goodtimeanyone here know why my cam freezes my os00:17
goodtimeits a web cam00:17
eksenikswhat program are you using to view it with?00:30
goodtimeekseniks:  im useing cheese00:33
eksenikshmm.. i'm also using cheese but it seems to work fine.. did you install the qc-usb-source drivers?00:33
goodtimeis there a better one00:33
goodtimenope i didnt00:34
goodtimecan i get the command00:34
eksenikswhat flavour are you runing?00:34
goodtimeubuntu 10.0400:34
ekseniksok type00:34
ekseniks"sudo apt-get install qc-usb-source"00:35
ekseniksi did this package too but i'm not sure if its needed "sudo apt-get install qc-usb-utils"00:36
goodtimeok will see00:36
goodtimeit semm to be doing alot00:37
eksenikslol ye it freaked me out the first time too :P00:37
goodtimeok ill give it a try00:38
goodtimeNo device found00:38
goodtimehmm ill try the other one00:38
goodtimehey at least i didnt freeze up00:38
ekseniksif you look in \dev do you have a file called vidoe0 ?00:39
goodtimenaw it ran its course but i might have to reboot i got the same result00:40
eksenikshttp://qce-ga.sourceforge.net/ check if your web cam is supported00:40
goodtimeyeah its wacked now lol00:44
goodtimewont even start00:44
goodtimehad to force quit00:44
eksenikscheck and see if its supported00:44
goodtimeit ran befor with kubuntu idk00:45
goodtimeso if it did it once it will work again i just need the right stuff for it00:46
eksenikswhat web cam is it?00:46
goodtimegear head00:46
goodtimelooks like a robot00:46
eksenikshave you tried to google drivers for it?00:47
goodtimeill try00:48
ekseniksthats how i found mine.. give it a try if you don't come right with drivers you'll at least find a bunch of people telling you it won't work :P00:48
goodtimethats what i have00:49
ekseniksmy internet is really messing me around but try this link and see what you can find00:53
ekseniksi can't load the page :/00:54
goodtimenot supported by the current kernel 2.6.2700:57
goodtimeoh well00:57
goodtimeill junk it00:57
goodtimeit 10$00:58
goodtimelooks cool though00:58
goodtimeill hang it outside my door and no one will do anything wrong lol00:58
eksenikslol thats a nice plan :P00:59
goodtimei might be able to do it01:56
goodtimethat kernnel is from 8.1001:57
goodtimeso there hope fro the stupid cheap thing01:57
dragondoncan someone help me manage my logs.  They keep recording dropped/aborted/limited events despite havig removed them and something keeps adding those rules back in....getting very frustrating to troubleshoot real software issues with I have 80,000 lines of nothing but those 3 iptables rules....03:17
stlsaintdragondon: you have a log issue or iptables issue?03:26
dragondoniptables I guess really.  These rules seem to keep being re-added after I've deleted them.03:27
stlsaintdragondon: you flush them and start fresh? (since you only have 3 rules?)03:29
dragondonstlsaint: actually, there are more, it's just 3 that are filling up the logs.  http://paste.ubuntu.com/449916/03:31
stlsaintdragondon: are you using iptables via cli and trying to use UFW?03:33
stlsaintdragondon: are you having ufw log anything?03:34
dragondonthat sounds like what I am doing.....iptables/cli-ufw03:34
dragondondon't know about ufw logging.....is it enabld by default?03:34
stlsaintdragondon: are you using these on a laptop or server?03:35
dragondonstlsaint: desktop03:36
dragondonstlsaint: old Dell Dimensoin 110003:36
stlsaintdragondon: ok well i suggest you flush any rules you set via cli and just go with ufw since you have a gui03:38
stlsaintdragondon: you can save those rules if you feel inclined of course..03:38
dragondonstlsaint: they are already saved in a text file if I really need them.03:39
dragondonstlsaint: actually, I've saved multiple versions as I've deleted rules....now as for flushing, and so I get it right, would this be done via gui or cli?03:39
stlsainti would suggest a quick flush via cli03:41
stlsaintdragondon: iptables -F03:42
dragondonstlsaint: done03:44
stlsaintdragondon: no set your rules via ufw and dont bother entering any rules via cli03:44
dragondonstlsaint: ok, so I am using Guarddog for gui, but it sems that I still have to do sudo ufw enable to start tthe ufw....and on every reboot as well.03:46
stlsaintdragondon: i have never used guarddog so im not sure about that03:48
dragondonstlsaint: do you use a gui or cli for iptables management?03:48
stlsaintdragondon: i use either firestarter/ufw for workstations and iptables cli for servers03:48
dragondonstlsaint: ok....i liked Guarddog better than Firestarter when I briefly tried it awhile back.03:49
dragondonstlsaint: well, 5 mins and no more logging of stupid rules......let see how long this lasts, was at this point before a few times.....03:50
stlsaintdragondon: tail that log file so you can see what actions are starting the log....03:51
stlsaintdragondon: use the tail command03:53
stlsaintdragondon: tail -f /var/log/....03:53
