bdrungsome kde folks here?00:38
ajmitchprobably in #kubuntu-devel, I think that's where we chase them to00:39
bdrungajmitch: thanks. that's probably the right place00:40
funkyHatajmitch: with sticks?00:54
ajmitchof doom00:59
JontheEchidnapointy sticks, at that01:01
* ScottK finds an insufficiency of longpointysticksofdoom lately.01:34
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micahgimbrandon: ping04:22
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dholbachgood morning07:58
gesergood morning08:06
ajmitchmorning dholbach, geser08:14
dholbachhola ajmitch08:15
Rhonda\o/ bug 52895708:52
ubottuLaunchpad bug 528957 in libsdl1.2 (Ubuntu Lucid) "mouse button clicks not detected in windowed mode" [Undecided,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/52895708:52
Rhondalibsdl1.2 | 1.2.14-4ubuntu1.1 | lucid-proposed | source08:53
ajmitchRhonda: yeah, it got uploaded awhile ago :)08:54
ajmitchjust took time to work its way through, sorry08:54
Rhondaajmitch: You are the last one to have to say sorry - you did all the work. :)08:54
NorthernLightsHello all08:54
ajmitchRhonda: I just stole what bdfreese did :)08:55
RhondaDon't we all love our bdfreese work slave. :)08:55
ajmitchpity he's not around in here to thank08:55
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NorthernLightsMay I bother someone to check a package on revu?10:31
NorthernLightsURL is http://revu.ubuntuwire.com/p/killrogues, it's a python program to disconnect rogue machines off a network10:33
NorthernLightsAlso i added comments on packages http://revu.ubuntuwire.com/p/gmail-notifier and http://revu.ubuntuwire.com/p/pycasa10:35
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dupondjeCan somebody sponsor https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/synce-kpm/+bug/589908 ?10:44
ubottuLaunchpad bug 589908 in synce-kpm (Ubuntu) "Fix FTBFS due to changed Python options" [Undecided,New]10:44
dupondjethe ftbfs is fixed in debian, we should just sync now :)10:44
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ajmitchdupondje: there's nothing to sponsor - autosyncs are still being run, so it'll get imported automatically11:05
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tumbleweedI need an SRU sponsor: Bug #46727811:06
ubottuLaunchpad bug 467278 in openoffice.org-dictionaries (Ubuntu) "[SRU 10.04] South African English Dictionary still missing lots of words" [Undecided,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/46727811:06
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dupondjeajmitch: err indeed, tought we had a ubuntu delta :) seems not11:20
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zuldid someone reject the ebsmount upload?13:59
james_wzul: yes, smoser got the mail explaining why14:03
zuljames_w: ah ok14:03
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shadeslayerdholbach: ping15:12
dholbachshadeslayer: pong15:13
shadeslayerdholbach: i heard that you live in berlin? ( ot topic,can i pm you? )15:13
dholbachsure, go ahead :)15:13
shadeslayerhi i have qtcreator building here : https://edge.launchpad.net/~rohangarg/+archive/kde-extra/+packages : for maverick16:27
shadeslayeri built it locally but it doesnt seem to pick up qt4-demos16:27
shadeslayer( after installation i.e. )16:27
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rippsI want to try and debug something that's been crashing my tabs. Is there a technique to capture errors that crash individual tabs instead of all of chromium?16:57
hyperairtry asking in #chromium. someone there should know.16:58
micahgripps: you can try asking fta in #ubuntu-mozillateam as well17:03
ftaripps, http://code.google.com/p/chromium/wiki/LinuxDebugging17:04
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EricBaHello, is there any motu who has some time to review my package? It's already reviewed by one motu. My programm is a wallpaper changer for gnome. - http://revu.ubuntuwire.com/p/cortina19:24
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shadeslayerok any MOTU around to mentor me?19:39
imbrandonmicahg: pong19:43
micahgimbrandon: hi, since you sponsored my vlc update for xul192 I was wondering if you'd like to comment on my uploaded application for the mozilla package set19:44
