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kklimondaI'm getting oopses when trying to access web interface: OOPS-ID-1627appserver13301:01
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Emry:P Anyone here know about the Magnatune plugin?  ^^11:12
kklimondawhat about it?11:56
EmryIn Rhytmbox, if I tell it to download an album, it just tells me it is done, and that is it. :P  Not a show stopper of course, but could possibly be a bug.  ^^12:28
EmryOr user error.12:28
Emry:) If you have suggestions, I could try them, and then head towards the gnome forums or whatever to put in a bug report, because I realize that most of the Rhytmbox issues tend to be upstream stuff.  ^^12:29
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duanedesignanyone running Ubuntu One on Maverick?13:43
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bottigerHow can I find out whats taking up space on my ubuntuone account? It says "You are currently using 910.3 MB of your 2.0 GB" although my account is completly empty14:56
bottigerexect for a single contact14:56
nessitaduanedesign: I am, what do you need?14:58
nessitabottiger: you're account is empty where? in the web ui?14:59
bottigernessita: yes14:59
bottigernessita: and on my disk15:00
bottigernessita: and everywhrer else15:00
nessitabottiger: could you please take a screenshot of your browser showing the web ui, and paste bin it?15:01
bottigernessita: working on it15:02
bottigernessita: http://dl.dropbox.com/u/4000492/ubuntuone.png -this should contain everything15:03
* nessita looks15:04
bottigerand no hidden dot-files (don't know if they would show up on the webUI)15:04
nessitabottiger: could you please paste the ouput of "u1sdtool --list-folders" (run that on a terminal please)15:06
bottigerreturns "No folders"15:06
nessitabottiger: let me grab some more help ;-)15:06
nessitajdobrien: ping15:06
bottigernessita: okay :)15:07
nessitabottiger: how many clients do you have? for the same account, I mean15:07
bottigeronly this one15:08
jdobriennessita, what's up?15:09
nessitajdobrien: bottiger says that his account reports You are currently using 910.3 MB of your 2.0 GB and he has no content on his account15:10
* jdobrien checks15:10
nessitajdobrien: he also has no folders as per u1sdtool --list-folders15:10
nessitajdobrien: what extra debug can we run?15:10
jdobriennessita, that only shows UDFs15:10
nessitajdobrien: yes, I know15:11
nessitajdobrien: but we check his Ubuntu One plus his UDFs15:11
jdobrienbottiger, if you go in ~/Ubuntu One, what does du -s show?15:11
bottigerjdobrien: see my screenshot: http://dl.dropbox.com/u/4000492/ubuntuone.png15:11
jdobrienbottiger, ahh yes, you have an older account.15:13
nessitajdobrien: older account? :-)15:14
jdobrienbottiger, this is a known issue with some buggy code15:14
bottigerjdobrien: an older account?15:14
jdobrienbottiger, you've been with us for a while15:14
bottigerjdobrien: I've tried. But I have to admit u1 always have feelt a little buggy. Maybe that's why15:14
jdobrienbottiger, we know of this issue and need to run a script to correct quota usage15:14
bottigerjdobrien: can you do that, please?15:16
jdobrienbottiger, unfortunately it's not setup to run on a per user basis. so I can't :(15:16
jdobrienbottiger, but it is a known issue and we're working it15:16
jdobriennessita, I think we need to make this bug public so people can see it's a known problem15:17
bottigerjdobrien: ahh - okay15:17
nessitajdobrien: I agree, shall we talk to joshuahoover?15:17
jdobrienbottiger, sorry about the frustration15:17
nessitabottiger: sorry :-(15:17
bottigerjdobrien: no problem15:18
bottigerjdobrien: but while I have you, may I ask. How many developers are working on ubuntu one ?15:18
jdobrienbottiger, well the entire Ubuntu One team is 25 people, but there are many parts to it15:19
jdobrienbottiger, file sync is just 415:19
bottigerjdobrien: wow - that was a lot15:19
bottigerjdobrien: honestly I was expecting 4 or 5 in total15:20
jdobrienbottiger, with music store, phone sync, and various other couchdb sync things going on, it's a big project15:21
jdobrienbottiger, the 25 includes project manager and other non development staff15:22
jdobrienoops...it's 28 in total15:23
bottigerI guess. Anyway, I think I got what I came for, thank you for your time. But as a final note, if I could put one thing on my wishlist for the ubuntu one project it would be a better blog. I don't know you company policies, but as a user its really nice to know what's going on and get excited over. If you need inpiration look at the Amarok team. They are doing a really good job of blogging about upcomming features and beta releases15:23
