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akgranerrickspencer3, ping - just wanted you to know - I went through the surveys from SELF yesterday - many of them mentioned your Quickly session as their highlight00:40
rickspencer3akgraner, sweet00:40
akgranerand I had people asking me day Saturday and Sunday about Dev and App Dev week00:41
akgranerall day I meant00:41
akgranerrickspencer3, Thank you again!00:42
mneptokrickspencer3: see? pays to go shirtless and oiled when giving presentations.00:44
* rickspencer3 shudders00:44
* akgraner rolls my eyes at mneptok :-P00:45
mneptokyou rolled a 6. missed saving throw.00:46
akgranermneptok, I couldn't get that database to work you told me about - will you have some time tomorrow to help me trouble shoot it00:47
mneptokakgraner: sure thang00:48
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RoAkSoAxaway gone01:43
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m3gai'm booting lucid on a tablet device. in windows the tablet has a working wifi device, but in ubuntu, neither lspci nor lsusb list anything that looks like a wifi device.02:42
m3gaany clues as to what to look for?02:42
StevenKm3ga: It could be a SD device?02:43
m3gaStevenK: how would i figure that out?02:44
StevenKI was still trying to work that one out02:44
ScottKIIRC SD devices show up under USB.02:48
StevenKI thought that depended on the USB HCD?02:48
ScottKCould be.02:49
m3gaStevenK: there is a wifi enable button on the side. i've messed with it but it still doesn't show up. maybe the button needs driver code to enable the chip before it can be listed with lspci.02:49
ScottKm3ga: Did you boot with the button enabled?02:49
m3gasince all the other hardware on this is intel, i suspect the wifi will also be intel02:49
ScottKI've seen kernel issues with wifi switches were they didn't work if they weren't on at boot.02:50
TheMusom3ga: In windows, did you check in device manager how it connects? Devices can be viewed by how they are connected, available from the view menu.02:50
m3gaits not a toggle button, just a momentary contact. i'll try booting while holding it down.02:50
m3gaTheMuso: i know close to nothing about windows. completely baffles me :-)02:50
TheMusom3ga: Ok do you know how to get to device manager? If not, let me know what version of Windows you are using and I'm happy to talk you through how to open it.02:51
m3gaholding the button while booting didn't help.02:52
m3garebooting to windows (windows 7 btw TheMuso)02:53
TheMusom3ga: Ok, getting to device manager will be easy then.02:53
m3gait boots windows rrrreeeaaalllllyyyyyy slow02:53
m3gaok booted02:56
TheMusoOk, to get into device manager, simply open the start menu, and type device manager (if the device has a keyboard). If not, we will have to take a longer route02:56
TheMusoIf typign device manager is possible, you should see it appear as an option. You should be able to click on it to open it.02:56
m3gaeasy. have usb keyboard connected02:57
TheMusoah ok that helps.02:57
TheMusoOnce in device manager, open the view menu, and choose "view devices by connectin", I think thats what its called.02:58
TheMusoThen its a matter of expanding the tree view to find the wifi device02:58
m3gawow, wireless is usb. "3DSP Wireless 802.11 B+G  Adaptor"02:58
TheMusoand going back through the tree view to see how the device connects to the system.02:58
m3gaok, i can google that02:59
m3gasome old stuff from 8:10 : http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=123421303:00
TheMusoI have no idea at this point sorry, I just know that WIndows device manager can help in working out how a device connects.03:00
m3gathank Luke!03:01
JanCdevice manager can also show you the usb ids03:01
m3gaah yes, i should grab those03:01
Sarvattaccording to google03:02
m3gaSarvatt: yes, confirmed03:07
Sarvattits a syntek device, found a manual http://www.stk.com.tw/driver/Wireless/STA-UI-A0037S_USB_User's_Manual.pdf03:09
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Sarvattlucid drivers there too, downloading to see what they are :)03:09
m3gaSarvatt: lspci output here http://pastebin.com/Uw9tRzsv03:13
m3gawould like to get wifi and X working, but need lunch. back in an hour.03:14
nixternaljcastro: forgot to say thanks in MI before closing out. stuck using a GUI IRC client right now :/03:33
ajmitchnixternal: you've had some bad luck there03:33
nixternaljust a little03:33
