akgranerok so for mailing list issues - you can ping - pleia2 nhandler cody-somerville or myself - for ubuntu-news or ubuntu-news-teams00:28
akgranercody-somerville, I noticed you were admin on -teams did you not want to be on -news?00:30
akgraneror can I add you to -news as well?00:30
akgranerthe only thing that should ever go out on ubuntu-news is the newsletter00:30
cody-somervilleAre we referring to the mailing lists here?00:31
akgranercody-somerville, sorry that backward00:31
akgraneryou are on -news mailing list00:31
cody-somervilleI was going to say :)00:31
akgranerbut not on -teams00:31
cody-somervilleI'm subscribed to ubuntu-news-team but not an admin of that mailing list.00:32
akgranerso if you don't mind I am going to add you to it as well so the it is the same list of contacts for both00:32
akgranercody-somerville, nhandler Pendulum  - the reason I wanted to add two more people even with the measures that are in place we are still getting spam making it to the mailing list and into the archives00:33
Pendulumakgraner: was that aimed at me or pleia2?00:35
akgranerso I was hoping that if I got some more experience ML admins helping maybe we could get that reduced - plus I am not getting to all the stuff that needs to be moderated in the most timely manner these days :-(00:35
akgranerPendulum, sorry00:35
Pendulums'cool :)00:35
Pendulumpleia2: ^^00:35
akgranerpleia2, that was for you00:35
zkriesseakgraner: ty!01:56
akgraneryou're welcome01:56
akgranercjohnston, did you send nigelb and nhandler those scripts?01:56
cjohnstonthey are on lp01:58
cjohnstonwith a merge request01:58
zkriessepleia2: ping01:58
cjohnstonakgraner: i just merged them in02:01
akgraneroh can you show nhandler and nigelb that as well02:01
akgranerI would like a couple people to know all that good stuffs02:01
cjohnstonakgraner: are there other scripts that are used02:04
cjohnstonoutside of what I uploaded and what nhandler uploaded?02:04
nhandlercjohnston: Thanks a lot. I'll make a few changes tomorrow to make the package actually comply with the licenses02:07
* cjohnston is off to bed02:08
cjohnstonhey akgraner16:52
akgranercjohnston, hey!16:54
cjohnstonrough night.. :-(16:54
akgranerwant to postpone?16:54
akgranerit's not a problem16:54
akgranergive me about 10 minutes I want add a couple more things to this issue and I am going to show you what to do :-)16:55
cjohnstondebating.. expresso?16:55
akgranercjohnston, in the meantime look over this spreadsheet16:56
akgranerI'll be adding it to the wiki but for now I am just adding stuff to this spreadsheet16:57
* akgraner feels a but full of fail at the moment - but this too shall pass :-)16:58
* maco passes akgraner a cup o' chamomile16:58
akgranermaco, thanks! :-)16:59
cjohnstonhey maco16:59
macohi cjohnston16:59
akgraneranyone who wants to bookmark the spreadsheets can it's the steps to creating the newsletter and some howto's as well16:59
akgranerThe new edition of the Ubuntu Weekly Newsletter is now available here:22:01
akgranerhttps://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuWeeklyNewsletter/Issue197  (sorry for the delay)22:01
zkriesseakgraner: cool22:02
zkriesseakgraner: how ya doing?22:02
pleia2hm, was https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/ubuntu-news-team/2010-June/001099.html not appropriate for UWN or just get lost in the delay?22:49
pleia2good job for finally getting it out though :)22:51
akgranerpleia2, sorry I missed that22:51
akgranerI'll add it in the next issue22:51
pleia2thanks, it was a pretty big deal for the california team :)22:51
pleia2real press coverage in a real newspaper22:51
akgraneryeah that's great!22:52

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