imbrandonmicahg: sure whats your wiki url ?19:44
micahgimbrandon: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/micahg/MozillaUploaderApp19:46
micahgimbrandon: thanks19:46
imbrandonmicahg: np, i'll do it this evening unless there is a presing need for it sooner19:55
micahgimbrandon: that's great, meeting isn't till next tuesday, thanks19:55
fabrice_spshadeslayer, what do you want?20:13
ubottuPlease don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)20:14
shadeslayerfabrice_sp: like i said,a mentor for my path to MOTU20:14
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fabrice_spshadeslayer, the mentoring program is being reimplemented20:15
fabrice_spdo you already have the pointer to the wiki page?20:15
shadeslayerfabrice_sp: no :(20:15
fabrice_splet me look20:16
shadeslayerfabrice_sp: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MOTU/Mentoring ?20:16
fabrice_spyes :-)20:16
fabrice_spyou are faster :-)20:16
fabrice_spa lot of people are asking for mentoring and few mentors are available, so you can also make your own path20:17
fabrice_spthere is no predefined one20:17
shadeslayerfabrice_sp: ah ok,well i did some contributing with http://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/qtcreator20:26
fabrice_spnew package?20:26
shadeslayerfabrice_sp: my lp page : launchpad.net/~rohangarg20:26
shadeslayerfabrice_sp: new upstream release20:26
shadeslayerfabrice_sp: qtcreator released their RC20:26
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shadeslayerok now im going to learn merging :P20:27
shadeslayerafter that i have to file a MIR against linphone which i keep putting off everyday :D20:28
shadeslayereagles0513875: hang around here :)20:28
eagles0513875i usually do :)20:28
fabrice_spif you are more interested in K packages, you could connect to kubuntu channels20:28
shadeslayerfabrice_sp: already in them :P20:28
eagles0513875fabrice_sp: this channel servers for all derivatives of ubuntu20:29
shadeslayerfabrice_sp: that package was sponsored by maco in #kubuntu-devel :P20:29
fabrice_spyou can have a look at my wiki page to see what I had done when I applied for Motuship20:29
shadeslayerfabrice_sp: awesome,where is it?20:29
* shadeslayer goes to look at some k ftbfs20:29
fabrice_spI stopped updating it after motuship :-D20:30
shadeslayerfabrice_sp: that tends to happen :P20:30
fabrice_spyeah :-)20:31
* fabrice_sp goes to sponsor some stuff waiting in the sponsorship queue20:32
* maco waves20:32
shadeslayermaco: hey :)20:33
fabrice_spHey maco! :-)20:33
* micahg has a bug waiting for motu ack :)20:33
fabrice_spmicahg, if it's in universe, I'm your sponsor :-D20:33
* shadeslayer notes that build queue is backed up for the next few days20:33
micahgfabrice_sp: bug #594779, thanks20:33
ubottuLaunchpad bug 594779 in pidgin-microblog (Ubuntu) "Sync pidgin-microblog 0.3.0-1 (universe) from Debian unstable (main)" [Wishlist,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/59477920:33
* fabrice_sp on it20:34
shadeslayerfabrice_sp: so much to do :)20:34
fabrice_spI like to take my time, so it has been a bit longer that expected20:34
shadeslayerand i dont even remember half the stuff i got sponsored :P20:34
shadeslayerfabrice_sp: ive even packaged upgrades for main :P20:35
fabrice_spyou should: you sponsors would ask you for that list to check your progress and make some ocmment swhen you'll apply20:35
micahgshadeslayer: +related-software on LP20:35
shadeslayermaco: ooohhh20:36
shadeslayerfabrice_sp: https://edge.launchpad.net/~rohangarg/+related-software20:36
fabrice_spI saw :-)20:37
macoshadeslayer: was that aimed at micahg20:37
fabrice_spbut sponsor name is not there ;-)20:37
fabrice_spI think os :-)20:37
shadeslayermaco: yeah :P20:37
micahgfabrice_sp: shadeslayer: if you click on the version, you can see the sponsor20:37
shadeslayermicahg: ooohhh :)20:37
* fabrice_sp is a lazy sponsor :-)20:37
ajmitchno lazier than the rest of us20:38
fabrice_spmicahg, you also changes an .install file20:38
fabrice_spwhat was is for?20:39
fabrice_spajmitch, :-)20:39
fabrice_spmicahg, sorry: I missed the changelog entry20:39
micahgfabrice_sp: np20:40
fabrice_spby the way, weren't you suppose to apply for motu?!20:41