nixternalthough, i have to admit..that server was a frankenstein box with components from the 90s03:34
ajmitchheld together with duct tape & prayers?03:34
nixternalneed to find a system that uses very little power to do what it did. all it was used for was IMAP/Mutt, Irssi, and my SSH gateway to my home03:34
nixternalactually, held together with dust03:35
ajmitchoh one of them - the type you should never try & clean03:35
nixternalbut my big puters bit the dust as well...now I am just a netbook luser :)  you can't do much with a netbook, except surf the intertubes03:35
micahgnixternal: I might have a box that would work for that soon03:35
nixternalmicahg: yeah, a lil POS box is all I need. though I am thinking of a little crap box from tiger direct03:36
nixternalgotta love the community though. i forgot i had one of those donation buttons on my site..someone donated $50, but I refunded it. don't want to be that guy03:37
nixternaldamn, tiger direct doesn't have that lil $80 crap box anymore :/03:38
micahgnixternal: well, I might be able to save you that if you can wait till the weekend03:38
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zzcranjoHey all, I am looking to get into programming, specifically helping with the ubuntu devel process. What is the primary language that ubuntu is coded in? Sorry if these are stupid questions, but I have never tried programming before...07:10
jmarsdenzzcranjo: Ubuntu is programmed in many many languages.  As a beginner, maybe start with Python.  See http://wiki.python.org/moin/BeginnersGuide07:15
zzcranjothanks :D I am no stranger to python as I use blender quite frequently07:16
jmarsdenYou're welcome.07:16
zzcranjoSo in theory, python can be used to program anything in ubuntu/linux? Is it optimised for certain types of programs?07:25
m3gazzcranjo: python is really only useful for user space programming. all the drivers and a large proportion of low level user space daemons are written in C.07:27
m3gaall the kernel is also in C07:27
zzcranjook. Thats ok as at first i would like to be able to see what i program :D07:28
m3gawith a very small amount of assembler07:28
hyperairm3ga: there are some python daemons too.07:28
zzcranjoAlso, how easy is it to actually contribute source code to the ubuntu project? is it vetted by mods?07:29
m3gathere are also some in ocaml and haskell, but most are written in C, followed by C++.07:29
m3gazzcranjo: best to submit to the upstream project rather than ubuntu.07:29
m3gaubuntu and debian prefer not to modify upstream sources too much. they figure that upstream knows their project better.07:30
zzcranjo(sorry, im new :D)07:30
m3gaeg postfix is the mail daemon in ubuntu. the upstream project is http://www.postfix.org/07:32
zzcranjowhat is upstream? what does it mean?07:32
m3gasimilarly, for the samba server http://www.samba.org/07:33
zzcranjooh so upstream is just the different programs that come with ubuntu07:33
m3gaupstream means the people who actually do the coding on that project07:33
zzcranjooh ok07:33
m3gaubuntu/canonical do some development work, but more than 90% of the distro has a separate upstream that is used by all the distros and freebsd and other unices07:34
zzcranjoso once I get decent knowledge of python, I would be an upstream developer of whatever program I chose to make. Is there a filtering process to get into the sources like there is for itunes apps?07:34
m3ganowhere near as bad as apple.07:34
zzcranjothats good to know :D07:35
m3gamost stuff that is in ubuntu is there because it is in debian. ubuntu packages are mostly just slightly tweaked debian packages.07:35
m3gaas for debian, getting a package in is pretty easy as long as the license is ok.07:36
m3gaonce its in debian, it will automatically show up in ubuntu some time later07:36
zzcranjoSo I license something how i want? I can choose whether it is proprietry, open source etc?07:36
zzcranjobtw thanks for your help m3ga :D07:36
m3gaopen source license and it will almost certainly be accepted. some proprietary stuff is also accepted into debian's non-free section.07:37
m3gasorry, gotta go. back in an hour :-)07:37
zzcranjoty cya07:38
dholbachgood morning07:58
zzcranjogood afternoon ;)07:58
pittiGood morning08:04
pittimr_pouit: we need it for an OEM project, but yes, my intent was to package it for maverick and backport it from there08:04
pittikees: oh, will there be another security upload of eglibc?08:05
