h00kJon-- is lying :(00:39
knomeabout what? :)00:41
h00kbeing on Backtrack looking for support in #ubuntu00:42
knomeis backtrack a ubuntu-derivatice?00:43
PiciThey have their own repos.00:43
h00kand is crossposting between the two :(00:43
h00kalthough !crosspost says between Ubuntu channels00:44
* h00k sighs.00:54
h00kI'm not sure how to let this go, It's not terribly disruptive, but it's still not appropriate.00:56
h00k*how long to let00:56
knomemaybe try to ask nicely not to do it?00:57
h00kI have been :(00:57
knomeand the answer is?00:57
h00kI just opened a /query, I've been mostly ignored.00:58
knomegood lucj00:59
h00kaaaaaaand he /quit00:59
h00kgot what he needed.01:00
Picih00k: I'd suggest muting the person in #ubuntu next time, that pretty much forces them to talk to you to get the issue resolved, but isn't as blunt as a kick or ban01:00
h00kPici: I was just about to ask WWPD (what would Pici do)01:01
h00kPici: thanks for the pointer, I didn't want to /ar, I suppose I didn't think of that option01:02
funkyHatwahey autobleh has a /aq01:13
h00koh, look! how convenient01:14
h00kI'm not surprised :)01:14
h00kWhy is yo2boy muted in #ubuntu-offtopic?02:28
h00kor maybe isn't02:28
ubottuFrozenFire called the ops in #ubuntu ()04:27
ubottuR3cur51v3 called the ops in #ubuntu (weprop)04:28
* mneptok grabs a butter knife and spreads a thick layer of "Stalker-B-Gon" over maco 08:23
macohe didnt join an ubuntu channel did he?08:23
mneptokno. i like being preemptive.08:24
macoelky: earlier today we got into a situation where i could say to mneptok "at least you have a sense of inappropriate" and he said "wow, when you can kurt, at least you have a sense of inappropriate...what the heck kinda people have YOU been hanging around?"08:25
macoelky: answer was creepy dude you heard about yesterday08:25
* mneptok polishes his halo08:26
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IdleOnecypherxXx spreading pm porn spam in #ubuntu12:11
IdleOnecan one of you confirm please?12:11
marienzjust had someone report that in #freenode (well, cypherxxx`)12:12
marienzhe wouldn't spam me so far12:12
IdleOneme either12:12
marienzah, and now he quit12:13
marienzhow reliable was your source? :)12:13
IdleOnesays it was a onjoin spam12:15
IdleOnemarienz: the report you got in #freenode matches exactly what i got btw12:17
bazhangschooley69 rings a bell12:23
IdleOne@mark #ubuntu dixie_ swearing/trolling13:00
ubottuThe operation succeeded.13:00
bazhangIdleOne, usually when I mark I include the * [dixie_] (~dixie@ Dixie flatline info13:05
IdleOnebazhang: yeah that is a good idea13:05
bazhangindividuals like that may change nicks13:06
Picibazhang: It should include that information if ubottu still has it cached.13:06
bazhangPici, I've found that hit or miss, depending on how recently they quit13:07
Picikitchen too13:10
ikoniavect: welcome, we can discuss your issue in here without issue now, as it was disracting the channel13:11
vectikonia: does this make you feel better? improve your ego a bit? to lord over people and split hairs on support questions, as being on topic and off topic?13:11
IdleOnevect: continue to discuss a topic when you have been told to stop is abusive13:12
vectikonia: you're a white knight faggot13:12
vectyou're being abusive13:12
IdleOnevect: this conversation is over13:12
vectstop being an asshole for 2 minutes13:12
ubottuIf you disagree with a decision by an operator, please first pay #ubuntu-ops a visit. If you are still unhappy, please see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/AppealProcess for the steps you should take. If you feel the need to discuss the channel rules, please contact the ops on IRC or via the email address on the aforementioned page.13:12
ikoniavect: I can't really talk to you while your taking that stance, so if you want to clam down I can explain13:12
ikoniaIdleOne: easy there - hang on13:12
ikoniavect: calm down for a momtne and I'll explain13:12
vectikonia: this is why #ubuntu gets flooded because of abusive cocksuckers like yourself13:12
bazhangtried to PM hellwolf but he refused to respond13:13
ikoniaI've done the same, that's why I muted him13:13
ikoniaI'd been trying since he started13:13
bazhangseems he has quit now13:13
relentlessI heard13:17
relentlessyou ops13:17
relentlesswere abusing people13:17
relentlessyou should stop13:17
ikoniarelentless: how can we help you ?13:17
ikoniarelentless: where did you hear that ?13:17
relentlessI watched you sir abuse someone13:17
ikoniarelentless: where ?13:18
ikoniarelentless: you've only just joined the channel, so where and when13:18
relentlessPlease tell me in the ubuntu IRC rles anf the freenode users TOS that were violated13:18
relentlessikonia: recheck you backlog13:18
ikoniarelentless: where did you see this abuse and when13:18
relentlessI have been coming to the channel fore 4 years13:18
ikoniaI have13:18
ikoniarelentless: so when did you see this13:18
relentlessgrep logs13:19
ikoniarelentless: when13:19