bottigerjust me 2 cents15:24
bottigeranyway - thank you for your help15:24
jdobrienbottiger, great suggestion! thanks15:24
duanedesignhello nessita. I was doing some bug work and was trying to determine if the description of bug 591030 is the corect behaviour or if user is experiencing a bug.15:24
ubot4Launchpad bug 591030 in ubuntuone-client (Ubuntu) "'Unsynchronized' emblem looks like there is a problem (affects: 1) (heat: 391)" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/59103015:24
nessitaduanedesign: on a meeting I'll check that ASAP15:25
dobeyduanedesign: yes, but it is a bug in Humanity15:25
jdobrienbottiger, http://voices.canonical.com/ubuntuone/15:30
jdobrienbottiger, I had to dig to find that...I guess that's bad :)15:31
bottigerjdobrien: ohh - I had no idea15:31
duanedesigndobey: thank you. Also if you get a chance could you look at bug 594423 I am ubsure about the ROOT_MISMATCH state.15:33
ubot4Launchpad bug 594423 in ubuntuone-client "UnbuntoOne local and server roots are different (affects: 1) (heat: 6)" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/59442315:33
dobeyfacundobatista: ^^ can you look at that? :)15:35
facundobatistaduanedesign, dobey, it's a root mismatch... the server has a root for that user, and in the client there's other differently15:36
dobeybut what does it mean?15:37
facundobatistaduanedesign, dobey, it happens sometimes when a new user is created in an old non-cleaned structure15:37
facundobatistaduanedesign, dobey, IOW, "~/Ubuntu One" has the information for other user15:38
facundobatista(also, .local/shares/ubuntuone, for example)15:38
ryerendark, hi!15:53
rendarkhi there rye. i'm afraid i've got a little ubuntuone problem15:53
ryerendark, i am all ears, what version of the distribution are you running and what is the problem?15:54
rendarkokidoki, 'm running 10.4 with latest updates and some packages from medibuntu.15:55
rendarki bought two songs last weekend. first downloaded fine, second is queued since then15:55
rendarkvia rhythmbox15:56
rendarki already looked for it in my cloud via webinterface15:56
rendarknothing there15:56
ryealecu, ping, is there anything happening to music downloads now?15:57
ryerendark, i have contacted the person responsible and we'll have some info within an hour16:22
rendarkthank you rye and please don't mind my netiquette. i'm not familiar with irc, because this is my second irc "contact" :)16:25
ryerendark, you are doing great, so nothing to worry about here16:25
joshuahoovernessita, jdobrien: you 2 mentioned earlier about the bug with not reporting the storage # properly for older accounts but i didn't see a bug # mentioned, is there one? i'll update the status page16:26
jdobrienjoshuahoover, 58023016:28
duanedesignrye: have you seen any bugs before complaining of conlicts, or rather cross syncing, of DropBox folders. bug 59306016:29
ubot4Launchpad bug 593060 in ubuntuone-client "Ubuntu One interfering with dropbox sync and folders (affects: 1) (heat: 6)" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/59306016:29
joshuahooverjdobrien: thanks!16:32
ryeduanedesign, no, this is the first time16:33
nessitajoshuahoover: sorrry, still on a meeting16:37
joshuahoovernessita: np, jdo got it for me :)16:38
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aleksanderhi all, does Ubuntu One use SSL or some other secure transmission mechanism?18:58
beunoaleksander, yes, the files between your computer and the cloud are encrypted when they are transfered18:59
mkarnickialeksander: yes, SSL19:00
aleksanderbeuno: so the actual transmission is not secure, just the file was encrypted in client-side and decrypted in server-side?19:00
aleksanderoh, ok, SSL then19:00
mkarnickialeksander: yes19:00
mkarnickialeksander: (I just had a portability issue porting U1 to Android, it has a TLS (SSLv3) related bug :/ )19:01
beunomkarnicki, how's that going, btw?19:01
beunoI have so much faith in you, I ordered a Nexus One last week19:01
dobeymkarnicki: because of the cert files?19:01
mkarnickibeuno: hahah, lovely =)19:01
mkarnickidobey: Android fails to make a handshake with TLS http://code.google.com/p/android/issues/detail?id=491419:02
aleksanderwill Canonical ever publish server-side as Free Software, anyway?19:02
beunoaleksander, well, until we find a way to make money while the server is open source, it's very unlikely19:03