hyperairm3ga, zzcranjo: *free* licenses will certainly be accepted. especially if it fulfils Debian's Free Software Guideline08:06
hyperairzzcranjo: you can't go wrong with GPL ;-)08:06
zzcranjogpl is free, but closed source?08:06
hyperairGPL is free and open source08:07
pittimr_pouit: oh, seems it's all done in the PPA already08:07
hyperairzzcranjo: check out the DFSG, for the definition of "free"08:07
hyperairDebian Free Software Guideline08:08
zzcranjooh ty08:08
hyperairhmm damnit08:08
hyperairthere isn't anything08:08
hyperairwell the first few things on google should be correct08:09
hyperairwiki even08:09
zzcranjoI actually have a vague recollection of something like that08:09
zzcranjoty will check it out08:09
ericm-afkpitti, so far no response from ubuntu-sponsors for bug 427805, the bug is affecting many people actually, anything else I can help?08:10
ubottuLaunchpad bug 427805 in libusb (Ubuntu) "usb_find_devices() crashed with SIGSEGV in free()" [Medium,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/42780508:10
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hyperairzzcranjo: there are some commonly used licenses in /usr/share/common-licenses/ which you might like to check out08:10
zzcranjook ty08:11
zzcranjovery sorry if this is not supposed to be in this room, but does anyone know how I can change how long notifications(music, empathy etc) stay on screen? Is it in ccsm?08:11
pittiericm: so there are three patches on that bug, and the first one changes autoconf all over the pplace08:12
pittiericm: what do I actually need to apply?08:13
ericmthe first one changes autoconf so that the legacy package can build08:13
pittiericm: and it breaks debian/control08:13
pitti- libusb-dev08:13
pitti+ libusb-1.0-0-dev08:13
ericmthe 2nd one actually fixes the problem08:13
pittithis is not libusb-1.008:13
pittioh, the first one is the upower port08:13
ericmpitti, Grrrr... that's not from me, so only the 2nd one please08:14
pittiericm: what's the third one? http://launchpadlibrarian.net/49434737/libusb.patch08:14
ericmthe 3rd one actually came from fedora mailinglist and seems to me it fixed some potential bug, but not this one08:14
ericmso at this moment, only the 2nd one is significant08:15
pittialright, thanks08:15
ericmthe 3rd one tested to be no side effect so far at my side, should be a plus - but may not be suitable for a SRU08:15
pittiericm: ok, I'll sponsor the second one for now, and followed up upstream08:17
ericmpitti, thanks man - a lot duplicated bugs and many mac users are affected08:19
ericmstrange enough - it seems so far to affect mac users only (who cares, :-)08:20
zygagood morning08:21
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ericmpitti, another general question in my mind - as we don't actually maintain libusb-0.1, what's the process to deal with such fixes in the future? (to me it's easy way like subscribe ubuntu-sponsor, yet I'd like to know a bit more detail)08:22
pittithat's pretty much it08:23
pittiwe just need to patch it on our own, but more importantly, port stuff over to -1.008:23
pittiericm: uploaded to maverick; preparing lucid SRU now08:24
ericmpitti, thanks, I'll try my best do it, that needs to be involved in upower upstream, and have that special usb device or something08:25
pittiericm: upower is already ported08:25
ericmpitti, got you - so the best practice is to have a upower branch and get it tested and merged?08:26
pittiI'll package it shortly08:27
zzcranjoanyone know when gnome3/gnome-shell is going to be implemented in a release as the default gnome wm?08:28
ericmpitti, thanks08:28
ericmpitti, confusing - https://launchpad.net/upower - Upower is a next generation boot splash system for Linux08:32
hyperairupower = bootsplash?08:33
hyperairwasn't upower the devkit-power rename..08:33
pittiit's most certainly not a splash :)08:34
pittithe description would match plymouth08:35
hyperairthe website linked doesn't exist.08:36
hyperairnanofreesoft.org, i mean08:36
pittioh, seems it was indeed a different project08:37
hyperairUsermode graPhical pOWER.08:37
* hyperair facepalms08:37
hyperairwhat kind of name is that?08:37
hyperairthere's no code either08:38
hyperairit's just a project page with nothing on it08:38
ericmhyperair, pitti, and interesting, a lot upowerd related bugs subscribe this upower as the source package, doh!08:39
hyperairwhich is obviously wrong.08:39
hyperairis there a way to unmark the link between this upower and upower in ubuntu?08:40