ikoniarelentless: today ?13:19
IdleOnerelentless: of who are you speaking exactly?13:19
relentlessgrepping logs atm13:19
ikoniaahh, I see13:19
ikoniaI'll be back in a few moments, please let me know when this abuse happened13:19
ikoniasorry about that - back now13:26
relentlessikonia: http://pastebin.com/shZM8t8C13:27
ikoniarelentless: you where not in the channel at that time13:28
relentlessYes I was13:28
relentlessnot under relentless13:28
relentlessbut I was there.13:28
ikonia08:10 -!- relentless [~relentles@unaffiliated/relentless] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]13:28
ikonia13:16 -!- relentless [~relentles@unaffiliated/relentless] has joined #ubuntu13:28
relentlessyou can read13:29
relentlessI just said I wasnt under that nick13:29
ikoniarelentless: so who abused their privileges in that paste ?13:29
relentlessI hace a znc everywhere I go13:29
relentlessIdleOne: and you13:29
ikoniacan you explain how and where ?13:29
relentlessYou explain your actions13:30
relentlessI have been here long enough to know what is right and what is wrong13:30
ikoniathe users where not responding to instructions and where removed after warnings13:30
relentlessThere was no warning given13:31
relentlessSo, what is this instruction that you gave?13:31
ikonia3:11 < ikonia> vect: stop now, this is your last warning13:31
relentlessThat was in the second part13:31
ikoniaafter being asked and told to stop13:31
relentlessafter the join13:31
ikoniawhat's the first part ?13:31
relentlessyou didnt tell him to stop13:32
relentlessIf you had given a warning it would be justified13:32
relentlessbut you didnt13:32
ikoniathre are multiple lines in the log asking him and others to stop discussing it13:32
relentlessIs this how you give help?13:32
relentlessWhat lines13:32
ikonia13:09 < ikonia> vect: - it's not, those are the rules, accept them13:32
ikoniafor example13:33
bazhangrelentless, he was warned repeatedly by several individuals13:33
relentlessbazhang: he was warned after a kick13:33
relentlessit is staed int he guidelines that you will be warned then kicked13:33
relentlesswhich did not happen13:33
bazhangrelentless, that is not correct13:33
ikoniarelentless: the bottom line is the channel was getting out of control, multiple users where arguing an offtopic point where asked to stop and didn't so where removed - not banned, removed13:34
bazhanghe was told repeatedly not to take a poll, and messaged by several of us, and given the !best factoid as well13:35
ikoniarelentless: there is also a pm conversation with one of the users that you're not aware of that was trying to resolve the issues13:35
relentlessI am not concerned with the PM, and I do understand a large channel getting out of control, but randomly banning users does not look right, nor does it follow the code of conduct.13:36
ikoniarelentless: there was nothing random about it13:36
bazhangit was not random, by any stretch of the imagination13:36
ikoniaone user was muted while he was talked to in private13:36
relentlessI feel as if that could have been handled in a better way.13:37
ikoniawell, thanks for the feedback13:37
relentlessI am going to make a raw note of this incident and bring it up at the next community meeting13:38
ikoniaI personally feel you're not hear to do anything but provoke a situation as it's no coincidence that you joined straight after vect was kicked13:38
bazhangthere are logs of this channel as well relentless13:38
ikoniabut please bring it up at the next irc communicty council meeting13:38
bazhang!1984 > relentless13:38
ubotturelentless, please see my private message13:38
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relentlessbazhang: you arent telling me something I dont know13:39
bazhangrelentless, okay then.13:39
relentlessThe Ops duty is to handle a situation in the least a firm but gentle a parliamentary way, which I feel was not handled but ikonia.13:40
ikoniarelentless: whom did I not hadle fair ?13:41
ikoniahandle even13:41
relentlessikonia: it was already explained.13:41
relentlessYou have logs13:41
relentlessI have logs13:41
ikoniano - which user13:41
ikoniano - I'm asking you13:41
ikoniawhich user13:41
relentlessPlease do not get hostile.13:41
ikoniaI'm not13:41
ikoniaI'm asking you which user you feel I didn't handle fair13:42
bazhangfrom the pastebin presumably vect and/or hellwolf13:42
ikoniathat's why I want to know13:42
ikoniawhich user13:42
relentlessIt is not one user or the other, it is both, the whole situation was not handle in any sort of manner to let the user know what was going on. I am exsausted of talking of this. I will bring the matter at the meeting in july. Hopefully there will be a easier softer way of dealing with hooligans in the channel of that kicking without a warning.13:45
relentlessThank You so much.13:45
relentlessGood day13:45
bazhangodd timing , that13:45
elkyikonia, it's clear that it's more fair to embarrass everyone publicly rather than approach them first in PM.13:45
ikoniautter pointless13:45