* fabrice_sp is getting old and remember things that may not have happened20:41
micahgfabrice_sp: well, I'm applying for mozilla package set :)20:41
shadeslayerfabrice_sp: btw if a package builds after downgrading depends,can we upload it?20:41
fabrice_spoh, right20:41
* micahg is glad it's the right time to ask for upload rights :)20:42
micahgfabrice_sp: would you care to comment on my app?20:42
fabrice_spshadeslayer, I don't understand the question20:42
shadeslayerfabrice_sp: https://edge.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/kali20:42
fabrice_spmicahg, did I sponsor any of your mozilla work?20:42
micahgfabrice_sp: you sponsored uim which was tangetially related20:43
shadeslayerfabrice_sp: that package is waiting for a depends on https://edge.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/libforms1 version 1.0.93,can i downgrade the version in kali and get it to build?20:43
fabrice_spmicahg, because of a transition: I remember it20:43
fabrice_spshadeslayer, it's better to see why libforms1 is not with the right version20:44
fabrice_spand not downgrade dependencies20:44
micahgfabrice_sp: bug 47751320:44
ubottuLaunchpad bug 477513 in uim (Ubuntu Karmic) "FireFox crashes routinely karmic i386 with uim" [High,Fix committed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/47751320:44
shadeslayerfabrice_sp: hmm... so upgrade libforms1 ?20:44
shadeslayerdoesnt have a upstream link.... grumble grumble....20:44
fabrice_spshadeslayer, better check in Debian20:45
shadeslayeryeah on it :)20:45
shadeslayerfabrice_sp: should i set the upstream link in lp as well?20:46
fabrice_spmicahg, right: I remember this one, but not sure that one upload gives me authority to comment your application :-)20:46
micahgfabrice_sp: you can comment regardless, whether or not you can comment as a sponsor idk20:46
fabrice_spmicahg, I know :-) where is you application wiki page?20:47
fabrice_spshadeslayer, no idea if it's of any use20:47
micahgfabrice_sp: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/micahg/MozillaUploaderApp, thanks20:47
fabrice_spmicahg, any other packages (not mozilla related) I sponsored?20:48
shadeslayermicahg: might want to correct : I can't thing of anything I don't like at the moment about Ubuntu20:49
micahgfabrice_sp: I don't think so20:49
shadeslayers/thing/think ;)20:49
fabrice_spby the way, the uim fix is still in proposed, right?20:50
* micahg hopes not20:51
micahgyeah :(20:51
dupondjesomebody can check https://launchpad.net/bugs/590820 ? its open for some time now :)20:52
ubottuLaunchpad bug 590820 in debian-med (Ubuntu) "Please merge debian-med 1.6 (universe) from debian unstable" [Undecided,New]20:52
micahgfabrice_sp: probably because I didn't have a real test case20:52
shadeslayerfabrice_sp: more work for you :P20:52
fabrice_spmicahg, yeah: random crash are very hard to fix20:53
micahgfabrice_sp: the problem also is that people saw the title and commented (I'm crashing too) which made pitti worry20:53
* micahg will have to follow up with that later20:53
* dupondje is giving the sponsors some work again ^^20:55
dupondjehttp://launchpadlibrarian.net/40953530/pidgin-microblog_0.2.4-1_0.2.4-1ubuntu1.diff.gz => this could be dropped right in maverick ?21:03
dupondjewe don't need a transitional package anymore ?21:03
geserright, all upgrades from any previous Ubuntu release go through lucid which has this transitional package21:05
micahgdupondje: I just submitted that :)21:05
* dupondje slaps micahg with https://merges.ubuntu.com/universe.html :)21:07
* micahg refers dupondje to bug 59477921:07
ubottuLaunchpad bug 594779 in pidgin-microblog (Ubuntu) "Sync pidgin-microblog 0.3.0-1 (universe) from Debian unstable (main)" [Wishlist,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/59477921:07
dupondjeyou should add it to the list in the mom :)21:07
micahgdupondje: you should check the bugs list before starting on a merge :)21:08
* dupondje hides :)21:09
micahgdoesn't mom update itself every so often w/sync bugs?21:10
fabrice_spI don't think mom is so clever21:10
fabrice_sppidgin-microblog sync uploaded21:11
micahgfabrice_sp: do I need to do something as dupondje suggested21:11
