arandIs LP upload (dput) speed capped at around ~120KiB/s ?00:32
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MTecknologyCan anyone tell me what project Bug #214349 belongs to?06:49
ubot5Bug 214349 on http://launchpad.net/bugs/214349 is private06:49
poolieMTecknology, not one i can view :)07:10
MTecknologypoolie: I can't either :P07:11
pooliewhy do you want to know?07:12
MTecknologypoolie: I was just curious what project it's assigned to07:13
pooliei just wondered where you hit that bug number07:14
MTecknologypoolie: I saw it linked to from bug 19383007:15
ubot5Bug 193830 on http://launchpad.net/bugs/193830 is private07:15
MTecknologypoolie: that one I do have access to :P07:16
MTecknologybut there's nothing private in it..07:16
MTecknologypoolie: actually - 193830 has no private info in it - but because it's duplicate is i assume this shoudl stay that way - so idk what to do07:17
pooliei think 214349 is about a private canonical project07:18
poolieis it a dupe of the 193 bug or is it just mentioned?07:18
poolieif it's just mentioned there's no harm making it public07:18
pooliei'm not sure what happens to privacy across dupes07:18
pooliei guess you could ask on your bug whether anyone objects07:19
MTecknologypoolie: 214349 is marked as a dupe of 19383007:19
poolieif you want to open 193830 you should do so07:19
pooliei would be very surprised if doing so makes public a bug you're not allowed to even read at the moment07:19
poolieif it does we can always change it back07:20
MTecknologypoolie: ok, thanks07:21
MTecknologypoolie: I'll try to grab input tomorrow when the team is awak otherwise i'll do it07:21
poolieandfile a bug :)07:21
poolieagainst malone for causing it to open a private dupe when you open the private master07:23
MTecknologyi think i filed a bug about something like that but i'm not sober enough to remember if it's exactly the same thing :P07:24
MTecknologyin addition to being way too tired07:25
MTecknologypoolie: thanks for the info and i'll make a note to make a bug report07:25
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bdrung_hi, can someone hand over the ownership of https://code.launchpad.net/~vcs-imports/eclipse-ubuntu/debian to the eclipse-team and move it into the eclipse projects (to ~eclipse-team/eclipse/debian)?10:52
ibuclawHello. Can I add Ubuntu Maverick as a source dependency for my PPA?11:01
bigjoolsibuclaw: if you're building a maverick source in your PPA that's automatic11:02
ibuclawbigjools, mkay, might as well do that then =)11:02
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arandIs there a cap of ~120KiB/s of dputting to PPAs16:07
beunoarand, I don't think there is16:14
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kirklandcan anyone help me with that?20:06
kirklandbzr annoyances20:06
kirklanddifferent rich root support monkey business20:06
kirklandtrying to upgrade20:06
kirklandit poops20:07
maxbkirkland: Hi. The problem is simply that the branch has been upgraded before, and the backup from the previous try exists where bzr is trying to backup for this try20:13
kirklandmaxb: can i kill the old backup?20:14
maxbYes, you can, just with simple file operations20:14
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maxbI have yet to find an sftp client that I actually like, so I usually mount the branch using sshfs, so I can just rm -rf backup.bzr20:15
rockstarmaxb, lp:hitchhiker FTW.20:17
rockstarmaxb, hitchhiker lp:<branch> rmtree backup.bzr20:17
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kirklandis this a temporary error?21:37
kirklandbzr: ERROR: Cannot lock LockDir(lp-69727568:///~ubuntu-branches/ubuntu/lucid/qemu-kvm/lucid/.bzr/branchlock): Transport operation not possible: readonly transport21:37
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maxbkirkland: Sounds like "You don't have write access to this branch" to me21:44
maxbkirkland: have you slightly mangled that error in copy/paste?21:46
maxbI'd expect .bzr/branch/lock or .bzr/branch-lock not .bzr/branchlock21:46
kirklandmaxb: no, it's not mangled21:47
kirklandmaxb: that's what it says21:47
kirklandmaxb: oh, well, i just dput the source package anyway21:47
kirklandmaxb: maybe this is one of the auto-generated packaging branches?21:47
kirklandmaxb: the ones that process uploads and import them automagically?21:48
lifelesskirkland: if you can upload to the package, the branch should let you write to is.21:48
lifelesskirkland: can you upload to qemu-kvm ?21:49
lifelesskirkland: and what was the url you pushed to ?21:49
kirklandlifeless: yes, i can upload qemu-kvm21:50
kirklandlifeless: maybe because it's a lucid branch?21:50
kirklandlifeless: and that's closed?21:50
kirklandlifeless: SRU-only?21:50
kirklandlifeless: this is an sru...21:50
lifelesskirkland: sounds like you want to be pushing to lucid-proposed.21:51
* kirkland tries that21:52
lifelessits what I would expect :)21:52
kirklandlifeless: $ bzr push lp:ubuntu/lucid-proposed/qemu-kvm21:52
kirklandbzr: ERROR: Invalid url supplied to transport: "lp:ubuntu/lucid-proposed/qemu-kvm": qemu-kvm in lucid-proposed has no default branch.21:52
lifelessplease raise this on the udd list.21:52
lifelessAnd as a bug on the udd project.21:53
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