humphreybc-minivish: ping?06:34
vishhumphreybc-mini: hey06:35
humphreybc-minigot a minute?06:35
vishhumphreybc-mini: yup06:36
humphreybc-miniI got your email06:36
humphreybc-minithat's what the final design will look like, more or less. I need to tweak some of the shadows and mock up a couple more pages, but that's pretty much it06:37
vishhumphreybc-mini: but isnt about us and contrib the same?06:37
humphreybc-miniI like the download icon, the second, skinnier one. The contributors one is excellent. For the getting involved one, I do like the idea of a puzzle piece06:37
humphreybc-mininope, they're different - i need to change the wording though06:38
humphreybc-miniabout us is about the team06:38
humphreybc-minicontributors is just the credits06:38
vishah ok06:38
humphreybc-miniDo you think it would be better to make the credits page a link at the bottom, and replace the main link in the nav bar with quickshot?06:38
humphreybc-miniI want to limit the main links up top to four06:38
vishhumphreybc-mini: also, the about us is usually the last link in a page/row06:39
vishwe can move the about us to the bottom and leave the contrib on the top06:39
humphreybc-minido you think contributors deserves a main link up the top?06:40
humphreybc-mini(considering the other links down the bottom)06:40
humphreybc-miniNo I want the about us up the top06:41
humphreybc-miniotherwise no one knows about the team06:41
vishhmm , not sure. depends on what we want. if the goal is to display the contribs more prominently , then yes.. if not, meh06:41
humphreybc-miniit's an important page06:41
humphreybc-mini(about us)06:41
humphreybc-miniI think the ordering and naming is okay06:42
humphreybc-minithe distinction between about us and contributors is fairly clear06:42
humphreybc-miniwith "what we do" opposed to "who we are"06:42
vishhumphreybc-mini: why not have the contribs in the about us page?06:43
humphreybc-miniit'd make it too long06:43
* vish checks all the images ,to "get" the final design06:43
humphreybc-miniand there would be two videos, then06:43
vishhumphreybc-mini: make the contributors name a scroll06:44
vishif someone clicks , it can be displayed in full , else it will be  ascrolling list06:45
vish*a scrolling06:45
humphreybc-miniI think the about us page will be too full then06:47
humphreybc-miniso icons06:47
vishhumphreybc-mini: where is the about us page?06:47
vishi cant find it in flickr06:47
vishhumphreybc-mini: why not name the about us to "goals" or something similar.. basically the "about us" being the 2nd item is a bit weird06:50
vishanyway.. ;)06:50
vishhumphreybc-mini: the "how you can help" is more of a "get involved" subtopic06:51
godbykcontributors could be a subpage of 'about us', too.06:54
humphreybc-miniit's just a pointer to get involved06:54
humphreybc-miniicons :P06:54
humphreybc-miniit could be, but it's not going to be :)06:54
vishgodbyk: we try  .. ;)06:55
godbykJust a thought. :)06:55
humphreybc-minisoooo icons06:55
humphreybc-miniif you have a look around the site, I've used several more icons in places to break up text06:56
humphreybc-miniwell, images06:56
vishhumphreybc-mini: yeah , the icons , "about us" ca be an "i" instead of a "?"06:56
vish"i" = info06:56
humphreybc-minivish: that's the only icon i'm stuck on06:56
vish'?' = help06:56
vishhumphreybc-mini: oh , you prefer it that way  /only/ ?06:57
humphreybc-minino no06:57
humphreybc-miniI mean I like the icon ideas for the other three in the nav page06:57
humphreybc-mininav header06:57
humphreybc-minijust cant come up with something for the about us06:59
vishon it06:59
humphreybc-minialso there's the person on the get involved page07:01
humphreybc-miniI'd rather he have a more "thinking" look about it07:01
humphreybc-miniwith his arms crossed and his finger on his chin or something07:01
vishgodbyk: lets tag thorwil  ;)07:02
humphreybc-miniand also, vish, if you see here I just used the icons from the header as watermark type things for the right side http://www.flickr.com/photos/humphreybc/4695964476/in/set-72157624139515783/07:02