fabrice_spupdate manually MoM t oreflect that your are on it?21:11
fabrice_spespecially if you are not the last uploader :-)21:11
micahgfabrice_sp: how does one do that?  I was the last changer (not uploader)21:12
dupondjeyou can add the comment in the mom21:12
dupondjeits a 'hidden' input field21:12
dupondjetry clicking on the right ;)21:12
micahgdupondje: thanks, didn't know, will keep in mind21:12
fabrice_spdupondje, if micahg is the last changer and is active, you should have asked him before working on the merge :-)21:13
dupondjejust didn't notice he did a sync :)21:13
shadeslayermaco: would we want something line usr/lib/libforms.la in our install files ? we already have usr/lib/libforms.a21:13
shadeslayerlike with .py and .pyc files.... we dont put in .pyc files... ive never seen .la files :p21:14
macoshadeslayer: um O_O21:14
geserand MoM doesn't clear old comments, so you might need to recheck if the comment is still true (e.g. like lower bug numbers than current ones)21:15
shadeslayerwell anyone else have a opinion on that?21:15
macoi dont know a whole lot about excess files from compilation21:15
shadeslayermaco: :)21:15
shadeslayerok what about usr/share/man/man1/fdesign.1 ?21:16
gesershadeslayer: .la compare more to .pc (pkg-config) files (.a is the variant of a .so used for static linking)21:16
dupondjeyea geser it should autoclear the old comments imo21:16
ari-tczewlool: could you upload a new upstream packed libsmbios into Debian experimental? if we will find testers with this hardware, they can download .debs from experimental21:17
dupondjethe MoM isn't perfect but ok :)21:17
* fabrice_sp agrees with dupontje21:17
shadeslayergeser: ah ok... so i should put it in with the rest of the .a files...21:17
ari-tczewwe need a modern merge system21:17
shadeslayeror with the .so files?21:17
micahgdupondje: well, blacklist comments shouldn't be cleared21:17
shadeslayerari-tczew: care to design one? :)21:17
geserdupondje: feel free to improve it (lp:merge-o-matic)21:17
ari-tczewshadeslayer: I'm not a stricte-code-developer, but I'm going to do a project21:18
gesershadeslayer: yes, unless a .pc file it shipped to which is prefered (.la files have some short-comings)21:18
* fabrice_sp will upload atlas, an armel killer :-)21:19
* micahg thought the new harvest was supposed to be better21:19
shadeslayergeser: nope... no pc file :(21:19
geserwasn't ghc6 the armel-killer?21:19
dupondjearmel queue is 6 days now :p21:19
fabrice_sp6 days?!21:19
gesershadeslayer: then ship the .la file in the -dev package21:19
* fabrice_sp will be far away when atlas will enter the queue :-)21:19
dupondje827 jobs (five days)21:19
dupondjefive days only ... :p21:20
shadeslayergeser: btw theres no install file for usr/share/man/man1/* files21:20
shadeslayerand i have 3 of them....21:20
geserdupondje: that's sparc21:20
geserarmel:  93 jobs (2 hours 50 minutes)21:20
shadeslayergeser: but theres a libforms-doc-doc-base file21:20
shadeslayerum... libforms-doc.doc-base21:20
dupondjeI need better eyes :)21:21
shadeslayerand... a  libforms-doc.install file21:21
shadeslayerdupondje: or just a pair of contacts21:21
dupondjesomebody want to sponsor ? ^^21:22
gesershadeslayer: unless those are the man pages for binaries, libforms-doc sounds right21:22
shadeslayergeser: hmm.. idk if they are from binaries....21:22
* shadeslayer checks21:22
shadeslayergeser: all 3 are binary man pages it seems21:23
geserthen they should be in the same package as the binaries they are for21:24
shadeslayergeser: ok so i just dump the paths there? like they are from libforms1-bin,so i just add usr/share/man/man5/xforms.521:25
shadeslayerwhich is the missing file...21:25
shadeslayerok cool :)21:25
shadeslayerloads of lintian warnings... correcting :)21:26
fabrice_sponly 2 hours before the armel build of atlas begins: I won't be as far as I thought!21:27
fabrice_spanyway, Debian lasted 40 hours, so we have time :-)21:27
shadeslayergeser: quick question,we have https://edge.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/libforms1 of libforms21:27
shadeslayerand i packaged 1.0.93sp1-5ubuntu1~ppa121:27
shadeslayer( the ppa1 will be removed later )21:28
shadeslayeri think my versioning is wrong... can you second that?21:28
