akgranerdoctormo, ping - when you get a few minutes can you talk to me about creating logo's00:37
doctormoakgraner: Sure, what would you like to know?00:56
akgranerdoctormo, if you will make one for me :-)01:13
akgraneror know someone who would like to01:14
doctormoakgraner: This would be for the Community Days?01:14
akgranernope - News Team01:14
akgranerI need an updated newspaper01:14
akgranerand a fridge and an overall news team logo01:15
akgranerI am willing to learn to make them - but not sure it would be completed anytime soon01:16
akgranerand since you know all the art people I thought even if you couldn't do it yourself you could point me in the right direction01:17
akgraneror to the right person01:17
akgranerno hurry but thought since everything was getting updated might as well go for broke and look into logos as well01:18
doctormoakgraner: Perhaps we could post a message to the deviantArt group, newspapers shouldn't be too hard but I take it your sick of the tango newspaper icon?01:25
akgranerdoctormo, not sick of it... was just hoping could get an updated one :-)01:26
akgranerthat looks "lighter"  and cleaner01:27
akgranerI like the other one but one with the new ubuntu logo or something would be really awesome01:28
doctormoakgraner: Do you have a link tot he current one?01:29
akgranerand a fridge with those bubble things as magnets on the Fridge door or something would be cool01:29
akgranerdoctormo, yep one sec and I'll get you the newspaper one01:29
akgranerdoctormo, http://frylock.redvoodoo.org/~akgraner/newspaper-icon3.jpg01:30
akgranerI don't have a link to the Fridge icon01:30
doctormoThanks akgraner, I'll think about the best people to get on it, there are a couple of other good icon people too I might know.02:29
akgranerdoctormo, thank you so much!02:30
jcastrojono: do you still have that ultrathin system 76?03:27
* jcastro is considering buying one03:27
jonojcastro, yep03:30
jonoit is sweet03:30
jonokeyboard is a little plasticy, but in general I like it03:31
jcastrohow's the battery life?03:31
jononot bad03:34
jonobut great03:34
jonoright have to run03:34
nigelbabuJFo: I heard that there were a lot of funny stuff at SELF :)04:28
nigelbabujono: hey!05:31
jonoheya nigelbabu :)05:33
nigelbabujono: when you get time to blog, can you add cleansweep to that list? some time this week perhaps?05:37
dpmgood morning everyone!07:56
jussimorning dpm07:57
dpmhey jussi07:57
dholbachgood morning07:58
dpmhey dholbach, morning!07:59
dholbachhey dpm07:59
nigelbabumorning jussi, dpm, dholbach :)08:15
dpmhey hey nigelbabu :)08:15
dholbachheya nigelbabu08:15
dholbachhi czajkowski09:37
czajkowskidholbach: ello how's things?09:37
dholbachgood good - how 'bout you?09:38
czajkowskigrand sitting in back garden reading09:40
czajkowskiSummer is back09:40
dpmmorning czajkowski :)09:41
czajkowskidpm: howdy09:41
dpmmorning popey, did you have a chance to look into the e-mail about screencasts I sent you? I'm about to start recording one, so I may start assaulting you with questions soon :)09:43
nigelbabudoctormo: morning!10:32
popeyah yes dpm !10:49
* popey goes to find it10:49
popeydpm: its probably easier to have a skype/mumble chat at some point to be honest10:51
dpmpopey, sure. Would you have time some time this week?10:54
dpmpopey, cool, you can just send me an e-mail or PM with what time suits you best and we can have a chat. I'm generally away on Tue and Thu evenings, but apart from that, other times should be fine. For now I've got a question already, though. Do you know any good app for subtitles? I've heard of gnome-subtitles, but I've never actually used it10:58
popeyyup, thats the one we have used11:00
popeyworks quite well, generates srt files which can be used on youtube and in totem11:01
dpmah, cool11:01
popeyhttps://wiki.ubuntu.com/ScreenCasts/Subtitles seen that?11:01