thorwilhuh? tag with what?07:02
vishhumphreybc-mini:  yeah , thats no bigge07:03
humphreybc-minivish: I'm not sure whether we can come up with a better series of images for a watermark that better works with the "philosophy"07:04
vishthorwil: we were trying the convince humphreybc-mini the "about us" and "contributors" can be merged into one ;)  your turn07:04
humphreybc-mininot gonna happen :)O07:04
vishthorwil: YOU FAILED before you even tried ;p07:05
thorwilvish: no, i SUCCEEDED in not even trying what can only fail :)07:06
thorwilseriously, "About us" and "Contributors" would be candidates for merging, indeed. but the sub-titles "What we do" and "Who we are" do give sense to separation07:08
humphreybc-minido you want me to email you the list of icons that I need vish?07:08
shriniis not working07:09
humphreybc-miniworks for me07:09
shrininow it is woking07:13
humphreybc-minigotta go cook some dinner07:18
shriniteam: need help07:20
shriniis there any link07:20
shrinithat explains how to make the ubuntu-manual ourself?07:22
godbykshrini: http://ubuntu-manual.org/getinvolved/editors may help.07:24
shrinigodbyk: thats great07:27
shriniwhy we use  TeX Live 2009?07:27
shriniany new features over 2007?07:27
godbykshrini: yeah, the 2007 packages don't support the translation stuff we're doing.07:28
godbykshrini: Though ubuntujenkins has 2009 packages in a PPA now.07:29
shrinii think i too used PPA07:29
shrinii did not installed manually07:29
shrinibut forget how i did07:29
godbykI'm afraid I don't have any instructions for his PPA.  I've seen links float past, but I don't have those logs handy.07:31
shrinino worries07:32
shrinishould request ubuntujenkins to document it somewhere07:33
godbykI think he has---I just don't know where.07:36
nisshhwhats this about the manual ppa?07:38
godbykthis is about the ppa ubuntujenkins created for newer texlive packages.07:40
nisshhyea, im using it too07:41
godbykDo you happen to have the instructions ubuntujenkins gave you for setting it up?07:41
godbykI think shrini wants to use it, too.07:41
nisshhthere was no setup required07:43
godbykWell, you had to run add-apt-repository and then install the packages, right?07:44
nisshhall i did was add the ppa, update my sources and install a specific package07:44
nisshhhang on ill find the package07:44
godbykYeah.. can you give those instructions to shrini?07:44
nisshhno probs gimme a minute shrini07:44
nisshhshrini: you there, i can help you install tex, from ubuntujenkins ppa if you like07:45
nisshhshrini: ping07:50
shrininisshh: pong07:51
nisshhshrini: do you need help adding ubuntujenkins ppa?07:52
nisshhand installing the right package07:52
shrinimy friend is working in bringing a book07:53
shriniEucalyptus Beginner’s Guide – UEC Edition07:53
shrinithe book is here07:53
shriniwant to bring it as pdf07:53
nisshhwhat do you mean bring it?07:54
shrinihe asked me how we used latex to bring our manual07:54
shrinihe wrote the book online i wordpress07:54
shriniwants to use latex for pdf version07:54
nisshhso he wants to re-write the book using latex to output a pdf, am i right?07:55
shrininisshh: you are right07:55
nisshhok, and your friend is using the ppa to install tex?07:56
shrinii like to show him on07:56
shrinihow to install the 2009 version07:57
shriniand how to compile the manual to pdf07:57
shrinihe know latex07:57
shrinihe may tweek our code to fit for his needs07:57
nisshhright i see07:57
nisshhso he uses ubuntu?07:57
nisshhor a debian derivative?07:57
nisshhright ok07:57
nisshhwell, there are no instructions for the ppa as far as i know, but its dead simple to use anyway07:58
nisshhshrini: what does your friend need help with, exactly?07:59
nisshhjust the ppa?07:59
shriniPPA info will be fine08:00
shrinias it is easy to install08:00
shriniwe need have the PPA and install instructions somewhere online08:00
shrinito give link08:01
shrinito others08:01
nisshhwe do? i didnt know we had instructions08:01
nisshhubuntujenkins told me which package to install08:02
nisshhanyway: https://launchpad.net/~ubuntu-manual/+archive/ubuntu-manual08:02