micahgfabrice_sp: luckily, there are 9 armel buildds, so tying up 1 isn't as big a adeal21:28
fabrice_spand ghc6 took 1 day and 10 hours, so lets see if it's near that :-)21:29
fabrice_sptime to go to bed. g8 all21:30
shadeslayerfabrice_sp: bye :)21:30
gesershadeslayer: is this an version upgrade?21:30
shadeslayergeser: yes21:30
shadeslayera new upstream version 1.0.93sp1 was released21:30
micahgfabrice_sp: thanks for the upload21:30
gesershadeslayer: I see in the PTS that libforms1 got removed from testing and unstable as it got renamed to libform21:32
shadeslayergeser: PTS ?21:32
gesershadeslayer: and it's already at 1.0.93sp1-1, so you just need to monitor it that it gets synced (new packages aren't synced that often)21:32
shadeslayerah ok...21:33
gesershadeslayer: Package Tracking System (http://packages.qa.debian.org/common/index.html)21:33
shadeslayerdamn... wasted half an hour :P21:33
gesershadeslayer: I hope you learned something nonetheless with it21:33
shadeslayerhehe :)21:33
shadeslayergeser: yeah the .la files ;)21:34
shadeslayergeser: ok tell me one more thing21:34
shadeslayergeser: https://edge.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/kali has a dep on libforms1 ( the 1.0.93sp1 version )21:35
shadeslayerso i guess i have to correct that to libforms ?21:35
shadeslayeroh wait...21:35
shadeslayergeser: nvm :)21:36
* shadeslayer tests the new package for sync21:38
shadeslayeranyone who has sync priviliges?21:38
geseronly archive admins can really sync21:39
shadeslayerwell.... ill ask Riddell then :)21:39
shadeslayerlets see how this compiles first :)21:39
=== Philip6 is now known as Philip5
shadeslayeroh my....21:40
shadeslayergeser: package has problems with installing stuff21:41
shadeslayerwill port to ubuntu :)21:43
ari-tczewgeser: syncpackage scripts says some different :P21:44
geserari-tczew: that's more like uploading, although the "real" sync scripts do the same, hmm21:45
shadeslayergeser: ok can you tell me why debian has binary packages of libformsgl2 but ubuntu does not? ( lintian says : W: libformsgl2: empty-binary-package21:45
shadeslayer )21:45
ari-tczewgeser: What about sync-in-launchpad (API implement), any progress?21:47
shadeslayergeser: http://pastebin.com/BmJNb49S21:47
geserari-tczew: I don't know of any21:47
ajmitchstill incomplete, from what I know21:47
ari-tczewI no see a reason for waiting archive admins's reaction in sync21:49
ari-tczewif script doing the same thing21:49
* micahg just benefited from the sync script21:50
gesershadeslayer: because it got introduced with the new version. and it looks broken if the package is emtpy (the debian package is non-empty)21:51
shadeslayergeser: um i think i didnt mention that i downloaded the new debian package21:52
shadeslayerand  when you debuild in maverick,it complains about missing files and such,so when you remove those files from install files in debian/ it gives you a empty bin package21:53
loolari-tczew: I lack hardware for testing libsmbios21:53
loolari-tczew: So while I can review source diffs, and sponsor binaries to Debian, I rely on testers21:53
gesershadeslayer: check why the files are missing, that's the error that needs fixing21:53
loolari-tczew: I'm in the uploaders field because I sponsored the current package, and so it will show on my list21:53
loolari-tczew: But I dont maintain it21:53
shadeslayergeser: so according to you the package shouldnt be empty right?21:54
geseryes, see http://packages.debian.org/sid/i386/libformsgl2/filelist21:54
dobeythe new ubuntuone-storage-protocol is failing to build it seems, and i'm not entirely sure why, given it all worked out well before i uploaded it :)21:54
gesera very helpful error message in the build log21:56
ajmitchdobey: that's rather uninformative21:56
dobeyajmitch: exactly!21:57
ari-tczewlool: so if you want to review diff, please check bug 59101721:59
ubottuLaunchpad bug 591017 in libsmbios (Ubuntu) "Upgrade libsmbios to 2.2.19" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/59101721:59
loolari-tczew: Could you ping Jose Luis Tallon?22:04
loolari-tczew: Send him an email Cc:ing me asking whether he intents to fix the issues22:04