dragondonstlsaint: http://paste.ubuntu.com/449922/03:55
stlsaintdragondon: what log is that?03:56
dragondonmessages....sorry....did you want to see some other one?03:57
stlsaintis that the log that keeps getting full on you?03:57
stlsaintLOL...looks like someone is interested in you...unless you recognize those ip's! :D03:59
dragondonI think those are from my torrent client.....although I saw this in the syslog:  ntpd[18226]: sendto( (fd=21): Operation not permitted04:00
dragondonthat's a Korean ip address.....I am actually trying to help my wife find a job ove there teaching English.....04:01
stlsaintok, i can tell you now that you probably dont have the correct rules in place for you to be torrenting in/out04:01
dragondonwell, even after the flush now with using a gui and allowing the client's port? 5141304:01
stlsaintwhat else is that log saying now?04:02
dragondondazmmit....it's back again.....truly frustrating....filling up with aborted/dropped crap.....04:04
stlsaintdragondon: hrm, other sources are saying bad network card...04:04
dragondondoh...nevermind.....just loading up the log was slow.....ugh...04:05
stlsainti thought something was fishy with those abortions/and not receiving ACK packets means they are being dropped....04:05
dragondonthe log has no new messages in it for the last 10mins.04:05
dragondonso knowing that, would that be normal for a torrent client to see?04:06
stlsaintnot sure...im not getting anything like that on my logs so i still point to network issue, try dropping all firewall rules and carrying on business as usual...keep torrenting or whatever and watch that log file04:07
dragondonthis all started because a progam that was running just fine (Banshee) now won't open....trying to find the right log to see what might be recorded...04:08
stlsaintits going to be in your messages log04:10
dragondonnever saw anything there....not important at the moment.....have a side question....anyidea what the hell this red line is in IRC? http://imagebin.org/10136404:15
stlsaintwhat client are you using?04:16
stlsaintdragondon: thats prolly just a client break point or something...but i must depart now04:17
dragondonthanks for all your help!04:17
aveilleuxdragondon: It's to mark when you moused off the window04:17
stlsainthopefully that log issue will stop with the iptables rules gone...04:17
stlsaintdragondon: no prob04:17
stlsaintaveilleux: yea something like that04:17
dragondonaveilleux: if that were the case, then there should be a ton given the fact that I've been doing all my looking up on a whoel different desktop04:18
aveilleuxdragondon: It resets when the window gets focus04:18
dragondonaveilleux: not quite following what you mean.....if I am into another desktop/window and that causes the redline, then that red line should be pretty much a continual thing for when I do this troubleshooting....04:20
aveilleuxdragondon: If you're using XChat or Pidgin, that's what it is. What client are you using?04:21
dragondonaveilleux: Quassel04:21
aveilleuxdragondon: http://bugs.quassel-irc.org/issues/75504:22
dragondonaveilleux: thanks for the info......still don't get it's useage for me....at least I know what it kinda is....04:23
aveilleuxdragondon: I guess it's buggy in Quassel.04:24
dragondonaveilleux: maybe....just a curiosity more than anything....04:24
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mongoosedogheys guys, is anyone here fro australia? i got a new modom from testra bigpond is comes with a software disc i will admit i haven't tried it yet but will it work, it's designed for windows12:18
duanedesignhello mong...12:33
mohi2911duanedesign, fail :P12:33
mohi2911duanedesign, saw my memo?12:34
marcri installed ubuntu on my computer and delete windows except for the factory image, now i am trying to re  install windows by using the recovery, but i get a 0x400110020000100A error, i want to make the machine dual boot again any help? thanks in advance13:09
duanedesignmarcr: it seems this problem is caused by the chipset still seeing a active partition on the hard drive13:11
marcrhow do i fix this?13:11
marcri don't even know what a chipset is lol13:13
duanedesignmarcr: not sure...13:17
marcri have been hammering google for an answer13:18
duanedesignmarcr: is this Vista?13:22
duanedesignmight see comments 2 and 4 - http://www.pchelpforum.com/blue-screen-errors/77814-help-me-system-recovery-error.html13:28
marcrty duane13:32
eksenikshey guys13:38
eksenikshow do you mount iso's like you used to with daemon tools?13:39
Puck`hi ekseniks, see: http://www.ubuntugeek.com/mount-and-unmout-iso-images-without-burning-them.html13:40
ekseniksthanks guys13:40
Silver_Fox_Nice Puck`13:40
Puck`hi Silver_Fox_ (:13:40
Silver_Fox_Didn't realise that nautilus supports that13:40
Silver_Fox_Go with Puck` s suggestion first ekseniks  :)13:41
Silver_Fox_Hello Puck`  :)13:41
Silver_Fox_How goes the radio ?13:41
