BUGabundo my friends, hope to see you back in a week00:07
BUGabundogonna try to enjoy a full week without you all :D00:07
* Daekdroom doubts it00:07
ubottuDaily builds of the CD images of the current development version of Ubuntu are available at http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/daily/current/ and http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/daily-live/current/00:08
Volkodavis there an option in the installer for btrfs ?00:12
mbtVolkodav, I didn't see one; there probably isn't yet, I don't think btrfs has been declared stable just yet00:13
Volkodavhmm - I though someone already has it installed - I was wondering if it is an option yet ?00:14
mbtYou can *use* btrfs, but you'll have to set it up after installation (unless that has changed since the Alpha 1 media was mastered).00:15
Volkodavyou mean a conversion ?00:15
mxe5Is there an app for trying to recover files from a USB thumb flash drive?00:15
mbtmxe5, depending on what the problem is, I'd try using foremost00:15
Volkodavthere is also a grub2 compatibility issue as well00:16
mbtVolkodav, yes, you can convert ext3 or you can take a tar backup and restore.  I wouldn't use it for /boot.00:16
Volkodavyou mean /root00:16
mbtVolkodav, you could just use ext2 for /boot (mounted sync) and use btrfs for / and the rest of the other filesystems00:16
Volkodavand have separate /boot00:16
mbtVolkodav, No, I meant /boot.  the root fs can be btrfs, but /boot has to be accessible by the bootloader.00:16
Volkodavright - so grub2 can not boot btrfs yet I guess00:17
VolkodavI'll spin live CD see what's up ....00:17
mbtI also wouldn't use btrfs to house data that you rely on not disappearing.  I very nearly lost 300GB of data to it not that long ago just by using a multi-device setup with subvolumes.00:17
mbtVolkodav, I don't recall hearing about GRUB2 learning about btrfs yet, no.  But that's fine; I usually use ext2 for /boot anyway00:18
Volkodavof course not - I have my storage on differenrt drives00:18
arandVolkodav: INPROGRESS: https://blueprints.edge.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+spec/foundations-m-btrfs-support00:18
mxe5mbt: Well it's a tough go right now, because it's not showing up on the desktop also went to Places/Computer and not showing in there as well.00:18
arandmxe5: photorec00:18
mxe5mbt: It's Toshiba 4GB thumb drive.00:19
VolkodavI want to see how snapshots and all other bells are working so far - at least on a testing machine00:19
mbtVolkodav, I'd just install it with a 10 GB /, then, and create a btrfs filesystem on its own partition after you have the system installed00:20
arandmxe5: part of "testdisk" (which also does partition table recovery00:20
mbtSay for /home or something.00:20
mxe5arand: Is that similar to one of the windows file recovery apps?00:20
arandmxe5: No00:20
arandLikely not, at least. Since it's ncurses00:20
Volkodavmbt: that's an option00:20
mxe5arand: So is photorec an app?00:21
VolkodavI may as well through all the system on it00:21
mbtmxe5, what is the damage?  Did the filesystem get overwritten or corrupted, or it is an unusual filesystem?  What's the output of "file -sL /dev/sdX" for the device?00:21
arandFedora dabbles in btrfs already if that is an option..00:21
Volkodavsame as suse I heard00:21
arandmxe5: A command-line (ncurses menu-based) application, yes00:21
mbtAlso seems that the btrfs wiki is not really giving an up-to-date picture of the status of the fs or tools00:22
mxe5mbt: I get nothing when I plug it into any open USB on my computer - I get no errors at all - linux does not even come up that a USB thumb drive has been plugged in.00:22
mbtmxe5, dmesg doesn't show a new device?00:23
mxe5mbt: No\00:23
mbtmxe5, If that's the case, no recovery utility is going to do anything for it.  It will likely need physical repair.00:23
bjsnidermbt, how do you know the wiki is not up to date?00:24
mbtbjsnider, most current info is for
mbtAnd at that time, they weren't recommending it for general usage, so unless there's newer information somewhere that I don't know about... which is entirely possible.00:25
mxe5mbt: I ran dmesg at terminal and got several lines of return - but not sure what to look for or at.00:25