ikoniano substance at all13:45
ikoniajust generic13:45
ikoniaand perfect timing13:45
ikoniaelky: just another joke user13:45
ikoniawho I suspect if freenode staff check will turn out to be vect13:46
elkyikonia, what better way to respond than sarcasm?13:46
ikoniaelky: there is none13:46
ikoniaah he's just joined -irc and will no doubt start again there13:47
elkystaying true to nick, i see.13:50
elkynope, left there13:51
bazhangit's odd how his logs refer to he himself being removed. and he only joined after it was all done14:02
ikoniaI didn't see anything in his logs showing himself being removed14:03
ikoniaor did I miss that14:03
bazhangJun 15 08:11:22 *       You have left channel #ubuntu (requested by IdleOne (#ubuntu-ops))14:04
bazhangwhich was vect14:04
ikoniaas I suspected it was vect14:04
bazhangthe 'you' being removed, that is14:05
bazhangeither that, or vect passed him the logs14:05
ikoniahe said he was in the channels.......14:05
ikoniaso either way "liar" = "no credability"14:05
* popey wonders if bazhang is more Miss Marple or Sherlock Holmes..14:06
bazhangpopey, I prefer Holmes :)14:07
bazhangnot sure if it's the same relentless, but there is someone using that nick with a history in -ot14:43
shadeslayerhey :)17:42
shadeslayeri was wondering if i could get your opinions on a factoid.17:43
ubottuchroot is used to make programs believe that the directory they are running in is really the root directory. It can be used to stop programs accessing files outside of that directory, or for compiling 32bit applications in a 64bit environment (https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DebootstrapChroot)17:43
shadeslayercan we change the link to / add a link to : https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BasicChroot17:43
shadeslayerthe debootstrap page is pretty confusing17:43
shadeslayeroh forgot to part :P17:48
funkyHatThe BasicChroot page has a link to the DebootstrapChroot, so replacing it sounds good to me18:10
PicifunkyHat: if you say so18:10
Pici!chroot =~ s/Debootstrap/Basic/18:11
ubottuI'll remember that Pici18:11
Picioh, that won't work.18:11
Pici!no chroot is <reply> A chroot is used to make programs believe that the directory they are running in is really the root directory. It can be used to stop programs accessing files outside of that directory, or for compiling 32bit applications in a 64bit environment - see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BasicChroot18:12
ubottuI'll remember that Pici18:12
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h00kgnomefreak: you repeated :(20:12
Tm_Mquiet night?20:13
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ubottuFloodBot1 called the ops in #ubuntu-ops-monitor (repeated abuse from ubuntuu)20:37
Picih00k: hm?20:39
h00kOh, that was in #ubuntu, I'm guessing20:39
h00kregarding ubuntuu20:39
h00k< ubottu > FloodBot1 called the ops in #ubuntu-ops-monitor (repeated abuse from ubuntuu)20:40
h00kthat part20:40
PiciYeah, the floodbots sort of keep track of flooding, and some key factoids used against users and will call ops if there seems to be a trend.20:41
h00kthat's what I thought, I was just trying to track down where that was20:41
PiciThey also place a @mark20:41
h00khow does one view these @marks ?20:42
PiciThey get thrown on the bantracker20:42
h00kooh, okay.20:42
ikoniaI don't like chroot being used in reference to debootstrap20:51
Piciikonia: feel free to modify it, I don't really know enough about either.20:52
ikoniathere is an element of truth in that building 32/64 bit applications in a 64bit/32bit chroot is true, however chroot as tool is actually nothing to do with that, so I'd like to keep them seperate. eg: if you don't know what chroot is, should you be looking at cross-compiling applications, I think not20:54
Picior... "If you don't know what chroot is, you shouldn't be modifying the factoids"20:55
ikoniawell, maybe.....20:59
ikoniaI'll try to put a little thought into it20:59
PiciOkay :)20:59
ubottusebsebseb called the ops in #ubuntu (skydrome)22:11
ubottusebsebseb called the ops in #ubuntu ()22:16
h00kI'm /querying DebSoras regarding the nickname22:19
h00kFor future reference, it was NlGGERFCK when they entered #ubuntu. They said it was a backup nick.22:21
ikoniastick a mark against it22:21
h00k@mark DebSoras Nickname behavior22:23
ubottuThe operation succeeded.22:23
h00k@mark SebDroas Nickname behavior22:23
ubottuThe operation succeeded.22:23
h00khow does one 'unmark' ?22:23
h00k@unmark DebSoras22:23
ikoniayou can't that I'm aware of22:24
h00kThey won't do it again, they said.  Apparently it has never happened before22:24
ikoniapretty reasonable response22:25
h00kand it's a 'backup' nickname, I think they connected from a different server22:25
h00kYeah, had a good conversation, it appears resolved22:35
h00kand he thanked me (us) for not immediately banning him22:37
h00kwhich he said he would have done in that situation22:37
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