Puck`ok ok, now we have the site on focus, kinda redo, or build up from scratch13:41
Puck`are you still on your trip ? (:13:43
Silver_Fox_No,  I came back to the UK last friday13:44
Silver_Fox_Trip to USA was brillant13:44
ekseniksah guys... unfortunatly the images aren't iso's?13:49
ekseniksthe scritp doesn't show up13:49
eksenikswhats easier, converting the images or changing the script?13:51
geirhaWhat are they then?  file the_image.iso, or right-click -> properies -> Type: says?13:53
Silver_Fox_Image file should be .iso13:53
Silver_Fox_What is right click properties tell you about file type ?13:53
ekseniksthese ones are .cue and .bin13:54
ekseniksthe old clone cd images13:54
Puck`ekseniks: convert the images, see: http://www.howtodothings.com/computers-internet/how-to-convert-cue-bin-nrg-img-mdf-files-to-iso-files-on-ubuntu-linux13:55
geirhaAre they VCDs? If so, players like VLC and mplayer should be able to play them directly13:55
ekseniksthanks Puck` !13:55
ekseniksgeirha, they are game images13:55
Puck`ekseniks: my pleasure as always (:13:56
geirhaAh, then you want to convert them to iso13:56
Puck`ekseniks: note that you only need bchunk and not the rest for the cue/bin13:56
Puck`so sudo apt-get install bchunk should be enough, and then the command: "bchunk filename.bin filename.cue filename.iso"13:57
marcrguys how can i get an install disk for my new modem to run on ubuntu?13:57
ekseniksis it bad to get them all? cause i figured somewhere along my travels i'll run into another format13:58
Puck`ekseniks: oh no, not at all, i just pointed that out, that it would be faster to finish, but if you think you'll run in to the all of the formats, it's good to have them, and then remember you have it (:13:58
ekseniksmarcr, that cd is almost definitly for windows only13:58
marcrand i can't get my windows back either13:59
ekseniksjust a side Q linux isn't like windows where if you just install all the apps in the world you pc will slow down to point of falling over and dying?13:59
marcrthe recory program start but i get an error13:59
erbloverhi, im a total newbie to linux ubuntu and this site, y little bro passed me a cd and said "try this". that was a couple of months ago windows hasn't been started since :). the only real prob i have is my webcam. its inbuilt into my laptop and wont start up.14:00
Puck`ekseniks: oh no, there are no dll's and processes that run in the background, linux keeps things a bit more cleaner, but you always have to know what you're running14:01
Puck`ekseniks: i mean there are background processes, it's just that there aren't as many, and usually you know about those (:14:01
Puck`erblover: how did you try your webcam?14:01
ekseniksthanks again Puck`14:02
Puck`ekseniks: *winks*14:02
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marcrso frustrated with this friggin machine, i knew i should just left it alone14:03
erbloverthrough various websites14:05
Puck`erblover: there is a webcam application, if I could only remember it, it's in the ubuntu netbook edition too by default .. Cheese webcam?14:05
Puck`i think it is Cheese, try to search for that through the appstore and give it a try, websites may have other problems, and also flash could come in the picture14:06
erbloveri'll give it a try, thanks14:07
Puck`my pleasure (:14:08
erblovernice one Puck, webcam runs :)14:24
* ekseniks thinks Puck` is the new god of n00bs :P14:29
Puck`LOL ekseniks ((:14:34
ekseniksi wonder... do you know how to setup an ftp without too much mission?14:35
Puck`ekseniks: sure, sudo apt-get install proftpd and it's up running and ok (:14:35
Puck`your login is your username and password you already have to login to the system14:36
eksenikscan you allow anon access?14:37
Puck`ekseniks: yes, proftpd does have that option, but you need to edit the configuration file14:37
ekseniksi want to share stuff with a friend but he's a 1000 miles away14:37
ekseniksis there a gui?14:38
Puck`ekseniks: unfortunately none i know off, i only setup this on servers. But you could use Ubuntu One or Dropbox14:38
aveilleuxekseniks: Yes, it's called gproftpd14:39
Puck`there you go14:39
ekseniksi'll give Proftp a try14:39
aveilleuxekseniks: or kproftpd on KDE14:39
Puck`ekseniks: it's proftpd *winks*14:39
Puck`notice the d there (:14:39
aveilleuxekseniks: The "d" means "daemon", meaning a UNIX system service14:39
Puck`be right back, cigarette time (:14:41
ekseniksah ok.. so how do i get the g version of it?14:41
eksenikstried the sudo apt-get install gproftpd14:41
ekseniksbut didn't work14:41
aveilleuxekseniks: gadmin-proftpd14:43
ekseniksawesome thanks :)14:43
aveilleuxekseniks: You're welcome :314:43
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Silver_Fox_Welcome back Puck`14:54
mohi2911:'( you forgot to greet me :'(14:54
Puck`thank you Silver_Fox_ (:14:55
Silver_Fox_And mohi291114:55
Silver_Fox_Pleasure Puck`14:55
geirhaHm. P looks too similar to F in this font14:56