mbtmxe5, when you plug in a new usb mass storage device, you will see a few lines of output at the end that show that it found it, what device node (sdb, sdc, etc.) it got, its size in sectors, gigabytes and gibibytes, and so forth.00:26
mbtmxe5, kinda like this, but with information for your specific device:  dhttp://pastebin.com/mu5pErWj00:27
mbtmxe5, err, http://pastebin.com/mu5pErWj00:27
mxe5mbt: Sorry I was reading through the dmesg output trying to find something - I'll have to come back to this later - Have to go do something for the better-half - Honey-doo stuff ya know ...00:35
mxe5mbt: Thanks00:35
DaijoubuI can't make a live USB for Kubuntu 10.10 neither with Startup Disk Creator which boots to Ubuntu with the Kubuntu image, nor with unetbootin?09:08
DaijoubuAny help?09:08
Jordan_UDaijoubu: What happens when you try?09:17
DaijoubuWith Startup Disk Creator it boots to a menu with 2 choices09:18
Daijoubuto install ubuntu or to try ubuntu, when i select try ubuntu it boots to Ubuntu with Gnome09:18
Daijoubuthe unetbootin try just goes to boot from the USB, no menu is shown and it reboots, and then reboots again, and again09:19
Jordan_UDaijoubu: I don'09:19
Jordan_UDaijoubu: ... I don't see what's wrong with it booting with Gnome.09:19
Daijoubuwell i'm using the "Kubuntu" image09:20
Daijoubunot the "Ubuntu" image09:20
Daijoubushoudln't it boot to KDE?!09:20
DaijoubuJordan_U will it install with KDE if i chose to install it and not try it from the USB ?09:35
Daijoubuwell the Kubuntu daily build fixed the problem :)09:55
Daijoubui have 31 blocked Updates, is this a bug?09:55
kklimondait's normal during development09:57
Daijoubukklimonda, should i do anything about it or just leave it be?09:57
Daijoubugosh kde 4.5 is great :) too bad that gnome will become that terrible shell thing hehe09:58
kklimondaDaijoubu: bah, there is no single answer as many things may result in packages being blocked. If you have no idea how to investigate it I'd leave it for now.09:59
=== yofel_ is now known as yofel
IdleOneXorg seems to have been fixed. FOR ME!12:06
om26erany op online?12:07
IdleOneom26er: I am not op in here bu maybe I can help12:07
om26erIdleOne, I want someone kicked in #ubuntu ;)12:08
om26eror banned12:08
IdleOneom26er: #ubuntu-ops please12:08
om26erna I'll find someone here12:08
IdleOneom26er: #ubuntu-ops is the proper place to discuss this12:09
IdleOneI am op in #ubuntu so I should be able to help12:09
IdleOneor you can msg me12:09
DrHalanwaitng for the xorg fix12:22
IdleOneDrHalan: I did an upgrade this morning 30+ xorg packages installed without problems. FOR ME12:27
DrHalannot for me it even wants to remove xserver-xorg-video-all12:29
yofel. . .12:30
IdleOneDrHalan: in that case, hold off12:30
yofelodd, I have all X updates installed since quite a while, nvidia and virtualbox were holding them back for a while12:31
DrHalanyeha i have nvidia here..12:35
DrHalanon virtualbox it worked some days ago12:35
DrHalannvidia-current isN't updated anyways afaik12:35
yofelnot yet, x-updates has 256.29 which works fine here12:37
DrHalanwhats x-updates?12:37
DrHalannice.. so i just wait until its merged to maveric12:38
Ian_corneyofel: if i full-upgrade it doesn't remove nvidea-current anymore12:39
yofeloh? then someone rebuilt the package maybe12:39
Ian_corneupgrades dkms and all the xserver packages and nvidia-current too12:39
Ian_corneupgrading now12:39
Ian_cornewill let you know if it works :)12:39
DrHalanill just wait..12:40
Ian_corneGet:72 http://archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/ maverick/main xserver-xorg 1:7.5+6ubuntu1 [20.3kB]12:43
jpdsIan_corne: Don't you have your own mirror?12:43
Ian_corneI changed it to this when I needed something that wasn't pushed yet12:44
Ian_cornewill change back12:44
yofelI have that too, and xserver-xorg-core 2:
Ian_corneall my applets don't like 1.813:02
Ian_corneexcept musicplayer and timer13:02
Ian_corneok, they just crashed it seems13:03
Ian_corneif i kill the panels and they reload, they're back13:03
nils1hej folks, does anyone know by chance, what to do, to get a new ubuntu mailing list created? i have started a ticket on rt.ubuntu.com month ago and nothing happened up to now..13:17
yofeland there goes X - again...14:09
yofel^G###!!! ABORT: X_CloseDevice: XI_BadDevice (invalid Device parameter); 8 requests ago: file nsX11ErrorHandler.cpp, line 18214:09