nisshhthats the ppa08:02
nisshhshrini: oh, sorry, i misunderstood, yea we do need instructions08:02
shriniif we have a guide on how to use the ppa and install08:03
nisshhthe package you want to install from that ppa is: ubuntu-manual-tex08:03
shriniwe can share the link to beginners08:03
nisshhshrini: we should put it on the website08:03
shrinithats what I requested08:04
nisshhyea, how did you request it? did you ask someone?08:04
shrinii am asking here only08:05
nisshhtell you what, ill chuck a blog post on my blog right now with the instructions, you can share that until we get something on the website08:05
nisshhhows that sound?08:06
shrinisounds good08:07
shrinithanks a lot08:07
nisshhno problem, just give me a few minutes to sort it out08:07
nisshhshrini: is it ok, if i use cli commands in the instructions, it will take me all day to try and explain how to use software sources08:08
shrinijust give instructions08:09
shrinias per your wish08:09
nisshhok sure thing08:09
shrinithanks a lot08:10
nisshhshrini: done: https://freakaboutlinux.wordpress.com/2010/06/15/tip-using-the-ubuntu-manual-projects-ppa/08:28
godbykThe latest builds are up at http://builds.ubuntu-manual.org/.08:28
godbykAnd now I'm gonna head to bed.  G'night!08:29
nisshhgodbyk: gnight08:29
shrininisshh: wow08:30
nisshhshrini: no problem, thats what linux users do for each other :)08:30
shrinithanks a lot08:32
nisshhnp, share that link as much as you want08:32
shrinisend him the details08:33
nisshhubuntujenkins: do we have instructions up somewhere, that tell people how to use the texlive ppa?10:39
ubuntujenkins?mppa | nisshh10:40
quickshotdevsnisshh: The manual team has a latex PPA  you can add it by running these commands in a terminal(Applications → Accessories → Terminal):  sudo add-apt-repository ppa:ubuntu-manual/ubuntu-manual then    sudo apt-get update    sudo apt-get install ubuntu-manual-tex10:40
ubuntujenkinsthey are not on the website yet10:40
ubuntujenkinsits on the long list of things to do10:41
nisshhas a temporary thing that i did for shrini today: https://freakaboutlinux.wordpress.com/2010/06/15/tip-using-the-ubuntu-manual-projects-ppa/10:41
nisshhubuntujenkins: yea, i thought it might be10:41
ubuntujenkinsthanks nisshh am i ok just to copy what you wrote onto the website?10:42
nisshhgo for it10:42
ubuntujenkinscool I will try and sort that today10:42
nisshhubuntujenkins: also, i read your post on the ML thismorning, very cool idea11:27
ubuntujenkinsnisshh: glad you like it just got to make a start on it11:40
nisshhubuntujenkins: yea, im interested in working on it though :)11:46
ubuntujenkinsnisshh: that would be great there is a suggestion to extend help.ubuntu.com so you can view it in yelp and on other platforms11:47
ubuntujenkinsnisshh: https://lists.launchpad.net/ubuntu-manual/msg01966.html I can't decide the pros and cons between help.ubuntu.com and a program11:48
nisshhubuntujenkins: well, help.ubuntu.com is horribly outdated in some parts11:49
nisshhso thats a con11:49
ubuntujenkinsyea I am also unsure of where it would really fit in. We are updating as per bens idea but I have no clue how that is working11:51
ubuntujenkinsare we replacing help.ubuntu.com with bens idea or is that going some where else?11:52
ubuntujenkinsit would probably work in the grand scheme of bens idea it would look very shiny as a page or two on the site11:53
nisshhyea i agree11:53
nisshhi dont know much about bens idea either11:54
ubuntujenkinsAll i know is there are a lot of pictures and its going to be a lot of work11:54
nisshhno kidding :)11:55
ubuntujenkinspro is i like to write programs and think i would learn allot doing it :P11:56
ubuntujenkinsnot a great pro though11:56
ubuntujenkinshmm we need more pros11:59
* ubuntujenkins think luke think!12:01
humphreybc-miniwhat's up12:03
ubuntujenkinshey humphreybc-mini12:03
humphreybc-mininisshh: australia got whipped by germany12:03
humphreybc-mini4 - 012:03
humphreybc-minifeel the burn12:03
humphreybc-miniAre you going to watch the NZ vs Slovakia game?12:03