popeyah, no, not that one, subtitle-editor is the one people used iirc11:02
dpmah, I missed that one. I had only read https://wiki.ubuntu.com/ScreenCasts11:02
dpmah, right11:02
popeyhow to links at the bottom of that page11:02
dpmreading now11:02
dpmI must say the documentation of the screencasting team is brilliant, good work!11:05
popeyneeds updating :)11:06
popeyI stepped down from the screencast team, give someone else a chance :)11:06
popeyI'm doing some screencasts for my mum at the moment, very short ones11:06
dpmI found it very good. All the info I found there has been very useful. Yeah, some parts might need updating, but that's the nature of our fast environment :)11:14
popeyyou're too kind :)11:16
dpmno, really, just being honest! :) Anyway, my virtual machine is up and running, let me give this a go.11:21
popeydpm: which software are you using to record?11:21
dpmI'm going to use gtkrecordmydesktop11:22
popeydpm: http://popey.com/blog/2009/08/25/getting-back-into-screencasting/ might be useful, especially the command line options for recordmydesktop11:22
dpmpopey, ah, thanks11:23
dholbachpopey, pleia2: cc meeting?11:49
dholbach(in 11m)11:49
* dholbach hugs popey11:52
* popey hugs dholbach 11:52
duanedesignpopey: i did update the screencast how-to12:03
popeyah, excellent :)12:04
duanedesignah, i see that would be /ScreencastTeam/RecordingScreencasts12:05
duanedesigni am now looking at /ScreenCasts12:05
duanedesignpopey: I need to start developing a plan to build some 'buzz' around the team12:06
dpmpopey, I've recorded a 1024x768, 8 min., no audio screencast (~54 MB) with gtk-recordmydesktop, then I've simply added a header to it with Pitivi and then I thought I'd render it (720x480, 29 fps, theora). Is it normal that it's going to take like 10 hours to do that, or has something gone horribly wrong?14:29
popeydpm: heh, welcome to video encoding :)14:35
popeydpm: it would be faster if you rendered out at 1024x768, as soon as you scale down (or indeed up) you're gonna chew up CPU cycles14:36
dpmpopey, yeah, I'm doing that now, looks a lot better, but what surprised me is that the CPU load wasn't going up. It says 25 minutes now, let's see if it stays that way :)14:38
popeyif the cpu load stays idle then chances are something is wrong14:40
popeyvideo encoding will usually murder the system14:40
popeyyou're not doing this on a netbook are you? :D14:40
dpmno, and also not on a 286 or something like that :)14:40
dpmanyway, it looks good now, it's loading the CPU as there's no tomorrow, but the remaining time stays in the minutes range, which is good14:41
dholbachakgraner: heya - how are you doing?15:04
dpmpopey, my first ever screencast has been rendered \o/. It's pretty much proof-of-concept, though. I'm going to play with subtitles now.15:11
popeydpm: what video format did you render out as in pitivi?15:12
dpmyeah, I just took the default15:12
dpmI think I read somewhere on the screencasts docs that mpeg was recommended instead as the master format. Is that still the case?15:15
popeynot really, it was when we didnt have a video editor that understood ogv but now we do15:15
dpmah, cool.15:16
popeydpm: what did you add to the front in pitivi? a title page?15:18
popeyI've not done that in pitivi before15:18
dpmI created a 5 sec presentation with Impress with the title and recorded it15:18
popeyhah, was about to say.. i used openoffice to do it :)15:19
dpmI read all your tricks on the docs! :)15:19
dpmOne thing I haven't managed to get right is the recording area in gtk-recordmydesktop. I use a VM, and even selecting only the window, it shows a few pixels around, apart from the fact that the "do not capture the window decorations" option does not work for me. I think I'll have to resort to recording my real desktop15:21
dpmor swap to a hard drive with a pristine installation15:22
