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* smb pries open his eyes08:13
smbcking, g'morning08:18
ckinggood morning!!!08:18
smbWoah! Not so enthusiasticly :-P08:19
ckingoh, ok, how about:  yawn, morning... *sigh*08:19
smbAh much better :=08:20
cooloneygood morning smb and cking 08:20
ikepanhcgood morning08:20
smbcooloney, morning o king of SMS08:20
cooloneysmb: i guess no SMS here. hehe08:20
ikepanhcsmb: I read your email, what you mean is we plan to removing control*?08:21
ikepanhcsmb: I look into the hardy tree, looks like netbook branch is using the same control/control.stub with master branch08:22
* cking starts trawling through a load of BIOS bugs08:22
smbikepanhc, Can you give me more context of what I said? I am not sure what exactly I wrote when. I don't think I will remove any of the control files on the master branch.08:23
smbikepanhc, Maybe you mean my stuff about removing kernel-versions08:24
smbin your branch08:24
smbas you removed the other two files08:24
ikepanhcsmb: if master branch not to remove them, I vote for not to remove them in netbook branch...08:24
ikepanhcsmb: sorry for making you confusing because of changing mild08:25
smbikepanhc, No worries. Its done later, so why not think about it. I am just a bit conservative there. As Hardy is out that long08:26
smbikepanhc, Still you would be free to do your own thing there.08:26
smbWhatever seems better to you08:26
smbActually the lpia branch is already different in that it checks no abi files08:26
ikepanhcsmb: let me 'fdr clean' again to make sure what will happen on those three files08:28
smbikepanhc, I guess all three will be re-created. The main reason for keeping them was to avoid a failure when you run something else. And clean is not the most obvious way to create something.08:29
ikepanhcsmb: for Jaunty and later release, we need to 'fdr clean' before doing anything else, do we expect the same on hardy release?08:32
ikepanhcanything means 'debuild -S' and 'fdr binary'08:32
cooloneyikepanhc: debuild -S is a command to build source package08:33
smbikepanhc, I would not, but more because a lot of things changed after Hardy. So I am prepared to difference there08:33
ikepanhccooloney: I know08:33
cooloneyikepanhc: fdr bianry is for building binary package.08:33
smbikepanhc, We need to rename cooloney to man-bot. :)08:34
smbikepanhc, For me its just one more difference of things in Hardy compared to the later releases that I don't want to make it different as that might surprise other people. (same with Dapper)08:36
cooloneysmb and ikepanhc, hehe, man-bot is more popular than bugbot08:36
ikepanhcsmb: agree, so I prepare the tree again, not to remove control and control.stub this time08:37
smbcooloney, Maybe as popular as the talking office clip... >:-P08:37
ikepanhcsmb: just "as it was"08:37
jk-"it looks like you're trying to package a kernel ..."08:38
smbjk-, :)08:39
ikepanhcbtw, the kernel-version is re-created by kernel-wedge?08:39
smbikepanhc, Ok. I was saying you could keep it as you like. But there actually might be a sort of dependency when using the rebase script later. And for kernel-version, yes08:40
* apw thinks we should rip them out of hardy master too ...08:48
apwrend, tear, shread08:48
smbapw, Its a needless change to a working environment08:48
smbYou just should not expect that an old release behaves the same as a new one08:49
* apw puts his mining hat on ... "i'll get them captain"08:49
apwsmb, by that measure debian commonisation back to jaunty makes no sense, but i really have no firm oppinion08:49
smbI am not really sure about Jaunty either. But at least Jaunty is more similar to Karmic and Lucid that to Hardy08:50
smbIn Hardy we have custom binary build blocks which are nowhere else08:51
apwsmb, if we wait long enough jaunty will fix itself :)  and no i wouldn't suggest any major changes to hardy anyhow08:51