DaijoubuHelp! :) Installed Kubuntu from daily build, updated, installed Nvidia current drivers, after reboot it shows the Kubuntu loading screen and it stays there, the keyboard is working and i can restart with ctrl-alt-del14:13
yofelDaijoubu: how did you install them?14:13
Daijoubuwith hardware drivers14:13
yofelI had something like that in lucid when mountall hung up on an NFS mount, but that's fixed by now14:15
yofelcan you get to a terminal somehow?14:15
Daijoubuyofel with ctrl-alt-F1 F2 and so on ?14:15
Daijoubuthat's not working :/14:15
Daijoubuthe screen just flashes with ctrl-alt-F1 and F2 for F3-4-5-6 nothing happens14:16
Daijoubuand it returns to the Kubuntu loading image14:16
yofelhm... maybe try sysrq+k to kill plymouth, or maybe sysrq+e (SIGTERM) or sysrq+i (SIGKILL) and see if you get something14:17
Daijoubuok one sec14:17
Daijoubunope nothing14:20
Daijoubutranegly enough i typed "o-o" and enter and it shat down lol14:20
Daijoubuphh terriblwe stuff :/14:21
yofelhm, does something happen if you press S or M when it hangs?14:21
Daijoubuone sec..14:21
yofeland is plymouth frozen or is the animation still running?14:21
Daijoubuit's frozen14:22
Daijoububut when i do ctrl+alt+del thje animation unfreezes14:22
yofeland what happens with sysrq+k?14:23
Daijoubuwhen it's frozen all dots are gray, after ctrl alt del, all dots go white and one becomes gray14:23
Daijoubuyofel just to make sure the sysrq thing is the "windows" key on the kieyboard right?14:23
yofeler... no14:23
yofelsysrq+k is 'alt+print+k' here14:24
Daijoubuyofel ok then i mislead you that nothing happens with it one sec14:24
yofelor prtscr or whatever druck is on an english keyboard14:24
Daijoubuyofel sysrq+k nothing sysrq+e nothing alt-sysrq+k ntohing alt-sysrq+e nothing alt-sysrq+o = shutdown14:27
yofelyeah, o is shutdown14:28
Daijoubuso i'm doomed?14:29
yofelhm, then I'm slowly running out of ideas, maybe add 'init=/bin/bash' to the grub kernel line and see if you get a terminal14:29
Daijoubuok i guess this is the guru section of possible things to do haha14:30
yofelthat will skip upstart and should give you a terminal without any running services14:30
Daijoubuhow do i add that line?!14:30
yofelDaijoubu: in grub, press 'e' (I think) to edit the boot options, and append 'init=/bin/bash' on the kernel line14:30
yofeloh wait14:30
yofelmaybe first try to remove quiet splash there14:31
yofelthat should at least remove the boot animation14:31
Daijoubuumm how?14:31
Daijoubuis there a key like in windows where if i hold it it will propose to start ubuntu in vesa or so on?14:31
yofellike I said, go to the grub menu, select the kernel that you want to boot, press e and edit the line that starts with 'kernel'14:32
Daijoubui don't know how to go to the grub menu :( i'm noob14:32
yofelafter that use ctrl+x to boot I think, it should say so in the editor14:32
yofeler... hold left shift pressed on boot I think14:33
ubottuGRUB2 is the default Ubuntu boot manager since Karmic. For more information and troubleshooting on GRUB2 please refer to https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Grub214:33
Daijoubuok one sec14:33
yofelactually see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub214:33
yofelespecially https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub2#Command%20Line%20and%20Rescue%20Mode14:34
Daijoubuwell holding shift didnt bring me to a menu14:35
Daijoubuit shows some text of things loaded and it end at Pulse Audio and the * in fron ot it is orange14:36
Daijoubuand i can't type anything14:36
Daijoubu*front of it is orange14:37
Daijoubuapp armor profiles, kernels common printing system are shown ans [ok]14:38
Daijoubuthen comes pulse audio and it has orange star and theres no [ok] next to it14:39
Daijoubuis pulse audio yet again making my day miserable? :D14:39
yofelwell, that seems to come from the sysvinit services, so the boot hangs somewhere at the end14:39
bardo_hello to all, does anyone lnows how if there is a update to resolve the bug in xubuntu10.04 related to intel 855 graphic cards14:39
Daijoubuso in other words i have to reinstall?14:40
yofelbardo_: *which* bug?14:40
yofelbardo_: and do you mean recent update or compared to lucid?14:40
bardo_xubuntu frezes in startup and dosent boot without the option i915.modeset=1. recent update14:41