dutchiehumphreybc-mini has world cup fever all of a sudden12:04
nisshhhumphreybc-mini: hehe, i dont really care, i dont give a rats ass about most sports12:04
humphreybc-miniYeah I don't really care too much either, but it is nice to see NZ in the world cup12:04
humphreybc-miniI watched us win the qualifier at a party, everyone went nuts when we got in12:04
humphreybc-minimy flatmates have exams and shit tomorrow so I'm watching it alone :(12:05
* ubuntujenkins has finished his last exam12:05
nisshhill be here! :)12:05
ubuntujenkinsanyone know how to browse the internet in yelp?12:07
nisshhah, nope12:09
nisshhis that even possible?12:09
ubuntujenkinsapparently you can view webpages in it acording to https://lists.launchpad.net/ubuntu-manual/msg01966.html so i guess you can12:09
nisshhmeh, ok12:09
ubuntujenkinsI just want to see how pages look in yelp12:10
* nisshh is waiting for a torrent to finish so he can install and use mutt12:10
ubuntujenkinsthats in the repo12:10
nisshhubuntujenkins: i know12:11
ubuntujenkinsok just thought i would mention it12:11
nisshhbut my net is so slow and crappy that i cant install stuff and torrent at full speed at the same time :)12:11
* ubuntujenkins is off to lunch be back12:11
humphreybc-miniyelp sucks12:13
humphreybc-miniit can't do anything of any worth in a reasonable amount of time12:13
nisshhhumphreybc-mini: yep12:13
nisshhalthough apparently its got performance improvements in 10.1012:14
humphreybc-minii'd grow old and die before I learnt how to use my computer if I relied on yelp12:14
humphreybc-minionly 15 minutes till kick off12:15
humphreybc-miniyou got a tv nearby Ryan?12:15
nisshhum, if you count the living room nearby, yes12:15
nisshhin my case that would be 40 meters away12:16
nisshhwhat? just because i cant afford a 42" HDTV for my room :)12:16
humphreybc-miniI don't have one of them!12:17
humphreybc-miniI have two 24" monitors12:17
nisshhoh, ok thats alright then!12:17
nisshhhumphreybc-mini: your still doing better than me, i have one 19"12:18
nisshhhumphreybc-mini: have you seen the movie called The A Team?12:18
humphreybc-mininot yet no12:18
humphreybc-miniit looks terrible12:18
humphreybc-minihave you seen the original series?12:19
nisshhits pretty funny in the trailer12:19
nisshhi think i saw one of the originals12:19
nisshhages ago12:19
nisshhdont ever ask me to remember something12:19
nisshhi have a photographic memory12:19
humphreybc-minithat means you should be able to remember tonnes of shit12:20
nisshhim like a computer with only 8MB's of RAM but shotwell installed on it12:20
nisshhno, a photographic memory means i remember images or the position of things much better than data12:21
thorwilthere is only one true Mr. T / B.A. Baracus!12:21
nisshhi watched Star Wars: The Clone Wars animated movie from 2008 last night12:22
nisshhwas funny12:22
nisshhcoz they gave droids way too much inteligence12:22
nisshhthorwil: hehe12:23
humphreybc-minithorwil: you're damn right12:23
dutchiethis is the big game then12:24
humphreybc-minibattle of the gods, dutchie12:30
dutchiejust so you know, i'm supporting slovakia :P12:31
humphreybc-miniyou bitch!12:31
dutchienah, i'm neutral really12:31
humphreybc-mininew zealand man12:31
nisshhscrew NZ! :)12:32
* humphreybc-mini just remembered how boring football really is12:33
dutchiewell, when there's no quality...12:33
nisshhim supporting: The Republic of Im Shit At Soccer12:33
humphreybc-miniI bet the USA vs England match was interesting12:33
* dutchie points out that england had scored by this point12:33
* nisshh is watching The A Team12:34
humphreybc-miniif we beat slovakia, i think our country will explode in riots12:35
dutchiewhat's your sport of choice then humphreybc-mini?12:35
humphreybc-minisuper 14 or provincial12:36
humphreybc-minibut i don't really watch much sport12:36
humphreybc-minimotorsport can be interesting12:36
dutchiebut it can be very dull12:36
humphreybc-minimost sports can be either12:36
humphreybc-minidutchie: what's that omnipresent sound of flies?12:37
