CIA-4usb-creator: evand * r313 usb-creator/ (3 files in 3 dirs): Fix install button sensetivity (LP: #582531)09:40
evcjwatson: whenever you have a chance, can you accept the maverick targeting for the following blueprints: foundations-m-gsoc-usbcreator, foundations-m-gsoc-usbcreator-cli, foundations-m-gsoc-usbcreator-custom-iso, foundations-m-gsoc-usbcreator-mac, foundations-m-gsoc-usbcreator-wubi, and foundations-m-upgrade-and-install-testing.09:46
cjwatsonev: done - foundations-m-gsoc-usbcreator-cli was still set for alpha-1 despite having none of its work items completed, so I moved it to alpha-209:50
cjwatsonplease set appropriate priorities when you get a minute09:50
evah, my mistake, sorry09:50
evwill do, thanks09:50
evcjwatson: I don't seem to be able to, which is odd as I could swear I used to be able to.  Is that an Ubuntu Drivers thing, or am I just too low on tea?09:55
cjwatsonapprovers ought to be able to - but otherwise, just give the priority list and I'll use ~ubuntu-drivers to do it09:58
evmedium across the board09:59
ogracjwatson, if i want to add oem-config-gtk to the live image, does it suffice to put it into LIVELIST in livefs.sh ? or should i better do an arch specific seed entry in netbook to get oem-config into the preinstalled images ?10:05
cjwatsonogra: seeds are better than editing livefs.sh10:06
ograwell, i have to edit it anyway for a special case to replace casper with jasper10:07
cjwatsonpretty much all the stuff that's hardcoded there is either historical or some kind of weird special case10:07
cjwatsonlivefs.sh really shouldn't be listing casper explicitly anyway10:07
cjwatsonyou could fix that at the same time10:07
cjwatsonthere's no reason for those packages to be listed explicitly outside the task10:07
ograso it needs to go into the respective live seeds ?10:08
ograhmm, do we have subarch support there ?10:08
ograi thought its only supporting the main arches10:08
* ogra wants that change to be omap specific, i want to be able to build normal images for the other arches (imx51/dove) in case they will return10:09
cjwatsonno subarches in seeds, if you want a change to be omap-specific then yes you would probably need to do that in livecd.sh10:22
cjwatson(this is a fundamental restriction on seeds that are processed into tasks - the archive only has one set of Packages files per architecture and so the Task fields can't be subarchitecture-specific)10:22
evinteresting: http://efele.net/maps/tz/world/11:13
ogracjwatson, does that look sane to you ? http://paste.ubuntu.com/450112/ (i'll add oem-config/-gtk to the live seed for armel)14:48
cjwatsonogra: seems ok15:03
ogragreat, i'll upload then15:04
komputesev: rgreening_ : usb-creator Bug Day announced: 17 July - https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuBugDay/20100617 :)18:08
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