SpamapSMTecknology: disks are cheap00:01
SpamapSMTecknology: why would you send stuff over the wire?00:01
maekanyone using ubuntu in a PCI compliant environment?00:01
SpamapSMTecknology: If you can't afford proper tape backup, just get yourself an external enclosure with hot swap drives of some kind.. backup to them, take one offsite every once in a while.. you'll be fine. But don't waste your time trying to exclude crap. It will bite you.00:02
MTecknologySpamapS: my backup server is one place. my production servers are elsewhere00:02
MTecknologySpamapS: when we get more money our dev system will be the backup system00:03
MTecknologyfor now - I'm stuck on a crappy budget00:03
SpamapSMTecknology: understood. When you're starting out especially, you have to take those risks. ;)00:03
SpamapSMTecknology: its good to actually sit down and think about what the risks are though.00:04
zulmathiaz: do you want to merge puppet or do you want me to?00:16
MTecknologyzul: how much different is puppet? I hjave yet to see it00:17
zulMTecknology: dunno i havent quite looked at it yet00:21
chewbrancaI've got UEC running eucalyptus and a handful of running nodes, I can only ping those nodes from my master server, but not any other servers on my network, even though I can ssh into those boxes from various locations, what do I need to do to enable ping on those boxes?00:22
nginxxhi MTecknology00:22
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MTecknologynginxx: hi00:33
SpamapSmathiaz: ping00:37
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hggdhdo any of you know of any backup pacakge for clouds (storage backups, I mean)?01:21
zulhggdh: bacula? ;)01:30
hggdhzul: perhaps could be used, yes, thank you. We should look at it.01:31
chewbrancaanyone monitoring eucalyptus vms with zenoss?01:37
hazmatdoes cloud init install recommends?01:44
uvirtbotNew bug: #594403 in squid "cannot be made to cache responses with no LMT/Date/Expires" [Wishlist,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/59440302:21
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X-Sleepy-Xis it worth reporting abusive IP's to the ISP that holds the IP?02:32
X-Sleepy-Xhas anyone here done it?02:33
X-Sleepy-Xand if so, did you get a respons?02:33
* X-Sleepy-X is not sure if it's worth the hassle02:33
ToddMy infosec friends say it's useless.02:34
ToddAs a matter of fact I've heard of them logging into vulnerable dd-wrt routers and fixing bugs themselves so that attackers can't get back in and continue harassing their network.02:34
ToddBut that's typically a bored Saturday night.02:35
mac9416Cloud noob question: if I were to set up a UEC cloud on a few of my older machines, could I install a GUI on the cloud and use it just like a desktop machine?02:37
qman__mac9416, in short, no02:45
qman__that's not the purpose of a cloud02:45
mac9416qman__, I see.02:51
mac9416I'm just looking for a purpose for my pile of old computers.02:52
mac9416Distributed computing is what I have in mind.02:52
MTecknologycluster into a compiling system02:52
qman__yeah, a beowulf style cluster would be more effective02:53
qman__cloud is aimed at high performance hardware02:53
qman__say you have a dozen quad xeon servers, and you need to run 100 VMs02:53
qman__that's what a cloud is for02:53
mac9416I see.02:53
mac9416That's something I don't have.  :-)02:53
mac9416beowulf then. I'll look it up.02:53
qman__a beowulf cluster can spread threads across multiple physical machines02:54
qman__so if you have a CPU intensive application that supports multithreading, just turn the threads up and it'll share the load02:54
mac9416I guess one application I had in mind was Blender.02:55
mac9416It supports multiple threads for rendering.02:55
qman__of course, it has to be relatively big, otherwise the network performance will negate the advantage02:55
mac9416Well, even if it does a half-decent job, I'll learn something in the process, so it won't all be for nothing.02:57
orudiehow can I check which mail protocols are enabled with dovecot/postfix03:11
dragondoncan someone help me manage my logs.  They keep recording dropped/aborted/limited events despite havig removed them and something keeps adding those rules back in....getting very frustrating to troubleshoot real software issues with I have 80,000 lines of nothing but those 3 iptables rules....03:20
CppIsWeirdevery time i try to mount anything i get mount: /dev/sr0: unknown device. I've never even attempted to mount /dev/sr0.03:42
Hilikushey guys05:32
Hilikushow do i do a remote upgrade to 10.4? when i try do-release-upgrade it says it's not recommended to do remote upgrades05:32
Hilikusbut i remember i used something else to go from 9.04 to 9.1005:33
ScottKHilikus: do-release-upgrade is the best way.  It does offer you an alternate ssh connection in case of problems.  I recommend you check you can access it before you start the actual upgrade.05:39
unewbiecan i install ubuntu 8.04 as guest os with kvm in my ubuntu 10.04 host?06:00
twbunewbie: I don't see why not.06:09
unewbieok, i'll try06:11
twbI suppose you might get better *performance* with guests that have recent kernels and thus support virtio, but kvm *should* handle *any* guest OS, albeit slowly.06:14
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prestoncwhat's the footprint like (memory wise) of server compared to desktop? Rough guestimate. I need to install a LAMP server and I'm deciding between loading my MacBook up with RAM (I bought a basic MacBook with 2GB) or just installing the server version under VMWare.06:51
jmarsdenserver is smaller by far, if you don't run any services :)  RUn a huge database there and you'll need plenty of RAM... what are you doing with it?06:56
prestoncI'm doing development work on an iPhone app against a RESTful server06:59
prestoncI have a staging server and live server in the cloud to do testing, etc. Load testing.06:59
prestoncHowever, I need to be able to do development of the app on my VMWare instance.07:00
jmarsdenYou can run server happily in 512MB with apache and a small MySQL db.  Probably in 256MB if you must.07:01
jmarsdenYou're welcome.07:03
twbjmarsden: 128 MB is not sufficient to run the normal installer; it silently fails near the end and the result isn't bootable07:11
twbWhen installing I allocated 512 to my VM; afterwards I *think* was booting happily with 128MB.07:12
twbOh, that was with 8.04 and without the "lowmem=N" boot options.07:12
jmarsdentwb: Makes sense.  I only suggested going as low as 256MB, which should be OK for install, as well as running thereafter.07:13
SpamapSI have a lucid VM running w/ 192M .. but I installed w/ 38407:23
SpamapSshould be able to go even lower depending on the services you want to run07:23
prestoncbasically a LAMP server. Nothing fancy.07:24
* twb grumbles07:24
twb"nothing elegant" is more like it.  Stupid mysql.  Stupid PHP.07:25
prestoncI agree07:25
prestoncI didn't pick the architecture07:25
prestoncIf I were starting it from scratch it would probably be Python on AppEngine or somewhere where I could take advantage of something like BigTable07:26
twbWhen generating a ramdisk inside a 10.04 chroot, I get a lot of grep: /proc/modules: No such file or directory07:56
twbIn what way is the 10.04 chroot's initramfs-tools trying to be cleverer than the 8.04 chroot, and how do I tell it NOT to be clever?07:56
_rubenjust mount /proc ?08:03
