playya_how much space is required to bootstrap ubuntu-minimal on ARM?00:20
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EthanZ6174how can i get a arm-ubuntu source list?07:17
EthanZ6174i got so many 404 when i use the kind of normal ones..07:17
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cooloneyamitk: around?08:36
amitkcooloney: yes08:36
cooloneyamitk: i am looking at the OTG config issue you pointed out yesterday08:36
cooloneyfrom the git log, i think you revert the patch which enabling the OTG in the kernel08:37
cooloneyso why you revert that?08:37
cooloneyOTG driver doesn't work at all?08:37
amitkcooloney: that config was causing OOPs, IIRC. So we need to see if some more patches are necessary08:39
cooloneyamitk: yeah, i guess so. so firstly we enable the OTG as the omap3 beagle board defconfig08:40
cooloneyand test and file another bug?08:40
cooloneyi think OTG should be built-in08:40
cooloneyoh, maybe the dmesg.txt from ogra_cmpc in the LP is from a kernel which built-in OTG stuff08:41
amitkcooloney: if possible OTG should be a module so we can switch between different gadget drivers - audio, ethernet, gadgetfs, mass storage, etc.08:51
amitkcooloney: actually, only the USB Gadget drivers need to be modular, the HW-specific driver can be compiled in08:52
amitkcooloney: http://paste.ubuntu.com/449992/ is the diff for that should enable OTG08:53
cooloneyamitk: i agree, gadget upper level drivers should be modulars, and TI OTG controller driver should be built-in08:56
cooloneyamitk: after a study of the oops from the dmesg, i think we missed to built-in the OTG transceiver driver as well as OMAP OTG driver08:57
cooloneyamitk: let me try to build in them and post a kernel for testing08:57
lagGood morning every-peeps09:01
amitkmorning lag09:03
lagHey amitk09:03
cooloneylag and amitk morning. -:)09:08
lagMorning cooloney, I'm just replying to your emails09:09
lagcooloney: How far have you progressed with the Maverick - Panda kernel?09:13
cooloneylag: I added some panda supported yesterday, and sebjan will review that. if that's ok, i will send out for review and pull09:15
cooloneylag: for the bug #59229509:15
ubot2Launchpad bug 592295 in linux-ti-omap (Ubuntu) "omapdss DISPC error: SYNC_LOST_DIGIT (affects: 1) (heat: 8)" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/59229509:15
cooloneylag: is on .33 or .34?09:16
cooloneyand i think you may have some solution now09:16
lagcooloney: 2.6.34-900-omap409:17
lagIf you send me a .33 kernel, I can see if the problem is a lasting one09:18
lagcooloney: I have seen your solution, but I think I have a neater one09:18
cooloneylag: ok, got it, but in the LP post, you said it is 2.6.33-900-omap409:19
cooloneylag: ok, cool, i don't have the hardware. hehe09:19
lagIn which case, I have tested it on both09:21
lagSo it is .33 and .3409:21
lagcooloney: Have you read your emails?09:22
cooloneylag: oh, just got it.09:23
cooloneyfor the .34 repo, git://kernel.ubuntu.com/roc/ubuntu-maverick.git ti-ubuntu-2.6.3409:24
cooloneyi think sebjan will do his work based on this branch09:24
lagDoes that boot?09:25
cooloneyhmmm, i think you told me it boots from you panda09:25
lagIf it's the same one you sent me yesterday it does09:26
cooloneyand after sebjan fixed his kernel cmdline, he boots that kernel on his panda too09:26
lagHowever, I tried to build it and it didn't boot09:26
cooloneylag: yeah, it is the same09:26
cooloneylag: really?09:26
lagYeah, really09:26
cooloneyyou built from the same tree, but does not boot?09:26
cooloneyoh, maybe you are trying the my old base09:27
cooloneyso which commit SHA is your base in you building tree09:27
lagIt's the one on kernel.ubuntu.com09:27
lagWait one09:27
cooloneyoh, sorry, that is not including the panda support09:29
cooloneypls just git fetch09:29
cooloneyand rebuild,09:29
lagThat was the latest when you went offline last night09:30