apwthough i am not sure that removing those built files would be such a big change, it has stopped a lot of error in later releases08:52
smbapw, If we wait long enough even Hardy fixes itself... All just a matter of time. :)08:52
apwheh indeed08:52
ikepanhcfixed itself.... I like it08:53
ikepanhcbtw, I heard hardy netbook branch will fix itself at March 201108:53
smbWell yes, you cannot create a source package without them rather than with the wrong files08:53
smbikepanhc, Then you would be more lucky than me08:54
ikepanhcsmb: ah, yeah, the EOL for you is to 201308:55
apwsmb when does hardy desktop support finish ?08:55
apwis that the same time as dapper comes off completely ?08:55
amitkweber finance loan company <weberfinanceloan@gmail.com> has been08:55
amitksuccessfully subscribed to kernel-team.08:55
amitkapw: ^^ what are the chances we've got a spammer08:56
smbapw, I am just thinking that there might be people out there that use the Hardy git repo as a base and might get surprised. Sure it would "just" be a educational process. But then, I usually update the files on abi bum. Or find out on my test builds...08:56
smbapw, Dapper-server goes off in Apris 201108:56
apwsmb we like supprising people on my side of "conservatism valley"08:56
smbapw, We know we live on opposite ends of that. :)08:57
apwsmb, so i assume as hardy is 2 years behind, and desktop is 2 years less than server, that it goes at the saem time ?08:57
apwsmb, na i live in the middle, tim lives on the other side :)08:57
smbapw, I usually check the times on the wiki. And usually I am surprised every time I do08:58
apwsmb, got a link to the support wiki ?08:58
smbhttp://wiki.ubuntu.com :)08:59
apwi can never find the support info ... i hate the wiki08:59
smbHardy: Destop till Apr-2011 and Server till Apt-201308:59
apwsmb, so we do drop off desktop as we drop dapper, sweet08:59
apwsmb, s09:00
smbOr even https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Releases. Right09:00
apwsmb, shouldn't dapper be on that list ?09:00
apwand i note dapper says june09:00
smbapw, Remember what I said about being surprised09:01
apwwell as it was a .06 that makes sense, though i had heard apr recently for it09:01
smbThere is a last column on the Release page09:01
smbOh, yeah09:02
apwgitk origin/ti-map4 ti-omap4 ^v2.6.3209:34
apwgit reset --hard origin/ti-omap409:34
Sleep_Walkerhi amitk, do I understand correctly that there is currently no driver for SD and framebuffer for i.MX51 based machines?09:37
cooloneyapw: are you reviewing the ti-omap4 branch?09:40
apwcooloney, not that i know of, should i be ?09:41
Sleep_Walker(in upstream)09:42
apwcooloney, oh i see, no i was helping out lag09:43
cooloneyapw: got it, hehe09:47
jk-Sleep_Walker: that's correct09:48
Sleep_Walkerjk-: ah, ok, well, I'm sick this week and I'd like to help a bit - any suggestions what is needed and what doesn't anyone work on?09:51
jk-Sleep_Walker: I think it's just a matter of having the time to work on it09:51
Sleep_Walkerjk-: I see, I'll try to have a look on SD then09:55
jk-Sleep_Walker: yeah, that'd be my preference09:55
jk-but you may want to catch amitk first to make sure.09:55
Sleep_Walkerjk-: ok, I first read some doc10:11
jk-excellent plan :)10:13
cooloneyapw: if i change a module driver to compile it into kernel, need i remove the module name from the abi module list file?10:21
cooloneyapw: is that the right way to avoid the module check failure?10:22
apwyou need to do something to stop the error yes10:22
apwyou can either remove it from the modules list or you can add it to modules.ignore10:22
cooloneyapw: but removing is removing from the previous ABI module list file, right?10:24
cooloneyapw: so after we bump abi, the new module list file of the new abi won't contain the module name which i removed, i think10:25
