superm1you were missing headers for the prempt kernel would be my guess00:20
squish102can anyone give me a mythbuntu settings for mythvideo file associations for video_ts and vob?00:29
squish102or show me where mythbuntu default settings are00:30
dewmananyone around that can check out a mythburn log for me?01:51
dewmanI am trying to figure out why it bombs with result 13301:52
dewmanso mythburn bombs with a result 133, here is the log...http://mythtv.pastebin.com/v22EvP9U BUT, i installed XFburn and copied over the created dvd files and it works perfectly. anyone have any idea?04:32
qwebirc24964hello, i cannot seem to get VNC to work correctly with my new mythbuntu install. I enabled it in the control centre but still no go05:25
dmainouhi guys, I'm having trouble with mythdvd. trying to rip an iso. everything goes ok until the last second where the scrren says (superposed) ripping and no jobs - nothing to rip (or something like that as they are one on top of the other and can't read what it says)06:00
rhollan_Anyone here have trouble rippinhg DVDs with mythbuntu? I can rip the ISO fine, but when I scan for new videos, ALL menu items refer to the LAST DVD ripped. anyone else see this?17:46
rhpot1991!iso | rhollan_18:03
Zinnrhollan_: Storage Groups are a streaming method of transmitting material to a frontend, meaning they don't provide block-level access to the file in question. An ISO is a disk image, and requires block-level access. Upstream has a plan to simulate a block device across the network using NBD for 0.24. Until then you can use the following workaround: http://www.baablogic.net/drupal/node/718:03
rhpot1991your question confuses me, maybe my link will help18:03
rhollan_rhpot1191: O.K. I get the bit about storage groups offering a streaming abstraction (to avoid NFS mount messiness when sharing videos). And, they appear to be the default in mythbuntu, The ODD thing is that the last dvd DOES play when requested by the front end. True, it's on the same box as the backend, but I would think that would make no difference, storage-group wise. I'll check your link.18:06
rhollan_Hmm, it looks like that link offers good advice. I'll try it. Though, if what you say is correct, playing back shouldn'tve worked at all.18:07
rhpot1991rhollan_: not sure I've ever seen anything saying "last dvd" anywhere, so I'm not sure what your real issue iss18:07
rhpot1991but that link is relivant to iso ripping18:07
rhpot1991and then using them in mythvideo18:08
rhpot1991rhollan_: that was a change that effected .22, if you have a better way of dealing with it in .23 let me know and I'll update the page, as far as we are aware the issue still remains18:09
rhollan_Sigh. Let me try to be more clear. I can rip several DVDs. The .iso files are correct. metadata is downloaded correctly. They all appear in the Videos menu. But, selecting any to play plays the last one ripped.18:09
rhollan_Might be a StorageGroup issue. I can try tonight.18:09
rhpot1991rhollan_: verify they aren't overwriting each other?18:09
rhollan_separate .iso files in the right directory, all different, and each play correctly with vlc18:09
rhollan_it "smells" like a DB issue, actually: mapping the menu selection to the file to play18:10
rhpot1991rhollan_: try to force it to use the old non storage group method and see if that helps, then report back18:10
rhollan_Though, you're right: with Storage Groups it shouldn't work at all. I will try the workaround.18:10
rhpot1991rhollan_: its possible you are seeing a partial fix to the storage group issue18:11
rhpot1991rhollan_: tried ripping as something other than isos to see what happens then?18:11
rhollan_good suggestions. and yes, this might be a partial fix as I am running mythbuntu which IIRC is based on 0.2318:12
rhollan_I saw docs that 0.23 addresed some Storage Group issues but not completely18:12
rhpot1991dpkg -l |grep mythtv-backend18:13
rhpot1991should give you the version18:13
rhollan_One thing that is nice is that HDTV captured via firewire from a Comcast DCH3200 plays and records like a charm18:13
rhollan_not at my home machine, so will have to check tonight.18:13
rhollan_Wait! I can ssh in.18:13
rhollan_Thanks, rhpot1991. That makes sense to try tonight.18:18
rhollan_I am SOO looking forward to getting rid of that Sony 400CD/DVD changer.18:19
rhpot1991rhollan_: then you can upgrade to BR :)18:19
rhollan_Sigh. When BRs start to rip reliably18:21
rhollan_And here I thought a terabyte would be sufficient for a while.18:21
rhpot1991rhollan_: google for makemkv, and yep they are huge18:25
rhollan_blech. requires WinBlows18:26
rhollan_but a nice idea.18:26
rhollan_Does MKV preserve menus?18:26
rhollan_I have been torn between ripping the main title on DVDs and ripping the whole ISO to retain the menu structure18:27
rhollan_So far, I like the menus18:27
rhollan_Oh! I see makemv for linux18:28
rhollan_er, makemkv18:29
jolarenwhen I try to view a flash recording from my mobile it shows the website wrong19:03
jolarenI mean, it cannot find the flashfile19:03
jolarencuz it's one / to many after adress19:03
notlisteningHi are there any other people getting problem with high cpu usage for mythbackend and mysqld on 10.04 and then eventually myth dies?20:13
notlisteningSeen this on two different machines now seperate installs20:15
superm1notlistening, when you say dies, do you mean the OOM kicks in and kills it?20:34
superm1or is  there anything in the logs (myth or sql) to indicate who is at fault?20:34
notlisteningl looked in both logs and nothing that jumped out at me but both has issue obviously20:44
notlisteningmyth is sitting there using 124% of my cpu20:45
notlisteningand it has been asked to do nothing not even record a TV program20:45
superm1can you turn on apport?20:46
superm1it should hopefully help catch myth when it dies20:46
superm1and install mythtv-dbg to have the debug symbols to make the apport crash dump useful20:46
notlisteningI am not 100% sure myth dies but it just stops working20:47
notlisteningbut i am keeping an eye on it20:47
notlisteningsuperm1, apart from that it is recording now but just eating cpu cycles20:51

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