twbExcept that I suspect it's doing stuff along the lines of MODULES=dep, which will generate a totally wrong ramdisk because the host I'm building on and the host I'm booting on are totally different.08:04
_rubeni always kinda assumed a ramdisk to be specific to a host its built on, so building for another host would only work if hardware would be identical/similar08:13
_rubenwell .. an initrd/initramfs/etc08:13
corpsewhen using "get" in ftp, is there a needed option to download a full directory?08:14
_rubendepending on the client you could use get -R, or mget, or ...08:15
corpsesorry, ubuntu 10.04 using lftp08:15
twb_ruben: that wouldn't work very well for e.g. the ramdisks that d-i and the desktop CD user08:21
twbcorpse: that's up to lftp.  The FTP protocol itself has no facility for recursive downloads.08:22
jmarsdencorpse: I think you may be looking for the "mirror" command in lftp?08:30
corpseI am trying to download a directory that has multiple files in it from a seedbox to my fileserver though a ssh window08:31
corpseso instead of just moving one file at a time i would like to copy over the hole directory08:31
jmarsdenSo in lftp, type help mirror and use it to move the stuff you need around... right?08:32
jmarsdenfor just a "a bunch of files from one directory" you could use mget instead.  mirror will recurse if your directory to copy contains subdirectories you also want to copy...08:34
corpsejmarsden: When i tryed to use mget i would get a file access error. the mirror command seems to be working though. Thanks much08:35
jmarsdenYou're welcome.08:35
uvirtbotNew bug: #594477 in php5 (main) "5.2.4-2ubuntu5.11 vanished" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/59447708:46
trapmaxafter upgrading our server, noticed this: http://pastebin.com/cF1TVjx109:12
kaushalI accidentally deleted the sarg index.html file located under /var/www/squid-reports/ the index.html file says about Daily, Monthly and weekly, is there a way to regenerate it again ?10:01
kaushalsarg --> squid analysis report generator10:02
kaushalI am on ubuntu 9.04 server10:02
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kaushalchecking in again for my query ?10:04
sorenkaushal: Dude. Two minutes after posting your question is /not/ an appropriate time to pester the channel again.10:30
uvirtbotNew bug: #594509 in irqbalance (main) "irqbalance main process ended, respawning" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/59450910:30
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remix_tjDoes anyone has installed ubuntu server on IBM xServer 225 ? I get kernel panic while installing...11:13
twbI installed 8.04 on some kind of IBM rackmount box11:14
remix_tji'm talking of 10.04...11:15
remix_tjnow i'm changing cd reader, maybe is broken11:15
twbLooking at the IBM product poster, I think it was an x3950 or so11:15
remix_tjah, modern one :-)11:16
twbIt was new at the time, yes11:16
twbIt would've been about 3RU, not a blade server, with three SATA disks in a hardware raid511:16
twbIt worked, anyway, apart from $boss forgetting to buy the RAID5 ROM11:17
twbDoes the panic indicate what failed?11:18
Error404NotFoundare there any nice web management tools for iptables beside webmin and bitfrost?11:19
twbError404NotFound: that suggests webmin is nice.  It isn't.11:19
twbebox is what Ubuntu prefers for web management.  Personally I think it's a bloody waste of time and it cripples both the system and the sysadmin who learns it.11:20
Error404NotFoundtwb, correct :P11:20
twbFor iptables I'd be using the iptables-persistent package and writing a simple, elegant ruleset.11:20
twbIf you prefer to have a wrapper make a mess of things, ufw is simple and shorewall is powerful.11:21
Error404NotFoundtwb, shorewall is great...11:21
Error404NotFoundtwb, i think if i get some time i might write a basic PHP web ui with mysql support for managing shorewall...11:22
twbShorewall adds complexity, and I'm not convinced that you get much in return.11:22
twbError404NotFound: I expect someone has already done that, but then of course you'll be running PHP and MySQL...11:22
Error404NotFoundtwb, hmmm, i also expect, but unable to find one :P, there is a module for webmin and shorewall though11:22
kaushalsoren: apologies11:23
twbI guess most cowboys simply use webmin11:28
uvirtbotNew bug: #594544 in dhcp3 (main) "get prompt about modified config file on upgrade from hardy to lucid" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/59454412:06
mco1Hello. We ware currently experiencing problems with samba on our ubuntu 9.04 server. Access to the shares is very slow. How can I best analyze the problem and have their been recent reports on problems with samba?12:17
twbmco1: have you looked at the logs?12:20
twbHave you checked /proc/mdstat, SMART, dmesg, etc, for an underlying error?12:20
_rubeni'd start at the bottom and work yourself up .. check diskload ... network load12:20
twbYeah, that too.12:21
mco1 /proc/mdstats reports no errors12:23
mco1The only error I can find in dmesg is "[   33.109609] svc: failed to register lockdv1 RPC service (errno 97)."12:23
mco1processor and memory load seems fine12:23
mco1But there seems to be a problem with disk load:12:24
mco1$ df -h12:24
mco1Dateisystem            Größe Benut  Verf Ben% Eingehängt auf12:24
mco1/dev/md0              277G  277G  266M 100% /12:24
mco1udev                  501M  264K  501M   1% /dev12:24
mco1none                  501M     0  501M   0% /dev/shm12:24
mco1none                  501M  568K  501M   1% /var/run12:24
mco1none                  501M     0  501M   0% /var/lock12:24
mco1none                  501M     0  501M   0% /lib/init/rw12:24
mco1none                  277G  277G  266M 100% /var/lib/ureadahead/debugfs12:24
mco1/dev/md1              466G  447G   20G  96% /daten/groups12:24
_rubendf doesnt show diskload, it shows diskusage12:25
mco1my bad, thanks.12:25
_rubenbut full disks tend to be a bad sign anyway12:25
mco1I don't exactly know the purpose of debugfs?12:26
_rubendont worry about that one, / is more important (and the same disk)12:26
_rubenas for diskload, use iostat (eg: iostat -m -x 3)12:27
mco1I will try to make some space on the disks, meanwhile I will read the manpage of iostat. :)12:30
Felixbhello everyone12:33
Felixbcan someone help me? anyone here?12:34
ubottuPlease don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)12:35
Felixbwell, i have the ubuntu 10 server cd in my 2nd pc now, and want to install it. but it seems that ubuntu doesnt recognize my keyboard, i cant choose the language from the list. but in the "normal" ubuntu version and also in the bios the keyboard works.. anyone got an idea?12:38
Felixbok found the solution... by enabling the usb keyboard support in the bios..12:48
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uvirtbotNew bug: #592641 in eucalyptus "Authorizing simultaneous rules to a group fails" [Medium,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/59264113:01
bogeyd6truecrypt manage to lose a whole volume i had on a usb drive13:18
e-DIO-tdoes anyone have to work with Ubuntu hosts on ESXi4 Server and deal with vlans?!13:20
tydeaswhat firewall settings does the ufw must have so it can have dns server bind9?13:22
e-DIO-ttydeas, guess only needing is that it let pass 53UDP13:23
twbPerhaps "ufw allow dns"?13:23
twbMake that "ufw allow domain", per /etc/services13:23
tydeasCould not find a profile matching 'dns'13:23