geirhaI keep seeing bad words.14:56
Puck`now now geirha ((:14:57
Puck`my nick comes from Shakespeare's A Midsummer's Night Dream, the evil elf/nature spirit had this name. Just to clarify things *winks*14:58
Silver_Fox_I thought it was a reference.  You and hobgoblin would get on a ball Puck`  :)14:59
Silver_Fox_Puck` wasn't evil as such i thought,  just mischievous15:00
Silver_Fox_Unless you disagree15:00
Puck`Silver_Fox_: well, he was nicely evil :P15:01
Silver_Fox_Like me ;)15:01
Puck`he was making sure things would go hectic on purpose15:01
Puck`just put a bit of fun and colour in some earthligs lifes :P15:01
Puck`Portugal 0 - 0 Cote D'Azure, match just started, YAY15:06
mohi2911Puck`, still having autojoin on invite enabled?? :P15:12
Puck`mohi2911: don't even try that !15:12
mohi2911aww lol15:12
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hobgoblinPuck`: "Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery?" ;)16:31
* Puck` smiles wide16:40
Puck`so true :P16:40
* hobgoblin reads logs when he gets home 16:42
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paultagHey beginners team, I need some help with Filesystems18:31
paultagHow can I set up a filesystem merge: e.g.18:32
paultagmount Image1, make changes to Image1, pop modifications off, unmount Image118:32
paultag_or_ mount image1, made modifications, unmount image1, and then have the changes alone18:32
paultageither will work18:32
paultagbodhi_zazen: poke18:34
paultagbodhi_zazen: I have a question that needs a guru :)18:34
paultagbodhi_zazen: let me know if you are free to help :)18:35
paultag20 paultag points to the victor :)18:39
zkriessepaultag: what's up?18:40
paultagsee backlock zkriesse18:40
zkriessepaultag: ok so what's going on?18:42
paultagsee backlock zkriesse18:42
paultag17:31:56 < paultag> Hey beginners team, I need some help with Filesystems18:43
paultag17:32:04 < paultag> How can I set up a filesystem merge: e.g.18:43
paultag17:32:27 < paultag> mount Image1, make changes to Image1, pop modifications off, unmount Image118:43
paultag17:32:46 < paultag> _or_ mount image1, made modifications, unmount image1, and then have the changes alone18:43
paultag17:32:48 < paultag> either will work18:43
paultaghacks will recieve a negitive paultag point count18:44
zkriessewell since i don't hack i guess that won't happen18:44
paultagzkriesse: you don't hack? how did you install Ubuntu? If you tweek out your computer you are a hacker18:45
paultagzkriesse: you are not a _cracker_18:45
paultagzkriesse: don't confuse that under penelty of death18:45
* aveilleux twitches18:45
aveilleux"Tweek"..... *twitch*18:46
paultagaveilleux: I prey to christ you are on my side18:46
aveilleuxI'm twitching at your spelling of the word "tweak"18:46
paultagyes, rightly so18:46
aveilleuxI'm a member of an art website, so I constantly see "I just tweeked something from an older submission lol"18:47
aveilleuxOnce I learn how to slap people over TCP/IP....18:47
paultagaveilleux: you can tweek there spelling18:47
paultagaveilleux: could care less18:48
zkriessepaultag: http://publib.boulder.ibm.com/infocenter/zos/v1r9/index.jsp?topic=/com.ibm.zos.r9.gima200/muufsds.htm18:48
zkriessesomething while i continue my searcdh18:48
paultagaveilleux: >:D I have descoved you're weekness18:48
* aveilleux convulses18:49
paultagzkriesse: that's z/OS18:49
paultagzkriesse: not GNU/Linux18:49
zkriessewell it was a start18:49
paultagzkriesse: and it's for HFS and zFS18:49
zkriessegimme a minute18:49
paultagzkriesse: I'm looking for ext* / btrfs18:49
paultagthat command is so not right18:50
paultagit makes me hurt inside every time18:50
paultagsmeag0l: dude your part message makes me want to commit vehicular manslaughter18:51
paultagsmeag0l: >:(18:51
zkriessepaultag: http://www.linux.org/docs/ldp/howto/Filesystems-HOWTO-2.html18:51
paultagsec zkriesse18:51
paultagsmeag0l: :)18:51
paultagnaw zkriesse, that's just an overview of different partition types18:52
paultagzkriesse: I want to make a partition look like another, but write to the first partition18:52
aveilleux!language |zkreisse18:52
ubot2zkreisse: Please watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family friendly.18:52
zkriesseaveilleux: don't....not now18:52
paultage.g. perfect copy, and do all writes to a diff18:52
ubot2The Ubuntu Code of Conduct is a community etiquette document to which we ask all Ubuntu users to adhere, and can be found at http://www.ubuntu.com/community/conduct/ .  For information on how to electronically sign the CoC, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SigningCodeofConduct .18:53
zkriessepaultag: ok copying the main but writing to the original18:53
zkriessepaultag: is that right?18:53
paultagzkriesse: no copying going on, it should do it as part of the function of the way it's done18:53
paultagzkriesse: so you mount a "table"18:53
paultagzkriesse: and you put a "glass" on top of the table18:54
