exigrafftonyyarusso: little late, but thanks, this has potential00:47
exigraffthough I agree with h00k, the notifications could use more content. the notifyosd bubbles are devoid of anything useful.00:58
TakyojiWhat are some reasonable brands for wireless cards?23:12
kermitoddly my intel cuts out a lot, so not that.. and broadcom has a history of closed APIs which causes problems23:13
kermitlinksys is linux famliar, thats a possibility23:14
kermitnanosys is linux friendly, so any of these might be good http://www.nanosys1.com/networking-modem-wireless-networking-pci-network-adapter.html23:14
kermitTakyoji: ^23:19
TakyojiAnother thing I'm curious of is: does USB or PCMCIA supply more power?23:21
TakyojiI was thinking on getting a USB wireless interface with packet-injection support and other things to toy around with various security-related things.23:21
kermiti would assume that to meet whatever standards there are it wouldnt be on a port that doesnt have enough power23:22
kermiti wouldnt think the WiFi certification would hand it out to an underpowered device23:23

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