tydeaswhat do you mean per /etc/services13:24
jdstrandyes, it can use /etc/services, port number[/protocol] or application profile (see ufw app list)13:24
bogeyd6twb, you mean make that "sudo ufw allow 53"13:24
bogeyd6UDP/TCP will be open on 53 with ufw in that configuration allowing full DNS13:24
bogeyd6e-DIO-t, i used to have to do it but then we did away with VLANS and went to true switching environment13:25
jdstrandany of these would work:13:25
jdstrandsudo ufw allow 5313:25
jdstrandsudo ufw allow domain13:25
jdstrandsudo ufw allow Bind913:25
bogeyd6check that Bind913:25
mco1It seems like our samba problem was mainly caused due to our mac clients. Thanks to _ruben and twb for helping me find the problem faster.13:25
tydeasThere is an app Bind9 :)13:25
e-DIO-tsigh bodgey: my boss won't buy other switches guess :P13:26
e-DIO-t[the fact is that tha idiot bought 2 48port switchs :°°°°]13:26
bogeyd6sounds like you dont even need VLAN13:26
bogeyd6but anyways13:27
bogeyd6whats the prob e-DIO-t13:27
e-DIO-twell: i'll "show" you all the way13:27
e-DIO-t1 - installed vlan package on the ubuntu server on ESXi13:27
e-DIO-t2 - configured a iface eth0.10 [raw_device etcetc] on network
e-DIO-t3 - built up a portgroup on Vswitch to Truck all vlan [vlanID 4095]13:28
e-DIO-t4 - set as "tagged member" of VLAN10 the output port of the Vswitch13:29
e-DIO-t5 - setup a eth0.10 on my own laptop, and setup my own switchport as tagged member of vlan1013:29
e-DIO-t...no ping :°°° but the same configuration with 2 phisical hosts [i mean: no vswitch in between] works13:30
e-DIO-t[ps: ping fails, arping too]13:30
bogeyd6i assume you setup up the actual switch with VLAN13:30
bogeyd6e-DIO-t, also we will need a pastebin.ubuntu.com of your "sudo ifconfig"13:31
bogeyd6e-DIO-t, also we will need a pastebin.ubuntu.com of your "sudo ifconfig -a"13:32
e-DIO-twell, i'm cisco "born" so those 3com are a bit "strange" to me. Anyway since the same config with 2 ubuntu phisical hosts works, guess the phisical switch config it's ok, and even the ubuntu one13:32
e-DIO-t...ok, i'm pasting..would you like a /etc/network/interfaces too?13:32
e-DIO-t http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/450075/ <== heres Ubuntu server "in" EsxI" conf13:33
bogeyd6e-DIO-t, is the 8021q module enabled?13:34
e-DIO-tnot "staticly": but i modprobed it during proofs13:35
bogeyd6have you rebooted since13:35
e-DIO-tguess...i should have not.13:36
bogeyd6this will load 8021q on boot sudo su -c 'echo "8021q" >> /etc/modules'13:36
bogeyd6then we need a pastebin of your /etc/network/interfaces13:36
e-DIO-tisical switch config it's ok, and even the ubuntu one13:37
e-DIO-t<bogeyd6> e-DIO-t, also we will need a pasteù13:37
e-DIO-tdamn...ghgh wait13:37
e-DIO-there's the server one13:38
bogeyd6well there is your problem13:39
bogeyd6configured a iface eth0.10 [raw_device etcetc] on network
bogeyd6but you clearly have it set as eth1.1013:40
bogeyd6this brings serious doubt of credibility13:40
nodeadminhi, I have eucalyptus (UEC) running on two machines (cc+clc+walrus+sc) and (nc). I can ping created virtual machines and they receive ips from my real DNS in system mode. The problem is that I cannot ssh into them, even though they are running a regular Ubuntu Lucid image. Any ideas?13:40
bogeyd6nodeadmin, is the firewall enabled?13:40
e-DIO-tno wait13:41
e-DIO-ti can't follow u:13:41
nodeadminufw says inactive on the controller and node.13:41
e-DIO-ti got: eth0 as "native", eth1 as auto, and eth1.10 on /etc/network/interface13:41
bogeyd6e-DIO-t, well the pastebins look fine and with your apparent knowledge of the system it looks like everything but your switch is setup. You do realize you have to configure the switch for that VLAN and then it should start working just fine.13:42
bogeyd6nodeadmin, that was my best guess13:42
e-DIO-tmmh...damn: but it won't go :°°°°13:43
nodeadminlol, thanks13:43
bogeyd6e-DIO-t, https://wiki.ubuntu.com/vlan13:43
e-DIO-twell boogey :P right, problem's not the ubuntu one13:44
nodeadminits kind of funny, either I can ssh into them from only the controller, and they can access the outside world, but nobody can access them. Or, in system mode, everybody can ping them but not connect, not even with hybridfox.13:44
e-DIO-tguess there's something between switch and vswitch13:44
tydeasIs there any gui for bind9"?13:45
bogeyd6e-DIO-t, which model of 3com switch do you have?13:45
e-DIO-tBaseline Switch 2948-SFP Plus13:45
bogeyd6tydeas, not at the moment but here is the best docu i have ever seen on bind9 setup in ubuntu, http://www.ubuntugeek.com/dns-server-setup-using-bind-in-ubuntu.html13:45
e-DIO-tand i'm hating them: they got also some "strange issue" on MAC/IP based acl13:45
e-DIO-ttydeas: for sure it's called "gnome terminal" ;)13:45
bogeyd6!dns | tydeas13:46
ubottutydeas: To set up a Domain Name Service see the !serverguide - https://help.ubuntu.com/10.04/serverguide/C/dns.html13:46
tydease-DIO-t: i love it.13:46
uvirtbote-DIO-t: Error: "_^" is not a valid command.13:46
tydeasmy boss asked for a gui.13:46
e-DIO-tahaha mine too13:46
tydeasusing irssi13:46
e-DIO-tis still asking for gnome-desktop over a group of servers ;)13:47
tydeasto talk here ;)13:47
e-DIO-tdamned windows-grown geehehe13:47
tydeaseven starting using w3m when want to read documentations such as how to set bind913:47
tydeasi am a fedora user though13:48
bogeyd6tydeas, http://www.debianadmin.com/bind-dns-server-web-interfacefrontend-or-gui-tools.html13:48
tydeasusing ubuntu-server13:48
bogeyd6e-DIO-t, http://support.3com.com/infodeli/tools/switches/baseline/3Com_Baseline-Switch-2948-SFP-Plus_User-Guide.pdf  suggest 802.1q is not even supported13:48
e-DIO-ti'm going to kill my boss :°°°13:49
e-DIO-tok...i'm going to smoke and seriously offende some random-god. BRB :(13:49
bogeyd6read the user guide first13:50
tydeashow can i check if the webmin is in the repo of ubuntu?13:50
bogeyd6i did a cntrl+f for 802.1q and couldnt find it13:51
bogeyd6tydeas, sudo apt-cache search webmin13:51
Pici!webmin | tydeas13:51
ubottutydeas: webmin is no longer supported in Debian and Ubuntu. It is not compatible with the way that Ubuntu packages handle configuration files, and is likely to cause unexpected issues with your system. See !ebox instead.13:51
bogeyd6even if it isnt, there is a .deb from webmin themselves13:51
tydeasany one form the ones bogeyd6 posted my before that are supported?13:52
bogeyd6!ebox tydeas13:52
bogeyd6!ebox | tydeas13:52
ubottutydeas: ebox is a web-based GUI interface for administering a server. It is designed to work with Ubuntu/Debian style configuration management. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/eBox13:52
tydeasis it for BIND9 config too?13:52
bogeyd6the whole shebang a bang13:53
tydeasdid not understood13:53
bogeyd6tydeas, http://packages.ubuntu.com/intrepid/ebox-dns13:54
bogeyd6depending on server version of course13:54
tydeasused apt-get to take it :)13:55
tydeaswhat's all about dynamic dns?13:59
tydeasi have static ip?13:59
tydeasdo i need something from this?13:59
bogeyd6e-DIO-t, IEEE 802.1Q defines an architecture for virtual bridged LANs, the Tagging13:59
bogeyd6Compliance services provided in VLANs, and the protocols and algorithms13:59
bogeyd6involved in the provision of these services. An important requirement13:59
bogeyd6included in this standard is the ability to mark frames with a desired Class of13:59