shadeslayergeser: ok im building a fresh copy... ill paste the errors....22:05
ari-tczewlool: what next if he won't answer or doesn't want to fix the issues?22:07
loolari-tczew: We will see from there, I will escalate myself if he doesn't answer22:09
loolari-tczew: ask for a timeline22:09
shadeslayergeser: http://paste.ubuntu.com/450308/22:11
shadeslayernow if i start removing those files from *.install i get empty packages....22:11
shadeslayerno idea whatsoever how to proceed22:12
dobeyajmitch: ah, i found the problem after some more digging.22:14
ajmitchdobey: oh good, because I got distracted from checking it :)22:15
ajmitchis it a quick fix that you need sponsored?22:15
dobeyi don't need it sponsored, no. was just confused by the message22:15
shadeslayergeser: still around?22:16
shadeslayergeser: seen my last pastebin?22:17
gesershadeslayer: have you also the other part from the log?22:18
shadeslayergeser: what other part?22:18
geserbefore the part you pastebined22:19
shadeslayergeser: yes.. do you want the entire log?22:19
shadeslayergeser: please wait :)22:19
shadeslayergeser: http://pastebin.com/rmMMLNks22:23
gesershadeslayer: found it, see lines 159-161 and compare with https://buildd.debian.org/fetch.cgi?pkg=libforms;ver=1.0.93sp1-1;arch=amd64;stamp=127495979322:26
geserfor some reason GL is not found22:26
tumbleweedshadeslayer: you are building in pbuilder, right?22:27
shadeslayerum no :(22:27
geserso libformsGL isn't build which explains why dh_install cannot find it22:27
shadeslayeri have a full blown maverick install....22:27
shadeslayershould i get a pbuilder? ( i would prefer a chroot though )22:28
ari-tczewsudo pbuilder-dist create maverick22:28
geserpbuilder uses clean chroots for building22:28
dutchiea pbuilder is a chroot22:28
ari-tczewsudo pbuilder build *.dsc22:29
shadeslayeryes but you lose a pbuilder when you logout22:29
shadeslayerand i dont have that much of bandwidth :P22:29
tumbleweedshadeslayer: pbuilder caches downloaded debs22:29
tumbleweedalso you can point it at your local apt-proxy if you run one22:30
shadeslayertumbleweed: can i keep a pbuilder after restart?22:30
tumbleweedyou don't keep it. it starts from a minimal install on every build22:31
ajmitchyes, pbuilder chroot tarballs are meant to be permanent - the only part that gets cleaned up is the per-package chroot22:31
ari-tczewsudo pbuilder-dist maverick build *.dsc22:31
tumbleweedif you have lots of RAM, you can build on a tmpfs, and installing the build-deps is pretty quick22:31
ari-tczewI've aliases in .bashrc for every active release22:32
shadeslayerari-tczew: i set REMOVEPACKAGES= to no right?22:32
shadeslayerto get deb cache?22:32
shadeslayergeser: ok and where can i specify that it has to drop to a shell so that i can investigate?22:34
shadeslayerfor missing files and stuff22:34
tumbleweedhowever, that doesn't actually fix the problem :)22:34
tumbleweedchecking GL/glx.h usability... no22:34
tumbleweedchecking GL/glx.h presence... no22:34
shadeslayertumbleweed: :)22:34
ari-tczewif you're building by pbuilder-dist, you have to looking for .debs in ~/pbuilder22:34
tumbleweedgeser: yeah I have that22:35
gesershadeslayer: copy that to HOOKDIR22:35
shadeslayergeser: thanks22:35
gesertumbleweed: check the configure log why the check failed22:36
shadeslayerok might take some while22:36
tumbleweedgeser: yeah, I'm having a look (sorry I missed shadeslayer's question on C10shell)22:36
shadeslayergeser: i used sudo pbuilder create --debootstrapopts --variant=buildd from the wiki22:36
shadeslayertumbleweed: np22:38
gesershadeslayer: you can set HOOKDIR in your ~/.pbuilderrc (or the global one) (and you don't need to recreate the pbuilder for this)22:39
shadeslayergeser: i know ;)22:39
shadeslayerive used pbuilder before,just didnt know which hookscript to use22:40
shadeslayergeser: any idea why it isnt picking up the headers ?22:41
geserI use B91debc, C10shell and D10man-db (disables the update of man-db)22:42
tumbleweedok, so it's a change in the most recent mesa-common-dev upload22:42
tumbleweedglx.h moved22:42
geserwhere to?22:42
tumbleweedI don't see any bugs filed yet22:43
tumbleweed/usr/include, from /usr/include/GL22:43
tumbleweedupload was only 16hrs ago22:43