dutchiethe vuvuzela12:37
humphreybc-miniit's like a constant annoying humming12:37
humphreybc-minithe what12:37
dutchieit's part of the south african football tradition or something12:37
dutchiebasically a big plastic trumpte12:37
humphreybc-minia lot of empty seats in the stadium12:37
dutchieor trumpet12:38
humphreybc-miniit's fucking annoying12:38
dutchieno-one cares about NZ vs Slovakia12:38
dutchiei don't mind it12:38
* humphreybc-mini wonders if Mark is at the game12:38
humphreybc-minibeing south african and rich and all12:38
dutchiehe's probably far too busy12:38
humphreybc-minioh wait12:38
humphreybc-minihe's telling Ivanka off in person :)O12:38
humphreybc-miniMark summoned Ivanka to the Isle of Man12:39
dutchieooh, a corner12:39
humphreybc-minihear, that?12:39
humphreybc-minipositive start for new zealand12:39
dutchiethis is one thing where identica is actually better12:40
dutchieit does conversations12:41
humphreybc-minibut does everybody in the world with access to a computer use it?12:41
dutchieit's certainly technically a better platform12:41
dutchiethis is not a very good match12:42
humphreybc-miniit just has a gay name12:43
humphreybc-miniis it open source?12:43
humphreybc-minilooks like all other matches to me12:43
dutchiesee, we're spoilt by the premiership over here12:43
humphreybc-minithat's why identi.ca is failing then12:44
humphreybc-minithere's your problem12:44
humphreybc-minishouldn't you be working or something dutchie?12:44
humphreybc-miniafter all, you're in working hours12:44
dutchiei'm on exam leave12:44
* humphreybc-mini wonders if mpt is watching the game in Canonical HQ12:44
humphreybc-miniSlovakia are like, a million times better than us12:45
humphreybc-miniso we're doing pretty good12:46
dutchiestarted reasonably well12:46
dutchieslovakia are getting the pressure on more now12:46
dutchiethough their attacking is a bit rubbish12:46
humphreybc-miniour defence is comparable to the turkish defence at Gallipoli12:47
dutchiethat free kick was dreadful12:47
humphreybc-minihave you got the same commenter as me?12:48
dutchieprobably not12:48
humphreybc-minihe just talked about new zealand now becoming a football nation and then the woman's under 17 something12:49
dutchieno then12:49
humphreybc-minithat buzzing is ridiculously annoying12:49
dutchiei've filtered it out now12:50
humphreybc-miniRyan Nelson yeah!12:50
humphreybc-miniRory Fallon!12:50
nisshhomg! the helicopter scene in The A Team is rediculously bad-ass12:51
dutchies/the helicopter scenen in //12:51
humphreybc-miniridiculously fucking CG'ed12:52
nisshhits like the 300 movie, except more bad-ass :)12:52
dutchiearen't they making a 300 sequel?12:52
humphreybc-minidoesn't it have bradley cooper?12:53
nisshhi mean, is it even possible to do a barrel roll in a helicopter?12:53
nisshhhumphreybc-mini: no idea12:53
* ubuntujenkins plays some quake live12:54
nisshhwhat..., apparently alpha mikey foxtrot means adios mofo's???12:55
dutchieA M F12:55
nisshhah hehe12:55
dutchiealways worth knowing the phonetic alphabet :)12:55
humphreybc-minihas he taken his shirt off yet?12:56
humphreybc-miniI bet they call it 30112:56
dutchiethe BBC commentator just called the NZ midfield "Dad's Army"12:56
humphreybc-mininisshh: in some helicopters if you are high enough12:57
humphreybc-minithis movie sounds terrible12:57
humphreybc-mininew zealand sucks at faking injuries12:57
humphreybc-ministupid slovakian striker12:57
dutchiewhen NZ do that, you can celebrate12:58
nisshhhumphreybc-mini: you should be a soccer commentator12:59
dutchiethat could easily have gone in12:59
* humphreybc-mini knows the phonetic alphabet13:00
humphreybc-miniour defence is the bomb13:00
humphreybc-minipoint is, it didn't13:00
dutchieit will at some point13:01
humphreybc-ministop being so negative13:02
dutchieyou call that defence awesome?13:03
dutchieuh oh13:04
dutchiei have enraged humphreybc13:04
=== humphreybc changed the topic of #ubuntu-manual to: NEW ZEALAND vs SLOVAKIA
humphreybchow do I add a nick to the op list?13:06
humphreybcI want to add humphreybc-mini13:06