pittior rename this project..08:40
pittican someone poke #launchpad about this?08:40
ericmbzr clone lp:upower08:41
ericmbzr: ERROR: Invalid url supplied to transport: "lp:upower": upower has no default branch.08:41
ubottuLaunchpad bug 133181 in upower "Progress bar stall when turning on system" [Undecided,Won't fix]08:41
ericmbut the version number of this upower seems consistent with the one in my lucid system08:41
hyperairtake a look08:41
hyperairupower's a dead project that has been merged into usplash and splashy08:41
dholbachericm: lp:ubuntu/upower08:43
ericmhttps://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/upower/0.9.4-2, see packages built by this source08:43
ericmdholbach, ah sorry08:43
dholbachericm: the difference is: "lp:upower" means "default trunk of an upstream project registered in launchpad"08:44
ericmdholbach, I see08:44
dholbachericm: "lp:ubuntu/upower" means "source package branch of development release"08:44
ericmdholbach, now it's fetching08:44
dholbachericm: in case you knew this already, ignore me :)08:44
ericmdholbach, I pretended to know this already - since I was embarrassed :-)08:45
dholbachhaha, almost got away with it ;-)08:45
* dholbach hugs ericm08:45
* ericm has red face08:45
dholbachit IS confusing08:47
ericmso it really looks strange about this upower project - maybe just the title is incorrect and actually we reused the original dead project08:47
dholbachI'm still waiting for the "bzr fix-bug 1234567" plugin :)08:47
ubottuError: Could not parse data returned by Launchpad: 1234567 (https://launchpad.net/bugs/1234567)08:47
dholbachsorry ubottu08:47
dholbachthe people in #launchpad would know how to reset it or change it if it'd make sense to change things now08:48
ericmso far it looks like only the title is wrong, the cloned code is all right08:48
* ericm has to be offline for a while08:49
ajmitchdholbach: is that like the bzr do-magic-stuff plugin?08:51
dholbachajmitch: ok… "bzr let-me-fix <bugnr>"08:52
ajmitchso lookup the appropriate project/package, branch it, and present you with a nice working tree ready to fix stuff?08:53
dholbachyeah, and maybe set the push location already08:55
dholbachoh and "bzr pbuild" :)08:55
ajmitchand maybe even fill in some of debian/changelog? we could dream, but I think you'd run into problems with multiple bug tasks for a bug #08:56
dholbachyeah, that's right08:56
ajmitchapart from that, it sounds possible08:57
dholbachit could be reportbug-esque, check the list of open ubuntu tasks only that are not in progress or fix committed yet and present you with a list *shrug* :)08:57
dholbachI could imagine that "bzr pbuild" would have more users :)08:57
ajmitchso, got time to hack on it? :)08:58
ajmitchby pbuild, do you mean using pbuilder from a bzr branch?08:58
dholbachI should at least file a wishlist bug about bzr pbuild08:58
ajmitchI think that's possible with some magic at the moment08:58
dholbachbasically   bzr bd -- -S -us -uc && sudo pbuilder build ../<some dsc file that matches>    :)08:59
dholbach(and for that I wouldn't care if the output is a native package or not)09:00
ajmitchyou can set the default builder command in the config, I think09:00
* ajmitch just has to find where he'd set that up09:01
dholbachI think it'd be useful for people new to the process who want to fix their favourite bug and just bzr branch; <edit>; bzr pbuild; bzr commit; bzr push; bzr lp-open09:02
ajmitchisn't groundcontrol meant to help with the same problems, just from a gui perspective?09:02
ajmitchthe main problem I've had this week with trying to fix stuff in bzr is the speed of getting branches from LP09:03
dholbachyes, from a gui perspective, although I'm not sure how well it copes with source package branches and related stuff09:03
ajmitchhaving bzr branch take > 3 hours was a bit painful, but apparantly the bzr launchpad plugin could support some mirroring, with some work on the plugin & the LP side09:04
dholbachholy cow09:05
dholbachhow far's the lightweight checkout stuff?09:05
ajmitchit was virtualbox-ose, it wasn't lightweight :)09:05
dholbachI meant the bzr lightweight checkout stuff :)09:07
ajmitchyeah I know, I didn't try it09:07
* ajmitch should check up on whether it's safe to do the virtualbox-ose merge09:08
ajmitchthough I don't know if it's updated to work as a guest with 2.6.35 & the version of X in maverick09:09
* cjwatson genuinely has no idea why pygi seems upset (in scrollback), and will take it to e-mail09:23