popeyah, no, you can do that if you use rmd on the command line15:22
popeyyou specify the x and y and width and height15:22
popeyand move your window to that location15:22
popeyits clunky but meh15:22
popeysee that blog post earlier, i do it in there15:23
dpmah yeah, I see the parameters now. What do you use to see the x, y location where you need to move the window to?.15:24
popeyi do it the other way, set the x/y and width/height  and then move the window into that box15:27
popeyso if you have the vm set to 1024x768, I would use...15:28
dpmoh, I see, once you've set it you see the square on the screen15:28
* dpm tries15:28
popeythen once it's in the right place, kill rmd and run it again with --no-frame15:28
popeyso you dont get the box on the screen15:28
popeybecause the box actually makes rmd less stable15:29
dpmcool, I'll try that, thanks15:29
dholbachhola jono15:48
jonohey dholbach15:49
nigelbabumorning jono15:51
nigelbabujono: feeling better?15:51
jonohey nigelbabu15:52
jonoI am now15:52
jonofinally :)15:52
jonodpm, call in 8?15:53
dpmhey jono, morning! yes, I'll be all set in 815:53
jonodpm, perfect :)15:53
dholbachakgraner: just started UDW planning (you're CCed :-))15:57
akgranerdholbach, awesome - was going to ping you tomorrow about that15:58
akgraneryou are always a step ahead of me :-)15:58
dholbachnot really :)15:58
akgranerI am finally recovering from the weekend15:58
jonogreg-g, thanks so much for the blog15:59
jonogreg-g, I just tweeted it :)15:59
akgranerI'll plug dates in my spreadsheet and get a calendar ready task list ready and start checking things off :-)15:59
dpmhey akgraner, how are you feeling?15:59
akgranertired.. :-(  but I am resting so some things are taking a bit longer to complete, but all is well - Everyday above ground is a good day! :-)16:00
jonodpm, alright, logging in16:01
dpmokie dokie16:01
jcastrodholbach: I got one too!16:02
* dholbach hugs jcastro16:02
dpmjono, I can hear you, but it seems there is a delay16:02
jonodpm, odd16:03
jonodpm, lets do skype16:03
dpmjono, yeah16:03
dholbachalright my friends - I call it a day16:59
dholbachsee you tomorrow!16:59
akgranerhere is a little something to brighten you all's day :-)  http://frylock.redvoodoo.org/~akgraner/P1000429.JPG17:40
akgraneroh and here is the one where she talks about me replacing her with jono17:42
cjohnstonshe looks so enthused17:56
jcastrooh god. LOL18:01
jcastroRT @homeworkprod: I heard relocating window buttons to the left side in #Ubuntu is to make room for a big #Vuvuzuela button on the right.18:01
cjohnstonjcastro: time for a quick call?18:08
jcastrocjohnston: in about 5 to 10?18:10
jcastrocjohnston: waiting for the one part of the desktop team meeting I need to finish.18:10
cjohnstonPM can work also18:11
czajkowskifeckin' priceless http://twitter.com/keybuk/status/1624114436118:49
jcastrojono: can you send a mail to debian@ubuntu to see if I get it?20:16
jcastrojono: sorry I should have made it clear I was testing that for me, not you, heh20:16
jonodone jcastro20:17
jcastroyeah! rock and roll, I am in business!20:17
jcastrojono: lucas is busy this week, so we've decided to tag team the debian list o items next week together20:18
jcastrobut I managed to get one WI done today, I have 3 outstanding that should be closeable tomorrow20:18
jonocool :)20:19
jonothanks jcastro20:19
doctormonigelb: hello?20:37
cjohnstonhey doctormo20:38
jcastrojono: we have a call in ~12?20:49
jcastrojono: I don't have any agenda items20:49
jonojcastro, lets skip21:05
jcastrono complaints here!21:06
jcastrojono: there was one semi-urgent matter21:23
jcastrojono: I didn't know they were doing this: http://www.fathomevents.com/concertsandmusic/series/the_big_four.aspx21:23
jcastrothat's next week21:23
jcastroI am having people scrambling to find tickets now, just an FYI21:24
jcastroI know! Live!21:24
jcastroWe need burndown charts for this.21:24