dutchie/msg ChanServ access #ubuntu-manual add humphreybc-mini13:07
dutchieprobably be better to do by hostname13:07
humphreybcand to print the list of people with OP access?13:07
dutchieaccess #ubuntu-manual list13:07
humphreybcthey have super slow mo cameras at the world cup13:07
humphreybcaren't they recording the games in 3D too?13:08
dutchiedon't know13:09
dutchiewho'd be a goalkeeper?13:09
humphreybcsomeone who doesn't like running much13:09
dutchienot been a good week for them13:09
humphreybcgoalkeepers in general?13:10
dutchieat the world cup13:10
dutchierobert green, the italian goal yesterday, the NZ one hasn't been too good today either13:11
humphreybcwhat a shit corner13:11
* dutchie waits for the rage13:12
dutchiegood effort13:12
humphreybcGOALIE ROCKS13:12
dutchiei wouldn't say that13:13
humphreybcwe need to get a mutha fudging goal13:13
dutchiehe's missed a couple of crosses he should have picked up13:13
humphreybcdo they do penalty shootouts and all that for 0 - 0 games?13:13
dutchienot in the group stage13:13
humphreybcI think a draw would be okay for NZ13:14
humphreybcanything other than a loss13:14
dutchiei still think slovakia will score13:14
dutchiesee, goalkeeper13:14
dutchiethat could have ended very badly13:15
humphreybcgoalkeeper = pure win13:15
dutchiehe was lucky13:15
humphreybcpure, unadulterated win13:15
humphreybchalf time ya'll13:16
humphreybchow long is half time?13:16
dutchie15 mins13:16
dutchiei'm taking the dog out13:16
* ubuntujenkins fires up glade13:25
ubuntujenkinsflan: ping13:30
dutchiedid not expect to turn on the TV to the sight of John Travolta singing13:30
quickshotdevsThe Quickshot code base tries to follow some conventions  a list of them is here https://wiki.ubuntu.com/ubuntu-manual/quickshot/style .13:34
humphreybcSA and NZ have a better relationship than SA and slovakia13:34
humphreybcthe ref is south african ;P13:34
dutchiedid you get that ridiculous slo-mo shot, humphreybc?13:35
humphreybcdon't you guys just work to PEP8>13:35
humphreybc FUCK13:36
dutchiethere it is13:36
humphreybcFUCKING COCKS13:36
=== dutchie changed the topic of #ubuntu-manual to: New Zealand 0 - 1 Slovakia
dutchieit certainly is possible for NZ to equalise13:37
=== humphreybc changed the topic of #ubuntu-manual to: NEW ZEALAND 0 - 1 SLOVAKASHIT
dutchiehow mature13:38
* dutchie wonders if humphreybc understands the offside rule13:39
humphreybcEven scientists don't understand offside13:39
dutchiethat's a "no" then13:39
dutchieit's simpler than LBW in cricket13:39
humphreybci kinda understand it13:40
humphreybcbut i need to watch the game now13:40
humphreybcmeanwhile, ponder our imminent death: http://twitter.com/d0od/status/1622109897413:40
humphreybcoh, i'm sorry, just Britain13:40
humphreybcSUPER SLOW MO13:44
dutchieSlovakia looking dangerous on the break13:44
humphreybcbut our goalie rocks13:44
dutchiethe commentators are complaining about their long days13:45
dutchiethis referee is certainly keen on keeping the flow of the game13:46
humphreybche also wants us to win13:46
dutchiei'd hope he was neutral13:47
ChrisWoollardYou do realise that there is a ##world-cup channal13:49
dutchiei hope you saved the old topic somewhere13:49
humphreybcI did13:49
humphreybcChrisWoollard: our channel is better13:49
ChrisWoollardI am not saying that it isn't13:50
dutchieoh dear13:55
dutchiethat should have been a goal13:55
dutchiegreat defending13:55
humphreybcNZ is doing fairly well13:56
humphreybcshit's heating up=13:59
dutchietake it out of the microwave then14:00
humphreybchey #nzl is trending!14:07
humphreybcI love the slow mo close ups of the player faces14:10
* nisshh just thought about that the wrong way :)14:11
nisshhhehe, "the CIA has rules, our rules are just cooler than yours."14:12
humphreybcwhy do they make a sub with 3 mins left?14:17
dutchietake up time14:17
dutchiehe'll get in trouble for taking his shirt off14:19
nisshhdutchie: is it just me or is humphreybc getting very passionate about this?14:20
dutchiei know14:20
=== humphreybc changed the topic of #ubuntu-manual to: NEW ZEALAND 1 - 1 SLOVAKIA
