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medovichi every body01:01
nobarkingwhy is it that Kubntu & Ubuntu fonts are always better than other distros?01:15
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hagabakaAfter I upgraded to KDE 4.5beta2, the session and shutdown (restart X server, reboot, etc) menus in KDM don't work any more. Clicking on the buttons have no response. Is anyone else getting it?01:32
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Micahok, this is gonna sound awkward, but is there any way to shut down my computer (i left it on at work and logged in to a few IRC channels >.>) with out having remote control set up?02:11
Luija1006Please people I need help I am having problems opening rars with ark, its says: Unable to locate the program "unrar" in the PATH, whats going on?03:14
DragnslcrLuija1006- do you have an unrar package installed?03:17
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Luija1006thanks dude03:20
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crodriguezohi people.04:21
nobarkingwhat is the latest version of KDE available for Kubuntu 10.04 right now?05:25
nobarkingis 4.4.4 the latest stable?05:28
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eagles0513875gah this is annoying bug08:20
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eagles0513875hey guys im getting an error like http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=112697908:21
eagles0513875i went through took a look at what they suggested08:21
eagles0513875the error i get when running apt-get anything is this http://paste.ubuntu.com/449986/08:21
eagles0513875how can i fix it08:21
DaijoubuHello, is it ok to update from LTS to Maverik ?08:25
Daijoubuyes no ? :)08:26
eagles0513875!maverick | daijoubu08:34
ubottudaijoubu: Maverick Meerkat is the codename for Ubuntu 10.10, due October 2010 - Maverick is Not released and Not Stable, discussion and support in #ubuntu+108:34
eagles0513875hey guys i need some help for some reason im having some issues :( with apt http://paste.ubuntu.com/449986/ any ideas as to how i can fix it08:48
Daijoubuhow to update from Kubuntu 10.04 to Maverik?09:15
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eagles0513875hey guys im having this problem http://paste.ubuntu.com/449986/ how can i fix it11:28
perlmonkeywhy does kdenlive crash so frequently11:29
evll_hi all. anyone using rssowl on kubuntu 10.04? need some help11:32
Mamarokeagles0513875: what strange repositories are you using?11:48
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cato37how do i remove all the gnome apps out of the kde menu?13:42
bazhangcato37, all things gnome from your system, or simply from the menu13:43
cato37whatever is best. i think i get get by with all the kubuntu stuff.13:44
bazhang!purekde | cato37 this may help13:44
ubottucato37 this may help: If you want to remove all !Gnome packages and have a default !Kubuntu system follow the instructions here « https://help.ubuntu.com/community/PureKDE »13:44
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cato37one more question. the desktop picture downloader reports that it has downloaded but they dont show to select. all i have is the light blue desktop background.13:46
cato37how do i fix it?13:46
James147cato37: the "get hot new stuff" dialogue has been improving over time but still still a bit flaky, I have noticed closing and reopening it helps some of the time... Other then that you can go directly to kde-look.org to get the wallpapers13:49
cato37k. thanks13:50
cato37is there a better command editor. when i type in a command with the run command from the menu it disappears and i have no idea if it completed the task.13:54
cato37is kate a command editor?13:55
James147cato37: kate is a text editor13:55
James147cato37: not sure what you mean by "command editor".... konsole is a terminal program you can run commands from13:56
Torchcato37: you want konsole13:56
cato37k. konsole.13:56
James147cato37: note that krunner (alt+f2) is very useful for running applications... although it can also run commands it is generally advised to run commands from a terminal applications like konsole if you want to see the output13:57
cato37you are all very helpful. :)13:59
skramer_hi, I want to setup my USB scanner to make it available in my home LAN14:02
skramer_how do I do this under Lucid?14:02