bardo_sorry xubuntu 10.014:41
yofelDaijoubu: not sure, maybe use a live disk, chroot and try to disable things until it boots (that's what I would try)14:41
yofelbut reinstalling might be faster14:41
yofelbardo_: this channel is for maverick meerkat 10.10 support, for lucid please ask in #ubuntu14:42
bardo_had to chroot and change grub so to put the option i915.modeset=1. but if i try to play a movie the laptop crashes14:42
Daijoubuyofel, the thing is that my live usb kubuntu is damaged as well, no idea how that happened, it crashes on the keyboard setup if i try to install it, and if i select to Try it, it brings me to a logins creen, i have no idea what the default login user and pass is14:42
yofeldefault login user and pass should be ubuntu/ubuntu iirc14:43
Daijoubuthanks yofel14:43
yofelI could be wrong, it's been a while since I had to use them14:44
yofelbardo_: if you have a question about a specific bug number askin in #ubuntu-bugs is an option too14:44
bardo_thanks, will try.14:45
Daijoubuit's hopeles :/ now it crashes on the live USB loading screen as well, neather Try or Install works, i tried the check for errors option and it didn't find any errors, i'm curious how these errors evolve though14:53
Daijoubuoh well, back to LTS version then :)14:54
Daijoubuyofel will the LTS version update it's kernel when Maverik comes out?14:54
yofelno idea, there was some talk about backporting kernels, but haven't heard much of that since quite a while ago14:56
Daijoubuyofel can i update from LTS to Maverik?14:57
Daijoubuok then thanks for helping :)14:57
yofelyou might have to tell update-manager to look for non-lts upgrades though14:57
yofelshould be somewhere in software properties14:57
Daijoubui was wondering why it didn't find anything with -d thanks14:58
Ian_corneHmm I get "bzz bzzz bzzz" in my audio :p14:59
Ian_corneand it's no vuvuzela14:59
shadeslayerhi any idea how i can install the examples for qtcreator?16:45
James147shadeslayer: Try installing qt4-demos16:49
shadeslayerJames147: tried that16:49
shadeslayerstill doesnt pick it up... maybe i need to fix that package as well in universe :P16:49
shadeslayerJames147: btw can you get qtcreator to work on maverick?16:50
James147shadeslayer: havent tryed maverick yet, will probally install it on my laptop later today... will try it then16:51
shadeslayerJames147: ah ok,because beta 1 doesnt work on maverick,im going to file a request to upload RC from my ppa today :)16:52
DanaG"Ubuntu is ready to play music from the web, from CDs and DVDs."18:29
DanaGWait, if it's from the web, how are you playing it from CDs?18:29
DanaGIt needs another "and" there.18:29
DanaGquite literally, it currently says: playing music from the web from CDs.18:30
arandtwo and:s also turns out wrong..18:32
DanaG"Ubuntu is ready to play music from the web, and from CDs and DVDs."18:32
gnomefreaki think he meant where are you seeing this18:33
DanaGThis is in the installer (though in Lucid).18:33
DanaGThe slideshow.18:33
* gnomefreak not here18:33
gnomefreaki would say file a bug maybe one of the installer devs will fix it18:33
devilsadvocateDanaG, no, it doesnt need another and. CDs and DVDs are different things18:51
DanaGdevilsadvocate: try reading that sentence again.19:19
DanaG"Ubuntu is ready to play <items> from the web, from CDs and DVDs.19:20
DanaGBroken parallelism.19:20
devilsadvocatei'd suggest an extra 'from' before DVDs rather than another and19:21
DanaGyeah, and from dvds19:24
DanaGtha tworks.19:24
om26erwill maverick ship with gtk3?19:40
gnomefreakom26er: not sure but there should be a blueprint if it is planned19:43
vishom26er: no19:43
* om26er thought a release after LTS was to shake things up ;)19:44
gnomefreakom26er: it is but we still have to be stable. i would have thought gtk3 would go hand in hand with gnome319:45
vishgtk3 and gnome3 only planned for N19:46
vishwell , gtk3 atleast , gnome3  ??  ;p19:46
gnomefreakgnome3 is planned IIRC for 10.1019:47
om26erfor gnome 2.31.4 they will ship with gtk319:47
gnomefreakthat is gnome319:47
om26eror 2.90xx19:47
gnomefreaki dont recall the linkws i saw it on but it was gnome official links and its due in sept.19:47
om26ergtk series is 2.9019:48
gnomefreakand no gtk3 will not make it in Maverick19:52