cooloneyapw: ok, i understand. thanks10:25
amitkSleep_Walker: correct, nothing in mainline. But I'll take patches :)10:36
trapmaxduring system update & restart, noticed this: http://pastebin.com/cF1TVjx110:50
Sleep_Walkeramitk: there are imxmmc.c and mxcmmc.c for other i.MX processors, can it be good start or it is mostly incompatibile?11:35
apwtrapmax, that looks liek its telling you that you have queueing state for a device which is configured not to do queuing, odd11:36
trapmaxapw: ok. what actions would you suggest?11:39
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amitkSleep_Walker: Freescale have created a new file drivers/mmc/host/mx_sdhci.[ch]. You'll have to look at how much of that you can merge into the existing drivers11:57
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Sleep_Walkeramitk: yeah, already reading these, but it looks like one file to all MXC MMCs12:39
Sleep_Walkeramitk: that's the reason I ask12:39
Sleep_WalkerI understand that it looks weird with all that "quirks", but it reduce reduntant code a lot12:39
Sleep_WalkerI'll read more12:40
amitkSleep_Walker: Do you mean that drivers/mmc/host/mx_sdhci.* essentially replaces mxcmmc.c ?13:09
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* amitk waves to BenC 14:32
* BenC waves back14:33
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manjocking, so every thing looks like a go for monday, there still is no installer though15:13
shadeslayerhey is it possible that a new kernel can disable support for middle click of external mouse?15:41
shadeslayerscrolling with the wheel works fine... its just that when i press the wheel,it doesnt register a middle click15:41
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tgardnerlag, mpoirier: I wanna bounce emerald to pick up the latest LTS kernel as soon as your builds are finished.16:31
mpoiriertgardner: I'm out16:32
lag~30mins :-S16:33
lagtgardner: Okay, do it!16:35
tgardnerlag, bouncing16:36
* JFo grabs some lunch before the meeting16:41
bjf## Kernel team meeting in 1 hour 15 minutes16:43
ckingmanjo, you ok with the arrangements for testing?16:49
manjocking, yep I think so16:49
tseliotmjg59: did you discuss with AMD the need to call the ATIF method in the radeon driver?17:05
mpoiriertgardner: are you done with emerald ?17:06
mjg59tseliot: Yes, we're still working with them on that17:06
tseliotmjg59: is there some code branch where the work is being done?17:07
tgardnermpoirier, pounding the shit out of it right now.17:07
mjg59tseliot: No17:07
mjg59We don't have permission to release any code yet17:08
mjg59From AMD, that is17:08
tseliotmjg59: ok, who is working on it at AMD?17:08
tseliotfeel free to answer in private if you can't make it public17:10
tseliotmjg59: ok, thanks, I'll talk to him then17:12
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bjf## Kernel team meeting in 25 minutes17:35
apwKeybuk, hey you about?  you said you had the union-mount tool changes somewhere.  I am looking to get those so I can test this mess :)17:36
Keybukapw: yes, I'll get them out tomorrow morning17:36
Keybukthey were in pbuilder when my desktop decided it didn't like life anymore yesterday17:36
apwKeybuk, cool ... did you get to test the init args stuff or the ureadahead thingy ?17:37
Keybukdid you build the init args stuff?17:37
Keybuklast I looked there was no built kernel for that17:37
apwyeah ...17:37
apwhrm ... let me double check17:37
Keybukah you didn't tell me :p17:37
Keybukcool, looks like all three are built17:38
Keybukwill test tomorrow17:38
apwoh both are built, they are in my red and green PPAs17:38
apwi suspect the init args one is a slam dunk17:38
apwKeybuk, so many things to track, gah17:39
Keybukaye s'ok17:39
manjoKeybuk, I cced you on a mail regarding a blue print on firewire stack I fwded to ubuntu-devel 17:40
Keybukmanjo: I don't have that mail17:40