paul__I'm trying to copy an img file onto a usb device using dd, but i'm getting permission denied. any ideas?14:18
paul__dd if=debian-live-usb-20090702.x64.img of=/dev/sdb1 (have tried with and without sudo)14:18
khindenburgpaul__: I tried that a few days ago, I had to have write access to the .img file for some reason14:20
paul__oh thanks14:20
paul__still getting permission denied :-/14:21
paul__I hate Ubuntu.14:23
Torchpaul__: what's the output of "ls -l /dev/sdb1"?14:25
paul__Torch: brw-rw---- 1 root disk 814:26
Torchpaul__: ok, this tells you you either need to be in the disk group to have write access or be root.14:26
Torchpaul__: when you tried it with sudo you must have made a mistake.14:26
paul__I dunno how14:26
paul__sudo dd if=/home/paul/Downloads/debian-live-usb-20090702.x64.img of=/media/disk14:27
Torchpaul__: no14:27
paul__what can I do14:27
Torchpaul__: of=/dev/sdb1 (if that's the device you want to write to)14:27
paul__I tried that way too14:27
Torchpaul__: try it again14:28
Torchpaul__: also, unmount the device first14:28
Torchpaul__: umount /dev/sdb1 as root14:28
paul__ok I will try to make sure it's umounted first14:28
skramer_what do I have to do to make my USB Scanner connected to desktop (Ubuntu 10.04) accessible to my laptop (Kubuntu 10.04)?14:28
skramer_any ideas?14:28
paul__sudo dd if=debian-live-usb-20090702.x64.img of=/dev/sdb1 = Permission denied14:29
Torchpaul__: assuming you haven't chmodded the img file to 000 i am at a loss here, sorry.14:30
paul__Torch: I was able to do it, but I had to chmod everything to user:user, including /dev/sdb1 is that normal?14:31
Torchpaul__: no14:31
paul__had to change the img file and the device to my own username and group14:32
paul__then it worked14:32
paul__i hate this permission stuff14:32
pachecoHello Everybody!!! :)14:33
pachecoThis is the fist time that i'm using this chat!!!! this can be cool!:D14:34
benishorHello all. Does anybody know if krusader can be configured so as to show file copy progress dialog and not use kde's notification & job system?14:36
benishorI'm looking to duplicate total commander's copy behaviour14:37
BluesKajbenishor,do you mean kommander ?14:47
benishorBluesKaj: no, I mean krusader14:51
BluesKajbenishor, I haven't used krusader , sorry .14:54
benishorBluesKaj: np, thanks14:57
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BluesKajhi santosh15:24
santoshhellooo bluesKaj15:24
BluesKajwhat's up ?15:25
santoshNothing much, how're you15:25
santoshKde 4.5 beta is gud , which version you are using now15:26
santoshoh ok, you didnt upgrade to KDE 4.4.85 (KDE 4.4.85 (KDE 4.5 Beta2))yet?15:32
crykewow, how many people... :) hello!15:34
santoshcryke , heloo15:36
santoshbye all15:38
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oxymoronhttp://imagebin.ca/view/YSbNSlO.html - This happens every freaking time I restore last session on my desktop, konversaiton arent able to connect to server. If I restart Konversaiton it works though, but its freaking annoying. AND ANOTHEr problem/annoying thing in thet screenshot. You sess Konitify in the right bottom corner, how do I remove that freaking *** is typing a message. It shows it every five seconds or so. Alright if it15:45
oxymorononly notified first time the person types, but not all the time :S15:45
compilerwriter_help I shaded a window and then accidently minimized it.  Now I can't seem to get it back.15:48
Torchoxymoron: you're aware that not too many people will be able to read those error messages in that language?15:48
compilerwriter_nevermind figured it out.15:51
oxymoronTorch: Huh? :S15:58
Torchoxymoron: run it with an english locale and show the error messages to the guys in #konversation15:59
oxymoronTorch: Oh you mean like that, well theres Google translate ... I need to reboot just to change language and show same errors again.16:00
Torchoxymoron: well, it's your decision.16:01
oxymoronTorch: And I dont think its Konversation, they just released 1.3 and this things wehn restoring session in new KDE 4.4 start freaking out things everywhere, nothing works as it should when restoring session.16:01
oxymoronTorch: I started to get problems with Amarok, Kopete and Rekonq as well when they shall restore themselves. I think its a KDE or QT issue.16:03
oxymoronBefore I wined about that Cairo dock didnt work in #cairo-dock but then they eplained its because of crappy proprietary drivers, QT bug since forever and OpenGL problems.16:04