bogeyd6Service (CoS) tag value.13:59
bogeyd6so maybe it is considered a feature of the switch13:59
bogeyd6!ebox | tydeas14:00
ubottutydeas: ebox is a web-based GUI interface for administering a server. It is designed to work with Ubuntu/Debian style configuration management. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/eBox14:00
tydeaswhat this suppose to mean?14:00
bogeyd6!english | tydeas14:06
ubottutydeas: The #ubuntu, #kubuntu and #xubuntu channels are English only. For a complete list of channels in other languages, please visit http://help.ubuntu.com/community/InternetRelayChat14:06
hggdhttx: the server meeting conflicts with Brazil's game today :-(14:16
ttxhggdh: use your right brain to cheer and your left brain to type ?14:17
hggdhttx: I guess so :-)14:17
hggdhttx: when does France play?14:17
ttxFrance is still on track ?14:18
EtienneGGuys, any way we can actually turn off / disable the Image Store entirely in UEC?14:19
ttxhggdh: Thursday 1830 UTC14:19
EtienneGI am thinking that it would be best to remove the tab entirely from the web ui where there is no Internet connectrivity14:19
hggdhttx: thanks. Should be a nice game to watch14:19
Ryan1I'm setting up key based auth for SSH. Am I able to copy my public key to any other machine I use (eg. by USB stick) or should I generate a new key for each machine?14:20
EtienneGRyan1, check ssh-copy-id14:20
EtienneGcopying your public key to other machine is basically what it does14:21
Ryan1My understanding is that it copies it to the SSH server and adds it to the authorized_keys file14:21
EtienneGRyan1, just fyi, id == key pair, in ssh parlance14:21
EtienneGRyan1, yep14:21
Ryan1Basically, my home desktop is my SSH server14:22
Ryan1And I'm using my laptop at the moment, which I've set up correctly14:22
Ryan1And used ssh-copy-id to move the public key to the desktop/server14:22
Ryan1But I also SSH from work14:22
Ryan1So I need to know if I can just put my public key on a USB drive and take it to work14:23
Ryan1Or whether I need to generate a new key from my work PC14:23
EtienneGRyan1, ok then.  You will need to carry your private key with you, to be able to ssh into the machine where you have deployed your public key in authorized_keys14:23
EtienneGRyan1, *or* generating a second key and adding the public part to the authorized_keys file is apossibility14:23
Ryan1ok, thanks14:23
EtienneGboth would work; I prefer single key14:24
tydeasi can not understand how to start ebox yet.14:25
hggdhEtienneG: IIRC, it is all javascript14:27
e-DIO-tbogeyd6, so in the end: those 3com are vlan useless :°°°14:27
EtienneGhggdh, erm, ok.  Any easy way to tweak that?14:27
hggdhEtienneG: and, unless you drive a connection to (say) the Image Store, you will not know if it is reachable or not14:28
hggdhEtienneG: no, I do not know of any easy way14:28
EtienneGhggdh, too bad, I will forget it then14:28
* hggdh goes have a look14:28
bogeyd6e-DIO-t, i dunno14:31
bogeyd6e-DIO-t, read the user guide and see if i missed something14:32
bogeyd6bbiab, gonna do my backports update and see if this fixes my laptop problems14:32
=== zah3r is now known as ZAHER
e-DIO-t"4.2 802.1x Auto-VLAN Assignment This release allows VLANS to be assigned via the Radius server. Note that this feature if enabled can assign untagged VLANs to ports where users are already connected. If they14:40
e-DIO-tare assigned to other untagged VLANs then they will be removed from the port."14:40
e-DIO-t...so guess it should work with 802.1q trunks :°°°14:40
e-DIO-tand i'm in the same ole deep sh!t :°°°14:41
_rubene-DIO-t: why do you need vlan support within your vm? you need more than 4?15:02
e-DIO-tnope _ruben: i'd be glad to separate broadcast domains even within the same phisical blade15:05
e-DIO-tanyway the fact is: why shouldn't work since vswitch supports 802.1q trunks, phisical switch supports 802.1q trunks and linux supports 802.1q trunks?!15:07
e-DIO-tthat's sending me nuts :°°°15:07
_rubenit works for me as well .. but gotta run now15:07
e-DIO-tok...hope to  got you any other day. to get a "chat" bout this15:08
Picie-DIO-t: This conversation is a bit over my head, but perhaps you'd find better support asking in ##networking ? If not, feel free to ignore me ;)15:08
e-DIO-tops: pici neither tought it could exist :P15:09
e-DIO-t[and neither searched for it... i'm going to take a look]15:09
smoserhggdh, ping15:19
hggdhsmoser: pong15:20
smosereucalyptus bug... mail from them suggesting fix15:21
smoseri'll do a build if you'd like and get you some binaries if you can then attempt a fix15:21
hggdhyes, small fix, two modules. I tried patching it, but don't know how :-(15:21
hggdhsmoser: yes, thank you very much15:21
kirklandhggdh: ping15:54
kirklandsmoser: hggdh: actually, i just sent a build to ~ubuntu-virt ppa15:55
kirklandsmoser: hggdh: get that tested whenever you can15:55
kirklandhggdh: maybe you can start prepping the rig for that test15:55
smoserkirkland, cool. thanks.15:55
smosermy build failed, don't know why.15:55
smoseri basically did the same thing you did15:58
smoserah. i know what i did differently, i tried to build on maverick15:59
hggdhkirkland: the rig is ready. As soon as your build is done, I will install and run tests on it16:01
smoserkirkland, so, just an fyi, lucid-proposed eucalyptus fails to build from source on maverick.16:10
smoserprobably a "oh well", but just fyi16:10
kirklandsmoser: yeah, i think Daviey is on top of that one ...  something about libgroovy, i think16:11
Davieysmoser: yep.. that is fixed in a pending upload16:13
Davieykirkland: Are you able to upload that?  (Note, i've pushed to the branch today)16:17
kirklandDaviey: the 1.6.2 maverick?16:17
pmatulisin top i see the process 'apache2'.  is there any way to get more info than that such as what virtualhost this process is serving?16:17
kirklandDaviey: i'll sponsor that now16:17
kirklandDaviey: wait, i couldn't build a source package16:18
kirklandDaviey: where is the orig tarball?16:18
Davieykirkland: from upstream branch16:19
Davieykirkland: wait 1, one more commit, just noticed something16:19
kirklandDaviey: okay, i can mumble now16:19
musictotohi all! i'm using ubuntu 10.04 LTS server edition and i need an option like the 'lock screen' option you have in the desktop edition, without logging out. is that possible ? and how ?16:30
smosermusictoto, you're talking about the console ? ie, you've logged in and you want to lock it ?16:33
smoserif thats the case, I'd suggest using gnu screen (or, better, byobu) and then hitting 'ctrl-a x'16:34
kirklandsmoser: musictoto: actually you can run "byobu" and then hit F1216:39
ruben23hi guys i installed mysql-server 5.1 and accidentally replaced my.cnf with my.cnf version 5, not its not starting, this is a fresh install of 5.1 are there ways i can download fresh default config of mysql5.1-16:39
musictotosmoser: kirkland: thanks guys16:40
SpamapShah.. I just hit Cmd-Q instead of Cmd-Tab in my Chrome window.. about 25 tabs closed.. at first I was mad, but then I felt *FREE*16:53
ruben23hi guys how do i remove mysql-server 5.1  package16:53
SpamapSruben23: apt-get remove mysql-server-5.1 should do it16:54
webPragmatistany of you know if it is possible to use pacemaker+heartbeat instead of corosync16:54
ruben23 SpamapS: when i do that it does conompletly uninstall- it just freeze..16:55
ruben23no activity at all16:55