gnomefreak2.31.91 == 3.019:53
gnomefreaksorry .9219:53
gnomefreakok back to working on this .xpi19:55
h00khttp://identi.ca/notice/36376507 orly?20:10
bjsnidervish, who says?20:12
dORSYhi i have a problem with wmv: http://img13.imageshack.us/img13/960/kpernykpakvntbvmnyeknek.png20:12
dORSYany hints where to get the codec?20:13
virtualddorsy: medibuntu.org20:15
dORSYare there maverick repos?20:15
virtualdi don't know20:15
dORSYokay i ask different20:16
dORSYwhat codec this video uses?  mmsh://streamer2.carnation.hu/mtvod2/hirado/2010/06/15/hirado19_100615.wmv20:16
vishbjsnider: http://mail.gnome.org/archives/desktop-devel-list/2010-June/msg00183.html20:17
gnomefreakdORSY: yes there are20:18
dORSYgnomefreak, apt line?20:19
gnomefreakdORSY: its on thier site20:19
dORSYhttp://www.medibuntu.org/sources.list.d/maverick.list is 40420:19
gnomefreakdORSY: one sec20:20
gnomefreakdORSY: http://paste.ubuntu.com/450236/  these work for me here20:21
gnomefreakgoing backt o this damn thing20:21
dORSYwe will see...20:23
dORSYi cant find their pgp key -.-20:25
bjsnidervish, that message is inconclusive20:27
gnomefreakdORSY: take the last 8 digits and do it that way or go to ssoftware sources in the gnome menu20:29
gnomefreakdORSY: give me the last 8 and i will give you the command20:29
dORSYgnomefreak, 8 digits of what?20:30
gnomefreakdORSY: in the gpg error you have. there are letters and numbers of the gpg i need last 820:30
dORSYanyway i got one from google20:31
gnomefreakthey also have a way to add repos and keys in one command on thier website20:31
dORSYdoes not work20:31
* gnomefreak wrote a script for all my gpg keys20:31
dORSYi said it generates 40420:31
gnomefreakdORSY: one minute20:32
gnomefreakdORSY: you can also ask in #medibuntu20:33
gnomefreakthat channel is handy20:33
gnomefreakdORSY: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Medibuntu#Adding%20the%20Repository20:36
* gnomefreak not sure where you were going and why20:36
dORSYlsb_release -cs20:36
dORSYthere is no maverick list on the site20:37
gnomefreakdORSY: add the repos i  gave you or use the command found on that page20:37
dORSYtry yourself20:37
gnomefreakgnomefreak@development:~$ lsb_release -cs20:37
gnomefreaklsb_release has nothing to do with medibuntu. its only sys info20:38
gnomefreakdORSY: not sure where you got that from20:38
dORSY http://www.medibuntu.org/sources.list.d/$(lsb_release -cs).list20:38
gnomefreakwhy are you in sources.list.d20:39
dORSYpart of20:39
dORSYsudo wget --output-document=/etc/apt/sources.list.d/medibuntu.list http://www.medibuntu.org/sources.list.d/$(lsb_release -cs).list && sudo apt-get --quiet update && sudo apt-get --yes --quiet --allow-unauthenticated install medibuntu-keyring && sudo apt-get --quiet update20:39
dORSYpart of  https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Medibuntu#Adding%20the%20Repository20:39
dORSYgot it?20:39
gnomefreakdORSY: did you try replacing $(lsb_release -cs) with maverick20:40
gnomefreakdORSY: that is what it is telling you20:40
dORSYit replaces itself20:40
dORSYand if i do20:40
dORSYstill gives 40420:40
gnomefreakdORSY: add the repos i gave you or ask in #medibuntu why it is 40420:41
dORSYi did20:41
* gnomefreak out20:44
vishbjsnider: rest assured , gtk3 aint landing for Maverick ;)20:59
bjsniderwell that's certainly your view20:59
vishbjsnider: no, not mine'20:59
vish <seb128>  we will take empathy later on if they clarify they will not require gtk321:00
vishbjsnider: ^21:00
bjsniderwhat does medibuntu provide at this point i wonder21:00
dORSYnothing, im still stuck with this video :D21:01
dORSYhowever i installed the lucid w64codec21:01
bjsniderthat package isn't necessary21:02
bjsnidermplayer gets its codecs from ffmpeg now21:02
dORSYi dont know what package would be that21:02
dORSYexaclty what codec decodes wmv21:03
bjsnidermplayer's codecs come from libavcodec21:03
bjsniderwhat file are you trying to play?21:03
=== dORSY is now known as dorsy
bjsniderdorsy, that file is tiny21:23
bjsniderdorsy, my system is able to play what's there without the w64codecs file, because i have the libavcodec-extra package installed21:36
* funkyHat ponders downgrading X22:10
EagleScreenwill Maverick have Gnome 3.0 available for testing ?22:25

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