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htorquehello, can it be considered a bug that booting with an attached usb card reader (empty) moves the only internal hard disk from /dev/sda to /dev/sde? didn't happen with lucid.10:36
sorenhtorque: Stuff like that is exactly why we boot based on UUID's.10:41
sorenhtorque: Device names are non-deterministic. Don't rely on them.10:41
sorenhtorque: In short, no, this is not likely to be considered a bug.10:41
htorquesoren: k, thanks10:43
sorenhtorque: Sure.10:43
Nailor_Hi. I'm running in problems with pbuilder. It's unable to install debhelper to my hardy chroot when building packages. I'm using Lucid11:05
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pipHello, I can't share the swap partition of ubuntu with another linux distribution , I guess its due to the encryption reason of that swap11:09
hrwbtw - how much buildd power amd64 arch has?11:21
amitkhrw: https://edge.launchpad.net/builders11:27
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stvoping pitti13:12
loolcjwatson: Pushed xdeb with a couple trivial tweaks from the testing I did this week-end, will you be in a position to NEW it, or should I make sure someone else does?13:13
cjwatsonlool: somebody else ought to do it since I've been heavily involved13:16
loolRight, that's what I thought13:16
looljames_w: Would that be something you would have the time to do?13:16
james_wit's there now?13:16
james_wlool: done. The description could use some love.13:23
looljames_w: Thank you13:23
looljames_w: http://paste.ubuntu.com/450072/13:27
looljames_w: thanks!13:27
james_wlool: better, thanks13:28
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pittistvo: pong13:39
smoserRiddell, around ?14:12
Riddellsmoser: afternoon14:14
smoserso, ofr ebsmount, you think i probably need to get a new upstream tarball with more consitent file headers14:14
smoseris that right?14:14
Riddellsmoser: yes, with files under a free licence and a full copy of the licence text included in the tar14:15
smoserthe debian/copyright file is in the original upstream tarball (and commited to their git repo) so it does seem reasonable.14:15
Riddellsmoser: I wouldn't be happy accepting it since it disagree with what the actual source files say14:16
smoseryeah, thats fine.14:16
smoseri agree, it should at least be consistent.14:16
buxyseb128: did you find the time to file the dh7 enhancement request we discussed yesterday?14:16
seb128buxy, not yet sorry but it's still on my todolist, I've only a bunch of items before it so I think I will get to it today14:20
chrisccoulsonkees - are you there?14:21
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keeschrisccoulson: hello!15:03
chrisccoulsonhi kees. i'm just working on the firefox 3.6.4 update for karmic, and going through my packaging branch reviewing all of the changes that have flowed from lucid. one of these changes is the addition of hardening-wrapper as a build-depend15:04
chrisccoulsonis this something we want to keep in karmic?15:05
keeschrisccoulson: yes, please.15:07
chrisccoulsonkees - ok, thanks15:07
keeschrisccoulson: np.  let me know if it causes any problems (it shouldn't, though).15:08
psusiahh, kees, just the man to ask since you made this commit... I'm confused by http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~ubuntu-branches/ubuntu/maverick/lvm2/maverick/revision/4615:18
psusiit says merge from debian... so I would expect to see to parent commits... r45, and the debian branch that was pulled from... but that doesn't seem to be what is there...15:18
keespsusi: the bzr tree for lvm2 was unusable for a bzr-based merge.15:19
keespsusi: I didn't do anything with the bzr tree as a result, because it was a total mess.15:19
psusiso... what is this commit telling me?15:20
keespsusi: lvm2 got upgraded in the past to an intermediate upstream (total fork from Debian), and then upstream merged devmapper into lvm2, so Debian followed that, so really it's 3 bzr trees into 1.15:20
psusiit looks like it shows two parents, but I would expect one of them to be revision 45 and neither seems to be15:20
keesI have no idea -- I didn't actually perform that commit.  I think it was automatic.15:21
keesit was the nastiest merge I have ever done.  :)15:22
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psusiwell, wherever you merged from, doesn't ONE of the parents have to be the previous revision?15:22