SpamapSruben23: what do you mean it just freeze?16:55
SpamapSruben23: the uninstall process?16:56
SpamapSruben23: maybe mysqld is stuck16:56
ruben23 SpamapS:yes..., what happen really is i accidentally replaced the my.cnf of 5.1 with 5.0 my.cnf version--after that mysql-server is not responding at all.16:56
webPragmatistooh nm16:58
webPragmatisti just installed heartbeat and it installed pacemaker16:58
ruben23guys help, im stock16:59
=== unrael_ is now known as unrael
webPragmatistanyone ever run "logfile"17:12
SpamapSlogfile: command not found17:13
ruben23how to check if a package is completely remove17:13
* JPP is away: Work17:15
webPragmatistyea it's like a logd maybe something old in this confi17:15
mathiazkirkland: Daviey: hallyn: bug 594179 - does it make sense?17:19
uvirtbotLaunchpad bug 594179 in qemu-kvm "Missing -f option for 'qemu-img snapshot'" [Low,Incomplete] https://launchpad.net/bugs/59417917:19
* Daviey looks17:19
Davieymathiaz: hmm.. the reporter hasn't stated where the patched derived from17:20
Davieyis it a cherry pick?17:20
mathiazDaviey: hm - I think wrote it up]17:21
mathiazDaviey: I'm more asking whether what he tries to do *actually* makes sense17:21
mathiazDaviey: ie can you change a format of a snapshot?17:21
mathiazDaviey: it seems to me that the use case he tries to solve is to be able to use qcow2 as the format of the snapshot for a raw file (for example)17:22
Davieymathiaz: Ahh, i see.. I can see that being useful.. not sure it's SRU stuff :/17:23
Davieyif it's for maverick, would be nice to see in upstream and then we get it for free17:23
mathiazDaviey: well - does qemu *actually* suport doing that17:23
Davieymathiaz: not a feature set i would be comfortable us carrying, personally.17:23
Davieymathiaz: pass, never done it17:23
mathiazDaviey: I don't think you can just add the format option to the command line and off you go it works magically17:24
Davieymathiaz: brb, on a call17:24
kirklandhggdh: did you notice that that eucalyptus ppa built?17:42
hggdhkirkland: yes, was on an interview call, but just downloaded them17:43
jits1998hi guys... we run a training institute and need a nfs + ldap authentication setup for ubuntu .. we have around 200 users .. please point me to a documentation i can follow as a newbie ... and what kind of hardware server will be needed .. Thanks!!17:59
RoyK^jits1998: the ubuntu server guide is quite usable18:00
RoyK^200 users can be anything, really, it just depends what sort of traffic they make18:00
jits1998RoyK^: we run a development training institute .. so frequent updates will be there..18:01
RoyK^homedirs on nfs?18:01
jits1998RoyK^: we want to share home dir frmo nfs18:01
RoyK^or local homes?18:01
RoyK^that'll create some traffic18:01
RoyK^some as in quite a lot18:01
jits1998RoyK^: yeah i wd think .18:01
RoyK^are we talking about 200 concurrent users?18:02
jits1998RoyK^: 120 concurrent via nfs clients..others will likely be using mail and other ldap based stuff..18:02
RoyK^how much data space do you plan to support?18:03
jits1998RoyK^: data space as in hard disk quota ? .. or total hard disk size ?18:04
RoyK^also, is there a fat budget, or do you want things to be cheap?18:04
jits1998RoyK^: cheap only .. we are just starting up .. :-) .. we will be renting server ...18:04
RoyK^ok, first, how much space do you need?18:05
RoyK^1TB? 10?18:05
jits1998RoyK^: may be max 1 Gb per user.. don't know if we would do much more than that per user ..18:05
RoyK^how much do they charge for the server rent?18:05
RoyK^would it be possible to get something cheap instead?18:06
RoyK^cheap or even used18:06
jits1998RoyK^: we have a policy to not invest in hardware . as yet......18:06
RoyK^doesn't seem too smart to me, but anyway, not my choice18:06
jits1998RoyK^: the rentals are planned in  a way to get profit after 2 years i think ..18:07
RoyK^so, how much per month?18:07
RoyK^btw, where are you located?18:07
jits1998RoyK^: I am in india ..18:07
jits1998jits1998: the laptops are rented at around 50 USD per month i think ..18:07
jits1998RoyK^: sorry .. replied to myself :P18:08
RoyK^I just bought this test box at work for storage - 8GB RAM, 8x2TB disk and some SSDs for root and cache, and it cost me less than NOK 25k18:09
RoyK^or $350018:10
RoyK^you can get decent hardware quite cheap these days18:10
RoyK^and you won't need that amount of storage18:10
jits1998we can look at that.. there are some tax issues i guess.. but not sure..18:10
RoyK^but still - what you will need is probably good random I/O speeds, meaning lots of drives18:11
RoyK^they don't have to be big for your current needs, but you will be wanting many18:11
RoyK^say a couple of small drives for the root mirror and 4+ drives for the data18:12
hggdhkirkland: just started a test run, 2,000 instances18:12
kirklandhggdh: ETA?18:13
RoyK^jits1998: placing the storage on a dedicated box will help things a bit, especially if you use something like Nexenta or OpenSolaris on that - that allows you to to dynamically grow the storage without downtime18:13
hggdhkirkland: 3 hours to finish, but I will be monitoring. We will have a very good guess in about 30 min18:13
kirklandhggdh: great18:13
RoyK^hggdh: what sort of test run is this?18:13
hggdhRoyK^: UEC runs, mix of all instance types, for both i386 and AMD64 images18:14
uvirtbotNew bug: #594696 in php5 (main) "eval() with base64_decode causes segfault" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/59469618:16
RoyK^hggdh: any idea about this one ? https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux/+bug/57927618:16
uvirtbotLaunchpad bug 579276 in linux "Lost network in KVM VM / virtio_net page allocation failure" [Medium,Triaged]18:16
* ccheney thought he would have rest and just deal with the baby while on leave but has a todo list a mile long :-\18:20
RoyK^jiboumans: ?18:20
jiboumansRoyK: yes?18:21
hggdhccheney: hey welcome ;-)18:22
RoyK^jiboumans: given a ballpark figure of your budget, I could recommend something, but recommending something without any idea of what you may spend on the setup is quite impossible18:22
jiboumansRoyK: sorry, i'm lacking context i think18:23
RoyK^erm - bloody autoexpand18:23
jitsRoyK^: sorry i got d/c after you said i wd need lots of drives with good i/a18:23
RoyK^jiboumans: sorry18:23
jiboumansRoyK: clearly i need to have everyone with an irc nick beginning with 'ji' banned ;)18:24
* zul is getting high off the new asphalt in his driveway18:24
jiboumanszul: asphalt; the new glue?18:24
RoyK^jits: for 120-200 clients with nfs-mounted homedirs, you'll need good I/O. processing power is not likely to be an issue18:24
jitsRoyK^: okay.. how do i get that :-s18:24
zuljiboumans: i dunno...all i know is that its not sitting well with me18:24
RoyK^jits: lots of drives18:25
RoyK^jits: not necessarily big ones, but more drives18:25
jitsRoyK^: umm.. as raid or something ?18:26
jitsRoyK^: i have no clue :-(18:26
RoyK^jits: current 2TB drives are very fast linearly, but all 7200rpm drives do around 120 IOPS, meaning not a lot unless you do LARGE reads, which you won't18:26
jitsRoyK^: yeah it will be very small read and writes .. but frequently..18:26
RoyK^jits: yes, RAID-5 or RAID-6. I'd recommend using an external box with nexenta/opensolaris for the storage, since that's very nice, and can use SSDs for caching, can grow existing volumes without downtime and do blocklevel checksumming of everything - you won't get that on Linux until btrfs stabilises and catches up with zfs, which is likely to take a year or more18:27