oxymoronIf I may say so, FIX THE FREAKING problem sometime, I DONT CARE HOW, just do it. Dont waste time on unnecessary bugs and patches on things nobody cares of.16:05
oxymoronnouveau, Plymouth, Kopete, QT, Dragon Player especially need A LOT of love. Then built in out of the box support for OpenGL on ALL grpahic cards would be nice xD16:07
Torchoxymoron: want me to send you my hourly rates? ;-)16:07
oxymoronTorch: Hourly rates of what? :)16:08
Torchoxymoron: of pay. you know, if you demand someone do something for you asap, you'll have to pay for it.16:09
oxymoronTorch: Ah you mean payment, would you fix me a flawless OS from scratch, maybe I could :P16:10
Torchoxymoron: yelling at devs on various channels won't, that's for sure.16:10
DarthFrogYelling at devs shows ingratitude and a mis-placed sense of entitlement.16:11
oxymoronIt shows that at least someone feels abandoned. And I am positive more people agree to me.16:13
oxymoronTorch: And I am not only yelling ;)16:13
Torchoxymoron: you're also insulting us and burning our houses down?16:13
oxymoronTorch: Burning houses down, what? :S16:14
oxymoronTorch: And calling it insulting is a little bit harsch and overflow, dont you think? Its not personally at any programmers/devs, its in general.16:15
oxymoronIts like Idol on TV, they get critisized all the time by a jury, see me as a part of a jury who thinks and say hes opinion. You either listen or you dont. But just the fact you act and feel something is good, it means you care in someway.16:17
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FullMetalJockerhi all there17:06
FullMetalJockeri've a problem, of course..17:07
FullMetalJockerplz help me..17:08
emonkeyFullMetalJocker, just ask or you'll get en answer ... ;-)17:08
TorchFullMetalJocker: don't ask meta questions17:08
apparle_!ask | FullMetalJocker17:09
ubottuFullMetalJocker: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)17:09
FullMetalJockerkde kipi plugin doesn't work anymore with facebook17:09
FullMetalJockerkde kipi facebook plugin unable to upload photos17:13
emonkeyFullMetalJocker, looks like my kopete Facebook plugin don't work too ... maybe FB do some things with their APIs?17:16
emonkeyFullMetalJocker, looks like my kopete Facebook plugin don't work too ... maybe FB do some things with their APIs?17:16
FullMetalJockerreally don't have a clue what they are doing in fb..17:17
emonkeymee either17:17
emonkeyanybody around with similar problems?17:17
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Guest50317que pasa peña17:31
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FullMetalJockerkde kipi facebook plugin unable to upload photos17:35
MuzerWhere's the oxygen-zion theme? I can't find it by default or in the repo...17:37
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BluesKajMuzer, system settings /  appearance / windows17:56
Muzercan't see zion17:57
BluesKajMuzer, check www.kde-look.org18:01
Anubishi there18:09
Anubisi'm trying to remove pidgin-ppa, but i receive this error18:09
ubottuFor posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://tinyurl.com/imagebin | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.18:09
Anubisthis is the error18:11
TorchMuzer: looks like a packaging bug, maybe.18:13
cato37the package installer that came up thru the information window seems to be stuck at 42% installing the flash plugin. what should i do to encourage it to finish?18:15
cato37lol. nvrmnd it just finished...18:16
Anubisso, can anyone tell me how to fix this problem (http://paste.ubuntu.com/450176/)18:21
apparledoes kopete support file transfer via gtalk18:35
Andrew9hi everyone! a problem with audacity. it shows me sound volume levels for my mic but when i start record it hungs after 0.5-1 sec.19:21
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restcoserSry i know this is offtopic but where i can find servers for only chatting and no helpserver? sry im new19:50
harjotubuntu offopic19:56
harjotrestcoser: #ubuntu-offtopic19:57
Mamarokrestcoser: or #kubuntu-offtopic if it's about KDE20:02
xcfdjcan I get some help concerning a Kubuntu issue ?20:10
xcfdjhullo ?20:11
ubottuPlease don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)20:12
xcfdjI have a problem pairing my phone to Kubuntu , it returns "sorry , your device doesnt support input services "20:14