keesanyway, based on the "Revision ID" you can see it was done as part of the bzr auto-sync (james.westby@...)15:22
cjwatsonthose merge icons are just the merges from other branches15:23
cjwatsonr45 is implicit15:23
keespsusi: nope, that's what I mean.  Ubuntu's version was totally different from Debian's, and Debian's was totally different from the Ubuntu fork point.15:23
psusiohh... ok.... so this is a merge that pulls from two other branches onto r45...15:23
cjwatsonprobably one via the other15:23
psusiok... so if I want to see the history of the debian branch this merge pulled from, how do I do that?  I would expect that to happen if I click on the 3.1.8 squeeze link, but it doesn't seem to be what I get...15:25
cjwatsonpsusi: the "Changes" tab at the top15:27
psusihrm... ok... I guess I actually am looking at the squeeze history... just through the looking glass of this branch... rather than looking at the branch that was pulled from...15:28
cjwatsononce a branch is merged, its full history is available in the branch it was merged into, with dotted revision numbers15:28
cjwatsonthe web interface may not be the easiest way to get that level of detail though15:28
psusiright... I see that now... was just confusing... I wanted to be looking at the other branch15:30
psusithe other night I had tried updating to the latest upstream sources and most of the patches didn't apply... and most of them have no comment header describing what they were created for15:31
psusiso now I'm trying to find where they were added in bzr and read the commit message...15:33
psusiand am having a hell of a time15:34
iontseliot: It might be nice if the nvidia and fglrx packages had a dependency on xorg-video-abi-$n just like xserver-xorg-video-* have. If i were to get around to making a patch, would it be accepted?15:49
tseliotion: a dependency or something like Provides: xserver-xorg-video-615:50
tseliotas nvidia does that already15:52
ionA dependency. The drivers would block the upgrade of xorg which would introduce an ABI incompatibility until versions of the driver packages supporting the new xorg appear.15:52
pittiit sohuld be a provides, not a depends15:53
pittithe xorg server already conflicts to -video-615:53
pittiwhich DTRT15:53
ionAh, indeed.15:53
pittiion: in our setup, drivers Provides: the abi number and xorg depends on it15:53
pittikind of unintuitive and backwards, but I guess they had their reasons15:54
ionSo, only fglrx needs a change to provide xserver-xorg-video-$n.15:54
pittiseems like it15:54
tseliotyes, that would be easy to do15:55
hallynmathiaz: is there anything else i am supposed to do to re-request sponsoring for https://code.edge.launchpad.net/~serge-hallyn/ubuntu/maverick/qemu-kvm/update-to-12.4/  ?  (I dont' see any "feedback addressed" option by your previous feedback that I can hit)16:03
mathiazhallyn: if you go on the merge proposal page: https://code.edge.launchpad.net/~serge-hallyn/ubuntu/maverick/qemu-kvm/update-to-12.4/+merge/2729316:06
mathiazhallyn: on the left side you'll see a resubmit proposal link16:06
mathiazhallyn: I've also added kirkland as a reviewer16:07
hallynmathiaz: thought i'd hit that already...  but jsut hit it and it seemed to work - thanks16:07
hallyn(thought i'd hit it 3 times!)16:08
hallyn(glad i asked then)16:08
mdzdoko, lool, cjwatson: if there's more to talk about regarding the toolchain, we can do it here16:08
dokomdz: could we do this later this week? running out of time today, and I'd like to get some performance data (benefits) on ix86. For now the test packages are available in https://edge.launchpad.net/~ubuntu-toolchain-r/+archive/ppa16:12
mdzdoko: sure16:12
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geserpitti: just reading the irclogs for the TB meeting: isn't !sru the factoid for the wiki page for SRUs? so reusing it for the panic button might trigger several false positives till everyone adapts to its new meaning16:45
macoit changed?16:46
macoso now how do we direct people to the wiki page?16:46
gesermaco: not yet16:46
macoso at some point its going to sneak up on me? :(16:46
looljames_w: Mind NEWing xdeb in binary NEW as well?  (sorry!)16:47
gesermaco: the is a plan to eventually change it (see the todays TB meeting logs)16:47
* maco hopes its at least being replaced. was a useful factoid16:48
pittigeser: oh, it was just a strawman; we could call it !regression or !stable-alert or whatever16:49