mkarnickibeuno: not very well during last few days, but that's because I hit an Android bug, not because of me ;< . we're working on it with verterok, so keep that faith =) I'll ship you a killer app ;)19:03
mkarnickibeuno: by the way, good choice with that phone19:04
beunomkarnicki, that's great. We may fiddle with android for other parts of the system, so I may ping you in a month or so about it  :)19:04
beunomkarnicki, yeah?  there was so many to choose from!19:04
aleksanderbeuno: that's a real pity then... not everyone can trust on a third party to store its own files :-)19:04
mkarnickibeuno: I know what you mean ;) I'll be happy to talk it over.19:05
mkarnickibeuno: i think that's the first 1GHz phone19:05
mkarnickibeuno: gotta go now, catch you later!19:05
beunobye mkarnicki19:05
* mkarnicki waves19:06
beunoaleksander, yeah, I totally understand. I think cloud services are not meant for sensitive information19:06
aleksanderbeuno: that's why I need my 'personal little cloud' :-)19:07
dobeyaleksander: you have one. it's called a 'hard drive' :)19:07
aleksanderthat's not a cloud! that would be just the local mirror of my 'personal little cloud'19:08
dobeyapt-get install openssh-server :)19:08
aleksanderI've been using rsync & Unison for a while, but they really lack real-time stuff19:09
beunoright, so most of our users don't seem to be interested in that type of service19:09
aleksanderand iFolder seems to not get debian-packaged ever19:09
beunoso we're trying to focus on what will bring the most value to Ubuntu users19:09
dobeyrunning your own server isn't a service. :)19:10
aleksanderbeuno: s/Ubuntu/Canonical there... :-)19:10
dobeyit's a personal choice19:10
beunoaleksander, no no, Ubuntu19:10
beunothe value for the service is for Ubuntu users19:11
aleksanderas an Ubuntu user, I would really like that service, but not from a third-party which I cannot trust19:11
dobeywhat third party do you not trust?19:11
beunoaleksander, right, and a few people share that same need19:11
aleksanderdobey: Canonical would be I guess19:11
beunoaleksander, but it's a small number of users, compared to, say, people who want mobile access to their cloud19:11
dobeyaleksander: well, surely you must trust Canonical, if you're running thier operating system on your computer, no?19:11
aleksanderyes, the number of users worried actually about their privacy is reaaaally small, and that's a shame19:12
dobeyit's like saying you don't trust MS with your e-mail in Hotmail, but using Outlook instead to read e-mail. :)19:12
aleksanderdobey: no, of course not19:12
beunoeither way, it's less about trust, which is personal, and more about what what will add value to most people19:12
aleksanderI trust ubuntu because I can apt-get source <whatever> and check what the code is actually doing19:13
dobeyso you don't trust Canonical enough to run their OS, but yet you do?19:13
beunoso yeah, most people, myself included TBH, aren't very paranoid with their information19:13
dobeyaleksander: so you don't use google, gmail, twitter, facebook, or other web sites?19:13
aleksanderdobey: yes and no, yes for non-sensitive info like mailing lists for example; no for personal email19:14
dobeyso all personal e-mail sent to you is encrypted? and you encrypt all personal e-mail to everyone else?19:15
aleksanderbut actually, I've got lots of sensitive information that I would like to safely store; as for example pictures19:15
aleksanderdobey: that's another issue, but yes, if anything sensitive, PGP19:16
aleksanderanyway, this is not only about not trusting a third-party, that can be argued19:17
aleksanderit's also about my freedom to be able to modify the server-side, which currently I can't19:17
aleksanderand I also can't install my own server-side19:18
dobeyyou are free to write your own server19:18
dobeythere is absolutely nothing preventing that from happening19:18
aleksanderdobey: yeah, that's how GNU started, providing fully-free alternatives of proprietary systems19:19
aleksanderit's quite a pity that Canonical didn't embrace the same purpose here19:20
beunoaleksander, again19:20
beunoif you have any ideas on how for us to keep our jobs19:20
beunoand still develop the software19:20
beunowhile it's open source19:20
beunoplease, let us know19:20
aleksanderyeah, look at iFolder & Novell for example19:21
beunoit would make our life as developers a million times easier19:21
beunoI don't think Novell is in example for almost anything  ;)19:21
dobeyyeah, novell is certainly not making money off ifolder19:21