manjoKeybuk, just did 2mts ago :) 17:40
Keybukoh, right17:41
manjoKeybuk, all we need is blacklist the old stack and whitelist the new stack modules 17:41
Keybukmanjo: is up to the kernel folks, not me17:41
manjoKeybuk, the email has details 17:41
tgardnermanjo, dpkg -S /etc/modprobe.d/blacklist-firewire.conf18:40
manjotgardner, thanks got it 18:41
smbkamal, mail sent. Don't hesitate to ask. I might have been a bit terse18:52
kamalsmb: got it -- all very clear, no problem.18:54
smbkamal, Ok, cool. Oh one addition: Please cc kernel-team list too when sending. So I know what goes out. :)18:55
kamalsmb: will do18:56
kamalmjg59: ping19:01
mjg59kamal: Hi19:01
kamalmjg59: Hi - In the ubuntu-kernel team meeting we discussed proposing your patch "ACPI: Unconditionally set SCI_EN" to stable-commits.  Your thoughts on that?  (objection?  would you like to submit it, or would you like me to?)19:01
mjg59I've no problem with you doing so19:01
kamalgreat, I'll do that then.19:02
kamaland while I've got you...19:02
kamalwhat about that i915-brightness stuff?  seems to have had no further comments on the mailing list -- what next?19:03
* manjo luches19:04
* manjo getting lunch will be back soon19:04
mjg59kamal: Yeah, I'll get back to that next week with luck19:05
kamalmjg59: that's just fine -- thanks very much :-)19:05
* cking calls it a day19:17
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manjoapw, when I push to bzr I do, cd modules-init-tools, bzr push lp:~manjo/modules-init-tools ? 19:51
* ogasawara lunch20:06
jjohansen-> Lunch20:11
jcastroogasawara: if you've got a few minutes to waste this afternoon I have some questions!21:21
ogasawarajcastro: go ahead and post em, I'm in the middle of cleaning up a patch but I'll get to them in a bit21:25
jcastroogasawara: ok21:25
jcastroogasawara: ok so during UDS I asked about enabling fscache now that upstream has removed the experimental tag. The module looks enabled and working and all that good stuff in maverick, but # CONFIG_NFS_FSCACHE is not set21:26
jcastroshould I file a bug to ask for someone to enable the modules for the filesystem support?21:26
jcastro(The module and userspace thing don't seem to work without it otherwise)21:26
jcastroalso, there's a corresponding config for AFS and 9p, but I don't think people use the latter. No idea who uses AFS these days21:27
apwmanjo, superm1 suggests you also ask for testing from ubuntu-mythtv@l.u.c21:33
manjoJFo, ^ CFT that list ? 21:33
manjoapw, yes I saw the mail from him 21:33
apwmanjo, ok was in irc so didn't know if you'd see it ... cool21:35
manjoapw, he is the only one who responded to my RFC :)21:36
manjoapw, currently upgrading my system to maveric to test package 21:37
tgardnerjcastro, looks like we can enable it. I'll update bug #44052221:40
ubot2Launchpad bug 440522 in linux (Ubuntu) "Kernel modules not compiled (Stats, NFS, AFS, etc) (affects: 9) (dups: 1) (heat: 53)" [Wishlist,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/44052221:40
jcastrotgardner: apparently CONFIG_FSCACHE_STATS=y and CONFIG_FSCACHE_HISTOGRAM=y help with debugging, maybe a good idea to have on during alpha/beta?21:40
tgardnerjcastro, it depends if it has a runtime impact. I'm still looking at those21:41
jcastrooh ok.21:41
ogasawarajcastro: yep, typically I'd say file a bug with the request to enable the config option, but in this case I'd say we just use 44052221:50
ogasawarajcastro: I'll milestone the bug for Alpha2 so it stays on the radar21:50
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DelemasHello, can anyone point me to an example kmod block source package? I want to make a kmod-3w-sas or something similar for Lucid.22:23
manjoamitk, go to sleep dude 22:37
amitkmanjo: it's only half past midnight :-p22:38
manjoamitk, my friend will think you are a workoholic 22:38