paultagyou can write to the glass, and take the glass off, and have a perfect table18:54
paultagthen also have a glass you can swap in and out18:54
zkriessewhat the heck are you doing that for?18:54
paultagzkriesse: oh you know. Just have some ideas that I want to play with18:54
zkriessepaultag: you and your crazy idead18:55
paultagzkriesse: more often then not they work out well18:55
paultagaveilleux: any ideas on this?18:55
zkriessewell unfortunately i have no idea where to start searching for this18:55
paultagzkriesse: that's what makes it a good question to test the UBT with18:55
aveilleuxpaultag: It sounds like you'd want to save the filesystem state, then perform the changes, then diff, then save the changed portions elsewhere18:56
paultagaveilleux: aye, but idealy writes would go to another fs18:56
paultagaveilleux: to make the first image ro would be perfect18:56
aveilleuxpaultag: ro... read-only?18:57
paultagaveilleux: yup18:57
paultagaveilleux: so this would work with, say, a cdrom drive as the base image18:58
aveilleuxpaultag: Is there a particular application you have in mind, or just in general?18:58
paultagaveilleux: just had this as an idea and wanted to see if anyone on the UBT could track it down. Perhaps in the long run I'll do something with a automatic package builder18:58
paultagaveilleux: so that I can do a make install, and roll back the base image18:59
paultagmeditate on it aveilleux, zkriesse19:01
aveilleuxI'll think on it, paultag19:01
paultagaveilleux: let me know :)19:05
paultagBe forewarned, this is both a quality control check of the UBT and a question I want to know :)19:05
paultagand you will get super rare paultag points19:05
aveilleuxOh dear19:06
bodhi_zazenpaultag: was afk, what's up ?19:14
paultagbodhi_zazen: read scrollback19:14
paultagbodhi_zazen: it's an interesting issue19:15
domexdoes anyone know of a internet caffe software for ubuntu19:15
paultagdomex: what do you mean?19:15
Silver_Fox_Anyway I need to go for a bit. Back soon19:16
domexwell i have a internet caffe shop and i have small lan of computers with xp but i will like to install ubuntu on all of the but i need a way to control access and keep trak of the time per session19:16
domexthanks silver fox19:17
bodhi_zazendomex search google for kiosk + gnome or kiosk + KDE19:18
ddecatorhm, i know internet cafes have used ubuntu on their computers before, but i don't know the people who have done it so i'm not sure how they set it up19:19
bodhi_zazenpaultag: not sure what you are wanting in terms of a file system, of the top of my head diff ?19:19
domexthanks bodhi_zazen19:19
bodhi_zazendomex: you will find complete walk throughs for how to set up a kiosk, including billing and tracking (time), not sure how well or poor they work.19:20
domexAh thats great thank you thats exactly what i need19:21
domexnow im just trying get windows live messenger working with wine aswell as yahoo messenger19:23
domexi install xubuntu on one of the client machines for testing19:23
paultagbodhi_zazen: let's say you have a write only dd image19:26
paultagbodhi_zazen: you mount that to /mnt19:26
paultagbodhi_zazen: you mount an overlay ( let's say another dd image ) to /mnt, and echo "Foo" > /mnt/foo19:26
paultagbodhi_zazen: you unmount both filesystems. The first is flawless, and the second has "Foo" in it19:26
paultagbodhi_zazen: so that you can have a template in the first, and a diff in the second19:26
paultagdomex: /quit19:27
paultagwell, OK then19:27
zkriessepaultag: so...working on a cool blog19:31
paultagzkriesse: o'rly?19:31
zkriessepaultag: yup19:31
paultagwhat's it on19:31
paultagit's a Wordpress blog on Wordpress?19:32
paultagwell shit19:32
paultagyou should go for irony zkriesse19:33
paultagzkriesse: you should make it a drupel site about Wordpress19:33
paultagthat's the one19:33
paultagwhat about wordpress in particular zkriesse?19:34
zkriessewhat are you taling about?19:34
zkriesseI'm confused19:34
paultagzkriesse: you said you have a blog about wordpress, what part of wordpress are you blogging about19:34
zkriesseI have a blog that is USING wordpress19:35
zkriesseit's not a blog about wordpress19:35
zkriessei'm using wordpress for the blog19:35
paultag18:32:01 < paultag> it's a Wordpress blog on Wordpress?19:35
paultag18:32:07 <+zkriesse> Yup19:35
paultag18:31:45 < paultag> what's it on19:35
paultag18:31:52 <+zkriesse> Wordpress19:35
zkriesseThe way you put it meant was wordpress hosting it19:35
zkriessethat's the way i took it19:35
paultagwell I don't care about that19:35
zkriesseOk NO Then19:35
zkriesseIt's NOT19:35
paultagwhat's it on zkriesse19:36
zkriessejesh paultag19:36
paultagwhat's it called19:36
paultagyou need a clever name19:36
paultagdon't you already have switch2nix or something?19:37
zkriessethat's on blogspot19:37
paultagzkriesse: well shit. Why not do something new?19:37
zkriessewhich i'm gonna drop as it's not configurable enough19:37