beunoI'd rather we stay clear of signing contracts with Microsoft19:22
aleksanderyou would probably get more money at microsoft, also writing proprietary software19:23
beunoI'm not sure of that, I do know I wouldn't be able to work from home19:24
aleksanderyou know, that excuse of how to make money is not new... just that before it applied to desktop-side software, and the people ranting about Free Software where the ones using it...19:24
beunoright, so we figured out a way we can still make some money while keeping the client-side open19:25
aleksanderall I'm saying is that it's a pity that it now applies to server-side software and the ones using it are actually so-called free-software supporters19:25
beunonow, we have to figure out how to do the same with the server19:25
beunountil then, it's mostly whining about getting things for free, and not caring about why they aren't19:26
aleksanderopening client-side is definitely not because of freedom, it's just because of convenience19:26
aleksanderwhich freedom does the client-side give me, if I cannot tweak the server-side?19:27
beunoso you're saying that the company who build the most popular linux distribution doesn't care about freedom19:27
beunoit gives you the freedom to inspect what runs on your computer19:27
aleksanderbeuno: at least in Ubuntu One, of course they don't care about freedom19:27
beunoto implement a better server19:27
beunoand to improve the software you run19:27
beunoaleksander, this is not a fragmented company19:28
beunoeverybody cares about free software19:28
beunoeveryone cares about their jobs as well19:28
beunoas should you19:28
* mkarnicki supports beuno 19:28
* mkarnicki would also like to work for canonical one day ;)19:29
* mkarnicki goes back to his stuff19:29
aleksanderyey, let's all work writting proprietary software :-)19:29
mkarnickialeksander: hahah that made my day19:30
mkarnickialeksander: if it was your job, and money to feed and provide living to your family, you would understand :)19:30
mkarnickiworking on the server side doesn not mean you don't support open-source software19:31
aleksanderactually, I get paid to write free software, just not by Canonical19:31
mkarnickithat's what I think are mistaken about19:31
mkarnickialeksander: that's great!19:31
aleksandermkarnicki: as long as it's software, it's the same issue, exactly the same19:31
aleksandermkarnicki: only less users interested in the actual server-side software, that's it19:32
mkarnickialeksander: some may choose canonical (or canonical choose them), some may choose other companies. don't let job choice make you judge people :)19:32
aleksanderyes, that's right19:32
aleksanderso forgive me if I stressed someone here, really :-)19:32
mkarnickiI think that was a very interesting talk19:33
mkarnickiI couldn't stop to follow it ;>19:33
aleksanderI actually wrote proprietary software in the past, so I can understand19:33
mkarnickimy english sucks. * I couldn't stop following it.19:33
mkarnickireally gotta go this time, cheers!19:33
aleksandermkarnicki: bye19:33
beunoaleksander, if you take any random developer at Canonical, they'll likely blow your contributions to open source away19:35
beunoand during the time they're at Canonical19:35
beunoso much of the work done in Canonical gets pushed back out, it's crazy19:35
aleksanderbeuno: didn't get your point19:36
beunoeveryone at Canonical either works directly on free software, or contributes massively to it19:36
aleksanderbeuno: oh, I don't discuss that19:37
aleksanderbeuno: and that's great, I mean Canonical has done A LOT for Free Software19:37
aleksanderjust that for some, it may not be enough19:37
beunoso we're boardly in agreement, we're just not really understanding reality in the same way19:37
aleksanderyeah, dude, some day Ubuntu One server-side will get published as with Launchpad, and I will come back here and say really thank you to all you guys making it possible19:38
aleksanderbut currently I can't, that's the issue19:38
jcastroaleksander: you might want to look at sparkleshare19:40
aleksanderjcastro: that's actually pretty interesting, thanks...19:43
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CardinalFangaleksander, so, one day, you will have a reason to be in #ubuntuone?19:48
aleksanderCardinalFang: well, right now I have another one, which was questions about the technology itself19:50
CardinalFangOh.  I missed that question.  Sorry.19:50
aleksanderCardinalFang: oh, yeah, I didn't come in and just rant about it :-)19:51