manjoamitk, I am trying to drag him to the golf course ... and he is using you as an excuse 22:39
amitknaah, wife is away ;)22:39
manjoamitk, tell dinh he needs some exercise 22:40
amitkhe is exercising his brain22:40
amitkgive him a few minutes22:40
manjo:) was just joking 22:40
amitkI know :)22:41
lifelessquestion - 22:45
lifelessI have lucid running on an i7 laptop (arrandale, 640m), with a belkin N+N wifi access point22:46
lifelessis that known brain-damaged? I'm having to unload and reload iwlagn every hour or so, to stay connected.22:46
jpdslifeless: Does dmesg show anything like bug #352228?22:48
ubot2Launchpad bug 352228 in linux (openSUSE) (and 2 other projects) "Intel Wireless 5300 AGN: iwlagn: No space for Tx (affects: 55) (heat: 301)" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/35222822:48
lifelessdmesg | grep iwlagn | tail -n 50 | pastebinit ^22:49
amitkmanjo: he's not going with you22:49
manjoamitk, yeah he is making excuses22:49
lifelessjpds: (in short, no)22:50
manjoamitk, complaining that he has a bad neck 22:50
manjoamitk, I think he wants to watch the NBA finals instead22:50
amitksounds like a good excuse22:52
jpdslifeless: Bug #200509 then. That error message looks familiar.22:53
ubot2Launchpad bug 200509 in debian (and 3 other projects) "iwl4965: Microcode SW error detected. Restarting 0x2000000 (affects: 33) (dups: 5) (heat: 235)" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/20050922:53
lifelessthe [ 7003.963431] iwlagn 0000:02:00.0: Microcode SW error detected.  Restarting 0x2000000.22:54
lifeless line ?22:54
lifelesssounds plausible, the restart is failing I guess22:54
lifelessits a generic code22:56
lifelessanytime the microcode asserts22:56
lifelessso its got no diagnostic utility at all :(22:56
lifelesscomment https://bugs.edge.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux-backports-modules-2.6.24/+bug/200509/comments/111 matches my experience22:57
ubot2Launchpad bug 200509 in debian (and 3 other projects) "iwl4965: Microcode SW error detected. Restarting 0x2000000 (affects: 34) (dups: 5) (heat: 229)" [Undecided,New]22:57
* manjo siging out 23:13
anotengI've git-bisected a kernel bug, should I subribe/asign the bug to the committer of the first bad revision, or just leave it to triaged and hope someone sees it?23:14
anotengsubribe = subscribe23:15
keeshm, how do I fix this?  ->23:15
keesYour branch and 'maverick/master' have diverged,23:15
keesand have 9661 and 293 different commit(s) each, respectively.23:15
ogasawarakees: we rebased to -rc3 recently, so I'm guessing you might need to rebase your branch to the latest master?23:18
ogasawaraanoteng: what's the bug#?23:18
keesogasawara: I tried, but it didn't seem to help.23:18
anotengogasawara: #556232 23:20
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keesogasawara: everything seems correct, but it keeps yelling at me every time I change branches back to my maverick branch.23:22
keesI even did a reset --hard to somewhere far in the past.23:22
keesogasawara: hm, it needed: git remote update maverick23:26
keesno idea why23:26
ogasawarakees: hrm, I've never used that before23:26
keesme either.  found the clue here: http://stackoverflow.com/questions/2298556/branches-have-apparently-diverged-but-commit-history-is-identical23:27
ogasawaraanoteng: unfortunately the commit you narrowed it down to was the commit which backports the 2.6.33 drm stack which was supposed to bring more stability and bug fixes, ie it's not going to be reverted23:32
ogasawaraanoteng: but you mentioned that a 2.6.34 kernel works fine23:32
ogasawaraanoteng: don't suppose you might be able to do the bisect in the opposite direction and isolate the patch which fixes the issue?23:33
ogasawaraanoteng: as that I think would have a better chance of being applied as a fix in an SRU23:34

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