lagI thought it was something I was doing wrong!09:30
cooloneylag: oh, sorry, hold on,09:30
cooloneycould you post your git log --oneline?09:30
lagI've just fetched09:31
cooloneythat should be the same as my kernel source, i think09:32
cooloneyyou are using sbuild or just crosscompile09:33
lagcooloney: It's still at ea34fca089b7ab2986ff391f1fc036d4425e6995 UBUNTU: SAUCE: fix changelog for our target release - maverick09:41
lagEven after a fetch09:41
cooloneylag: yeah, i think you got the same kernel source as me09:48
lagAnd that should work?09:48
cooloneyyeah, i built the kernel package from that.09:48
cooloneyand uploaded to you and sebjan09:48
cooloneyso is there any error message when you was booting your own built kernel?09:49
lagNope, I just don't receive any output09:49
cooloneylag: hmmm, too bad, no idea about that. you changed the kernel cmdline or something?09:52
lagNope, I'm using the same one09:53
lagWhen I do a diff on or images, they 'differ'09:53
lagIs ea34fca089b7ab2986ff391f1fc036d4425e6995 your final commit?09:53
cooloneyyeah, i didn't change anything since that09:55
cooloneylag: you are using sbuild or just cross compiling?09:57
lagI'm just using schroot09:59
lagI'm using the build scripts09:59
cooloneylag: the kernel i uploaded yesterday is cross compiled10:05
lagLet me try it again10:07
cooloneyogra_cmpc and amitk, i updated bug #56664511:36
ubot2Launchpad bug 566645 in linux-ti-omap (Ubuntu Maverick) (and 2 other projects) "OTG configuration is broken on omap kernel (affects: 2) (heat: 70)" [High,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/56664511:36
zumbihrw: congrats! can you try powerpc or mips/el?11:43
hrwzumbi: thats dpkg-cross way11:44
zumbihrw: yes, but binary-*-cross.mk merged into binary-*.mk?11:44
hrwzumbi: no, this is still on a list11:45
zumbioh! ok, also biarch cross compilers were broken for multilib and non-multilib builds, on lenny used to work fine11:46
zumbianyway, well done :)11:47
hrwzumbi: gcc-4.5 cross work resulted in a set of fixes11:47
zumbiin a couple weeks I hope to have some time available to help out11:47
hrwzumbi: https://edge.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+spec/arm-m-cross-compilers has them linked11:47
zumbii remember you showing me a patch11:48
JameswStubbsHello, anyone here who can give some advice?11:56
loolzumbi: We dont have mips/mipsel in Ubuntu and powerpc in not in the main priorities of Linaro, it's more a Debian thing, but that should just work -- problem is that the patches aren't in the Debian toolchain yet11:56
loolJameswStubbs: don't ask to ask   ;-)11:58
hrwlool: those patches are also not in ubuntu toolchain yet11:58
loolhrw: Ok, did you apply any to build http://people.canonical.com/~hrw/ubuntu-maverick-armel-cross-compilers/ ?11:59
JameswStubbsOk then, basically I've built a Ubuntu minimal rootfs using rootstock and have it mounted in qemu with networking, I'm trying to install matchbox. I've installed xorg, and all the matchbox applications but I need GTK, Is there a way to do this without installing the full gnome enviroment?12:00
hrwlool: 594534, 590696 were needed12:00
hrwI have a build with also 593281 applied to get libgcc1-dbg12:01
JameswStubbsBump (Sorry for bumping)12:05
cwillu_at_workJameswStubbs, um, then don't bump?12:06
cwillu_at_workthis isn't ubuntuforums12:06
loollool1 that's me!12:06
loolhrw: ~hrw1 please  :-)12:06
loolJameswStubbs: in theory you should just be able to apt-get install that12:07
loolJameswStubbs: does it pull more than it should?12:07
loolJameswStubbs: what specifically is pulled which shouldnt be?12:07
JameswStubbsapt-get install what?12:07
loolJameswStubbs: matchbox12:07
JameswStubbsmatchbox pulls everything it needs12:07
JameswStubbsBut it depends on GTK which is gnome's toolkit I think12:07
loolJameswStubbs: You need Gtk+ for what, a custom application?12:07