aleksanderI didn't actually rant about it anyway, we've just been sharing different point of views about the server-side licensing issue19:52
dobeyaleksander: so i have a pertinent question to that end. do you pay for Ubuntu CDs, or do you just always download the ISO, or dist-upgrade?19:54
CardinalFangRight.  A lot of people have a sense of entitlement to everything Canonical Ltd. makes.  *shrugs*19:55
aleksanderdobey: I download it, is that an issue? I'm free to do it19:57
dobeyaleksander: no. i'm just wondering that if everyone always downloads everything for free, and expects all services to be free, how they expect the bandwidth to get paid for, and the developers to eat, and pay rent, and for their access to the internet to contribute to the project19:58
aleksanderdobey: well, selling CDs, support... just find a way that doesn't compromise your users' freedom19:59
dobeyyour freedom is not compromised20:00
dobeythere is no canonical agent holding a gun to your head and forcing you to use anything20:00
dobeyyou're just paranoid :)20:01
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aleksanderthat's why I just don't use Ubuntu One, while I really would like to20:01
aleksanderdobey: yeah, 25 years ago they told the same to a guy who thought that writting a fully free unix replacement was just an illusion20:02
gnomefreakwhen using Funambol what do i use for Account -> Server -> Location?20:02
aleksanderdobey: and...  well, not going to say he was/is not paranoid ;-)20:03
dobeywell, you don't want to use ubuntu one. you want to run your own server. at that point, you aren't using Ubuntu One. it would be like running status.net on your own host, and saying you use identi.ca, when you don't actually use it :)20:03
dobeyGNU isn't totally free. but whatever. and yes, RMS is pretty paranoid for other reasons.20:04
aleksanderdobey: whatever, name doesn't matter here20:04
aleksanderdobey: GNU isn't totally free?20:04
aleksanderfor example... ?20:05
dobeythe license is pretty clear on that.20:05
dobeyhave you read it? it is full of "You are not allowed to." and "You must do."20:05
dobeythe only license that is Totally Absolutely 100% Free (TM), is no license at all (aka Public Domain)20:06
aleksanderdobey: ahh ok I see your point... well, enforcing the freedom or not enforcing the freedom is something you can choose in your free software license, yes20:06
aleksanderwhich doesn't mean "GNU isn't totally free"20:07
dobey"Totally" means "absolute" and if i can't do whatever i please, it is not absolute. therefore it is not totally free. you might say "GNU is free enough for most." in which case, you'd be closer to the truth :)20:10
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aleksanderdobey: ok, if with "totally free" you mean public domain, you should have said so20:15
aleksanderother than that, it's just different levels of freedom20:15
dobeyi did say so20:15
aleksanderI mean you should have said "GNU isn't public domain", that would have made your point much more clear20:16
aleksanderand I would have agreed to that, of course20:16
dobeywell, GNU is obviously not public domain. i don't see a need to restate that :)20:16
aleksanderis the sync near-real-time (based inotify for example) or periodic (like every X seconds/minutes) ?20:24
aleksanderoh, inotify it seems20:26
dobeydesktopcouch syncs every 10 minutes or so20:34
dobeyfiles are watched with inotify20:34
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aleksanderdobey: do you have any special handling when reached the max number of inotify watches?20:38
dobeyi don't know the specifics, as i didn't work on that bit of code20:39
aleksanderdobey: ok, just wondering20:41
Chipacaaleksander: no, we don't. But outside of development you'd be hard pressed to hit that limit21:11
Chipacaaleksander: because it's a watch per directory, not per file21:11
aleksanderChipaca: any hint on the status of fanotify in the kernel? is it going on, or stopped?21:20
Chipacaaleksander: no idea. facundobatista?21:21
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jiohello - I read the FAQ and reinstalled ubuntu one. Still can't find the "add my computer" button.22:09
jioofc. I already reg an account22:09
jdobrienjio, System > Preferences > Ubuntu One22:10
jdobrienjio: did you already have it installed and registered before?22:11
jiosec tele22:13
jiobefore running the software I already sign in on the site22:20
jioconfirmed the reg email etc.22:21
jiothen I ran the software and clicked "manage accounts"22:21
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