nisshhhumphreybc: did they truly honestly score or are you just being silly?14:23
humphreybcthey scored14:23
nisshhdutchie: did they score?14:23
nisshhok, humphreybc i believe you :)14:24
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* ubuntujenkins can't find the option he wants in glade it must be here somewhere14:27
humphreybcso dutchie, did you enjoy that game?14:34
dutchiewasn't great14:36
dutchiepicked up at the end14:36
nisshhi think humphreybc did :)14:37
flanubuntujenkins, pong.14:59
ubuntujenkinshey flan can you do a file that opens up a window pleas once i understand it i cna do the rest14:59
ubuntujenkinsif that made any sense14:59
flanIt... really didn't.15:00
ubuntujenkinsI am doing the gui and would like to avoid going the though the work flow to check every window can you do a python file that can call a window out of order15:01
* ubuntujenkins is rather tired from exams15:01
flanObviously. You're usually a lot more coherent. =P15:02
ubuntujenkinsyea i am never good at explaining stuff15:02
ubuntujenkinsdoes that now make sense?15:02
dutchieyou want a python script that opens an empty window?15:03
flanFor the most part, each popup can just have its own .glade file.15:03
flanYou'll give each one an __init__(self, ...) function, if not already provided, and use ... to transfer session variables.15:03
dutchieoh, ignore me15:03
flanWhen invoked as part of the workflow, the parent window will pass those values.15:04
flanWhen testing, you'll seed them in the if __name__ == '__main__' section.15:04
flanFollowing thus far?15:04
ubuntujenkinshmm no i think i should be more awake15:04
flanI'll still be here when you're more alert, then.15:05
flanI'm planning to start CSS work on the server tonight.15:05
flanMy tonight.15:05
ubuntujenkinsok cool I will try and have a nap and talk later thanks15:05
flanI hope you feel rested soon. Exams can be exhausting.15:06
ubuntujenkinsyea they are15:06
* dutchie goes to catch a bus15:06
hannieString 1099: Now click \menu{More Info\then Install} to install the application.16:25
hannieI think this should be: Now click \button{More Info\then Install} to  install the application.16:25
ubuntujenkinspleia2: am i ok to set up an user account on the learning team moddle. I would like to see what it is like18:32
pleia2ubuntujenkins: yeah go for it, you should be able to use your launchpad id as an openid account18:33
ubuntujenkinspleia2: cool thanks I will, just interested to see what it is like18:33
pleia2ubuntujenkins: if you need admin, just let me know18:33
ubuntujenkinsthanks pleia2 , don't think i will need admin :)18:33
ubuntujenkinspleia2: I thought this was the case but i use moddle nearly every day. my uni has it it is called "learn"18:38
pleia2ubuntujenkins: cool, I know of a few schools that use it (I support one install at a school in philadelphia), and canonical used (uses?) it for their online for-pay courses18:39
ubuntujenkinsdoes sort of do what i was thinking but not a shiney18:39
pleia2the interface is a bit difficult to use18:39
pleia2but there are lots of guides on workflow online, which helps if you can take the time to learn to use it18:40
ubuntujenkinsit works but, there is something about it that is not so good looking or exciting18:41
ubuntujenkinsand my lectures struggle to add files18:41
* pleia2 nods18:42
ubuntujenkinscan  i enrol my self in courses so i can look at the material?18:42
pleia2the inkscape and gimp course is a good example18:46
ubuntujenkinsi need to learn those18:46
ubuntujenkinswow the gimp one does look good18:47
ubuntujenkinsthese tutorials are really good18:56
c7phello all20:31
c7psomebody change the channels info (from "Congratulating New Zealand" to something more relevant to channel's purpose :P )20:33
dutchieguess whose fault that is20:33
dutchienot sure what it was before, humphreybc said he saved it somewhere20:33
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c7pgodbyk-sagan: ping20:58
c7pnight all21:44

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