hallynkirkland: regarding https://wiki.ubuntu.com/StableReleaseUpdates and bug #588293, should i actually butcher the original bug description to add that info, or is it ok to just add it in follow-on comments?16:49
ubottuLaunchpad bug 588293 in qemu-kvm (Ubuntu) "Memory leak" [Medium,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/58829316:49
* hallyn luvs bots16:49
geserpitti: might be better unless you want to get pinged when someone wants to point somebody else to the SRU wiki page :)16:50
ubottuStable Release Update information is at http://wiki.ubuntu.com/StableReleaseUpdates16:50
geserpitti: ^^ see16:50
macopitti: !omgsru16:51
komputesIs anyone interested in repackaging blt with the patch on this Bug #359857 (it is currently unstable, last stable version was in hardy). Once patched and tested this would be proposed as an SRU in Lucid.16:51
ubottuLaunchpad bug 359857 in blt (Ubuntu) "blt does not work as currently packaged" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/35985716:51
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kirklandhallyn: better to add it at the bottom of the bug description, you can enclose your section in ==== =====17:04
kirklandhallyn: descriptions are editable, comments are not17:04
kirklandhallyn: and it's not a big deal in small bugs like this, but some bugs have hundreds of comments, and the SRU notes can get lost eaisly17:04
hallynkirkland: will do thanks17:05
hallyn(alas i built 64-bit packages but only have a 32-bit lucid install to test on, waiting for re-build :)17:05
hallynoh there we go17:05
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hallynkirkland: is ubuntu-sponsors the right list to use for requesting merge review for the qemu-devel fix branch?17:33
kirklandhallyn: yes, for stuff in universe17:33
kirklandhallyn: sorry17:33
kirklandhallyn: yes, for stuff in MAIN17:33
kirklandhallyn: ubuntu-universe-sponsors for stuff in UNIVERSE17:34
hallynthere's a separate 'ubuntu-sponsors-main'17:34
kirklandoh, hm...17:34
* kirkland looks17:34
kirklandhallyn: well, i'm not sure any more ... jcastro ?17:34
jcastrokirkland: not sure17:35
jcastroI thought sponsorship got merged?17:35
nixternalthe teams have been merged into one now17:36
nixternalhallyn: ^^17:36
hallynnixternal: thanks17:37
hallynkirkland: thanks17:37
kirklandnixternal: ah, cool, i forgot about that, i guess, thanks.17:38
nixternalhehe, no problem17:39
zygadoes anyone remember a bzr command that would update the debian changelog in native packages in one shot?18:04
pittizyga: it's usually better to do it the other way round: edit debian/changelog and then use debcommit18:04
pittiwhich will pull out the message, parse out the LP/debian bugs, and so on18:04
zygaoh, debcommit18:05
zygathat's what I was looking for, thanks18:05
pittizyga: and then dch -r/debcommit -r for an upload18:05
pittidebcommit == ♥18:05
pitti-r will tag, generate an appropriate message, and commit this as a "release"18:06
* mathiaz agrees with pitti 18:06
* zyga goes to read man and use it18:08
zygathanks guys18:08
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apwpitti, who would the right person be to talk to about a firewire stack change ?18:33
directhexKeybuk is officially the best person ever (via twitter)18:34
pittiapw: not sure actually; we don't integrate it very much in the UI, except for things like kino talking to cameras, and of course firewire based block devices (which won't change API-wise, I guess)18:34
apwpitti, so if the kernel switches from old to new stack by default you don't see userspace exploding ?18:34
pittiapw: some bits certainly will :)18:35
pittiin particular, kino and friends used to talk to /dev/raw1394, i. e. might be sensitive to abi changes there18:35
pittibut *shrug*18:35
apwpitti, if we wanted to do that, is there anything other than telling ubuntu-devel@ (which we already have) that we should do ?18:35
pittiawolfson: u-devel@ sounds fine to me18:36
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ScottK-droidpitti: would you please rescore kdepimlibs kdegraphics (only affects armel)18:45
pittiScottK-droid: nudged18:46
ScottK-droidpitti: Thanks.18:46
mr_pouitRiddell: "we sync automatically from debian"… of course, I know that. The question is: when? I've some packages that are in unstable since around may 25 and are still not imported. And they won't probably be imported before thursday, and I'll have to do lots of paperwork after feature freeze… This is the reason why I filed the bug report, to be sure it would be synced!18:49