paultagzkriesse: ahha19:37
paultagzkriesse: then forge ahead!19:37
zkriesselike i need permission from you19:38
paultagfair enough19:38
paultagI'm just saying, I agree with what you are doing, and I think it's cool19:38
paultagbut if you don't want my endorsement19:38
paultagthen fine19:38
paultagit's dumb as hell19:38
paultaghow does that feel?19:38
paultagyeah, stings, eh? >:D19:38
zkriesseOk paultag I'll take your endorsement19:39
paultagwell OK then19:39
zkriessethanks for your AWESOME SUPPORT19:39
paultagForge ahead then!19:39
smeag0lpaultag, i'll change it :)19:39
paultagsmeag0l: ;)19:39
paultagsmeag0l: I was mostly kidding, because it just looks like it will cause SO many issues19:39
paultagsmeag0l: you can't have an uppercase username19:40
smeag0loh i see19:40
paultagsmeag0l: you should not do a -R on a /dev/19:40
paultagsmeag0l: the /dev should be owned by root19:40
paultagsmeag0l: the /home/ dir of the user should be owned by user:user19:40
paultagsmeag0l: :P19:40
paultagsmeag0l: :D19:41
paultagsmeag0l: I've noticed that for a while now and lol'd but this morning someone did something just like that and I got scared19:41
zkriessepaultag: i need a good blog name19:42
paultagzkriesse: ohhhh yeah19:42
zkriessethe url is switch2tux19:42
paultagzkriesse: OK, let me think19:42
zkriesseI'm aiming this to be about basic ubuntu installations setup, getting started things like that19:42
paultagOh easy!!!19:42
paultagzkriesse: n00buntu19:42
zkriesseNo...you sure?19:43
paultagzkriesse: ubuntu for n00bs19:43
zkriesseThat's not catchy19:43
paultagif you don't want it I'm so takin it19:43
zkriessewhat's your blog?19:43
zkriesseI'll add you or somethin19:43
paultagzkriesse: http://blog.paultags.com/19:43
zkriesseI didn't say anything!19:46
paultagwell alright then19:46
zkriesseUbuntu fo Beginners... is what i called it19:47
paultagn00buntu is glorious19:47
zkriesseCHUTUP PAULTAG!!!19:47
paultagzkriesse: in two weeks when can remember "n00buntu" because it's like goddamn superglue on the brain don't come cy'en to me!19:48
paultagI'm sayin19:49
paultagit's a sweet name19:49
paultagand you are missing out like a camp19:49
aveilleuxI'll take that name then19:52
* zkriesse takes the name19:54
paultagaveilleux: take it :)19:54
paultagn00buntu -- ubuntu for n00bs19:54
paultagit's perfect19:54
paultagand catchy19:54
aveilleuxRegistering the domain now, probably be about an hour before the DNS updates19:54
paultagaveilleux wins!19:55
aveilleuxI have full control over my domain names, and so http://n00buntu.sublevel21.com/ will exist in roughly an hour when the DNS updates19:55
paultagI thought you got n00buntu.com19:55
aveilleuxWell I can do that too19:55
paultagI can see it aveilleux :)19:55
aveilleuxI'd have to set up a new server though19:55
paultag  I took the name because Zach didn't like it. His loss!19:55
paultagaveilleux: not true :)19:56
aveilleuxI'm getting a 40419:56
paultagaveilleux: set up a virtual host for it19:56
paultagaveilleux: I have 5 sites on one server right now19:56
aveilleuxpaultag: Yeah I know, but I plan on redoing my server soon so I'll do it then19:56
paultagaveilleux: blog.paultags, paultags, and whube.com, wiki.whube, etc is all on one19:56
paultagaveilleux: as well as other domains I won't share here :)19:56
zkriessewelcome sqaur20:33
zkriessedang it ..... squaregoldfish hello20:33
nuboon2age_question: with the news that Meerkat won't support less than i686, how do I tell which i*86 my machine is?  reference http://www.webupd8.org/2010/06/ubuntu-1010-maverick-meerkat-wont-run.html20:35
squaregoldfishHello. Sorry, not paying attention!20:36
zkriessesquaregoldfish: it's ok20:36
squaregoldfishWhat's up?20:36
zkriessenuboon2age_: AH...don't know off the top o' my head20:37
squaregoldfishnuboon2age_:What processor have you got?20:37
zkriessesquaregoldfish: managing my blog, forums, working in the 17 other channels i'm on20:37
aveilleuxnuboon2age_: Unless the CPU was made before like... 1990, I'm pretty sure it's safe to assume it's i686. Maybe earlier, I don't know the generation specifics20:38
squaregoldfishI'm just hanging around in case I can help.20:38
aveilleuxMy bad... 1995, nuboon2age20:39
nuboon2age_squaregoldfish: from cat /proc/cpuinfo:  cpu family : 6, model : 13 model name : Intel(R) Celeron(R) M processor         1.40GHz20:39
aveilleuxnuboon2age: The Celeron M uses i686 http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/P6_(microarchitecture)#P6_based_chips20:40
squaregoldfishnuboon2age_: Youll be fine20:40
aveilleuxnuboon2age_: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/P6_%28microarchitecture%29#P6_based_chips20:40
nuboon2age_aveilleux: squaregoldfish: whew, that link is very reassuring.  Thank you so much!20:45
squaregoldfishI think aveilleux did better than me!20:48
aveilleuxsquaregoldfish: I have a black belt in Google-fu20:48