JameswStubbsMatchbox-session needs gtk12:08
zumbilool: then maybe sparc? -- I just wonder if biarch cross compilers are fixed. I saw you having some mails with doko about it, but he was wanting to fix it in the right way, while you wanted a quick hack for linaro12:08
cwillu_at_worknot seeing the problem12:08
loolJameswStubbs: Gtk+ is the toolkit used in GNOME, but it's not the full GNOME environment12:08
cwillu_at_workgtk isn't all of gnome12:08
loolzumbi: This is incorrect12:08
JameswStubbsSo what do I need to enter into apt-get to get gtk?12:08
JameswStubbsapt-get install gtk??12:08
loolzumbi: Linaro is investing time in fixing it the right way, hrw is working on that, but it will take a while so I've asked him to produce intermediate builds the "old" way (regular Emdebian way) in the mean time12:09
loolzumbi: there is no additional hack than the existing Emdebian binary-cross stuff12:09
loolJameswStubbs: the matchbox-session package should depend on the libgtk package12:09
loolJameswStubbs: So this should just all work12:10
loolJameswStubbs: I fail to understand your actual problem   :-(12:10
hrwlool: patch was yours12:10
hrwlool: and I do not provide them outside of my hdd12:10
loolhrw: You mean the build fixes?12:10
zumbilool: sure, but Emdebian way only works for armel (also sh4) but the rest of arches were broken12:10
JameswStubbsI'd copy and paste it all but it's within 2 vm's :) , When I enter matchbox-session from the prompt, it says something like gtk: couldnt open12:10
loolhrw: These are not additional hacks though, they just fix bugs in the current approach, do you agree?12:10
zumbilool: i agree12:11
hrwlool: they are fixes, yes12:11
loolzumbi: We didn't look into that, we don't have people blocking on cross-compilers for the arches you mention12:11
loolzumbi: I would hope that everything will work once hrw is done, but we don't need to produce daily cross-compilers for sparc or powerpc in Linaro right now12:11
loolzumbi: We do need to hand out some armel cross-compilers while hrw continue on the quest to clean cross-compilers builds12:12
loolJameswStubbs: Ok, you need to be more specific though12:12
JameswStubbsOk I'll try12:12
zumbilool: while I understand you focus on armel (which is primary) I'll try to work on the rest of arches (at least test builds)12:13
loolJameswStubbs: (IIUC, you installed only Ubuntu packages in your rootfs, but you see some error messages with gtk, can only comment if we know what the error is)12:13
loolzumbi: As I said, I expect the *final* solution to work on other arches12:13
zumbi`buildcross` could easily be used to test all cross compiler arches12:13
loolzumbi: But I asked hrw to provide hand-built packages *right now* because we need them, we don't need them for other arches than armel12:13
zumbilool: i got it. thanks :)12:13
loolOk  :-)12:14
JameswStubbsI've made a rootfs using rootstock. I've then opened it in qemu. I then installed xorg. I then installed matchbox. Now when I enter matchbox-session is returns: (matchbox-desktop:434) : Gtk-Warning **: cannot open display:12:14
loolJameswStubbs: Do you run matchbox-session from within Xorg?12:15
JameswStubbsShould I enter startx12:15
JameswStubbsThen when I get the x shell then enter matchbox-session?12:15
loolJameswStubbs: matchbox-session should be started from within a Xorg context, otherwise it doens't know which Xorg DISPLAY to connect to or which credential (XAUTHORITY) to use12:15
loolJameswStubbs: I'm not sure what the proper way is to start matchbox-session on boot or to start Xorg + matchbox-session, perhaps startx will do the trick, perhaps you need to setup more things12:16
loolJameswStubbs: One way to quickly test matchbox-session is to start Xorg with a xterm and then run matchbox-session from there, but that's certainly not what you would want in the end I guess12:16