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tumbleweedmerged from debian experimental...22:43
shadeslayertumbleweed: im guessing the debian package was built before that....22:44
tumbleweedshadeslayer: the debian build we are looking at is unstable, not experimental22:45
shadeslayersmall problem gets blown into a big one :P22:47
geser-rw-r--r-- root/root     17913 2010-06-11 13:06 ./usr/include/GL/glx.h22:47
geserdidn't find a log for -322:47
geserhttp://packages.debian.org/experimental/amd64/mesa-common-dev/filelist lists also /usr/include/GL/glx.h22:48
ajmitchit may only be in git, or incoming.d.o22:49
ajmitchthe changelog doesn't mention an explicit move of them22:50
tumbleweedmesa source is big, but I'm pulling and having a look22:50
shadeslayerhehe.. 4 people working on error due to a file move :D22:50
ajmitchit's fairly important22:51
ajmitchsomeone will get poked over this :)22:51
shadeslayerajmitch: i can see that :D22:51
ajmitchnamely RAOF when he's awake22:54
geserI started asking in #ubuntu-x22:56
tumbleweedI wish UDD had merge-mode repos available :/22:57
ajmitchtumbleweed: explain?22:57
ajmitchyou mean being able to grab a repository tarball or something like that?22:58
tumbleweedajmitch: I'm only interested in changes in /debian, but I have to download >100MB of stuff22:58
ajmitchyou can do lightweight checkouts, iirc22:58
ajmitchthough that'll still get a full working tree22:58
tumbleweedof course many packages touch files outside /debian in the .diff.gz, so that's why UDD is the way it is22:59
lifelessajmitch: generally slower than just pulling it all, FWIW22:59
tumbleweedajmitch: yeah I need history22:59
tumbleweedaah there we go, only 195M22:59
ajmitch'only' :)22:59
ajmitchlifeless: that's unfortunate22:59
lifelesstumbleweed: thats from du -sh .bzr ?23:00
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shadeslayertumbleweed: so ill have to wait till this is sorted out? :)23:02
ajmitchlifeless: this is why I'd love NZ mirrors of branches :)23:02
tumbleweedlifeless: good point, 80M, that's just what bzr told me23:02
tumbleweedajmitch: yeah, I'm in ZA, where bandwdith is slow and expensive, especially international23:02
* shadeslayer goes and looks at some merges23:02
* ajmitch does get far better speed from home, rather than at work - perhaps that's a hint23:03
tumbleweedshadeslayer: yes, you should wait23:04
geserajmitch: yes, that you should setup QoS for yourself at work :)23:04
shadeslayertumbleweed: btw while creating pbuilder i got : W: no hooks of type E found -- ignoring23:04
ajmitchgeser: I blame the ISP - I grab stuff at work because it doesn't have a data cap, unlike most home DSL here23:05
lifelesstumbleweed: there is a bzr bug or two related to data transfer23:05
lifelesstumbleweed: we're working on it23:05
ajmitchgeser: by slow, I mean ~8k/sec grabbing packages from archive.ubuntu.com23:06
lifelessajmitch: do some tcp analysis23:07
lifelessajmitch: you could be suffering buffer congestion, for instance - the rtt to some mirrors will be very high23:07
lifelessajmitch: and remember too, that you have *no control* over the tcp buffer for http if you're on clear or telecom - they both have intercepting proxies23:07
lifelessajmitch: with the result that any networking tuning you do is useles23:08
ajmitchit's WIC, a dunedin wireless ISP23:08
tumbleweedlifeless: from experience here (we are miles from everybody) you need around a 10Mbps line before tcp tuning becomes necessary23:08
lifelessajmitch: yes, but do they buy SCC bandwidth ?23:08
ajmitchbut there is at least some QoS going on in the office23:08
lifelesstumbleweed: by miles, do you mean other side of the planet ?23:08
ajmitchthe get upstream bandwidth from FX networks23:08
tumbleweedlifeless: cape town23:08
lifelesstumbleweed: you're about 50% closer than we are23:09
tumbleweedlifeless: yeah23:09
lifelesstumbleweed: and ADSL2 can go way past 10Mbps23:09
tumbleweedsome day we'll start seeing that...23:09
* ajmitch is lucky & has about 16Mbps at home23:09
lifelessajmitch: fx.net.nz ?23:10
ajmitchlifeless: yep23:10
lifelessajmitch: do they run an intercepting proxy ?23:11
ajmitchnot as far as I know, I haven't checked for one23:11
lifelessajmitch: either wic or fx, that is23:11