ScottK-droidThursday isn't feature freeze.18:51
Riddellmr_pouit: it's a fair question, new syncs from debian are run manually and it's a fairly tedious process involving filtering out any packages we don't want18:52
Riddellmr_pouit: do you have any examples of packages which should be synced but which aren't?18:52
mr_pouitRiddell: e.g. parole, in unstable/testing18:53
mr_pouit*g*, it has been synced this afternoon18:54
mr_pouitokay, bad example :)18:54
Riddellmr_pouit: see when I'm on archive duty, things happen :)18:54
mr_pouitokay, okay ^_^18:54
james_wlool: does the package follow the python policy?19:01
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superm1apw, could you also CC ubuntu-mythtv@l.u.c about the firewire stack change?  hopefully at least someone on there can help to test myth* userspace20:35
apwsuperm1, thanks for the heads up21:32
looljames_w: Python policy for xdeb, yes, it build-deps on the relevant stuff and ends up with the proper runtime deps; it has a ./usr/share/python-support/xdeb.private telling it about the private dirs too21:51
kirklandslangasek: around?22:11
slangasekkirkland: hi22:16
kirklandslangasek: feel free to tell me to go away (or elsewhere)22:16
kirklandslangasek: but I'm looking for someone with some knowledge of the Desktop Live seed, preferably who's online now :-)22:17
kirklandslangasek: so I'm trying to put together a UEC LiveISO seed22:19
kirklandslangasek: so I started with the "live" seed, copied it to live-uec22:20
kirklandslangasek: dropped all the langpack stuff, and ubiquity22:20
kirklandslangasek: and now i'm trying to blacklist openoffice, games, video, graphics, sound, etc.22:20
kirklandslangasek: i guess i was looking for any tips/pointers22:21
kirklandslangasek: i'm sure i'm not doing it the most efficient way possible22:21
slangasekyou can't blacklist packages in seeds22:21
slangasekseeds are whitelists by nature; the blacklist directive only lets you throw an error when something creeps in that you didn't want22:22
kirklandslangasek: hmm, i was trying something like:22:24
kirkland== Blacklist ==22:24
kirklandlibavcodec cannot be shipped on CDs (cf. Ubuntu technical board resolution 2007-01-02).22:24
kirkland * !libavcodec*22:24
slangasekyes; all that does is cause an error *if* something pulls in libavcodec22:25
kirklandslangasek: ah, bumemr22:25
kirklandslangasek: okay ... hrm22:25
kirklandslangasek: so would it be better for me to create my deal as a meta package in ubuntu-meta ?22:26
slangasekehm, the contents of those metapackages are entirely autogenerated from the seeds :)22:26
kirklandslangasek: heh, okay ........22:27
kirklandslangasek: okay, let's simplify the question ....22:28
kirklandslangasek: let's say that I wanted to create a seed, call it live-uec, that is basically the same as the live desktop cd, except it removes openoffice-* and adds eucalyptus-*22:29
kirklandslangasek: how would you recommend i go about doing that22:29
slangasekfor my part, I question whether it's really so important to keep these applications out of the live-uec seed22:29
slangasekbut, the way to do it is this:22:29
slangasek- identify the bits that are common between your new seed and the existing one22:29
slangasek- move those packages into a new seed22:30
slangasek- restructure the 'live' seed to depend on the new seed22:30
slangasek- create your new live-uec seed, also depending on this new common seed22:30
kirklandslangasek: okay, thanks22:31
james_wlool: well, I was meaning "should it install the modules in a public location?"22:41
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kirklandslangasek: okay, so i have what i think might be a reasonable seed ... is there a tool i can run (germinate or something) to see what all it will bring in?22:44
kirklandslangasek: and ideally build an ISO locally?22:44
slangasekgerminate is packaged, yes22:44
slangasekbuilding an ISO> awkward to achieve for live CDs22:44
ScottK-droidWould an buildd  admin please rescore kdebindings.22:55
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slangasekcjwatson: bug #594839> didn't you fix this already?23:21
ubottuLaunchpad bug 594839 in plymouth (Ubuntu) "Plymouthd SIGSEGV on Lucid Xen Instance" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/59483923:21

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