JameswStubbsI think I need to add match-box session to xinitrc12:16
loolYes, it is indeed possible you have to do that12:17
JameswStubbsHm, All I'm getting after adding matchbox-session to xinitrc is a blackscreen and a mouse, which I can't move.12:28
JameswStubbsAny ideas lool?12:31
loolJameswStubbs: Check the xinit man page, and/or read through /etc/X11/Xsession.d/* scripts and /etc/X11/Xsession12:57
loolJameswStubbs: I don't have a recipe for you, as I didn't do this myself, but it should be easy to look into what the shell scripts are doing12:57
loolJameswStubbs: I think one important thing is to have .xinitrc +x or something like that12:57
looland you need a shebang too if you do this obvisouly12:57
JameswStubbsshebang? !#?12:58
loolJameswStubbs: I checked and if you look at startx, it will pass xinitrd to xinit which expects to be passed a client program13:00
loolSo if you pass it a text file, it wont work13:00
asacogra_cmpc: where is rcn? isnt he usually hanging out here?13:47
loolasac: 16:10 < cwillu_at_work> okay, that's a week since rcn was last on, anybody want  to come with me on a rescue mission? :p13:48
loolasac: 17:09  * cwillu_at_work found rcn13:49
cwillu_at_workasac, he should be back today13:49
cwillu_at_worktook an unannounced vacation13:49
asacah ... one of the weak ones ;)13:50
armin76he's running from you :D13:51
cwillu_at_workI was wondering about that actually :p13:51
cwillu_at_workthat's embarrasing13:53
cwillu_at_workI've got a webapp I run in an undecorated fullscreen firefox window13:53
cwillu_at_workbeen having horrible performance13:53
cwillu_at_workfirefox using 60-80% cpu, with the backend server using the other 20%13:54
cwillu_at_work(backend has to poll a bunch of serial devices and push data to firefox)13:54
cwillu_at_workfigured it was just the overhead of updating things / the push system13:54
cwillu_at_workfinally got around to getting venkman on it13:54
cwillu_at_worka completely unrelated piece of code was in a hard mutually recursive loop:  initializing a drop-down menu was triggering a request to get data, and the request handler was triggering an init of the drop-down13:56
cwillu_at_workthe embarrassing part is that I've been working under the false assumption for long enough to have actually shipped this to customers :p13:57
hrwhttp://people.canonical.com/~hrw/ubuntu-maverick-armel-cross-compilers/ contains now amd64 and i386 cross toolchains for armel target15:22
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rsavoyehrw: is there a branch for the source used to build your cross toolchain ?16:22
hrwrsavoye: I used ubuntu sources16:22
hrwwill add README16:22
rsavoyeso no Code Sourcery patch yet ?16:22
hrwnot yet16:22
rsavoyeyou hacked libstdc++ and libiberty to cross configure ?16:23
rsavoyehrw: there is a nice patch in GCC trunk for Android you might want to add when you get to patching 4.416:23
rsavoyeall it does is cleanup linking mostly16:23
hrwrsavoye: url?16:24
rsavoyethe thread is at http://www.pubbs.net/201005/gcc/37284-patch-06-add-support-for-android.html16:24
rsavoyeit's based on my older Android patch, and adds bionic support in a nice generic way16:25
loolhey rsavoye16:25
loolrsavoye: Might make sense for you folks to discuss this on #linaro, but here is fine too16:26
rsavoyeah, didn't think of that, thanks16:26
rsavoyeI was just hacking on ARM toolchains this weekend for Gnash, so pipped up when I saw the link to debs16:26
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fabrice_spHi. Just as a follow up of last time I connected (About atlas build on arm): I'll upload atlas as someone has been able to build it in qemu21:16
fabrice_spin case it loops, who should I poke to kill it?21:16
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tumbleweedogra: I'm still getting a fair number of qemu segfaults with lucid22:06
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