ajmitchI just suspect that they've underbought international capacity23:11
ajmitchat one point a few weeks ago, we had no international connectivity because they'd apparantly not had enough23:12
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lifelessajmitch: WIC didn't, or FX didn't ?23:19
ajmitchnot WIX, WIC :)23:20
ajmitchjust to be confusing :)23:20
lifelessjpds: WIX is wellington23:20
lifelessjpds: WIC is in dunedin23:21
lifelessajmitch: I've fired off a query to fx23:21
directhexWIX is a Free Software tool for making .msi installers for windows, afaik23:21
lifelessdirecthex: there are many WIX's23:22
ajmitchdirecthex: lies, it's the wellington internet exchange!23:22
lifelessdirecthex: http://wix.nzix.net/23:22
directhexi know a guy who married a lady who called herself wix online23:22
ajmitchlifeless: thanks, not sure how much FX can help but it's worth a shot23:22
directhexwait, that was wyx23:22
lifelessajmitch: well, I'm happy to pay for *actual internet*23:23
shadeslayertumbleweed: can you point me to a easy merge? i can package alright... stuff with CMakeLists.txt ....23:23
lifelessI realised that I spent some time trying to figure out how international HTTP could be damaged...23:23
ajmitchin your squid days?23:23
lifelesswhen a bluecoat proxy was interfering23:23
lifelessno, couple weeks back23:23
shadeslayerthere is so much on MoM that idk what can be a good starting point...23:23
lifelesstelecom run a MITM on all http sessions23:24
ajmitchtelecom being as helpful as ever23:24
* lifeless is tempted to propose a patch to firefox to do no-cache on *every single request*23:24
lifelessajmitch: clear do to.23:24
jpdslifeless: Firebug can do that.23:24
ajmitchall http, or just all international?23:24
lifelessajmitch: so I need to find an ISP that actually a) buy their own international traffic. b) don't MITM their customer traffic.23:24
lifelessjpds: not for every ubuntu user.23:24
tumbleweedshadeslayer, geser: https://bugs.edge.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/mesa/+bug/59486323:25
ubottuLaunchpad bug 594863 in mesa (Ubuntu) "glx.h moved, causes FTBFS in other packages" [Undecided,New]23:25
* ajmitch generally gets decent speeds with snap.net.nz at home, will have to check up on their proxy usage23:25
ajmitchthey're christchurch-based, too23:25
lifelessjpds: which is my point: if 38% or whatever of NZ starting actively attacking the MITM system, it would need to get addressed.23:25
shadeslayertumbleweed: whee :)23:26
lifelessjpds: intercepting proxies are a bad design.23:26
tumbleweedlifeless: yeah we have the same problems here, although intercepting proxies seem to be decreasing in popularity23:26
lifelessa study done a few years back found > 50% of traffic was p2p anyway23:27
gesertumbleweed: Sarvatt has it almost fixed already23:27
lifelessso the incremental benefit of an intercepting proxy is diminishing year on year23:27
tumbleweedgeser: oh, ta23:27
shadeslayergeser: can you comment on https://merges.ubuntu.com/universe.html,package kptc that im doing the merge?23:28
ajmitchshadeslayer: you can comment on it, the field just isn't very visible23:28
shadeslayerajmitch: where?23:28
gesershadeslayer: the comment column23:28
geserit's an input field23:29
shadeslayeroh my...23:29
ajmitchgreat UI design :)23:29
shadeslayerthat is barely visible23:29
shadeslayergeser: the pbuilder didnt drop to shell23:31
lifelessajmitch: snap claim they don't23:31
shadeslayeron build fail23:31
lifelessajmitch: however that was likely slightly garbled query, so I'll check more fully when we move home ;)23:31
shadeslayergeser: W: no hooks of type C found -- ignoring23:31
gesershadeslayer: where does your HOOKDIR point to?23:31
shadeslayergeser: /usr/share/doc/pbuilder/examples/C10shell23:32
geserthat's not a dir :) HOOKDIR="/usr/lib/pbuilder/hooks" (or something in your home) and copy C10shell there23:33
shadeslayergeser: ohh23:33
shadeslayergeser: the sudo pbuilder update?23:36
gesernot needed, just sudo pbuilder build ...23:37
shadeslayerbtw anyone around to tell me which file is which in the merge?23:40
shadeslayergeser: got a sec?23:45
shadeslayergeser: nvm :)23:54

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