xcfdjhow can I fix that ?20:14
xcfdjby the way , it's Kubuntu 9.1020:15
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Andrew9a problem with audacity. it shows me sound volume levels for my mic but when i start recording it hungs after 0.5-1 sec.20:24
xcfdjtry a deferent sound input architecture20:25
xcfdjmy suggestion ; JACK20:25
Andrew9xcfdj: what's that? another driver?20:27
xcfdjnot exactly a driver ; it's a linux sound output system , like Alsa20:27
Andrew9xcfdj: ok thanks20:28
xcfdjno problem m820:28
xcfdjnot sure how to set that up on KDE ; but I do remember how on Gnome20:29
xcfdjgot some stuff to do20:31
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akajouHi all. Anyone with Ubuntu Server 10.04 willing to "sudo aptitude install btrfs-tools" and tell me the output of "ls -ld /dev/bt*"?20:34
Andrew9how to turn off "clear clipboard" after app was closed ?20:34
akajouI am wondering if the package is broken when used with Ubuntu Server or if the problem is peculiar to my machine...20:34
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Guest90793good evening. probably has been asked before: how can i use oxygen style for gtk apps in lucid?20:35
Andrew9Guest90793: i'd ask that too20:36
Guest90793no one having an clue?20:41
akajouOr anyone have btrfs-tools installed and in use on Ubuntu Server 10.04?20:42
Andrew9or anyone knows how to keep text in clipboard?20:42
akajou(Actually, I need the Ubuntu Server channel - sorry.)20:50
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yujiar各位猴子们= =21:15
maco!cn | yujiar21:16
ubottuyujiar: For Ubuntu help in Chinese 您可以访问中文频道: #ubuntu-cn 或者 #ubuntu-tw  或者 #ubuntu-hk21:16
bigbrovarhas anyone been able to get round the akonadi problem in kubuntu lucid?21:17
bigbrovarit doesnt start with the system and just generally flakky21:17
bill_can anyone help me with GRUB 221:19
bill_I have a laptop and had XP installed, then I installed Kubuntu. I wanted to try peppermint, so I installed it on my ext USB HD. Now I have to have my USB ext HD connected to get the boot menu. SO I need to have the MBR on the internal laptop HD vice the ext USB HD. HELP???21:22
bill_anyone here?21:24
bukayoobill_: boot to your os b4 peppermint then grub install /dev/sda21:24
Andrew9bill_: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1195275 section 13. Reinstalling GRUB 2 from the LiveCD21:24
Andrew9bill_: make sure you install it to the right disk this time21:25
bukayoobill_: then update-grub21:25
bill_will I still be able to boot to peppermint if I connect the USB HD21:25
bukayooas long as it's connected21:26
bill_ok will give it a try21:26
bukayooduring the update-grub21:26
bukayoobill_: that shud be grub-install21:27
bill_ok thks21:27
bukayoobill_: after the update-grub list it out to check21:28
bukayoobill_: cat /boot/grub/grub.cfg21:29
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mimehello. i just instaleld some packages, but they are a lot, and want to erase them, is any way to sort the installed packages by day? thanks.21:49
JOSFHi! How can I make the K-menu (Start) longer, so it keeps more entries visible at once?21:57
James147JOSF: Click the top corner and drag21:58
JOSFJames147: Great! Thanks. I tried it already but nothing happened. Seems one needs to find the special corner. Thanks a lot.21:59
BluesKajmime, did you use apt/package manager to install them or did you update ?22:14
BluesKajdinnertime , bbl22:15
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Atamiskhello, what packages do i need to install to "cross-grade" UNR 10.04 to KNR 10.04?22:29
James147Atamisk: UNR, KNR - [k]ubuntu netbook remix? Then install kubuntu-netbook or ubuntu-netbook22:33
Atamiskcool, thanks22:35
cristianalguem do brasil ai22:51
cristianworld cup22:52
aris_ellada kaneis?22:59
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ubottu#ubuntu-gr και #kubuntu-gr για Έλληνες χρηστές  /  #ubuntu-gr kai #kubuntu-gr gia Ellhnes xrhstes23:00
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quesada_is sftp from dolphin working for you? I got an error msg about encryption23:29
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James147quesada_: its working here (kde 4.5 beta) but also worked in 4.423:31
quesada_James147: hmm I wonder what's wrong with this system23:34
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