jitsRoyK^: that sounds very very expensive :|18:28
RoyK^you can use cheap, even used hardware and make it run very fast18:29
vraaopensolaris/nexenta is free, your bulk costs are harddrives18:29
jitsopensolaris can run on non sun systems ?18:30
RoyK^with zfs (the filesystem in nexenta/opensolaris) you can also replace smaller drives in a RAID, one by one, and when you're done, the zpool has grown18:30
RoyK^I don't think linux has anything like that18:31
hggdhkirkland: does not look good...18:31
jitsokay ..18:31
RoyK^jits: we have a dual 50TB setup built on supermicro hardware and cheap drives.....18:31
kirklandhggdh: alrighty18:32
jitsRoyK^: 50 TB :P .. we will be rich when we need that kind of disk :P18:32
vraaRoyK you still have to resliver after each drive right?18:32
RoyK^vraa: yes18:32
vraa:) i love zfs18:33
RoyK^but if you have an extra slot, you just replace it, no degradation18:33
RoyK^jits: http://hub.opensolaris.org/bin/download/Community+Group+zfs/docs/zfslast.pdf18:34
RoyK^that's good reading about zfs18:34
jitsRoyK^: thanks.. let me quickly go thru it and see :-)18:34
FunnyLookinHatLooking for some quick advice: what's the most reliable way to transfer large files between servers ?18:42
FunnyLookinHat(Not on the same network)18:42
FunnyLookinHatNot mirrored directories....18:43
FunnyLookinHatOne time pushes of large files18:43
FunnyLookinHati.e File shows up in directory - cronjob sees it there and sends it off18:43
FunnyLookinHatI was thinking SCP ?18:43
RoyK^rsync --partial can be better if the job is likely to be interrupted, though18:44
RoyK^FunnyLookinHat: just make sure the transfer script locks, so you don't get multiple transfers going in parallel :þ18:46
sjmFunnyLookinHat: you can use rsync over ssh, too.  look at the man page.18:46
RoyK^sjm: rsync runs over ssh by default these days18:47
RoyK^if you rsync somefile somehost:18:47
sjmRoyK^: Really?  When did that happen?18:47
RoyK^years ago :)18:47
DelemasOn other distributions there are init script functions (/etc/rc.d/init.d/functions) which can be included so init scripts can easily find the pid of a forked child etc. Where can I find these on Ubuntu?18:47
sjmok.  good to know.18:47
RoyK^Delemas: see /etc/init.d/skeleton18:48
DelemasRoyK^: excellent! Thanks :)18:49
sjmRoyK^: since version 2.6.0 (Jan 1, 2004) to answer my own question.  I now feel out of date. :)18:50
DelemasThe initscript for bmc-watchdog is totally busticated so I'm trying to fix it...18:50
RoyK^jits: get the point?18:56
FunnyLookinHatsjm / RoyK^  - Cool thanks!19:03
jitsRoyK^: yet to go thru it .. its 11:30 pm here :-) .. time to sleep.. will do it tom morning..19:04
RoyK^jits: ok, nite19:04
webPragmatistwhere's the documentation on different pacemaker resources that are supported19:12
webPragmatisti'm trying to figure out if i can make it switch a dns record19:13
toxicHello, I'm willing to install ubuntu-server on a 4096MB flash-IDE drive. Is 4096MB enought to get all services for a homeserver up'n'runnin' ? (I intend to install zfs-fuse, lamp, mt-daapd, squid, webmin... the usual ;) )19:23
webPragmatistyes… probably 3gb would be okay19:24
Picitoxic: You may want to note that webmin is not in the repositories.19:24
ubottuwebmin is no longer supported in Debian and Ubuntu. It is not compatible with the way that Ubuntu packages handle configuration files, and is likely to cause unexpected issues with your system. See !ebox instead.19:24
ubottuebox is a web-based GUI interface for administering a server. It is designed to work with Ubuntu/Debian style configuration management. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/eBox19:25
toxicthanks Pici !19:25
toxicand Pici, what about the minimal requirement for HDD-usage of ubuntu-server ?19:25
RoyK^toxic: just make sure zfs gets a gig of ram if you're planning something useful19:26
RoyK^toxic: how's the performance of zfs-fuse, btw?19:26
toxicRoyK, RAM is not going to be a problem, but as I bought a small SilverStone  Sugo case, I need a very small HDD for the system if I want my 5 drives in my case ;)19:27
MTecknologyis it possible to do something like ssh user:pass@server-ip ?19:28
RoyK^why not nexenta if you need zfs?19:28
Picitoxic: The documentation claims 500mb for base, 1gb for all tasks, see https://help.ubuntu.com/10.04/serverguide/C/preparing-to-install.html19:28
RoyK^MTecknology: nope, but look up key auth19:28
toxicRoyK, right now I'm using ZFS on a very cheap Motherboard on the integrated SATA II Controller, and Achieve only 40-50 MiO/s reading from zfs and writing to zfs at the same time...19:28
kirkland<kirkland> hallyn: so on your stack of verify-kvm-feature-foo work items ...19:28
kirkland<kirkland> hallyn: let's start a document in a wiki page, or in google docs, that shows the command line (and any additional instructions) we're using to verify these19:28
kirkland<kirkland> hallyn: actually, let's take this to #ubuntu-server (no need to be secret here)19:28
=== RoyK is now known as Guest56787
=== RoyK^ is now known as RoyK
kirklandhallyn: i just verified -vnc :1, and -serial stdio19:29
kirklandhallyn: but both of those have lots more values than ":1" and "stdio"19:29
toxicRoyK, I'm "pretty good" with ubuntu, but have yet no idea of any other linux distrib... And Nexenta is solaris-like I belive ?19:29
kirklandhallyn: i think it would be good to note what we've verified19:29
MTecknologyRoyK^: I'm trying to make a script to automate configuring servers - one of the parts is setting up those shared keys :P19:29
kirklandhallyn: and I suspect we'll need to re-test all of these again, after your upload, and closer to release19:29
RoyKtoxic: nexenta is opensolaris kernel with debian userspace19:29
RoyKtoxic: same thing, really, for most use19:30
RoyKMTecknology: $HOME/.ssh/authorized_keys holds the keys19:30
hallynkirkland: yeah, that's something i was trying ot ask last week.  especially once 12.4 goes to maverick *and*then* gets backported to lucid...19:30
toxicRoyK, would you advise me to swich to Nexenta for more stable zfs (still experimental with fuse, but had no issue with it in the last year...)19:30
RoyKtoxic: yes, without doubt19:30
kirklandhallyn: let's do a wiki page for this19:31
hallynkirkland: but i'm logging what i've verified under https://blueprints.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+spec/server-maverick-hypervisor19:31
panfisthow could i find what user is running the apache service on my server?19:31
hallynnew wiki page woudl be good19:31
hallynthen we can be more precise/verbose19:31
RoyKtoxic: tuning, debugging etc will be different, but zfs is zfs all way through19:31
kirklandhallyn: right, mark them DONE there --- but let's talk about what we've actually done in a wiki page19:31
toxicRoyK, I'll try that out, I need to find time to test it on a VM, could you just answer this one question : as a ubuntu-geek, how long do you belive I need to adapt to nexenta and have a fully functional homeserver ?19:32
kirklandhallyn: how does https://wiki.ubuntu.com/KVMFeatureVerification sound to you?19:32
RoyKtoxic: not very long19:32
toxic(I wanna know if I need 2 days or an hour ;) )19:32
RoyKtoxic: just try to install nexenta on that wee box before filling it up19:32
toxicRoyK, I'll do that ! Thx for the advise !19:33