nuboon2age_aveilleux: I'm good w/ Google-fu also, but sometimes someone else has the right terms to search for when i don't.  Like in this case p6 was a key term i didn't know about. I got lost in all the intel terminology a long time ago.  :) So thanks!20:51
aveilleuxnuboon2age_: Wiki on i686 told me P6 was the official name ;P20:52
squaregoldfishzkriesse: ?21:10
zkriessesquaregoldfish: Oh I don't know21:10
squaregoldfishThis is a bit abstract for me!21:10
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tpjmiamihi paultag21:38
paultaghey tpjmiami21:38
tpjmiamiwondering if u had any thoughts on whether i should update alsa, to solve this mic problem21:40
paultagtpjmiami: one sec, I'm in a meeting21:41
paultagtpjmiami: i'm on the loco council and it's our monthy meeting21:41
tpjmiamiok, let me know when free?21:43
paultagtpjmiami: it will be a while, try poking a few other people who delt with the issue :)21:43
tpjmiaminone online now, so will just hang here for a few hours21:47
tpjmiamibut do let me know if u get free later21:47
AJH101Hello I am running Lucid on a dual boot Lenovo laptop but my touchpad has stopped working. Any ideas?21:50
nuboon2age_bodhi_zazen: or anyone, do the linux av programs check for linux viruses or just windows viruses?  It sounds like a silly question, but over on #Ubuntu someone said they only check for Windows viruses.21:50
zkriessenuboon2age_: Most "Viruses" on a Linux system will be false positives UNLESS you are doing something WAY bad21:55
zkriesseAJH101: Ah one sec21:55
nuboon2age_zkriesse: or anyone: related question: would clamav have caught that unrealircd problem?22:00
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zkriessenuboon2age_: I'm not sure...22:01
AJH101zkriesse: Any ideas? I am running an N500. Thanks22:04
ubot2For a comprehensive Synaptics Touchpad guide, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SynapticsTouchpad22:04
bodhi_zazennuboon2age_: they check for all known viruses, both linux and windows22:05
bodhi_zazen"known" to the people who maintain them of course22:05
AJH101zkriesse: Found it! Thanks anyway :-)22:05
zkriessenuboon2age_: but unless you're doing something WAY off there isn't much you can catch22:06
bodhi_zazennuboon2age_: http://clamav-du.securesites.net/cgi-bin/clamgrok?virus=linux&search-type=contains&case-sensitivity=No&database=daily&database=main&display=database&display=virus&.submit=Submit+Query&.cgifields=database&.cgifields=search-type&.cgifields=case-sensitivity&.cgifields=display22:07
bodhi_zazennuboon2age_: I do not think any antivirus would detect the unrealircd problem as it is not a virus, lol22:09
bodhi_zazenI have read the article, and IMO the author does not have any idea what he is talking about and not all malware is a virus22:09
bodhi_zazenThus antivirus is not a panacea22:10
nuboon2age_bodhi_zazen: which article?22:10
bodhi_zazenOOps, this one : http://www.zdnet.com/blog/bott/linux-infection-proves-windows-malware-monopoly-is-over-gentoo-ships-backdoor-updated22:11
bodhi_zazenThe article states "A similarly infected Windows file in the wild would be detected within days if not hours after a routine virus scan"22:13
bodhi_zazenwhich is not true as the back door is not a virus, lol22:13
zkriessebodhi_zazen: agreed22:13
zkriesseback door is very much different from a virus22:13
zkriesseback door ALLOWS the virus to enter22:14
nuboon2age_bodhi_zazen: zkriesse: okay that makes sense.  What about my first question: do linux AV scan for linux virii or just for Windoze virii?22:15
bodhi_zazennuboon2age_: I think it is a grave mistake to get your security information from fanbois22:15
bodhi_zazenNeither the Linux , windows, osx, nor BSD fanbois are reliable in any way22:16
zkriessenuboon2age_: and most Viruses that you would get a "positive" for are in fact false positives22:16
bodhi_zazenthe article I linked is a windows fanboi who clearly has no insight into either Linux or Security, with a bunch of Linux fanboi comments22:16
bodhi_zazennuboon2age_: http://clamav-du.securesites.net/cgi-bin/clamgrok?virus=linux&search-type=contains&case-sensitivity=No&database=daily&database=main&display=database&display=virus&.submit=Submit+Query&.cgifields=database&.cgifields=search-type&.cgifields=case-sensitivity&.cgifields=display22:17
nuboon2age_bodhi_zazen: please explain what that page shows..22:18
bodhi_zazenLMAO nuboon2age_22:18
zkriessetotall windows fanboy who doesn't have a freakin clue what he's taling about22:18
nuboon2age_bodhi_zazen: I mean the long link you posted22:19
bodhi_zazenAre you serious nuboon2age_ ?22:19
nuboon2age_bodhi_zazen: yes.  Sorry for the newbie question.22:19
bodhi_zazenOpen the link, it is self explanitory - it is a search of the Clamav data base and it shows the linux viruses known to clamav22:19
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nuboon2age_bodhi_zazen: okay, i see.22:21