jonois that just that one date?21:24
jonooh hang on21:24
jonothats a movie?21:24
jonoa live show21:25
jcastroit's beamed live to theaters during the event21:25
jcastrowhich is in .eu somewhere21:25
jonojussi, ping?21:51
jonojussi, could you take a look at completing your action on https://blueprints.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+spec/community-m-process-improvements - thanks!21:52
jonojcastro, is sense's item on https://blueprints.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+spec/community-m-upstream-contacts still TODO?21:53
jcastrojono: I think it's DONE, but iirc the work item was to review the current roles and made sure they still made sense21:54
jcastroI can follow up with him on it21:54
jonojcastro,  if you could, thanks21:55
jussijono: are the page links finalised now?21:56
jonojussi, many of them are already there21:57
jonoI think we just need to start adding them21:57
jonosee wiki.ubuntu.com/BuildingCommunity21:57
jussijono: I dont mind doing it, just Id rather wait till the links are finalised so I dont need to go changing them all again.21:58
jonojussi, they will never change21:58
jonojust added to21:58
jcastrojono: also, if you're looking for an easy WI, you can probably handle the one about mailing Trent Reznor. :p21:58
jonojcastro, lol21:58
jussijono: right, no probs!21:58
jonowill do21:58
jonojussi, thanks!21:58
jussijono: are you still planning to run this? https://wiki.ubuntu.com/BuildingCommunity/CommunityQuestionTime22:05
jussiits very old :D22:05
JFowe're changing the name of that to "Fireside chats with Jono"22:06
jonojussi, I do that on Wednesday's but as a video chat22:06
jonowill update it22:06
jussijono: Im thinking there will be problably 1-3 factoids to begin with, for the most frequent peices of knowledge needed. adding more is easy, if more are needed. Problem is, often the bot gets factoids added that could be useful, but they rarely/never get used, so they get culled.22:07
jonojussi, np22:08
jcastroJFo: http://www.murraytwins.com/blog/?p=7222:28
jcastroJFo: next time you're trudging through your lists can you see if this list now reflects what you expected it to?22:28
jonojcastro, can you do me a favor - set me up a redirect on https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuOpportunisticDeveloperWeek to go to https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuAppDeveloperWeek22:28
jonoI always forget how to do those22:28
* JFo looks22:29
JFojcastro, will do :)22:29
jcastrojono: done22:30
jcastro#REDIRECT UbuntuAppDeveloperWeek22:30
jcastro^^ FYI22:30
jonojcastro, thanks22:32
jonojcastro, so on https://blueprints.edge.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+spec/community-m-patch-review-initiative I have "[jonobacon] speak with J. Castro re. upstream work and patch review: TODO"22:35
jonothis was regarding how we best handle patches that should go upstream22:35
jcastrojono: don't we talk about that all the time?22:36
jonoyeah, I think the action was about how specifically build awareness into Project Cleansweep22:36
jonotbh, I think it is better if you have the conversation with nigelbabu about this22:36
jcastroer, sure22:36
jcastrojono: why not DONE that one and add one for me?22:37
jcastroor just rename it to be mine22:37
jonojcastro, I will give it to you22:39
akgranerjono, just replied to your email - there is an attachment as well :-)22:45
jonothanks akgraner22:50
akgraneryou'll have more early next week :-)22:50
doctormojono: Did you know there are a couple of ubuntu stickers on the new IT Crowd series set?22:53
jonodoctormo, really? cool!22:56
doctormoThey're on the monitor and there is one in the background, really cool as there is also an EFF sticker and a The Register Vultcher... it's a tricked out geek pad now.22:57

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