toxicNexenta runs zfs in the kernel ? It should improve throughput :p no ?19:33
hallynkirkland: sounds good.  i'll create that after mtg if you haven't already19:33
hggdhkirkland: I stopped the first run (about 400 instances) and will restart another 2,000 instances. Meanwhile I will look at the errors19:35
RoyKtoxic: yes, nexenta runs zfs in kernel - that helps a wee bit :þ19:36
toxicCool RoyK thanks ! I'm now asking on #nexenta to leave this chan for ubuntu ;)19:37
ubottuwebmin is no longer supported in Debian and Ubuntu. It is not compatible with the way that Ubuntu packages handle configuration files, and is likely to cause unexpected issues with your system. See !ebox instead.19:37
kirklandhggdh: so no silver bullet, eh?19:38
hggdhkirkland: does not look like it is silver, or even silver-coated19:39
kirklandhggdh: dammit19:42
kirklandhggdh: you can verify that you did install the new packages19:43
kirklandhggdh: restarted the various services?19:43
kirklandhggdh: dpkg -l | grep euca19:43
kirklandhggdh: i know, i'm sure you did, just checking ....19:43
hggdhkirkland: I did verify I installed all new packages -- dpkg -l euca\* uec\* before, then dpkg -i the ones needed on each box, then anotehr dpkg -l euca\* uec\* to verify all had the correct version string19:44
hggdhI wish I had missed some :-( then there would still be hope.19:44
hggdhkirkland: additionally, we are still running with VNET_ADDRSPERNET = 64, so we will not have spurious errors due to the 32-3 limit19:45
kirklandhggdh: okay19:45
kirklandhggdh: would you please reply to Chris' note on the cano-euca list with your findings?19:46
kirklandhggdh: we need him to get back to work on this19:46
hggdhkirkland: will do. I am now finding out what errors we had. Metadata related are certainly more than 10 so far19:47
kirklandhggdh: regression then?19:49
kirklandhggdh: what a mess ... :-/19:49
kirklandhallyn: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/VirtFeatureVerification19:49
kirklandhallyn: i put it under "Virt" feature verification, b/c some stuff is kvm, some is qemu, and some is libvirt19:49
hggdhkirkland: no, not really regression, just no improvement. Chris stated he could not repeat it...19:50
kirklandhggdh: okay;  please continue the dialog on that list19:51
jitsRoyK: should i be looking at nexenta stor or nexenta :-s19:56
RoyKjits: nexenta core platform19:56
jitsRoyK: okay thanks .. will download it ..19:57
jitsRoyK: it works fine with ldap ?19:57
RoyKI'd guess so19:57
RoyKeven Sun is replacing NIS with LDAP19:58
jitsRoyK: cool ... thanks..19:58
jitsRoyK: just could not sleep .. will put it to download :P19:58
RoyKwe have opensolaris boxes as CIFS servers in an AD19:58
RoyKjits: where are you located?19:58
jitsRoyK: India :)19:59
jitsRoyK: its 12;30 now.. have to be in office at 9 :P19:59
RoyKI forgot19:59
* RoyK is in .no19:59
kirklandhallyn: feel free to toy with the template or display of the info in that page20:01
kirklandhallyn: i just threw up the basics20:01
hggdhkirkland: this is different -- on the first run (430 instances) I had 39 failures. BUT this time there were no other failures but metadata20:05
kirklandhggdh: hrm, that's interesting20:05
hggdhkirkland: before that we would have a mix of metadata and SSH failures (probably due to bad IP addresses)20:06
uvirtbotNew bug: #594777 in openldap (main) "slapd run level link name to high when using krb5-kdc" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/59477720:06
hggdhkirkland: so, it seems there is a net gain20:06
bogeyd6page preview is broken in openoffice for x64 10.0420:07
mathiazSpamapS: https://bugs.launchpad.net/~ubuntu-server/+packagebugs20:08
jitsRoyK: got that...20:11
jitsRoyK: still searching for a document to setup nexenta as nfs20:11
RoyKjits: that's zfs basics - zfs sharenfs20:12
bogeyd6!nfs jits20:12
bogeyd6!nfs | jits20:12
ubottujits: nfs is the network file system. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SettingUpNFSHowTo for information on installing and configuring NFS.20:12
bogeyd6mebbe some guidelines?20:12
RoyKjits: /j #nexenta20:12
RoyKbogeyd6: not in nexenta20:12
jitsRoyK: googling..20:13
RoyKjits: http://docs.sun.com/app/docs/doc/819-546120:14
kirklandDaviey: so you're saying i should be pushing to: lp:ubuntu/maverick/eucalyptus ?20:35
kirklandDaviey: can you confirm that?20:35
Davieyone mo20:36
Davieykirkland: lp:~ubuntu-core-dev/eucalyptus/ubuntu/20:36
cdubyaare there any good references on how to setup an odbc connection to ms sql on ubuntu server 10.04?20:37
kirklandDaviey: kirkland@x200:/tmp/euca$ bzr branch lp:~ubuntu-core-dev/ubuntu/maverick/eucalyptus20:37
kirklandbzr: ERROR: Invalid url supplied to transport: "lp:~ubuntu-core-dev/ubuntu/maverick/eucalyptus": ~ubuntu-core-dev/ubuntu/maverick/eucalyptus is too short to be a branch name. Try '~<owner>/+junk/<branch>', '~<owner>/<product>/<branch> or '~<owner>/<distribution>/<series>/<sourcepackage>/<branch>'.20:37
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Davieykirkland: bzr branch lp:~davewalker/ubuntu/maverick/eucalyptus/maverick_to_quilt/ ; bzr push lp:~ubuntu-core-dev/ubuntu/maverick/eucalyptus/devel20:39
Guest24216no matter what package i try to install, i get "Could't find package". But if I try to install an installed package I get "already the newest version" what am i doing wrong?20:41
guntbertGuest24216: what package are you trying to install? what command did you use?20:42
Guest24216and I can only find installed packages with apt-cache, I cant find anything else; example apt-cache search distcc20:42
Guest24216guntbert: anything example ... apt-cache install distcc20:43
Guest24216whoops apt-get install distcc20:43
Guest24216"couldnt fiond package20:43
guntbertGuest24216: did you enble the "universe" repo?20:44
Guest24216no... how do i do that?20:44
cdubyaGuest24216, yeah, have you checked your sources?20:44
Guest24216yea.. source.list is full20:45
Guest24216of http: sites20:45
cdubyaGuest24216, yes, but are the universe lines uncommented20:45
guntbertGuest24216: you must edit /etc/apt/sources.list and uncomment the relevant lines, then sudo apt-get update --- see https://help.ubuntu.com/10.04/serverguide/C/package-management.html20:46
Guest24216yes they are20:46
Guest24216all unicverse lines are uncommented... this is a fresh install20:46
guntbertGuest24216: if there is a # in front the line doesn't work, remove the #20:47
Guest24216yes ... i know comments20:47
cdubyaGuest24216, and you've tried sudo apt-get update?20:47
Guest24216apt-get update "Cannot initiate the connection to 8080:8020:48
Guest24216whoops must be a proxy fault20:48
guntbert!askthebot > cdubya20:52
ubottucdubya, please see my private message20:52
bogeyd6dang neckbeards21:03
a3istSomeone want to help me find out a delay in ssh authentication?  It occurs after the client checks blacklist files.  Here's the client side verbose log: http://pastebin.com/aRQ8pqEy.   IPv6 is disabled/blacklisted21:24
kirklandhallyn: mathiaz: qemu-kvm uploaded to maverick21:28
kirklandhallyn: mathiaz: thanks a lot21:28
kirklandhallyn: how about that memory leak SRU for lucid?21:28
hallynkirkland: https://code.launchpad.net/~serge-hallyn/ubuntu/lucid/qemu-kvm/memleak-fix2   proposed merge/review21:29
hallynkirkland: mathiaz: thanks! (for mav upload)21:29
* kirkland gets on that one21:30
kirklandhallyn: the mem leak one should be fix-released in maverick, now that uploaded 0.12.4, correct?21:32