bodhi_zazenIs that sufficient proof that linux antivirus searches for known linux viruses ?22:22
nuboon2age_bodhi_zazen: yes, that is the kind of info I was wanting to find.22:23
acerimmer_zkriesse: wow.  129 hits for linux.  Anyone wanna place bets on the number on the Windows hit list?22:23
nuboon2age_bodhi_zazen: some said that there were no true linux viruses, so I was confused.22:24
bodhi_zazenWell, I suppose it depends on which fanboi you ask and how you define a "true" virus22:24
acerimmer_nuboon2age_: NO system is totally secure and EVERY system has vulnerabilties22:24
bodhi_zazenThere are linux viruses, but in general the fix is that the code is patched22:25
acerimmer_it's just that windows has EXPONENTIALLY more than any other OS22:25
bodhi_zazenUnlike Windows where the code is unpatched for decades , thus in Windows there is more a need for antivirus22:25
bodhi_zazenIn general, you system was patched for known linux viruses long ago22:25
bodhi_zazenThere may be an exception to that, but I have not seen such an exception22:26
bodhi_zazenSo the question is not as much if there are viruses, but rather how are they managed22:26
bodhi_zazenIn general, in Linux, the code is patched -> problem solved22:26
bodhi_zazenIn general, in Windows, the code remains unpatched, an thus people need to rely on 3rd party apps, which is of course a big industry ...22:27
nuboon2age_bodhi_zazen: zkriesse thank you for some malware enlightenment.22:29
bodhi_zazennuboon2age_: http://www.linux.com/learn/tutorials/284124-myth-busting-is-linux-immune-to-viruses22:29
collinpIn the literal sense, no operating system can be completely impervious to viruses or otherwise malware.22:30
bodhi_zazencollinp: try running selinux22:30
collinpLinux is better protected in terms of not having holes that viruses can exploit to gain entrance by themselves, but if some dumbass runs a executable as the root superuser and it's a virus, that's their problem.22:31
bodhi_zazencollinp: http://www.engardelinux.org/modules/index/about_engarde.cgi22:31
bodhi_zazenI seriously doubt any virus would run on engarde22:32
bodhi_zazenWith that said, engarde is so tight it is almost unusable22:32
bodhi_zazenYou need to use the web interface to configure the system, even logging in a root is restricted22:33
nuboon2age_bodhi_zazen: have you messed w/ ebox and is it fairly safe?22:33
bodhi_zazenTry it out =)22:33
bodhi_zazenHave not tried ebox22:33
nuboon2age_bodhi_zazen: I ask all this because I'm trying to persuade a friend to come to Linux from XP and he's a security-focused kind of person so he always asks these kind of questions22:34
bodhi_zazencollinp: tools such as apparmor and selinux limit even the almighty root22:35
nuboon2age_bodhi_zazen: which I'm not to up on.  I was thinking of recommending ebox to him for running server stuff.  It does have clamav as one of its options.22:35
bodhi_zazennuboon2age_: you can lead a horse to water, but you can not make them drink22:36
bodhi_zazennuboon2age_: Antivirus on linux is a waste of cpu cycles for the vast majority of people, IMO22:37
bodhi_zazenYou can not protect Windows users with it22:37
nuboon2age_bodhi_zazen: sure, but I need to know whether its a reasonable pool to lead the horse to. :-)22:38
bodhi_zazennuboon2age_: depends on who you ask, lots of opinions from lots of fanbois22:40
bodhi_zazenSecurity is still security , regardless of OS22:40
bodhi_zazenSecurity requires an understanding of how the OS works (under the hood), networking principles, and monitoring, monitoring, monitoring22:41
acerimmer_nuboon2age_: maybe have him install virtual box on his windows and run ubuntu as a virtual machine??22:41
nuboon2age_bodhi_zazen: he's huge on monitoring. See he's thinking that his site is being attacked pretty frequently.22:42
bodhi_zazennuboon2age_: well in pwn2own, only Ubuntu was un cracked22:43
nuboon2age_That's a useful article bodhi_zazen , thanks.22:44
BodsdaFunny how mac can take a system with security as a design feature, and still manage to f*ck it up22:44
bodhi_zazenThe mac and windows fanbois clam the results are skewed because noboby wanted Ubuntu22:44
bodhi_zazennuboon2age_: remember, never argue with the fanbois , lol22:45
Vantraxanyone familiar with WUBI23:08
bodhi_zazenI know a bit about wubi, zup Vantrax23:08
Vantraxset it up on a machine and when you boot into the entry (on first boot) it sits there doing nothing23:09
Vantraxshould be setting up/config23:09
Vantraxbut it just sits there with a blinking cursor, even on verbose mode23:09
bodhi_zazenAh, well you are screwed then =)23:09
bodhi_zazenDo you have a Windows recovery disk ?23:09
VantraxI can boot windows fine23:10
Vantraxjust when you go to the linux entry nothin happens23:10
bodhi_zazenOh, on teh Ubuntu side, the only other time I saw this the md5sum was off on the iso23:10
zkriessehello iceflatline23:38
iceflatlinehowdy zkriesse23:39

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