trying to run  yes yes | bzr pull  but it's not being picked up by the ssh agent "Are you sure you want to continue connecting (yes/no)? " any ideas how to get around this?19:04
Lo-lan-doRun bzr pull by hand and say yes to ssh?19:05
MTecknologyLo-lan-do: scripting this19:06
Lo-lan-doSSH should then remember your answer19:06
MTecknologyI need to answer it from a script19:06
Lo-lan-doSet the StrictHostKeyChecking option to false in your SSH config file?19:07
Lo-lan-do(I didn't suggest that, and you found about it yourself, and don't complain if you mess up your security)19:08
MTecknologyI can easily comprehend the issues with it19:09
MTecknologywide open to man-in-the-middle19:10
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bendjI've got a local branch with a parent of "/repos/pf6".  i want to switch the local banch to use, and be in-sync with, a different parent, "/repos/pf6-617".20:36
bendj  i entered my local branch, and issued a "bzr switch /repos/pf6-617", and got: bzr: ERROR: Cannot switch a branch, only a checkout.20:36
bendjhm.  so, how do I make the switch?20:37
lifelessbendj: I think you have two concepts conflated20:42
lifelessbendj: 'parent' is used for the 'pull' and 'merge' commands.20:42
lifelessbendj: switch is used to change a checkout to be a checkout of a different branch20:42
lifelessbendj: can you describe differerntly what you want to happen, maybe I can suggest a way20:43
bendjlifeless: I did -- (1) bzr init-repo --no-trees /repos (2) cd /repos (3) bzr branch --no-trees source1 (4) bzr branch --no-trees source2  (5) cd /home (6) bzr branch /repos/source1 mysite (7) cd mysite (8) hack, hack, hack ...20:49
bendj so, in my language, /home/mysite has a 'parent' of /repos/source120:49
bendji want to switch it to a 'parent' of /repos/source220:49
bendjdescription make sense?20:49
lifelessbendj: I think what you wanted to do in step 6 was 'bzr checkout --lightweight /repos/source1 mysite'20:49
lifelessbendj: I can help you make it like that20:50
lifelessbendj: first, cd to mysite20:50
bendji THINK i may need to convert the /home/mysite branch to a checkout (via bind?), then i can do the switch ...20:50
lifelessand do 'bzr push :parent'20:50
bendjlifeless push --> "update a mirror of this branch".  sorry, which mirror gets updated?20:51
lifeless:parent is an alias for 'the parent of this branch'20:51
lifelesswhich according to your commands is /repos/source120:51
lifelessby  (6) bzr branch /repos/source1 mysite20:52
bendjlifeless: yup.  but, isn't that going to attempt to 'make changes' to the parent, aka /repos/source1?20:52
lifelessbendj: isn't that what you wanted ?20:52
lifelessbendj: Do you want to discard the work you've donein mysite ?20:53
bendjlifeless context -> i'm attempting to update /home/mysite (a pressflow/drupal site, based off the 'release' trunk @ /repos/source1).20:54
bendji want to switch /home/mysite to be bbased off newer 'test' branch source of pressflow @ /repos/source2.20:54
lifelesshave you made changes in mysite itself ?20:55
lifelessthen you have the following situation20:55
lifelessbranchA (trunk), branchB(test) and branchC(mysite)20:55
lifelessthese all have unique content20:56
bendjpls keep typing.  brb .... minor emer20:56
lifelessswitch is a command to well, 'switch out' or totally replace a working area with some other branch - it says (for instance), 'I have mysite, but I really want test.'20:56
lifelessthis isn't what you want to do.20:56
lifelessWhat I think you want to do is 'bring in the changes that test made so that I have both the work from test and the work from mysite'20:57
lifelessthe way to do that is 'bzr merge /repos/source2; bzr commit -m "Merge in test"'21:00
bendjlifeless: thanks.  emer wasn't so minor ...  sorry bout that22:18
mgzman, I keep breaking things23:12
mgzshould have a precommit hook that runs the tests against all four python implementations23:13
lifelessmgz: that would be nice23:13
lifelessmgz: I thought about a check-all or something23:13
lifelessbut didn't get the activation energy up23:14
mgzokay, my list of things to do in the branch is at least diminishing23:24
mgzonly hard thing left is decision about moving/renaming some of this 'utils' stuff23:25
mgzit's a little annoying currently as now testtools.run and testtools.testresult need utils, which pulls in a bunch of code most of which is only needed for Python 2, and some of it only for the test suite23:25
mgzI think iterate_tests should move anyway as it's part of the base public api23:26
lifelessmgz: so I think iterate_tests should move; we should leave a forwarder behind23:32
lifelessmgz: we should split 'end users want' and 'only selftest wants' - but for testtools anything generic end users may still want, because of its rather introspective nature23:32
mgzyup. there's no fancy deprecater as in bzrlib though, right?23:32
mgzsome of this end users indirectly want, but should only be accessible via say, method on testresult23:33
mgzotherwise they'd need all this horrible version checking in their code as well23:33
lifelessthat seems to be a swings and roundabout distinction23:34
lifelessunless its already on unittest.TestResult23:34
lifelessand if it is, they may want to be able to monkeypatch their own - say twisted.trial.TestResult - so a helper function may be nice anway23:34
mgzah, I see.23:34
lifelessI don't see that they would need version checking23:35
lifelessit can be in our helper, or in our module or whatever23:35
pooliehi there jam?23:36
thumperwill bzr run as bzrlib within google appengine?23:47
lifelessit should23:53
lifelessobviously without the C extensions23:53
lifelessI don't think anyone has tried.23:53
mgzwould be interesting to see.23:54
lifelessGAE is a classic example of why we have a no-C-requirement policy23:54
lifelesseven though I waver on that from time to time23:54
lifelessI think we could be _so_ much faster if we went pure C, with a python version as a port rather than the primary environment.23:55
davidstraussI'm helping a person who's getting "bzr: ERROR: Unsupported protocol for url "ancestor:lp:~pressflow/pressflow/merge-drupal-6.17" when running "bzr diff --old=ancestor:lp:~pressflow/pressflow/merge-drupal-6.17"23:57
thumperlifeless: having a main function in C with a python fallback seems OK to me...23:59
thumperlifeless: is this not allowed?23:59

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