kirklandhallyn: ie, the git commit that you cherrypicked was in the 0.12.4 release, correct?21:32
hallynyup it's in there21:33
smoserhggdh, chris misunderstood your email21:33
hallyn(just checked 0.12.4 source)21:33
smoserplease respond21:33
ccheneyhggdh: hi :)21:45
* ccheney just got back from taking his wife to the doctor21:45
smoserccheney, all things good ?21:46
hggdhsmoser, ccheney, what did I do?21:48
smoserhggdh, see msg21:49
hggdhof course, it is probably my fault ;-)21:49
LowValueTargetis installing from usb faster than installing from a dvd21:53
kirklandhallyn: fwiw, i subscribed to https://wiki.ubuntu.com/VirtFeatureVerification?action=subscribe21:55
hallynkirkland: me too :)21:58
kirklandhallyn: oooh, -redir, neat22:01
kirklandhallyn: i just added that to testdrive's default kvm args :-)22:01
kirklandhallyn: also, for virtio network and disk, we should find some way of semi-consistently benchmarking this22:02
kirklandhallyn: such that we might be able to detect severe regresssions22:02
hallynkirkland: jdstrand has the libvirt qa test script.  we shoudl be able to add some simple things to that maybe22:06
kirklandhallyn: definitely22:06
kirklandhallyn: would be nice to automate as many of these as possible22:07
hallynwe'll want to use a very fast, minimal os.  can you think of one?  :)22:07
SpamapSkirkland: btw thanks for the link to your UEC-on-a-key ... I won't get too ambitious w/ the demo.. just want to show it to people so they're aware that it exists and can be played with. :)22:10
kirklandSpamapS: sure thing22:10
kirklandSpamapS: thanks for reminding me about that22:10
kirklandSpamapS: did you catch my blog post on the subject?22:10
SpamapSkirkland: no I am eons behind in my RSS feed reading.22:11
SpamapSkirkland: but reading now. :)22:11
kirklandSpamapS: http://blog.dustinkirkland.com/2010/06/cloud-in-your-pocket-uec-liveiso.html is your guide to your demo ;-)22:11
* SpamapS makes a steeple with his fingers22:11
SpamapSexxxxxccceelllent smithers22:12
SpamapSmmmmm dpkg source format 3.0 just saved my bee-hind.22:13
SpamapSmathiaz: you were asking how to get jars in the debian dir.. you just have to put '3.0 (quilt|native)' in debian/source/format and add all the binaries to debian/source/include-binaries  :)22:15
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webPragmatistwhy wouldn't shutdown -r now work?22:18
SpamapSwebPragmatist: weird BIOS doesn't like rebooting?22:19
webPragmatistno clue >.<22:19
* SpamapS decides he needs a burrito.. now22:21
Delemascool I sent in a patch for freeipmi.22:22
PhlogistiqueHi everyone22:30
PhlogistiqueI have a dedicated server I rebooted for a silly reason22:30
Phlogistiqueand now I can't get it to ping anymore22:30
uvirtbotNew bug: #594840 in openldap (main) "Many "connection_read(): no connection!" warnings from OpenLDAP server when using ldapi:/// and a bind DN (no external authentication)" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/59484022:31
Phlogistiquemy hosting has investigated22:31
Phlogistiqueand told me that the boot worked, it is possible to login locally, but22:31
Phlogistiquethere is a message "no network configured"22:31
Phlogistiquethey then booted a rescue system on the machine for me to investigate and fix22:32
Phlogistiquebut I didn't change the configuration and what's in the /etc/network/interfaces file looks perfectly sane22:32
Phlogistiqueany idea of where I can find more info/what I can try?22:33
Phlogistiquehttp://pastebin.com/fMnfhWaB content of /etc/network/interfaces22:36
lifelesskirkland: still up ?22:36
kirklandlifeless: yop22:36
zashPhlogistique: try poking with ifconfig22:37
lifelesskirkland: http://www.tenshu.net/archives/2010/06/08/the-lawnmower-man/22:37
lifelessin there he says22:37
Phlogistiquezash: I can't, my system is not running22:37
lifelessThe best driver for disk/networking is the paravirtualised “virtio” driver. I found that ubuntu-vm-builder had already configured the networking to use this, but not the disk, so I modifie22:37
Phlogistiqueanother system is running on the machine22:37
lifelesskirkland: is that a bug or feature?22:37
kirklandlifeless: page slow to load ...22:37
Phlogistiquezash: I can look at files but ifconfig won't be interesting22:38
lifelesskirkland: in fact, there are a bunch of tunin things there that perhaps should be bugs22:38
kirklandlifeless: what part are you specifically talking about as a bug or featureA?22:39
kirklandlifeless: for one thing, i only ever use qcow2 as my backing disk image (never lvm as whomever writes there)22:39
zashPhlogistique: i meant run stuff like ifup and see what happens22:39
kirklandlifeless: is that you, or ng's blog?22:40
lifelesskirkland: ng's22:40
lifelessNg: ^22:40
lifelesswhy I am funnelling between you two. bah.22:40
kirklandlifeless: heh22:40
kirklandNg: howdy22:40
lifelessNg: meet kirkland. kirkland: meet ng. TALK DAMMIT22:40
kirklandNg: lifeless: if the problem is with vmbuilder, i need to redirect you to soren22:41
lifelesskirkland: it seems to me that when one of our sysops looks at the result of ubuntu-vm-builder and notes that changes should be made, we should at least consider whether different defaults would be good.22:41
kirklandlifeless: ack, and i agree22:41
lifelesskirkland: and you're my go-to guy in server space :)22:41
kirklandlifeless: sane defaults should equal "ubuntu"22:41
* kirkland takes a bow22:41
Phlogistiquezash: oh you're right this might be interesting - maybe http://pastebin.com/yR5BmnsY22:42
kirklandNg: i'm happy to chat about this tomorrow, when we're both online again22:43
Phlogistiqueor maybe not...22:43
zashI have something similar to this problem: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=150740722:44
zashafter dist-upgrade from hardy. mysql won't start from init related utils, works-ish if launched directly like sudo -b mysql mysqld22:45
uvirtbotNew bug: #594847 in samba (main) "Samba doesn't work in Lucid over PPPoE" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/59484722:46
Phlogistiquezash: well, my problem's not about mysql22:46
zashPhlogistique: but mine is :P22:47
PhlogistiqueI thought you meant "somebody has a problem similar to yours" haha22:47
ccheneysmoser: sorry got called away again, yea she seems to be doing ok they gave her some medicine to take22:48
FFForeverwhat is the easiest way to setup a software raid on an already installed system?22:54
FFForever(with two new drives)22:55
JPPFFForever, mdadm is the tool for linux software RAID22:58
JPPin ubuntu server, to install type in apt-get install mdadm22:58
JPP(as root or sudo)22:58
FFForeveralso what would be the best way to copy ~500gb to the new raid?22:58
FFForevercp -R /oldFolder/* /newFolder/?22:59
JPPYes, probably :)22:59
JPPyou'll need to format your new harddisks as linux raid first22:59
zashWhat's up with upstart and mysql?23:03
zashand why is the load climbing when the server is othervise idle23:07
jdstrandhallyn, kirkland, smoser: fyi. it is my eod now, but I have a preliminary libvirt 0.8.1-2ubuntu1 package for maverick23:19
hggdhhi ccheney, how are you & SO?23:19
jdstrandhallyn, kirkland, smoser: I plan to test it tomorrow and upload maybe late tomorrow or Thursday23:20
kirklandjdstrand: awesome23:48
kirklandjdstrand: i sponsored hallyn's qemu-kvm today23:49
kirklandjdstrand: to maverick23:49

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